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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 21, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. this is where it happened. the apartment complex where a young woman was held captive by a man show claims has been abusing her and assaulting her
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for the past ten years, good evening. this story is developing in southern california. the victim taken from her home in 2004 finally worked up the nerve to report her abduction on facebook. the man accused. 41-year-old isidro garcia who has been charged with kidnapping and rape and false imprisonment. abc news reporter sid garcia is on the story. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the neighbors are stunned by the news that their neighbor is accused of kidnapping his wife ten years ago when she was a young teeb teen. neighbors knew isidro garcia as thomas medrano, they say the couple lived here for ten years. neighbors say they never suspected anything was wrong. >> he treated her like a queen. yeah. >> and this is isidro. you recognize him? >> yeah, we know him. >> and now when you know what he
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is accused of. >> that is weird. we never -- i would never imagine that. >> reporter: maria sanchez says she helped garcia's wife organize their baby shower, and other get-togethers with garcia's family and friends. sanchez says she never suspected garcia's wife was in any trouble. sanchez describes him as a loving husband. the couple seemed happy, other neighbors say. the neighbor said she can't believe something like that can happen so close to home. >> well, it happens, you just never think of you know, in your own neighborhood. you know this close. especially we live by the police department. >> reporter: that is si dr garcia reporting. police say the suspect had warned the victim her family had given up looking for her and if she tried to go back to them they would be deported so she
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was scared. 49ers linebacker aldon smith facing weapons charges. >> yes your honor. >> it was not expected and late this afternoon inside a san jose courtroom that was his plea and it could clear the way for the niners or maybe the nfl to suspend smith for the upcoming season. the judge scheduled smith's sentencing for july 25th. he faces a wide range of possible sentences from probation to up to four years in jail. he faces illegal weapons charges related to a party in his home in 2012 as well as dwi charges after a car crash in san jose last september. an embarrassing incident for former assemblywoman mary hayashi, who pled no contest to shoplifting several years ago.
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now as she runs for senate, the video has been made public. >> reporter: in her defense, the 2011 shoplifting charges, mary hayashi says she was distracted by her cell phone and didn't realize she walked out of neiman marcus with clothing she had not paid for. at a 2012 court hearing, she was said to have had a brain tumor that impaired her judgment.w it what happened. for most of the hour-long surveillance video she looks like several other shoppers carrying bags and thumbing through the racks. when she leaves the store and two security officers stop her things don't look quite right. >> she was not distracted. >> reporter: it was a wikowski supporter and blogger who
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obtained the video. >> i think it is important for voters to know that this incident happened. she is still on probation, and if she were elected to the state senate she would be on probation. >> reporter: but hayashi's camp sees a big problem with the video. two and a half years after the incident and three weeks before the june primary. hayashi was not available for comment but her spokesperson said the attacks are the kind that come from a serial bully who will say and do anything to stay in power no matter what. >> i think we have to trust the voters whether to decide if this is an important issue that speaks to her trustworthiness, or if this is something that is best put in the past. >> reporter: hayashi pled no contest to grand theft in 2012 and is serving three years probation. in castro valley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. all right, we have dramatic and really frightening of a robbery in progress in san jose.
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watch. >> open the register right now, now! >> this happened about two ws ago at a convenience store, a man with a shotgun strikes the customer in the face and orders employees to lie down in the floor. then he takes an undisclosed amount of cash and is described as a white perhaps hispanic male, 5'8", 160 to 190 pounds. the getaway car was a silver toyota with a paper license plate. a woman faces charges tonight for a knife attack on the uc berkeley campus. police say that flood attacked a man who was moving through a pile of items she left at a campus building. she is accused of punching the man and then taking a knife from his pocket and slashing his hands. neither person has any connection to the school. well, if you use ebay an important warning tonight. you're being urged by the
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company to change your password after a massive hike of the site. ebay compromised a data base containing customer names, passwords, e-mail, addresses, home addresses, phone numbers even birthdays. ebay says the hackers did not get financial data, however. >> as we understand it, apparently the hackers used ebay employees' codes to get in somehow. they hacked into that. >> ebay says it has not seen any increased fraudulent account activity. the website is now working with police and security experts to deal with this. well, happening now a large dead whale has washed up on the rocks in san mateo county. here is a picture we're talking about, it is believed to be a hump back, it is starting to swell. no word on how long it was there but pictures showed up on social
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media. we'll have more at 11 over on channel 7. and a south bay woman was honored today in san jose for her heroic actions in texas. idia womack was driving in south texas to her mother's funeral when she saw an suv crash, three people were thrown from the car, one person was severely injured and pregnant. well, idia could see the baby coming through the mother's stomach. she was able to deliver the baby but sadly the mother died at the hospital. a texas lawman says if it were not for what she did both would have been lost. >> there was no one else on the road but us so we stopped and assisted the people. >> both lives would have been lost. so today on behalf of the texas department of public safety, we want to recognize ms. womack with the director's award.
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>> fantastic. she has four kids and she says her maternal instinct kicked in. it happened on the way to her mother's funeral and she was still able to save lives. and tonight, we chronicle a journey sent by a note. and a person who found it later. also, one of the oldest buildings in san francisco revitalized. and we'll have quite a warmup coming our way. we'll have the forecast in just a moment. and what is the one thing you would invent in order to make the world a better place? tonight, 50
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. tomorrow morning get the weather where you live. >> we have some low clouds for the morning hours but sunshine breaks up in the afternoon. and at 6:00. don't miss michael finney, watch abc 7 news tomorrow morning. you know, part of the romance seems to have disappeared from taking a cruise. the cruise lines now frown on passengers tossing messages overboard in bottles.
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but some folks keep trying, and as abc of news reporter wayne freedman finds out, they often end up in unlikely hands. >> reporter: here is to the mystery of romance, fate delivered in a message in a bottle. >> this is going to sound crazy. >> reporter: he claims that he loved finding messages in ocean trash, he blogs about them and produces videos about how to open them. yes, people do get distracted like this. and one bottle he found in the british west indies concerned him. >> it said may, 2007, please return this note to john, and it gives his last name as well as address. >> reporter: that would be john buckle of cupertino who has thrown more than his fair share of bottles. there is a rumor that you have
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been littering the ocean. >> i'm afraid so. >> reporter: two strangers now linked by the cruise near the azores. >> it was a veranda kabin right here. like a balcony, off the balcony. >> reporter: he wants to know when and where a bottle came to shore. clint is obsessed with making connections. >> i had a dream to meet everybody in the world. as i got older i realized it wouldn't be possible. this revived that feeling. >> reporter: now, john is on his list. >> i want to ask him about mainly why he does it. if he does it as a hobby, why? >> i have to do it pretty wide so it doesn't slam back into the ship. >> two men brought together by tides and junk mail from the sea. >> in fact, i saw a billboard today advertising $79 flights
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each way to san jose which is right there. so -- like, huh. maybe i should just head on out. >> or not. in couple continue oh, wayne freedman, abc 7 tue. california's state park's chief is stepping down after just 18 months on the job, anthony jackson took over in 2012 after it was revealed the department had hidden millions of dollars at the same time the state was planning to close parks. the former marine general was given the job of restoring confidence in the parks department. jackson's last day is june 30th. no word on who will replace him. one of san francisco's oldest buildings getting a makeover, including an exhibit hall at one of the country's top restaurants, the city's club has been under restoration, the bar was transformed into classrooms to teach school kids about california history and the walls made of mud, bricks were
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reinforced to protect against earthquakes. it took quite an effort but the 230-year-old building was restored to its original splendor. >> you just add it on. what we really did was try to peel off some of the layers that were more modern to reveal what was really historic. >> a mexican restaurant is still under construction on the first floor. the chef is tracy desjardins, who has been named best chef by several publications. and san francisco airport experiencing significant delays from denver and here is why. a powerful thunderstorm moved through colorado this afternoon. at least four tornadoes touched downñi including one that force denver international to ground flights. passengers were also ordered to evacuate gates and find shelter. the same storm also pounded the region with marble sized hail and heavy rain.
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drivers stopped their cars under overpasses in order to stop the deluge and pounding on interstate 70. there are reports of flooding and winds up to 60 miles an hour as well. and springtime in that part of the country hand produces that kind of weather as we know. well, spencer christian is here. >> we are so happy and fortunate that things are much calmer. those hail stones can be very harmful. they're heavy -- >> they will tear across your car, causing all kinds of paint damage. we have calm conditions here in the bay area right now with mainly clear skies. we're getting a few more clouds, especially near the coast and out over the bay at the moment. let's take a look live from our roof top camera here across the embarcadero, with cloudy skies, 55 degrees in san francisco, upper 50s in oakland, san carlos, mid-50s at morgan and
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half moon bay. and a live view across the bay you can see the outline of some clouds there in the sky. it is not a very cloudy sky. 57, santa rosa, low-to-mid 60s in fairfield and concord and exactly 60 degrees at livermore. and at the skyline, san francisco with clouds in the background there. these are the forecast features here, low clouds, fog, near the coast and bay tonight. warmer days lie ahead through sunday. cooling down slightly through memorial day, monday, a nice warm day. here is our satellite radar composite. the upper level low bringing us unsettled weather with. turning south, moving east, diving southward but it is moving away from the bay area. it will lose its influence here as it moves out. for the inland areas the warming trend will continue. for the week ahead in livermore. look for high temperatures, mid-to-upper 80s, topping out at
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91 on sunday, as it will in many of our other inland locations and temperatures will start to drop a little bit on monday and tuesday. so on we go to overnight conditions here in the bay area, increasing fog along the coast, low temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. 81 tomorrow at san jose, 84 in morgan hill. 78 in redwood city, low 60s on the coast, partly foggy tomorrow. downtown san francisco, a high of 67 tomorrow, north bay, highs of 80 degrees at santa rosa, 79 at novato, 72 at castro valley, and 75 at fremont, 80s, 85, livermore. 87 at antioch, here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast as i struggle to hold onto my voice. temperatures will rise through
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the weekend. sunday the warmer day with inland highs in the low 90s. mid-80s around the bay. upper 60s on the coast. a little bit of cooling monday, tuesday, wednesday, monday, memorial day will be a spectacular day with east coast. nice and warm, no extremes. mild at the coast, warm inland. >> beautiful, wonderful. yeah, allergies this time of night. well, still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. a dream come true for a star war's fan. a big announcement that could take you to a galaxy far, far away. and the mystery of a broken gn gnome buzzing around the area. and may is asian pacific month, and we're using our themes to honor the areas in the bay community. and today we recognize patel, the chief engineer of hewlett-packard labs in palo alto. currently the holder of 100
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patents. way to go. we have more information
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting.
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vafr, var covering walnut creek, burlinggame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. and is the force with you? if so you could land a role in the upcoming star wars episode 7. >> starting today we're going to give you a chance to win a trip. a trip. to be in the movies. >> that is filmmaker j.j. abrams sharing new details about a contest for unicef, anybody who donates could win a chance to go
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to london and be transformed into a star wars character for a role in the new film. to enter we have a link on our website at and facebook is buzzing tonight with theories after a tennessee woman accidentally broke her garden gnome and found a mysterious figure inside, this is what it looks like now. a gnome was a gag gift from a friend. well, nobody knew until tonight it was hiding a secret. the owner calls it pete and dedicated a facebook page to it. the inside figure appears to be linked to the gnome's inside, some think it was an angel, but accidentally fell into it in the factory, either way, everybody is talking about it. and stay here with me if you can. coming up, passengers fighting back. they say the airlines are hiding the true cost of tickets.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you might think crazy what i'm about to say. iran cracks down on happiness. the arrests today and how the country's president is responding. and the local citizen scientists who are taking over anaa nasa space
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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening, once again we'll start the half hour with traveling. and now to a call to expand the passenger's bill of rights. the government wants to shed new light on the confusing fees so you know exactly how much your ticket costs before you buy the thing. everything from baggage fees to seat charges and taxes.
9:30 pm
abc news reporter lindsey janis on this new crackdown. >> so you're excited about your vacation? >> the family travels a lot. and tonight the government wants to make sure they don't get any nasty surprises at the airport. all of those extra airline fees, we've all been there, lured by advertising fees only to be shocked at the total bill. >> the department of transportation is proposing new rules that would require airl e airlines and travel agents to be more transparent, disclosing all the charges up front, not in small print. that would include extra fees for checked bags, carry-ones and advanced seat assignments. >> the fortes are planning their summer vacation. here is what they will pay to fly to hilton head, south carolina, $494 per ticket. but look, sitting together could cost them an extra $15 each. one checked bag, $25. a second?
9:31 pm
35. some airlines even charging up to $50 for carry-ones. the final ticket price could be $619 each. that is $500 in extra fees for a family of four. the faa wants that spelled out clearly. but tonight, the airline industry is fighting back. saying we believe this proposal overreaches and limits how free markets work. the new rules could go into effect as early as next year. just in time for the fortes' next big trip. lindsey janis, abc news, new york. and san francisco b & b says it will hand over information about its users to the attorney general. new york is trying to find people living there who are breaking sub-letting laws and failing to pay taxes. they will protect the users' identities, they say. all right now let's go to
9:32 pm
washington and the growing outrage over veteran's hospitals. some are accusing them of delaying life-threatening care. they are granting more authority to fire senior executives for poor performance. earlier the president was talking tough on the matter. >> a national disgrace, durham, north carolina, this dying vietnam vet waits eight months for care. in indianapolis, this sick vet can't get her medicines. and in phoenix, this woman's father-in-law dies of cancer after waiting more than a year for a director. today, anxious to finally hear directly from president obama. >> yes, i wanted to hear a long time ago. >> the president promises that
9:33 pm
but the president stuns relatives so far saying so far the ag has found no case where the delay has actually caused a death. >> and the ag says he did not indicate a death linked to the wait. >> he is lying, that is why we're angry, because in fact they're responsible for his death. >> still, the president vowing to fix whatever is wrong at the v.a. jim avila, abc news, the white house. the united states has sent 80 military personnel to chad to help to find more than 200 girls
9:34 pm
killed in nigeria. president obama says the service members will help with intelligence and surveillance for air admissions over northern nigeria and will stay on the mission until their support is no longer needed. the islamist extremist group boko haram kidnapped the girls last month. and tonight, on capitol hill, one nigerian girl told the officials how she survived after the group killed her father and brother for being christian. >> i don't know what was happening, they put me in the middle of the death of my father and brother. nobody helped me throughout the night. i was in shock. so the next day the soldiers came and took me to the hospital. >> nigeria today asked the u.n. to designate boko haram as a terrorist organization as it escalates its bloody attacks across that country. and now to iran and a strange showdown over the pharrell song called "happy." you have probably heard it many times. but in iran when some young
9:35 pm
girls and fans made a video they were met with a surprising show of force and resistance. >> reporter: they call it "happy in tehran". >> because i'm happy. >> reporter: young iranians lip-synching pharrell's hit. their message? even in repressive iran there is joy. but 165,000 hits later when the iranian police found out, the joy was over. they rounded up and arrested the six dancers and the filmmaker. calling the homemade video with women not wearing the required head scarves vulgar and an affront. the world reaction was swift. pharrell tweeted it is beyond sad these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness. iran today is a country in flux, the old guard facing off with
9:36 pm
the new president, rouhani, who is supporting more freedom, especially on the internet. six of the young people on the video have now been released, iran's president even tweeted happiness is our people's right. but critics say the dancers should not have been arrested in the first place. martha radditz, abc news, washington. and the full body scanners have found a new home. they could not meet privacy scanners and revealed people's body's just a little too accurately for taste. some scanners worth $40 million were pulled from the scanners. they are now going to prisons. and they say it is a good fit because the laws applying to passengers don't apply to prisoners, there are more scanners looking for homes. and a group of private scientists just got the okay from nasa to reuse a space
9:37 pm
craft. that was virtually forgotten, but currently it is on a path that will bring it close to earth. the group, led by a los gatos team will have one chance to fire up the engines. if that attempt fails it won't be back for more than 30 years. the probe was originally launched in 1938 to study solar wind. this is a first for nasa. it is entire crowd-funded. and what is the one thing you could do to make the world a better place? tonight, the work of 50 artists
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since 1998, google has had
9:41 pm
more than 2100 doodles, the unique variations on their website. you can see it here right now. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler with more. >> reporter: you're looking at the best of the best. out of more than 100,000 who entered, 11-year-old audrey sane from new york is a top doodler, they competed to have their logo on the website's home page as part of the annual doodle google contest. >> we had a wonderful spectrum from the entry. >> the 50 finalists were flown to the google areas where they had workshops and science today. before the winner was crowned, if i could invent one thing to make the world a better place.
9:42 pm
tanner's is a solar system protector. >> google earth, and lead the world. and to keep the sun alive. >> i have a robot who cleans and makes items. >> the developer lindsey scott narrowed the field. google users also weighed in. >> the beautiful thing about this competition is the facts that kids are thinking about what they can do to contribute to our society. >> audrey used markers to draw her intricate winning doodle of a water purification system. >> i wanted to do that so others would have water to drink. >> do you think yours can be practical? that it can actually be done? >> yes. >> in her honor, google will partner with a charity to bring
9:43 pm
clean water to ten schools in bangladesh. audrey also receives a $30,000 college scholarship and the joy of seeing her art on the website along with others, june 9th. in mountain view, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a new use for glass. what it is like behind
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you know, if you have not had a chance to check it out yet the abc 7 news website has had a big make ovover and it is now easier than ever to use. tonight, ama dietz has more. >> reporter: this is the new abc 7 news, easier to use.
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we've given it a new overhaul, making it more responsive to your needs. it adjusts more automatically to your needs. forget about pinching or stretching the screen, our site will make it years asier to use your phone or website. you can track stories in your neighborhood, and follow abc 7 on twitter to see how the stories develop and help us by sharing your videos and photos, share stories on social media and you can check in on what other people have posted. >> abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> is not just news. there is fun stuff, too. check out these stories, what your friends will see on social media tomorrow.
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access it from anywhere on the website. you can watch favorite shows like "good morning, america" castle or dancing with the stars. it is all on abc 7 news. better everywhere. well, check out the new abc7 and see for yourself how everything is better, as we say better everywhere really is pretty nice. hope you have time to take a look at it. it is getting better everywhere in the bay area, the weather is very nice. let's talk to spencer christian. >> lake tahoe this afternoon, check out the clouds moving over the lake there. very interesting cloud formations, a day of active weather there, as well. rain shower activity, and thundershower activity. and periods of calm weather, as well. that is what we have in the bay area as you see on live doppler 7. it will push locally inland overnight. tomorrow, statewide, mainly calm and dry, but in the sierra, the thunderstorms will rumble again,
9:49 pm
and rain showers south of there down into much of southern california. here in the bay area tomorrow we'll see mainly sunny skies. with fog at the coast, temperatures in the low 60s at the coast, mid-80s inland. notice the warming trend, the accu weather forecast, high temperatures inland climbing into the low 90s. nice memorial day weather. >> thank you very much, spencer, well, we may never be able to play tennis as well as roger federer but with the help of google glass we can see awwhat sees. he visited the campus. and if you ever wanted to swing your racket like one of these guys the video might be as close as you will get. you have to watch fast. the video moves as fast as federer's forehand, that is pretty cool to see. you know when you see it in person how fast that game is played you really get a sense of it. >> they hit the ball so hard and so close to the net. you know they were talking to me about getting google glasses.
9:50 pm
well, you see my approach to the vending machine. i'm very quick around the corner to try to get -- >> heaven forbid somebody getting in your way. >> you don't want to do that. wouldn't be prudent. the a's did something tonight that they have not don't in at least 100 years. back when spencer was forecasting. when one turns out to be enough in tampa. nobody getting
9:51 pm
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a silver star, bronze star and purple heart. all fake. a decorated navy s.e.a.l. helps the iteam uncover a case of stolen valor, a iphone s.e.a.l. living here in the bay area. plus, how the local community is coming together to help a girl fighting a terrible disease pay her medical bills. those coming up on channel 7 a !
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11:00. all right, the sports director larry deal is here. the a's -- >> this is remarkable what they were able to do tonight. it is not supposed to work this way. you know things are working really well when you get a grand total of one hit and still win the game. the story for the a's in tampa. the first regular season, one-hit victory in at least 100 years. serious. yeah, no. ten gallon hat, no cattle. a's scored two runs before they got their first hit. a couple of walks, two errors, bad show by josh rodriguez, the a's did not get their one and only hit in the fourth. here is comes, there is goes. brandon moss, he might have taken some tiles off the roof with that thing. 10-2, a's, one out in the eighth, a's reliever fernando. and newly named closer, shawn
9:55 pm
dolittle. a's out-hit 9-1, but it is their first regular season one-hit win. 3-2, a's the final, giants and rockies, in the third, right up the middle off matt cain's glove rolling away. cain scrambles and gets the out. not sure if that may have contributed to this. cain strikes out charlie black. he is not sure how serious it might be. nobody had a hit in the game until the fourth. hunter pence, pablo sandoval. brandon crawford in the seventh. 4-0, giants, michael cuddyer. giants turn the double play. nice club work there. giants win, 5-1, but the reliever, to hamstring injury,
9:56 pm
and brandon belt broke his thumb, michael morris moved to the left field for first base. not opening the spot for tyler colvin. he has been around for a few years and hopes he finally found a long-term home. >> high and deep to right. way back. >> he had quite a first impression as a giant with this home run and his first at bat. the 13th overall pick in the 2006 draft has played for the cubs and rockies, he knows life and sports is all about opportunity. >> it is unfortunate about what went down, but it does give me an opportunity here and just to help out if i can. if i get a start i'm coming off the bench and ready for anything. >> all right, you have done a little bit of both. >> i imagine starting you feel better. coming off the bench it is like a light switch. >> coming off the bench is definitely the toughest swing, getting one at bat. i'm going to go out there and
9:57 pm
try to get three good swings on something and hopefully hit it hard. >> what do you feel like you can bring to this club? >> that is a tough question to answer, i don't want to sit here and brag or say anything too big. i'm going to try to give a competitive at bat. i'm not going to hit them all. but if i want to be the big guy up in that spot, everybody wants to be that guy. >> what about the fan base here? >> it is amazing. like i said, the first inning after i got out there everybody cheered for me. i never really have experienced anything like that. so yeah, it was a great experience for me. >> one of those things like who is this guy? right? >> hey, number ten. made it a little -- like -- >> number ten is pretty good. the spurs against the thunder tonight, in doing so ginobili and tony parker won the
9:58 pm
most, duncan enjoying a little family time before tonight's game before the first quarter, parker over the shoulder to duncan for the dunk. spurs win on a 43-14 run. 43-14, parker on the left, 22 points, danny grain made seven shots all of them there beyond the arc, seven of ten, 21 points, spurs take a 2-0 series lead. 112-77. wednesday conference, trailing 2-1, heading for the third, the kings score fight straight goals. seven goals this post-season as the kings even the series at a game apiece. 6-2 the final score. the days before the nfl put in their rookie choices, the raiders signed their second round choice, derek car, his
9:59 pm
deal four years for $5.3 million. car, the fifth of eight picks, unless matt shaw gets hurt or recovers the ps to back up this season, sit on the bench, learn from the sidelines. the raiders do hope he becomes their next franchise quarterback. >> they had pretty high hopes for him. >> he is a really good passer. well, here on tv 20, for spencer christian, larry deal and all of us here, thank you for joining us, we appreciate your time, i'm dan ashley. abc 7 continues on line with all of our mobile devices, remember please, if you can, check out our website, they're really easy to use, at abc spf to use, at abc spf
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[♪] [phone rings] agnes, cancel my appointments. what appointments? wishful thinking. it's called, "alternative energy: the key to a brighter tomorrow."


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