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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. officers descend on a san francisco neighborhood tonight we have live team coverage if the crime scene and the hospital. the rain might be holding off, more is on the way. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> meet the cute faces of customer service in silicon valley. >> sky 7 is live over a site where a law enforcement officer was injured. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. we're told the injured officer will survive. he's in the hospital and so is the suspect who was shot. >> the focus is in the ocean view neighborhood at montana street and capitol avenue. >> that is where we begin with
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vic lee. vic sf. >> reporter: details are still sketchy. we're several blocks away from the crime scene. the chp officer's injuries are not considered life threatening. we have learned this start theed as a stolen car, auto burglary operation very the vehicle task force. daily city police as well as chp were involved, chasing a car reported to be stolen. let's hear from a resident who saw the chase. >> i was walking my dog, this
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white van comes around the corner. police cars are behind it. and i hear a crash and then, boom, boom, boom. i get to the top there are cop cars and helicopters flying all over. >> we still don't know who fired the shots. police say that is what their investigating. it could is been the chp officer. it could have been the daily city officer, we're told no gun was found on the suspect. therefore, no guns were exchanged. the chp officer likely, let me stress that, most likely was injured from the crash. again, police have been on the scene all afternoon. again, no exchange of gunfire we
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did not know how he was injured. that is the latest from the ocean view district. >> let's take a look from sky 7 over that scene at montana overtreet and capital avenue ine city's ocean view neighborhood. you can see the wrecked cars there. >> it hasn't changed and they have a lot of work to do. melanie woodrow continues from san francisco general hospital. >> both chp officer and the suspect were brought here. you heard my colleague saying that there are still unanswered
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questions. take a look at this video. you can see the chp officer who is a member of the auto theft task force being wheeled into the emergency room. he was here at the hospital, that officer has nonlife threatening injuries and that officer was not shot but escorted here by 10 san francisco police motorcycles after athe vehicle task force unit attempted to apprehend the driver, again. the officer was not shot. >> he suffered abrasions as well as a minor head injury. deemed to be nonlife threatening. >> chp says the other individual was brought here to san
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francisco general hospital owe, presumably the suspect was shot multiple times. that individual, akerding to chp is in critical condition and reported it is unclear which agency involved in this task force fired those shots. we did ask for more information about this officer injured including how long he's been with the force or with this task force specifically. that spokesperson saying the officer's name has not yet been released. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. melanie, thank you. here is another live look now we're go toing stay on top of the breaking news. you're going to get updates as they happen. sky 7 is zooming into the scene that we've been talking about.
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we'll stay on the story. a boy reportedly abducted by his mother has been found safe in an amber alert issued for him has been cancelled. both found just hours ago in his grandmother reported him missing. authorities say she st not have legal skuft of her son. a xulter outage shut down most services at dmvs across the state today. some services were still available. all offices are expected to be up and running. >> at 6:00 an injured canine is
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now back on the job. take a look. this is a new picture of yele posted today. a suspect stabbed yele with hedge clippers. >> here is a live look from our camera. rain drops covered the lens. and drivers.
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ichlgs of rain in point reyes. we have had low rainfall totals in other areas and here is the storm impact scale with which we rank intensity of each storm of moderate intensity. starting at 5:00 thursday morning, notice during morning commute, first wave of rain will arrive and mid day, wide spread with pockets of heavy down pours. rain light yenz up a little bit. i'll show you how much heavier i just a few minutes. sky 7 was over guadalupe canyon parkway. crews looked over the wreckage there. hikers spotted the vehicle and
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called police. >> this elm came down tonight. and this one had shown signs of a problem and fallen ahead of the rain. the home it grazed showed little damage. >> we have weather information for you any time on news app. just tap on the temperatures in the right corner. you can get information where where you live or work. and. >> this is the start of the season for the warriors. in the finals against the cavaliers. >> hopefully, this year will be
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different. abc7 news joins us live from oracle arena. >> we're 90 minutes away from opening tippoff. our first official game with kevin durant playing steph curry. durant has been scrutinized. many years he's been a star so is used to the spotlight. >> that is something i didn't understand here that everything is going to be taken it's a
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learning experience for me. >> if durant thought every move was being scrutinized before the season, imagine the start of the season. >> steve kerr says they want to see what they can do and steve joined the coach last year so he's excited to be back. and i'd say he could be the preseason mvp this year. >> yes. >> we'll see how it turns out. >> this is going to be
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interesting tonight. you don't know what the rotation is going to be. so we'll get thoughts on this villain label now, later on. >> well, we do have exclusive new information tonight on the effort to build a new stadium for the raiders. sources say oakland officials are reviewing term sheets submitted last week by for tress investment to keep player in the hall of fame player ronnie lott. they say work still needs to be done but they believe details
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can be finalized before thanksgiving. that would put oakland in a strong position to convince the league to keep raiders in oakland. in this case, blocking any potential effort by raiders and mark davis to move to las vegas. sonoma state university students have more than mid terms to worry about. the cost of off campus rental housing is among the highest in the nation. >> coming up at 6:00, a live review on the housing front. also ahead tonight meet two women bonded by similar heart break but with different views on the death penalty. you'll want to hear their perspectives before you decide on two competing propositions on th
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a challenge for students going to sonoma state university. a shortage of affordable how longing. alisa harrington is live with the story tonight. alisa? >> the average rental is about $1600. college students are finding themselves placed out. a realtor told me housing prices have increased and she does not see this cooling down any time soon.
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this student planned to spend senior year with friends. she's commuting from home. >> the landlord was looking to raise the rent between $400 and $600 for the year. >> she can't afford high livgin costs. rents skyrocketed since she was a freshman, increasing 22% since 2012. >> we wanted to find a one bedroom, one path apartment. >> i think it's unreasonable. there is not a lot of indicator toing students. according to realtor hutchens, sonoma state has one of the highest rental housing prices in the country. jillian thinks the casino is a
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contributing factor. >> increase in people coming to the area with the casino, we have workers and families looking for homes. >> the university houses a third of campus but they have more students than ever before. >> we've increased our population so for a long time, we're at 6,000 students, now, we're past and construction is underway at university district. rents are dropping in the bay area's biggest cities. in san jose, rent went down almost three and a half percent. >> today, abc7 news learned
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investigators ruled out influence of alcohol as a factor in this boat that cap sized this month. investigators are determining if the boat was overloaded and had life jackets for all passengers. >> a bank quit gone bad led to a lawsuit by members of california's nccap. the group gathered in 2014 they say the salmon served made them sick. many say the hotel did little to help people who got sick. former oakland mayor says he ended up hospitalized in a coma two days. >> there was food served, 200 people acknowledged some level of distress as a result of but
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they denied it to this day. >> we reached out to sofitel for reaction. the hotel couldn't make comments on this pending litigation. we're beginning to dry out. we do see pockets of light sprinkles in the north bay now. and weather is quiet with another storm on the way. now winds are calm. we have thick clouds looking north. it's currently 67 degrees in san francisco. and check out this view.
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mid-60s at napa. and 69 in livermore, here is a higher angle. a brief break from rain tomorrow. the beginning of the morning commute, most areas should be dry at the beginning of the commute but rain rushes in during the morning commute. by 9:00 wide spread rainfall and more wide spread by noon thursday with pockets of heavy down pours and we'll go into afternoon and evening and thursday night, we'll see more areas of heavy poun dours but we expect the storm to move out of
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here mid morning to light morning. and about 1 to 2 inches in the north bay. and to the next storm pockets of rain are developing. overnight, partly cloudy skies. low temperatures upper 50s, tomorrow, sunny skies, highs from mid-60s on the coast to mid-70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. throughout the weekend, and through monday, we'll have periods of rain or showers if you don't have the app you
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should down load it now. >> thank you. >> just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 an hiv break through made in the bay area. >> the device
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another expansion for google express leads google watch adding about a dozen states to the network. the company will offer services in washington state, and direct competition to seat based amazon and prime service. today's stock dipped slightly. >> ucsf scientists may have found a way to s the gene that causes hiv from forming. more studies will be necessary to confirm the results but it's very interesting. researchers believe it's just the tip of the iceberg in defeating genetic diseases. >> how facebook is trying to
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make friends among neighbors. >> we're going to breakdown the plan to share space. >> like mine should not have to wait for justice. >> of the 17 propositions two deal with the death penalty. tonight you're going to hear from families that share different perspectives on which
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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we'll start with update on the police chase that ended with the shooting of a man driving in the ocean view neighborhood. police tell us the driver ran down the chp officer. he was hurt. >> the injuries not life threatening. the driver is in critical condition. we're going to bring you the
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latest updates on. silicon valley just keeps creating jobs. 50,000 new ones in the past year but critics worry a housing shortage is only getting worse. >> should employers do more to ease the problem? >> facebook wants to be a good neighbor, so it is building housing unit near its menlo park headquarters. >> we've created 50,000 jobs and everyone loves the low unemployment rate but we've only created 5,000 homes. >> most will be available to the public it's working to include 1500 units for employees. could it be a return to company towns that build housing for workers? . >> i don't see see having
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private companies as private community housing as a right solution. we have a challenge to house all of our employees. >> the organization thinks it mate be time to rethink campuses in silicon valley. thousands of employees must drive, park, crowd roads and freeways and the solution might require new thinking about where to develop housing. >> if we built more homes we're going to help reduce our air pollution and challenges of having more homes affordable to more families. officials announced a new
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initiative that offers monthly clinics. >> people are experiencing landlord issues or who have received paper work to address those issues as quickly as possible. >> the school district had problems recruiting teachers. median rent takes up about 60% of average salary. >> now, two main presidential candidates having a couple things in common. trump took aim at so called obamacare. >> the stupidity of our politicians who rammed this down our throats. from the beginning i was against it. from the beginning i said it
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wasn't going to work and it didn't work. >> hillary clinton today changes need to be made. trump must win florida to have any chance of the electoral votes, clinton can win with or without the sunshine state. polls show she is leading the state where early voting is underway. >> i feel good but not taking anything for granted. i'm going to work as hard as i can between now and the close of the election. >> we're two weeks from election day. in california voters have until monday to request a vote by mail ballot. election slay is tuesday, november 8th. there are 17 propositions on the california ballot. voters will face a stark choice for the criminal justice system. abolish the death penalty or
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make changes to speed up the pace of executions. >> this is a medal of valor. >> phyllis lost her son more than a decade ago. pittsburgh police officer was shot pursuing two robbery suspects. one of them, alexander hamilton is on death row. >> they were laughing about my son being killed, about how they rat tatted other officers who tried to render aid to my dying son. >> i'd just like to put a badge on it. >> deon wilson's husband, dan was on patrol when called to an apartment complex where a group of men were drinking outside. she says one of them, irving ramirez was on probation and in possession of drugs and weapons. >> so instead of running, he pulled out one of his guns and
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he shot dan seven times. >> ramirez is on death row. they have much in common, the two are on opposite sides of an emotional ballot battle over the death penalty. proposition 62 would abolish capitol punishment in california replacing witness a life sentence without parole. the opposite, prop 66 would attempt to speed up the process, requiring courts to hear appeals within five years. phyllis has spent a decade tracking the case of her son's killer. >> families should not have to wait decades for justice. i won't live to my son's killer executed. i know that. >> deon wilson once pushed for the execution of her husband's killer but she says she underwent a transformation some might find hard to understand. >> i thought that is what is going to heal me.
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it quickly evaporated and i realized that wasn't the answer. i had to find healing another way. >> she began meeting with inmates at san quentin and arguing both of costs of the death penalty and how administered. >> if you're poor and black you're six times more likely to receive a death sentence. out of the 15 counties in america that account for the death sentences handed out, five are in california. >> still, phyllis believes prop 66 will ensure a faster, fairer process and ultimately justice for victims. >> justice is the last business of my son's life. that door will present closure. >> complicated and emotional. this will be the second time in four years california voters have weighed in on this. in 2012, the decision won by a
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narrow margin. now we have a special page to help you prepare for election day. go to the voter's edge election guide. if you enter you'll be able to make a personalized ballot. >> folk technology is becoming a reality. >> next, a link to technology driving this beer truck. >> if employees make funny faces
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new at 6:00 a marin county couple left 80% of their $3 million estate to three local libraries. today, the marin county board of supervisors accepted the donation on behalf of the corte madera library. it is the biggest single donation ever for the system. >> that is impressive. a strange site on a colorado freeway. self driving trucks teamed up to deliver beer. the truck is self driving. there was a driver on board that spent most of 120 miles watching if the back of the cab. colorado doesn't require drivers to stay behind the wheel of the
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vehicles and it is provided this video. that is a wild sight. >> it is. >> coming up next, on abc7 news, meet the newest ambassadors, welcome to san jose. >> what robots can do that because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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hey guys. i called you all in because i just had an idea. brunch. allday, every day. brunch? that's great! where'd you get that idea? well... sweetie? you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken, and fried egg, with bacon. like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm and it's tuesday. huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us... should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu. with tasty options like my brunch burger and a crispy bacon and egg chicken sandwich. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box.
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the first thing they see could be high tech. jonathan bloom met the newest customer service agents that can stand all day without getting tired and don't need a break.
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>> tell me about your background. >> the airport announced these trip lets are joining the team. >> introducing amelia, norma, and piper. >> sometimes you hear that person is acting like a robot. it is about personality. >> their faces come perfect years of market research. it's flirty. it's winking. >> i assumed it would talk. i started to talk to it. >> the robots may respond but for now, the makers find people prefer a touch screen. >> we can go quickly. >> things like shops and restaurants. >> this would call under kiosks. >> but add wheels and a face, they become ambassadors. >> they become iconic for
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technology. >> yes, they can take a picture of you and you can be famous. >> i like it. >> i like it. >> yes. >> yes. like a tv. >> people were lining up for selfies and for this. >> how are piper's dancing skills? >> could use updating. >> they'll get regular updates. >> it would be nice if it said hi. how was your trip? >> they'll greet you like that. >> can she do the robot? >> right. that is very spenceres being. i know. it's been a quiet picture here
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as we await the arrival of the next series of storms. tomorrow will not be stormy but mostly sunny. highs from mid-60s on the coast to low 70s around the bay. the chance of rain is considerable. we have a chance of rain every day throughout the seven day period. here is the accu-weather forecast. scattered showers throughout the weekend. >> thank you. >> hottest ticket is town in oak n.oakland. >> larry beil is there for the regular season opener. >> new warrior just finished warm ups. we get set for warriors season opener, sports is coming up next.
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good evening, everybody. counting down to warriors season opener against the spurs. i had a chance to talk with warriors gm. i asked them about this new label the warriors have as the nba's new villains. >> it's a realization. >> no more clean cut, you know, nice neat bob myers. >> no. i did hear that when i joked
7:54 pm
with you one time, some viewer were offended. he love being interviewed by you. i just thank you for every time you get a chance to talk to me about it. it's fun. >> you seem genuine. >> it does. >> what is one thing you didn't know about? >> it's people might not believe this. i think he's a better basketball player than i thought. when you get to see someone practice we get a better view. watching him work, it's not something you have to do when you're an opponent. you get to see him compete against him it just gives you a bigger scope. our fans should enjoy him.
7:55 pm
unselfish and smart. and talented. >> i can't believe that he and steph are on the same team. it hit me the other night. steph threw a behind the back pass. he's like we're going to see a season of this. years of this. >> that would be nice. >> we do our best. >> i think you're going to appreciate that. >> do you want this team? do you want to go 24 and 0 to start the season? would you rather be 19 and 5 with bumps along the way? >> i had, we're going for record
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books. i think players dictate things like this more than i do. they'll say sure, 2-0. i think what you want. what we want is that we want to be playing our health wise that, is the goal. >> i said bob, now, he gets to sit back and relax like vacation for the next few months. >> this is done. the work is done. >> people don't know if i say that, they think i'm going on vacation. i don't know what you want me to
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say. >> they were awesome. >> we have to end on that note. >> we're not them. hopefully, we can get better and enjoy every day. >> 49ers would love to have your problems now. >> like i said standard in the bay areas. >> i believe half of what he says, i just don't know which half. indians are leading cubs 3-0, now in the fifth inning. as well as night one of the warrior was kevin durant. against the spurs at 9:00 and 11:00. back to you. >> too much going on. >> joining us at 9:00 right here for abc7 news at 11:00 coming up, continuing coverage on that police chase that ended with a
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chp officer hurt and a suspect shot and wounded. >> the image of a map is projected on the screen. how this device is more than just a gps. >> coming up tonight on abc, the middle followed by american housewife at 9:00 fresh off the boat then the real o'neals at 10:00. marvels agents of shield. and we'll be back with you for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and and it is jimmy kimmel live. >> that is this we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening.
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