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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 5, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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did you shoot casey sign signally. >> the man accused of shooting a woman in a jailhouse interview you'll only see on abc 7 news. 32-year-old kate stinley was shot ask killed wednesday at pier 14 in san francisco. abc 7 news cornell bernard has the exclusive interview with the man accused of killing her. >> reporter: francisco sanchez admits he's guilty of a terrible crime. >> did you shoot kate stinley, the lady off pier 14? >> yes. >> you did? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: sanchez told me the
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shooting that took the life of the 32-year-old last wednesday was anaccident. he says he was wondering on pier 14 after taking sleeping pills he found in a dumpster. >> where did you get the gun? >> when the resident pull my leg and i see one and i see over there something like that. >> reporter: sanchez claim as gun was wrapped in the t-shirt and when he picked it up. >> boom boom three times. >> reporter: he claims he kicked the gun into the bay, lit up a cigarette and walked off not knowing he shot someone until he was arrested by police hours later. sanchez reportedly first told police he was shooting at sea lions. sanchez appeared frail and nervous when he talked about returning to the u.s. after being deported back to his native mexico five times. >> why did you keep coming back to the u.s.?
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why didn't you come back to san francisco? >> because i'm looking for a roofing, landscaping or job. >> reporter: sanchez knew san francisco was a sanctuary city where he would not be pursued by ingrags ocho immigration officials. >> i feel sorry for everybody. >> you feel sorry for everybody, including kate steinma's family. >> reporter: in spanish he said the court should give him the highest punishment so he can tell her parents in court he in longer wants to live. we reached out to the family. they say the main goal is preserving the memory of their daughter. in san francisco cornell bernard, abc 7 news. flames drove many people from their homes overnight. firefighters put out the fire late this afternoon.
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it charred about 300 acres. investigators are looking at several causes including fireworks, but no matter how it started, residents appreciate crews kept this close call from escalating into a disaster. >> congratulations to the fire department that showed up so quickly but it could have been quite different. i was watering down my fence and the trees in my backyard to prevent the, you know, the fire from coming up too close. >> wind played a big role in pushing the fire to within a few feet of homes. crews gained control of a brush fire today but not before it turned 26 acres. it started south of the airport this afternoon. pictures from social media show a large plume of smoke. lessee bringlykly has details. >> reporter: there was a heavy column of smoke this video was shot from a cell phone from nearby hayward airport. this eagle helicopter and fire engine responded aggressivel attack the fire and putting it
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out within an hour. the scorched acreage is on flood land. >> it's patrolled by the city of hayward and separated from the property by census. >> so an unusual place to have a fire? >> it is. >> reporter: officials say there were no reports of fireworks in the area. fire officials report the man that called in the blaze and says he tried to put it out was questioned and later released. the cause is still under investigation. in hayward i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. >> police in pleasanton shot and killed a burglary suspect around 2:00 a.m. when thefficers responded to a break in call at a classic car shop close to downtown. an officer got into a struggle with the suspect after the man left the building through a broken window. the officer who shot the man was hurt in the struggle. >> we were glad that the officer and other officers were there weren't more seriously lyinjured and
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rely on training to react and respond even though they don't happen that of the in a this community. >> this is the first time in ten years that a pleasanton police officer has been involve in a shooting. the alameda county coroner is working to identify the man. at sunset tonight crews stopped searching for a missing 14-year-old boy. he and another boy were on an inner tube being pulled by a jet ski yesterday afternoon. when it flipped the boy disappeared into the water as his friend swam to shore. neither were wearing a life jacket. crews did expand the search today into the channel area outside of the marina. the showdown in greece tonight as the country is on the brink of a collapse. today citizens reject add bailout that may have far reaching impacts. abc news reporter alex has more. >> reporter: tonight the polls are closed and the vote haves been counted, a resounding
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victory for the greek government and its camp. a full throated rejection of an international bailout plan that could impose tougher measures than the one greece is already suffering from. millions of greek citizens turned out today to vote in a historic referendum on whether to accept or reject the terms. a simple yes or no vote but the issue and the ballot itself far more complex. >> i think that we have to vote yes. >> reporter: all week, scenes of chaos and desperation, banks ordered closed, life savings locked up inside, endless lines where customers could only withdraw $67 a day. >> in the end this is political. you have a leaf able to say we know what we're doing trust us. instead, it's starting to look more and more like they have no idea. >> reporter: experts warn the vote could possibly mean greece drops out of the eros zone,
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though a strong majority of greeks would like to remain, dealing with angry citizens in the streets, he told george, they should maintain wary. >> should have a russian economic policy not just for the sake of europe. >> reporter: even as people celebrate the vote tonight, there is a new immediate problem looming and that's cash. without an emergency injection from europe. greece will run out in the coming days. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00 a health warning about seafood that comes from a long stretch of northern california coastlines. and las vegas' latest stunt to bring water to the desert city. >> i'm drew, the cooling trend will continue before we track showers.
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the details in the accuweather ahead.
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there is a warning tonight about toxic seafood in three counties. acid has been found in santa cruz monterrey and can cause diarrhea, camps dizziness. it does not apply to clams, chap bulbs and anchovies may be effected. las vegas has an under ground pipeline to pump drinking water into the thirsty city. it took $800 million and more than six years to drill what's known as the third straw into
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the lake. one worker was killed in the process. the lake behind the hoover dam is the main water source. the new pipeline is 650 -- 600 feet under ground that looks like a bathtub drain. coming up next an abc 7 news at 9:00. we are one step closer to the return of a great extinct beast. and meteorologist drew tuma up next with the monday morning forecast. i'm colin, an ejection fest north of the boarder carly we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good.
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a very happy reunion in new mexico between a family and police officer who says he was just doing his job. well, he can say that if his job, this is martin smith includes saving an infant's life. a body camera captured smith helping the then 7 month old
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carly, she's alive today because smith gave her cpr in may when he stopped breathing. scientists are one step closer to cloning a mammoth. the dna came from the hair of one that die 20,000 years ago and the other died 60,000 years ago. they hope to create a hybrid and then maybe a full mammoth. they taught scientists the mammoth had a slow metabolism to survive the ice age. weather-wise what do you got? >> pockets of light rain but otherwise looking at a nice summer afternoon on the way
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across the bay. live doppler 7 hd showing no precipitation but what we are finding heading outside live, thick cloud cover shskovrcover, especially along the coast funneled into the bay and inland areas, as well. that's because of a stronger sea breeze and the sea breeze has really cooled us down for the second half of the weekend. the cooling trend will show a lot of locations drop by double digits over the past 24 hours, walnut creek ten degrees cooler than yesterday. 12 degrees cooler topping out at 95 this afternoon. cool day and windy day. wind gusts could top 45 miles per hour through the evening hours and wind gusts around fairfield at 33 miles per hour, 15 in oakland and 13 miles per hour in mountain view and sso 12. when you have an active wind like we have now, it mixes up
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the atmosphere and pretty uniform temperatures. so generally now, everyone in the 60s. 66 concord, 61 downtown san francisco and 63 san mayteomateo. we're tracking an upper level low across the coast. the counterclockwise circulation will bring us morning cloud and morning spotty drizzle and as it moves over us midweek, it could bring lighter showers in portions of the bay area. future weather has you covered early tomorrow morning. we see a lot of clouds fog along the coast perhaps pockets of drizzle before the 8:00 hour tomorrow. by mid morning and early around the clouds pull back to the coast more in the way of sunshine and a nice looking afternoon on the way for monday. fast forward future weather into thursday morning. this is the low pressure over the bay area. so light showers perhaps could even strengthen into more steady rain midday on thursday before it all moves out thursday evening. right now looks like the best
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shot for any steady moisture would be in the north bay for thursday. overnight lows tonight, mixture of stars and clouds and more in the way of clouds closer to the coast. we'll track the drizzle overnight. upper 50s to lower 60s and highs for monday, first off clouds and clouds pull back to the coast for afternoon sunshine. 80 in concord tomorrow and 82 livermore and 66 in san francisco, up to 73 santa rosa and oakland up to 69 degrees tomorrow afternoon. seven-day forecast spotty drizzle tomorrow. we'll do it again, similar forecast on tuesday. clouds begin to increase wednesday as that low pressure moves over us on thursday, that's when we have a slight chance of showers, friday out of here with partly sunny and saturday and sunday, katy, a little warmer looking nice with temperature thes warms warming back up to average. >> i heard the word drizzle. sounds good to me. >> any helps. >> thank you drew. >> sure. to colin rush for sports and
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what a great way to say happy fourth of july weekend. >> yeah, this was amazing. carli lloyd is like the steph curry. >> interesting. >> i agree. >> sporting machine. >> when she scores, it rains, pours, drew, you know what i mean, drizzle. >> bring it all together. >> you got it, buddy. 16 years ago brandy finished the world cup win in dramatic fashion and carli lloyd doesn't care for drama. he's an action fan. cal carli leading the west. lloyd with goals in the third. then again in the fifth minute shot out of a cannon before the japanese could break a sweat they trailed 2-nil. had a goal in the 14th minute and lloyd a one and a million shot here from mid field. crept up and 4-0, 16 minutes in. at this point, pandemonium lloyd the fastest in world cup history and first hat trick. the americans haven't allowed a
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goal in 544 minutes of play. gives japan or gets them on the board in the 27th minute. they make it a 4-2 game seven minutes. momentum shifting when morgan brian centers to heath. that sealed it. abby enters the 17th into the game. final gets the world cup she craved. team usa 5-2 after losing to japan four years ago, the exact revenge to earn the elusive third world cup win. >> i don't think it's entirely sunk in like i said. i'm just so proud and so zapped at the same time. it's a surreal moment and been amazing. i mean, we just wrote history today and brought this would cup trophy home, which is unbelievable. that role i still make her defend but just incredibly proud of the players that stepped up. >> what a game. to baseball now, the giant haves been good on the road all season
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until this week. a road trip to forget ending tonight in the nation's capital. giants trying to avoid a sweep in the nationals trailing 1-0. crawford all star season continues 12th of the year. zimmerman struck out eight in seven innings but the giants argue they add help from phil. it boiled over in the fifth. rain vogelsong thinking he should get a low strike, leaves the mound tried to explain and wasn't saying anything. too late. bogey ejected. bruce bochy gets ejected. the lefty i mean righty whatever. george was the only one warming up so a mute -- moot point. back home tomorrow night to face the mets. all star starters announced today, national league buster posey earns the start for the second time in his career. bryce harper is the national league's leading vote getter. collision course little
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dude big dude. seattle rookie mike monday goalry trying for a third straight shutout. put an end to that sinking in the third solo shot oakland leads. seattle in front. former seth smith up the middle robinson cano scores and so does nelson cruz awkwardly. 2-1 mariners. a's with a chance in the ninth. two on two out. grounds out to end it. two on the final a's finish the ten-home stand 4-6. >> it's frustrating. i think we expect to play a little bit better at home. we lost a lot of close games and those are even more frustrating, especially given that seems to be our krypton. >> the leading vote getter in all of baseball josh donaldson. a's don't miss him at all. >> royals lead the way with four starters with lorenzo cain.
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>> national league championship series claimed by the pittsburgh pirates today and the quakes timbers scoreless up in portland in the second half. next at 9:00, the terminator
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coming up tonight at 11:00
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remembering kate stinley. and the $80,000 firework show that came to an aresult endupt abrupt end. the stories tonight at 11:00. >> this weekend the terminator was back though most movie goers didn't notice. "jury "jurassic world" earned $30.9 million. it barely beat out disney's "inside out" which owned $30.1 million. it's the highest grossing movie never to reach number one. "terminator genesis" day debuted with 20 less thousand. "magic mike xxl" with $12 million and "ted 2" rounded out
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the top five. did anyone take my advice and download the arnold schwarzenegger app? >> no. my phone is dead. >> you won't did disappointed. that's it for abc news at 9:00. the next news cast over on abc 7. see you there.
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