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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 2, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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good evening. a chilling story of survival as the lone survivor of yesterday's fishing boat accident off the sonoma coast tells us what happened. four of his friends were killed when their fishing boat capsized early saturday morning near bodega bay. we have the interview you'll
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only see on abc 7 news. >> we got hit by a sneaker wave. that's the only thing. it just curls and slammed the boat. somewhere i got shoved out. >> reporter: philip sanchez says he never saw that rogue wave coming. in a matter of seconds, his friend's 32-foot boat capsized. >> it just surprised me. i fell off the boat. i thought it would come around and pick me up. all i see is the bow and three of the people. >> reporter: his friends were lifeless in the water. so was another man, david kosta, a fourth fisherman known only as christy was fighting to stay afloat. >> a we've hit me again. i come up. alls i could see was chrissy. i said, we could make it. >> reporter: but he soon vanished from sight. sanchez paddled to the rocky shore, cutting his arm severely. >> how did you survive? >> that i don't know. just determination, i guess.
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just knew i had to get there if i wanted to make it. >> reporter: the coast guard air lifted sanchez to a hospital. he says no one on board was wearing a life vest. >> we're commercial fishermen. nobody wears them. >> i went out with him for years. we didn't wear life jackets. we knew where they were. but they're so cumbersome. >> reporter: judy garcia says life vests weren't a big deal to her husband sam, who retired from commercial fishing, but owned a boat and liked to go out with friends. the beginning of recreational crab season was too good to pass up. >> he was looking forward to having crab salad that night. >> reporter: but sam never returned. for phil sanchez, the loss of four friends is unreal. >> you feel lucky to be alive today? >> very. i got to deal with the guilt. why me? that's the hardest part. >> reporter: the coast guard's investigation of the accident continues. police have made multiple
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arrests in connection with the hit-and-run deaths of three southern california trick-or-treaters. 13-year-old twins and their friend were dressed up for the holiday on friday, trick-or-treating with friends and family in santa ana. as they crossed a street, an suv slammed into them and kept going. witnesses down the street said at least two men jumped out and ran. police made arrests this morning. investigators say they'll hold a news conference tomorrow to give details of the arrest. the girls' families are acce accepting donations to help pay for funeral expenses. we've linked the online page for them on our website, tomorrow gor brown will attend memorial services for two sheriffs deputies killed in the line of duty last month. michael davis and kment county deputy daniel oliver were killed when authorities say a man went on a shooting rampage during a
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crime spree. oliver's memorial service will be held tomorrow. davis' will be tuesday at the church at 10:00 a.m. the man faces more than a dozen felony charges, including murder. it may take up to a year to find out what ca the prototype of the virgin galactic spacecraft to crash in the southern california desert. one of the pilots died while another is recovering in the hospital after he parachuted to safety on friday. investigators home to learn more from the cameras mounted on the aircraft. the tragedy has delayed plans by british billionaire sir richard branson to fly wealthy tourists into suborbital flight by next year. more than 700 have already purchased tickets at $250,000 apiece. a surfer in hawaii is credited with saving his friend's life by fighting off a shark. mackenzie clark shows the brutal bite marks to her hands and board. clark is a seasoned surfer. she hit the waters off the big
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island on friday when she says she felt a bump in the water and then saw a large shark surface. her friend brian was surfing nearby and came to the rescue when he heard her scream. >> i looked over, and i saw her being lifted out of the water. i saw the dorsal fin of the shark and saw his tail kicking very hard with her in the air. >> right now i just feel really, really blessed and thankful that everyone's okay. >> he says he grabbed the shark's fin and started punching. he says after about the fifth hit, he felt the shark shutter and turn away and swam off. clark received 20 stitches to her left hand but says if it hadn't been for her friend t likely would have been much worse. gas prices have plummeted in the last few weeks. in fact, they've dropped so far, some bay area gas stations are selling it for less than $3 a gallon. at the mill valley arco station, drivers lined up today to fill up on $2.99 gas.
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it's fallen 16 cents in the last two weeks. prices across the country have dropped sharply this fall, but the bay area remains among the most expensive markets in the u.s. drivers here say they're not counting on prices to stay low for long. >> i think it's great, but i don't think it'll last. even though the united states is making more gasoline, there's more gas production, i don't think the big companies want to save money for the public. >> it was $2.92 in medford. so still pretty close. >> i think people here seeing that would freak out. >> i think i almost freaked out seeing it that low too. >> this station in san jose this weekend, the cash price for a gallon of gas was going for $2.82. analysts say the dropping prices are happening for a few reasons. the u.s. is producing plenty of oil these days. and cars are a whole lot more fuel efficient. so there's actually a glut of oil on the world market right
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now. damage from this summer's napa earthquake will delay the opening of a winter shelter that helps keep homeless people warm. merlot hall will open on december 15th, one month later than usual. it's served as a cold-weather shelter for the last five years. the napa news reports merlot hall needs about $230,000 in quake-related repairs. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, the irreversible effects of climate change. what a new multigovernment report says about its disastrous consequences. zblm and why the researcher who found a spider the size of a puppy in south is getting death threats. and new changes coming to a popular device. the first two days of november running on the cool side. some 5 degrees below normal. mother nature about to flip the switch and bring back more mild air.
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a united nations panel is warning the cost of climate change will only increase if industrialized nations don't reduce gas emissions. the intergovernmental panel on climate change has issued its final report. hundreds of authors involved in the study are more certain than ever before that the planet is warming and humans are the cause. it says emissions may need to drop to zero by the end of this century for the world to avoid an irreversible impact. u.n. secretarial general ban ki-moon says science has spoken on chiemt change, and leaders must act. a new report says apple is planning a big new ipad to rival microsoft's surface. according to japanese tech site, apple is working on a 12.2-inch
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ipad. it would come with an attachable keyboard like the microsoft surface. ceo tim cook has said before he's no fan of tablet/laptop hybrids. however, analysts believe the device could help sluggish ipad sales. it would likely come with newly designed software and bigger speakers. apple has not commented on the report. coming up next, an imposter among the imperials. why scientists are using a ground rover to spy on a penguin colony. the niners with
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a harvard researcher who discovered a rare spider that's about the size of a puppy is now receiving death threats. the entomologist recently published this photo from a 2012 expedition in south america showing the goliath spider. you may have seen the picture on social media. on his blog last month, he wrote he collected an euthanized the spider to study it. since then, he's received angry comments and threats against his life. he defended himself on npr yesterday, saying killing animals is a necessary part of science, and studying the spider could help scientists understand and preserve the spider and its habitat. drew is not going to miss that spider. french scientists have come up with a sneaky way to accurately research penguins. check out the rover they sent into a colony in antarctica. it helps check the heart rates of emperor penguins. when the researchers did it themselves, they found the heart rates shot up when they approached the penguins.
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this soft and furry machine made the perfect spy and even elicited at least one mating call from an adult male. the researchers actually went through four other rovers that wi were not as successful as this one. i say they start selling them at toys r us. >> spiders, on the other hand. >> focus on the penguin. >> and we're going to focus on warmer temperatures. that's going to head our way over the next couple days. gradual, but we'll see temperatures midweek some 10 degrees above normal. live doppler hd will show you we have a dry scan. clear skies greeted us from sunrise to sunset today. we're not talking about rain in the forecast. we had a beautiful sunset this evening from a live look earlier from our camera capturing that sunset. the big story today since we turned our clocks back one hour last night, that sunset is getting earlier and earlier. take a look at this. the sunset sometimes yesterday, 6:11 p.m. today with the time change, it's at 5:10. on december 6th, which is our earlier sunset, we'll see that
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sunset around 4:50 in the afternoon. so right now, temperaturewise, we're in the 40s and 50s across the bay area. 50 in oakland. 52 in heyward. 54 in san jose. antioch currently sitting at 54 degrees. satellite and radar, what we're tracking over the next couple days, first off, we have an area of low pressure just to our north circulating showers into vancouver, seattle, and portland. that rainmaker is going to stay well to our north. the reason why, a bubble of high pressure has formed just off the coast as a protective dome of high pressure, keeping storms away from us and well to the north. this high pressure will supply us with not only dry skies but plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures this week. those warmer temperatures are going to peak wednesday into thursday. our forecast animation will show you overnight tonight we'll have clouds streaming into the area. we'll call it partly cloudy tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, you're going to see total sunshine across the region. a lot of sunshine on the
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seven-day forecast. overnight lows, not as cool as we were last night. the clouds kind of acting as insulation to keep us bit warmer tonight. 54 the overnight low in san francisco. 51, san mateo. santa rosa, about 45 degrees. your bus stop forecast will call for partly cloudy skies. grab the jacket early on. temperatures starting in the 40s and 50s across the area. along the coast, we're in the low 50s. the bay having a sunrise at 6:36 a.m. temperatures slowly rising into the mid-50s. by the afternoon with total sunshine. a lot of towns getting into the 70s. 71 the high for concord tomorrow. napa getting to about 72 degrees. downtown san francisco, normal at 67 degrees tomorrow for a daytime high. 70 for san jose. palo alto at 69 degrees. some early clouds tomorrow morning giving way to total sunshine by the afternoon. by tuesday, that sunshine in full effect, giving us warm temperatures.
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inland, mid-70s. upper 60s along the coast. wednesday and thursday, that's when we'll see the most heat. we'll see 80s inland, low 70s along the coast. that sunshine will continue throughout next weekend and warm temperatures. unfortunately, no rain in the forecast. but certainly not feeling like november. >> all right. if we must deal with pleasant temperatures, we must. thanks, drew. and we're moving on from baseball. >> that's right. we're going to start out with a winner tonight. >> great. >> the warriors in portland tonight with the trail blazers. tough to beat. golden state trying to remain undefeated. the warriors will flex their muscles. bogota from the key. nice bounce pass. curry had 21 and 6 assists. blazers up one in the late fourth. robin lopez with a monster dunk. aldridge, huge. 26 points, 13 boards. blazers leading with two minutes
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left. clay does it himself. key knockdown of the game. two of his game high 29. the warriors go on to win 95-90. they improve to 3-0. mean while, the 49ers are not performing like a playoff team. just ask the rams. niners gave up eight sacks to st. louis, this after a bye week. colin kaepernick spent most of the day on his back in a 13-10 loss. not a good way to impress a world series manager. bruce bochy taking in the game. tied at 3-3. kaep finds a wide-open anquan boldin. he caught his 900th career pass in this game. a sack party held by the rams' d. sacked, fumble, rams recover. they capitalize. austin davis out to kenny britt. more of the same in the second half. one of the rams' eight sacks on the day. even pro bowl punter struggled. rams get a field goal and lead
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by three. niners driving. after two penalties, third and goal on the 1. under ten seconds left. kaep fumbles the snap, regains, fumbles again. rams recover. niners lose and drop to 4-4. >> that was a tough loss. we got to play better football. coach better football. better habits, play better. >> did you see the goal line? how were you so confident that you cross theed goal line? >> i was looking in the end zone. >> you could tell they're bummed. all right. tony romo injured. brandon weeden takes over against the cardinals. carson palmer picked off. 58-yard pick six for the dallas rookie. 7-0, boys. thread the needle to brown. cards go up 14-10. palmer, play action. a wide open andre ellington. three td passes for carson. cards win 28-17. they're the only one-loss team
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left in the nfl at 7-1. complete control of the nfc west. meanwhile, the raiders are winless in seattle. another good showing, but the defending world champs just too much for the silver and black. they had to deal with the hostile 12th man in seattle. raiders up 3-0 in the first. marshawn lynch goes beast mode. 7-0, hawks. raiders try to get going. comes down with the interception and goes back 35 yards. seahawks up 14-3. raiders now down 24-3 in the third. john ryan's punt blocked. 24-10 ball game. raiders showed some fight. cut the lead to six in the fourth. a wide open michael rivera for his second td of the game. the raiders fall to 0-8 with a seattle victory. the hawks now 5-3.
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lap 335. jeff gordon had the lead. took the outside lane. keselowski tried to push through. gordon's teammate jimmy johnson takes the checkered. gordon goes after keselowski, who has a reputation of reckless driving. punches were thrown from both teams, not drivers. the worst post-race brawl i've ever seen. >> that was our opportunity. just didn't come together. >> out of nowhere, i just got slammed with the two. it cut my left rear tire. he's just a dip [ bleep ]. you know? >> all right. coming up at 11:00 on abc 7, more from the niners and a look back at the giants' magical season. hope to you see then. >> i feel like colin kaepernick needs a hug. r >> you'll have to do it. >> one sympathizer. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, halloween seems like a great night
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coming up tonight at 11:00, her story touched the world. now a bay area woman has given up her battle against brain cancer. her final words to her supporters. >> you have to pay ransom. >> the malicious software targeting your computers, not to steal your files, but hold them hostage. the ordinary people here in the bay area forced to pay to get their files back. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. trick-or-treaters ate into this weekend's box office. it was down 40% compared to last year when halloween night fell on a thursday. two movies are currently tied in first place. "nightcrawler" starring jake gyllenhaal as an ambulance-chasing camera man. and "ouija," last week's box office winner. those movies earned $10.9 million, though one movie could edge out the other as late sales
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numbers come in. "fury," "gone girl," and "the book of life" rounded out the top five. i don't know about you guys, but that was also post-world series victory parade. >> i think we were all at a parade. >> my night ended about 8:30 or 9:00, sound asleep. thanks, everyone for watching. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. see you at 7 at 11:00.
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>> warning! please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. [buzzing] what the heck is that sound? oh! >> oh! "what went down." today, on "what went down," we jump from ramps, we jump from roofs, and we jump over trees... sorta. and later, this lady does this for some reason. whoo. i wonder how much she charges. oh, not for that.


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