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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 21, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. the body of a missing san jose woman has been found. 22-year-old stacy aguilar was last seen a week ago leaving a party at a house on silva avenue near jackson street on hayward. the people who live there say aguilar was with her boyfriend. her mother lives in mexico. she cried and said police told her the body had been found but didn't say much else. police have not shared any information about where stacy was found or any suspect in the
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homicide investigation. ay there will be a full briefing during a news conference tomorrow. police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man who was leaving the drive-through at the mcdonald's in san francisco's western addition. the person fired multiple shots into a wide sedan on the passenger side then took off running. several people witnessed the attack and ty have been interviewed by police. another shooting happened at the same mcdonald's on new year's eve. a cab driver was caught in the crossfire as two people exchanged gun fire across the street. tonight, an uber driver is in custody, accused of shooting and killing six people while reportedly picking up and dropping off passengers between attacks. it happened in kalamazoo last night, a college town in western michigan. a teenage girl remains in critical condition. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has details. >> reporter: a community in mourning, offering prayers, not only for the victims but also
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the alleged gunman now in jail. >> very relieved that we have someone in custody. >> shooting spree started just after 5:40 saturday evening. the first, a parking lot where a woman walking to her car was shot several times. the second, four hours later at a car dealership, a father and son were killed here. the third, minutes later outside a cracker barrel restaurant where four people were killed in their cars, including 60-year-old mary jo nye, a retired teacher. >> we have no reason to believe there was more than one person involved in any of these suspects. >> an uber driver was taken into custody hours after the final shooting. >> he was kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along. then finally once he came to a
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stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> in a statement, uber says our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime. it's a crime not just heart breaking but baffling, for police and dalton's neighbors. >> it's just very unexpected. he's a quiet guy, stuck to himself, never really had any problems. cops have never been out to his house before. >> also baffling because uber said the suspect passed their bhak ground check. and police confirm he has no criminal history. we're told he could be in court as early as tomorrow. police are trying to find a man who exposed himself to thr teenage girls in daly city inside a business near mission and wilson streets. this is a surveillance picture of the man. the girls left the business bhiel the man stayed inside. the police said he lad distinctive shoulder length black hair with light brown tips. one person is dead tonight after a car crashed into a building
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after 3:00 this afternoon near city hall. the passenr of the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. neighbors in the area say the accident sounded like an explosion. police are investigating what caused the accident. a unique san francisco church is facing eviction. >> abc 7 news with what could be the final sunday service for the st. john coltrain african orthodox church. the co-founder of the church, which is dedicated to the message and music of the late jazz saxophone legend has received a three-day eviction notice. he says his landlord has not been accepting his rent payment of $1,600 a month for two years. and h ebelieves it's an indication of a larger problem. >> i think what we see happen in the uh church is what's happening throughout the african-american and even the brown communities where it's about profit over people. >> the archbishop says he hopes
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to find a new location. there's no comment from the land lord. >> hillary clinton is back in the bay area tonight. bernie sanders supporters are countering the visit with grassroots fundraising of their own. the abc 7 news has details. >> bernie sanders was not in the bay area, but his supporters are raising money for his campaign in san francisco. >> we're just going to hopefully have people on their cell phone, maybe give $27. >> christopher ray is feeling the burn with this permanent tattoo. the. >> the only thing we want is for bernie to be able to do what he says. >> bernie came in a close second in nevada, proving he can get solid support from minority s voters. >> we're going to see the result of one of the greatest political upsets in the history of the united states. >> hillary clip ton was furaing in the bay area.
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]er first stop was sing cassidy, founder of this fundraising costing attendees between $500 and $2,700 to meet and greet the presidential hopeful fresh off her win at saturday's nevada caucus. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. and this one is for you. >> clinton has two other private fundraisers scheduled. the next stop for both candidates -- south carolina. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> the republican presidential candidates are regrouping tonight after the results of the south carolina primary. donald trump won by double digits yesterday. rubio squeezes by ted cruz in a close race for second place. on this week, rubio agreed trump is ahead of the pack.. >> while he's the front-runner
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when they're dividing up 70% of the vote, we need to remember over 70% of republicans nationally said we're not voting for donald trump. as long as that 70% is being divided up by five people, of course he's a front-runner. but once those numbers narrow, it will be a different story. >> jeb bush called it a day and has suspended his campaign. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, what the high profile attorney joining apple's fight against the fbi has to say about the dangers of the case. and the wobbly first steps of a big cat that was shot to save its life. the successful police raid ahead. >> and the tail end of a weekend fill with sunshine and warming temperatures. that warming trend continues into much of the work week. we could be near 80 degrees soon. i'll show you when in the accuweather forecast.
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>> the county government that owned the iphone in the center of a legal battle between the company and the fib fi is important to a terrorism swregs into the shootings that killed 14 people in san berndino. if the technology had been installed, officials would have been able to remotely unlock the iphone without the court battle. apple has hired ted olsen, who helped strike down california's prop 8 ban on same sex marriage. >> apple has helped the fbi in this investigation in every way the will you required.
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but it has to draw the line at recreating code, changing its iphone, putting its engineers and creative talents to destroy the iphone as it exists. >> more protests are skcheduled at apple stores in 30 cities including san francisco and palo alto. a female mountain lion is back in her natural habitat in santa cruz. she was tranquilized after a homeowner spotted her in the backyard. a deer carcass the lion was feeding on was found nearby. officials say she was probably drawn to the area by deer that folks in that area had been feeding. and fighting breast cancer is an emotional as well as a physical struggle. for many women, losing their hair during chemotherapy adds to the misery. now a new device allows breast cancer patients to keep their hair. how it works and the push to
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make it available to all women. >> forget a finder's fee. sla has a new customer perk that could give you a rare peek inside space x. and sunny days are ahead, uld t? up next with the forecast. >> warriors found their man, >> warriors found their man, former cavalier andersson
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the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit >> tesla has a unique contest to win a rare tour of space x headquarters in southern
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california. the only catch is you have to own a tesla and get one of your friends to buy a new model s by april 15. spacex headquarters is not open to the public. this video from the company's youtube page. they will give away five stours for four people each. what a time to visit. space x is move into mass production with its falcon 9 rocket. the company posted this photoon instagram this week, showing five first stage rockets in the works. they plan to run a mission every two to three weeks in the near future. around here, the skies will be clear for that, except maybe next weekend, maybe. >> but for the near term, it's all about warmer numbers. right now, showing you just a few high clouds around the bay area. but for the moment, we are dry. we'll take you outside earlier this afternoon, just a splendid sunday. what was a lye look time lapse,
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it was busy around the golden gate. folks going to and from, even around the water. a nice breeze today. allowed for a really warm pattern to set up. that's going to be the theme of the accuweather forecast. the beautiful bay area, all is calm and all is quiet at this hour. we're going to call tomorrow morning for foggy spots. we'll show you where that's likely to set up. fortunately, the next seven days, it does look very dry with high pressure setting up. right now, we're at 49 in napa. 53 in san jose, mountain view. one of the chillier spots livermore at 49 degrees. overnight tonight, we'll skr a few spots that will drop into the 30s most areas around the bay, you can see is going to sit mainly in the mid 40s. we will have some fog to deal with on monday morning. best chance right around 6:00 in the morning..
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in the peninsula and the south bay. san mateo to san jose. by 10:00 in the morning, that sun is really eating up the atmosphere. mainly sunny skies and warm temperatures by 2:00. a lot of spots are going near 70 degrees. and, in fact, i think a lot of spots will end up in the lower 70s. for your monday, lots of sunshine in the afternoon. we'll go to about 69 in richmond, the same in san francisco. a mild 72 for palo alto. .73 for san jose and santa rosa with a temperature of 71 degrees. we will just continue to warm through the work week. high pressure is going to create an offshore wind. warm winds, a lot of spots are going to go into the 70s, mainly the immediate coast will stay in the upper 60s. thursday, that wind is going to strengthen. most spots, 10 degrees above average. you can see a lot of spots in
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the mid 70s. i don't think it's out of the question that we could see a fwe spots getvery close to 80 degrees. and this will be the peak of the warm. temperatures will cool slightly as we track a minimal chance of moisture as we head your way. tomorrow, it's all about the morning fog in spots. there's lots of sunshine by the afternoon. really mild temperatures. by tuesday, that warming trend continues. wednesday, a few high clouds work into the picture. mainly a sunny day. by thursday, there's a chance for some spots getting to 80 degrees. it feels like spring around here. then on saturday, a system kind of scoots by to the north. we include a slight chance of showers. nothing impressive at this moment. sunday, back to dry, sunshine and cloud and temperatures still above normal. a little bit of fog for sunday morning. >> a possibility of rein on saturday. >> it's going down. >> all right, thank you. >> who says quality big men are hard to find in the nba. >> that's true.
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the golden state warriors sign anderson varejao for the rest of the season. he signed for the league minimum. warriors have not announced the move so we don't know who is getting dropped from the roster. a very popular player by the lake, he's from brazil so he'll be reunited with leandro b barbosa. andrew bogut dealing with a tender achilles tendon. my guess is jason thompson will be released to make room for anderson. stay tuned. women's hoops, senior day at utah. first quarter, samuelsson weeped passed mccall, start of a good night for her. utah down ten. inbound, mccall gets a hand on it. grabs it, mccall hustles down the floor, gets it back for the lay yaup. -- lay-up. 18 and nine boards.
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the lead is 14. she finished with eight. 999th win in program history. only six schools have 1,000 total victories. they could become the seventh next weekend. daytona 500, the super bowl of nascar, and super bowl-winning coach joe gibbs trying to get toyota to victory lane for the first time in his first win since 1993. it wouldn't be if a toyota car won, but which one? ken griffey jr. getting under way with a green flag. 30 laps to go, two-time winner dale earnhardt jr. gets loose. somehow gets through, but gets into the wall. he's okay, but his day was done. matt kenseth led late, but on the final lap he gets loose. denny hamlin and maar tin truex jr. get by and go full throttle. hamlin will win by 0.01 of a second. about a foot. the closest finish in daytona history. look at this. unbelievable. first ever win for toyota. >> i don't know. i don't know where that came from.
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i don't know what happened. i can't even figure out what i did, but it all just came together. this wouldn't be possible if this wasn't toyota ziking together all race long. >> oakland a's ran into a lot of problems late in the game buzz sean doolittle was hurt. he pitched just 12 games last year, nine in the final month after the season was out of contention. apparently no problems this offseason. in phoenix today, doolittle looking like he's back to form. the big red beard is in mid season shape. bob melvin says doolittle has been working on a split finger fastball. that tells the skipper all he needs to know about the closer. >> he's a guy i don't worry about too much. all i hear is that he's healthy. the times i did watch him, looks like he had good life on his fastball and that's what he's all about. that upward right on his heater.
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adam scott from the fringe on 18 to tie for the lead. this is the birdie chip, good. so he's 14 under in the clubhouse. a three-way tie from the top. bubba watson making a move, knocks in a second straight birdie here on 17. birdie on 18. watson's ninth pga title. he won this tournament in 2014 then went on to win the masters. a 59-point night from a certain new orleans pelican. stick around for that. >> okay, next on abc 7 news at 1k9, faith and race were the focus of new movies out this weekend. weekend. could any top the superhero
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll have rea from those who say they saw a brazen deadly shooting at a fast food drive-through in san francisco. also, more problems inside the bay bridge tunnel. could concrete fall on you while you're driving. caltran's response. "deadpool" continued to dominate the box office this weekend. it's been in theatres just ten days and it's already the sixth highest kmesic grossing r-rated film of all time, passing "beverly hills cop" this weekend with $235 million. "deadpool" made $55 million of at over the last three days. "kung fu panda" stayed in second place. "riz the" in third. critically acclaimed horror movie "the witch" debuted in fourth with nearly $9 million. "how to be single" rounded out the top five. the countdown to the oscars is under way.
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chris rock hosts the big show on abc 7. join us to see who wins and to hear exactly what chris has to say. can't imagine that won't be controversial at all. and that's it for abc ne at 9:00. next newscast is at 11:00 pam p.m. over on abc 7. we'll see you then.
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