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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 15, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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choked and clouded. when will the smoky haze clear from bay area skies? a vandal us caught on video scrawling a hateful message on man's home. and thousands of people without water tonight after it powered on to streets of a bay area city. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening, i'm katie marzullo. the breaks news in sunnyvale where police shot and killed a suspect and are searching for another suspect. this happened north of downtown by highway 101 in the parking lot of a motel 6. awe veerer took the photo from a restaurant showing the police response. police have not said what led to he shooting.
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stay with us for breaking updates. blue skies clouded with smoke across the bay area today. the smell of burning wood is heavy in petaluma because of enormous wildfires burning throughout northern california, and in walnut creek, the sky above interstate 680 is hazy and gray and been that way since this morning. drew tuma has a look at the air conditions with live doppler 7hd. it's hazy mere in san francisco. >> not the age we're used to seeing in august. the live peek tour showing you a hazy image of downtown san francisco, veil of smoke overhead. the reason why, look at satellite image from today. there's a lot of fires burning in northern california just to the west of redding, and a north wind pushed the smoke south, right along the coast, into the bay area, and this setup is going to happen again for sunday. it's for that fact, "spare the air" has been put into effect for the second half of the
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weekend. air quality will be poor. so tomorrow use public transit, car pool or walk or bike. take a look at these impressive 24-hour temperatures changes. some spots today, 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. and we're going to be even hotter tomorrow. we'll look at those numbers in the forecast when i see you in a few minutes. >> the problem pretty bad inland where the temperatures have soared. leslie brinkley is live in walnut creek with more. >> reporter: very unusual, very cloudy, improving dramatically, this is mt. diablo. you couldn't see it from here a couple hours ago. it was totally obscured by smoke. and started at 7:30 this morning, on up to about 1:00 this afternoon. police and fire departments from all across the bay area, from livermore to concord, antioch, were inundated with 9-1-1 calls,
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people smelling wood smoke, seeing smoke, suspicious there had to be a fire right down at the street from them. of course there wasn't. >> we tweeted out this morning that unless you actually saw a fire, if you saw flames, call 9-1-1. otherwise don't call 9-1-1. we talked with a couple of our partners in the immediate area, and let them know what we were doing. and they tried to engage people in the same way. >> reporter: word got out finally that this was indeed smoke from a distant fire, but it did affect all over the bay area. you can see the snow along the peninsula, around the bay. so a crazy day, not a healthy day for those to be out with asthma or suffering from respiratory ill illnesses. abc7 news. >> 17 wildfires continue to burn throughout the state.
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more13,000 firefighters are tryg to contain them. the rocky fire burned 70,000 acres. cal tire is asking people to be careful with outdoor activities because a spark can wildfire. firefighters are making good progress of the jerusalem fire despite the hot weather conditions. the fire burned more than 25,000 acres, four homes have been destroyed. but many evacuations and road closures have been lifted tonight and the fire is 78% contained. right now, tens of thousands of people in vallejo have no water or have been asked not to use the water. a 20-inch water main broke underanything railroad tracks. a viewer sent us video showing water pouring into the street.
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>> reporter: the latest update from the city says theirs a 20-block area that is currently without water as crews try to repair this main and as they test the safety of the repairs. you may hear backup beeper. that's another water delivery here to the fire station. you see all these pallets of water. the 900 block of redwood street. those are for people to pick up. if you're without water, bring your i.d. and a bag and come pick up some water. so far 100 people have taken advantage but they have plenty of water and will be open until 10:00 tonight because the repairs are going to take quite a while. >> it was a river. >> he watched a river of vallejo's drinking water gush out of the 20-inch main that was broken. >> we do have crews that have been actively working on this
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for several hours. it began last night. >> reporter: the city set up an emergency operation center, giving an update around noon. but the response, too slow, say people who live in a mobile home park that flooded. >> the city didn't have anything ready or aware of what to do and how to handle it. and so we lost -- thousands of gallons of water. >> just now or -- >> reporter: water blocked her exit from her home. >> i was scared. >> reporter: more than noun people, about half the city, have reduced water pressure, which also applies to the high hydrants. >> we don't have enough water to fight fires or deal with anything on the west side of town. >> reporter: the fire department called in water tender trucks from neighboring agencies to help. >> at this time we're trying to prepare for the worst-case scenario from the fire standpoint. >> city leaders could not say how old the pipe is or how much
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water is being lost. >> at this point we're trying to pump the water out of the cavern so we can get in there and turn the water off. >> service is expected to be fully restored tomorrow morning. if you have water, it is safe to drink. in vallejo, abc7 news. >> you can find out where to get water on our web site, abc7 caught in the act by a surveillance camera. san francisco police hope someone recognizes this vandal scrawling a racist message on a garage door. it happened on belcher street overnight. the victim described his block as peaceful and fears this might be a hate crime. >> definitely seems targeted at us. we're the only asians on the block but we don't recognize the person. >> police plan to review the footage. the home owner is the cofounder
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of twitch, tech company that sold for $1 billion last year. >> a special honor today for a group of army veterans who gave new meaning to the phrase, go for broke. we were at the uss hornet museum in alameda for living shift day. honoring the 442nd ridge inmental combat team. they were segregated unit made up of second generation japanese american soldiers. they rescued other soldiers trapped by forces in france by germany. many viewed it as a suicide mission. >> the germans were tout anilely the americans they trapped and they were shooting at us. we really -- i don't know how we did it but somehow we persevered. >> the 442 until became one of the most well-respect fighting units and one of the most decorated.
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still ahead at 6:00, what could be causing a sharp rise in california babies who are born addicted to drugs? plus, how man is terrorizing
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one out of every 400 babies born in california is born addicted to drugs. the "sacramento bee" reports the number is up more than 50% from ten years ago. babies born to mothers who use drugs during pregnancy often have neonatal drug withdrawal syndrome. the symptoms are similar to an addict going through withdrawal and if treated properly the babies can live healthy lives. researchers say it happens when mothers use pain killers during pregnancy. >> humans are nor the only species concern about drones. a study find drones flying near american black bears cause the animals' heart rates to soar. bears didn't show any visible signs of nervousness. researchers say drones could be used to study animals in remote areas or places dangerous to humans in ways we couldn't before the technology.
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coming up at 6:00, a tremor in the force today as disney makes a surprise announcement that has "star wars" fans celebrating. and how long will the heat last in meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> i'm colin resch. what jack del rio felt about his team's game last night.
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about 900 people in the news industry are in san francisco this weekend for the 25th 25th annual asian american journalist association convention. in one of the featured speakers is melvin marcs the executive producer of "fresh off the boat." based on an asian-american family. he says the association is proud of the show and says hollywood is undergoing a lot of exciting diversity changes. >> it's great to be able to have a voice in mainstream media, and the stereotypes is we're doctors and lawyers and such and that's great, but it's a new frontier, it's exciting, and it's very exciting that it's being embraced. >> fresh off the boat is the first sitcom on the network television since the mid-'90s featuring an asian-american family. you can catch it tuesday nights
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at 8:30 right here on abc7. >> back over to meteorologist drew tuma. another check of the forecast. unsettling conditions in san francisco today. >> i knew you wouldn't like it. this intense heat takes a toll, so take it east this evening and tomorrow because it will be even hotter. live doppler 7hd showing you it's quiet. highs today, we set records. sfo, afternoon high of 92 degrees. downtown oakland, hot, at 93. santa cruz, 101 degrees. up to 97 in santa rosa, 102, antioch, 99, concord this afternoon. live look from the golden gate bridge camera showing you the sun going down, a built of a haze on the horizon thanks to the smoke from the fire up in redding. 75 currentfully san francisco, 84, oakland. a warm 90 in mountain view. 89, san jose. half moon bay, 71.
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emeryville camera showing the haze is still with us. we should be able to see the skyline of san francisco but not today. air quality will be poor tomorrow. santa rosa, 95. livermore, hot still at 98. so, refreshing picture from the exploratorium showing you the bay waters. the forecast calls for a warm overnight and sunday morning. sunday will be hotter and also hazy, so we have the "spare the air" in effect for the second half of the weekend, and then cooler numbers. marine layer returns on tuesday. high pressure around the four corners, controlling our forecast. the heat it's building, the core moves over us tomorrow. so that's like sunday is even hotter than today. overnight lows in most areas, mainly clear skies, only going to fall into the 60s overnight. so that sets the stage for warm start on sunday.
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highs on sunday, south bay, 96, san jose, afternoon sunshine. 100 in gilroy. 93 sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 91, redwood city. 96 mountain view. the coast is warm, 83, half moon bay,, 76, pacifica. 76 in daly city. hazy north bay. 98, santa santa rosa. 94 vallejo. napa, 99. east bay, 99 tomorrow. hazy skies. 90 richmond. 94, fremont. inland, hot. 100, concord, 102, antioch and 99, san ramon. future temperatures show you the heat starts to ease a bit on monday. notice around the bay we get out of the 80s and 90s. we're in the mid-70s in most spots but there will be spots-especially inland east bay and north bay that stay in the triple digits.
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the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you the core of heat is tomorrow, hazy skies, hot inland on monday, then everyone eases with the heat on tuesday. morning fog on wednesday, and then a little cooler and we hold steady through thursday, friday, and saturday. so tomorrow the haze will be with us and then eases the smoke on the bay. >> at least i'll be prepared this time. thank you. drew. >> sure. >> this sports report i brought by bank of the west. >> colin resch are in shu. golden gate golf. >> i'm a golf geek, jay on day is my favorite. but spieth, how good is this guy? golf fans, buckle up. a revolving leaderboard, but by day's enit's day and spieth, 1-2 at the top. more than 50 players had to finish their second round this morning. this is brandon gray's eight birdie. he is at 12-under. seems everyone trying to make a move. rory mcilroy, 6 today.
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at minus 6. the 25-year-old from utah marching up the leader board. the finished at 10-under. justin rose, the putter, always the issue with him. had it going today. 12-under. we have a ball in a hospitality tent. that of matt jones, 165 yards. this is about all you can ask for. the left side of the grope, -- of the green, buries there, finished at 10-under. martin kaymer, champion in 2010. playing alongside gray. this is birdie pile on 17. center cup. 11-under. now jason day, the australian, long overdue for the first major. on fire in the back nine. 11, eagle. bangs that in day at 14-under, holds nine through 14, cards a three on even of them to get 15-under. would reach 16 before a double
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bogey. spieth is at 7-under. 65; day on 17. just one better than spieth. big breaker to left. drops it. great par on 18 as well. has him 159-under. so it's -- 15-under. so day, two up on spieth, they will be paired on sunday in what could be a classic final round. both players combined 13-under today, he's the aussie. >> everyone is trying to win and i have to do the best to stay out of my own way, and there's guys that are great players, especially jordan, who -- it by just got to try to get out of my own way and let things happen and be patient. >> have to like both those guys. >> new raides head coach, jack del rio, let amari cooper get his feed game-planned around the number one pick. cooper touched the ball on three of the first five plays, and
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then gained just three yards but showed you he can be a threat anytime he touches the ball. the raiders open the preseason with an 18-3 win. all three quarterbacks played well. all positive signs for jack del rio. >> nice to play well. we knew coming in, just a start. we knew there would be things to correct, but really proud of the crisp play, thought we were physical in the trenches, and those are good things. >> i think we did good things. everybody is clicking right now good to see that this early. we have three more games in preseason and then we take on our first game here at home. so i think we did really well. just how we bonded out there together. >> murray looked good. niners in houston. jarred haney, 55-yard run for the touchdown. anyoners leading in the second quarter. a's and orioles went 13 last
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night. third inning, sam fuld goes yard. later, josh reddick, his 14th 14th of the year, 3-0 a's but the orioles fighting fire with fire. chris davis. this guy is an a's killer. two-run shot. then in the sixth. parta, solo shot. ties the game at 3. that's where we're at, currently in the eighth. giantsgiants and nats tonight at park. >> thank you. next at 6:00, the star star -- the "star
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. the story behind an unusual crowd of visitors who marched across the going bridge today. and then on abc7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 the health benefits of playing tetra.
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the video game can helpup get rid of bad habits. >> today disney announced a theme park expansion and the news has "star wars" fans flipping out. today at d-23, our parent company introduced artist renderings of what the expansions will log like, days anyland in ann home and disneyworld in vlad will get a 13-acre "star wars" theme park. the theme will be a trading port. one ride putt you behind the controls of the millennium falcon and the other in the middle of a battle between the rebels and the first order. disney has not announced a timeline for the expansion. so, drew, i'm sorry, i cannot let you mark your calendar just yet. >> i'll be on very vacation when it opens. >> colin? >> first things first. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. thank you for watching.
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