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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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tsunami. out rage in a south bay neighborhood over a proposed cell phone tower. the search for the driver of this car after a north bay accident that left a woman impaled. businesses and residents on alert in the east bay after a rash of b.b. gun attacks. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. breaking is in in duck lynch sheriff's deputies are trying to find a missing seven-year-old boy. the sheriff's office says the boy disappeared this morning and believe his noncustodial mother and uncle took him. the throw may be in a 1998 lincoln mark v sedan, california license plate on your scene there, 4nbl417.
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if you see the car, this license plate, call 9-1-1 immediately. thank you for joining us. other top story, controversy is brewing in one west san jose neighborhood. residents are outraged of the proposed building of a 50-foot cell phone tower. new at 6:00, lisa amin gulezian is live in the newsroom with details. >> cell tower opponents are not backing down even after the planning commission approved it in may. they're taking their fight to the city council. verizon wants to build a 50-foot tower in orchard farms shopping center. it's to improve cel service. the tower would be constructed to look like a pine tree. residents of the regency park neighborhood worry about exposure to the radio frequency, orr f energy from the tower. >> the radiation is extremely harmful to health of those living nearby, within 500 feet,
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and especially to children and the elderly. >> we're following the regulations. this particular antenna meets the regulatory requirements. >> the planning commission voted unanimously in favor of the tower, saying it follows all land use and fcc guidelines. residents have collected more than 200 signatures on a petition and the city council will take the matter up on tuesday. live in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> developing news now in north bay where a woman was impaled in a roleover crash. you can see the car on its recover on skillman lane outside pelt huma. the car went airborne and came down on a metal fence. the driver ran away leaving a woman pinned in the front seat. >> i ran around to the passenger side and there was a gal pinned upside-down and impaled in the car with the pipe going through
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her and the car. by the time i looked up the gentleman had already fled the scene, and a number of people were calling authorities. >> rescuers cut the fence and cut interest the car to get the woman out. she was cob shoes the whole time. a helicopter flew her to the hospital. the chp is look are for the driver who ran away. in san jose a woman survived after being hit by a pickup truck. paramedics took her to the hospital. police in the east bay are searching for suspects who shot at a business and a woman with a b.b. gun this week. it's the latest b.b. gun attack in the san leandro area. lonnie is live with details and a potential clue in the investigation. >> reporter: you now, number of people around here are on edge after these attacks. we don't know whether or not this is a prank or not, but no one here is laughing, and they'd like it to stop. >> suspect vehicle is a black
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suv, it was northbound, heard someone laughing and then two shots. >> alameda county sheriff's detectives are looking for the driver of this jeep grand cherokee. the sheriff's office released pictures of the jeep, captured on a surveillance camera. investigators say the suspect fired b.b. gun shots at a woman and then a domino's pizza shop along east 14th street in san leandro. >> just looking at it is scary. >> it's boarded up and broken pieces of glass but this domino's pizza shop is open. the store manager is filling in for another supervisor. >> i came in this morning and it was just like that. i'm not sure what happened. report the attack has others on alert. taking every precaution possible. >> make sure we don't open the door, inside door. >> since december there have been 125 b.b. gun shootings in san leandro and nearby cities. earlier this year, detectives
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say vandals used b.b. guns to shoot at four parked cars in this industrial section of san leandro. for pitino seems so senseless. >> stop the violence. >> she wants police to catch those responsible in san leandro. lonnie rivera, abc7 news. >> today friends and family of a peninsula woman killed in texas gathered to celebrate her life. we were outside karlmont high school in belmont where the service for the woman was held this afternoon. she was a school bus driver. last month she was shot while on a trip to austin, texas to visit here fiancee's family. police arrested the suspect in atlanta. now to san francisco where there are new details on an incident involving a 100-pound tree branch that fell and creditly injured a mother. -- critically injured a mother. the woman is in critical condition after the limb fell
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50 feet and struck her on the head as she sat on a bench watching her children play. it happened in washington square park. the mayor said tree work is conducted at the park regularly. developing news in new york city. police on the hunt for a gunman who shot and killed two men outside a mosque. the shooting happened in broad daylight. the victims are an imam and his assistant. both men were walking home from a prayer service when the gunman attacked them from behind. some worship evers believe it was hate crime. the men were targeted because of their religion. police have not determined a motive. >> former president bill clinton is in the bay area raising money for this wife, hillary's, presidential bid. the event took place at drake's dealership on broadway. members of the news media and tv cameras were not infighted.
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takes ranged from $25 to 2500 tuesday dis. the form are president raised money in pebble beach. house minority leader nancy pelosi of san francisco warned democratic lawmakers and party leaders about nasty call and text messages she has received following a cyber security breach at the u.s. capital. a hacker posted the personal contact information of democratic house members online. u.s. capitol police are investigating the breach. bart is not operating trains between daly city and glen park stations this weekend. they're performing maintenance on the tracks between the stations. this is video of the work provided by bart. a free bus bridge is being provided to get passengers through the closure. bart warns the bus bridge could add 60 minutes the trips. maintenance work is scheduled for a few more upcoming weekends this month. santa clara bta will be offering a special service on game day towards 49er fans. tickets on sale for the new 49ers suppress train that runs
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before and after every home game this year. trains will depart the great mall, and mountain view light rail stations. the trains will skip some stops, providing a faster ride to and from levis service. the service will operate tournament when the niners host the houston texans in a preseason game. still ahead, stuck with nowhere to go. the young fawn who needed human help to free itself from this situation. plus, the peninsula company on a mission to feed the hungry around the bay and around the world. and later. >> there's nothing preventing you from being absolutely amazing and great. >> committed to helping their community. how the golden state warriors are inspiring the basketball stars of the future. our hottest spots near 100 today. a bit of relief before numbers spike. i'll look at the number. the accuweather forecast is coming up.
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firefighters in mess stanton rescued a fawn trapped in a fence yesterday morning.
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the young fan had been stuck for four hours at the home on twelve oaks drive. firefighters from the livermore fire department used rescue equipment to spread the fence bars apart and free the animal. the uninjured fawn ran off. neighbors say the fawn's mother was seen standing by her trapped child. water levels fullsome lake is leaving low levels. tens of billions of gallons of water have been pumped out of the week in recent months. on monday the park service will implement a five miles-per-hour speed limit for boaters because the water levels are so low. a month ago the lake was at 73% capacity. right now, 42%. volunteers pitched in to battle hunger in their neighborhoods and one of the nation's poorest nations today. we were at hillsdale high school in a ma day you where teams of volunteers packaged meals.
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a private company called dream dinner and a nonprofit, living the dream foundation, organized the event. >> all these meals, third to samaritan house, two-thirds of them will be sent to haiti. the total of 45,000 meals. >> both organizations hold meal packaging events in communities across america. >> up next. revitalizing bay area communities one-by-one. how the golden state warriors are delivering on a commitment to empower some of their biggest fans. >> other live look outside on a hot day. temperatures on the way up. drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> coming up in sports, you'll hear from the star of last night's raiders wind, george atkinson iii, and gaylord perry has his statue unveiled. has his statue unveiled. as far as we
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you're looking at the newest creation by the artist who rose to fame with a poster of president obama during the 2008 raise to the white house.
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the mural rises above alabama street in the mission strict. featurings a portrait of fannie lee chaney, he hopes some over thissages on the mural urge young people to vote in november. in the golden state warriors unveiled a new basketball court for youth in san francisco. we were at the willie brown middle school where the court was christenedder to children in the community. the warriors team up with several community groups to turn the existing basketball courts into a spiffy place for kids to play. the team has helped refurbish 60 courts in the last two decades in various bay area communities. >> a rough day to may basketball outside. drew tuma has the forecast. >> some spots you wanted to hit the pool. we'll have relief and then another spike in heat.
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much cooler air is going to arrive everywhere. you got the cool air on the coast, fog. doppler showing you we have that fog with us and will begin to move in around the bay the next couple of hours. still, the jump in temperatures -- we were in the 90s inland yesterday, and today, minor increase of three to five degrees, makes it even warmer. here's a picture of the beach, santa cruz, a lot of sunshine the, and folks are taking full advantage, and more of them are in the water. ocean water temperature currently sitting at 60. right now, though, we're at 99 in antioch, 92 concord, 90 livermore. 69 oakland, 72 hayward. san jose, 84. san francisco, 60. so, overnight tonight. fog on the coast, going to make a traditional advance to the east around the overnight, 54 oakland, 52 san francisco, 58 san jose, partly
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cloudy skies, 5 fairfield. a little relief from the heat overnight. we'll drop into the 50s. future weather, first thing tomorrow morning, we've got the fog pushing in and around the bay so zoom in, show you the closer view around sunnyvale, and palo alto, hayward, oakland, san francisco, pacifica, the usual spots on the coast for fog. then in the afternoon, sunny skies. one really good thing we'll see tomorrow, air quality is improving in the north bay and look the coast. inland it was poor today, but tomorrow moderate so taking baby steps in the right direction. highs, south bay, 84 san jose, 93 morgan hill. 81 cupertino. along the peninsula, 59 millbrae. 58 pacifica. 60 half moon bay. 64 downtown san francisco, south san francisco, 69.
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81 sonoma. 83 petaluma. sausolito, 68. 70 in oakland. 82 union city. fremont, up to 83 tomorrow afternoon. 71 the high in richmond. inland, knock a couple degrees off the high today but still warm. 92 concord. 95 the high in brentwood. tomorrow, beach day very similar to today, with the fog in the morning. some sunshine in afternoon, a sea breeze kicking in, 5 to 15 miles-per-hour. there's e thn water temperature at 60. the accuweather seven-day forecast, brief re life and then turn warmer tuesday and wednesday. we're just hot inland. minor cooling on thursday, and then a system to the north brings much cooler air friday and saturday. looks like we'll go into the 80s inland so really nice compared to what we have today if you're not a fan of that hot temperature outside. >> thank you very much. nice day for baseball, though, and the giants are playing, rick
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kiwanis for mike shumann. >> the giants of baltimore are just underway. this afternoon the team unveiled a statue outside at&t park. pitcher day lowered perry jones willie mays, willie mccovey, and juan marichal. who were all teammates of his in the 1960s. a hall of good two-time cy young award winner perry played 22 seasons and ten with san francisco. he was known for throwing a spit bawl. >> i was always accused of doing certain things to the baseball. and when i got traded to texas, i had to take a lie detector test. i want to let you all know i passed in flying colors. they say you can't lie to those things. but... >> congratulations gaylord. the yankees youth movement has begun with a bang. tyler austin parks this pitch in the stands.
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the next batter, aaron judge, he, too, in his very first major league at-bat goes yard. that's the first time that's happened in major league history. the yankees beat tampa bay 8-4. look out for the baby bomber. the chip kelly era gets underaat the levi's stadium as the 49ers open the season against houston. blaine gabbert will start at quarterback. he took all team reps on friday. he became the starter mid-way through last season when kaepernick was benched. >> just going to make a most of the opportunity. that's all you can do. whether in first, second, third, quarter, every quarterback wants to compete and have fun and execute the offense. let the decision be made for itself and i'll just control what i can control and swing the rock. >> the raiders opened their preseason last night with a 31-10 victory at arizona. george atkinson iii helped his
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chance make the team with two outstanding touchdown runs. one 54-yard score and then 35-yard score. the former notre dame star says his dad has been telling him he has to make the most of his chances. >> he has been in my ear, this year, being my third year. last two years, practice squad, didn't make the squad. so this year he is like, you got to bulkle down. as soon as you get the opportunity, let the coaches now you can make the team. >> more than 90,000 fans at the l.a. coliseum today to welcome the rams back to the city of angels. on the opening kickoff, dallas' lucky whitehead finds a hole and take is it 101 yards for a touchdown. the overall number one pick, cal quarterback jared goff had his first pass picked up a.
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at the john deere which isache some players have to cleat both the second and third rounds. the amateur with the shot of the day with an eagle on 1. deserves a high-five. ryan moore with a nice putt. he has two-stroke lead. at the summer games in rio, here's the latest medal count. the u.s. has 54 total. 21 gold. china in second place, followed by great britain. swimmer michael phelps will be competing in his final races tonight when he competes in the the 4-by-100 medley relay. if team u.s.a. wins it will be phelps' 28th medal and 23rd 23rd gold. that's the summer games in rio north reno. >> back to jared goff. he threw an interception. he is learning how fast the defenses are. >> going to be some growing pains for him, but when he started with cal they had the one-win seasons so he has taken
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a few lumps and will learn from it. >> thank you. next at 6:00, a treacherous next at 6:00, a treacherous journey for elite
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. why community groups are weary of a new piece of technology. then at 11:00 here on channel 7, the new effort by investigators to track down the shooter who killed a man playing "pokemon go." tonight at 11:00. a group of swimmers accomplished something that even criminals hardened by one of the world's most notorious prisons could not. we were at san francisco's aquatic park between swimmers in the alcatraz sharkfest emerged from the cold waters of the bay. organizers warned the journey was only for elite swimmers. is was sold out. even the wait list felled filled up.
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that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. for drew tuma and rick quan, i'm eric thomas. have a great evening.
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