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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 6, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. . live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00 an accuweather alert. live doppler 7 is tracking the strong storm closing in. >> yet to rate a storm four until this weekend. >> large limbs come down. >> and possible flooding and landslides. >> not a good day to be out. >> as the bay area braces for the worst, abc7 is where you live. >> thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm in for dan ashley. the brunt of the storm is hours away. >> this is an just app tieser to
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the storm coming. right rain. into the north bay, light showers around santa rosa, napa, petaluma, to the south reports of light sfrinkles around anjose and palo alto, impressive line of moisture aimed right at us. going to be long duration event next 48 hours. it's for that fact that storm impact this system gets a four. major storm. first time we've had a four since we created this scale for abc7 two years ago. so the concerns we have over the weekend, a lot of rain in a short amount of time. stream and creek flooding is high. debris flows.
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hydroplaning is almost certain and wind also an issue with power outages. keeping an eye on it and time it out over the weekend in the full forecast. >> the santa cruz mountains expected to get the most rain. already saturated and vulnerable to storm damage. >> katie is live with how the residents are getting ready. >> reporter: talked about santa cruz office of emergency services tonight and tell me the emergency operations center will be active tomorrow at 4:00 in the afternoon and ready for what the storm brings. also a busy day and night for people here trying to get ready. >> seemed like so much uncertainty, it wasn't worth waiting around to find out. >> covered bridge equestrian center on the banks of the river in felton, opted to move 70
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horses to higher ground. >> in '82 it was disastrous, where you're standing three feet over your head. it gets pretty radical. >> reporter: with hours to go before the rain falls, hoping to fill 20 sand bags to protect her home. >> ten years ago, whole house almost flooded. came down the hill and slowly cent up almost to my knees. not going to do that this year. >> stiff santa cruz is providing free bag and sand and encouraging residents to be prepared. >> plenty of food and water, essential medicines on hand, battery operated radio, backups. >> and flashlights and full tank of gas. officials asking people to stay off the roads if they can. the city has had cruise inspecting and cleaning. humans, horses and homes are bracin for impact.
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>> see what happens, hoping for best but expecting the wfrt. >> reporter: waiting game begins. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> merchants race to get a head start. san anselmo creek looked calm but fear that heavy rains push it over the banks and into homes and businesses. >> it extends itself on the avenue, touch wood, been lucky and always dodged the bullet but i have a feeling my luck is about to run out. >> we'll see. in sonoma county rushed to for theify copland creek to creep it from overflowing. >> live in san francisco with the preparations in the city. is sergio?
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>> reporter: sfpuc crews set up temporary barriers this evening. filled up to about this point so the water can weigh them down against any flooding in this neighborhood. san francisco public utility commission crews started assembling and filling these flood barriers to channel flood waters away from homes. >> piloting them, looking at how effective they are and if it's something we roll out on larger basis. >> reporter: puc crews will be on call through the weekend keeping eye on the barriers and deployed trucks also. at public works yards plenty of sand bags are packed and ready for pickup. >> one of the big things we're doing for the public is giving out up to ten free sand bags for
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residents. >> reporter: and mobilize personnel. >> tree crews, asherists, general laborers, out to clear debris and engineers and street inspectors on call if there's a land slide or mud slide or sink hole be there to take care of it. >> reporter: and extra dispatchers brought on to field 911 and 311 calls. city is also opening up extra beds at homeless shelters, anyone looking for those resources go to drop-in center at bryant and 5th streets. sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> municipal pier closed, keeping people save from high tides and gusting winds as storm gets more powerful. and live doppler 7 will be changing moment by meemt. can track with the news app, enable push alerts for
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advisories to your phone or tablet. developing news. ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport is only up to private planes right now. hours after passengers ran for their lives after passenger went on killing spree killing five and injuring others. esteban santiago remains in custody. motive is not yet known. >> reporter: brought strands passengers to terminal to clear the scene. rows of cars. pick up those in lines. passengers upset after a long day and thankful to be alive. baggage claim at terminal two became a shooting gallery when without warning a lone gunman opened fire. survivors walking daezed you
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through the unreal scene that looked like battleground. this victim lay mortally wounded among the five who died. >> lower level inside, suspect with gun shots to the head. >> reporter: sent law enforcement swarming to the scene but not soon enough to stop him. identified at esteban santiago. >> man and woman and man bleeding profusely and woman just said help, help. >> herd of people running down the way and trm ming over people and security yelled hit the floor. >> reporter: hundreds evacuated from the terminal. shooting spree ended abruptly. >> threw the gun on the ground and lay down spread eagle. >> reporter: police arrested him unharmed and without a struggle. sources tell abc news he flew from anchorage through
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minneapolis to ft. lauderdale, legally checking his gun in baggage. motive is mystery but pouring through military record to look for signs of ptsd and looking for signs of terrorism. abc news at sfo talking to stunned passengers who left ft. lauderdale and in the air when found out about the shooting. six flights out were canceled tonight. if you're headed there, check with airline to make sure your flight hasn't been canceled. next on abc7 news at 11:00, trapped between bart train and platform. >> he didn't deserve this. >> for the first time girlfriend of the man killed in the bizarre accident opening up about her loss. and ruling in the kate
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steinly killing, who is responsible for death and who is getting pass. sickness is spreading. new flu warning in the bay area. and flooding will be a major concern this weekend as a storm, strength we have not seen in
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new at 11:00, firefighters in vallejo had to rescue a man whose car lammed in a power pole. lost part of his leg in the accident. today we learned that the man who had to be rescued after he was trapped between the bart car and platform died. jeff de la fuente commuting home and stopped at bart stop. katie utehs shares the message. >> gave me a kiss and went to work. >> reporter: apparent accident is hard for dorothy mack to comprehend. >> i use the bart station and how does someone get pinned. >> reporter: around 6:00 her boyfriend somehow stumbled from
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front of train, pinned at waist between the platform and second car. deployed air bags to push the car off him and transporting to the hospital, conscious and talking. >> the doctor said that he fought. he fought to stay alive. he really did. >> reporter: jeff worked near the bart station as a mechanic in the mission but also drove cab and made many friends doing so. tonight they stopped by to create a candlelight vigil. >> just want his family to know that he was loved. by many. >> reporter: bart police are investigating but a spokesman says appears to be accidental. >> aspiring to be a lawyer. scheduled to take his lsat in february. >> born in berkeley and reared by a single mother, spent part of his childhood in the philippines. mother plans to bury him there.
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friends set up gofundme page to help with the expense. katie utehs with abc7 news. kate steinle learned they can sue for her death in san francisco, and some federal judge ruled couldn't sue the city of san francisco. died after shot at pier 14 in july of 2015, gun used stolen from federal agent's unlocked car. her suspected killer is undocumented immigrant who had been released from the san francisco jail. the flu has claimed its first three victims of the season in california, the deaths included a 65-year-old in napa and 65-year-old in county. issued a public order urging everyone to get flu shot. flu virus is widespread through all nine bay area counties.
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>> accuweather alert. >> tracking a wet weekend. light showers moving on shore. north bay, light rain from santa rosa up to cloverdale, mixed precipitation with snowflakes. no going to last long. snow will turn to rain. over san francisco, a fine mist into oakland. light showers towards palo alto. mostly dry in the region but rain will fill in after midnight. two waves. on saturday a two. moderate system. downpours and scattered showers. turning breezy. brunt will hit the north bay. one to two inches.
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elsewhere quarter to inch of rain. since the creation we've yet to rank a storm of four on the scale. that's how rare and strong the storm system will be. future weather. hour by saturday morning, rain moving in early and scattered downpours throughout saturday morning. heading into the afternoon we see a lull in the activity, expecting it to be more scattered in nature second half of saturday. but don't be fooled. quickly intensify and fill in on sunday around midnight and storm is upgraded to four. tracking heavy downpours for the majority of sunday morning. look at future weather, pops of yellow and orange and even red indicating very heavy rainfall. continuing through 10:00 on
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sunday. future tracker rainfall totals, several inches across the region. brunt into the santa cruz mountains, even in the south bay. through the heart of the bay area, three to 4 1/2 inches and north bay three to six inches. so flash flood watch going into effect saturday afternoon. that means rain is falling at heavy rates. chance it falls quick enough in short amount of time, could see flooding quickly in the region. keeping eye on the area rivers. napa is forecast to crest at 4:00 in the afternoon on sunday. if you live along the banks, nearby areas will be flooded. similar on the russian river in gernville, looks to crest. forecasting moderate flooding. if you live near a body of
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water, stream, creek, river be vigilant and watch the water level. could rise quickly. wind advisely in effect tomorrow. could be as high as 45 miles per hour. threat of downed trees and power lines. and higher in the hills. you could lose power. be prepared. don't park your car under a tree. limb could come down. accuweather forecast, rainy and breezy, expecting a lull in the afternoon but fill in early sunday morning. little break in the
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here's some cute for you.
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british guards known for having a stiff upper lip but watch what happens when a mini guardsman visits for birthday. marshall scott saluting the soldiers, exciting enough but one came back and summoned the admirer for a picture. not saying a word. marched away but came back later and offered marshall and his mother a tour of the castle. fantastic. so adorable. >> does that qualify as adorbs for you? >> absolutely. not adorbs, warriors blow a lead and end up
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coming in tonight. warriors had lost only five games all season. one of the teams that had beaten them came to town. grizzlies defeated them by 21 in memphis. steph curry coming off a performance against the blazers, aggressive, going to the hole, hangs and reverses. buzzer beaters. kevin durant going to work. fade away. curry, klay thompson, beats buzzer, 67-55 warriors at break. third quarter, hit as shooting, fans yelling mvp but memphis, zach randolph, he had 27. come back fwr 19 point deficit in the fourth.
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steph makes a four point lead, 40 for the game. ten seconds left, ties it. troy daniels off a warriors turnover that was hideous hits fourth three and again, 27. grizz stunned golden state again. 128-119. women's college hoops. christine anigwe, look at footwork there, cal's defense, where is everybody? breanna brown, basket hanging, 14. and pivek added 19. cal loses, 13-2, 1-2 in the conference and stanford beat oregon. donald penn for first time
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misses a game. and couldn't come at worst time. connor cook, rookie quarterback starting first nfl game with everything on the line for the silver and black. >> you see things like this happen a lot. anything can happen or change with the drop of a hat. always got to be ready. and if it's out on the practice field with mental reps, putting yourself through it or getting reps, approach every day like it's the same. >> abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino.


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