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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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guaranteed acceptance life insurance. coverage ranges from $2,000 - $25,000, and premiums can start at less than $10 per month. it's an affordable way to get reliable coverage. there are no medical questions or exams your acceptance is guaranteed. help protect the people who matter most to you with guaranteed acceptance life insurance. call massmutual at this number. call now. >> big night in the race for the white house hillary clinton and donald trump win victory in several super tuesday match ups. good evening thanks for joining us. >> we begin with the super tuesday show down on the republican side donald trump hospital won alabama, arkansas,
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hospital won alabama, arkansas georgia, massachusetts, 10 see and virginia. >> ted cruz won in oklahoma and home state of tech and rubio won only the state of minnesota tonight. >> as for the democrat hillary clinton takes alabama and arkansas. georgia, tennessee. texas. massachusetts. and virginia. >> bernie sanders won oklahoma vermont colorado and minnesota. here's more now from marsie. >> good evening. poll now closed in every super tuesday state here in texas a loss for donald trump but wasn't the case in almost every other contest. >> after a day and night of long lines ballot counting tonight abc news projecting major win for front runner donald trump and hillary clinton. >> stake in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. >> i am unifier. once we get all of this
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finished i'm going go after one person that's hillary clinton. >> among the state's projected to be taken by clinton, texas. the power house state with the most delegates also giving ted cruz a crucial win at home. >> so long as the field remains divided donald trump path to the nomination remains more likely and that would be a disaster for republicans. >>reporter: home state celebration tonight for bernie sanders, too. projected winner in vermont saying he is undeterred by clinton over all success tonight. >> winner take all. by the end of tonight we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. >> senator rubio also vowing to stay in the race. >> i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> big day with potential
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record voter turn out in several of the super tuesday states. candidate now looking ahead to the next big primary in michigan, ohio and florida. this is abc news austin, texas. >> time now to turn to our weather. >> we are about to see abrupt return to winter after couple of week really warm weather. >> sandhya. >> el nino not con with us just yet. let's look at live doppler 7hd and here's a look at the storm. it is just churning west of the bay area. we are bringing in our storm impact scale. one is light. 5 is severe. storm coming in tomorrow night into thursday morning as light system rainfall generally between 15 hundredths to inch of rain. won't bring wind. here's a look at the time line as we take you hour by hour tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. around the commute time just clouds but by the time we hit 8 to continue p.m. the north bay is getting wet. light moderate rain during the
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11:00 o'clock hour there in the north bay. back to let you know exactly when it will reach your neighborhood and talk about the next in the series of storms not exactly like this one. >> thanks so much. sierra snow pack day in the sierra and results are not what the water experts were hoping for. it's better than last year sure but not nearly enough to bail us out of this drought. 7 news wayne has the story. >> for most californians the monthly trek through the snow at philip station in the high sierra interesting for one reason only. after 35 years we could call it the frank geshing show the guy on the dwr hat pushing down the plunger. then measuring the snow for its depth and weighing it for water content. >> a lot of science and ritual in that it is repetitive. >>reporter: in this spot alone more than half century of it. philip station is an old pony express stop, one of 200 so-called water courses that when combined help to forecast
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california interwater future. they use the same equipment and same spot on the first tuesday of every winter month. >> whole idea is to eliminate any variability apart from water content of the snow pack. >>reporter: reality this winter not as good as hoped. sometimes pretty pictures mean bad news. water flowing used to be snow. and it's melting early. >> bad february. >>reporter: what began as wet winter fueled by strong el nino just plane stalled last month. state wide the snow pack at 85 percent of nvrment here at philip station snow depth measured 58.3 inch. water alone would stand at depth of 27 inches. >> if you could talk to el nino what would the message be. >> pretty poor performance considering the hype. >> translated californians not dying of trst this summer but the drought continues. from philip station in the sierra wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> three san francisco
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sheriff's deputy have been charged constitutesed of ordering inmate to fight each other against their will. prosecutors say the jail house fight club incident happened last month. they have 48 hours to surrender they have 48 hours to surrender. sheriff hennessee says so far doesn't believe other deputy are involved. >> i will say this what i saw more of was people not knowing what they were seeing not understanding what was going on understanding what was going on. and i think that to me that is what happened. >>reporter: one of the deputy is no longer with the development other two are working in position where is they don't have contact with inmates. trial now under way for college student who died in a hail of bullet. four san francisco police officers are accused of pulling the triggers. aztec dancer led a spirited rally today calling for justice for alex shot 14 times in a park in 2014. officerse í said they believe he was point ago gun at them.
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he was actually carrying a tazer which family says was licensed and needed for his job licensed and needed for his job. the family is suing the city and police for wrongful death. >> gripping testimony today called out santa clara county jail guard for bullying mentally ill inmates. comes as district attorney's office works to convince a judge to try three guard for murder. michael died while in the santa clara county jail. inmate provided witness testimony in court did. the katie spoke with michael's sister after an emotional day in court. >> attorney for michael's family recounts former inmate and witness perez testified in court. >> that one of them had a history of being mean to what they call j cat which are seriously mentally ill inmates. >>reporter: perez witnessed the accused santa clara county jail guard rafael rodriguez jail guard rafael rodriguez, ferris and lieu enter inmate cell the night of his death. >> that he had actually checked to make sure that the cells were locked so that the only
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three people that ha access to either one thee these three correctional officers. >>reporter: now the correctional deputy face murder charges for his death and assault under the color of authority charges for the alleged beating of another inmate. juan vi a who is also mentally ill. >> he touched people's lives. he mattered. >>reporter: shannon michael's sister broke down in court as mate witness said he checked on him on the cell floor following the beating. checked on him nudging his head with his boot. >> looked at the corps. i looked at my brother and thought that a kovrments the but he was naked. he was covered in fees east and vomit and that's public now t.that's image of my properties and last thing that this man did for him was kick his head. >>reporter: she and the rest of the family and friends want to share these photo of michael as mourne setting details are expected to be released during
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the hearing. juan is scheduled to testify tomorrow. in san jose abc 7 news. we are learning more tonight about a surfer who went missing off the coast of half moon bay. san mateo county sheriff's department thinks the man is 25-year-old michael dwyer of brisbane. family reported him missing last night when he didn't return home beach. for second day sheriff's department rescue crew searched the water. investigators say dwyer's car was found nearby. we have much more ahead for you on this tuesday night. coming up. major changes took place at yosemite today. some of the park most famous landmark have new names tonight. see what it would take to get back the names we have always known. >> new home and new owner for everyone's favorite cult. valentine. >> winter return. 24 hours from now some of us will start to see it. sandhya
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uc berkeley health officials warn student to take precaution against the norovirus after several dozen students got sick with the symptoms. cluster began last week. they have now received 29 reports of norovirus type symptoms with three confirmed cases. handful but not all of those who became ill takened a february 20 dance competition at oakland paramount theater. south asian student group is here. >> could be one or two people that came to the event and because of the close proximity with other dancers and other staff members the other people got infected as well. >>reporter: of the 200 dancer who came forth event 3 dozen got sick on the way home.
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recovered in a couple days vendor has been concluded and all common areas of the campus and no event ties all the cases together. >> san francisco supervisor unanimously voted to raise the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. this makes san francisco secondest city in the country after new york to raise the tobacco purchasing age. healdsburg had a similar law but stopped after tobacco industry threat and he lawsuit but supervisor weiner says san francisco has a history of taking on major industries in the name of public health. he says raising the age saves lives and reduce health care cost. >> half dozen bay area newspapers will soon become just two pucks. 4 east day papers will become the east bay times silicon valley d peninsula san may take 0county times and mercury news is the mercury news. changes take effect april fifth. some of yosemite best known
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lapped mark are no more. the names have changed as the result of an expensive trademark battle. our sister station in fresno has the story station in fresno has the story. >> slowing fall and rushing river may still be the same but a lot changed in yosemite in the past 24 hours. subsidiary of arrow mark took control as the new concession nair. >> to me it's pretty amazing to think that from yesterday to today we have got a major operation that includes hotels, restaurants, gift shops and all. that overnight went from one company to the next and nothing ever closed. >> tranon included 8500 new uniform pieces featuring the yosemite hospitality logo and different merchandise in the gift stores. but the most noticeable changes involve new names and new signs for 5 iconic buildings. here alone shuttle stop to floor mat to historic landmark monument have been covered up or replaced. >> we really don it. it's just upsetting.
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very up setting. >> i feel sort of sad because i miss all the tradition of the s. >>reporter: changes came after the previous concessionaire delaware north trademark the names of the the lodges here. the company then filed a breach of contract complaint when the national park service chose not to make the company pay more than 50 million dollars for them. that lawsuit is still pending. many visitors hope the names will be eventually restored but in the mean time ara mark will upgrade as they begin a 15 year contract with yosemite. >> this is abc 7 news. santa clara county sheriff's deputyp%kyky[x money tob of this dog named charlie. he was hit by valley transportation authority train while trying to cross the track with his owner last night. the owner can't afford charlie medical bill so the deputy look to help. they set up a go fund me page
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and we have a link on our web site. future is looking bright for baby horse that was badly hurt few weeks ago. you might remember valentine. colt fell down ravine on valentine's day and broke a hip. rescuers named him valentine. we learn the horse has since been picked up by his new owner and living somewhere in northern california. we hope to get word on where that is some time soon. >> because we want to keep taichbilitys we love little valentineg. >> all right let's talk about the weather forecast. serious change coming in. has the details for news feast or famine. and february was famine oil. we go into feast mode now so we have a stretch of some rain chances coming up. so get ready. live doppler 7hd show you what is going on right now an we see just some cloud at this hour but that will all change and it's going to be dramatic change as we head to tomorrow night rightound this time. temperatures right now in the 50's, 60's, comfortable live look from the sutro tower cam are. san francisco has been in
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and out of some low clouds. rain arrives wednesday night going into thursday morning. it's going to be wet and windy for your weekend with unsettled pattern into next week. here's a look at the storm impact scale. first system in the series wednesday night into thursday morning will bring anywhere between 15 hundredths to an inch of rain. light wind with this system. so it is a light systemment here is a look at the time line here is a look at the time line. tomorrow morning it's partly cloudy. and then we head to the afternoon clouds on the increase by tomorrow night. light to moderate rain. 8:00 p.m. is up from ukiah down to about santa rosa. it doesn't shift much at 10:00 p.m. p.m. still in the north bay and then we wait until about midnight when it start to advance south ward son fran parts of the east bay get wet. you have to wait until the wee hours of thursday morning before that rain spreads into this south bay and become lighter by the time it reaches the south bay. 5:00 a.m. thursday you look at wet road which for the commute. that continues at 7:00 a.m. that continues at 7:00 a.m. by 9:00 a.m. the band of showers actually becomes
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narrower so only some areas at 9:00 a.m. will be seeing the wet roadway then it winds down to early thursday afternoon. in terms of our rain total vary in terms of our rain total vary. typical winter thing where you get less in the south bay. 15 hundredths in san jose. more in the north bay. santa rosa over an inch and everyone else in between. that's just with the first system. another storm coming friday night going into saturday and that one looks stronger as you look here friday night at 10:00 p.m. p.m. wide spread rain head towards saturday morning you get showers then saturday afternoon evening heavy rain moves can see there in the yellow with some gusty winds and that spreads during the nighttime hours that continue going in your sunday so that's when we see the potential for thunderstorms as well as the colder air in here. first thing tomorrow morning mid 40's to low 50's. you will have not only low clouds but high cloud around and then for the afternoon temperatures are not going to be quite as warm as they have been in day past. it's cooler pattern. numbers range from mid 60's in
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half moon bay to the low 70's around our inland areas. clouds thicken. by nighttime rain arrives in the north bay on accu-weather 7 day forecast tomorrow night thursday morning we still have the showers. one on our storm impact scale. friday night we debt some more rain in here going into saturday and that storm is a two. we have another two on sunday. both those days of the weekend do lock like they will be wet and wine. not only that temperatures will drop down to the 60's for all areas. chance of showers monday. tuesday slight chance. there's some disdiscrepancy early next week because computer model not in agreement. but it is looking like the rain but it is looking like the rainy stretch we hoped for all of february. >> all right thank you. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. bay area city that offers the highest quality of life anywhere in the country. >> world first and happening in the bay area. we are going behind the scenes
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0. his appointmentment no surprisement today san jose officially named new police chief. we were at san jose city hall today as the city manager swore in police chief garcia. he took over as the interim chief for nearly two months after the departure of chief larry back in january. garcia thanked his family and made a few joke directed at his children. >> madison to my daughter all of this is just elaborate plan to make sure every boy knows what your dad does. >> boys don't mess with the chief. chief garcia started working for the police department in 19 for the police department in 1992. san francisco has the highest quality of life for any american city. that's the finding of human resources consulting firm. they eval aitd 200 cities focusing on 37 factors. san francisco is 28 worldwide. austria was first and zurich and munich and vancouver. >> interesting. >> another half hour of 7 news
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at 9:00 is next. coming up. we update the super tuesday results plus what the candidates told supporters tonight. >> also look at the new technology being promotedfoó at the world largest cybersecurity conference. it could make your difficult vices even harder to cichblingt as women come forward inspired by lady gaga's oscar performance we hear from two bay area survivors who are on stage with the singer at the time. story you see on with a 100% electric nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles
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we begin this half hour with race for the white house and let's get right to the super tuesday result. >> on the republican side trump won alabama and arkansas, won alabama and arkansas georgia, massachusetts, georgia, massachusetts tennessee, virginia and vermont tennessee, virginia and vermont. >>reporter: ted cruz once in oakland and home state of texas and rubio won the only state of minnesota tonight. >> now as for the temperature contract hillary clinton takes alabama, arkansas georgia, alabama, arkansas, georgia tennessee, texas, massachusetts and virginia. >> bernie sanders won oklahoma verify montd, colorado and minnesota. here's more from the front run here's
9:28 pm
more from the front runners. >> america never stopped being great. tom we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. >> she want to make america whole again an trying to figure out what that is all about b.making it greatest better than making it whole again. >> 15 states now votd. 35 more to go of course here's the delegate count on the republican side. trump has 2 58. cruz has 110. rubio has 70. keep in mind 1237 are needed to win. for the democrat hillary clinton has 5 27 delegates to bernie sanders who has 325. 2382 delegates are needed to win for the democrats. house speaker paul ryan says if a person wants to be the nominee of republican party they must reject any group or cause built on big industry.
9:29 pm
>> if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not prey on people's prejudices. we appeal to their highest ideals. this is the party of lincoln. >> despite his strong statement ryan says he will still support the g.o.p. nominee whoever he is. he didn't mention any candidate by name but everyone knew who he was talking about. special coverage of super tuesday resumes roo at 10:00 p.m. on channel 7 because of our super tuesday coverage both jeopardy and wheel of fortune pre-emed today and catch tonight episodes tomorrow morning beginning at 2:10 over on channel 7 so set your dvr. >> apple and the fbi were on the hot seat in washington as they made their cases before house committee on the battle between privacy and security. >> there are no demon ins this debate.
9:30 pm
the company not evil. government not evil. whole lot of good people. >> today testimony in washington, d.c. comes on the same day as one of the largest digital security conference here in san francisco which featured the u.s. attorney general and the director of the nsa. here's i don't know thon bloom. >> the main thing that we have to have for innovation to even exist is a conversation. >>reporter: but if attorney general lynch thought she was having that conversation with friends she was mistaken. >> absolutely i understand the attorney general's opinion. i think most of us here do not agree with her. >>reporter: at the world largest security conference one issue in the spotlight. >> apple decided to make products take actually serve their customers. >>reporter: fbi versus apple. security versus privacy. >> fbi is asking for seems inappropriate and this debate really belongs in congress. >>reporter: head of the nsa took the stage begging industry to work with the government. >> we want to operate in a
9:31 pm
broad partnership. not in some sort of vacuum where we are back on the east coast and just sitting there saying to you trust us. >>reporter: attorney general argued not working together gives too much power to apple. >> do we let one company no matter how great the company no pats how beautiful the devices do we let one company decide this issue for all of us. >>reporter: tech company now design even tougher security using quantum community to have numbers for unbrickable encryption. >> if you have this type of number you can bypass that heel of security. >>reporter: it was a pseudo-random number generator that caused a weakness in some fire wall. nsa was well aware of according to snowden. researchers blame the weakness for the hack on the office of personnel management. >> back door was responsible for the compromise of the u.s. government. >> lynch doesn't want a back door. she just wants cooperation. >> responsive to court orders. it happens all the time every
9:32 pm
day of the week allcross america. >> but not everyone is buying it. >> privacy is the big big big thing. and once you have broken that that's the end of it. >> in san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> women are sharing their personal stories after being inspired by a powerful oscar moment. lady gaga performance has women revealing their history of sexual abuse in the past 48 hours two women come forward actress jamie king and the bachelor's jade roper. laura talked with two women from uc berkeley on stage with lady gaga. ♪. >>reporter: it was one of the most memorable moments of the oscars and for many the most emotional. >> it was very surreal. >> uc berkeley student bircher was there on stage right beside lady gaga with 50 other survivors of sexual assault. >> it was very emotional.
9:33 pm
we were all holding each other hands very tightly and i was in tears before the curtain even came up and when we were walking off stage celebrity were standing to kind of hug us and we were so in shock. >> here's some of bircher photo from back stage with oscar winner bree larson. vice president joe biden and with lady gaga herself a survivor of sexual abuse. >> to have the vice president to have this global superstar bring attention to the issue is so important. >> former cal student suvr survivor activist sophie was there too. we spoke with her by skype from boston. >> she was talking to us about the how she hadn't really processed what had happened up until this moment really and she was so glad that we were all there with her. it was so hard. >>reporter: in the end the men and women hope the message behind the emotion of one night lives on. long after the applause has died down. in berkeley, abc 7 news.
9:34 pm
>> dugard releasing new memoir in july after she's adjusted to life after her 18 year captivity. freedom my book of first is second memoir she's written. first book of stolen life described her abduction and captivity. in 1991 when she was just 11 she was kidnapped from her south lake tahoe neighborhood and held in the back of captor home near antioch. while being held she gave birth to two daughters fathered by her captor. home ward bound. american astronaut. >> and lift off career in space starts now. >> for 340 days commander kelly living on board the space station tweeting out these astonishing image. space walk. selfie. the lights. even the first flowers grown in space on board the station. he was there to study the effects of space on the human body. compared to his twin brother row tired astronaut mark kelly back on earth and the carat and
9:35 pm
game of ping pong with the this water. handshake when he first arrived with the crew and now the hugs. as he left. closing the hatch final image looking out the window. final tweet last sunrise before returning to earth. >> incredible. david muir report snooing school of rock musical making history in the bay area. oakland school will become the first non-professional group to perform the musical. >> find out how legendary producer webe (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. ♪ we're about to show you an incredibly low fare.
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only abc 7 news witness one of the final rehearsal for the first amateur production of school of rock the musical. the broadway version is produced by the legendary andrew lloyd weber agreed to allow the musical to be shown in san francisco only if performed by middle and high school students. lucky school oakland school for the arts. and they are excited. here's lee ann. >> adapted the film school of rock into a roadway musical. so popular that he wanted a select number of schools in america to perform it too. >> the conditions come that they must be students and under 18 and so we knew that we had the kids that could not only act sing and dance but play the instrument as well. >> oakland school for the arts received a call from san francisco theater producer carroll hays to ask if the school was willing to be the first. >> so exciting. no matter what to have a big name like that involved in a project like this involved
9:39 pm
in a project like this. but it's not necessary but it's not necessarily like a daunting task because word is -- we are out they're do what we have been trained to do. >> students have had only a few week to prepare. they do it all themselves from the make up stage design and costume to playing the instruments. >> jack plays unrulyy one who poses astute teacher at private school exposing them to hard rock. >> something people told me during the show is jack stop thinking bit. did what you would do. >> are you tired? good. that's how you should be. >>reporter: right now it's undergoing major wren 0vision so the audience doesn't have access to this part of the theater. instead they are where all the action is right here on stage with the performers. san francisco production is scheduled to run 8 performance beginning this thursday at the current under construction. all performance are sold out. in san francisco, abc 7 news.
9:40 pm
>> how fun. cool forth audience. >> yes. up next on 7 news at 9:00. forecast update from sandhya. >> in the spotlight the woman who is bringing back her oscar glory to the bay area
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electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ oscar glow not fading for marin county film producer who won the big prize at the academy awards. less than 24 hours since pwlooi got home to belvidere after
9:43 pm
walking red carpet. he still hasn't figured out what to do with the oscar. her son thinks it's a to. she won best picture for spotlight. it was journalist looking into sexual abuse by catholic priest sexual abuse by catholic priest. >> we say after all the president men came out there was a big surge fo journalism students and i don't know if we'll dot same. we knew journalism was taking some really big hits over the last few years and i hope we can help bring it back. >> she will continue supporting investigative journalism now on the board of the center for investigative reporting. >> spotlight receiving a stamp of approval from the vatican newspaper. paper praises spotlight effort to bring attention to the story of the priest sex abuse hidden by the boston archdiocese. film manning to voice the shock and profound pain of the faithful confronting the discovery of these horrendous reality. all right. rolling stones are heading to cuba. legendary ban will play free
9:44 pm
concert in havana on march 25 three days after obama visit and it will draw a massive audience where the government once percent constituted people for listen to go rock music then seen as tool of western capitalism. stones say the show is landmark event for them and hoping it will be the same for the people of cuba doubt it will. tickets for another surprise prince concert on sale today and this is big edition. prince confirmed news of the show sending thought tweet. live at oracle arena this friday. range in price from 50 to 500 dollars. 500 dollars. prince just performed in oakland over the weekend with two concert at the paramount theater on sunday. >> neat. >> good stuff. >> we have some good stuff coming our way this the form of rain. >> we need it desperately. sandhya back with the forecast. >> welcome rain here in the bay area. it will arrive tomorrow night in the north bay. as you look at live doppler 7hd we are just looking at cloud
9:45 pm
cover that will all change the rain arrives first in northern california tomorrow 62 in eureka a. 58 in tahoe if you do have travel plans to the sierra you are fine the next couple days. chances of rain but the snow level will be dropping by this weekend and so tahoe yosemite you will be seeing some snow especially on sunday. 73 in los angeles. sunshine 93 in palm springs. pretty warm down south here in the bay area we shave off few degrees from your high today and temperatures do go down it will be noticeable right around the coast bay in the 60's well inland make it to the low 70's. clouds on the increase for wednesday afternoon and rain comes in to the bay tomorrow night. you look terrain chances and looking encouraging right on through early next week. next 7 days how much rain can you expect. these are rainfall estimates anywhere from 3 to 4 just over 4 inches of rain in the north bay and this is of course a
9:46 pm
week worth of rain with several storms here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. here's how they rank. wednesday night into thuvrments it's a one. light storm on our storm impact scale friday night into saturday we have a second storm that is a two and another two for your sunday definitely wet windy this weekend moved up the thunderstorm chance to saturday night. early showers will linger on monday and slight chance on tuesday dan and am mail. thanks very much. >> giants and a's kick off the baseball season at the end of the month. >> can't believe it. starting today ferry tickets visible for all of the giants home games. >> ferry ride depart from the larkspur terminal dock outside at&t park and 1250:each way 24 dollars round trip. >> ages 4 and under ride for free. tickets purchased in advance. keep in mine. that's a great way to get to the game. >> baseball coming soon but still plenty of warriors to talk about. >> can't get enough of that. >> larry is here. >> that's going on hopefully until late june.
9:47 pm
all the way to the nba finals. >> question tonight can the warriors win without steph and andre? andrew bogut of all people. getting offensive. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding could coming up tonight at 11:00. super tuesday show down live team coverage on the winner and losers across the country tonight as voters have their say. >> meeting could decide the fate of east bay gun range.
9:50 pm
big show of support is tonight. >> those stories and more 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> watching the game closely. >> very closely. there is larry is tracking it fours. >> i thought it was a nice easy night. >> stress free. time for the evening nap. no. of course not. of course not. no steph. no andre. no problem for awhile. warriors were back home for the first time in 3 week but without ailing steph and andre so with the perfect 24 and o home record be in jeopardy against the hawk. third time the warriors have been without this season and came in 1 and 1. warriors airborne. shawn living stop with the oop. green to andre. the easy jam then to the rack with authority. like a dunk thon in the
9:51 pm
highlights. barns flying to the rim t.led all scores with 10 in the first half. 5 and 5 when you dunk on every play up 11 at the half. what could go wrong. clay having a rough shoot tonight. 6 of 23. knocked down 5 jumper here but into the third. barbosa beat the clock. 75-70. fourth quarter. channel the inner steph for 8 point lead then the warriors stone cold. warriors 13-2 run by the hawk. al dunking. hawk up 3. warriors in trouble. i am not a robot green. goes hard to the hoop and we have just gone to over time. tied at 97. warriors 42 straight at home. that streak in jeopardy we keep you posted. while we twice see if kaepernick will play another game for the 49ers we know under not center for the red gold in 2016. that is sam bradford.
9:52 pm
the old quarterback in phillies will remain an eagle. agreeing on two year 36 million dollar contract 26 million of that is guaranteed. ize former first over all draft pick back in 2010. played in 14 games last season. threw 19 touch down 14 pick and fumble the ball 6 times. not exactly great numbers. but that's what 18 million dollars a year buys you for a quarterback in the nfl now. really good to be a quarterback really good to be a quarterback. the giants if only if only. even a bad quarterback which i could be that. do this. giants play the first spring training game tomorrow against the angels but the game officially began today. blue jay take on the phillies in clearwater, florida. darwin barnie of the 1st inning split for a gap. and 2 nothing toronto. this would be darwin's theory of evolution. 4 rbi in 27 games last year. i'm trying to educate i am trying for the kids. 3 for 3 with 5 rib today and
9:53 pm
there's a double off the wall and blue jay win a game that doesn't count but bring baseball highlights. a avs first game thursday against the manager. manager bob mentions that pitcher will start the game for opening day you know who starts. sunny gray with 14 and 7 with two.73 era and 169 strike out for the green and gold last season but with all the success gray still gets comments about the slight 5 foot 10 190 pound frame. >> still hear it all the time. i took uber to the field this morning and the guy was he dropped me off like pitcher i said yes oh, okay. okay. i thought pitchers were bigger. i was like well normally they are. i didn't know what to say. >>reporter: yankees closer chapman suspended for 30 games following domestic incident with his girlfriend last year. according to the police report chapman choked his girlfriend then fired 8 shots in his
9:54 pm
garage but he was never charged in the case. chapman said he with i will not appeal the commissioner decision by rob man ford and this will cost him 1.7 million dollars. on lighter side changing the ride. seemingly every day now. last woke it was a different car. sports car and fancy vehicle. today on a horse named candy. he owns the horse joined by teammate and mets manager terri not all that amused saying fun time is over. time to get ready for baseball. oh wilbur. he also bought a pig worth 7000 dollars over the weekend. very strange behavior. the l.a. clippers. maybe he will buy this thing next. this is a california condor. name is chuck. new clipper mascot. most review negative and about this too. the owner steve worth 23 billion dollars in the latest forbes report. you can do whatever he want but
9:55 pm
he does do whatever he want. but trampoline out there and dunk he's 6 foot 5. not with authority there but he hammered it down. not bad. probably 60 years old. but the condor thing they could have done better on that. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> could have done better than that but it could have ended badly. >> totally. >> that's true. >> off the trampoline. a lot of things can go. >> pulled it off he walked away >> pulled it off he walked away. >> walked away unhis own power. >> let me check warriors. 100-99 atlanta leading over time. still time. all the highlights at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us we appreciate your time. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter on facebook all the possibly device with the abc 7 news app. >> everywhere we'll see you again on the big 7 in the one
9:56 pm
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