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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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now, at 11:00, a cold night across the bay area, as we look right now, outside from our abc 7 roof camera. it's clear, but that is accompanied by cold and the temperatures overnight could get freezing. but a warm up is on the way. good evening. >> let's go to get how low it going to go? >> low enough to give you the shivers, and as you look, the temperatures are in the mid 30s. we are still above freezing compared to yesterday, where we had some temperatures below that. here is a look at the 24 hour change and many of you are running a few degrees higher than you were at this time 24 hours ago. yes, it's still going to be chilly tomorrow morning, we are
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not going to see the 20s that were this morning. we are expecting patchy frost. below freezing. fairfield, and santa rosa. here is a look at the morning commute planner. if you are driving, it's good. it's clear. ferry ride, good, lot chop. if you are walking, i will say fair. chul -- chilly enough that you have to dress in layers. you may shed the layers later. i will tell you why later. >> developing news from the north bay, aeet is back open after a cement truck flipped over on a hillside above a home. sky 7 will show you the scene. it was wild. and for the family who lives there, today's scene is all too familiar. you are going to find out why. abc 7 news reporter joins us live from the area with the story. >> reporter: yes, dan, you can just get the perspective of this hillside from here, over here, they have a gate up right now around the area. they removed the cement truck.
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but left behind is a drum. you can see how close it came to this house and this is the second time something like this has happened. and the family who lived here as well as neighbors are all feeling very fortunate no one was hurt. the picture of this is enough to make any homeowner cringe. >> when somebody said you have a giant concrete truck that fell in the hole that used to be your garage, you know something serious has happened. >> reporter: that is what he learned from his tenant as he drove home from a holiday road trip. when he and his wife arrived to the home -- >> unimaginable. you have to beidding me. >> reporter: a little hard to believe, well, because just in april, a 50,000 pound asphalt truck smashed in to their garage. >> this has been an ongoing situation since the original disaster when a giant asphalt truck slid down the hill in to the garage. >> reporter: in fact, today's work was an attempt to fix the
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damage by first building a retaining wall. as the cement truck driver unloaded materials from the heavy truck the ground gave way and the truck flipped. police blocked the street from traffic. the 70,000 pound truck spilled oil on the area. >> the police wanted me to move my car. >> reporter: it took two tow trucks and several crews to get the truck back up on its wheels. the driver of the truck was not injured as for the owners. >> i will be glad when 2016 is every on, it has not been a good year. >> reporter: they are looking forward to moving past it all in the new year. abc 7 news. >> sky 7 was above burlinggame after a man was killed the caltrans tracks. it hit a man that was trespassing.
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buses took passengers around the scene until the southbound track reopened. there were delays of half an hour, it's the 12th cal train related death this year. we are learning more about a man that was stabbed to death in a target store in heyward. he left four children behind. we see the holiday message griffin left just weeks before his death. >> reporter: his family told us tyrone griffin came to this target saturday night to pick up a last minute gift for one of his four children. it's a trip that ended in tragedy. and it came just one month after he made a video. telling his family, life could end when you least expect it. >> we have so much to be happy for. we have so many reasons to give praise. and to count all our blessing. >> reporter: it's a video made by 36-year-old tyrone griffin, jr., a message to his family on thanksgiving. as it turns out, just weeks before he was stabbed to death on christmas eve. >> keep your head up.
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koupt ever day as a blesser. every second. every moment. every hour. because you never know when your life is going to be taken from you. >> he was very strong willed. um, he loved people. he loved making people laugh. >> reporter: griffin's mother said that he was killed during a last minute trip to target with his girlfriend and two young children. >> we went to target to get jade another toy. and wrapping paper and bows. >> reporter: his girlfriend that he encounter two men in the toy department. >> he was trying to talk to them about the cursed music they were playing in the toy aisle of target and while all the children are shopping and around in christmas time. >> reporter: the police arrested two suspects both in their 20s a short time later. lyndsey said that her son spent time in jail for robbery but since being released he has
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committed to his children and the four children. >> he wanted to go out and be in the workforce and be a productive person in the world and give back. >> reporter: lyndsey plans to set up a go fund me page to pay for the funeral. the to suspects are expected in court on wednesday. abc 7 news. >> late tonight, the heyward police department identified the two suspects arrested, they are 22-year-old frankie archuleta and jessie archuleta, no word if they are related. >> a former versace employee is claiming racial discrimination. it's claimed that he was given a secret code to say when black customers walked in. he said that he told management he was african-american and was fired two weeks later. missing some pay. it's a class action lawsuit, which means it alleges the plaintiff was not the only person mistreated. >> he is making the allegation
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that what happened to him, happened to a whole class of people. and so, he would have to prove that. >> versace denies the allegations of the suit, saying that the company does not col rate discrimination. a judge has blocked a bid to use a new use of force policy. prohibiting the officers from firing at moving vehicles and using certain control holes. the lawsuit was filed to seek to block the city from implementing this new policy. they said that the city had engaged in unfair labor practices. city attorneys argue the policy was a manager decision, not subject to union negotiations. as donald trump plans his transition to the white house, he had a slight problem at his new york home today. trump tower in manhattan had to be evacuated because of a
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suspicious package. a bomb squad checked out a bag that was left unattended, it turns out of the the bag was full of toys. he was at his florida estate during this incident and this is where the president--elect sent this tweet. saying president obama campaigned hard and personally, in the very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. the tweet is in response from a interview with mr. obama where he said he would have won a third term had he run again. president obama and japan's prime minister scattered pedals at the memorial site. it's been 75 years since the japanese attack. it's the first joint visit for both nations and the president said it demonstrates the power of reconciliation that enemies
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can become allies when war comes to an end. derek carr tweeted the surgery could not have gone better, received great news. already started the recovery process. thank you for all of your prayers as i heal up. carr suffered a broken fibula on this play, he is going to be out for six to eight weeks. matt mcgloin will start in sunday's season finale in denver. >> we just saw abc's 20/20 play tribute to the legendary carrie fisher. her bay area fans will honor her leg aacy and for the first time her brother will tell us how the family is dealing with the loss. and the theft that is called a hate crime. it was a hot holiday item that was on the top of christmas
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witch lists. and now parents are saying they are not all that they are cracked up to be. jimmy? >> i have seen the future and it is this. did you ever imagine that one day that you would be singing in an animated disney film? >> no. >>
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from hollywood to the bay
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area, star wars fans are paying tribute to carrie fisher, as you know, she died today after going in to cardiac arrest late last week on an airplane. fisher was 60 years old. abc 7 is live in lucas film headquarters with how bay area fans are honoring fisher. >> yeah, plus the first words from her brother now after this loss. leslie? >> reporter: some people told me that this felt like losing one of the beatless, an icon, a powerful role model, here under the yoda statue are messages. rest in peace, my princess, may the force always be with you. an homage to princess leia here at lucas film campus, as a statue of yoda looks down on the messages left by fisher's admiring star wars fans. >> help me obie-1 -- you are my only hope.
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>> it's part of what you were brought up with. it's nice to show a bit of respect. >> even if you did not know much about star wars or much about film, you knew who princess leia and carrie fisher was, she was a good spokesman for women and girls. >> there was no movie out there with a woman that had something, right, that was going to star in a action packed movie. and so, she was my idol. >> reporter: fisher's younger brother, todd, spoke publically of her death and struggles with addiction and mental illness. >> everyone is just a little bit in shock. you know, she is so young and was doing so great, and to have her you know, have a cardiac arrest at this age is to say the least, unexpected. >> reporter: the theater shared these photos from her 2008 stage show called wishful drinking. and wrote that carrie was a comic genius. i have never met anyone who
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could craft a line like she did. a light saber tribute will go in the castro in honor of beloved princess leia. abc 7 news. a good samaritan is sending a new menorah to replace the one that was stolen over the weekend. the story of the missing menorah got the attention of an east coast man who wanted to help. the 7 foot, 50 pound wooden menorah is being boxed up and shipped overnight from massachusetts to san francisco. it's a gift from menorah a to go. >> i thought, if i can help and provide something that will turn something negative in to a positive, it looked like an ideal thing f-- ideal thing for me to do. >> well, hatchables are one of the most sought after toys this
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holiday season. but some kids were frustrated christmas morning. parents that got their hands on the sold-out toy say it does not hatch. when kids knock, tap or rub the shell, the toy is supposed to hatch after about 30 minutes as you see. unhappy customers are complaining, it's not clear how widespread this problem is. so far, there's no comment from the maker, spin master. for some folks that toy laid an egg. >> oh, ladies and gentlemen, he is here every night. >> tip your waitresses, try the veal. right? >> yeah. we have to get tips from sandy. i hear from a birdie that we could get rain soon? >> yeah, you know, our chances of rain, that birdie told you wrong. chances of rain -- >> i had to wait, oh, no. >> it's diminishing, but i will tell you, tonight, you will have to throw an extra log on the fire to keep you warm. here is a beautiful picture of the sunset from the east bay
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hills camera. the sun went down at 4:58. look at the burst of color. those clouds have thinned out and you will notice that we do not have rain. but we are tracking fog. santa rosa reporting six mile visibility right now. do be careful tomorrow morn if you go are still working and you have a commute or if you have plans and you are off. abc 7 news, looking forward the ferry building and a beautiful center there. 46 in san francisco and 48 in oakland. san ho, you are 43 degrees and it is 54 degrees in half moon bay at the airport. certainly, milder than last night. at least there. from the kgo roof camera, we are looking toward the embarkadero there. you are down in the mid 30s, along with livermore and here is another live picture that you could see for miles. as visibility from this vantage point is still good. chilly morning, milder afternoons in the next few days and a cooler morning setting up for your holiday weekend. tomorrow morning you will feel the chill, temperatures, 30s,
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40s. and not as cold as this morn and still cold enough for you to notice. temperatures will rise at noon time. and we are looking at a milder afternoon. it will get cool again as you look at tomorrow morning. the patches of fog will be around, especially in some of our inland valleys. look out for that, allow yourself to get time to get where you need to go. low 30s from the coldest inland spots to mid 30s. dress warmly. 40s around the bay and along the coast. for the afternoon, this is why he wi -- this is why you will shed the layers. you will be in the mid 60s, and friday, a slight dip in the temperatures, but still dry, except for the possibility of a few sprinkles. it will be cooler on saturday for the new year's eve, with temperatures dropping down to the 50s. here is your three day forecast. partly cloudy, saturday night, it's fine, it's fine. cloudy, and there's a chance of
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showers on monday. but even that is not looking as promising. so, here is a look at the temperatures for your new year's eve. noon time saturday. if you are taking the kids to noon years eve celebrations. partly cloudy. cool at 4:00 p.m. as we head in to 8:00 p.m. temperatures drop and it will get chilly at midnight as you ring in the new year t new year's day is going to start off drive. slight chance of showers and sprinkles. friday, at 5:00 a.m. some of the moisture may make it up just enough to cover parts of the south bay friday night. we will see cloud cover going in to saturday morning. here is where the storm impact scale comes in. monday afternoon, we have a light system with low snow levels. could see a light dusting of snow. breezy and keep in mind the models have been back tracking quite a bit and taking out the rain chances as we get closer. here is a look at the monday afternoon. wet conditions in to monday evening. the other computer model is actually much dryer.
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seven-day forecast, cold tomorrow morning, milder tomorrow afternoon through friday. possible sprinkles and new year's eve, you are fine, cooler start to your new year's day, chance of showers, monday in to tuesday. and you will have that winter chill, download the abc 7 news app to track the changes. >> more trustworthy than birds.
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steph curry is back for the fourth year. handing out goodies to bay area families. abc 7 news was at the memorial center in oakland as occur and i his family distributed the packages. full of toys, books, and personal care products. >> it's a way to give back and make them feel special during the holiday season. we have grown it every year and you know, now reaching almost a thousand families is pretty unbelievable. >> this is the fourth year that curry has hosted the feed the
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children event. >> steph, a winner on and off the court. a lot to talk about in sports. >> what are we starting with? >> talking a little basketball. while steph was feeding the kids, kevin durant was giving the nab a mouthful and the second straight
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after taking a break for
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christmas, the sharks return to the ice tonight in anaheim, here is another jolly guy with the big beard. joe thornton. tied at one in the second and san jose regains the lead. joe ward, to melker karlsson. gets it by john gibson. wlat in the third, on the attack. to silverburg who beats martin jones. in overtime. joe pavelski, makes a great pass to brent burns, who scores the game winner, 3-2. san jose is 6-1 in overtime. raiders quarterback, derek carr had surgery in los angeles for a broken right leg. he tweeted that the operation could not have gone better. but the starting job goes to matt mcgloin. he is a tough competitor. he plays with a chip on his shoulder. they will capture the afc west if they win sunday. mcgloin's teammates say they are
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ready. >> we want to ball in our hands. we are up for the challenge. >> we have to make a play. he are confident. >> you might think after the nba said kevin durant was indeed fouled at the end of sunday's warriors cavs show down. he may be saying, i told you so. instead, durant lashed out at the league for making the referees. >> the referees lose the game. we lost the game. we could have been better. the nba throws the refs under the bus. they are trying to get the plays right and you look at it in slow-mo and they say it's wrong and it's wrong that they do that. >> the abc 7 news sports report has been brought to you by river has been brought to you by river rock ca ♪music


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