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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the bomb squad suits up in san jose, next, why a scene that looked like it's from the foot locker is next door to san jose state. a fast-moving wildfire. >> and a northern california company assessing earthquake damage. see what they've learned there that could help protect us here. an jose is in a state of emergency because the city does not have enough police officers to patrol the city. >> the police chief can shift
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officers to work patrol. >> abc7 news is live in san jose city hall with the latest details in the ramifications of this. >> reporter: san jose never had enough officers to patrol streets without forcing them to work overtime. the force dwindled down 300 from authorized strength. the city council voted to declare that state of emergency. >> the emergency declaration will allow the chief to transfer 47 officers to patrol duties if other divisions so to put it simply, san jose run out of officers to patrol the city of 1 million people, it takes mandatory overtime and as officers retire, 348, 10-hour shifts go unfilled. san jose would like to have 500 on the streets. >> we've held officers over 1400
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times between march and okay and. >> the union agreed with the emergency man. >> no resident, no chief, wants to have a lot of officers out there booking multiple shifts in a week knowing they may have to make critical conditions. >> i had a neighbor threatening me. called pd five times. i got relatives on the force that wanted to come. they couldn't get here. it is an emergency. >> the chief and mayor consider this a band aid. for now, under the plan, mandatory overtime will not go away. in san jose, david louie, abc7
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news. now, the bomb squad responded this afternoon to a suspicious device found in an apartment building across the street from san jose state. sky 7 was over the scene on south 4th near san carlos street. police say they found the device investigating the burglary of a storage unit. people who evacuated buildings have been allowed back in. happening now, a wildfire tearing through brush forced several hundred people from their homes. 300 firefighters and a dozen aircraft are battling the flames. look at the flames there. the fire is 5% contained. look at the smoke it's giving off. one firefighter was taken to the hospital but is expected to be
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okay. police arrested ab an escaped suspect, picked up on vandalism charges. police say the 27-year-old gave her sister's name in a false date of earth to avoid prosecution when officers pulled into the detention facility. police found hutchison in a home in richmond. she was arrested and faces charges of id theft and escaping police custody. two missing brothers ages 5 and 6 we're glad to tell you have been found, safe. sky 7 was over fremont when police and neighbors found r.looked for the boys. the boys vanished in freemmont heights this afternoon. both are being reunited with
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their family. >> dan stewart has been placed on leave and won't tell us why. a sergeant sent in a statement, we can confirm she was placed on paid leave for a personnel issue. details are confidential. they told abc7 news they don't know what it's about. some people in hayward tell us city leaders are hiding something. >> if you can't trust them, who can you trust? city council member salinas did tell us by e-mail hayward neighbors can expect hayward police officers will continue to respond to service calls as usual. now oakland and san francisco are looking for permanent police chiefs. chief suhr resigned and in
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oakland, the nationwide search is just beginning. the mayor says she hopes to have a chief next year. san francisco's westfield center says safety is a priority but the market street mall finds itself dealing with the second mugging this month. do investigators think these are connected in any way? >> well, dan, that is something they're looking into. they're trying to determine if it's the same group targeting shoppers and they're hoping series video will help them identify them. westfield management says they're coordinating with san francisco police, this, after two customers here were robbed and one, punched in the face before #:30 last night.
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they were on their lap tops. one suspect distracted them and another snatched a lap top. >> two victims ran after the suspect and then, the other victim noticed another suspect came up and took his lap top and cell phone that had been on the table. >> officer says according to the victims there were five mothers, all juveniles. westfield management says the recent incident involving youths is not acceptable and that significant resources continue to be devoted to security arrangements. this month, a man was attacked and robbed in a rest room here by at least three men and two days before that, in a stairwell. police say it's easy for criminals to target shoppers. >> when you have something in
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your possession. >> robert evans says he has nothing for anyone to take. >> i think more than you think you're going to be robbed. >> there are security cameras inside and outside of the mall. police will be checking them. > grammy award winning singer chris brown is in trouble with the law again tonight. los angeles police arrested brown today, suspected of assault with a deadly weapon. officers came to his home in tarzana after a woman called 911 from his home, officers waited outside until a judge issued a search warrant. brown pro claimed his innocence on social media. he just finished serving probation involving his ex-girlfriend rhianna. a home invasion shocked people in the oakland hills and
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it's the second time thieves have targeted this home. police tell us the victims are two men, one in his 70s and another in his 80s. they share a home on sequoia road. two people broke in, assaulted the men, and drove off in their cadillac. police arrested two juveniles for the crimes. they caught them when officers stopped a car linked to a car jacking. >> loss was recovered in the vehicle connecting them to this robbery as well as a replica firearm. >> i can't come up with the right add adjective. >> the mayor says home invasions fell by 55% last year. berkeley police are hoping a $15,000 reward will help solve a murder of a young rapper. the deadly shooting happened outside of the home of 22-year-old alex goodwin. a memorial with flowers and candles has been set up and police say it was not a random
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shooting. goodwin was known as ag. relatives say he went outside after someone tried to enter the house around midnight last thursday. neighbors reported several gunshots. this is berkeley's first homicide of the year. gun rights advocates are speaking out after university of california officials announced the country's first state funded gun violence research center, lawmakers pushing the project say it will examine why many americans die from gun violence every year. researchers will work with law enforcement and officials to help shed light on ways to prevent future gun related tragedies. gun rights proponents say they're concerned findings coming out of the center will begin to breed stricter gun control legislation. >> we're not concerned with research, honest research is a good thing. and when it's tilted we have
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grave concerns about that. >> uc officials expect a. man by october 15th. italy is mourning it's dead today from last week's devastating earthquake. >> a sacramento engineering firm is on their way. a state funeral was held in amatrice. 37 caskets were part of the ceremony today. others were tourists claimed to have been buried elsewhere. crews have gone from recovering bodies to historic relics. an artifact that shows
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artifice's patron saint. engineers are trying to learn why so many buildings collapsed so they can prevent future collapses. i spoke with the head of the branch in italy by skype. >> i'm worried we can lose part of our story. our history. >> he says reenforcement is key, that is why though brick buildings crumbled, damage was limited because many had been strengthened. ama and dan? >> thank you, kristin. >> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 the story that just won't go away. >> the debate over collin kaepernick sitting for the national anthem. >> hear from his teammates about how the issue plays out on the field. coming up the last holiday weekend of the summer will bring us warmer weather. i'll have the accu-weather
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forecast coming up. i'm michael finney, head on 7 on your side, does it go far enough?
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today, some of collin kaepernick's fellow 49ers debated his decision to sit during the national anthem instead of stand. he says he's going to remain seated until the preseason game on thursday. chris nguyen is live with this developing story. chris? >> hi, dan. collin kaepernick did not take
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questions but the quarterback, as well as teammates were all smiles, many saying football remains the focus. today at the 49ers practice facility, some came to the defense of teammates. >> it's not easy doing the unpopular thing. i respect him for doing that. >> in recent days, a conversation on race relations centered on kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem. the quarterback sharing frustration over what he calls oppression of minorities m the united states. he teammates say he shouldn't be attacked for the views. >> if you listen you have to respect that. he's voicing his opinion, using his platt form to bring wareness to something he feels strongly about. >> and the coach had nothing but praise for the work that kaepernick has been doing. >> he's all about ball. and great with that. so,um, that is how we interact
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and it's been great. a city known for the sizeable military population, some say they're trying to block out a distraction. >> playoffs over there, we just work hard and continue to get better. >> kaepernick will start as quarterback against the chargers. >> you can watch the game right here on abc7. our live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. september 12th. now, we sent out a push alert during chip kelly's news alerts when he said kaepernick has not been a distraction to the team. >> now, your voice, your vote. after a night of fund raising, donald trump arrived in fresno to head to the fund-raiser.
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in arizona expected to make his long-awaited speech on immigration policy. meg whitman today hosted a fund raising breakfast for hillary clinton in colorado. afghanistan womens national soccer team is here in the bay area for a tournament. as for some, it's been quite a journey to get here, laura anthony has the very from dublin. >> afghanistan womens' national soccer team is headed in the right direction, and tuning up for a competition here and overseas. they're intent on breaking through barriers not just in sports. >> everyone has a fire in their hearts. >> her family left afghanistan when she was 10. >> inspiring people, small
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children, small girls in afghanistan to say i want to be like her, she did it. i can do it. >> the team founder lived under threat because she played football. >> in we face a lot of warnings. >> this year, hailey carter, a naval academy grad served two tours in iraq, playing for the houston dash. >> it's nice to see these girls are getting the opportunity to play and girls in afghanistan are getting more opportunities to play because of the coverage we're getting as a team. >> reporter: former cal coach kelly lindsay is the head coach. these players have the drive to
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be successful and want to be a inspiration to girls and women everywhere. >> this is a dream, not only for me, but the rest of the group's dream, that is coming true. >> in dublin, abc7 news. there is a noticeable absence of low clouds on the coast, not much of a marine layer. nice to see sunshine this time of the year. normally, we don't have it. so we have sunny skies across the bay area right now, it's mild and it's breezy. and gusts 29 miles per hour right now. sfo, 20 in san carlos. and so it's mild and shows every location is warmer now than this hour yesterday from two degrees
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warmer to nine degrees in novato to 11 degrees in antioch so under blue skies it is 65 degrees in san francisco. and 63 in half moon bay. this is the view of a nice one from emeryville it's 83 in santa rosa and mid-80s in fairfield and 80 degrees in livermore. sunshine and mild overnight. and below average temperatures remaining with us throughout the evening. we'll have a milder, warmer pattern next monday, as you probably know. high clouds and low clouds here on the coast. 5:00 in the morning will
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probably not be enough low clouds, looks like visibility will be good and getting better in the day. and there may be lingering low clouds on the coast. lows under mainly clear skies and pretty mild. lows upper 50s in spots dropping down to only about 60 degrees and highs tomorrow, mainly upper 70s to mid-80s. 84 in los gatos and 66 degrees downtown. low to mid-80s east bay shore line, low to mid-70s. and here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be mild all week long and that doesn't mean it will be chilly. milder or warmer beginning monday. and by tuesday, we'll see inland
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highs back in the low 90s. coming up next, multi billion dollar bill the european billion dollar bill the european union is ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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eu ruled apple owed nearly
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$15 billion plus interest. ceo tim cook says apple never asked for or received special deals on taxes for business based in ireland, but the eu found ireland gave apple a huge tax break, reducing the tax load on profits to less than 1%. apple says it will appeal the decision. that is the ceo of xo bionics, the company makes the only exto skeleton to be used by patients. former san francisco mayor willie brown put on a unique accessory to honor a beloved journalist today. abc7 news was outside as brown and others wore an eye patch,
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for the funeral of warren hinkle, he wore an eye patch because of a childhood accident. friends honored him by wearing one, too. >> i thought it was an appropriate -- on the other hand if anyone thought it was inappropriate, then, all the more appropriate. >> he was also at the service, the two rarely separated. hinckle was 77. >> hawaii is under a hurricane warning. >> the piers could reach the big island tomorrow, coming up next, the concerns of those just leaving for the island. south san francisco has biotech in its dna. how one big name in the field is investing in future scientists. why bart will pay you to
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two hurricanes are expected
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to hit the hawaiian islands within days. the first is expected to pass close to the big island tomorrow. >> lester, the second hurricane is expected to hit saturday and sunday. >> he'll ease came to the airport to drop off a relative, tomorrow, he'll be on the way to hawaii. >> hearing about it now it's scary knowing that there is a flight there tomorrow and you're telling me winds, category 4. a hurricane warning has been issued for the big island, a tropical storm for some of the other islands. people can expect heavy winds, rain, and high surf. and this passenger was not flying to hawaii but owns a home
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there. >> i have friends that are looking after it. you have to. the amount of rain in a short amount of time, it's staggering. >> hernandez hopes he's not forced to cancel the trip. >> one airline told us their planes are practically empty, suggesting some have cancelled their plans. well, abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian tracking both hurricanes. >> much of hawaii is under a hurricane warning, especially the big island, there. you can see the first is hurricane madeline. and so madeline, now category 2
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is probably dealing with a glancing blow that could dump five to 10 inches of rainfall that will be followed by hurricane lester, expected to pass just north but could add more rain to saturated ground but not expected to make a hit. so we'll let you know about the changes. the people who live in one berkeley neighborhood will be without water while crews repair an underground leak. water gushed out from the street. the leak started friday while water has been bubbling out. >> today, bart launched a
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program that can pay you money to avoid commute hours. bart perks will reward riders which bart defines at 7:30 to 8:30. rides in off peak can be worth six points. and you can join the program by registering your clipper card on the bart website. >> south san francisco has been known as industrial city but biggest industry is biotech. >> they're not pins for parties. these are for genetic traits. >> i have lefty. >> they got to play this game at an alert aimed at fixing a problem.
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>> we live in the heart of technology. a lot of students come into high school. field is pioneered by genentech. >> it's a new industry. >> now, they're making another contribution. >> in the cash strapped school district, they're breaking ground through habs and mentors. >> they're going to get access to equipment that is used in labs. >> a lot of hands on project based learning. >> what are you doing there? >> dropped into a box it will be used to make an eye-catching mural. will be more than just a building. >> it's designed to inspire the
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next generation of scientists. >> it began in a garage. >> this will be where we tinker and create and develop the future. >> in a district where ju one of three students goes on to a college, it gives jobs to work toward. >> the connection here is we're not just helping the community. we're just helping ourselves. >> some cal students found an interesting partner in creating a successful surgical groove. >> scientists activities are learning from muscles that could save the lives of unborn babies. >> pay day
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in 1803, a man bought the territory of louisiana for 42 cents an acre. that was the greatest deal ever. until i made this one. now you can get my jumbo breakfast platter for just $2.99. take that history. scrambled eggs, eight mini pancakes, a hash brown, and your choice of bacon or sausage. it's the greatest deal since the louisiana purchase. sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time. value, done my way. the most comprehensive federal reforms are being considered. >> one consumer group says reforms don't go far enough. michael finney has a look. >> this is a fight wore out. this has been going on quite
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sometime. and an analysis of 10,000 complaints to the feds found nine out of 10 involved inability to repay. regulators are trying to come up with ways to fix that. >> this pay day lender is in san francisco's civic center but could be in the suburbs. new regulations would help borrowers deal with interest rates of nearly 400%. >> taking out 2 or 3, or 4, or 5 or 6 in a year? no paying back with average interest rates of 391% you're likely getting into a cycle you can't afford. >> one man told us why he took out a pay day loan. >> holiday season, too much money and had to take care of
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bills. >> palpers believes it provides a service to those who can't get pra decisional hoons from banks but would like to see greater restrictions. the proposed regulation would prevent lender rz from giving a loan to anyone in a short term loan more than 90 days and would like to see the safeguard made stronger. >> we want to see them testing afordibility sooner. >> saying the community association of america told us consumers are satisfied and value pay day loans as a credit option. the group says the loans makeup less than 2% of all complaints to the consumer financial protection bureau but the bureau
7:42 pm
tells 7 on your side, the number is much higher when you include lenders accused of unfair debt collection practices. >> it could be extremely significant for consumers taking out these loans over and over and over again. >> if you want to make comments you have until october 7th. now, i will post a henk on you can check it out under 7 on your side. and you can call my hot line open monday through friday, that number 415-954-8151. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up next, what scientists are learning from
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researchers at uc berkeley believe a creature you may pick up at the beach may some day help save an unborn baby's life. they cling to rocks for life and it turns out the lowly salt water mussel accomplishes that feat by creating a natural super glue. >> it hardens in a few minutes. >> now, the professor is determining whether it can improve on human made ghus. the mussel sticks out a foot to secrete pools of adhesive, pasting to the rock. >> this is a fascinating process. they start by secreting liquid proteins that harden rapidly like an epoxy. >> but why would adhesive be suited for securing human
7:47 pm
tissue? our blood contains salt. the same as these have evolved for. >> it makes sense to learn from marine species how they attached to surfaces. >> this will help to glue two people together. >> this is able to help us tell the difference between good and better sealants. >> the first target, cutting edge surgeries on unborn babies in the womb. they say one challenge is sealing the fluid sac around the fetus. >> we're working on a formulation that would go inside of the uterus during pregnancy. >> in the meantime, researchers continue to test centuries of
7:48 pm
marine evolution. >> is that wild? the teens get the mussels from bodega bay. >> from famous to infamous, newest season of "dancing with the stars" is revealed on gma. >> country music sensation janet kramer. >> the new season of "dancing with the stars" premiers on monday at a special time.
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catch it at 5:00 p.m. right here on abc7. it's so we can bring you the 49ers regular season opener live from levis stadium. live coverage of monday night football begins at 7:00 p.m. september 12th. >> good line up. the bay area is as we know it, beautiful place to live and viewers prove it every day. >> yes. jessica posted this picture of a sunset. >> we just love these shots. want to update the forecast. >> coming up in 53 minutes might not be as colorful. we have a little patch of coastal clouds but it will be bright out there. statewide, bright with high temperatures interior sections of the state mainly in the 80s to 90. 95 in fresno. here in the bay area, mild to
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warm with highs on the coast and low to mid-60s around the bay. low to mid-70s inland. low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. monday, starting to warm up and by tuesday, looking at 90s inland and 80s around the bay. >> did you notice this? >> good day, mate. >> we missed you. >> i turned around for five minute minutes and you change your hair. nobody tells me. >> right. all roads leads to collin kaepernick right now whether they like it or not. a sfx: "gulp"
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good evening, 49ers play chargers this thursday and coach chip kelly is standing right in the middle of hurricane kaep, it's swirling around everybody. blaine gabbert is not expected to start. san diego being a big military town, expect him to get booed. what do they do if sponsors start to bail on the team? he's unvadable now, also, even if a team wanted to take a chance on a guy with declining skills and a large contract. nobody wants him. kaep is going to get a bunch of snaps while gabbert watches as the presumptive regular-season
7:55 pm
starter. >> we feel like we've got to build an understanding because of collin missing those first two games. >> they just lost one of them the season, wide receiver and return specialist placed on injured reserve list because of a torn hamstring a's and outfielder coco chris for the indians. when healthy, he's great. but he's ill a lot. a neck injury forces him to take painkillers and he's in a weird spot with speculation as are limiting his playing time to prevent a $13 million option from kicking in.
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that guy is clutched and could help cleveland in the playoffs. tonight the only guy when opened the year in rotation, there is one guy left, that will be kendall raven against astros. that is second inning and astros taking a lead. how does that make alonzo feel? sad face now. ama has got that emoji. and the giants are playing d-backs tonight. tim tebow held an open workout today, trying to make a transition to a baseball career.
7:57 pm
he's got power and build like a tank, and plenty of speed. second hardest decision to go to the university of florida and play football. it wasn't a season that i thought about. and so i wanted to take this opportunity and pursue it with everything i have. >> you've got steph, clay, and draymond green, all bobble heads. the warriors preseason schedule tips off october 1 in toronto. first home game is against the clippers and taking on kings on the 6th. that is the clay give away. and lakers in l.a. and san diego
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giving away the green bobble head when returning to take on the blazers. i love the clay bobble head. >> it's good. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, coming up, donald trump's last minute plans to travel to mexico before his speech on immigration. what the campaign is saying about it at 9:00. a state of emergency in san jose. the official declaration happening in the last hour as the city tries to get more officers on the streets. >> look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us, the entire abc7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> good day, mate, right? >> awesome. >> yes.
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