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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> the release of the san francisco pier shooting suspect. how his words may come back to haunt him. >> murder and mistaken identity. >> and new tonight from the abc7 news i team squatters, a man about to take title to a house he occupied for years. >> a live picture of the golden gate bridge. good evening. >> as you know we're 20 hours into three and a half day
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closure of doyle drive. it won't reopen until monday morning. it appears the shut down convinced drivers to seek alternate and here is a look at 80 through berkeley. this is a live look. wayne freedman is live with an update on the project. hi, wayne. >> this is a top the tunnel, the southern tunnel on doyle drive. this now takes two tunnels and let traffic go one way through each of them. >> the cause began on doyle
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drive last night. the 79 hour construction diversion that will continue monday morning. >> there is a lot of work to be done. >> if it calls in the commute, that is the affect part. >> how long was the wait? >> five days >> five days? >> yes. >> maybe he means it felt like five days. this is project manager. >> it's not easy. no. this takes a lot of planning. we can have been planning this for months. this is just tons you cannot build. >> so enter plan b, c, d, and e for commuting.
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this morning along the ferry carried a thousand more passengers than usual. to keep up with demand at midnight, all weekend. >> what have you heard about doyle drive? >> disaster. >> traffic remained light, they tell us. that said don't get too comfortable. >> we're experiencing heavier delays now and expect major delays. >> but those will not continue, after this work ends, the work goes on another year but won't be on the roadways. this will be covered up to look like the natural landscape. it's part of a natural park so long term it will look at land. that is the work that will not
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interfere with traffic assuming everything goes as planned. live above doyle drive, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> to get through traffic, be sure to down load abc7 news app. it's free from the app store. >> firefighters are on the scene of a fire near san jose. that fire is still burning in the creek bed. it's not threatening any buildings. >> the cool cloudy weather helped in that regard we'll talk about the weather with strange conditions for early july. clouds appear to be clearing up. we're in for a normal weather
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pattern. >> weekend is shaping up to be a good one. right now we're picking up a little bit of moisture in the clouds. so drier air is starting to move in so that is why some of you are enjoying sunshine. since yesterday we've got 4/100ths of rain in san francisco and san rafael. 2/100ths in santa rosa. trace amounts in livermore, san jose, m moffett field. and mount st. helena, i'll let you know changes coming up in just a few minutes. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi spoke about how his office handled the case of undocumented immigrants vic?
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>> on the other hand the sheriff says he believes these detainers are illegal. and cites two decisions which say they violate the fourth amendment search and seizure. so there are mixed signals today. >> san cisco sanchez is accused of murdering kate steinle. again, he blased ice. >> had ice sought requested order, or warrant the sheriff's department will comply and would have complied.
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>> that is not what mirkarimi said in march. listen. >> what i have the honor of staying, i'm the first sheriff in this city, and one of the first in the united states to say no. i transfer. >> he says he's just following the refugee due process ordinance passed two years ago. mayor ed lee disagrees and says wednesday, the could have just called ice. the sheriff held sanchez in jail two weeks. >> we wanted to make sure we had the right person based on the data bases.
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>> he says once charges are dropped you can only hold the person five days. >> to hold a person beyond two weeks, would with usual and illegal. >> the bureau of prison says sanchez did surf his time. a father and two sons were gunned down in a case of mistaken identity. the two men accused of this shooting believe the guns were rival gang members. one is serving through life sentences but the second sentenced today. it's a story of a wife and mother that lost almost everything. >> her words resonated with a lot of people. her two remaining children are still in the witness protection program.
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reyes was not the shooter but was in the car seven years ago. >> reyes was sentenced for the 2007 shooting death. as part of a deal with san francisco, the district attorney pleaded guilty to avoid a trial. >> we did not want for any member of the family to have to sit through the process again. >> so there is relief that this process is over? >> the shooter received three consecutive life sentences. a third brother identified him as a shooter. the reason it took so long to get reyes sentenced is because he was a fugitive for four
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years. and was arrested in north carolina. the wife and victim became very emotional after reading a statement before the judge. under the policy, he was never turned in for deportation, though he had a long history of run ins with the law. >> what she believes is violent criminals, repeat offenders should not be shielded bif law enforcement. >> and the family sued the city over this policy sometime ago. a judge made her dismiss the suit. >> a brazen robbery in san jose was caught on camera. this is surveillance video of a burglary at mojo burgers. thieves lift the safe that had been bolted to the ground and
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took off. >> and the focus of a heated protest on a message board website. reddit began to call for resignation after the sudden firing of a well liked employee. she said she's leaving because of difference was the board. >> there is a remarkable recovery from a firefighter grateful to be alive. >> it's been a big surge in demand for water tonight. and they're giving it away free. >> and a
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we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! [laughs] lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes... all this speed is very empowering.
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check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. remember this scene that happened in late march in fresno? a firefighter burning from the roof of a home. >> the chance he would never walk out of community regional medical center, pete dern walked into his press conference.
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the fire department had was placed on his head. >> i'm feeling good. and it was a long road i still have pretty good amount of look down still. >> that road took him through 19 surgeries with more ahead after burning nearly 65% of his body. they've been amazed by the spirit to survive and thrive. they expressed gratitude for support from the community, nation, and world. >> thank you. >> we've had firefighters
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through the beginning and it's comforting to know. >> glad to see he is doing well. >> some central valley farmers can start using water again. legal analysts believe it could have an affect on all come backs statewide. the water is free but lines are long. this is a sign of what some of us are doing to beat the drought. this woman is watering with a hose in the middle of the day. this is okay because water is recycled and coming from a tank
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in the truck. >> without this, we wouldn't be able to water the lawns or keep up our gardens or other plants we have. >> there is a steady stream of people lining up. this is offered by the sanitary district. >> the program started last year but didn't take off until now. >> it's been hopping here. every day, on the order of 100,000 gallons of water, our program now exceeded 2 million gallons. >> mike hampton says he's watering with this stuff. >> good-sized garden is in the back. we have a transfer pump.
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and that supplemented me for a week. >> the use yirs should be concern certain the truck, trailer or car is capable to carry what they take. >> state parks system is taking steps to conserve water. the showers and stations will be shut off at parks and beaches throughout california. the park service suggests using a towel to wipe off sand from the beach. or bring a jug of water with you. >> this is actor tom selleck using water from a publy hydrant to water his trees. the water district sued selleck. it turns out he got it from a construction company that had a
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permit and water meter and paid for the water legally. >> where there is smoke there isn't always water. >> yes. it looks like clearing up. >> hi, yes. we're looking at a dry pattern for the weekend. we'll talk about sunshine and clouds lingering. and there are thunderstorms going into the weekend. people are enjoying their weekend from our camera. and it is 64 in san jose.
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high clouds and mild pattern from santa rosa to livermore. we have a return of low clouds with mild to warm this weekend. so warming back up to where we should be for this time of the year. we're seeing it get back to normal for this time of the year. taking a look ahead, we'll have clouds around near the coast and inland. then, tomorrow morning a bit on the gray side. and clouds part ways and it's a sunny afternoon. taking a look at the morning. mid-50s to 60s and mild
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conditions expected like today. so if you do have plans heading out for a jog or hike keep that in mind. 77 redwood city. downtown san francisco, 68 degrees. and 78 in napa. inland spots, sunny and warmer. 83 in livermore. looking at the accu-weather forecast, it's a warmer day for
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saturday. temperatures slipping on sunday but it's inland and mid-60s to low 90s wednesday through friday. that is july weather. most people are saying it's been nice. you know? this is good >> tonight the nation's newest national monument. a chunk of the fronteer
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my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our employees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve
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president obama protected a wilderness area near yosemite. it stretch for 100 miles. >> we've got rivers in this area and for species, you've got eagles and it's a phenomenal places. >> an east bay family is offering a reward for the return of their stolen dog the family posted signs all over a supermarket. the owner says he left the dmog the car five minutes and when he returned, the dog was gone. a witness says a young white woman unlocked and opened the
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door and snatched the dog. >> i take cooper whenever i go. i may have gone too far with the window. i'm just hoping we'll be able to find him. >> his family says the person who took the dog wants to return him, they will not press charges. >> developing news from donald trump. >> from the i team, a man who has been a squatter eight years is about to own this house. what he's done with the place. a south carolina murder suspect should never have bee ♪music
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donald trump is in southern california where he met with families of americans who were killed by undocumented immigrants. in los angeles, trump and family members spoke about the losses. trump says americans are dieing because our borders are not protected and other countries are taking advantage of it. >> we're housing people from around the world that other countries don't want. they're sending criminal ss to us. and we're putting them in jail.
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>> the father of drew rosenberg opened up about his son's death. in 2010 a undocumented immigrant from honduras drove over his son several times the man was deported after a long court battle. >> as mr. trump said nobody wants to hear from us we get ignored. >> demonstrators are not happy with the harsh words. >> a nice neighborhood is under siege by a group of squatters. >> yes. >> dan noyes is here with an investigation you'll see on 7. >> police have come to that
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house a dozen times per year. sequoia hills is a tight night community with neighbors work to build a park with a monument to police officers. >> with what's happening now everybody is petrified. >> squatters took over this house and crime soared in the neighborhood. this pit bull from the house attacked tim nichols and his dog, billy. a little over a month ago. >> i was terrified and assumed by dog was dead. how can i prevent my dog from getting killed? >> his arm was broken in two places by the time authorities arrived the dog and owner were gone.
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records show the police is come to the house more than a dozen times during the year. >> one individual is under investigation. >> police are cracking down on crime but it's not their job to get squatters to leave for good. >> we clear it out every time we're here. who boars it up is not our responsibility. >> the woman who owned it has a reverse mortgage after her husband died. one of them would speak to me during a police raid. >> will you talk to me? i'm with channel seven. >> i called up to a squatter checking mail at the house.
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one woman told me she paid rent to her sister who was in charge of the squatters house before getting arrested >> sthe said she was paying someone, she had papers one. two, i know i help clean up. i put time money, and sweat inside of the house. >> police tell me the squatter showed them documents they purchased the house for $5,000. officers knew the papers were phony but couldn't take action. this is because it's aiv matter. iet can take years. >> in the meantime, neighbors are living in fear. one woman didn't want to show her face. >> i'm careful coming and going
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before i leave the house. i make sure there is nobody out there i start the car in the garage and don't open the door until i'm ready to back out. >> in a tougher section of oakland one squatter is taking over an abandoned house. >> so when we occupied it we took charge of maintaining it. >> that is eight years ago. he hopes to own the house soon. it's state law that a person can own property if they lived there five years continuously and paid taxes. iet goes back to the founding of the u.s. people would stake claims to land, then do whatever they would mine or farm or ranch on
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the land. and they were presumed to be the owners. >> the owner passed away with no surviving heirs if you own a property, you have to make sure squatters don't take over. if you have a tip call me or send me an e mail. >> this is wild. >> it happens. >> the director of the fbi in the deadly church shooting said they shouldn't have been able to purchase a gun he admitted to police he had drugs. the fbi called it a heart
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breaking missed opportunity. families of the victim were on the south carolina state house grounds today. this as the confederate flag came down for good. the shootings left nine people dead and started a debate as what qualified as a symbol of racism or hate. >> state assembly man phil ting is taking on a law reforming california's prop 13. and sponsoring a bill closing a loophole benefitting commercial reports. large corporations have avoided taxes because of multiple owners. >> i am concerned about changes that can be made you transfer 40% now, and there
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is no change in evaluation >> another bill would increase exemption from $7,000 to $32,000 lowering their tax burden. >> coming up how
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my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our employees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve the safety and reliability of our pipelines. my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power, we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, we're building a better california.
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a few years ago, researchers discovered an invisible planet.
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>> now some researchers have found a way to find planets while they're asleep. >> this is a representation of the three planet system we've discovered. >> you can say it's all in a night's work for lauren weiss but it takes a bit longer. that is why she and team members set out to super charge the auto mated planet finder. >> it searches for planets that are invisible. so for years, students had to
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work to keep the telescore centered. then, they had a better idea. >> software makes human like judgments. after months? >> we found three super earth type planets. as for the planets orbiting? >> i think everyone should get to name their own planet. maybe ericsinthomas? just a thought. >> andng far
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we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! [laughs] lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes... all this speed is very empowering. check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans.
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every two years a group of stanford engineers make a trip to australia with a funny-looking car. it will put their skills to the test. that is about the loudest noise you'll hear out of this car. in just months it will be zipping through the australian outback. that car is covered in solar cells. >> imagine trying to have your car on that energy. >> students have gotten good at this. they finished their last car
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that placed fourth. this car takes it to the extreme. >> differences is that the driver was on the right side. iet created a problem, now, the steering wheel is off center. >> everything has that. for us it's complicated. >> with the work, getting to be the 1 that drives it sounds glamorous. turns out, it's gruelling. >> we wanted to be more aggressive so made the compartment smaller. >> temperatures can reach 100 degrees and a scout car warns other drivers and looks out for, yes, kangaroos. >> so there is low visibilit
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>> i think it's one of the greatest things the school offers. >> that is neat. >> yes. pretty cool. >> sandhya patel is here with what we can look forward to. >> good weather. this is where you may see isolated thunderstorms, los angeles only 75 degrees. so cooler for l.a. 73 oakland. clouds lingering here. 68 in san francisco. and napa, upper 70s with plenty of sunshine.
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on saturday, from san francisco starts out foggy and cool but is nice and mild with low 70s and a breeze going into evening. when it comes back you can expect sunday just lower temperatures but upper 50s to upper 60s taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, a beautiful mild to warm weekend. mid-60s to mid-80s. then warming up to average wednesday through friday. >> voting is under way go to abc7 >> look for live reports starting on wednesday at 4:00. >> don't be surprised to see that next week. coming up, u.s. women's team given a hero's welcome.
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and at wimbledon roger fedderer
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a's rookie sporting over six games. looking to win his fourth start.
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he got help from the defense and fires to get the out. michael bradley brings in two more runs making it 5-1. roger fedderer turns 84 and it wasn't that he played poorly but just too good. finding the open court to take the open set.
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and advances to the final. >> i'm very pleased knowing it's a huge one to make it a perfect couple weeks. >> he had problems but not here. this is match point. and will put it away. michelle wei here on 14 with a mice approach sets up a birdie.
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two under today tied f 12th. babe lou missed a cut but has a shot of the day. amy yang used four straight birdie tz take the lead. highway has a three-stroke lead. in illinois a seven under par 64 today. in new york last sunday, u.s. beat japan to capture the first world cup in 16 years. this is the first time they were
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honored with a parade. tour de france continued with a trek toward the nor mandy region. no crashes to report. >> thank you. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join us tonight, snatched out of a hand the search for a bicyclist that took a cell phone as she was walking across the street. >> and rude audience members, why people just can't seem to put away their phones. >> and finally tonight a life taken for month reason, and honesty in preventing another tragedy.
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he admitted he shot kate steinle. now, a debate about illegal immigration the mayor and sheriff are engaged in frantic finger pointing as they try to distance themselves from responsibility. nancy pelosi is calling for gun control to prevent, as she puts it dangerous people from getting easy access to guns if she means stealing guns from federal agents, that might make sense. otherwise, what she's talking about who wo have done nothing to have spared kate. could this have been prevented? maybe. as the presidential campaign heats up, and politicians pounce on chances to score points what matters is action and real solution, not talk. let me know what you think. >> that will do it for edition
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of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 leaving you with a live look at the beach. >> good beach weather this weekend.
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