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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 14, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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angela disappeared on thursday. she's 34 years old and has health issues that require daily medication. often hanging out in the golden gate park area. today ends a near lyly 3 year search. volunteers are on back. >> begin to look in the area. >> teenagers, sierra lamar, vanished three years ago without a trace.
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at first volunteers searched daily and then once a week every saturday. 1,130 searches over the last three years. that's over 54000 volunteer hours culminating in this final walk. >> instead of regularly scheduled searches, we're going to be operating on call if we get tips or leads that justify another search. we're ready. >> reporter: long time volunteers were shaken to the core. >> freedom taken. her life probably taken. the family is going through this horrible trauma. it just broke my heart. just to come and do something. help. be sure. support this family. let them know that people care. >> we never thought this was going to happen to us but it did. and really everybody, even the media has really helped to sustain us.
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because it's just their way of showing that we don't want to give up. >> reporter: suspect angela torres is the only man who might know. he's accused of abducting and killing her. he could face the death penalty. on april 8th the trial date will be set. volunteers say they'll be there wearing red shoes in honor of sierra. in morgan hill i'mless leslie brinkley, abc7 news. sfo spokesman said ai adriana reached the car area on the opposite side from passenger terminal terminal. no point she had access. she is homeless. she said to get back to her
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native guatemala. her arrest shows security work because they were able to prevent her from further cess. san jose mayor delivered the annual state of the city address today. event held at a school gym on the weekend. some more people could attend than in years past. much of the mayor's speech focused on public safety. pledged to add more officers to san jose's police force and add crime by investing $1 million to create summer jobs for at-risk teens in high crime neighborhoods. >> we're going to help our teams fill resumes rather than wrap sheets. for the great founder of home boy industry put it that nothing stops the bullet like a job. >> the mayor pledged to continue cleaning up homeless camps and open city libraries 6 days a week instead of the current four. still ahead on abc7 news at 9:00, a new study finds high-tech imaging for heart
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problems may not be any more effective than a basic test that's a fraction of the cost. plus, details of the drastic water cuts possibly coming this week that could affect nearly all californians. and a bay area group is fighting to keep
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questions benefits of high pricey scans over physical tests for people who feel chest pain. the $40 million study found only 10% of doctors use tread mill tests an effective way to test systems of heart disease. almost all patients were given high radiation, ct scans or echo cardiograms. people who received pricey sca had no more risk of dying than the basic tests.
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people who feel test pain with tread mill and talk to a doctor about artery blockage. supporters of drone technology gathered in the east bay to prove a point. met at technology to fly their drones. considering a two year ban on the devices but organizers of the event say many people don't realize that drones can be used for other purposes beyond surveillance or military operations. >> assisting in search and rescue surveying environmental problems. a wide variety of things. >> last month, the faa proposed new rules that would allow the use of small drones for business purposes by 2017. this week california imposed stronger water conservation measures. the sacramento bee reports on tuesday the state water
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resources control board is expected to order every urban water agency to limit outdoor watering. for many it would allow watering on just two days a week. also outdoor irrigation would be banned during measurable rainfall and for 48 hours after the rain stopped. violators could be fined $500 a day. coming up on abc7 news at 9:00 a look at the san francisco tradition bringing out a little irish in all of us. and the bay area hit with record temperature. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> hosting the new york nicker bockers. seth
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. everyone and that includes shu and drew a little irish at the st. patrick's day parade in san francisco. the parade aired right here on abc7 hosted by 7 on your side's michael finny. thousands crowded the sidewalk as a long procession made their
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way down marcus street. this year's grand marshal, local business owner duggan. it is one of their favorite events. >> grandparents are from kerry and island in ireland. every year, we have so much fun coming. >> move to a san francisco area. so happy to be here. >> this year's theme was technology, linking the bay area to ireland. as always comes a few days before the official st. patrick's day holiday which of course is tuesday the 17th. the only complaint i could ever even imagine would be too warm. too hot on the parade today. crazy. >> it is. 80s in san francisco. 90s in some portions of the south bay. so incredible by this time of the year. >> right. >> tomorrow, still mild but not record setting warm. we're going back towards reality slowly but surely we'll get there. live doppler showing a fair amount of cloud cover overhead
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this evening but that's keeping us on the mild side tonight after that was an incredibly warm day across the region. take a look at the bay area high. a high of 82 in santa row sasa. high ot 89 degrees. 86 in morgan hill and a temperature of 80 degrees this afternoon. take you live outside, a shot showing a tranquil quiet night across the bay and here's your forecast features. we have those high clouds with us acting like a blanket keeping that warm sustained this afternoon near the surface. so we'll have a mild night and overnight period. sunday, it will be warm but not record warm. temperatures still above average for this time of the year tomorrow. mild and dry the next seven days. no rainfall in the extended forecast unfortunately. out there right now temperature-wise, still rather warm. 70 in san carlos. 70 in concord. 77 in san jose and san francisco coming in at a temperature of 69
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degrees. satellite and radar showing the warmth brought by not just one by two high pressure areas turning on the heat pump today. to the west we are tracking a slow-moving front. what this will do tomorrow is nudge these highs out of the region, decreasing the warmth and actually bring back a bit of cooler air and more in the way of cloud cover. rain to the north unfortunately, that will stay to the north of the region and will stay dry for the next 24 hours. temperature-wise into the future we go by tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be warm by sunday noontime but still temperatures below where they were today. mid 60s along the coast in inland spots, mid to upper 70s. while it's mild, not the records we had today. overnight lows a mixture of stars and clouds out there. temperatures generally in the mid to upper 50s. taking a toll around bay for your sunday. 79 the high in san jose. up to 78 in sunny veil heading to the peninsula. 76. 77 palo alto.
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68, masiska. sunset district into the north bay, 67 petaluma. 70 in sonoma. 73 in napa, into the east bay. 75, san ann droe and 76 in fremont and one final stop. 76 in pleasanton and brentwood coming in at 73 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you it's warm tomorrow but not the record warmth. a touch cooler with sunshine. st. patrick's day on tuesday, 70s in many spots. still above normal but a l cooing effect along the coast. as we head thursday or even into friday, or saturday mostly cloudy but the clouds still can't keep us on the cool side with these temperatures in the low 60s along the coast and even the low 70s in many of our inland. >> clouds can't keep us down. >> or keep us cool. >> there you go. might feel good for a while though.
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>> exactly. >> thank you, drew. over to shu now. what you got? all the great sports indoors today, i assume. closing in on the top in the west as they host on seth curry's 27th birthday. finally, somebody older than drew. average 26 points including a 54 point back in 2013. fans made sure had a happy birthday. normally, you receive gifts. curry was in a giving mood. for the alley-oop. lawyers had 33 poins in the first half. high move from the jumper. lefgton, sprinting. andre, right handed. flush. 47 points in the second quarter. 11.3 curry with five of those. two seconds left in the half. tin bound pass curry catches and shoots. beats the buzzer. 73-52 at the half. can't forget about the others. he's in double digits.
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first, putting on a show. the reverse lay-up. go in. right now in the third quarter up 111-73. college hoops, american east conference title game. stony brook, the game winning three pointer. his mom just passed away six weeks ago to cancer. is a hero sending the team to the big. fans storm the court. sun setting on this playoff host, only 16 games remaining. 24 hours after on this, stop lying and shut his mouth. regarding the captain, lose a crucial home game against the black hawks. three more games. 1-0 in the first. carlton there for the rebound. plus, we have a 1-1 game. sharks in the second. this time joe thornton answers. power play. passes by the black hawk. 6-2 after 2.
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bad luck a minute into the third. allowing brandon zag to score on the breakaway. black hawks win 6-2. san jose on a road trip. doug wilson last night and everything now seems fine. >> we were sharp. we were sharp. you know, from the drop of the puck. crawford made some great saves but we usually had after two. >> the last 48 hours, anytime with the team preparing for the game. >> we support each other and we want to play and play hard. guys responded pretty well. it's just, you've got to find a way, right to the end. can't get away from it. >> 49ers continue to spend money in the free agent market adding former usc running back. 49ers new three headed back field. the gm. adds an elusive dimension with the ability to get outside and the backer to the offense.
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30-year-old played nine years in the league winning a super bowl ring in new orleans. also, some veteran leadership to the 49er locker room. pga tour still on the floor display for the championship. from tampa. arnold palmer next week at bay hill. 2.5-year-old son. got a future on the tour. look at that. but today was all about that. even part of the day. 24 of the last 6 including right here on 16. four under 67 in round three. brandon de young had a lead and chip for a birdie on five. 4 over. he's back and more, took the outright lane with a short birdie on 18. one lead over jordan heading into sunday's final round. larry had a day to remember. racing in the nhl gators national. broke in half. 280 miles an hour and went flying into the air. somehow, dixon came away with a scratch and afterwards my car is mess.
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unbelievable. but i'm still here. just amazing how these drivers walk away from so many accidents and all of racing.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, bay area marshawn lynch involved in a fight in san francisco. the name he was called and what apparently started it. and plus the baby being called a miracle and the new video of the dramatic rescue after she was upside down in the freezing water for hours. those stories tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. the international celebration of pi day started right here in the bay area. pi is the brief letter that symbolizes the ratio of the circumference to its diameter. the same numbers are also today's date. 3-14-15. 3.1415. stored in 1988. say today is the most accurate
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pi day of our lifime. >> 926 and 53 seconds this morning, we circumventilated our pi shrine where the public can come see it and celebrated our pi day by eating pie. >> great idea. the explore toirm gave away nearly 2,000 slices of pie today and organized dozens of activities for visitors. looks fun. and you can learn something. >> right. and you can eat. >> right. thanks for watching, everyone. we'll see you at 11:00.
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>> warning--oh. all right, let's try again. warning, do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous. oh! >> ha ha! >> basically, just don't do what he just did. but thank you. "what went down." today on "what went down," we hit the beach, we hit the
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slopes, we hit the slide? ok. and later, we're riding bicycles...through the airport? guys, this is the wrong clip. ooh, wonder if i could jump on


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