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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 31, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a sex scandal involving a teenage girl just cost richmond police officers their job. why investigators went even further than recommended. >> rand i'm spencer christian. i'll have the forecast. >> a disturbing trend that a stanford researcher uncovered with uber and lyft drivers. >> you've seen the flames. learn the full story of the people involved in this fire from the people who woke up next to it t. scattered showers are falling right now across the bay area as the last in a series of storms finally winds down. good evening and thank you for joining us on this halloween. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. after days of rain we're actually expecting a bright and sunny day tomorrow but we might
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have to get through one more soggy evening. >> weather anchor spencer christian joins us with the forecast. >> we've got green reaching all across the screen and some bright yellows as well indicating areas of moderate to heavy rainfall, especially up in the north bay. that's where you can see and it's pushing southward down of the golden gate and half moon bay so the storm impact scale is what we're used to go range the intensity of every ranking storm from light to severe. 1 on the impact scale, light intensity and expected to produce up to .3 of an inch of rain and chance. thunder in the north bay. forecast animation. notice as we get into the later evening hours pockets of rain spreading to the east bay and south bay and during the overnight hours it will begin to break up a little bit into the small pockets of showers beginning the rush tomorrow morning. there won't be much left except a few areas of wet pavement,
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ama? >> track the storm with the abc 7 news a. we have live doppler 7 on the app and you can enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. >> police arrested two men accused of beating a disabled homeless man to death in san francisco. surveillance video from 2014 shows the men attacking the 67-year-old homeless man as he was sleeping in front of a business on sutter street. we're now learning back in september police arrested 21-year-old joseph stole who was already in custody for another crime in idaho and kept quiet while they looked for the secretary suspect. now they have also arrested 21-year-old david peters in stockton. both face murder, robbery, elder abuse and mayhem charges. and an investigation is under way into the death of a man who was hit by not one but two cars, and one of hem is a police car. the man was killed overnight around kirker pass road and kirkwood dry. his name has not yet been released. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is
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live with new details on this really sad case. vic? >> well, dan, concord police held a briefing here in the parking lot. let's go to sky 7 or shots of sky 7 which were taken earlier this afternoon. basically this is what police say happened early this morning. concord police responded to kirker pass and kirkwood drive, this after they received a 911 call from a driver who said he hit something in the road. now officers found the body of a man lying on that road with injuries consistent with being hit by a vehicle. fast forward to the concord corporation yard. can you see the driver's fan, a toyota sienna. it had visible damages to the hood. there's also a clayton police sedan in the yard that showed a clayton police officer in the car was on an unrelated call who also struck the man after he was already hit by the first driver.
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confusing. here's the concord police lieutenant nick gardner. >> mostly motorists, but it is a residential area on both sides of the roadway, so there are crosswalks but there was no -- this individual is definitely outside of a crosswalk. >> reporter: concord police are the lead investigators. the d.a.'s office is also involved in the probe because there is a police officer involved. one question and perhaps the main question is whether or not the man was already dead when he was hit by the first driver. so that is obviously one of the main questions concord police are trying to answer. also, was there any drugs or alcohol involved if that's the very latest from the concord police department. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> all right, vic, thank you. right now the fbi is looking for this woman suspected of robbing a wells fargo in san francisco's laurel heights neighborhood. investigators say she threatened
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the tell we are a weapon on thursday afternoon. the teller handed over some cash and police aren't saying how much money she got away with. now to developing news. the city of richmond has announced three more police officers will be fired for their role in the ongoing sex scandal involving a 19-year-old woman. that's in addition to a fourth who was slated to be fired last month. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live at police headquarters with more on the detition to dismiss the officers. sergio? >> reporter: ama, the chief of police today decided not to comment about the decision by city hall to fire four officers. he had recommended last month that only one of his police officers of fired and the other three be severely reprimanded. this weekend the richmond city manager decided to fire three additional officers. >> this is something that's based on my review and my decision. >> reporter: 11 richmond officers have been implicated in the sex scandal involving
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19-year-old jasmine abuslin and two have left department on their own and four others reprimanded. the contra costa district attorney's office has nod indicated there's pending charges and the city manager doesn't expect that to change. >> nothing in my review indicated that there was criminal activity but ultimately that's for the district attorney to decide. >> >> reporter: he hopes swift action will help restore swift public confidence. >> we've been recognized ford having a really good police department and when something like this happens you want to deal with it and deal withoperl >> reporter: president of the richmond police officers association declined to comment today, but he did tell us the poa will help officers with legal counsel if they decide to appeal the dismissals. the civil rights attorney john burres is representing abuslin in her $30 million claim against the city of richmond. >> the more police officers are brought to bear and held to
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task, the more she herself will understand that she was the true victim in all of this. >> reporter: civil claims have also been filed against the cities of oakland hand livermore. the alameda county district attorney's office has filed criminal charges against five officers at those police departments. in richmond, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> jasmine abuslin's case rocked local law enforcement agencies and may not be the only one involved. abc 7 news spent a night on international boulevard in oakland talking to some sex workers who say having sex for the officers with money is nothing new in the bay area. that story is coming up at 6:30. awakened by a huge fire. that's what many people in oakland's cleveland heights neighborhood had to deal with today. these huge flames sparked about 5:30 in a building under construction at acton place and lester avenue near lake merritt, just a few blocks off lake shore avenue to give you a frame of reference. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has been on scene all day long sand live with the
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stories of the people who live there. laura? >> dan, take a look at level of destruction of this building behind me this. twisted metal in the foreground is actually all of the scaffolding that was around this building under construction. the oakland fire department plans to be here throughout the night dousing hot spots and they may get a bit of an assist from some incoming rain. >> i opened up the door and it was just like a wall of red and heat. >> and i ran to the end of my patio, and i could just see the flames, and they were real hot so i said it's really time to get out. >> reporter: it was a wake-up call like no other for resident of lester avenue in oakland as they were rattled out of bed by this at the construction site next door. >> i was in disbelief. i'm like is that real? is this a real fireworks but, yeah, it was pretty scary. it was unbelievable. it was huge >> reporter: security guard at the construction site and his girlfriend were inside when the fire started. her car was impaled by falling
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debris. it went to five alarms and took nearly 100 fifthers from oakland and berkeley to extinguish the flames and protect the many surrounding homes and apartments. >> any building under construction has access to all the oxygen it wants and as a fuel it's not enclosed with any fire protection so think about it in the context of being like a camp fire. >> flames in my place. >> reporter: their place is uninhabitable right now dues to smoke and water damage. >> reporter: this is the son of the building's developer and owner and he says they were six months away from having 41 rental units fully completed. >> i'm mostly very sad for him. it's all -- everyone that's been involved. it's a big waste and it's very -- it's very sad >> reporter: so far fire investigators do not know the cause. the red cross reports four families' next door neighbors have been temporarily displaced. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7
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news. >> now the fire could be seen for miles this morning this is the view from our camera in emeriville shortly after the fire started. again, this was about 5:30 in the morning. just a huge conflagration. many neighbors took to social immediate why when this fire broke out. n abc 7 news anchor krintsy is here with more. >> reporter: neighbors started to post on facebook and instagram and here's one posted by dave. take a look at that. his neighbor knocked on a dore and woke him up. he capture the flames he calls insane. instagram photo, just an erie picture of sad neighbors this standing together as building came questioning downnd a sequoia cross-fit just nextoor posted this photo of firefighters hard at would be and our own abc 7 news reporter
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kate tweeted this video of smoke diminishing as firefighters started to win their battle, and come daylight she posted this shot of embers all over the street, and how about this. i want you to take a look at this up. nate van tweeted this incredible picture of a pitch that flew half a block from the file and impaled this windshield. luckily nobody got hurt and this picture was tweeted of the rubble. remember, help us whenever there's breaking news by usings the #abc7now. >> we provided pretty much non-stop coverage both on air and on the abc 7 news app. download the able and enable push alerts to get updates on your mobile device. >> the 49ers are losing hey lost games this season, but immediate concerning is about losing
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money. >> a look at whether the 4ers met the dead loin one hour away to prove that they are paying what they owe. >> and i have a right. i have every right. >> it's the cable car confrontation that's going vial. tonight who is right and wrong and what the rules are.
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all right. now to a developing story.
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threats by santa clara to take other management of levi stadium may be on hold while auditors determine if the 49ers provided detailed records about the revenue and expenses. the team had a 5:00 p.m. deadline to comply as santa clara tries to flush out whether that's been subsidizing security costs. abc 7 news reporter david louie is running all of this down for us and is live at the stadium with the latest developments. david. >> reporter: it's now one hour and 14 minutes past the 5:00 dead loin and we've not yet received confirmation that the san francisco-based auditor has received the documents it's requesting. this has created a lot of tension between the city of santa clara and its tenant, the 49ers, and the 49ers just issued a press release indicating it's not happy with the way this audit is the going. . a preliminary audit suggests santa clara has been absorbing some of the cost of the police and the other services for games in advice at levi stadium. that would be illegal under the
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provisions of the 2012 ballot measures voters approved. the mayor is threatening to take and provide the financial details for an audit. >> they have not been provided to the ought tore. >> the deadline was 5:00 today and the i am assured me and this for any expenses the city is not allowed to cover. a few budget items will take more days to compile. >> we need a few more days to give them the information that they need and we will do that. >> reporter: mayor gilmore and debby are on opposite sides of the stadium debate. the mayor is now being applauded for standing up to the niners
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but is concerned that revenues for games and non-games have been lax. >> who is making the concessions? who is deciding how much security we're going to have? we've got the fox in charm of the hen house over there the into santa clara, abc 1 news. >> picking a police chief in san francisco became more controversial as community leaders criticized the process and citeiat to secretary a new chief. they want the mayor to have more choices and believes an asian american should be in the running. >> for the commission to select from a pool of candidates and gift mayor a list of three i believe sun acceptable. >> whatty we are seeing a lot-of-lip service and not enough action being taken to enshower that this process is being transparent and san franciscans are getting the leadership that they deserve.
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>> reporter: the construction of the new dakota -- pipeline. the police commission says it's been representing out to the city's various communities and tomorrow night this will meet in private before forwarding it to the mayor. now on to the controversial dakota access paper line receiving national and citibank ho holdings shares in the pipeline. more now live from lieian. >> reporter: this group of protesters from san francisco joined other environmental groups to, again, protest against this pipe line. now, these demonstrators are long gone. they were here this morning hand hope their message will spread throughout the country. sti blank employees were met by
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protesters oppose the construction of the pipeline. >> we're here to interrupt. city bank colds the largest share. we reached out the corporation and designed to comment. the nip line which -- would run from north dark to illinois, and the sixias based cop behind the the pipeline it's it's the fastest way to move the oil daily and the standing tribe as -- >> if this water gets contaminated there's no turning back and this water is very sacred to all of us, not only human race but animals and the land. >> reporter: matthew puffer and
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11ers were were taken away. >> the issue this morning is they have taken over the lobby and they are interfering with the business. it's considered a form of trespassing. >> reporter: others used facebook to check in at standing rock where protesters have been protesting against the pine line. the tactic used by hundreds of thousands poof waem does to confuse law enforcement officers who were trying to track the number of demonstrators at the site. san francisco, lyanne me lend us, abc news. weather in the north day has been messy the last couple of years. the he will represents heavy santa rosa and rain is moving southward towards the golden gate and a winter weather advisory in effect and it's going to produce snow there and it's in effect until 8:00 and
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they are expecting a couple inches of snow. cloud i conditions and rainy at some spots around the bay area and current temperatures readings in the low to mid-60s and here's a live look at our camera. these are our forecast features. we'll have pockets of rain for trick-or-treaters this evening and a slight chance of thenner up in the north bay and sunnier and milder on friday. here's the forecast system for tonight starting right now this evening at 6:00 and midnight we'll see the heavier rain breaking up into pockets of scattered showers or pockets of rain across the bay area. that mattern continues into the early morning hours and beginning of the morning commute and we'll see wet pavement in some spots and rain won't be widespread and by mid-morning, in fact, it should be all over giving way to mainly sunny skies. rainfall totals we project at the end of this system, we'll range from .04 to .02 at oakland
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and generally we won't see a lot of rain with this system. tomorrow look for cloudy skies up in the north bay and partly sunny in the south bay and after the morning showers. high temperatures tomorrow generally in the low to mid-60s and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast wednesday through friday. that period is being spectacular. high temperatures in the mid-70s and we'll see a few clouds coming in on saturday and a little bit cooler and we get another system on monday. that ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. >> come up next, what
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new at 6:00, a study finds patterns of rashld and gender discrimination among uber and lyft drivers. the study involved 1,500 rides in boston. longer wait times and higher cancellations for passengers who had african-american sounding names. female passengers were sometimes taken for longer more expensive rides. a team of four researchers conducted the study included one from stanford center for automotive research. well, tomorrow markets start of the winter spare the air season, unlike the summer season which focuses on smog caused by characters of course, the winter season focuses on fireplaces and
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other wood-burning devices. that's because wood smoke is the biggest source of air pollution during the winter months. it's illegal to burn firewood or fire logs if there's a spare the alert in effect. homes that rely solely on wood burning solely for heat can qualify for an extension. this runs tomorrow through the end of february. >> the recent criminal case involving a teenager named jasmine abuslin has rocked some local law enforcement agencies and some sex workers say having sex with those in the bay area is nothing new. >> the girls are in a pliplated where they have no choice. >> the scories of some of these is 0i6d worker is next. >> the presidential election is coming down to the wire.
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the newer information that indcates who may make it to the white house.
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black and orange may be the trattitional colors of halloween but live dopplerp is lit up in all shades of green as it tracks rain across the bay area. >> yeah, this storm ranks a within on our abc 7 storm impact scale which means it's a light storm. spencer will be back with the forecast soon. >> already. now let's move to your voice your vote with one presidential candidate on offensive and another on the defensive tonight. >> hillary clinton was defiant today about the fbi's examination of a new batch of e-mails that may be related to the use of a private server while she was sec is being. >> right now the fbi is searching through thousands of the e-mails connected to the aide huma abedin. >> by all means they should look at them and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year.
7:31 pm
there is no case here. >> reporter: donald trump and his fellow republicans have latched on to the fbi's latest e-mail probe naturally saying it's evidence that the democratic nominee is corrupt and not trustworthy. trump held rallies in michigan. >> hillary clinton's corruption, eight days, you're right. is a threat to democracy and the only way to save our democracy is to get out and vote by the millions. >> reporter: with just eight days until election day clinton now holds a five-point advantage nationally over trump in the latest cnn poll of polls which tabulates the poll of polls. >> the contentious race for president could be distrakting california voters from important ballot measures and that's the concern of some political analyst. next tuesday we'll decide more statewide ballot issues than we have in is a years. >> the presidential race has truly sucked the air out of the
7:32 pm
room so that almost nothing else can get attention. all downticket new at 6:00, a crime spree involving six teenagers came to an end following a high speed chase in antioch. police say last night the boys shot out a window with a pellet gun on camby road. a short time later armed robbers wearing clown masks held up a pizza delivery person. the croup then held up a woman
7:33 pm
on picadilly lane in brentwood and took her phone. no one was hurt. >> prostitutes and police. the recent case involving a teenager named jasmine abuslin who said she had sex with dozen disease of police officers has rocked several lawmakers agencies. >> some women say women having sex with police is nothing new. >> these oakland residen could be any number of places on a friday night. but for the last four years they have come here and to the fruitvale district of east oakland. >> every friday, new years, rain, whatever, we come out. >> reporter: here the smallest volunteers deliver a big invitation. >> even it's taken one girl off the street at time. that's what we each got to do. >> reporter: the victory
7:34 pm
outreach church march past sunset looking for that one girl who will consider stepping out of the life. >> that's what we want to do is given these girls dignity, belonging and destiny. >> reporter: one of the first girls we meet agrees to talk and knows the were imwith the church and i'm a reporter. >> says she got into the game when she was 17 and she's 23 now. >> reporter: tells us when she was still underage a san francisco police officer paid her for sex. she says he initially told her he was in the army. >> it was very surprising to hear that. >> reporter: it's less surprising to councilman noel gallo. >> there are many jasmines out here. >> reporter: jasmine abuslin who said she had sex with more than seven police officers, some while she was underage and some are facing criminal action and administrative action. the former contra costa county sheriff's deputy and oakland police officer seen here both pled not guilty and the next girl we meet says she began at just 13 years old. while she was still underage an
7:35 pm
oakland police officer threatened to arrest her if she didn't do her a favor. >> backed him into a wall. >> reporter: she denied him and he left her alone. >> sometimes these girls are manipulated mentally to the point where they have no choice. >> reporter: rory keller says she was one of them. >> i don't think no is an option. >> reporter: keller received a $350,000 settlement from the city of oakland 16 years ago but says she was prevented from talking about it until recently. >> i had to perform oral sex on all the officers that were there. there were six total. >> reporter: keller says it went on for two years. >> it didn't stop when it happened to me, you know what i mean. it didn't stop. >> anything you who like to say. >> reporter: another oakland police officer, officer ryan walterhouse pleaded not guilty to prostitution and obstruction of justice charges. >> he's willing to meet these charges head on and discuss what the real truth in this situation is. >> according to the complaint walterhouse asked a known
7:36 pm
prostitute via text how she would repay him for the information she gave him. the oakland police department says the alleged conduct occurred both on and off duty. >> this does not define our organization. the first alleged encounter just one day after we were out with the women of victory outreach church. on this particular friday night at least two girls say they will consider attending a halloween party at the church. cell phone numbers are exchanged and a significant victory for these women. >> through our conversation of befriending her and texting her and loving on her. >> i don't see them as what they are now but see them has what they could become. >> reporter: no matter how many friday nights it takes. melanie road row, abc 7 news. >> we've dedicated a lot of time and resources to stories investigating issues like this. can you find those on our website >> come up next, find how the who is right and who is wrong. >> we take this viral video of a
7:37 pm
confrontation on board a cable car to the people who make the rules for situations just like this. plus -- >> the spookiest hotel in the bay is now open for check-ins and buried underneath it the
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abc 7 news was in san francisco at the fairmont hotel where governor brown smoke at a breakfast to benefit the institute on politics and public service. he spoke of the importance of getting young people interested in the process, the next generation, especially now because this year's spectacle of a national election can be uninspiring. a san francisco woman's video of a confrontation on one of san francisco's famed cable cars has gone viral. questions are being asked about a passenger's rights verus the operator's fear of a pit bull. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. snoost tad is saying he has a right to ride the cable car with his pit bull rosie. muney operators and a police officer are arguing with him.
7:41 pm
>> he says that i'm holding up the line and i'm trespassing. he's -- he then says i will be placed under arrest fortress passing. >> i felt very sympathetic for the man. >> she catch toured some of -- she said he kept repeating his by the pull is a service dog in which they are allowed on transit and in buildings but the a muzzle off a leech and muni says it had nothing to do with disability rights. he wascism plip afraid of the pit bull. >> it was an unsafe passengers for him level. >> she's not afraid of razy. i put myis. she was just very relaxed and he just wanted to wide the cable car. he says it forced him and other
7:42 pm
was rersgers to get off and it has happened over and overover dog a pit bull. >> it's a talk, beautiful, speed animal. >> he's filed complaints with the mayors office on disability and is now planning legal action. muni is continuing its investigation. in san francisco. carolyn highler. abc 7 news. coming up next, trick or treat or terror? we're going stauer would be the scare left costume in bay area. >> spencer vision is
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is plans may be shifted to thanksgiving and christmas. today is a day to focus on halloween. >> abc 7 news found these tiny tikes in our own neighborhood today of princess and princes among the kids from the head start programming and all getting an early start on halloween candy. >> arabs 7 news reporter johnathan bloom found out there may be no place spooker were
7:46 pm
than the willow glen neighborhood. >> reporter: hi, what are you? >> trick ore treating starts early here at wello green. >> i didn't know there were so many children in the neighborhood. >> reporter: lined for canady as fair as the wry can see. >> fortunately there's no chocolate. otherwise aid be eating all of it. >> was this the dog's idea? >> no, he was born to be a hot dog. >> and you're never too old to trick or treat. >> never too old to do anything. >> i really tried my hartest to get her to be a mermaid or anything else but she wanted to be a ghost. >> it's getting skooky out there. a brunt looks. >> who down sigh haunting you in your dreams? . >> the spore. we just love it, it's over -- we clement for and for decorated and the walk actually my uncles
7:47 pm
and he was died and my poppa ended up taking care of it. >> when it comes to decorating everyone agrees this haunted motel takes it a whole new level and the kids come from everywhere to be scared out of their wits. >> it wasn't really that scary. >> reporter: bob lives on this haunted ground. is there a house under here? >> behind here there's a house. the hotel has a beautiful lobe. >> being condemned for 60 years, did a couple of de bruijn. >> every year for the mast 6 years they build it mainly out of staples. >> i think there's about a 14 144,001 and be careful and once you've checked in, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> boy, that's unbelievable. abc 7 news viewers are certainly
7:48 pm
into the halloween spirit and take a look at the costume picks posted online. we find them and feature them on tv. "sportscenter" is become with an update on the forecast. do you need a -- you can see rain is arm whether the north kay and reaching south lar and along the death line. a so far these totals are amazing 3.5 in napa and 4.5 in sacramento and our percent of rainfall for act, more than 200% of average. san jose, over 300% of average and livermore and all around the bay area looking pretty good for rainfall totals and the rest of the week will be mainly dry after tomorrow morning and right into the weekend. the next rain will be on sunday which particular, the first game of back.
7:49 pm
>> so have tour in. >> a lot going on including the raiders. >> now are the thinkeders -- his fourth t.v. pass was doubt.
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well, the raiders win over tampa bay was like an old clint eastwood movie, the good, the bad and the ugly and a win is a win in the nfl so let's start with the good. derek carr threw for a franchise record of four touchdowns and 50 had yards and they had 623 yards of total office. the touchdown pass to roberts was the game winner in overtime. now the bad. sebastian janikowski who holds the nfl record for field goals made from 50 yards or more missed a 50-yarder to win in regulation and missed from 452
7:53 pm
in o.t. the ugly, an nfl record 234 23 penalties for a record 200 yards. >> unsportsmanlike conduct, holding. intentional grounding illegal use of hands to the face. pass interference. >> personal foul, unnecessary roughness. illegal formation. holding. >> we'll work our way through whatever obstacles present themselves and yesterday we dealt with a large number of infractions that we don't want to see but we fought our way through it and came home with a win. we're not going to spend any more time than is necessary to make the corrections and then we move on. . >> and in the 1:30 it took to do the story i got flagged again. so you're saying there's a chance that the cu-- chance.
7:54 pm
the cubs won last night and play tomorrow night in cleveland. cleveland knows something about having a 3-1 series lead ask the warriors. no team has won two straight on the road to win the world series since we are family pirates in 1979. that's what the cubs would have to do to win their first series and the pressure is on cleveland at home to win this out. >> knowing these guys gifts you a sense of -- takes away some of the anxiety and i know how much they enjoy trying to meet the challenges. >> i've never been looking forward to playing game seven of a world series. based on your starting pitcher, too, and, again, with these guys, you saw how good their bull pen was once again. important to grab that lead hand hold on to it and we did. >> the new-look warriors and kevin durant finally above .500
7:55 pm
with yesterday's win in phoenix. k.d. is starting to feel comfortable with his new teammates. he's the first warrior to score 990 points in three games since wilt chamberlain in 1959. k.d. threw down 37 and 15 in the second quarter to go with steph curry's 28 but the team had 15 turnovers and the suns turned into 25 points. team is still trying to get a feel for each other. >> klay had some great looks tonight and draymond had great looks, steph, myself and it's a matter of them going in. those go in we've got 15, 16 points. a couple of times we missed wide open threes and, you know, they might have got off the rebound and got it going and in for a layup and for the most part we had great looks. >> a real test tomorrow night before hosting okc on thursday night. >> another false start. >> seattle is the last thing to lead the league in penalties to win the super bowl so it can be done so we'll keep an eye on it
7:56 pm
though they like to clean that up. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 10:00. coming up two best friends, one jewish and one muslim dress up as a superhero team for halloween. how their simple costume is changing hartz and minds. >> and then at 1 is 1:00 it's a rain halloween in the north bay. abc news report lilian kim tweeted this photo. the trick-or-treaters raving the wet weather tonight and when will the rain disappear? >> here's tonight's primetime lineup. at 8:00 it's "dancing with the stars" followed by "all access nashville," celebrating the cma awards with robin roberts at 10:00 p.m. and stay for the news at 11:00. and at 11:30 it's "jimmy kimmel live with guests kathy griffith and child star. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i ama daetz and for all of us here, thanks so much for joining us.
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halloween is so fun. i just love seeing all the little superheroes before they can pronounce their (lisping) s's. (lisping) i'm thuperman, and -- and my thithter's name ith thpider-man. (laughs) good morning, lovely ladies. - yo. - hey. don't you mean, (spookily) ghoul morning? why didn't i walk straight to the car? honey, listen. i'm gonna need you to come home a little early. i can't decorate all by myself, and the girls have plans. i had plans 25 years ago. guess who messed that up. oh, i'm going to the range to shoot at stuff, and they're gonna dress up the targets to look like werewolves. before they transform or after they transform? 'cause before they transform, you're actually shooting people. sometimes i hate halloween. why don't we just skip it? no, we are doing halloween, mike, and do you know why? girls, you're gonna see a rare event here -- i'm gonna lose an argument 'cause your mom is holding


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