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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 25, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. glad to have you with us on this sunday evening. tonight, three people are being treated for serious injuries after a deck collapsed in san francisco. it happened at 5:30 tonight on vienna street. they were taking pictures on the deck and the railing gave way, dropping them 20 feet. all three had head injuries, one a broken hip and arm. the railing had rotted. some bay area shoppers received a shock today when they noticed a warping about a possible pleasele exposure. customers inside the costco last
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sunday may have been exposed to measles. >> we were there last sunday. now i'm going to let my husband know and make sure that both of us don't have symptoms. >> health officials say the same patient visited the walmart across the street last weekend. this is the second confirm measles case in santa clara county. the measles spread after an outbreak started at disneyland last month. there are at least 78 cases in seven states 48 right here in california. health officials believe the outbreak could have been caused by parents who didn't have their kids vaccinated. the illness is highly contagious. city leaders want to keep crude oil from barreling through downtown. phillips 66 wants to build an
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oil train terminal 20 miles north of santa maria. city leaders in berkeley richmond and martinez have already voiced opposition. cornell barnard has more now. >> reporter: johnny vega and his dog are hanging out at the park. where trains move through 24-7. a proposal by phillips 66 could allow crude oil to be transported through the bay area and johnny's backyard. >> we have the trains coming through here and there. we have the concern about what's on them and that definitely raises an eyebrow of crude oil going to go through here. >> bad things could happen, you know? if there was an accident and it leaked into our neighborhood or creek. >> this project, if approved, is
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a disaster waiting to happen. >> reporter: the group, which held a public forum to educate residents about the dangers of so-called oil trains. >> we're talking primarily about tar sands oil, heavy crudes from canada. this is one of the most toxic most carbon intensive, the dirtiest fuels on the planet. >> reporter: there have been accidents. a train carrying crude oil derailed in canada in 2013 killing dozens. phillips 66 says we have one of the most modern crude rail fleets in industry. safety is the top priority. phillips said it must increase oil production in california and detouring trains and the bay area isn't possible. >> it's not benefiting us not lowering gas prices for
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californians or americans yet we have to suffer the consequences. >> reporter: folks signed a petition asking them to deny the oil train project. cornell barnard, abc7 news. today is the 22nd spare the air day of the winter season. that means no burning of wood or manufactured logs. you could see the haze in the sky earlier today. you can barry see the city through that low hanging cover. but it was a beautiful day outside. drew good evening. >> it was location, location, location depending on where you were there afternoon. take a look. 58 was the high in napa. but as you go north, up here 81 degrees this afternoon. santa cruz with a new record high today with 83 degrees. downtown oakland getting to a high of 69 on this sunday afternoon. so live from our exploretorium.
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fog developing overnight tonight. a mixture of sunshine giving way to clouds monday evening and the clouds will bring us a few showers on tuesday. we'll tell you how much we expect to fall with the forecast in just a few minutes. chris? lots of people took advantage of the summer-like weather and headed outside to enjoy it. san francisco's ocean beach was packed with people soak up the sun, while some families built sand castles in january, others took their dogs for a long walk in the surf. and the warm weather not a welcome sight in the sierra, where ski resorts have been hit hard. according to the sacramento bee, some resorts that can't produce their own snow are temporarily closing until another storm blows through.
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this week nasa will launch a satellite that could help us deal with thedrought. the mission will measure moisture from space. it promises to help scientists better predict drought and other hazards. the rocket lifts off on thursday. the marin municipal water district says that reservoirs are back up to 99% capacity so it will resume flushing the water system. much like these crews in mountain view did this month. the program was canceled last year, when reservoirs got too low during the drought. begin this week they'll open fire hydrants to clean out water mains every wednesday through march. new york's city mayor says a blizzard headed to the east
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coast would be one of the largest storms in history. >> prepare for something we have seen worse than anything before. >> that storm is expected to drop two to three feet of snow in boston and new york tomorrow. many of those areas are still digging out from snow this weekend. wind gusts could reach hurricane levels. in new york city, 600 snowplows are standing by with six dozen national guard troops. homeowners along the coast are concerned as they prepare for the blizzard. >> we're using 2 x 6s 2 x 8s and 2 x 10s to protect against the glass. you want to protect all the little stones and pebbles also. >> officials from philadelphia to boston are advising everyone to stay off the roads begin monday night when the storm is expected to peak. more than 1400 flights have
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already been canceled. still ahead on abc7 news at 9:00, san jose officials are expected to approve a pig hunting law this week that allows armed citizens to take out wild hogs. but has it been successful during the trial year? we'll tell you. plus, the president's bold did you post it? done. how many people are coming? lots. yeah! i got it. done. done. what up! let's do this! sending you some money... thank you. done. thank you. done. on your phone. online. on the go. wells fargo makes it
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military for over 75 years.
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a temporary law that allows people in san jose to trap and kill wild pigs is expected to be made permanent. the city council will vote on tuesday to keep the ban -- or keep the law rather. it allows home and business owners to shoot and kill hogs that are tearing up lawns and property in search of food. you need a permit and must trap the pig before killing them. the law seems to be working. 14 hogs were killed last year and complaints about pig related damage are down. this week the white house will take steps to protect alaskan wildlife from oil
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companies. it would ban drilling in certain areas. there's annest pated 3.3 billion barrels of oil. but it's home to polar bears and migrating caribou. the interior department has started managing the land and will take similar action to protect other actions of wilderness. coming up next on abc7 news at 9:00, a peek behind the curtain of the white elephant sale. why the event is so popular. it was a nice day in the bay area, but will we see winter again any time soon? the forecast is next. the warriors held off the celtics for a
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this is abc7 news. in oakland, this isn't your average garage or yard sale. every year hundreds line up for hours for the white elephant sale. a 96000 square foot elephant filled with donated jewelry clothing, books art and music. people want the best shot at items that go for bargain basement prices. that's why they paid $15 to get an early look. >> everything my mother threw out of her attic i think i bought it all back. >> it's a great place to buy things you don't even know you're about to buy here in oakland. >> this is the 56th year for the sale. all the money goes to the oakland museum women's board.
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the free public sale happens in the first weekend in march. drew you're tracking some changes ahead over the workweek. >> as we go into the workweek clouds tomorrow and likely on tuesday, some droplets falling from the clouds. temperature wise, we're sitting in the 50s in a lot of spots. 52 currently in san jose. cooler in the inland valleys. 44 in aboutntioch. tomorrow morning, inland valley fog, and watch how quickly this evaporates. monday morning, we're turning to tons of sunshine and more on the way for the afternoon. high pressure still in control. the wall-to-wall sunshine today
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and yesterday, watch as high clouds are moving in from the south. we're watching an area of low pressure off the baja peninsula. fast forward the clock to tuesday, 4:00 in the morning light showers moving through around san jose. then advancing into san francisco into the north bay and into the east baby 6:00 tuesday morning. but it's quickly out of here by tuesday afternoon. what's left over is just scattered showers out there. so not a significant storm in terms of rainfall total. generally around a 10th of an inch or less than that. but what is significant about this, it's been more than a month in many locations that we have seen any measurable rain. it was back on christmas eve. so this is a welcome sight since january. overnight lows 43 falling in san rafael.
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oakland dropping to 39. highs for your monday hazy sunshine by the afternoon as high clouds fill in. otherwise, another mild day. 66 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 71 the high in san jose. we talked about the snowstorm that is brewing at the top of the show. lots of snow falling up and down the northeast corridor by tuesday morning and continues to spin into tuesday evening. in terms of snowfall this could be a record setting storm. look at this, new york city they could see one to two feet of snow. providence, boston up to thee feet of snow. this could cripple much of the northeast into the new workweek. here, it's quiet. the seven-day forecast high clouds tomorrow. by tuesday showers likely. very light in nature. out of here by tuesday afternoon. the clouds will linger.
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thursday, lots of sunshine on the board. that continues into friday. next weekend saturday and sunday, the early call, another warmup on the way. sunshine and mild temperatures into the 70s we go once again. so temperatures on the rise here over the weekend, they're plummeting on the east coast. >> good information, drew thank you. the warriors in action tonight. >> that's right. warriors in oracle. they hold off the celtics. but they have to be careful of not playing down to their opponents. klay thompson with 52 points on friday. andrew bogut 13 points 13 boards. thompson couldn't miss friday night, misses here. third quarter, david lee throws it down with two hands. you don't see that often. next drive, stef behind the
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back to iguodala for the lay-in. and thompson with a mere 31 points to lead all scorers. wide open three. that will make the coach happen. they win 114-111. best in the league, but what do you think the first question to stef was after the game? >> the first question i get is how surprised everybody in the arena was. so i'll take it. >> i'm not the black fallcon, so i take my opportunities when i get them. >> the pro bowl. second quarter matthew stafford to beckham. he had five catches, 89 yards. what a player this guy is.
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same drive. jimmy graham makes the grab. team ervin up 17-13. fourth quarter fourth and goal, matt ryan hits graham for the touchdown. each player gets $55,000 for the win. nhl all-star classic. brent burns, was the only player in the game to play defense. uses his stick here to break up the two on one. in the second, this is voracek who scores on the breakaway. the sixth player to score four goals in an all-star game. brent burns was on the losing team but he got his first career all-star goal late in the third. most goals scored in an all-star
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game. 17-12 is the final score. duke head coach mike krzyzewski is considered one of the best at any level. today, he became the first coach to reach 1,000 wins. his players made sure he got number 1,000. okafor throws it down. they trailed by ten with 8:00 left. okaforback banks this in. the first one in d-1 history to win 1,000 games. >> we played great in the last ten minutes. i'm not sure i've ever been part of a game like that. they have one that's different. that's what makes the game so good. to win the 1,000th you have to be a lucky guy. >> for the women stanford on the road taking on usc.
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lily thompson 4i9hits the three. johnson with the easy lay-in. stanford wins 71-60. now 7-1 in conference play. across town, ucla hosting the lady bears. second half, falls, gets her foot stuck underneath the scorer's table. the referee helps her out just in time for the breakaway. they win 72-57. super bowl preview is coming up at 11:00. seattle has arrived. patriots get in tomorrow. let the hype begin. >> fans just really having a blast this year with the warriors. >> no question. they're having a good time. but they have to be careful not to come down to the team's level they're playing. coming up next, did
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coming up at 11:00 three more planes evacuated. the investigation into what's behind it. and the winners at the awards program. could it be a preview of the oscars? the film "american sniper" continued to dominate the box office this weekend, and second place wasn't close. the drama stars bradley cooper as a military sharp shooter. "american sniper" is up for six oscars. it earned $64 million in the second weekend. jennifer lopez's film came in second at $15 million. thanks to "american sniper," ticket sales are up more than 9%
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this year. track its oscar success next month on february 22nd right here on abc 7, your oscar station. final weather check. >> nice tomorrow. seeing sunshine throughout the day. clouds on the increase and rain likely on tuesday. update at 11:00. >> my plans to watch any of these movies? >> "american sniper" and "wedding." >> thanks for spending time with us.
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