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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a lane change had some seeing red, now, transit officials have other plans for san afran's mission street. it was filthy. clearly had been neglected. >> pet rescue. how a security guard is credited with saving this dog's life. also... >> they've taken that down and slung it down. >> the world's biggest chip maker is focusing on what is little. a tech forum will take a look into the future. this wildfire just exploded
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in southern california. it's now grown to nearly 7,000 acres in just hours. >> it's burning in san bernardino county. 4500 people face evacuation orders in the cajon pass and that is likely to grow. >> we have seen homes burning but there is no reliable number on how many at this time. this is from our sister station in l.a. >> it's burned 10 square miles and 0% containment now. >> we'll bring you updates on this newscast and on twitter, thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. now, another wildfire we've been following. cal fire crews have a history of
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eight years. >> the fire near lower lake is 20% contained tonight. and while the fire continues to burn, a man investigators say is responsible is in jail, held on arson charges. >> we have live team coverage and begin with alisa harrington with the latest on the fight against the flames. >> the fire jumped around and it looked like a war zone. and to my right, this swing set was left untouched. >> where do i start? >> star skidmore and her
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daughter crying on what used to be their home. the family owned eight properties. all ever gone. the only thing left standing is their auto business. >> this is our home. we've been here so long. >> star is looking for her three cats down the street, there was minor damage at this machine shop. >> we're heart broken. we're going to help anybody out. you know? >> reporter: cal fire says it could be weeks before it will be safe enough to allow people back in. they're considering having people escort residents to check on their properties. >> it's not as if we can just open the door. there are a lot of organization that's have a voice on when it will be safe. >> more than 175 structures have been destroyed and many others, red tagged. dignitaries with the governor's
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office of emergency services took a ride through the devastation after seeing damage firsthand, they can now put together a plan of how to rebuild and get the community back on its feet. alisa harrington, abc7 news. >> and we'll have more on the suspect in this coming up in just a little bit. >> stay tuned for that. the american red cross is teeming up with lucky supermarkets. >> 12 lucky stores are participating. all have you to do is go inside and make a contribution and you'll get a receipt of the tax deductible donation. >> if you'd like to help fire victims you're encouraged to make a donation to the wildfire relief fund. we have a lichg on where to find those donations on
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and people are urged to make monetary donations after this valley fire in september, a year ago. lake county had to spent a couple hundred thousand dollars to dispose of the unfit donations. >> a 10 acre grass fire destroyed a small building. abc7 news was on hill rood when a propane tank burst. a contractor told us his lawn mower blade hit a rock. no one was hurt. and get updates by donating abc7 news app and get news updates on your phones.
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police are trying to capture a man who tried to kidnap three women in the last month. we're live where the second aattempted kidnapping occurred. vic? >> this is where one attempted kidnapping happened. the third is in a neighboring city. and they're looking to see if it's related to other two. in that case, the woman told police she was followed by 1 or 2 men who emerged from a car similar to the one used in other cases. >> here, security video of a suspect, standing near his car. the image, too dank to identify. police have other clues that may help. >> the first attack happened on the morning of july 28th. here on the 1700 block of washington avenue.
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the victim was approached by a man and police lieutenant. >> he grabbed her and began to drag her down the sidewalk. >> she was saved by a good samaritan. >> i just ran and got them loose and made sure she's free, and okay. >> the driver's car described as a nissan. a second woman told police after she saw media reports she, too, was approached by a man with the same description and she says it happened here on east 14th street and juana avenue. >> he tried to engage her in conversation. she was freaked out and she was startled and turned and went another way to avoid further contact and get to safety. >> mcmahanis says what is unique
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about the nissan is that it has after market wheels. and the fact that no one has reported seeing the car may be that it belongs to a friend or family member. the young daughter of the school board president in hillsborough died in a suspected drunk driving crash in orange county. investigators say an suv rear ended her tesla yesterday. his 10-year-old daughter died. his 13-year-old daughter has serious injuries. the suv driver has been arrested on suspicion of dui and second degree murder. the statement we are devastated by the loss of our sweet, smart, and kind daughter and are focused on helping our other daughter heal from her injuries.
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cal's chancellor is stepping down. nicholas dirks saying he will resign as soon as the school finds someone to replace him. dirks said i have come to the personal decision the time is right for me to step aside and allow someone else to take up the financial and institutional challenges ahead of us. a gunman held up two people in fremont as they played pokemon go. police say the victims were sitting in a car, playing on sunday. a man with a gun took their phones and valuables and ran off. >> san francisco residents are getting their say on who shoulding the city's next top cop the acting chief tony
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chaplain told abc7 news he is interested on becoming the permanent chief. a san francisco nonprofit is asking for help and offered low cost mental health assistance for three decades but now, the owner wants to make room for a new housing complex. >> keeps people well on their homeless and before they have a more serious problem and able to work, more productive, happier. that is important in the city. >> they started a go fund me page to help raise $65,000. >> abc7 news reported on thousands of rape kits that sit dormant in crime labs and go
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untested for years. there is now a change with a universal rape kit. victims undergo countless swabs and tests ask which varies from county to county and could possibly sle down the practice. >> you may have eight items, some have 15. make one kit to use across california. >> cooper says the bill is about getting the bad guys off the streets. and says integrating won't take too much time if measure becomes law. >> registered nurses in san jose reached a tentative agreement on a new contact today. california nurse's association says it includes a rate scale that is with the san jose market and will enhance ability to
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retain, and recruit staff. >> santa clara county jail inmates could earn college students. the classes will be in downtown san jose and supervisors voted to spend $325,000 on a program. a new man is in the works to help speed up traffic on a main thorough fare. >> yes. does mission street have you seeing red? transit officials are considering some changes to those bus lanes. it's going to be ready for adoption soon. and ready for happy ending. a dog that was down in the dumps, literally now has a new "leash" on life. a cooler marine layer is pushing inland, but it will be
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warm inland tomorrow. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. we'll check out one of the latest smart devices designed to make your day
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back now to the clayton fire that burned 4,000 acres. a 40-year-old clear lake man is accused of setting it. today, a family member joins us live with the story. >> that family member says it's difficult to aimagine anyone would intentionally create devastation for others. tonight, abc7 news learned the person was once trained to fight
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fires. >> he will make a court appearance wednesday, facing arson in connection with numerous fire overs the last year, including the clayton fire. >> it's hard to say whether or not this could have been prevented. this individual was intent on causing a fire. we do not know what was in his mind when he set the fire. >> it doesn't surprise me. >> alex young is his cousin. >> it's hard to think about that someone can do that. >> investigators aren't saying what evidence they have hinging him to the fire. a source gave dan noyes a list of his prior charges. of 55 crimes, six were felonies. the crimes ranged from dui, drugs and carrying a concealed
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weapon. one source with the department of corrections tells tan noise he learned how to be a firefighter in susanville. working as an inmate fire fighter at fire camp from jap to july of 2007. now, he's accused of starting fires in lake county. >> this is unnecessary. starting a fire and hundreds of them are out of th now. abc7 news was in the vernal heights area, crews cheened up remains of several buildings devastated by a fire last june. over the weekend, the building was torn down. it also left 58 people without a place to stay.
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there may be changes on the way for the traffic changes in the controversial mission district. but this afternoon, the transportation agency is deciding whether to do away with the right turn requirement at 22 and 26th. >> we're allowing cars to travel a few more blocks into the area so they can access traffic through these areas. 49ers home, levis stadium turning into a gold mine. the city enjoyed a profit of $3.8 million. the city observer reports an audit showing debt being paid off faster than expected. a sweet dog surviving a
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terrible ordeal is now looking for a new home. the dog was found abandoned near a dumpster and kristin zee is here with the story. >> reporter: the little dog, discovered in heart breaking conditions is on his road to recovery. this is 2-year-old mozzarella. it is clean and healthy now, but that is not the case. he was found abandoned next to safeway. a security guard found him by the dumpster, no id, no microchip in a dirty carrier, thrown out like trash. >> he was scared and shy. one thing that got him out was string cheese. that is why he's got the name. after some tlc from the marin humane society, you can see the transformation. the small picture was mozzarella when they discovered him.
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compared that to the big picture after a bath, hair cut, neutering, vaccinations and socializing with other dogs. surrendering a pet is an option. he will be ready for adoption in a few days. they've gotten many calls on him if you're interested, ama, go to for information. >> i know you love him. >> great name, too. >> thanks, kristin. >> time to turn our attention to our weather forecast. >> inland is mild, sunny skies inland and marine layer pushing aacross the bay. this is a crew of it. 66 across the bay in oakland.
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57 in half moon bay. 73 in santa rosa. and 84 fairfield. 91 concord, 88 in livermore, here we are at golden gate bridge. hot inland and cooling taking us through the weekend and into next week. yoef night, low clouds and fog, cooler with lows in the low 50s. so there will be reduced visibility that could slow down the morning commute. the marine layer pulls back to
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the coast by mid day tomorrow, sunny skies with warm conditions inland and cool at the coast. on the peninsula, on the coast, look for highs 59 in pacifica. 62 in half moon bay. in and around san francisco, # six degrees downtown, 68 south san francisco. north bay, highs reaching 82 in petaluma, 96 in cloverdale, 81 napa. 103 in ukiah. and in the inland east bay, 93 in fairfield, 99 in livermore, 99 brentwood, rather, 95 in livermore, 93 in pleasanton and 91, san ramone. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooling
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begins on friday, and 90s inland. a cooler pattern, highs upper 80s and mid-70s in the bay. temperatures rebounding with a couple warm days and cooler days that will warm up again. >> very good. >> still ahead a restaurant cooking up controversy by selling these tee shirts. >> some say the tee shirts belittle an important social movement. we'll have the story when abc7 news at 6:00 continues.
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the owner of a restaurant in new mexico isn't getting the response expected from a tee shirt for sale. his shirts say black olives matter. he says he was trying to sell a new tuna dish with bhak olives. the owner says it's out. >> it's different than selling pasta. >> he says he received request to buy the shirts from around the world. there is a new smart device
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that could bring fun to the breakfast table. a group on kick starter created the toasteroid. it let's you design images and have them burned into your toast. including reminders like feed the cat or pay the bills. the designers hope to raise $150,000 to get the project up and running. it's cute. >> it is. >> ahead, the search for an alligator in the east bay. >> east bay. not florida. right here. how a reptile caused a wild scene in a creek and how the situation ended. ford is about to ship its silicon valley operations into high gear. >> if you ever had problems with cable service here is a story you can relate to. one man's service constantly went out for a year. the one call that fixed it
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an update on a wildfire in the mountains of san bernardino
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coun it's grown to around 7,000 acres since starting this morning. that is fast. >> officials say an unknown number of homes are damaged or destroyed. firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the flames. >> 4500 people face evacuation orders. and you can get updates any time by enabling push alerts. >> and how this big creature ended up in a little creek. the creek is safe again after a visitor was shot and killed. crews searched for the wayward alligator lingering by the creek in fremont's canyon. >> reporter: california fish and
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wildlife wardens opted to shoot the alligator. >> we never want to have to shoot something but when it comes down to public safety threat, our hands are tied. >> this is a picture of the animal just before it was killed. game wardens say it was on a rock, sunning when they arrived. to give you an idea how long this alligator was. this is my friend. how tall are you? >> 48. >> the alligator measured about four feet long. >> we have resources and people to take care of it. it hurts to take an easy way out. >> game wardens say the alligator was a risk to the ecosystem. >> it's very, very difficult to tranquilize an alligator from a distance, they're spooky around people. >> captain christianson says the
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first report came a year ago from a homeless person. >> i saw it on a rock when i was here, and he scared it off making loud noises because he was it excited and swam into the water before i can get a picture. >> how long ago? >> about six months ago. >> game wardens believe someone left it here after becoming too difficult to keep illegal pets. >> the death toll now stands at 11 with some of the worst flooding m the state's history. many people can't believe what they're seeing when returning who devastated houses and businesses. >> it's like the end of your world, we worked so hard for it. >> don't know where to start.
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>> it's unbelievable. we're seeing water lines and it looks to have been about seven feet. >> 60,000 people signed up for federal aid so far. >> two new polls show hillary clinton with strong leads in two swing states. first, a university poll shows clinton leading trump in polls. a campaign is getting underway to warn drivers about car break ins. the signs will go up in tourist areas telling visitors not to leave valuables in the car. the campaign is being paid for by a grant from the district attorney. abc7 news was at alioto's restaurant as the d.a. handed out $3,000 grants to 10
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organization that's will use the money to cut down on crime. >> money will be used for lighting in parking lots, and a group is going to do public education around human trafficking. >> the money comes are from fines paid by people who commit minor offenses. the da has given out $120,000 like this in four years. >> ford is just one of 22 auto makers working on autonomous vehicles in silicon valley. today, it announced to release fully autonomous cars in 2001. >> to. >> it'so create a fully autonomous vehicle, ready to hit the road in 2021. >> that means no steering wheel, there is not going to be a gas pedal or brake pedal and a driver is not going to be
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required. >> it's first generation autonomous car will be for ride sharing and ride hailing services. >> they said we're going to have mass-produced vehicles, fully autonomous by 2021. that is to me a very bold statement. we believe some approaches where the vehicle still expects to be able to hand back over to the driver. it's difficult to do. it's difficult to know what is going on and so that is why our approach is getting to a position that we never have to do that. >> ford will double it's silicon valley work force from 140 to 260 by the end of the year. and is enlisting the help of software partners one company
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creates an mg to identify obstacles. a nascar driver has a special connection with one of his biggest fans. >> how the young fan is with him every time he hits the track. a bay area man's cable keeps dropping out though his set was ju
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the off! outdoor refresher course. claustrophobia, meet bite-ophobia. sfx: buzz 1: light off! mosquito lamp. sfx: ring animation sound 2: create distance from father-in-law. sfx: ding get back out there...with off! sfx: ring animation sound keep bugs off. sfx: buzz...thwack sc johnson.
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anyone who is a fan of racing knows someone may be driving the cart. they were just fans of the racer. >> probably 60 or 70 shows a year, they go to every race except for one. >> he wasn't afraid to take
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chances. >> he first met the father and son duo 10 years ago following a nasty accident on the tracks. >> he said you're not going to give up. i said no. i'm not go going to come back for a few weeks. i just need a break. he says listen here, my son scott has autism. he deals with that every day, 24-7. he can't give up autism and you can't give up racing. it was a rude awakening and we did come back and race next week. >> i needed an enclosed environment. somewhat protective, but he could wander around. so he'd go race. >> he can see scott is relatively high functioning. but when diagnosed in the 70s, not much was known about the
7:42 pm
disorder. >> their conclusion was he had autistic-like symptoms and prognosis was -- oh. that we should look for an institution. >> now, like every crew member, scott is focused on one goal. >> winning. >> winning is the most. ashley judd is planning to become a cal graduate. she's pursuing a degree but jokes she has not picked out her outfit for the first day of school. >> you have to have the good outfit. >> it's true. >> so you're watching your favorite tv show. maybe us?
7:43 pm
when suddenly, the screen goes blank. >> one man says this became a hassle. >> he saw me on tv just in time to find out how to contact me. i found out what caused all of his frustrations. >> it just kept happening. he would settle in to watch television. and his tv would shut off. >> happened in the best shows. >> even in critical moments of the season. >> the score is close. the tv goes out. >> steph curry was about to break the record when, the screen went blank. >> i had to wait. to see what happened. >> peter said comcast sent technicians out nine times.
7:44 pm
they couldn't stop outages. his phone and internet also, kept cutting out. >> never got fixed. we asked comcast to find the problem and it did. >> i called 7 on your side they took care of it in a week. i couldn't believe that. >> reporter: comcast said it replaced a main cable line obstructed by a doorway in his apartment complex. saying it can make trouble shooting challenging and in this case, we worked quickly to resolve the issue. >> tv is fine, phone is fine. internet is fine. >> comcast reimbursed peter for
7:45 pm
one month to help out for the outages. good guys. >> excellent. >> thank you, michael. >> the future is all about down sizing. >> yes. >> yes. the next big thing in tech is ♪ ♪
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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competition for face time and skype. google started to roll out google duo and the app had been available world wide within the next few days. it gives users a look at who is calling to help people decide whether or not to answer. >> well, today, intel kicked off it's developer's conference here in san francisco. >> yes. >> there is a good chance their chips power your lap top or desk top. >> the largest chip maker wants to have intel inside just about everything. >> the self contained virtual world. >> intel's new project alloy
7:49 pm
wants to put you in the digital world. it also wants to put the digital in your word. >> when we're ready to use them, we just pick them out. >> these have instant data during a broadcast. talk about tiny. here is a computer the size of a wine cork. >> now, they can put that bottle. >> pinks or purples. >> the gadgets communicate like these sensors.
7:50 pm
this gown uses radio waves that learns. >> makes itself more intelligent as time goes on. >> it can be used to power rob yoits like this one from segway. >> and segway robots. >> like the scooter it stays up right on two wheels. and. >> this robot is better. >> google's android operating system finally lives up to its name. >> impressive. talking about the weather we have a cooling marine layer with hot conditions inland 95 in
7:51 pm
livermore, about 60 or 62 at the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures warm, into mid-90s and temperatures in a more comfortable range. >> we've got football, baseball. >> we have rick quon in. >> coming up, a's playing in texas and with collin kaepernick dealing with a dead arm,
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it's looking less likely collin kaepernick will see action saturday against denver. kaep did not throw for practice because of soreness in his shoulder. niners don't believe there is any long-term damage but the
7:55 pm
shoulder just needs rest and a former first round pick of the vikings saw some action with the raiders last year and looked pret regood. but was released in the final cut. oakland next plays at green bay thursday. the team broke camp in napa and feeling good about themselves. and quarterback derek carr can find the positive after taking a beating in practice. >> there is a lot of fun. plays being made. and it sucks and we've talked about this. it's nice to see that. and those things so this camp is
7:56 pm
fun to see the team grow. it really was. >> the giants have signed a 41-year-old joe nathan to a contract. and pitched two and a third innings. oakland has the bases loaded with one out in the first and marcus simeon lines to left center the d's finally broke through in the third. ryan ely comes home, now in the sixth, oakland clinging to a lead. u.s. olympic men's basketball team takes on argentina tomorrow in the quarter finals. warriors clay thompson found a shot sunday, scoring a game high
7:57 pm
30 points. but the u.s. is finding it's path to a gold medal tougher than expected. >> to give them credit, they have great offenses. there are things we can work out to. i think it's going to help us. >> our offense is great. you know? clay found his shot. kevin is going to be great for us. we've got to stop teams and i feel that is really important. >> thompson and company would love to add to summer games leading gold medal tally. right now, u.s. leads with 28 goals, 83 medals.
7:58 pm
the struggling giants host pirates. the lead just a half game over dodgers. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> join us tonight at 9:00, the explosive wildfire in southern california is burning through cars and homes. we're live in lake county as homeowners forced out of homes because of the clayton fire get the news they've been waiting to hear. >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. fromhe entire news team, we hope you have a great evening. what i love about the tempur-breeze bed
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