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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this satellite image tells the story. two strong hurricanes churning toward the hawaiian islands tonight. good evening. >> the first one madeline as you saw in the center screen. you are about to see. >> expected to pass dangerously close to the big island tomorrow. lester on the right there. just behind. double whamy as we said. >> lights check in with sandhya and radar. >> it's double the trouble for the hawaiian islands. let's look at the hurricane
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right now. the one that is closest to the hawaiian islands that is the one that is madeline here and it is not as strong as the second one which is lester. so let's go in a little bit tighter here and show you the latest raid ash. you will notice the rain dance approaching the big island. hurricane warning until friday afternoon for the big island. other island under a tropical storm watch. now you take a look at those two storms and they are major storms. hurricane lester category 4 on the scale. madeline category two. here's what happens with madeline. expected to weaken to 1 wednesday night as it approaches very close to the hawaiian, big island dangerously close and they will get some heavy rain 5 to 10 inches. high surf could see isolated amounts up to 15 inches of rai rain. moves away from the islands there and then here comes lester. moving north of hawaii as you notice category two so it does weaken. but once again this also brings
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witness the possibility of some high surf and some heavy rain especially if it does change course. so it is going to be one of those very touch and go situations. last time two hurricane were headed in that direction with about two years ago. >> thanks very much. i know you are watching that very closely. eáwp san francisco international airport today to talk with travelers about what concerns them most about the hurricane. >> hernandez of oakland came to the airport today to drop-off a relative. tomorrow he will be on his way to hawaii not knowing what awaits him. >> hearing about it right now it's kind of scary knowing we have to fly there tomorrow and you are telling me the win category 4. >>reporter: hurricane warning issued for the big island. tropical storm watch is in effect for some of the other islands. people there can expect heavy winds. rain. high surf. so far no flights have been cancelled. the airlines yet to issue a weather advisory.
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this passenger was not flying to hawaii but open as home there. >> i have some folk there looking after it. you have to. the amount of rain that can fall on such short amount of time staggering. >> second hurricane lester is threatening the island forth labor day weekend. meanwhile hernandez who just got married hopes he's not forced to cancel his trip. >> hopefully pray and die down like you say. i can at least enjoy my honeymoon and see hawaii the first time. >> one airline seeing the impact of the threat. the planes are practically empty. suggesting that some passengers have already cancelled their plans. sfo, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> different kind of natural threats down south happening now. wildfire tearing through brush. 80 miles east of los angeles forced hundreds of people from their homes. the fire broke out before 12:30 in riverside county today and
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scorched more than 1,000 acres. more than 300 firefighters and dozen aircraft including the one you just saw are battling the 25 foot high flames. the fire is 5 percent contained and has so far destroyed one out building. one firefighters was taken to the hospital with injuries but is expected to be okay. >> police chief diane stewart has been placed on leave and no one will tell us why. not even the people who work alongside her. sergeant at the hayward police department said in a statement we can confirm she was placed on paid administrative leave for personnel issue. the details of the issue are confidential. she told us they don't know when an investigation started or what it is about. some people in hayward tell us they are afraid city leaders are hiding something. >> you can't trust them who can you trust? >> city council member salinas wouldn't comment on the investigation but told us by e-mail that police officers will continue to respond to service calls as usual.
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>> it is official. san jose now in a state of emergency because the city doesn't have enough police officers to patrol the streets t.after hours of meeting the san jose city council voted on the declaration tonight. david explains what that means out on the streets. >> the emergency declaration will allow the police chief transfer 47 officers to patrol duties from his other divisions such as investigations. to put it simply san jose run out of officers to patrol the city of more than 1 million people. it takes mandatory over time to fill patrol shifts with officers putting in 14 hours per shift. however head count continues to fall as officers retire or transfer to other agencies 3 48 10 hour shifts go unfilled. san jose would like to have 500 patrol officers on the streets. >> we have held officers over 1400 times between march and august for total of over 7500 hours and 1,000 of those times i'm holding them over for almost 6 hours. >> without the declaration
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state law requires city to meet and confer with the police union ahead of major change in plan assignment. union has agreed with the emergency plan. >> no resident, no chief wants to have a lot of officers out there working multiple over time shifts in a week knowing they may not be well rested and they have to make very critical decisions. >> san jose resident spoke in favor of boosting patrol in the neighborhood ahead of the city council taking a vote. >> i had a neighbor threatening me for nine years. called pd 5 times. i have relatives on this force. they wanted to come. they couldn't get here. >> it is an emergency. >>reporter: the chief and the mayor consider it a bandaid for now under the emergency plan mandatory over time will not go away. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> berkeley police hoping 15,000 dollar reward help solve the murder of a wrapper.
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happened outside the home of alex goodwin. memorial with flowers candle set up where he was found. police say it was not a random shooting. goodwin was local rapper known as a.g. relatives say he went outside after some one tried to enter the house midnight last thursday. neighbors reported several gunshots. berkeley first homicide of the year. home invasion in the oakland hills left homeowner beaten and robbed. happened overnight on sequoia road and a it wasn't the first time. wayne has more on what happene happened. >> along sequoia road in the oakland hills this was unsettling sight. police searching for clue after home invasion robbery. >> it happens. happens everywhere. >> in this case two elderly men in their 70's and 80's under their own roof. >> i can't come up with the right adjective to describe it. chaos. and the turmoil. mayhem. >> oakland police say it happened 2:30 this morning. two or three suspects entered
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and assaulted the men they stole property and cadillac from the carport. when we asked to speak to one victim he wouldn't even open his door. >> all right. are you okay? press corner this afternoon oakland police said they arrested two juvenile suspects two hours after the entry. >> it was the vehicle that alerted patrol officers. that this vehicle was listed as a vehicle in a carjacking. in oakland home invasion remain a tender subject. >> certainly sad to see people can't be safe in their homes in he can land. >> mayor shaft release add statement that reads in part while i know it is little comfort to those already hurt by crime we are making progress. last year we reduced home invasion robbery by 55 percent and this year they are down by another 9 percent. small consolation however on sequoia road. >> i think might get some videocamera or two. >> from oakland abc 7 news. >> gun rights advocate speck
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out after university of california officials announce the country first state funded gun violence research center. lawmakers pushing the 5 million dollar project to the center examine why so many americans die from gun violence each year. researchers work with law enforcement and elected officials over 5 year period to shed light on way to prevent future gun related tragedy. gun rights proponent say they are concerned findings that come out of the new center will begin to the make stricter gun control legislation. >> we are honest research is a good thing. but when it's set up, you know, tilt to one side we have great concerns about that. that's what is happening. >> officials expect detailed operation and research plan by october 15. center will be based at uc davis sacramento campus. >> more to bring you on this tuesday night. coming up here. singer chris brown arrested. what he is being accused of. plus his response.
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then. >> they are focus on the 2016 season. >> not a distraction. coach kelly speaks about the kaepernick controversy. >> and will we see any warmer kaepernick controversy. >> and will we see any warmer weather in the days ahead.
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grammy award winning singer chris brown in trouble with the
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law again tom tonight. los angeles police arrested brown late today. suspected of assault with a deadly weapon. officers first went to brown home in tarzana after woman called 911 for help early this morning. brown then refused to let police in so officers waited outside for several hours. until a judge issued a search warrant. brown proclaimed his innocence on social media. just finished serving his probation for assault case involving ex girlfriend rihann rihanna. >> kaepernick fellow 49ers address the debate surrounding the quarterback decision to sit during the national anthem. kaepernick will repain seated for the anthem before the 49ers final pre-season game against the chargers on thursday. here's chris winn. >>reporter: today at the forty-niner practice facility some came to the defense of one of the team mates. >> not easy doing the unpopular thing. i respect him for doing that. >> in recent day a conversation on race relations all centered on kaepernick decision to sit during the national anthem.
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quarterback sharing his frustration over what he calls the oppression of minorities in the united states. team mates say kaepernick shouldn't be attacked for his view. >> if you listen to what he says about how he feels about the issues in this country. you have the respect to that he voice his opinion. using the platform to get his opinion out there to bring awareness to something that he feels strongly about. >>reporter: despite the extra attention coach kelly had nothing but praise for the work that kaepernick is doing. >> he's all about ball. great with that. that's what ideal with and that's how we interact and he has been great. >>reporter: as the team looks ahead to pre-season finale san diego city known for sizable military operation some players try to block out any distraction. >> long and play offs after that and we just work hard. we control justin to get better. >>reporter: kaepernick start as quarterback against the chargers. in santa clara abc 7 news.
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>> 49ers will open the regular season on september 12th and you can watch the game right here on abc 7. our live coverage monday night football begins at 7:00 p.m. on september 12th. we sent out a push alert during kelly news conference when he said kaepernick hasn't been a distraction for the team. to get the push alert down load the 7 news app. >> people who run san francisco west field center say the safety of its customers is a priority. market street mall finds itself dealing with the second mugging this month. 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is on the story. >> west field management won't discuss security manager but says coordinating with san francisco police. this after two customers here were robbed and one punched in the face just before 8:30 last night. they were on the lap top when one suspect distracted them and another snatched a lap top. >> two victims ran after the suspect and then the other
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victim noticed that another suspect came up and took his lap top and cell phone that had been left on the table. >> officer says according to the victim there were 5 mothers all juveniles. in a statement west field management said the recent incident involving several youth is not acceptable. and that significant resources continue to be devoted to security arrangements. >> earlier this month a man attacked and robbed in a restroom here by at least three men. and just two days before that man's bodies found in a mall stairwell in what is now being called a suspicious death. police say because this is a busy area it's easy for criminals to target shoppers. >> it's awful. you have to be on guard constantly when you have something in your possession. >> robert evans says he has nothing for any one to take. >> i think more of you think i'm going to be robbed as opposed to be robbed.
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to be quite honest so don't worry about it. >>reporter: there are security camera inside and outside the mall. police will be checking them. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> apple will appeal an order to pay record 14 and a half billion dollars in back taxes to ire land. ceo cook says the company followed the loss since it opened the factory in cork island 36 years old. but this follow add 3 year investigation into apple tax deal with the irish government. agreement apple pay sliding tail on tax from 1% of the professor tonight 2003 to point 005 percent in 2014. all right. such a wonderful time of year around the bay area. weather is gorgeous. >> certainly is. let's check in with sandhya for what's ahead. >> we will continue this pattern so we'll just keep it going and keep that fire danger down. let me show you live doppler 7hd and what it looks like. we have quite a bit of high
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level cloudiness right now but the clouds will be passing through the bay area and as we head towards the morning commute they will be long gone believe it or not. so right now it a little gust. >> sfo 36 miles an hour stronger gust earlier in the day. still an airport weather warning until 10:00 p.m. for those strong gusts. now here's a live look from the kgo camera. you see the trees palm tree just swaying in the wind a little bit here is a look at the temperatures. mild in san francisco. oakland low mid 60's. look at mountain view san jose almost 70 degrees and exactly 70 right now in morgan hill. live look from the east bay hills camera and just spectacular view clearly can see across the bay. don't have any fog right now. santa rosa napa 67 degreesment still warm summer night in fairfield, concord, livermore 66 and another live picture from the sutro tower cam are as we look towards san francisco here and fog not an issue overnight tonight. mild mainly clear overnight. below average temperatures through the weekend and we are looking at warmer pattern that
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begins on labor day. so tomorrow morning we start you out with temperatures primarily in the mid 70's to low 60's. might be one or two spots like santa rosa dropping down to the low 50's but most of you waking up to clear skies and mild conditions and then when you look at the hour by hour forecast you see what is going to happen. high clouds with us right now at 11:00 o'clock. they are shifting south ward by 5:00 a.m. no one is going to be dealing with the fog. wind is keeping things stirred up enough but not for long. as we head towards tomorrow often will notice low clouds and fog fill back in along the coast line. rest seeing sunshine. high for your wednesday look like this in south bay. gilroy morgan hill 80's. san jose so today it was a little bit warmer. tomorrow we see the temperatures drop a few degrees. 77 in sunnyvale on the peninsula you look at temperatures ranging from the low 70's around san mateo to upper 70's mountain view. 76 redwood city. 64 half machine bay. still another breezy afternoon daily city -- daly city. 66 degrees in the north bay.
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low 80's for novato, napa, 86 santa rosa, 78 for you in san rafael and east bay not exactly where you should be for this time of year but still quite nice. 73 in oak land. 75 hayward. 78 in castro vaechlt head inland and notice what is missing. the hot weather. we had a few low 90's today but won't see it tomorrow. looking at mid 80's primarily and upper 80'ss in places like brentwood. concord 84 walnut creek and 85 in livermore so it will be a warm day but when you look at the temperature trend for napa average high is 84 degrees. notice the temperatures are hovering below average all the way through monday. have to wait until tuesday to bounce back to where you need to be for this time of year. accu-weather 7 day forecast will show you the slight dip in the temperatures tomorrow. low 60's to the mid 80's and we hold you there right on through the end of the work week beginning of your weekend. labor day is when you start to notice the change so saturday sunday you are in the mid 80's inland low 60's coast by monday bump you up to the upper 80's
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and by tuesday we are talking about 90's again. so the summer weather back in the picture in time for everyone to good back to school and back to work mid 60's to low 90's. >> thanks sandhya. next on 7 news here at 9:00. how google could soon be a real threat to uber and lift. >> and the calming effect of the i-pad. yes. what researchers discovered it yes. what researchers discovered it can be used
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google guest ready to expand the bay area car pooling program. pilot program is currently being tested among a handful of tech companies. it uses the ways app to connect drivers and commuters but starting this fall google is expected to expand the service which would put it in direct competition with uber and lift. they have a fee up to 54 cents
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per mile to reimburse drivers for gas and maintenance costs. today bart launched a program that can pay you to avoid rush hour. bart will reward riders who travel outside peak morning commute which bart defines as 7:30 to 8:30 am. there's no benefit for the evening commute. riders win 1 point for every ride and rides worth 6 points if off peak hours. it can be changed for cash or reward and the. late development tonight in the race for the white housement donald trump makes a big announcement. what he's planning to do before his important immigration speech. >> plus several people came to the rescue after big rig plowed into several cars in new york. also. >> inspire people. small children. small girl in afghanistan. >> the soccer player in the bay area tonight for tournament that is so much more than just area tonight for tournament that is so much more than just
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good evening once again. we begin this half hour with the race for the whitese. >> tonight donald trump said he accepted an invitation to meet the mexican president set for tomorrow hours before trump speech on immigration. >> he has been accused of flip flopping on the immigration issue and tonight his son is coming to his defense. >>reporter: here's cecelia. one day away from donald trump big speech on his immigration plan. >> we will end illegal immigration. >>reporter: tonight his son insists trump position has not changed. >> he didn't change a stand on anything. >>reporter: don junior on the difference after this moment. >> certainly can be a softenin softening. because we are not looking to hurt people. >>reporter: trump in a town hall on fox news polling the
9:30 pm
room asking to deport or not to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> who nts those people thrown out? guy who wants them thrown out stand up stand up. who does not want them thrown out. stand up. there you go. >> we are going to come out with a decision very soon. >>reporter: decision on a policy that seems set in stone for months. >> we are rounding them newspaper humane way and nice way. >>reporter: but now team trump insist there's been no flip flop. >> his position an his principal have been absolutely consistent. >> thinks a guy very consisten consistent. >> pretty consistent. >>reporter: today the candidate son also not backing down. >> he didn't say well my policy now changed. didn't say. that his policy has been the same for the last seven or eight most. >> still deport. >> they have to go.
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>> that's the same correct. >> you have to start with baby steps. >>reporter: as for hillary clinton her e males could soon take center stage againment fbi expected to release a report that spells out the decision to not file charges against her. in the investigation into her private e-mail server that could also include notes that agent took at fbi headquarters during the interview. cecelia, abc news new york. state department said today that it found about 30 clinton e-mails that could be related to the 2012 benghazi attack. new documents were found among 15,000 e-mails fbi recovered from clinton personal e-mail server. state department couldn't say how many of the e-mails had already been made public. did not charge her into the miss happened licensing of classified material. campaign for clinton today former hp ceo and republican candidate for california governor endorsed clinton earlier this month. today whitman host add fundraising breakfast with business leaders in colorado. president obama today cut short the prison sentences of
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more than 100 federal inmates. majority of the 111 people commuted stay were convicted:00 non-violent drul drug offense. president long called for phasing out strict sentences for drug crimes. san leandro man sentenced to 35 years in federal prison for possessing and selling cocaine had his term shorten under today's decision. darrell reid released at the end of the year after serving 26 years of his sentence. tomorrow president obama will be in lake tahoe for the 20th annual lake tahoe summit. laura will be there and will bring us live reports right here i should say at abc 7 news at 9:00 and 7 news over on channel 7 at 4 5, 6 and 11. afghanistan women national soccer team is here in the bay area for a tournament. for some of the young players it has been quite a journey to get here. laura anthony has our story from dublin. >>reporter: afghanistan women
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national soccer team is headed in the right direction. tuning up in the bay area for competition here and over seas. and they are intent on breaking through barrier not just in sports. >> everyone has the fire in the heart. >>reporter: she lives in denmark. her family left war torn afghanistan when she was 10. >> inspire people. small children. small girls in afghanistan. the they look at us and say i want to be like her. she did itment i can do it. >>reporter: team founder 29-year-old here lived under constant threat in her home country. simply pause she played football. >> when we start playing football it was not a safe place for us. we face a lot of the threat, warning. >>reporter: this year she reached out to hailey carter a naval academy graduate who served two tours in iraq and now plays for the houston dash.
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>> so it's nice to see not only these girls play but girls in afghanistan more opportunity to play because of the coverage that we are getting together as a team. tivrjts former cal coach kelly is the head coach. the test players clearly have the drive to be successful on the field. more importantly they want to be an inspiration to girls and women everywhere. especially at home. >> this is a dream for not only my dream but the rest of the group dream that is coming tru true. in dublin laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> we show you something really amazing. pregnant woman is okay thanks to heroic action of the tv news photographer in louisiana this video shows the photographer patrick carefully rolling -- we'll pet the video if we can. rolling the 21-year-old from burning car then carrying her
9:35 pm
to safety. the woman was driving down a road near dunn springs when she lost control ran off the road crashed in tree and her car caught fire unfortunately. but again he was able to get her out. he called for help while others attended to the woman. she was bleeding from the head but did not suffer any major injuries. again very quick work. >> there was another rescue on new york highway. in this case strangers ran from the vehicle toward a burning car then reached into the flames to save a woman trapped inside. here's more. >>reporter: tonight newly released dash cam video of massive highway accident and amazing rescue. watch as the crash unfolds in a split second. tracktor trailer barreling through a line of cars. causing this 10 car pileup. >> tractor trailer over an suv that is on fireworks inside the white car on the shoulder a woman is trapped. construction workers and other
9:36 pm
motorist rush to her aid. complete strangers desperate to save her. >> completely clock. several cars on fire. we have several people trapped. >>reporter: as good samaritan try the door flames erupt on the passenger side. but they don't give up using a fire extinguish tore put out the blaze. finally pulling the woman out through the window. m miraculously she suffered only cuts and bruises and no one was killed. now even the mayor has posted the video to his face book page thanking these unsung heroes. abc news, new york. boy that's amazing. >> yes. coming up. >> bay area city betting big on comfort food...
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you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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study found i-pad has same effect as standard sedative for pre-surgical anxiety in children. one researchers gave a kid a sedative and the other an i-pad for 20 mini. study was presented at the congress if hong kong. south san francisco has long been known as the industrial city but it's biggest industry is biotech. and now south city largest company in that field is betting big on the scientist of tomorrow. jonathan bloom was there as they put shovels in the ground. >>reporter: they are not pin for party or conditioned dads. these are for genetic at any rate. >> i have this. >>reporter: they played the science game at event aimed at fixing a problem if south san francisco. >> we live in the heart of technology. student come into high school not knowing what biotech is. >>reporter: it's. >> what they contributed over the 40 years is an entire new
9:41 pm
industry in south san francisc francisco. >>reporter: now they make another contribution over three years we'll donate 18 million dollars into this program. >>reporter: in the city cash strapped school district they are breaking ground on the science garage. building for high schoolers to learn about biotech through lab and mentor. >> they get access to high tech lab equipment that is currently used in lab. >> a lot of hand on project base learning to learn by doing. >>reporter: when the building opens next year it feature an art installation with scientific twist. it's art derived from students dna. >> what are you doing there? the. >>reporter: dropped anonymously into a box it's used to make an eye catching mural. another way the science garage is more than just a building. >> because it is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists. >>reporter: even the name meant to inspire. >> company like nike, apple, all which began in somebody's garage. this garage will be where we tinker. where we create and develop the future. >>reporter: tinker ering not text book.
9:42 pm
>> do the sigh he says. succeed get excited about it. >>reporter: in a district where just 1 and 3 students goes on to 4 year college it gives teens something to shoot for. job just off the road. >> we needed indicated scientist to help us in the future. the connection hires we are not just helping the community but hopefully ourselves. >>reporter: in south san francisco, 7 news. >> calcining activist have interesting partner creating a successful surgical grill what they learn from muscles that successful surgical grill what they learn from muscles that could save the lives ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine.
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making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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a. you are looking at a whale believed to be a whale that washed up near point reyes national sea shovrment the center provided these images researchers perform ago test on the 35 foot long adult.
9:46 pm
they discovered the whale suffered from severe bleeding. other evidence suggest a ship may have collided with the whale off our coast. talking about marine life. researchers at uc berkeley believe a creature you might pick up at the beach could some day help save an unborn baby's life. and they say the key is its natural stick iness. they cling to rocks for dear life and turns out the lowell salt water muscle accomplishes the amazing fete with a super glue. >> harden in a few minutes. >>reporter: now bioengineering professor is trying to learn if the muscles formula could help improve on human made glue used in the most delicate of surgery. helps to understand it's covered with tiny thread when it wants to attach itself it sticks out a foot to secrete pools of adhesive. pasting the thread to the rock. >> fascinating process where they start by secreting liquid
9:47 pm
protein and the protein harden rapidly kind of like an he pox poxy. >>reporter: why would this be suited for securing human issu issue? keep in mind our blood contains salt. as does salt water. the same environment muscles and their glue have evolved for. >> makes sense to actually learn from marine species how they attach to surfaces. >> this will help to glue the two pieces together. >>reporter: in the lab at the university of california, the team is synthesizesing version of the muscle glue testing the strength on everything from sausage case goes to chicken skin. >> this is able to help us tell the difference between the good seal and better seal and really strong one. >>reporter: first target cutting edge surgery performed on unborn baby in the womb. one of the challenge is searing the zack that surround the fetus. >> we are developing a form las vegas strong enough to go
9:48 pm
inside the uterus during a pregnancy. >>reporter: maybe several yourself before final version is approved for human testing. in the mean time researchers continue to tap century of pa arena evolution hoping to turn a sticky secret from the sea into a life saving tool for human surgery. very innovative. one more local angle. the teams get the muscles from would day a bay. >> one last check on our weather. sandhya. >>reporter: yes. take a look at live doppler 7hd right now high cloud over the bay year. they will be pushing on out as we head towards tomorrow morning and we'll be seeing bright sunny sky for most years. not exactly the case in the atlantic and gulf of mexico we have tropical depression 9. that is the one we need to cope an eye on. tropical depression 8 off the carolina coast is expected to veer away even though it strengthen. 9 to dump heavy rain across the florida panhandle and west coast of florida as you notice wed packing winds of 50 miles an hour as tropical storm.
9:49 pm
it will kick up the storm surge as well going in thursday. so if you have travel plans for this holiday weekend or this upcoming week keep in mind this could cause delay. now state wide 78 in tahoe. looking at 86 in los angeles. desert cooking 111 in palm springs. keep the heat there. here in the bay area. cooler tomorrow. it's going to be nice and warm inland with the mid 80's along the coast lean in the mid 60's. san francisco 66. oakland 73. san jose 80 degrees. 86 in santa rosa. 85 in livermore and lock at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures going down by few tomorrow. we'll keep it there in the mid 80's through sun. low 60's coast side then labor day we get the warm-up that carries us into tuesday. >> really nice. >> yes. thanks. from the famous city infamous today the line up for the newest season of "dancing with the stars"revealed on gma. >> great line up. ryan lochte will compete who he goes up against. >> marsha marsha.
9:50 pm
from the brady bunch amber rose reality store. actress mary lou. >> governor rick perry. >> us a continue. calvin johnson. grammy winner kenny baby face edmonds. vanilla ice. race car driver james and country music sensation janet cramer. >> new season "dancing with the stars"premier monday september 12th at special time. 5:00 p.m. over on channel 7. >> and the reason you will see dancing early is so we can bring you the san francisco 49ers regular season opener live from levi stadium in santa clara. live coverage of monday night football begins at 7:00 p.m. on september 12th. yes. good stuff. >> football season. all right we still have some baseball to talk about. >> we do larry is here. >> we hope to have a lot of baseball to talk about. not only just september but
9:51 pm
into october and the play offs and whole thing. but we have to win games to get there pitchers giants wanted versus the pitcher they got. john and zack squaring off tonight as the giant try to inch a little bit closer to the tonight as the giant try to inch a little bit closer to the do
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good evening. with the giants trying to catch the donors they face former dodger ace zack tonight. giants tried to sign him in the off season usual l you recall. he instead chose arizona. the giants signed john and also bringing a new hair trend with him to the bay area. dread locks. wi. we have a shortage of hair follicle to make it difficult. tied at 1. single to right. pence couldn't get there. castillo single. and can't quite get there. 2 runs scored. top of the sixth. to the left. this time angel does get there
9:55 pm
the sliding catch to save the day at least momentarily. bottom 6 joe panic. this fall scorched. into triple off him and fan interferes snag the ball there and pence scores couldn't get more than the 1 run. cut the lead in half but it's 4-2 d backs with the giants trailing by 2 in the seventh. now the a's open the verge of trading outfielder cocoa crisp to the indian. cocoa has been with oakland for 7 sochbilitys made a lot of spectacular catches like that. kind of a weird spot with all the speculation that the a's may be intentionally limiting his playing time to prevent a 13 million dollar option from kick in for next year. only hitting 234 but he's kluchlt he can really help cleveland in the play offs. expect the deal to go down tomorrow. for tonight's game. astros mascot the the likeness is outstanding here. bottom 7. he's a bad man here.
9:56 pm
crushes this. offering to the left. and 3 nothing astros and a sad face there i get a lot of those from amma. still bottom 7. gonzalez. the dive. and pick kleechbility turn tiptz down. ken and the game is over. back to frowning again. on to football. 49ers play the charge easterlies in the pre-season finale this thursday and while head coach chip kelly try to figure out who makes the opening roster and who gets cut he's standing in the middle of this. hurricane cap here. lane won't play thursday. cap expected to start after he sits again during the national anthem. in san diego they have a huge military theme pre-game show set there expect cap will get booed incessantly while expressing his own right to freedom of speech he has the
9:57 pm
niners paralyze in the situation. what do they do if sponsors bailout on the team. do they cut cap and pay him off 12 million dollars. basically untradeable now. radioactive. some team wanted to take a chance with declining skills and large contract just too difficult situation to deal with for most clubs. cap is going to get a bunch of snap for the first unit on thursday while gilbert watches as presumptive regular season starter. >> right now he played 43 snaps so we feel like the bulk of work for what he need to do we have a good understanding of this and unfortunately because of collin injury missing the first two pre-season games he only has 15 snaps so we have to move forward and get him more snaps. >>reporter: devastating news for the minnesota vikings. quarterback bridge water dislocated his knee and tore his acl and all this in a non-contact drill today. sew is done for the season. former niners quarterback shawn
9:58 pm
hill will move in as the starter for machine society. former college football star tebow held open work in and out l.a. today trying to make the transition to baseball career. very tough turn. ex quarterback trying to come back to hard ball 12 years after he last played back in high school. 29 years old. now you look at the build obviously i think he works out. he has a lot of speed. power. explaining why now is the right time for career change. >> second hardest decision i ever made was giving up baseball to go to the university of florida and play football and wasn't a season went by went something i thought about and for me when i felt like hi this opportunity i wanted to take it and pursue it with everything i had. >>reporter: we'll see. warriors giving fans three big reasons to show up to pre-season game introducing 3 new bobble head give away. curry thompson and green bobble head. saving durant forth rogue season. pre-soap schedule october 1st is the tip off in toronto.
9:59 pm
first home game on the fourth versus the clippers. the curry mvp give away. taking on the kings sap center on the sixth. lakers in both vegas and san diego. giving away the green bobble head october 21 at oracle to take on the blazers. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> all right thanks arrest ri. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. it's official. there is a state of emergency in san jose because of shortage of cops. next step city trys to get more officers to patrol the streets. >> president obama shorten the sentence for more than 100 prisoners including a bay area man. tonight we have reaction from his east bay family join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> that's our report for now. at always we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching. snow see
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a frightened girl's call to 911. operator: where is the person that shot your dad? brae: i don't know. he ran off. operator: ok, and he came into your house and did this? brae: yes. narrator: her stepfather shot dead during a terrifying home invasion. but someone's telling


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