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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 11, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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block. next at 6:00, tonight we're learning more about a woman who was killed during a police chase as three suspects remain on a loose. an intersection in the heart of san francisco shut done during a busy tourist weekend. the weather is beautiful and warm but we could see a heat wave in the days ahead. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> good evening i'm katie marzullo. we are now halfway through the weekend closure of van ness avenue. one on san francisco's busiest streets. crews are digging a pedestrian tunnel.
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the general contractor is always on schedule so that's good news. you can see the intersection here at geary and van ness and it's a little bit tricky for cars to navigate the turn on to van ness, however traffic appears to be flowing as good as can be expected and that's because of the 70 or so people who are directing drivers around the closure. buses, ped yaps and first responders are allowed through the blockade but a drivers have go toe go around the closure from post street to geary. in order to bore a thumb the crews closed vans me. the first of the schedule closures to construct a pedestrian access and connecting the medical center with medical offices. the goal is installing treasure structural walls. >> those walls will be part of
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the temporary structure that will allow to us continue work all summer long underneath van ness and install a permanent tunnel structure. >> reporter: a block of one of the busiest stretches of roadway seems like a lot of space to work but it's not for the construction crews, who could only bring in two drilling machines for the work. it's tight quarters but the construction is on schedule. businesses in the area are still open and van ness will re-open to normal traffic at 11:59 tomorrow night ahead of monday's rush hour. so the next scheduled closure is two weeks from now so keep that in mind but businesses are open in the area. just give yourself a little extra time to travel through san francisco. we're live in the city, abc7 news. >> good advice. the search is on for a trio of armed robbery suspects who hit and killed a pedestrian last night. she was standing on california street near kearny when the seem
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cake spieding through during a police -- came pleading -- came speeding through in a police chase. >> reporter: the father of the woman killed here at california and kearny asking san francisco police to do all it can to catch this daughter's killers. bridget klecker was crossing the street when she was hit. the chase involved multiple hit and runs. >> the storm getaway car was found on treasure island friday night. it was the same car involved in fatal hit and run earlier in the evening. it began with a wild police chase through the streets of san francisco, three men suspected in a string of recent armed robberies running from cops. this witness couldn't believe it. >> i could hear the emergency vehicles and looked up the hill and watched a black four-door sedan literally coming over and his every bump as it was airborne.
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>> but the chase turned tragic when it crossed california and kearney. bridget klecker was struck. >> unfortunately here the woman who was stuck in the crosswalk has passed away from her injuries. >> klecker was a san francisco resident who managed restaurants on the google campus in mountain view. her father, john, spoke with us by phone from his home in north carolina. >> she had a great sense of humor. was always fun to be around, like life of the party just enjoyed living and enjoyed working for the food service group. >> reporter: the pursuit continued after klecker was hit. >> the pursuit continue over to the central and southern districts, ultimately landing post and powell street, where the suspects struck a second pedestrian. >> that person is expected to be survive. the death of bridget klecker was especially difficult for robert humphrey. >> brings back bad memories. i lost my father to a hit-and-run on his bicycle.
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i see -- >> the search for the suspects continues inch san francisco, abc7 news. >> in oakland today an amtrack train hit and killed a bicyclist. the man was on the tracks near east tenth street and fruitvale afternoon this afternoon. they're trying to determine why he didn't move off of the tracks as the train approached. deputies are investigating a strange incident in a school bathroom in milbrae. a 12-year-old boy was using a urinal at article middle school when someone came in and snapped several photos. the person ran off. deputies were unable to find him. they say he is a heavy-set, 14 to 16-year-old with slick back blond hair. the victim was not hurt. >> cal state east bay officials say rumored threat of a possible shoot only the hayward campus today is unfounded. still, extra police are patrolling the area after learning a student jobbing on
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the track heard a group of people -- overheard a group of people talking about bringing guns to campus. officials reminded students to be aware of their surround examination report activities. >> we did take it seriously and thought better be safe than sorry so we issued the warning. >> some groups scheduled to use campus facilities today cancelled their events. a congressional ethics investigation into congressman mike hondo's 2014 re-election campaign and office practices will conclude next month. the main issue is which the silicon valley congressman's staff improperly used official resources to support his campaign. congressman honda's 2014 challenger and his supporters requested the ethics investigation. it was a hot day in the bay area and even warmer weather could be on the way. here's a live look from the
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exploratorium camera. beautiful blue skies, just a few clouds today. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has more now. >> a gorgeous day across the bay. today and even warmer air will arrive for sunday. highs today, comfortable. up to 23469 san francisco. 64, half moon bay. 77 in antioch. 75 in fairfield and san jose, topping out at 71 under plenty of sunshine. a live look outside atop the roof of the studios, along the. bark dare -- embarcadero. it's breezy, and the sunset is after 7:30 and overnight tonight some locations even falling into the 30s. that will set the stage for a warmup on the way for the second half of the weekend. we'll look at the number with the forecast in a few minutes. >> in the east bay workers are picking away at cement that
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spilled this week, clogging up glen echo creek. we were there as the used pick axes and shovels to clean up today. the work will take all weekend. 20% of the area still needs to be cleaned up. >> we're on day four and will continue working through the weekend. on monday we'll clean up at the golf course and we'll be there as long as needed to make sure the creek is cleaned up so we can begin the restoration contract. >> a subcontractor for east bay mud accidentally allowed cement to pour out of a pipe into the creek when the put the pipe out of commission. after the cleanup is finished the next steps for test the area for permanent environmental damage. still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, there are big bucks being spent on an east bay senate race. we'll let you know where all the money is coming from. plus coachella music festival invades the california desert. what are organizers doing for their water needs? researchers may have found a
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way to reduce
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more than a million dollars have powder into an east bay senate res. an assembly woman in concord and
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the mayor of orinda are in a runoff. last month the two finish eastbound ahead of three other candidates in a special election. the "sacramento bee" reports sense then the money has poured in. bonilla received money from a local fire pac and a group called working families opposing glazer. glazer's support has come from political activist bill bloomfield charter school advocates, and a jobs pac. >> music fans at the coachella music festival are shocked to see so much green grass. they organizers didn't have enough time to make changes after governor brown ordered a 25% reduction in water use. but they have made some changes to help. the festival is using toilets that function without water, and they're using river water instead of the underground aqua fers. up a next, the sight of
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fighters can make some hearts stop but some day they may also be what doctors use to treat heart patients. could the bay area's hot weather get even hot center meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the contract. >> a who's who of past champions at the masters. lefty is one of them, squarely in contention heading into the final
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good sleep could be the key to reducing the chance of post traumatic stress disorder in the nation's troops. researchers say members of the military often have sleep problems. a third slept less than five hours a night. studies of veterans found similar trouble sleeping. researchers suggest military leadership create a better screening process for sleep problems and establish rules on how to treat them. spiders can cause many hearts to race but the tiny arachnids could be key to solving critical heart problems. russian scientists say the successfully used spider webs to grow replacement organs. they complied spedder web proteins with heart cells in
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rats and say the cells can synchronize. >> you're looking at the largest digital camera in the world. this is a 3-d rendering of a new telescope from the national science foundation. the 3200 mega pixel camera will be able to scan the entire night sky and help scientists see areas they'd never seen before and could help solve some of the mysteries of the universe. it could also track asteroids. over to meteorologist drew tuma with a look at the forecast and drooling over that mega pixel camera right now. >> that's amazing. going to get some great shots. weather-wise talking bat bit of a roller coaster ride with temperatures. first we warm up then cool off and then warm up big-time. live doppler 7hd painting a quiet picture. we'll take you outside on this saturday afternoon and early
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evening. our golden gate bridge camera showing you folks taking in the sights. lots of blue upstairs. the one fly in the ointment is the pollen. look at the air quality forecast. tree pollen has been at high levels. the main culprits are cedar oak, and olive. the new addition in the air grass pal len moderate levels. if you're sniffing and sneezing that's probably why because grass is added. it's 63 in downtown san francisco, 73, antioch livermore, 70. we are tracking a breeze out there. it's out of the west gusting to 37 miles-per-hour at sfo, and it's pretty breezy across the entire bay area. anywhere from 15 miles-per-hour to 25 miles-per-hour, and that will stick with us throughout the evening. satellite and radar look at this void of cloud cover to the south of san francisco, high pressure is right there kind of set up shop and will do so again
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for your sunday. we look off to the west and this thin stripe of cloud cover is a cold front and that's going to dive south on sunday and cool us if. livermore, average high 7. we'll dip monday and tuesday with the cold front and then temperatures take off. by thursday and friday, well above normal by 15 degrees in the mid-80s. a similar picture for san jose. the dip early in the week, temperatures into the 80s, thursday friday and saturday; so prepare for summerlike warmth in the week ahead. overnight lows plenty of stars dropping to 47 in richmond. 50 in san francisco oakland, 46. and palo alto; highs for sunday, sunshine on the way. 69, san francisco, 1 oakland 78 in napa and antioch, warm with a temperature of 81. the cherry blossom festival continues in japan town in san
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francisco, wall-to-wall sunshine on sunday. temperatures by 2:00, right around 68 degrees. with just a light breeze. we have a game at, mild temperatures around 68 degrees first pitch. the uv induction is high this time of year so wear the sun screen, by 3:30, temperatures around 7. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, some mild pattern. we could off with the cold front monday. increase the cloud monday night, could have a sprinkle in the north bay, overnight into tuesday. otherwise, we dry out we warm up. it's feeling like summer by thursday and friday, katie, temperatures 15 degrees above normal. not be shocked if some of the inland valleys get close to 90 by thursday. >> i think we're acalamitied -- acclimated to summer. thank you. >> sure. >> colin is in for shu and talking golf. >> i love this time of year. i can sit on the couch and just
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watch the masters all day. i'm one of those. >> if i wanted a nap -- >> ho! >> that better be on the sports guy. >> sports guy. can the kid hold on at the masters? standing on the tee at 17 jordan spieth had a seven-shot lead. but the time he walked off the 18th green his lead was down to four. past major champions making a move. that includes tiger woods. signature fist pump after a birdie on 13. tiger 4 ,-under 68. tied for fifth. spieth on the same hole. birdie to go to 17 under. he was six clear of the field. phil mickelson, low round of the day. long birdie putt on 16. got it. that moves him to 12-under. a 67 for lefty. finishes 11-under, five back. fireworks continue on 16. justin rose, greenside bunker fourth straight birdie to get to
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minus 11 spieth not be outdone, birdie putt on 16. this point his lead is seven but on 17, his worst hole double bogey's six for the first time all week. struggling. minutes later oregon 18, rose, closing with the left to right bird putt. rose at 12-under joins spieth in the final pairing. has to make up four, not three, because jordan -- look ating this up and down. on 18. he makes the par putt from there beats a masters reported 16-under through three round. look at the leaderboard, tiger woods, rory mcilroy, phil mickelson, justin rose only charlie hoffman has not won a major and spieth its looking for his first. saving par on 18, huge. >> that up and down, i don't recommend hitting it there. it was a one in five to make putt. so very pleased will having the putt roll in.
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>> one incorrect decision the difference between the a's winning and losing today at the coliseum. got gloves jersey, hat, just needs a hot dog. sonny gray, one hit on opening night. good again today 7-1/3. leaves the eighth with a runner on, bull pen can't hold the lead. nelson cruz first homer for seattle. three-one shot. 4-2m's. bottom halving are a's tie it up. zobrist scores. 4-4. same score in the tenth. key play. a's can win it. could have won it if ike davis would have got one over the wall. ben zobrist tries to store. mike gallegos send him home. nailed at the plate. the a's get nothing. next inning brad miller, who made the throw home to nail zobrist down the line to plate logan morris sin, 5-4 seattle gets the win. the a's have followed every win with a loss. they're 3-3.
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>> that was tough. so many things getting in the way, and we still had a chance. >> it's a lot easier when we put up 10, 11 runs, but when we don't we're in there battling. i'm excited for the team, how we battle. >> who would have thought this, sharks and kings playing a meaningless season finale both eliminated from the playoffs. a minute and a half into the game your final sharks goal of the season. kings win 4-1. sharks will watch the stanley cup playoffs from home for the first time in ten seasons. spring football on the farm. cardinal in white in mid-season form. who is going to start at run can back? will barry sanders jr. get consistent carries? wright scored the only offensive touchdown. the new look defense dominated. kevin hogan to hooper, holder
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rips it away. this is howow hold it, hooper. the white team wins 23-7. >> giants, warriors earthquakes, all in action tonight. highlights at 11:00 this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. >> looking forward to it. thank you. next at 6:00 police help corral an escaped llama in the central valley.
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tonight at 9:00 the nsa says isit has come up with a way to spy on you without compromising your security. then on abc7 news at 11:00, the video posted right after a traffic stop that went viral with more than 18 million views. tonight, we'll hear from the man behind the video, tonight at 11:00. officers in the central valley had to round up a llama on the lam and pictures are going viral. the first one shows a police officer posing with the llama. it was running loose causing traffic problems on thursday. one officer snapped a few photos of the llama was captured. the llama planted a kiss on the
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face of one very surprised officer. and i'll say lucky officer that's where it stopped. those things can be mean, all i'm saying thank you for watching. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. coming up today on "intelligence for your life," ladies, are you looking for
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