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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 10, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> lock the door and window. that's the warning tonight from alameda police after girl was sexually assaulted in her own home. >> now the city sense of security is shaken and police say the suspect has been breaking in homes for months. >> police say this is the man suspected of breaking into homes over the past few month open the west side of alameda. >> that's where alan is live tonight where there are extra patrol right now. alan? >>reporter: yes. 6 break-ins so far on this west side of town dan and amma. these are called hot prowl cases because the victims have been home each time. which is scary but now he has sexually assaulted a young girl and police are afraid bees to strike again.
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he had just again to bed after finishing his shift as clerk at the roadway inn when man climbs through the window of his motel apartment. the night clerk caught him in the act on surveillance camera and scared him off. >> scary because first time in my life that someone got 52 my room at midnight. >>reporter: sthains accident on june 16 police say the same man climbed through the unlocked window of 5 other homes while the residents were inside. >> he's had confrontation with people inside the houses. >>reporter: on sunday morning he became more than a burglar. he sexually assaulted a young girl while she slept in her be bed. 12k3w-z police ask r asking residents to lock the
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window and people question the sense of security. >> always been a very tight knit community and to know this somebody is coming in really violent that had trust. it's very up setting. >>reporter: police now on high alert cause the criminal profile of this man suggest he will likely striking again. in alameda alan, abc 7 news. >> race on tonight to keep 2 wild fierce from mental ing into one giant inferno in lake county. this comes after the jerusalem fair started yesterday just few miles prosecute where the rocky fire burned since july 29. jerusalem fire doubled from 3 to 6000 acres. forced he have been asian including some resident who had just returned to their homes after being threat and by the rocky fire this wild fir force the grounding of flight short time this evening. began at 6:00. flights suspended because the base emergency crew and fire engine were on the runway to fight the grass fire. >> san francisco sheriff is
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defending himself again tonight. this time for driving on suspended driver's license. lillian in the newsroom with more on the story. >> concerning to the chronicle the the driver's license was suspended after he failed to report a car accident to the dmv. it was a minor fender bender but still above the threshold requiring notification. >> san francisco sheriff says he had no idea his driver's license was suspended until the press asked him about it. chronicle says according to the dmv his license was suspend entered february after he failed to notify the department of october car accident. in a statement the sheriff spokesperson wrote when the accident occurred he contacted his insurance company and informed that everything was in order. he's look ing into where the error and paperwork occurred that led to this mistake. >> as sheriff you should know better the laws more so than anybody. >> eugene is president of the san francisco deputy sheriff's association. he says the
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latest incident and rae response to it is what the city come to expect from the sheriff from domestic violence trouble involving his wife to department policy that critic say led to the shooting death of kate on pier 14. he refuses to accept accountability. >> it's always somebody else the problem or somebody else's doing something long. and i think people see that and they are just embarrassed. just keeps getting worse. >> the opponent and sheriff's rates seems to agreement her campaign wrote inability to take personal responsibility for action is consistent failing of the sheriff. he and hennessee face off in town hall debate on tuesday. in san francisco, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> breaking news in the city tonight two people have life threatening injuries after being shot in san francisco mission district. happened less than an hour ago. police say the two victims ran after being hit by gunfire. they were beth found block away and
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taken to the hospital. police don't have any suspects or descriptions. >> community leaders in san jose have big concerns tonight about the use of deadly force by san jose police. twice in 6 hour period overnight. names of the victims have not been relessed. cornell has the story. >> should be concerning for everyone. sap jose professor will has questions about police clashes in just 24 hours. sunday night 2 san jose police officers were involved in shooting on east san antonio street. suspect wanted in sta stabbing incident pulled out 5 and threatened the 2 officers. who then shot and killed the suspect. in separate incident neighbors on san marcos drive heard noises early monday coming if the house this sounded lake an argument. woman called police from the house saying her brother had returned home drunk and had a gun. officers responded and found the man holding a shotgu shotgun. >> once he rack the shotgun officers shot at the suspect. he dropped the shotgun. rae
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treated back in the house and after if you hours our merge unit wept in the residence and discovered the suspect dead. >> police said man died from self inflicted wound. the friend asked us not to show his face or use his name. >> he was real like caring person and he loved all his friends. all his family. >> we need to recognize here this is part of national trend. >>reporter: professor is concerned about the increase in police shootings across the country and if san jose. there have now been 6 officer involved shootings in san jose up from 5 last year 6 cases 3 non-fatal, 3 were fatal. >> we are very concerned to see these numbers. very, very high levels of fatality. >> assistant chief garcia says in both case the officers did what they were trained to do. 7 news. >> today google announced elaborate restructuring that caused a rush open the company stock tonight. went up 6 periods of time after hours
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trading. new holding company will be called alphabet. google one entity under nivt. other entity include bay 0tech company cal could and tech injections company that over sea xwooing el xwlas. you tube map and g mail will stay under the google name. google co-founder page release add statement today saying fundamentally we believe this allows us more management scale as we can run things independently that are not very related. if it should be good news for consumers we are told. >> we want a better engine and better e-mail and map. now we'll get it. >> and google tack the opportunity to have a little fun with today's announcement. hidden within page statement was link to the web site for the fictional tech company featured in the hbo show silicon valley. many have speculate that had company is based in fact on google. >> on to the race for the witness house. democrat
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sanders brought his campaign to california the. tonight thousands fill los angeles memorial sports arena where overflow crowd cheered outside. black lives matter activist interrupted previous sanders events. he allowed the group to kick off tonight's rally. earlier vermont senator visited oakland and picked up endorsement from national nurse united first from a national labor union. >> 7 news was in san francisco where mainly stretch of roadway should see a lot less traffic starting tomorrow. private vehicle will be prohibited from turning on to market street between third and h. part of effort to eliminate pedestrian and bicyclist deaths. also notice new signs that are marking in streets and crosswalk and extended transit only lanes. so between third and eighth. no right turn on market. that takes getting used to. >> definitely. >> state of emergency. next on 7 news at 11:00. violent night in ferguson. more protest and clashes with police. how they
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are dealing with tonight unres unrest. >> plus once a red now a river. dangerous flash flood that ripped through colorado. >> changes are afoot. what you will not be seeing on bart trains any more. >> fv comfortable start to thes% work week but i amtraking return of some intense august heat when it arrives in the accu-weather forecast as 7 news ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> police prepared for long night in ferguson, missouri. one year after shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown. police confront product tes testtors at least twice this evening after the crowd blocked
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traffic. in both instances officers had protestors threw frozen water bottle at them. 9 people arrested. crowd still gathered tonight near where brown was killed. he police are keeping them out of the street. jim ryan has more on what led up to tonight's demonstration. >> ferguson, by sewer. under state of emergency tonight. late today protestors had traffic backed up as they blocked nearby highway. they didn't resist as police broke them up. authorities are hoping to avoid a rae pete of last night violence that brought back painful memory of rioting last year. >> shots fired. >>reporter: after nature fall gunfire shattered the calm of sunday peaceful protest. >> anybody hit on this side. >> we want to be as patient as possible. >> even catching ferguson interim police chef off guard. 18-year-old harris shot critically wounded when police say they returned fire after
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harris shot at them. >> last tonight was pretty out of control at times. >> more protest at the federal court house in saint louis. police made more than 50 arrest despite minor scuffle demonstrators remain peaceful. >> police at the scene of the over nature rioting and looting business peculiar up the piece pieces. jones beauty pr lor ransacked in last year violence and again last night. >> you have to keep going. can't quit. failure not app option. >> as police standing by it look like unrest may continue with another long night ahead. this is abc news. >> goodbye daddy car. >> goodbye indeed. heavy written caused flash floods today in colorado. this is cell phone video from colonel republican and democrat 0springs. street was transformed into a river just sweeping cars away as you can see. area got nearly 2 inches of rain in less than an hour. this year already one of the
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wettest on record in colorado springs. >> 2 women and baby made it safely out of this lansing michigan home before it exploded. look at. that happened last week when car and suv collided on the street outside. car slammed in the home gas meter. pnl crew evacuated several homes but couldn't get the gas shut off before ill ignited. blast so powerful it blew out window and home nearby. >> high flying misunderstanding caused security scare in southern california. take a look at this. man flying moto motorize glider flew over prison and was quickly pursued by sheriff's helicopters. officers were afraid he dropped contraband of some kind over the prison area. they questioned him he. he said he was unaware he was over a problem. relessed after officers didn't find any con from band. >> bart passengers may notice something new untheir feet. this is what riders walk on for decades inside bart trains. now lake bart pl another relic gone for good. less of the
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carpet was uses replaced with the vinyl flooring. for more than 40 years the dollars of bart trains were one of the few public transit covered in blue gray carpeting. >> which didn't always look so blue. >> no. >> hard to keep it clean. >> lets talk about the weather forecast. draw is in for sandhya with the latest. >> some reports article year this evening a little bit of drizzle along the coast live doppler 7hd showing quiet conditions but we take you outside. live look from emer emeryville camera. great picture. marine layer is thick tonight and i do think drizzle will be on the forecast overnight tonight. spotty in areas but the big focus is temperatures next couple days. by theen of the we can much warmer temperatures arrive across the bay area. out there right now in the 60's. 60 san francisco in the cloud. 64 mountain view and san jose and currently 64 degree ins antioc antioch. satellite will show you why we are below normal in
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terms of august numbers. we have the big area of low pressure just to our north. slow moving not going if i where tomorrow. so that cooler than normal trend especially inland continues for tuesday. off to the east there is high pressure building and high pressure will bring the heat. take a look at temperatures high today underneath the dome of heat. 90 in oklahoma city. 99 in lubbock. 106 afternoon high in dallas. we get a piece of this air mass moving into the west and arrive open friday and intense and deepen saturday sunday inland. low overnight tonight in the mid 50's to low 60's across the board captain rule out more coastal drizzle other ways mainly cloudy sky across the bay area. high for tuesday with mick row climate at starting in the south bay cloud early on lots of afternoon sunshine still below normal trend for august. 78 the high in sap jose. 77 santa clara. 77 sunnyvale 83 the high in morgan hill. al the planes 75 san mateo o. 77 palo alto. 66 in half machine bay.
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64 for pacifica. downtown san francisco afternoon sunshine after morning clouds 69 do you want 68 for south san francisco that the north bay 78 santa rosa, 76 novato. 75 san rafae rafael. 76 vallejo. to 78 napa into the east bay. 73 oakland tomorrow. 74 san leandro. free mont up to 76 agrees and inland it's pretty comfortable talk about august numbers. upper 70's to low 80's. 82 pittsburgh. sfain san are phone and 81 the high in livermore. update in the pacific we good on hurricane hill that continue to weaken as category 1 storm wind right now 90 miles per hour slowly moving to the north west at 6 miles per hour. she will 10 to weaken in a tropical storm but by thursday especially friday morning even as tropical storm she looks to good over the island of hawaii and it could bring some soaking downpours and some gusty winds to the region. update on. that accu-weather 7 day forecast show you the cloud to sunshine tomorrow. it's touch warmer on the way for wednesday but we are really holding steady on
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thursday. the day of transition when the air mass from the south moves west is on friday. much warmer but intensified saturday and sunday warm hot inland wouldn't be surprised if triple digit move in and that continues even in through monday. >> wow! >> yes. >> smart thanks drew. >> coming up next on 7 news at 11:00. agricultural brick through that is out of this world. >> why lettuce represents the >> why lettuce represents the first step to mars.
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. >> cheers cheers. >> well there is no excuse now to not eat crew members aboard the space station chow down on red romaine lettuce today. the crew occasionally gets some fresh fruits and vegies but just when supply ship arrive. growing vegetables in space could be important for travel to other planet like mars one day. >> team from bp on routine operation interoil well recently when they spotted an unusual marine animal. they captured the video under water vehicle off the coast of an goal a. it was at depth of more than 4000 feet when they saw it. it was nicknamed the flying spaghetti monster. the team sent video to the national ocean center in england where the creature was identified as
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a member of the jelly fish family. >> kind of like a pink flamingo or something weird. >> very odd. >> it's weird. >> do you think he's friendly? >> i wouldn't get take close to find out. >> i'm guessing not. >> didn't pet him. >> thank you i'll stay right over here. >> sill gain ground on the dodgers dropped 4 in a row. dodgers dropped 4 in a row. sports i
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>> gs reeling swept by the cubs. first police dodgers not doing any better. giants off tonight and picked up half gym on l.a. because the dodgers lost again. dodgers hosting
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the national. former a anderson serving one up in the 2nd inning. homered twice tonight, december mon. old teammate in oakland again sol east. st twooeing 8 scoreless striking out 6. l beat l.a. 8-3 leaving the giants 2 and a half back. a's the day off hoping a series in toronto tomorrow. homecoming for valencia who was cut by the blue jay picked up by the a's and he has been an instant smash. 7 of 16 with two homer including the game winner yesterday against the astros. josh reddick know the a's wouldn't have taken 3 out of 4 without convenience la. >> kind of player the blue jay gave up. amazing he was let go but he has come over here and hasn't missed a beat coming in the line up. carried us for better half of the home stand. >> from jim har but to smith 14ers will be missing some big names in 2015 but there are some new additions who figure
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to make impact and smith is one of them. 49ers searching for speedy receiver for years now. no burner this defense fear that's where smith comes in. sign as free agent from ravens. working on connection with kaepernick. >> definitely still getting stuff together. go over what were you thinking on this. so we kind of get on the same page about certain things. not that i feel lake i'm a speed demon or fastest man in the world or neglect but systems i feel like i can run bro. throw it. i can get it for you. >> he's fast. green scheduled to be in las vegas this week at mini camp for the u.s. national team and apparently the best way to prep for that was to happening out in cabo with ex warriors team mate 0neal. >> you want to know somebody >> you want to know somebody with money take a
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slow sporight adorable kid make highlights in tie kwan do class. break the board with a kick or stump or what have. brick it with the hands and his foot. rae mind me of my first karate class actually. come o on. 1 matey kick and sbing says. if 7 superiors brought to you by ex finance. >> i like his noise. >> we'll


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