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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, developing news. an all-out assault on a fast-moving wildfire in lake county. >> oh, my god. >> this chaotic scene in oakland after a party ends in gunfire. two young men are dead. the big development in the eight-day court worker strike in santa clara county. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> the north side of the fire. jumped morgan valley road. continues ahead to lower lake. >> we given with doling news, history and gusty winds fueling a fast-growing wildfire in lake
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county. calfire revised this video from inside the fire lands. the calfire spokesman spoke to us live at 5:00. >> we have continued to bring in additional firefighters from across the state, hitting the fire heavy with aircraft and helicopters. everything we can to slow it down. and bringing in firefighters to do struck structure protection. there are a thousand structures threatened. >> let's show you what we're talking about. over lake county, this huge plume of smoke is from the clayton fire. firefighters from novato are part of the team trying to stop the expire a strike team from san francisco e -- san francisco is about to leave for the fire. this is the part of the same area that the valley fire hit last season. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in the towns towns of lr lake and clear lake and how to
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the copsey creek division then fire started just before 5:00 p.m. ed and exploded in less than 24 hours, jumping containment lines. here are the latest numbers. the. the fire has destroyed four homes and that number could go up. it's burned 200-acres and is only five percent contained. two evacuation centers have been set up. more now from lake county. >> reporter: you can see lots of activity behind us in lower lake. firefighters are scene. this fire started last night but it's already destroyed several homes and firefighters are out here trying to save this area in the middle of town. the fire is still burning out of control. so far, more than 2,000 acres have burned, and at this time, it's only five percent contained. nearly 700 exhausted firefighters battling the blaze, and i say exhausted because firefighters in california have been fighting fire after fire
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after fire. 11 fires across our state. the dry brush and wind continues to push the fire. now, earlier today we spoke 0 one homeowner whose home was completely surround by flames and is thankful for the quick action of firefighters. >> doing a fine job trying to help everybody. things are going to be okay, i like to believe. >> reporter: right behind me this fire continues to spark fires across the town. now, the -- cause of the fire any under investigation. abc7 news. >> the fire closed the hospital in clear lake and patients are being evacuated. the hospital said all the patients were transferred to sutter lakeside hospital in lake port. the two hospitals are about 28 miles apart. authorities were cawing for ambulances from around the
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county to help with the transports. pg&e tells us it's turn off miles of electrical likes -- lines in order to make safer for firefighters. right now, 1800 homes and businesses are without power. the flames have damaged 20 pg&e power poles and other essential equipment. no estimate on when power will be restored. the clayton fire, the latest in a series of major fires that have forced residents in like county to evacuate. wildfires last year include the valley fire, the third most destructive in state history, destroying nearly 2,000 homes and claimed four lives. the jerusalem fire, which broke out last ewing, charred more than 25,000-acresacres and destd six homes. that overlapped with the rocky fire, which burned more than 69,000 acres. 43 homes were destroyed in that fire. folks must be very weary of
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wildfires. another like from sky 7hd over the clayton fire. you see the huge plumes of smoke. now there appear to be two separate plumes joining into one big one. drew tuma has more on the firefighting conditions. we just told them, 2,000 acres so far have been claimed. >> exactly. you look at the images from sky 7, just in the past 24 hours, this fire has grown very rapidly, and unfortunately due to weather conditions. the smoke, thick gray to black smoke. indicative the fire is certainly growing and thriving at this hour. look at live doppler 7, we can actually take a look right inside of that smoke plume at this hour. 6:03 right now. it's 94, hot, dry, 10% humidity, winds gusting near
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20 miles-per-hour. so look at the next 24 hours with the wind gusts, you'll get also break for firefighters, very early tomorrow morning, very typical for a weather pattern to have that happen and then right back up they go tomorrow afternoon and the evening so winds shifting between the east and west and that's not good news for firefighters. they do not want the winds to be shifting there is some good news. we have cooler temperatures. we'll have that in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. we'll continue to monitor the latest developments on the clayton fire. lilian kim is head thread and will have a live report for us at 11:00 p.m. for breaking news alerts download or conditions are abc7 news app. >> there are new details on a man was shot in a stolen car that rammed police cruisers. the man is in critical condition. a sergeant with the police force told us more than one police officer fired at the man
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yesterday. he identified the suspect as hispanic and in his 30s. another man in this 20s, who was also in the car, was arrested. police say the investigation could take several more days. >> multiple rounds fired. we're trying to figure out which officer shot what area. how many shots were fired by each officer. what direction they were fired. >> two police officers suffered minor injuries. police say the incident started after the owner of the car saw it driving around and began following it. he then called police. developing news now in oakland. two young men lost their lives after a fight escalated into a gun battle outside an art gallery party. leslie brinkley is live with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: overnight people were tweeting, the party i was at just got shot up. they were posting videos of it online. in the meantime, in the gunfire, two young men died. >> bad things happen to good
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people and my friend are good people. >> friends of the two victims, 20-year-old and a 22-year-old, were at the prime development gallery saturday night, celebrating a friend's birthday. at the peak police say a crowd of 300 people spilled into the street, just before 1:00 a.m. a fight inside escalated into a gun battle outside. a witness posted this video to social media. you can hear the shots. the two men died at the scene, a third wounded man ran two blocks and was rushed to the hospital. >> i do know the victims were beloved, talented young men from solid families. >> mains say there's an air of lawlessness every weekend at the gallery parties and have been complaining about it. >> the window smashing, graffiti especially, which leads to more crime. nothing is happening about that. and nothing is done to stop people from having illegal parties, like having a nightclub, without a permit. >> we have been working with the
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galleries. my office has reached out to the folks here over a year ago to talk about how we do this, with permits, with proper security and sanitation plans. >> this barber shop owner says some of his long-time customers are afraid to come here anymore. police are investigating and won't say how many guns or suspects they're searching for. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> a man from oakland drowned in lake tahoe this weekend. the news web site, south lake tahoe now now, identified the victim as 22-year-old rayshon williams. he and another man were thrown from a rent jet ski 100 feet from the shore. the other man managed to swim back to shore. new at 6:00, hundreds of court employee workers at santa clara county will return to work tomorrow after an eight-day strike. workers overwhelmingly vote today to ratify a tentative agreement. details of the deal have not been released. would workers demanded a pay raise. the strike delayed cases and
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backed up routine court business. both sides met last week with a mediator. >> tough night. >> still ahead at 6:00, another successful launch for the falcon 9 rocket. we'll show you how it landed. plus, getting the school year off to a good start before the classes begin. the big giveaway in the east bay. and back to sky 7hd live over developing news in lake county. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in lower lake and part of clear lake. this has claimed 2,000 acres so far. thousands don't have power. and crews have a long night ahead of them. weather conditions, hot and windy, drew will have more on that and we'll be right
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three, two, one. >> a japanese communications satellite is in high orbit after this successful launch in florida. elon musk's space ex shot the satellite into space aboard the reusable falcon 9 rocket, which
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fell back to earth and stuck a perfect landing on a ship in the ocean. this is the sixth rocket space ex-has plans to launch reused rockets rockets which could cut down the cost of launches by 30%. while many students will have the back to school tools they need thanks to the generosity of others. a charity gave away 2,000 backpacks and other school supplies. many families face tough decisions when it comes to budgeting for back to school essentials. >> as much as the people believe the economy is turning around, that's not the story for everyone. >> very grateful to receive the backpacks. >> won't be wasting money on backpacks. >> a group called oakland natives give back distributed a thousand pairs of shoes and essentials like underwear. tomorrow, the first day of school for the san francisco unified school district. mayor ed lee will greet some
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children. a reminder for parents. a new state law that went into effect in july means children must have proof of vaccinations or could be sent home. >> latin jazz on a sunday afternoon. the south bay is filled with music and dancing. the big names taking the stage tonight. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma ump dramatic pictures from sky 7 over the clayton fire. you can see flames erupting, smoke billowing, we'll take look how temperatures will go and if firefighters get any help, in the accuweather. >> coming up in sports, chris davis had his 40th home run of the season and as yogi berra ones said, it ain't over until it's over.
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>> south bay had serious salsa skills. we were in san jose for the third and final day of the san jose jazz summerfest. the crowd had a great time dancing to bay area band. more than 120acts performed on
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13 stages around the park. the music continues until the end of tonight. right now brazilian music legend sergio mendez is on the main stage. we're following developing news in lake county. sky 7hd live over a 2,000-acre wildfire that is growing. the weather is not helping firefighters. it's been hot, it's been windy. meteorologist drew tuma has more for us. >> it's tough to watch the images as the fire advances. sky 7 showing you the image of the fire that has rapidly grown in the past 24 hours. this just started yesterday evening and burned 2,000 acres so far. barely contained. and as sky 7 widens the picture you can see everything in the path. just hopping anywhere it can go and the smoke plumes are rising higher and higher. so take a look right now. sky 7 showing you these images. we want to show you we have a treasure profile in the area, and unfortunately the next
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couple of days, the temperatures are going to rise. by wednesday, near the fire, going to get to 100 degrees and that's going to get even hotter for the firefighters reasons the fire, but thankfully over the weekend the temperatures are going to drop into the lower 90s so that should help firefighters try and contain this blaze. right now you can see sky 7 over right now and it is just contaminating anything in its past and burning. taking you outside live sky 7. -- doppler 7. fog along the coast and won't make its advance into the bay. 24 hour temperature change, anywhere from one to nine degrees cooler so minor cooling. here's a -- san francisco 59. 76 san jose. walnut creek, hot today. hotter yesterday. a little cooler today. 77 for santa rosa. 66 -- 90 fairfield and 90 livermore. santa cruz, folks enjoying a nice beach.
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morning sunshine. carbon copy of the afternoon tomorrow like today. we'll see the mid-week heat before the weekend cooldown. overnight, 50s on the abort. north bay, couple of spots, santa rosa, 49. so future weather going hour by hour. by 7:00 in the morning there's the fog expanding around the bay. pulls back by 10:00. in the afternoon a lot of sunshine on the way. highs for your monday, starting in the south bay, 81 san jose, 80 cupertino. 58 pacifica. downtown san francisco, 62. 58 for daly city. 80 calistoga. 75 vallejo. 69 oakland tomorrow. 79 union city. 80 fremont. 67 berk berkeley. 92 pittsburg. 92 livermore. the accuweather forecast shows you the numbers will rise into wednesday where the heat will peak, an then we start to
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cool off and then by friday and saturday, the heat is going to ease up. great news for firefighters. by sunday we're below average, so it gets worse before it gets better, but fortunately that heat is only going to last for one day before the weekend it gets dramatically cooler. >> we have more firefighters on the way so hopefully that will help. rick quan is in for mike shumann. >> tough loss today nor giants. with a 7-1 lead in sixth and johnny cueto on the mound the giants appear toe hair game one but baltimore said, not fast. hunter pence bobble body day. deep to center. 2-0, san francisco, cueto had a pair of hits, this one brings home brandon crawford and it was 3-0. the giants appeared to break the game over with a four-run fifth. brown with the were run single.
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he had three hits. then baltimore in the eighth, mark trumbo, connects off hunter struckland. 7-4. it was 7-5 giants in the ninth but with two on and two out, casilla gives up a three-one blast to schop. the orioles stun san francisco, 8-7. it was santiago's sixth blown save of the season. the dodger had a crans to tie the giants for first place in the west i if they could beat the pirates. jordy mercer with the two-run shot. and then later with two men on, sean rodriguez takes anderson deep to right. pirates win 11-3. so the giants still lead l.a. by one game. at the coliseum, zack neil got the start against seattle. in the second, adam lin takes him deep, and i mean deep. winds up in the second deck. his 17th homer of the season,
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1-0. later, looked like martin has a hit but chris davis makes a great divg catch. cory seger to right. sean o'malley scores and it's 2-1 mariners. then in the sixth, seger comes through again with another double. that clears the bases, seattle on top 7-1. the a's got two runs in their half on davis' team-high 30th 30th home run of the season. but oakland falls short, losing 8-4. his 30 homers are the most by an athletic in three years. in their first preseason game of the year the 49ers are playing houston at levi's stadium. now late in the third quarter, san francisco trails 17-13. blame gabbert started and threw a 43-yard touchdown pass to mcdonald. collin kaepernick is inactive with a sore right shoulder. the raiders next play on
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thursday at green bay. while derek carr is the start travel, oakland forecasted connor. in a win against arizona on friday, cook completed seven of 11 passes for 71 yards. carr liked what he saw. >> talking to him the whole time, telling him everything i'd want everybody to say to me my first game. just leading up to it, fifthing him a little -- take a deep breath, see the safety, see the front. go through things slowly and that slows the game down for you. he went out and did a great job. >> the u.s. men's olympic basketball team had another close call but held off france, 100-97. klay thompson finally broke out of a slump and hit seven 3- of a slump and hit seven 3- pointe
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♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit >> we're still following
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developing news out of lake fire where a wildfire has forced families to run for their lives. th live look at the clayton fire. we told you the official number of homes destroyed is four but we have seen in pictures from sky 7hd what appears to be other structures burning. so, those numbers could rise, and probably will. it has burned 2,000-acre so far and is only five percent contained. thousands of homes being evacuated as well as at least one hospital so far with patients being transferred from st. helena hospital in lake county to another hospital. we'll keep you informed. our reporter, lilian kim is on her way there and will have reports at 11:00. i'm eric thoma for rick quan and drew tuma, thank you for joining us, see you later.
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," today on "matter of fact political ads, political spin, political name-calling. our question -- who is listening? a look at the media habits of america's voting public. and what do powerful women have in common? >> when women reach the tipping point, they really begin to change. >> the


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