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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 28, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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major bay area coffee chain that used technology to track your movements inside the shop whether you like it or not. >> that is until we started asking questions. tonight there is a big change. good evening. i'm ama dates. >> i'm dan ashley. cornell bernard is live with a story you will see only on abc7 news. cornell? >> phil's coffee shop has been tracking visits without permission for awhile now. tonight the ceo confirms to me that that practice will stop. >> i love phil's coffee. >> you can find bennett at the phil's coffee shop every day of the week drinking his favorite brew. phil's has a cult following
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across the bay area, but many customers may not know how often they visit and how long they stay is being tracked by technology. phil's uses a device from the retail analytical official which picks up the wi-fi signal from your phone or tablet without your permission. this small sticker in the store window tells you it is on. >> i don't like it. but it is clearly marked. i just didn't know what it was. i didn't pay attention to it. >> stephanie willis has big concerns about being tracked. so does the digital rights advocate from the electronic frontier foundation. he says even people walking by the store can be tracked. even though the information collected is anonymous. >> we go and grab coffee every day in this world. we pay with whatever. some people pay with cash. it is a very you teen part of our -- a very routine part of our lives. >> he told me by phone that
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information collected is not shared or sold and only meant to improve customer service. he told me phil's will pull the including on euclid. >> if people are concerned about it, they are no longer active. >> other retailers still use the tracking device. this sticker will prove it. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> state lawmakers have rejected a bill aimed at slowing down the number of evictions in san diego. it would require san francisco landlords to own a building for five years before they could evict tenants. the proposal failed to gain a majority in the state senate. college campuses are dealing with the pain and fear generated from this weekend ace killing spree at uc santa barbara. at uc berkeley there was a vigil to help students. alan wang is live with the
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story. alan, hundreds of people came out. >> dan, a lot of uc santa barbara students live in the bay area. since school is out, many gravitated to the vigil held on memorial glade. >> from one uc to another our hearts are are you. >> the grieving process at uc berkeley drew about 500 people. many were uc santa barbara students and alumni living in the bay area. >> i can't even imagine what it is like to be a parent who lost their child this last weekend. >> victoria shu, a roommate of katie cooper said they were polar opposites. sh awe reserved engineering assistant and cooper an athlete and sorority sister. >> we got along and she was great. for everything i did, she always loved me. >> our sorority motto is let us stedfastly love one another and i know katie would want us to do that.
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she had a a thousand watt smile and a water polo player. >> she was a student engineering student. >> those guys were the best guys. they were super goofy. >> they were -- it was organized to remember the victims, but it was equally important to confront the pain and feel a sense of community. in berkeley, alan wang, abc7 news. >> another student from the bay area is coming forward to talk about the harrowing moments. he was with his friend from danville and both were hit by the car driven by i elliott roger. roger slowed down and drove right at the two men. >> i didn't think for a second it wasn't an accident. it felt like it happened on purpose. nobody runs over somebody like
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that. especially compared to other people. people got shot at and seriously injured. i consider myself super lucky. >> he suffered a knee injury. they have two broken legs. you can see them in the hospital. he is still in the hospital, but he is expected to be released tomorrow. >> the deli where christopher martinez was killed is planning to name a scholarship in honor of all of the victims of the attack. he collected more than a thousand dollars in donations. >> days after the deadly attack, a ucsb student was arrested for accidentally firing a gun inside his isla vista apartment. the bullet went through a wall nearly hitting his neighbor. it happened hours before yesterday's vigil. police confiscated seven guns and a thousand rounds of ammunition purchased legally. we will have continuing coverage of this story on air and on-line. our reporting continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area.
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dr. maya angelou died today. she was a poet and activist and story teller. >> though she was living in winston salem, north carolina she had strong ties to the bay area. >> carolyn tyler met with her many times. >> maya angelou was not born in san francisco, but she spent her for ma tiff years here. operating a street car like this was an early accomplishment. she was only 16 when she became the first black female conductor. she told oprah winfrey how she did it. >> i went back to my mother and said they wouldn't let me apply. she said do you know why? i said yes because i am a negro. show said yes, but do you want the job? i said yes and she said go get it. >> she was singing in san francisco to support her young son. her writing had similar grace and movement. she has been hailed by her auto auto-biographies "i know
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why the caged bird sings" was a best seller in 1969. many got to know the legendary author at president bill clinton's 19903 inauguration. >> lift up your eyes upon this daybreaking for you. give birth to the dream. women, children, men, take it to the palm of your hands. >> she was a poet, historian and civil rights activist. in 1985 she appeared at this berkeley anti-apartheid rally. >> really why we are marching is for our own moral health. >> williams and his wife, she was more than an icon. she was a friend. >> we begin a conversation and immediately began to call each other brother and sister. i felt like and feel like maya was my sister. >> they met 50 years ago and she considered glide one of
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her churches. appearing there dozens of times. >> it is like maya sang. she sang and she danced with her words. >> it was at one of those glide appearances that they met maya angelou. she often hosted the author at her store, book passage. today they put the distinguished author's books out front to honor her memory. >> literally a thousand people would come and want to have a book signed. it is truly phenomenal. >> i had the opportunity to interview maya angelou. she was intimidating and inspiring. she told me once life loves the lover of life. she lived hers to the fullest. carolyn tyler,abc7.
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>> we have a slide show and more on a fighting poverty one pair of shoes at a time. coming up next, one local man's mission to turn old shoes into new hope and he needs your help. >> and the high-tech treasure hunt that has taken twitter by storm is where the mad dash for cash is. >> and brad pitt attacked at the premiere of a new movie. >> i'm sandhya patel and we will talk about where the red flag warnings are in effect right now, and the changes in store for the weekend. here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a sample of what we have in store for to flight. >> individually i don't have this with you. when you are together you are mitchell and kim. >> aren't you cute, jimmy.
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a a scare tonight at the "maleficent" premiere where a man attacked brad pitt. witnesses say man jumped over a barrier and rushed pit hitting him in the face. he was arrested on suspicion of battery. pitt was not injured and continued to greet fans and sign autographs before going into the theater with angelina jolie. after the mad dash for hidden cash, the anonymous donor has arrived in los angeles and moments ago sent out his first clue. the man behind the hidden cash twitter phenomenon made five envelope drops in san jose. dozens chased clues and a few found hundreds of dollars. tonight his twitter page reached 2 -- 220,000 followers. a san rafael man is asking for your help.
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tiffany wilson explains why he hopes to gather 10,000 pairs. >> in this pile of shoes edgar hernandez sees a mountain of potential. he grew up in guatemala, the son of the country's civil war. >> i used to run in races in guatemala for 10 years. >> 10 years of running with two pairs of shoes. >> i was an expert to fix them. >> and now he hopes to help the impoverished youth of his home country by donating 10,000 pairs of secondhand shoes. >> there is a limit as to what somebody can do as a hobby. >> they formed a nonprofit mission athletica. they have asking bay area running stores to pick up donations. >> he picked up 120 shoes. >> for elite runners, the shoes are shot. >> these are good for a year. >> the shoes nearly new like these will be given to runners in guatemala and the rest of the shoes that are more worn
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down will be cleaned up and handed out. it will cost $20,000 to ship the shoes, money hernandez does -- doesn't have, but plans to raise. >> do you feel like a hero? >> not yet. maybe in 10 years. >> and another two pairs of shoes. in san rafael, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. san diego police went the extra mile after spotting a man on a broken down motorized scooter. they pushed him a mile back to his house. the 67-year-old man was injured in the vietnam war and relies on his scooter. the san diego police posted this video on facebook and they are getting grateful responses including one woman who is going to make them well-deserved cookies. >> that's nice. a once stolen motorized scooter is now back with its famous owner. hunter pens doesn't know who
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stole his scooter, but a group of unidentified people gave it back. he bought a new scooter and is thinking of doing something good with the one returned today. >> everyone had my back and maybe we can use the scooter to raise some money for charity here. >> the scooter was stolen from outside a restaurant on san francisco's waterfront on sunday night. >> a scooter theft. it is outrageous. talk about the weather forecast. it is stunning. >> it is. we will have spectacular weather tomorrow. the only difference is we are going to take the temperatures up a few degrees. live doppler 7hd is giving you an indication as to how clear it is outside. there are no clouds around and we are not seeing any fog. there is a preview of what is to come tomorrow. we have a red flag warning until tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. and it covers the sacramento valley. the southern san juaquin valley and winds gusting to 30 miles an hour.
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the humidity as low as 7%. so if fires do start we could see extreme fire behavior. this is a concern for tomorrow afternoon. the warning is in effect right now as well. from the kgo roof camera, looking down the embarcadero, the winds have started to drop off. 58 in san francisco 1k3 low 60s in san rare los and san jose. 54 in half moon bay and another view from the exploratorium camera. it is showing you a cloudless san francisco. 60 flea in santa rosa. napa, novato and you know where it hasn't been too breezy. 63 in concord and livermore. one last live picture from our tower camera where it is sparkling. we are looking at clear skies. sunny and warmer tomorrow. cooling down on friday and saturday. and trust me it will be a noticible change on friday and saturday. for the time being the trough continues to you a fect the -- to affect the pacific northwest. the wind flow is keeping us in
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the clear sky mode for the time being. tomorrow will be mild to warm. there is lots of sunshine, but you will notice changes as we head into tomorrow night. here is the forecast animation. 10:00 p.m., the low clouds are back at the coastline on thursday night, and then the low clouds push in over parts of the bay for your friday morning. cooler for all areas on fry -- friday and then saturday as well. tomorrow morning is starting out mild for most of you. in the 50s and 60s. a few upper 40s. clear skies and no need for the extra layer. it is going to get warmer than today. 82 in san jose and in the south bay. 80 sunnyvale. 77 in san mateo. 67 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco is a mild and sunny afternoon. 71 degrees and the sunset district is 66 and in the north bay, we will bring you warmth with the northerly wind. 86 santa rosa and 80 degrees
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in san rafael. head out toward the east bay and the temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s. 77 oakland and 80 in castro valley. inland father field antioch 88. a warm 86 in live more. if are you going to the a's game tomorrow at 12:35 at odot coliseum they will take on the tigers. you will need the sunscreen. *9 uv index is high. speaking of dropping the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we are down to the mid70s on saturday. drizzle in the morning, and a little recovery for the second half of the weekend and the warmer of next week. >> and now to sports with larry. >> and a lot of baseball to talk about. >> this is exciting. after eight score less innings pie was served in oakland. the a's withdraw ma in the bottom of the 9th.
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there is nothing quite like pie time. it is the victory against the tigers. a great pitcher's dual. he streaks out the side in the third. you will get nothing and like it. a complete game performance. one mistake would come in the fourth though. tory hunter with a drive here to right center and coco crisp and look at him scale the wall a la spider-man.
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1-0. struck out nine including a really frustrated josh reddic. two aboard for josh donaldson. if it is fair it is gone and that is good night, game over and drive home safely. it is his 13th of the year. a three-run walkoff homer. pie please. the series finale is tomorrow afternoon. tim lincecum and five no hit innings and he had some help. two on in the first. a diving stop on the line and timmy escapes unscathed. he is pulled after throwing 96 pitches. here in the seventh, the cubs get their first hit of the day. john baker singles and the bay area native and cal is fired up. hector sanchez is and the opposite way. the giants win it 5-0 as timmy and five relievers combine on
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a two-hit shutout. they go five and one and now they are off to saint lieu wes. up next colin kaepernick on the 49er image and beware of the man with two first names. paul george dominates lebron
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the 49ers turned up in too many police reports in this off season. situations involving aldon smith and chris culver. kaepernick addressed the
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character of this 49er squad. >> i think everyone in this building knows the character of the players we have here, and everyone that's here is here to play football and help us win a super bowl. that's what everyone here is worried about. they will be dating soon. lebron was in foul trouble and held to a career low seven points. he had 37, 21 in the first quarter. lebron drives and kicks to chris bosh for three and the win! no. pacers live. 93-90 the final and miami is still leading the series three games to two. to the ice and chicago with their backs against the wall literally. how about sparky and his buddy learning to play hockey. double over time and former san jose shark the game winner and chicago victorious in game
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five, 5-4. they still trail three games to two in the series as they head back to l.a. a night filled with over time and buzzer beaters and fun. >> that's awesome.


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