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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 18, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. the fans go wild. minus the best player in basketball, the warriors prove they have strength in numbers. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> fun game. i'm larry diehl this for dan ashley. we have live team coverage ahead. abc news reporter cornell bernard has fan reaction from oracle. an exciting game. sfwlsh yeah, an amazing game and you said it, strength in numbers. fans are still leaving oracle tonight after arriving here today with more than a bit of worry that steph curry would not play after an injury. but the team pulled out a win
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without him. w nation poured out of oracle triumphant. warriors win game two. >> the game was amazing. ws held it down all the way. let's get the sweep. >> reporter: pregame, warriors hit the court. steph curry wasn't there. nursing an injured ankle. dub nation did not stress out -- well, maybe a bit. >> you are worried about the game? >> a little. >> reporter: that worry quickly vanished. warriors started scoring early in the first and kept on going. >> warriors! >> go ws! >> reporter: lynnette brought her best clear and a game plan. >> we've got to rely on our whole team, strength in numbers, let's go warriors! >> reporter: harris campbell and buddy are gold-blooded. they painted it on their faces. both boys came hoping to see steph curry play. now they just want him to get
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well. >> it's good to sit out one game and play the rest than to play this game and sit out the rest. >> reporter: who let this guy in? rockets fan vehicle for villanueva thought his son was hilarious. not so much. >> you can't win every game. this team is on a fantasy on a high, and they're going to come down at some point. >> reporter: but not tonight. some houston players almost missed pregame warmup, their team bus stuck in traffic on the way to oracle. they made it but lost game two. >> warriors found a way to win without steph curry. sports anchor mike schuman has more on the ws who rose to the challenge minus the mvp. >> reporter: i think the warrior players wanted to prove they could win a playoff game without steph curry. they were 2-1 this season without him drug a win over houston and got their first win without him here. no steph curry, no problem. the warriors brought new meaning
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to their strength in numbers mantra. klay thompson fished with a team high 34. andre iguodala hit four three points. draymond green finished with a double-double. warriors with a 115-106 victory, they take a 2-0 series lead. game three moves to houston on thursday. there's 20 inches of rain today in houston so it's going to be interesting down there. a big win for the warriors. they know now they can win without steph in the playoffs. we'll see if steph will be available thursday. we'll have reaction from the locker room coming up later in sports. the series shift house for thursday, 6:30 p.m., game four at 12:30 here on abc 7. in necessary game five at oracle next wednesday, april 27th. to the weather. a live look from the abc 7 roof camera. we are cooling down after a day of record-breaking heat. abc 7 news meteorologist, we can
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expect more unseasonably warm weather and rain too? >> that's right, take a look at live doppler, high clouds around. our radar may be tracking rain later this week. take a look at the forecast highs for tomorrow. half boon bay 66. downtown san francisco 72. oakland 76. walnut creek 81. head out towards antioch and it's going to be 84. still warmer than average, but nowhere near the warmth that we saw today. the records that we saw today. the golden state warriors will be heading to houston as you mentioned on wednesday. they're going to be dealing with showers and thunderstorms in houston. thursday as well. but the worst of the flooding is expected to go through tomorrow and then they'll be just dealing with showers and thunder. i'll let you know when we'll see showers coming up. >> thank you, keep track of the weather where you live with the abc 7 news app, free to download, and enable push alerts to get breaking news on your phone.
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two boyhood teens who were swept into the ocean in san francisco have been identified on social media as wayne asa and grisham duran. they went into the water with three other friends at ocean beach saturday. abc 7 news was there as two of the friends were being treated by first responders. a wave knocked the group over. one of the boys was swept out. his friend tried to save him. neither boy has been seen since. the waves were just as rough at stinson beach. >> need water? >> i do. >> sat stinson beach there was a record number of rescues, one rescuer was just enjoying his day at the beach, now he's being called a hero. lessee brinkler has this remarkable story. >> reporter: this roiling patch of satisfy off stinson beach is evidence of a rip current. so this is a dangerous ocean behind sinus. >> dangerous to those that don't know what they're doing.
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>> reporter: this deputy fire chief explains the calm water where the waves aren't crashing is a deep pocket of water that can suck you out to sea. there were 17 rescues here at stinson beach over the weekend. ten of them on sunday. including a 13-year-old boy from pittsburg and his 8-year-old sister who got caught in a rip current. this water polo coach at tamalpais high school, expert swimmer, saw the kids struggling in the water and jumped in. >> the young man who was helping his sister and keeping his sister afloat had exhausted all his energy. really was -- could not walk. he could not stand. he could not talk. he was in bad shape. >> reporter: back on shore, emergency crews took over and the two kids from pittsburg survived. plenty of other folks on an evening beach stroll were clearly unaware of the danger. you know what a rip current is? >> i have no idea, you should explain that to me. >> reporter: the message is, go with the flow, never fight a rip
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current, swim parallel to the shore to get out of it. it's something surfers know. new video shows a brazen bike thief using a power tool to cut through a chain as people just walk by. check this out. cameras on valencia street in san francisco captured this crime on video this friday. you can see the sparks flying there. eventually the guy walks off with the bike. the bike's owner filed a police report which has not been recovered, the bike's still missing. supporters trying to save a beloved ice rink in san mateo are waiting to hear its fate. a decision expected any minute now. lilliian kim live at city hall tonight. >> reporter: larry, this issue has been brewing for a long time but finally tonight the council is weighing in and taking a vote. san mateo city council chambers was so packed there was not one but two overflow rooms to handle the excess crowd. so much is on the line tonight parents even brought their
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children to make a plea. >> we really need a rink in you're city so that all the kids and adults can continue to have fun, healthy, community-building experience. >> reporter: the owners of bridge point shopping center, spi holdings, want to turn the empty rink into retail despite the wishes of many in the community who want spi to reopen the rink which was shut down three years ago when the lease expired. >> an ice rink is so much more than an ice rink. it's community, it's friendships, it's birthdays, it's families. >> reporter: but spi made it clear that if the council denied its request for retail they will not reopen the rink which they say is an isn't economically viab viable, instead they'll open it for other recreational uses. >> they'd like you to believe the master plan has somehow secured a private endowed ice rink in perpetuity and that is not true. >> reporter: rink supporters are holding out hope the city can work out a deal. >> either open the rink or find a way for the developer to build
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what he wants and still have a rink or find a new place for a new rink. >> reporter: we just got word the council just took a vote, voted unanimously 3-0 to deny the developer's request for retail, which means the ice rink won't be demolished for now. a power outage in san francisco lasted 24 hours. >> before being fixed about an hour ago. take care of your voice. businesses and residents on market street in the castro were unable to watch the warriors or use a fan during this record hot day. a repair crew found damage to an underground power cable. some tense moments at the state capitol. arms up and police at the ready. still ahead what may have fueled one man's bizarre behavior. oh! >> you all right? >> surviving a flood. a look at the around the clock rescues as flooding cripples houston. just days old, the bay area
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walnut creek. burlingame. all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. streets are open again around the state capitol after a bizarre incident. a map parked across three lanes and then refused to come out. pictures tweeted by capitol
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accounts show a man "the sacramento bee" identifies as edgar napoles rodriguez surrendering after a two-hour standoff. the bomb squad detonated a suspicious device in the car's trunk. rodriguez was reportedly angry with his estranged wife as well as roommate who had filed a restraining order against him for threatening her with a baseball bat. we have new details on a uc berkeley student who was kicked off a southwest airlines flight. police have closed the case against carol dean makzumi. they say he didn't break laws while he was talking on his phone on a flight from l.a.x. to oakland. another arabic-speaking passenger heard the conversation and told flight attendants he heard mention of a terrorist organization. he said "inshallah," a common phrase meaning "god willing." houston, emergency crews are
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busy with rescues like this after downpours left neighborhoods underwater. at least four have died in flooding there. brandi hitt with the very latest. >> there is rushing by them right now -- >> reporter: raging floodwaters in houston leading to one dramatic rescue after the next. >> oh, oh! >> you all right? >> reporter: neighbors in this apartment complex carrying babies to safety. six small children pulled in a raft. others using an empty refrigerator. >> thank god we made it. >> they had water up to their chests. the rescue never came. >> reporter: the deadly flooding is the result of heavy rains, downpours of nearly 20 inches in some parts. this live news report turning into yet another rescue. >> what should i do? >> swim! >> reporter: a ktrk reporter diving in to help. >> yeah, i just thought it was a puddle. i had no idea i was going to go so deep. >> stay off the roads, stay at home -- >> reporter: devastation can be seen for miles.
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more than 1,000 homes flooded. this horse struggling but successfully making the long treacherous swim to higher ground. >> water rescues, there have been well over 1,000. >> reporter: that includes these two. once stranded on that capsized boat, now relieved and seen hugging when pulled from the water. more rain is expected to hit houston but the downpours won't be as heavy as this last storm. flood watches remain in effect. the world's newest peregrine falcons hatched over the weekend in san francisco. these pictures and video from there the nest cam on top of the pg&e building on beal street. the three baby birds were upon sunday morning. the newborns will be banded so their movement can be tracked. a quick update on amay who started the newscast, she's been battling a head cold, she's fine, and i expect her back tomorrow.
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i'm hoping. she's drinking water. sandy came to the rescue with water and lozenges and she's here now with the weather. >> we definitely hope ama is better. we do have some high clouds overhead. things will be changing as we head towards later on this week. from our towercam ra, san francisco is looking beautiful tonight. no fog to speak of. record highs for today. there were two ties. one in san francisco back in 1914, oakland airport was also a tie. you'll notice the new records from downtown oakland to san jose where it hit 91es today. a new record for the day. and we also had records for monterey and salinas this afternoon. here's how warm it was around other parts of the the bay. 88 livermore. 86 fairfield. not records but warm. 88 napa. mid 80s san rafael, santa rosa. 86 santa cruz. we're not going to be as warm or as hot tomorrow. take a look at the temperatures right now. still really nice range, mild, 70 in brentwood to 50 in half
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moon bay. here's a beautiful blue from our kgo roof cam. we need a strong breeze to cool down and it may be coming. look at the warriors blue. cooling trend tomorrow, fog returns wednesday. we're looking at april showers on friday. first thing tomorrow temperatures begin in the 40s and 50s. high clouds around. most inland spots on the mild side. it is okay for sleeping since you have the ac. people that denot have the ac, which is many homes across parts of the bay area, definitely a tough one. it is going to be cooler tomorrow afternoon. nowhere near the warmth that we saw today. not expecting records. 81 in san jose. 83 gilroy. 79 sunnyvale. also santa clara and the peninsula. 76 san mateo. half moon bay 66. downtown san francisco 72. 67 in daly city. we'll see temperatures mainly in the 70s right around santa rosa, napa, vallejo, san rafael. 75 east bay, berkeley.
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oakland mid 70s. 80 degrees castro valley. inland spots on the warm side but months as warm as today. 82 livermore, concord. 81 fairfield. our storm impact scale, we've been ranking storms 1 to 5 all season long. the 1 coming in for friday. it's a 1. expecting scattered showers. if we get rain, .1 to .25 inches, not a lot, better than nothing. midnight friday we're looking at clouds. we head into friday morning and those showers will be spreading as we continue into the afternoon and evening. showers will be tapering. we aren't expecting much but it does help, especially with our introduced situation. accuweather seven-day forecast, the cooling started tomorrow. mid 80s for the warmest spots. inland you don't feel it as quickly. by wednesday temperatures will drop, into the 70s and that cool-down continues thursday as crowds increaseto light showers friday. 1 on our storm impact scale.
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big drop in the 10 tours primarily in the 60s. then we warm it back up by a few degrees over the weekend. >> all right, you realize if i lose my voice you're up. i know you can do it, you've done it before, i know you have. thank you, sandhya. reaching a milestone. running 26.2 miles was only the beginning. the story when
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there were images of strength, survival, and healing at today's boston marathon. a number of runners who were injured in the bombing there three years ago took on the course today and they finished, including professional dancer adrian haslet who lost a leg. the president tweeted a thank you to her. he said, terror and bombs can't beat us, we carry on, we finish the race. in sports, how would the warriors finish without their mvp?
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i'll tell you how, with a total team effort. we'll hear from the defe
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the mantra is no curry, no problem. but it wasn't that easy for the warriors. in game two of their playoff series with the rocks minus the mvp, total team effort by golden state for a 2-0 series lead. curry tried to give it a go
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pregame. frustrated during warmups, bats the ball into the air because the ankle just is not feeling good. his mood would improve. first quarter, andre iguodala draining one of his four first-half threes. curry's loving it on the bench. klay thompson with a drive and dish to harrison barnes who misses. andrew bogut with the back tap here and klay on the reload. 66-58 ws at the half. third quarter, rockets down six. james harden creating space with an elbow to the chest of iguodala, hits the jumper. harden has 28. moments later klay, normally doesn't drive to the basket like this. spin move and up and in. beautiful. klay leads with 34. warriors up nine in the fourth. livingston gets the ball, draymond green with authority. draymond was snubbed for defensive player of the year award but made up for it tonight as he feeds iguodala for the lay-up.
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115-106, warriors up 2-0 in the steph, as we go to mike schuman at oracle. >> reporter: i think there's a sense of relief in the locker room. they knew they could win without steph. but houston played their best game of the series, afterwards steve kerr proud of his team. >> when you lose the mvp you've got concern. but we do believe in our depth. and in our ability to win when we're down a man, even if it is steph. >> so much easier woitd without him out there. he doesn't move the pal. you know. very selfish teammate. i'm just kidding, man. he's the exact opposite of that. >> he's carried us so many times that as he goes down, it's our turn to carry him. a lot of guys did that tonight. it wasn't just one guy. >> houston, game three thursday, that's the toughest one to win. the first one on the road. that's when you'll see me next.
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>> thanks. hopefully we see steph curry in game three. ronnie lott fired up for the sharks and kings playoff game. look at ronnie in his teal. tied 1-1 in overtime. tanner pearson breaks away and the snapshot to beat martin jones for the game winner. sharks fall 2-1 but they lead the series 2-1 games. game four at the tampa bay wednesday. baseball. kevin hogan and david shaw at at&t for stanford night, giants hosting d'backs. arizona down a run. jake lamb off santiago casilla, it is gone. and it is tied. and casilla in disbelief, thought the game was almost over. giants blew a lead early and they are still going in extras. 7-7 in the eleventh. abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> we're still going. >> alive! >> you know i don't go down without a fight. >> and your throat's okay? >> i'm doing my


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