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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 29, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." good evening and thanks for joining us. tonight, a search is under way for a uc berkeley soccer player missing in los angeles. friday night, vasquez attended a party at a fraternity. his cousin says he left the party at 1:00 a.m. after talking about running to the beach. a short time later, he called a friend. vasquez said he was alone, lost and worried. she told him to reach out to friends at the party.
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at 2:15, he called again repeating the same story and mentioned something about a beach. that's the last time anyone heard anything from vasquez. his parents are pleading for any help that leads to his safe return. >> he's a tough athlete, soccer player at cal. he's a very responsible person. that's why we drove here to come here, because we wanted to contact the police. >> we want him back safe and sound. he has a bright future ahead of him. he goes to uc berkeley. he's a soccer player for uc berkeley. i just hope he comes home. >> tonight cal released a statement, saying he's a wonderful young man. our entire athletics family is very concerned for his safety and the first priority is to help in any way to locate him. deputies and nevada police
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are investigating a shooting that left one person with two gunshot wounds. it happened this afternoon in a field near hamilton elementary school. his injuries are nonlife threatening. officers detained a man and woman they believe were involved in the shooting. the man behind one of rock's most iconic songs in the '60s was injured in a deadly crash. norman greenbalm was a passenger inside the car involved in the crash. the car turned in front of a motorcycle with two people on it. a 20-year-old of santa rosa was killed. the other person on the motorcycle was taken to the hospital in critical condition. investigators are trying to figure out how fast the motorcycle was going. the former ceo of hewlett packard says she has what it takes to be president.
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>> hillary clinton lacks what it takes. she is not candid which suggests her character is flawed. >> he said there's a higher listen 90% chance she's going to seek the republican nomination. she understands technology and economics and uses those skills to create jobs. clinton has not responded to her comments.
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the supreme court could decidq tomorrow to hear a freedom of speech case on what students can wear to school. at issue, can children wear american flags on t-shirts o' cinco dimaio. levi stadium was rocking today with the titans of the wwe. wrestlemania 31 was under way in santa clara and ended about an hour ago. could be a record crowd for the new stadium, and a preview of what to expect at next year's super bowl. cornell bernard spent the day with fans getting ready for wrestling's main event. [ crowd booing ] >> reporter: it's not just a show, it's an event with a giant cult following. >> i'm excited for the hhh and
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sting match, i'm excited for the undertaker match. >> wrestlemania! >> reporter: fans were pumped up, getting into character. >> hogan! hogan! >> i have my man stone cold with me. >> reporter: not the real pair, but no one cared. fans say wringing wrestlemania to the bay area is amazing. >> this is about my life long dream since i was little. this is one of the biggest events. to me this is our super bowl. >> reporter: are you going to survive? >> absolutely. i may come out a little bloodied, but i'll walk out here. >> this is amazing just to see them and say i was there. >> reporter: this will be the ultimate test for the stadium the most people ever this side of the super bowl. a capacity crowd of more than 70,000. the show alone could pump $100 million into the economy.
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officials say when it comes to crowd control and security this will be the perfect dry run for next year's super bowl. staff say bring it on. >> i think we're well prepared. we've had some big events here. but we're ready. >> we're all here because we love wrestling. >> reporter: in santa clara, cornell bernard, "abc7 news." still ahead on "abc7 news" at 9:00, why scientists say the state's water supply is going up in smoke. plus hundreds in the bay area get their shot to be on the big screen today. and bay area families go on a shopping spree. >> another day of record highs but the peak of the ñeat is in the past. we're talking abou
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thousands of people were up early this morning to lace up their running shoes and hit the streets of san francisco. the annual transamerica rock 'n' roll half marathon got under way
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at 6:30 this morning on the great highway. this is video provided by the event. the course includes a leg acroross the golden gate bridge. 32-year-old fernando cabato finished first in the men's division. hollywood came to san francisco this morning for a new movie about pioneering apple founder steve jobs. "abc7 news" was there as dozens lined up to take part in universal pictures' open invitation. there's no pay for today, but lots of prizes including a trip to universal studios hollywood for the movie's premiere. more than 1,000 people have closets filled with new clothing shoes and toys thanks to some generosity in the east way. "abc7 news" was there in san pablo today. a group called the white pony
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express organized the event to help students and parents. this is the group's free general store program. volunteers collected 13000 new and gently used clothes items. the people who got these items can't thank them enough. >> they are looking for something extra, and they find it. thank you. i appreciate it. >> the 2 1/2 tons of donated food was also given away today. coming up next on "abc7 news" at 9:00 scientists use elephants to take their first step in bringing back the extinct woolly mammoth. and drew is up next with the forecast. >> we're down to the final four. we have the final two teams and how they got there. and the sharks took one on the chin today in pittsbury but this announcer took one to
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you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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this is "abc7 news." >> it sounds like a sign fiction
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movie, but scientists are closer to bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction. they're inserting woolly mammoth dna into live grown elephant cells. the goal is to create a hybrid elephant to survive in cold climates. other species could be brought back, as well. more work has to be done before the process becomes reality. scientists say california's underground pot industry is having a lethal effect on the state's water supply. the department of fish and wildlife looked at streams and rivers and found every stream near farms are dry. the only one that wasn't dry wasn't near a pot farm. the demand from may to september exceed the stream flow in some areas. scientists say the problem is getting worse. it's hard to regulate them without better monitoring and conservation. we could use some rain right
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now, but doesn't look like we're going the get any soon. maybe next week? did you use your pair sol today? >> any way you can stay out of the sun, you can burn quickly this time of the year. live radar showing you clear skies. we'll have a mixture of stars and clouds overnight tonight. a live look from the exploretorium camera. mainly clear at this hour. livermore with a record high of 85 this afternoon. up to 71 in san francisco. 78 in oakland. san jose up to 79. and napa, nice and toasty with a high of 82 on this sunday afternoon. out there right now, antioch coming in at 70 degrees. 59 in danville. 58 in san francisco.
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60 in mountain view and santa roser at a temperature of 58 degrees. satellite and radar will show you early on this afternoon, we had clear skies. now you see the high clouds filtering in ahead of a cold front. tomorrow, high pressure still firmly in control, so lots of sunshine on your monday. but this cold front is going to slide through here tuesday morning, it's going to kick up the wind and usher in some cooler air to knock our temperatures back down to more spring-like level. tomorrow, not too bad for your monday morning. it's when the front approaches early tuesday. winds pick up to around 25 miles per hour. once that front moves through in the morning in the wake of it, the winds really kick. by tuesday afternoon and into the evening, we're having wind gusts nearing 40 miles per hour in some locations. look at the wind direction, too. out of the north, that's the cooler wind on tuesday and wednesday. tonight, mixture of stars and
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clouds. dropping to 50 in san francisco. 48 in oakland. 48 in san jose. highs for your monday tomorrow in the south bay, 77 the high in san jose. 75 behind sunnyvale. temperatures in the mid 60s along the coast. 65 for half moon bay. into the north bay 63 the high here. 79 in santa rosa. 80 in cloverdale. 77 the high in napa. into the east bay, a few high k4r0u8ds out there. 71 in oakland. 71 the high in newark. and one final stop our inland locations, which were in the mid to upper 80s over the weekend will fall into the upper 70s tomorrow. 78 pittsburgh. 79 san malone. and livermore up to 79. clouds on the way monday. we'll see the cold front move through on tuesday. we drop our temperatures down
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only upper 50s along the coast. midweek sunshine high uv index on thursday. you can burn in less than 15 minutes with this sun. over the weekend increasing clouds on easter sunday. there's a chance of drops falling on our sunday services. >> you have to turn in your perisol for an umbrella. the marquee matchup in the elite eight was between duke and gonzaga. these two have never met before. the blue devils have 15 final four appearances and gonzaga has never made it to the final four. tony romo and coach jason garrett, big duke supporters. okafor lays it in and the foul. blue devils run away in the second. matt jones, three of his 16.
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the final field goal for the bulldogs in this game. duke back in the final four for the 12th time. with coach k, tying john wooden for the most time. 66-52 your final. >> i love these guys and they came through. they came through. so we're off to indy. it's a nice thing to say. >> you get down to duke inside that forum, and i don't think there's anybody better at finishing games as far as burning clock and getting the right two guys to the free-throw line. >> march belongs to michigan state's tom izzo. six final fours looking for number seven. spartans in control. but the cardinal were led here by wayne black. louisville with a one-point lead on free throws. but marvin clack puts smu back on top. mad scramble in the paint. could have been a three-point play.
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instead, the 48% shooter on the line, made the first missed the second and we're going to overtime tied at 65-65. the spartans dominated. 35 seconds left ford misses but dawson the putback. michigan state heading back to the final four for the seventh time under izzo. they'll face duke. 76-70 the final. >> we're not going to disney butter going to indy. these guys did a heck of a job after a sluggish first half. i'm just happy and proud and excited and an incredible amount of michigan state people here tonight. sharks hosted by pittsburgh in a must-win situation as they scramble to make the playoffs. it was a great effort, but they came up short in a shootout. gave up two goals in the first but the sharks respond with two in the second. under five minutes in the period sharks on the power
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play. squeaks it by marc-andre fleury. 2-2 game. scary moment here. the color commentary in between the benches, gets hit in the forehead with a puck. he had to go to the locker room for stitches, but as a former player, he's used to it. >> who's playing? >> hockey announcers are tough. game went to overtime. coucher hits the crossbar. sharks fall, their playoff homes diminishing. pga tour in san antonio. jordan up on 14 online. and this one is going to the bottom of the jar. four straight birdies, seven under for a second place finish. jimmy walker, birdie on 16.
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same on 17. two under on the day, 11 under for the tournament. winning in his hometown. but his hat was stolen by his son in the post round interview. serena williams facing cc bellis in the third round of the miami open. it was no contest. the 19-time grand slam champion had no problems, but still a thrill of the lifetime for the 15-year-old prodigy. match point serena wins it in straight sets. good luck to all of you who till have a chance winning your office pool. i was knocked out yesterday when notre dame lost. next on "abc7 news" at 9:00 will farrell and kevin h
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coming up tonight at 11:00, dramatic video showing the danger firefighters face on the
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job every day. tonight, the firefighter seriously injured battling a house fire. new hope for a bay area mother whose daughter was murdered four decades ago. what police are saying tonight at 11:00. timely this evening, two movies boosted box office ticket sales. "home" featuring rihanna and jennifer lopez. it earned $54 million. and "get hard" earned 34 million. "it" came in fifth with $4 million. it cost just $2 million to make. ticket tales were up 8% this weekend compared to last year. >> i'll go see will farrell and kevin hart in anything, much less together. and perisol was our word of the night.
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so use it in a sentence wherever you are. >> tweet us. >> that's it for "abc7 news" at 9:00. the next news cast is at 11:00 p.m. over on "abc7 news." have a great night, everyone.
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>> warning: please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they're dangerous and could cause serious injury. [cheering] >> ok, just so we're all clear here, i do not pick these clips. >> "what went down." today on "what went down..." winter sports. motor sports. >> oh! >> office sports? and later, this sportsman goes undercover in an orange jacket
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