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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 13, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. a woman sneaks onto the runway at sfo and starts to wave down planes. >> the latest in a string of security breaches that have plagued bay area airports. good evening i'm ama daetz. the 42-year-old was arrested at sfo wednesday evening. >> abc 7 news reporter alan wong has more on the story today. >> reporter: alan and don, police say she was homeless, 42-year-old santos was arrested on the airfield operation area wednesday evening. that is a restricted area.
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police say she wanted to return home to guatemala her home country, santos told police she got the idea from the teen who snuck on a plane last april. 15-year-old abdi survived the trip despite very little oxygen and frigid temperatures. the security breach is raising concerns out here. >> who is to say what could happen with a bomb? that is actually pretty scary. >> i still feel safe. only because these things happen every day. but i still feel safe. >> reporter: another more famous stowaway has tried on numerous occasions to sneak onto the planes, marilyn heartman snuck on planes before, she claimed to be homeless and was recommended
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for treatment. now, authorities plan to check out the background of santos who pled guilty on misdemeanor charges. she is in jail tonight waiting for charges. i'm alan wong, abc news. >> what began as an attempt to serve a search warrant happened in napa. more on the latest. sergio. >> reporter: ama police have installed street lights to help with their investigation. the police chief tells me this evening the man they were trying to serve a search warrant on has now died in the hospital this evening. a couple of hours after the shooting the motorcycle still was lying in the street. the officers say the man sped away from the house a few yards from the scene. according to the police chief, the officers were trying to
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serve a search warrant for drugs and weapons. >> they observed the latino male there is a contact made with him the shooting happened. >> reporter: the napa police chief tells us officers found a handgun at the shooting scene but it's not yet clear if the suspect pulled the gun or fired a shot. we talked with the neighbor who was on the front porch when she heard the noise. >> they were on a motorcycle chasing him, although i didn't see anything i heard three shots. >> officers with the city of napa were involved in the shooting. so as part of the standard procedure, they took over the investigation. the name of the person shot has not been released. sergio quintana. >> we have just a year of water left. the data shows that water storage in the san joaquin river basins will be gone in a year
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the backup supply will be gone soon. some believe they need to start a rationing water system and speed up the help for more systems. and more on the trees getting cut down in the nearby areas, the issue is stopping the fires from spreading. fema has worked towards vegetation management. they say cutting down tall trees doesn't get to the root of the problem. >> every place this has been done there is an immediate outbreak of hemlock, broom and poison oak, and they are very high fire prone.
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>> he believes the better approach is to removal the ground plants. no rain in sight, instead, record warmth. here is a live look abc 7 news meteorologist is here with the weather. >> well ama, let's put it to you this way you will be hot enough to sweat it. looking at the east bay hills camera it really is just a beautiful view here. there are a lot of high clouds around. here are the records that are in jeopardy for tomorrow. we had a few records today in gilroy and salinas, liver morris expected to tie at 85. san jose expected to pass their record coming in at 83. and san francisco, you will be getting close. 74 is the forecast obviously, not that close. 81 is the record for the day. i'll be back with a look at perhaps if there are any changes in the forecast as we head towards the second half of your weekend, dan?
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>> okay, thank you very much. and new details on the beating of a teen savagely beaten for no reason happening at a mall in san jose. katie marzullo has more. >> reporter: dan 17-year-old christian rasner is as you said in a medically induced sleep. he is off the medication so he could come out of it any time. i spoke with his dad who said that christian woke up briefly tonight. doctors are cautiously optimistic about his recovery. >> he clearly was conscious his legs moved. his arms moved. he struggled. it was really hard to watch because he is clearly confused and in pain. >> reporter: once christian rasner is fully awake, doctors will do tests to determine if he has permanent brain damage. his dad said he was beaten, his head slammed against the pavement by two young men
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wednesday evening in the bank of america parking lot near the west valley mall in san jose. christian's friend who was there said the two men had been harassing christian, wanting to know what gang he was in, he denied being in a gang and is on the honor roll. there are no camryeras there in the parking lot. >> we all have grand kids and kids, you always worry when it happens to somebody who didn't deserve it. >> rasner says he has reason to believe his son has not been the only victim. >> there are stories about similar gang-related activities. again, i don't have facts, but i have heard it a couple of times. >> reporter: he said that young people should be vigilant at all times and tell the mall security if anybody is bothering them. and tomorrow morning brings the last weekweekly organized search
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for a missing teen sierra lamarr who disappeared while walking to her bus stop. this week her family on the advice of suspects decided they will only search who new tips come in. torres is in jail, accused of the killing, no trial date has been set. victims of a fire in san francisco have been targeted by looters. three buildings have been off limits since the fire severely damaged them. burglars got in and wiped out the liquor store on the first floor. abc 7 was there as they showed us how they got in. residents have complained of stolen jewelry bikes and other things. >> i feel bad. really bad. you know? i work hard. >> it's unbelievable i mean somebody taking advantage of the fact that somebody is in this situation. the place is burned down.
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it's horrible. >> insurance investigators are still going through the buildings to determine the extent of the losses. and tonight, a father and daughter badly hurt in a san francisco fire this week remain hospitalized and in critical condition. the fire started at 24th street and treat avenue in the mission early wednesday. the mother and two other children were also injured. a health club pool in santa rosa will be closed for a couple of days after a scary accident. alexis narrowly missed swimmers doing laps at the health club this morning. the 70-year-old driver said her brakes failed while she moved into the parking lot. a doctor and paramedic used a hammer to help smash the window and get her out. the woman suffered minor cuts. and next why you may want to think twice the next time you valet your car. and why the local station
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owner jack eded up his prices. and one moment, she is walking down the street, the next flying through
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covering cupertino concord, and the wine country. when you hand over your keys you expect your car to be returned, right? >> yes well apparently a newport beach couple thought they were being pranked when the valet said their car was given away. >> ways to protect husband. >> the unbelievable just happened to this couple in california. >> who gave it to them? >> the other guy that is not here anymore. >> wow. >> the valet came up and said sir, we don't know how to tell you this but your car has been given away. we gave it to somebody else.
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>> josh's girlfriend who was having dinner filmed the aftermath on her cell phone. >> one was a large man with a ohio state tattoo. >> the man who run this stand said that regrettably it appears our policies and procedures were not followed. we apologized and are actively supporting the customer whose vehicle was affected. valeting your car can be a gamble. >> even the valet told me that. >> you don't know who you're giving the keys to, really. >> after the event, this comedian pulled this stunt. >> let him have it. >> that is not his car. >> why would you let somebody do this? >> he returned the car after proving his point. recently i parked a fancy car here in l.a. with hidden cameras, what can we do to try to win this game?
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>> start out by putting a tip on the dash. >> preemptive tipping. >> yes, it helps to influence the level of care. >> first thing is where is the camera there has to be a camera, this is a joke right? >> i didn't give it to them. >> abc news, l.a. well a north bay gas station is getting a lot of attention after a picture showed its incredibly high prices. take a look somebody posted this photo from sausalito. the owner said today this was because he was tired of people complaining about his prices, keeping it higher than the station across the street. somebody almost bought it for $8 others said not a chance. >> i'm always on my bike, it just is completely ridiculous to
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think about filling up at this place. >> today, the gas station owner lowered his price to a somewhat reasonable 4.97 a gallon. >> see how that works. it is almost go time for those participating in tomorrow's st. patrick's day parade. today people put finishing touches on their floats. this will be the 164th year of the parade, which begins at market and second street. >> and seven on your side's michael finney will host the parade live beginning tomorrow at noon. you can also catch it on the go, using the free watch abc app. >> michael is excited. and the weather should be perfect. >> hi sandy. >> dan and ama we're looking at the type of weather that you want to see at a parade. it's going to be sunny, michael is going to enjoy it along with the rest of you. so let's take a look at the forecast before our st. patrick's day parade in san francisco. you will see occasional high clouds warming up low-to-mid
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70s, well above normal, partly cloudy dropping to only 70 agrees by 5 p.m. speaking of dropping, the sprinkles were showing up north of the ukiah area, today it was warm enough to put us at record levels as i mentioned earlier in the broadcast, 76 san francisco, oakland, pretty warm day inland upper 70s around livermore concord, 78 san jose, got up to 79 in santa cruz. we're going to take the temperatures up a little bit in case it's not warms up for. right now it just seems downright balmy. these are the type of temperatures you expect to see. it is actually in the 50s and 60s right now. the camera showing you a few clouds over san francisco. high clouds will be with us, mild overnight. record temperatures on saturday, turning cooler on sunday.
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let's take a look at what is going to bring is the warm weather. a big ridge of high pressure, providing us with the spring-like warmth. the high pressure is what we call a dirty ridge strong enough to keep the storms away, not strong enough to keep the actual clouds away. so in the overnight hours you will see quite a bit of high clouds covering continuing, filtered sunshine the high clouds will be harmless, look at the numbers. you start out mild by noon, already in the 60s and 70s. we're going to bump you up into the 80s in some areas for the afternoon hours. tomorrow morning i don't think you have to worry about a jacket or sweater if you're going for a run or taking the dog out for a walk temperatures in the 50s. and as we head to the afternoon hours, warming up fast. 84 san jose 84 los gatos, 85 in gilroy, 80s for redwood city,
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loss 77 san raphael, you're looking at a nice day as well. 84 fairfield, 83 pleasanton, 85 in livermore. records are possible again for the second straight day and as we head to sunday cooler, clouds will thicken a bit no rain unfortunately. we'll keep you on the mild side monday through friday, mid-60s and 70s, and you continue the
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all right, let's show you something really unbelievable, watch the woman walking in the middle of your screen she goes flying through the car in the middle of a glass window as the driver smashes into a pizza window. this happened in aurora colorado, look at this.
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the woman bounced right up and just walked away. she is fine, thank goodness, witnesses say the driver hit the gas instead of the brakes. can't afford a new app $10,000watch? why not try crowd funding. a recent graduate is using a web page to pay for his apple addiction. buyers can find one and display whatever they want on the space they bought. many are using it as a virtual billboard, and roland is attracting customers. the maker promises to keep the fight up for ten years. >> i may try that to get my house paid off. >> all right larry is off? >> yes the higher ups. >> good tip. >> some of us learned this lesson before others do. >> telling your boss to shut up.
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either joe thornton doesn't know he is not supposed to do that or he doesn't care. the warriors rested mo
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steve kerr taking a page from the book of popovich. steph curry andre iguodala, also given the night off. don't you hate it when one arm won't cooperate? we're in march in need ofsome festus mcadoo, taking the advantage, led the warriors 23-5. david lee other end, he is 24 and 17 for three late third,
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leandro barbosa, curry-like with the speed. mcadoo he had 16 festus, four blocks, warriors ledley three, nuggets close the game on a 20-4 run, 114-103, they're back home to face the knicks tomorrow. sharks trying to stay in playoff contention, and this wouldn't help. joe thornton and long-time manager doug wilson, throwing jabs, when asked why he took the captain's spot away from thornton wilson said the stress and pressure made joe thornton lash out at people. today, thornton said that doug needs to shut his mouth. all i have to say is i have been here working hard every day, and haven't seen a sabbatical, he
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just needs to stop lying and shut his mouth wilson said if he has an issue, he knows exactly why i am to talk about it. run dmc, darren mcfadden the fourth overall selection in 2008 injuries were a constant issue, he just never lived up to the high expectations. almost $6 million. mcfadden is leaving christian ponder is coming. carr, the 12 overall pick chris colliver heading to washington, the cornerback had a good 2014 campaign, with the niners, four interceptions, in the pac-12 tonight, arizona with victory meet
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meeting in the finals. all right, and abc 7 news continues on line and on twitter and facebook on all of your


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