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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 7, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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good >> arrest air san francisco man >> have regulators become too cozy with pg and e? >> this was a team effort. >> a south bay congressman declaring victory. what doesis opponent have to say just minut ago. >> the bayarea's biggest hlth provider provides its first local ebola net. >> watch as police pepper sprayed a pan. >> it started at 4:00 p.m
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. sky 7 shows you the man falling into the water. >> officers thr him a line. they pulled him out they restrained this man before putting him on a gurney. >> the man had a box cutter as well as iron rod with him. >> police have not told us how he got into the canal in the first place. good evening. owe >> this so called dark net is darker tonight. shut down hundreds of elicit sites on that secret network. one major arrest made in san francisco. and vic lee has more. >> th dark net is a site that is enkrifted so makes it hard to track uss. now, prosecutors say the web site of the san francisco man
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arrested w raking in $8 million a month. he was arrested on wednesday at his apartment on the 900 block of florida street. neighbors said fbi agents were swarming arod the flat in the early ternoon. no one seemed to know why. amy thought they were buying his tesla. >> i just thought they're buying a car. >> but they were there to arrest a man charged with starting a spin off version of the silk road web site. silk road 2.0 operated on the tour network. which is homeo illegal marketplaces. the mastermind of the silk ro was ross albrict.
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the governor says the arrest was only a tip o the iceberg and that a global police operation closed 40 web sites. besides u.s., it involves 16 european countries. the u.s. attorney says it represents a break through for fighting cyber crime. >> this is like 19th century law enforcement chasing 21 century crime. >> others say there is just too much money to be madeo stop the illegal marketplace. >> if there is a demand for elicit drugs there will be people willing to buy them. >> now, he waved extra decision. and since this case originated with the u.s. attorney in new york, he'll be taken there to face charges
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vic lee, abc7news. >> thank you. >> the state attorney general intensify aid pbe of the california public utilities commission. seizing evidence as part of the investigation of the back door communication with pg and e. abc7 news is live on van ness avenue. >> the state attorney general isn't talking but three did show up way search warrant. >> we're pleased that the attorney general is taking this seriously. >> city leaders coun't have been more pleased when investigat investigators seized documents e regulator is being investigated foraving a cozy relationship with pg & e. >> we're looking for pg and e.
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do the business of the cities of california. >> since the pipeline explosion, the city leaders have been relentless to release years of documents. mang damaging are e mails. the then chief of staff carol down is asked by brian cherry, any news on reassignment? brown relies working on it. i hope the mess is worth it. cherry responds you'll owe me if you do, mily face. >> peopleho get charged are the scapegoats. i thinkthere is a difference we want to make sure people at the top don't get a free walk.
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>> we'd like to see justice done if charges are appropriate. >> crews are on the scene trying to fix a natural gas leak that paralyzed downtown san jose today. a giant cloud of gas for hours that forced office building and business workers to shut down. >> i got the gas mas the fire department responded. >> it's just a high volume natural gas.
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the goal is try to prevent anyone from getting hurt. >> firefighters looking for pockets of natural gas. pg & e says it could take a couple hours more. >>arin county coroner completed its investigation into the death of robin williams, williams died to asphyxia due to hanging, that it was a suicide and no sign of alcohol or illegal drugs in his system he hanged himself with a belt inside of his home in august. s family revealed he had been dinosed with parkinson's disease and the police report saide showed signs of paranoia before the ath. investigators found nothing out of the ordinary when searching his iphone the toxicogy report did detect prescription medications but only inormal amounts. >> in the battle against eeb yoep yoela, kaiser permanente
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says sit ready. >> when it comes to ebola, kaiser says it is not fooling around. there is a nw facility with air-tight rooms. >> at you see here is a critical care unit dedicated to ebola care. >> if you're among one in three residents with kaiser this is where you'll go if you contract ebola. >> this is a pack on the back. >> on this sixthloor kaiser equipped a select group of doctors and nurses >> this team to have that specialized training just like we have for cardiac care. or criticalcare. >> the staff in this unit spent
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hours in training, playing out scenarios, these nurses say the volunteered for this task. >> it's posh to take care of the patients. >> not every nurse likes this approach. >> we're asking to have equipment and protection equipment. zmat suits, powered respiratory for all nurses. >> california nurses association which is in negotiations says it's the latest place. >> we're about to go on strike at kaiser on tuesday we're going on strike because of the bigger context. >> we're very disappointed that union put our nurses in tat position. >> kaiser told reporters they're following best practices. >> our commitment is to assure
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we limit the number of facilities taking care of the patients. once thatappens they'll be transported here to a similar facility. in oakland, abc7 news. >> we're going to reveal the secret this man kept from family and friends for 50 years until the i team uncovered the truth. >> despite cooling low clouds we're expecting a warm weekend i'll have the accu-ather forecast in just a moment. >> ski season is here. tonight the key area to pop up the run. >> save yourself a trip to the store and sand money, too. ahead on seven on your side, how
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>> we can reveal a secret kept by a hayward man. he's beeniving a die. he kept the truth from family and friends but made a confession to his churchnd i team. >> and dan, this is incredible. >> stolen valor is an epidemic across the country. our aim is to spread the word that phonies will be exposed.
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this involves a church official. >> people who know him say the 73-year-old would tell anyone he's a retired navy s.e.a.l. their children grew up thinking their dad was a hero. and the congregation heard stories from deacon fortner. >> if he came to church he would want to tell you about his s.e.a.l. background. >> one group recorded a session and posted it online. >> you served in the s.e.a.l.s. nine years. >> nine years, nine months, 26 days17 hours. >> he talked about the dangero life as a special warfare
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operating, claiming he jumped from a plane, dove 370 feet. >> we banged on the submarine to see if anyone is still alive. >> he showed off a spot where a grenade supposedly injured his leg and talked about killing a 14-year-old boy in vieam. >> i had no choice. i ill see his face. >> a member of his church forwarded that video to don shipley, a real retired navy s.e.a.l. >> everyone of those insane stories he's been telling are lies. >> shipley tuns a s.e.a.l.-style training camp, and responds to questions about imposters he tells me fortner never was a navy s.a.l. >> he is a deacon in the church.
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he holds a superior positi in in that. >> documents show he did serve ten years as a radar man but was not a s.e.a.l. armed with this information, i called mike fortner and asked for an interview. he declined >> you claimed you're a navy s.e.a.l. >> yes. >> you are not. >> i'm what they called a top secret. >> wrur top secret. >> yeah. >> it took a while for him to stop 50 years of lies i pressed him about that recordg. >> s.e.a.l. team leader of 1, 2, 6, incredible. >> that true? >> yes. >> unsolved with 1, 2, and 6. >> yes. >> but six didn't come into existence until 1980s
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>> in 68. >> no. it didn't. >> i explained names of anyone who attended training are public. he is not on the list. >> that is part of the report. you did not attend, did you? >> all right? you're right. . >> i wanted to understand why he told the lie. >> maybe it's good that it is out. >> can you explain why? >> i don't know why. >> why ll that? >> because was, i don't know. >> yes. >> do your kids believe you're a naf yeef s.e.a.l.? >> they won't after today. >> he was there the next church service to confess. >> god began to talk to me. and pleasing forrive me. i'm sorry.
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he tells me he gained trust. >> he's not sorry he pulled lies, but sorry he got caught. i'll take down anyone else that claims that navy s.e.a.l. status when they're not. >> his wife and kids tell me theying forrive him. you can go to the i team page or by calling. >> thank you, dan. >> sno board season is back. >> there is natural powder. >> not bad because of the
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combination of real and man made snow. and mount rose also opeed today. >> it's early in the season. we're not getting rainfall for a while we have clear skies over the bay area now. and there is low clouds visibility in half moon bay to five miles. so that is not evidence on this view looking west. we have 58 degrees now in san francisco. 61 in oakland. san jose, 62. 65 in morgan hill.
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west of sfo, it's 62 degrees in santa rosa. 64 in fairfield. 66 concord. areasf dense fog in spots overnight. warmer days are ahead. there is a chance of rain developing after mid week next week. areas of the coastline, lingering patches of fog that will be dense in spots. and now, let's take a look at overnight conditions with fog alonsections of the coastline. w temperatures into low to
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mid-50s there is a large clear skies. there is a major powerful storm, tropical storm out moving towards and into the bering sea right now. this abig unusual storm. tomorrow, no stoy weather. sunny, mild and calm. high temperatures upper 70s to low 80s and mid to upper 70s on the peninsula. east bay highs mid to upper 70s, upper 70s to around 80. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. after this mild to warm weekend, temperatures dropping off monday. then partly cloudy skies. cooler weaer into the end of the week and a chance of rain. thank you. >> coming up next a proud moment for us at abc7 news. >>yes.
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today a gup from texas de a pitch to move to san antonio. raiders lease ends after this season. team hasn't been able to reach a deal for the new stadium. the mayor says she won't put the burden on taxpayers. >> this is, i've committed to doing that. i will not put public money into stadium construction. >> a movemay not be permanent. the team cou play there until a new stadium built in oakland or los angeles. >> a special honor today for one
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of ourwn here she's been working h since 1986. >> i have seen television evolve from film, to videotape to digital. been through many hairdos, many bosses, many news formats and schedules many cities. shwas with the abc7 news team that won awards. >> wonderful event today, more still to come here tonight. president invites leaders ov for a six packerving a pledge to end gridlock in washington.
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just minutes ago, challenger rokana conceded a race to mike honda. he leads by more than 4,000 votes officials supported honda, cana relied on the backing of silicon valley tech leaders. today, i have a message. you cannot buy gass roots. >> he concede defeat. >> when it is easy to be
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cynical, i'm inspired by the passion that bh campaigns have show >> one pundit calls it a quote, battle for the heart, and soul of silicon valley. >> president obama says is time to do what is right for the american people. the president sat down with congressional leaders for mid term elections and says the takeover shows americans are frustrated with gridlock. >> one thing i've committed is that i'm not going to judge ideas on decratic or republican. >> the reports says immigration
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in particular the president act on the issue. >> this is difficult to always work together. >> the president has order to act on immigration. >> lawmakers didn't leave empty-handed andeach was given a six pack of white house beer to take home. >> many voters said they're disappointed on the econom october numbersare in. the job market seems healthy. and for nine months, employers added 200,000 jobs. >> a bankruptcy judge approved a turn around plan for the city of detroit today emplee pensions will be cut, a
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city museum sold and thousands of buildings will be destroyed to make it easier to deliver basic services the judge calls conditions inhumane. and is urging residents to help fix the ci. >> justices agreed to consider whether the government can subsidize the cost of health insurance that we' required to have. in 36 states, it's run by the federal government federal government a ruling would be a major blow but the white house believes the act will be upheld it's unclear how california will react. >> what if you can attend a college and never have to sit in a classroom. >> there is a a lot o attention with a new university.
7:34 pm
>> we have the story. >> on market street a education revolution is underway. >> universities wre meant too run the major institutions in society. >> entrepreneur ben nelson feels universities are families, too. >> i decided rath than trying to reform universities the greatest university from scratch. . >> what he can come up with a experience where students interact with each other from anywhere the in the world.
7:35 pm
>> we've focusedn what we think of as a great tool. tools that will allow our students to be successful after they graduate. >> we have technology developed here. >> students go through an admissions process and come from around t globe. they say they don't miss traditional college experience. >> last four years in high school i felt stuck. i wasn't moving forward with the power of my mind and seeking it's potential. >> in usingthose cities as expanded classes. >> i knew about other cultures from tv or to go up and read.
7:36 pm
it's fully accredited in partnershiwith tech graduate institute the first class of 28 studen started this year. they're paying housing costs for the first year. >> okay. next year, minerva hopes to admit 200 to 300 students with hopes of doubling every year after. future students will pay about $28,000 for tuition and housing. he hopes it will change the way we look at univerties. >> when johns hopkins started in 1870s in the united states.
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within a decade >> in san francisco abc7 news >> coming up next, michael finney with some money saving beauty tips. >> how to makeup your makeup, just ahead.
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>> buying cosmetics can be expensive but doesn't have to be >> some bay area folks tap their own creative juices to make their own meup. >> this is a story people will remember. do it yoursf makeup can enhance your wallet and appearance two diy artists have a little extra spare change because of it. >> hundreds of videos offer tutorials on how to make your own cosmetics. victoria yu and shana asrican be part of the movement.
7:41 pm
>> i wanted things that feel and smell and work a particur way. so i started to make my own. >> for others, it satisfies other needs. >> i think people like to create things and dry making their own stuff. and a lot of times it's cheaper than buying it. >> victoria's passion started when her mother brought home a block of beesesx. she discovered s can make her own chap stick. the sophomore says her line of chap stick under bu label. >> i earned enough to pay for my textbooks everyquarter. >> victoria uses tural ingredients, no additives or preservatives and uses vitamin e. she says theecret is in the coco nut, almond and other oils
7:42 pm
. >> i use more oils to make my products softer on the lips. it's very smooth and glossy. >> she uses natural ingredients in her cosmetics. she says she's always had a passion for helping people with theiskin. >> i found their experience that using naturalngredients made a big difference >> she has been active in the duy movement. she's involved in a showcase of things and seen this movement grow. >> i feel like people are able to with creative and fill a feed. >> both are confident that t diy movement is here to stay.
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>> it's huge right now. >> so this tv station will start making all their own stuff. >> coming up here, we're going to talk with musician stewart to talk with musician stewart cope
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there have been 28 traffic fatalities including 18 pedestrian deaths. meers want the number to be 0. this comes just a day after a 51-year-old wop was hit and killed by a bus. >> a special honor in san jose state university for a judo legend. was named in 1997 for many years of service.
7:47 pm
today, the building was rededicated to honor the 94-year-old. the family were among those who were interned he graduated in1947, creating a program campus and helped establish studio as an ampic sport. >> a diverse group of rockers is helping music can deliver aid to palestinians in gaza. >> it's producedncluding peter gabriel. and stewart koepland there is aid without common teary. it's not a shout.
7:48 pm
it's aid. it's people who are desperate they need help. >> producers say it will go to treatment as well as tries. >> we'll start with a time lapse view of the fog. we hav the presence of fog. tomorrow, sunny skies. and l six in los angeles. so look for mid to upper 70s
7:49 pm
around the bay. and a whiled weekend, temperures dropping off monday, with a sharper drop tuesday, wednesday then, thursday, friday, a chance of rain. yes. the "r" word isback. >> yes. >> this system could beat itself up, so we'll see. >> this is an important game, a lot pressure. >> yes. how big is sunday's game? if they can't beat the
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good evening, frank gore went on the rcord saying 49ers will make the playoffs. teams starting the season 4 and 5 make playoffs just 13% of the
7:53 pm
time. >> it's outstanding so this week, no different. the guys say what they're thinking is positive, good for the team. >> niner fans will remember last year's game in new orleans niners lost two games in a row. saints know they're gog to have to play their best.
7:54 pm
>> arizona cardinals are the best team in the nfl. an extension worth $50 million. 12 and 2 last 14 games in arizona one sports book is taking bets on the raiders going 0-16. sunday, they've got to face the all time toucown leader. broncos are coming to town. raiders rookie looking forward to meeting the future hall of
7:55 pm
famer. >> at this point that is my mind set. i'm just focused on the team. sometimes it's not as familiar because some of the changes they made. >> nba, warriors meet the rockets. played seven minutes then reinjured his hammy. after tomorrow night's game, rockets comfter a slashing.
7:56 pm
warriors club is loaded with talent >> it's too early to be worrying about that. i'm thinking we do that for good days we have so much room to improve, it's scary. a acrobat went went down four flights of stas on his hands why? because a buddy bet him he couldn't do it. this is just sort of a personal problem. >> yes. >> that is tricky. >> yes.
7:57 pm
>> join us tonight the flower being blamed for a man's death. it's possible, but can investigators prove it? >> then, on abc7 news at 11:00 a debilitating disease, battling with diet. why changing what you eat can reverse affects of alzheimer's >> we begin to turn our attention to the winter holidays let's not forget those whom it's a difficult time of the year. one out of si goes hungry. about 800,000 people in the communities. perhaps someone you know. this week, our an nul give where you live food drive every dollar or food donation makes a real difference. it's easy.
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text the word feed and there is the number on the screen. no one should go hungry in such an affluent place in the bay area. but especially not during the holidays. imagine what can happen. what matters is that in this season of giving is giving. let me know what you think. >> and so easy to give to our campaign. >> our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. >> we'll see yoat 9:00 and female announcer: tuesday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale.
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okay, guys. last week we talked about clearing out our emotional closets. there's a lot of old stuff that you're hanging on to and today-- well, today we're just gonna burn it. - ed. - well, i brought this. junk mail, food wrappers, paper plates?


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