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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> yes, he did. an american icon passes away. muhammad ali has died at the age of 74 after a three-decade-long battle with parkinson's disease. good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. word of ali's passing came about 90 minutes ago now. we have team coverage tonight on the legacy that ali leaves be sports director larry beil. larry. >> reporter: ama, the boxing legend hospitalized in arizona with a respiratory condition, and tonight the sports world,
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celebrities, fans, they're all remembering one of the most famous people in the world. known simply as the greatest 37 muhammad ali, brilliant boxer who of course could float like a bulletfly and stinbee, passing away at the age of 74. ali was a three-time heavyweight champion. in his prime he was part fighter, part promoter. the consummate showman. abc news reporter marci gonzalez looking back now on the life and legacy of the champ. >> reporter: he called himself the greatest and told us how pretty he was. and for more than 20 years he backed up his words with his fists. beginning with a gold medal at the 1960 summer olympics, cassius clay took the boxing world by storm. in one of his first big pro fights he brashly predicted an upset over heavyweight champion sonny liston. >> if you like to lose your money, be a fool and bet on sonny. >> reporter: ali won that fight and the title in february 1964. then he announced his conversion to islam and his new name,
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muhammad ali. a storm of criticism did not sway him. >> whatever the punishment, whatever the persecution is for standing up for my religious beliefs, even if it means facing machine gun fire that day, i will face it before denouncing elijah muhammad and the religion of islam. >> reporter: the flamboyant ali found a supporter in sportscaster howard cosell. >> make you look like something new. i'm always confident i'll whoop all of them. >> you're being extremely truculent. >> whatever truculent mean, if that's good i'm that. >> reporter: but the friendship was more than just an act. when ali was stripped of his boxing title after refusing induction in the armed forces citing religious reasons, cosell spoke out in his defense. but a court restored his boxing license, allowing ali to return to the ring after a 3 1/2-year absence. >> it was wrong what they did. you know, and they later admitted they did it. but then all the harm was done. we didn't see the best of this kid. this kid was so good at that
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time. electrifying. >> reporter: ali's comeback included some of his best-remembered bouts. in 1974 he defeated george foreman in zaire, regaining the heavyweight title. three times in four years he fought joe frazier, culminating in 1975's thrilla in manila. in 1978 he won a rematch against leon spinks, becoming the first boxer ever to earn the heavyweight championship three times. ♪ happy birthday to you his retirement was marked by the advance of parkinson's disease. america's most beloved athlete became a champion for victims of the disease and an advocate for parkinson's research. his devoted wife, lonnie, became his voice when he could no longer speak for himself. but no matter how disabling the disease became, muhammad ali never lost his quick mind or the twinkle in his eyes. to many he remained in his own words -- >> still the greatest of all time. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc
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news, new york. >> you saw george foreman in that piece. he would say of ali, "i don't call him the best boxer of all time. he's the greatest human being i ever met." the champ never to be forgotten. dan, ama. >> certainly not. thank you, larry. well, people all around the bay area are remembering muhammad ali tonight. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has that part of the story. >> float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. >> reporter: muhammad ali, a true orange na'll. the most celebrated heavyweight boxer of all time. >> my heart is so heavy. >> reporter: the reverend jesse jackson visiting the bay area was ali's long-time close friend. >> a champion in the ring. a hero outside the ring. a social transformer. an anti-war prophet. >> reporter: muhammad ali last seen here in april looking frail and drawn. for the last 30 years he's been afflicted by parkinson's disease. the possible toll of so many blows to the head in the ring. his fight bringing greater awareness to the disease.
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>> tremendous sacrifice on his own dignity. muhammad ali has made us better. >> hands up. hand double jab. >> reporter: novato boxing club owner susan howard calls ali her hero. his pictures and fight posters cover the walls. >> just very sad because he's somebody that i've followed pretty much my whole life. >> reporter: howard met ali at a book signing in berkeley in the '90s, but she never forgot how the boxing legend commanded the room. >> i just saw him, and i went -- it took my breath away. >> reporter: ali's life led howard to her own career in pro boxing and kickboxing. she learned a lot from the man who invented self-promotion. >> he was trying to draw people in, and he did a great job at it. >> reporter: reaction to ali's death was quick across the bay area. >> i think his boisterous character played off really well. and i see him adds an influence on the world. >> it was sad to see his quality of life somewhat diminished in the last couple decades. >> i can think back to in my childhood as being definitely a
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hero and now in an era where there aren't heroes anymore. >> reporter: a boxer and legend forever. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. former san francisco mayor willie brown was a friend to ali and rose to his political prominent in the same era as ali, fighting for civil rights. >> tonight brown talked to abc 7 news about his legacy. >> he set a standard which i don't think any other athlete in the world has ever, ever met. he was never a superstar under any circumstances. he was always just another person. >> the two met during one of ali's many trips to the bay area, which included charity fund-raisers. abc 7's weather anchor spencer christian wrote a heartfelt good-bye to his friend muhammad ali on facebook. >> spencer said it was a privilege spending quality time with the remarkable ali. in 1998 ali gave spencer a
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portrait for his last day on "good morning america" signing it "to spencer, you are the greatest." you can read the full post on spencer's facebook page, spencerchristianabc7. >> spencer has shared a number of stories about his interaction with muhammad ali over the years. remarkable stories. well, on social media reaction to ali's death came quickly. fellow boxer george foreman tweeted, "a part of me slipped away. the greatest piece." mike tyson wrote, "god came for his champion. so long, great one." >> the san francisco giants post hd this picture of ali with manager bruce bochy calling him a true icon. apple ceo tim cook shared his favorite ali cook. "he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." >> here's another ali quote from twitter co-founder jack dorsey. "service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." and mc hammer tweeted, "respect and love to the greatest." >> do stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage on the passing of muhammad ali. download the abc 7 news app and enable social alerts to get
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updates as they happen. >> one more note before we move on. "nightline" will dedicate tonight's episode to ali's life. you can watch "nightline" at 12:35 right after "jimmy kimmel live." and a special edition of "20/20" will have more on ali's legacy. that is tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on abc 7. we do want to turn our attention now to the weather because the bay area is bracing for a hot weekend. >> oh, absolutely. this is a live picture now from our abc 7 news roof camera. temperatures have cooled tonight, thank goodness, after record heat. but the hot temperatures are not over. >> here's abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with what we can expect this weekend. sandhya. >> yeah, dan and ama, we're going to be seeing some hot weather this weekend. it was smoking hot inland. triple digits around concord, fairfield, livermore. 84 degrees downtown oakland was a new record for today. 87 sfo, tied. 92 at moffett field also a new record. san francisco was warm, 779 today. 97 san rafael, santa rosa.
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san jose in the mid 90s. we are expecting some changes for the weekend. live doppler 7 hd giving you a preview. fog is here and we're also seeing some high clouds. details on your weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you so much, sandhya. mountain view high school held its grangs tonight in the sweltering sun. abc 7 news is on the campus as 400 students picked up their diplomas dressed in black caps and gowns. it was a hot evening for pefrn. >> it feels pretty good because we're graduating but it's hot out. we're sweater. >> lower you get the more shade you find. >> many used whatever they could to stay cool from hats toum brelas. commencement program. whatever works. tonight crews are repairing a 60-year-old water main that broke away sending water pouring onto a visitation avenue street. harkness avenue buckled under the pressure of all this rushing water. crews shut off service to 25 homes to dig up the street and replace the main. they expect the water to be turned back on really any moment
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now. san francisco police shut down a street in soma and several buildings to shelter in place because of a bomb threat today. it was called in to dna lounge on 11th street this afternoon. sky 7 hd shows the large police response that included an anti-explosive robot. the surveillance video from inside the club was streaming online. and you can see as officers searched the concert room they fountain no trace of a bomb, thank goodness. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, what did the warriors do on their day off from the nba finals? they played jenga and video games with some bay area school children. and celebrating a century of soccer. the historic tournament making
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an east oakland school got some incredible upgrades today donated by the warriors and the nba. abc 7 news was at east oakland pride elementary as the team helped cut the ribbon on the live, learn and play zone. outside there's a new basketball court. indoors there's a refurbished library, science lab and tech room. klay thompson, shaun livingston, and harrison barnes were among the warriors there interacting with the kids. >> just to be tangible and come out here and you know, talk with the kids, interact with them is special. >> there's so much about this team that in the middle of the series you have so much players here who wanted to be part of this. >> it sure says a lot. the nba has donated more than a thousand of these live learn and play spaces. and abc 7 is the only place you can see every game in the nba
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finals. our coverage of game 2 on und is sunday starts at 4:00 p.m. with a special warriors pregame edition at 5:00. then abc's coverage of game 2 begins at abc 7 with the warriors and cavs in oakland. tipoff at 5:00 p.m. and if you're not planning to be at oracle abc 7 is the only place to see game 2. then join larry beil and mike shumann live from oracle after the game for analysis from warriors ambassador adonal foyle. for the first time the copa america soccer tournament is taking place in the united states. >> and levi's stadium in santa clara hosted the opening game tonight with the united states hosting colombia. ? colombia scored two goals in the first half, and although the united states had their chances they couldn't get on the board and lost the opening match 2-0. >> abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana picks up from levi's stadium. >> reporter: copa america has never been played outside of south america, so it's a pretty big deal that the united states
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is hosting the entire tournament. and for the bay area it's a pretty big deal that the first game of the entire tournament was played right here at levi's stadium. copa america centenario, the 100th year of this tournament, opened with a bang. for the first time ever team usa is hosting 16 other teams from across the western hemisphere in the oldest soccer tournament on earth. it's a special night for superfan. >> my head is in the united states but my heart is in colombia. >> reporter: he's overjoyed colombia won tonight's match-up. >> my heart pumping up. oh. >> reporter: the stars and stripes of the usa were well represented but there were plenty of people wearing yellow jerseys here, supporting colombia. she just flew in from medellin. >> oh, i love it. i love it. it's my first time here in santa clara. >> reporter: and we noticed quite a few split households. >> we have colombians that came from all over the world.
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not just the states. all over the world. >> and mends from different cities of the country too. >> reporter: susanna gaviria and pablo garcia are visiting from atlanta. they battled over a big bet the entire flight here. the usa lost. so pablo is going to have to pay up. >> one big bet. it's surprising to others, taking the other person out. >> reporter: this is the first of 22 matches played and seven u.s. cities. tonight's sold out stadium was packed full of a national collection of sports fans. mexico, chile, argentina. the next match played here will be monday. at levi's stadium, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> that's a shame they're not having any fun. >> definitely. all right. well, it's going to be a great weekend. if you tliek roasty and toasty. >> meteorologist sandhya pa zell is here with the forecast. >> dan and amma, we're still going to be on the roasty toasty side inland as you take a look at live doppler 7 hd. here's where you really need to go to get some relief from the
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heat. it's the coast. that's where we have the fog right now and some high clouds as well. visibility has dropped below a quarter of a mile in half moon bay. just be careful tomorrow morning. if you're an early riser and have weekend plans because the fog is dense and will remain that way. it's a very shallow layer. temperatures in the 50s r&r the fog is sitting along the coast but still nice and warm. in the 70s. like a summer night here. we take a look from our emeryville camera, visibility is terrific. coastal fog tonight. a little cooler this weekend, and further cooling is expected next week. so we do have another save the air day for tomorrow. you want to hold off mowing the sxlaun try to puz public transportation if you can. poor air quality expected for the inland east bay. moderate for the rest of the bay area. you will start out with the fog in the morning. but that's where the coolest readings will be. notice how mild it is. inland in the low to mid 60s. we'll have some high clouds around as well. here's a look at the fog at the beaches first thing tomorrow
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morning. as we head into the afternoon hours those high clouds will increase. and believe it or not, even though it's going to be hot the high clouds will take a little bit of the edge off the heat. temperatures are going to be out of the 100s. we're going to be in the 90s in the hottest inland locations. walnut creek tomorrow morning you start out at 61. hour by hour forecast showing you how quickly things really ramp up. it's going to be hot by 4:00 p.m. in the low 90s.olding on t side well into the evening hours. speaking of warm, in the south bay 2 in gilroy, 88 san jose. 72 in santa cruz. on the peninsula you're going to be in the low 80s around san mateo. mid 80s. 64 on the coast in half moon bay. daly city mid 60s. downtown san francisco. 72 degrees p and in the north bay the heaviest cloud cover. high clouds, that is. really dimming the sunlight. 88 in napa 80 in is not raf osa
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rafael. head inland and this is wear it's going to be hot. 96 livermore. 98 degrees in antioch. hope flu you're used to it you have the ac accuweather seven-day forecast spare the air alert for tomorrow mid 60s to upper 90s. temperatures will drop a few more degrees on sunday. we get you down to the mid 90s and lower 90s by monday and you'll notice how much cooler it turns. we're going to be dropping down to the low 80s for the warmest spots
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so what does the coach of the cavaliers do after his team loses game 1 of the nba final? how about go to prison? well, at least a former prison. after practice at oracle arena today tyronn lue and some cavaliers staff hopped on the ferry to head to alcatraz hp lue
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took over as head coach of the team in january. nice way to relieve the stress after a tough loss yesterday. some tough news coming out of the sports world. >> absolutely. again, the passing of muhammad ali late tonight, larry. >> yeah. the sports world -- the entire world loses a giant. the greatest of all time.
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he was bold. he was brash. he was the greatest. as we reported earlier in the newscast, muhammad ali passed away tonight at the age of 74. at one point the most recognized human on the entire planet. three-time heavyweight champion. he was hospitalized in the phoenix area with respiratory issues. he'd been dealing with the debilitating effects of parkinson's disease for many years. ali so brilliant inside as well as outside the ring. courageous. so courageous. had brutal battles with joe frazier and george foreman. the greatest of all time. muhammad ali, gone at the age of 74. local sports tonight. with angel pagan out because of a hamstring injury, the last thing the giants needed was to lose another outfielder. here we go with hunter pence, going to miss the next two months. needs surgery after tearing his hamstring on wednesday. the giants lost their road trip in st. louis. pick it up in the fourth tied at 1. brandon crawford base hit to right. that will score buster posey and the giants have a 2-1 lead. johnny cueto on the hill walked
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five. so did not have the stellar control we usually see. a little help from his d. jared parker in right in place of pence. back to the wall for robb. yadier molina in the sixth. cueto would go sixth innings. gets his ninth win. they've lost 18 of their last 22. a's and houston. jesse hahn, he got the start, did not last long. third inning two outs. tony kemp. deep to right chris coghlan, i got it -- he got it. they scored that a two-run triple. looked like an error. 5-0 astros. still in the first inning. george springer, his second hit of that frame. drives in travis marsnik. that was run number seven. and hahn's day is done. the a's and their five-game inwinning streak done as well. copa america started tonight in santa clara. first time the u.s. has ever hosted this tournament of north and south american soccer teams. the opening match between the
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usa and colombia. where do i get a hot like that at levi's stadium? zapata's going to bounce it home. past u.s. goalie brad guzan. 1-0 colombia. 42nd minute, a controversial hand ball called. james rodriguez buries it. 2-0. clint dempsey with a blast. knocked aside by david es pooena. and the u.s. drops the opening match 2-30. chris wondolowski, the earthquakes, on the u.s. loster, did not play in this match. warriors. abc's coverage of game 2 of the nba finals with cleveland begins on sunday at 4:30 right here on abc 7. and after the game live from oracle arena we'll have all the highlights and the live post-game interviews. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> all right. thanks very much, larry. >> well, abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your


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