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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 1, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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right now, we are tracking a storm moving into the bay area tonight. take a look. live look at doppler 7 hd showing storm clouds amassing to the north bringing rain our way. thank you for joining us. >> drivers had to put their windshield wipers in the on position. roads were damp after a light rain. take a live look outside. see the heavy clouds.
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know rain reported yet in the city. >> sfo there are now one-hour delays because of the heavy clouds in that area. more with the storm with live doppler hd. >> it's been a long time since we talked about significant rain showers moving through, about six months. live doppler 7 hd showing lots of green on the screen. starting to get reports around santa rosa. the cold front slowly sinking to the south. live picture on live doppler 7 hd. this will bring more showers to the region. future has you covered till about 11:00. by early morning hours monday, 3:00 in the morning, here comes the heavier rain moving through
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the heart of the bay area. we'll show you what you can expect and how much rain where you live. we'll see you then. sierra already seeing snow with a winter storm warning. there was rain earlier today. ski resorts reported their first flakes this afternoon. areas below 7,000 feet could see up to eight inches of snow. higher elevations could see a foot. right now, we don't see travel restrictions in place. you are going to want to check on road conditions. >> if you see rain or snow where you live today or tomorrow, take a photo or video share it using abc 7 now. tonight we learn the names of two teenage girls who died in a crash in martinez. the family confirmed with abc 7 news, marley and lorrie were killed. a third girl in critical
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condition. their car hit a tree on franklin canyon road. cornell bernard spoke with friends and classmates who are in shock tonight. >> reporter: friends react to news with the terrible crash involving three classmates in pleasant hill. this spot is now quiet. a small plant and crucifixion. the driver struck a tree killing two teenage passengers instantly. the driver was badly injured, now in the hospital. >> before she left the location she advised our officers she thought she might have gone to sleep or fell asleep behind the wheel. last she remembers, she was going about 60 miles per hour. >> chp says the speed limit is 45. drugs or alcohol don't appear to
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be the reason for the crash. >> they were always smiling. they were nice to everyone. >> we both had classes with some of them. it's kind of a big deal. it's sad for everyone. >> reporter: there were halloween parties saturday night, but they don't know where the three girls were going at such a late hour. police can't say either. >> a lot of bad stuff happens at 3:00 in the morning. i don't know what the circumstances >> reporter: all three were wearing their seat belts. a deadly crash on 880 tonight happened after 6:00 p.m. near 237. police shut down all southbound lanes. one of the lanes reopened 45 minutes ago. >> police in fremont are trying to find a driver who crashed into a power pole and ran away.
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the crash and around 2:15 this morning. it brought downpour lines near the sullivan underpass. mission was closed all day as crews lifted the lines back on to the poles. new details in that russian plane crash that killed more than 200 people in egypt. russia's top aviation officials said the plane broke up at high altitude. investigators are sifting through the debris. >> reporter: the debris field stretches over five miles from huge chunks of the plane to tiny pieces of metal. >> why an airplane would come apart in perfectly good weather is a sobering question. >> reporter: all 224 people onboard killed, including 17 children. russian investigators arrived in egypt saying it's too soon to say what triggered the crash, but the plane clearly broke up
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at a high altitude. the black boxes which include the flight data recorder have recovered. >> the probability is something caused that. something of an explosion of some sort. >> reporter: egypt says there was no distress calls during the flight or any sign of a mechanical problem before just after 20 minutes from take-off to metro jet flight began to descend from 31,000 feet then disappeared from radar. the co-pilot's ex-wife said her husband repeat lid explained about technical issues with the 18-year-old airbus 321, including that fateful morning. >> a russian commercial aviation has about the worse safety record in the world. >> reporter: militants linked to isis claimed responsibility. intelligence officials say they don't have the weapons to shoot down a plane that high. in st. petersburg where the
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plane was supposed to land, grief-stricken family members gathered at the airport. much of the rest of the country going to church, lighting candles in memory of the victims. fred thompson rose to fame as a politician and then actor. you're looking at video of thompson when he campaign forward president in the bay area. the former u.s. senator dropped out of the republican race in early 2008. a lawyer if real life, he starred as a district attorney on "law and order." he died from a recurrent lymphoma. san francisco named as one of the bubbleiest housing markets in the world. how likely it is to pop compared to other world class cities.
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this probably won't come as a surprise. a new study says san francisco is at the biggest risk in the country for a housing bubble. prices shot up because of foreign demand and fast-growing economy. incomes have not matched the pace. across the world, san francisco is actually the fifth so-called bubbleiest. a study says properties in london, hong kong, sydney and vancouver are more overvalued than here. each city is in danger of its bubble bursting. >> can you imagine being more overvalued than here? hollywood is shining brighter. it's seen a resurgence in filming production. tax incentives of region. in 2014, governor brown tripled the tax budget to $330 million a year.
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shooting days soared 54% compared to last year. it was a boon to local companies such as caterers, lumber yards and many more. tonight catch an abc 7 news exclusive. 2error in terminal 3 at los angeles airport. >> confusion. disbelief. >> this tsa agent walks us through the fateful day two years ago when he was shot and his friend was killed. coming up here next at 9:00 -- look at this. determined rescue crews would not give up on this entangled whale. the unique look at that moment of freedom. >> live outside right now -- you can see menacing out there rain is moving in. an update.
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>> tale of two cities today. we'll break down both games while peyton manning got the best of aaron rodgers.
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great new footage of a whale rescue in san diego. that whale was first spotted stuck in two lobster pots off the orange county coast friday. rescuers were able to cut away some of that net. the whales went south where a seaworld rescue team says they are believe they are able to cut enough gear for it to swim away and survive. take a look. you are going to see the rescuer put his arms up in victory. go for it, whale. >> i hope he's okay.
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abc 7 news at the history museum in redwood city tonight for the day of the dead celebration. their traditional celebration the day after halloween are for those who departed. they built altars with photos, food, flowers and artwork. they will be on display tuesday through friday at the museum. get ready to put on your rain jacket. >> i don't know where mine is. >> six months since we've seen good substantial showers. maybe jackets in the morning. the morning rush will be wet. live doppler showing green on your screen. northern half of our viewing area seeing light showers. live doppler 7 hd. petaluma, santa rosa, reports of light showers. it's been steadily showering the
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past four hours. you can see this slowly sinking to the south. will continue to do so over the next couple of hours. the sun went down 5:11 in the evening. you notice the clouds thickening ahead of that cloud front. outside we go. live look from our camera showing you the clouds over downtown san francisco. forecast calls for that flooding from the north to the south. time of the heaviest rain with this system, while many of us are sleeping through succeed and 5:00 in the morning, and that does include scattered showers for the morning rush. currently mainly in the mid 60s. going to hold here for the majority of our overnight hours. the cloud cover will act like a blanket and allow us to stay on the mild side much of the overnight period. here is the cold front. showers are enhancing. there is an area of low pressure to the north transferring moisture to bring us more wet weather.
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you notice we are starting to pick up light showers working through san francisco. parts of the peninsula and east bay and it will continue to enhance and increase in intensity by monday morning. steadier showers continuing through 4:00. 5:00 as we start to get under way, much of the north bay is dry but south and east of san francisco, much of the east bay, south bay and peninsula dealing with showers. that's why we are calling for a slower than normal commute. monday midday showers are tapering. we haven't seen these numbers in quite some time. an upside down storm, usually north bay. looks like south bay will see the most in terms of rain because that cold front and area of low pressure enhance those showers late in the game. too far removed from the north bay. a winter weather advisory around tahoe. we are above 8,500 feet. 4-7 inches of snow likely.
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1-3 inches at lake level tomorrow night. overnight tonight temperatures holding in the sikt. th 60s. first thing monday morning, we'll have the wet weather with us. midday showers taper to partly sunny skies. temperaturewise we'll top out in the 60s. here is accuweather seven-day forecast. sunshine returns by tuesday. a steady pattern of fine fall days. fog and sunshine friday. picture perfect and a few clouds on the way next week. find your umbrella and rain jacket. >> thank you, drew. >> thank you. it was the best of times, it was the worse of times. tonight raiders beat the jets. protected their home turf and they are in the playoff hunt. raider nation out in full force. ready to jump out to a full
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lead. poor tackling. charles woodson, 18th nfl season. fifth interception in the last five games. the future hall of famer still has it. playing the game in the third quarter. the kid out of deer valley high shakes and bakes. the entire jets defense. raiders win it. they are playoff contenders sitting in the fifth afc postseason spot. >> we want more. >> we are not satisfied with that. i'm not built that way. we'll go back to work and keep growing. >> i feel like we are getting better each week. that's how you're supposed to feel. >> i'll be hearing the last week or so was that all of our winds
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came against teams that aren't very good. taking it big at this team. we beat a playoff-caliber team. >> niners are officially irrelevant for the remainder of the 2015 season after today's loss to the rams. they haven't scored a touchdown in two games. lost 6-7. this game went downhill. reggie bush starting running back, slips on the concrete. possible torn acl. three of the 13 penalties came on this play. unsportsman like conduct. he's not
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kaepernick. todd gurly. 189 yards of total offense. they are 2-6, 0-4 on the road. >> what we did today was not good enough. that is me, 100%. >> to me, i'm doing everything i can to win games. whether they make that change or not is their decision. i'll give this team everything i have every week. >>le denver looks like they are finding their group. two tds on the night. 14-0 broncos. happy to hand the ball off to t.j. anderson. this touchdown. rodgers, his worse game in his career. broncos led 29-10.
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they are 7-0. eli manning, 350 yards. drew brees, 5 11 yards. 50-yard field goal for the win. saints win it. >> sharks had a short-handed goal yesterday. one-timer from the point. 2-1 sharks. going to snap it home from a different angle. third of the year. second of the game. sharks win it 4-3. complete world series highlights and reactions at 11:00 on abc 7. kansas city leads in the 12th 7-2. we are in extra innings. looks like kansas city on to their second world series title. >> thank you. next on abc 7 news at 9:00,
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disappointment at the box office. >> two of
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coming up at 11:00 -- >> the brutal attack of an uber driver. you'll hear from the man behind the wheel. >> new restrictions starting today in an effort to get us to breathe easier. that's tonight on abc news at 11:00. >> the next james bond movie is expected to dominate the box office. >> this halloween weekend, the usual suspects came out on top. "the martian" made $11 million, "goosebumps" came in second. >> bradley cooper's new movie
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"burnt" about a chef trying to redeemed himself debuted in fifth. not on the list, sandra bullock's political comedy. there are too many mediocre movies aimed at adults and none is standing out. >> ouch. >> thank you for joining us. >> our next newscast is at 11:00. have a great night.
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