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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 31, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the most important decision a president of the united states can make is the appointment of a supreme court justice. >> promise kept by the president. president trump nominated the u.s. district court judge neil gorsuch. >> standing here in a house of history and acutely aware of my own imperfections, i pledge if i'm confirmed, i will do all my
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powers permit to be faithfully serve vant of the constitutional laws. >> some democrats are saying they will fight this nomination. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. we begin with the big reveal from president trump. he named the supreme court nominee on live tv. >> by his own admission, it would be the most important appointmentme appointment. terry moran is at the supreme court. >> reporter: in the east room tonight, president trump. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> reporter: enjoying the prime time spotlight as he announced the supreme court pick, judge neil gorsuch. >> was that a surprise, was it? he has outstanding legal skills, brilliant mind, tremendous discipline and earned bipartisan support. when he was nominated to the tenth circuit court of appeals, he was confirmed by the senate unanimously, also, that's unanimous, can you believe that
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nowadays with what is going on? >> judge gorsuch stepping forward. >> standing here in a house of history and acutely aware of my own imperfections, i pledge that if i'm confirmed, i'll do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitutional laws. a judge that likes every outcome he reaches is a very likely a bad judge. stretches for results he prefers rather than those the law demands. i am so thankful tonight for my family, my friends, and my faith. >> reporter: gorsuch 49 a federal judge in denver with sterling credentials, harvard law known as a fine writer and staunch conservative. >> not only are we looking at the writings of the nominee and i studied them closely, but he is said to be among the finest and most brilliant often times
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the writings of any judge a long, long time. i studied every aspect of his life. he could have had any job at any law firm for any amount of money but what he wanted to do with his career was to be a judge to write decisions and to make an impact by upholding our laws and our constitution. >> reporter: the court a critical issue for mr. trump supporters in the campaign and he knew it. >> you have to vote for me anyway, you know why? supreme court judges. supreme court judges. >> reporter: with this appointment, the court's delicate balance won't change. forming the four-man conservative block squaring off against four liberals, three women with justice anthony kennedy 80 years old the crucial swing vote. >> you look at scolia.
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>> reporter: it is expected to attend. >> i am pro-life and will appoint pro-life judges. >> reporter: and president trump's agenda like immigration and refugee issues including the controversial executive order, voting rights as the president climbs massive electoral fraud and the scope of presidential powers. democrats are spoiling for a fight some calling this a stolen seat because of the way republicans treated president obama's nominee maric garland. they have 48 members and it takes 40 to sustain a filibust r filibuster. several democrats said this nominee deserves an hearing or up or down vote which is more than garland got. terry moran abc news the supreme court. nancy poll pelosi tweeted it's troubling to everybody fighting to protect their care
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and diane tweeted judge gorsuch voted twice to deny contraception coverage to women elevating religious believes over women's health care. democrats are expected to intensely question gorsuch however it's unclear if they will try to filibuster and delay the senate vote on the nomination. uss dean at the school of law says they could wait for another supreme court opening to stand their ground. >> he's very much like justice scolia. he will not move the court. it will be the later picks whether justice kennedy's replacement or others that will be a larger fight. >> the nominee will now go to the senate judiciary committee. lawmakers will do extensive research on gorsuch before hearings. if they approve the decision, the full senate will vote. we'll have more on president trump and his executive orders
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coming up at 9:30. the other big story tonight, san francisco has become the first city in the nation to file suit against the trump administration over an executive order barring federal grants to sanctuary cities. abc 7 news reporter caroline tyle tyler. >> the president's executive order is not only unconstitutional but unamerican. >> reporter: san francisco versus donald trump. dennis herrera is suing to block the executive order pulling federal funding from sanctuary cities, the hundreds like san francisco that limit cooperation with federal immigration officials. >> president trump's executive order tries to turn city and state employees into federal immigration officers. >> reporter: the lawsuit accuses the trump administration of trying to financially co-hearse the city into abandoning the sanctuary policies. san francisco stands to lose $1.2 billion a year, which is used for health care, schools, transportation and other
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necessities. the city is expecting more scrutiny from immigration officials. >> it's no surprise that this president might continue to target us. that is why i've said that we should be ready. >> reporter: just last week, immigration agents showed up at a resource center for latino families in the city. today the mission community held a legal workshop to teach people their rights. >> the only thing that we can truly do now is educate ourselves and stay together as a community and support one another. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff vicki hensent a letter the secretary of homeland security declining to participate in some immigration enforcement that she believes betrays community trust. >> in order to have community policing, you have to have the confidence of the community. >> reporter: san francisco hoping to send washington a message. the city is fighting back. in san francisco caroline tyler, abc 7 news. the san francisco board of
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supervisors right now is considering the approval of $1.5 million for immigration related legal services. and oakland city counsel will consider establishing a legal fund of $150,000 to support immigrants facing deportation. well, we had a nice week of sunny weather but that is all about to come to an end. >> yes. looking outside right now, still clear but clouds and rain are on the way. meteorologist drew tuma is here with a tale of the doppler radar. > it's finally back, the wet weather. we lasted a week of the dry weather and it will come to an end tomorrow night with the next storm system. live doppler 7 with satellite we're quiet. the wide view shows the storm churning in the pacific. a cold front will move through here late wednesday night into thursday morning and bring us the next round of rain. it will start out on the light side. one on the storm impact scale and light showers. it does become breezy and roads wet but overnight into early thursday morning the storm system will get a fresh
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injection of energy and we'll get upgraded to a two. moderate storm on the storm impact scale. thursday morning it's raining with brief downpours, 40 to 50 mile per hour gusts and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. so concerns we have on thursday, ponding on the roadways and downpours and trees likely coming down. small creek flooding is potentially there. power outages are moderate. good news, river flooding is low. we'll talk much closer look at the storm system and talk about another one moving in in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, ama. >> thank you, drew. the proposed move by the raiders to las vegas is up in the air following a dramatic change of events. first business sheldon adelson said he wouldn't invest in the stadium. today goldman sachs said without adelson it wouldn't be a financial backer. leeayanne melendez has the play play. >> there is renewed enthusiasm and hope the raiders will stay put in oakland. for weeks the raiders have claimed that goldman sachs would
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help finance the $1.9 billion stadium deal if nevada billionaire sheldon adelson dropped out. yesterday adelson announced he could no longer support the plan and today multiple reports say sacks was pulling the plug, too. adelson complained that he had been left out of some critical talks regarding the new stadium. >> if i put $650 million in someone's pocket and knowing what he did to get the deal together and work with the local elected officials and make a deal happen and not get a piece of the action for lack of a better way, i would be upset, too. >> reporter: adelson promised $650 million and had convinced the nevada senate to commit to another $750 million by raising room tax in clark county. and the raiders and the nfl were going to be in for $500 million. unlike adelson, gold man wasn't expected to be an investor in the deal, only a lender. >> you can borrow that money but
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you have to pay it back and how do you do that? davis has said that they don't have the money to build the stadium by themselves. >> reporter: some speculate the nfl could table any vote on the raiders' move. >> i think oakland is the right place for the raiders. you got the fan base. you have a community andt of all, we want the raiders to stay where they belong in oakland. >> reporter: the investment group is ready to work to come up with the funds of the $1.2 billion stadium in oakland. something that up to now davis has not wanted to discuss. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. oakland sports launched a petition drive urging nfl owners to reject the proposed relocation. if you'd like to check it out, we have a link on our website. police are scouring the east bay searching for an escaped inmate. >> how he made a break on the nimitz freeway while still wearing handcuffs then.
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>> it's not true. i'm absolutely not guilty. >> this man talks only with a brks krrbc 7 news why stanford police found him in a school parking lot with
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sheriff's deputies hunted for a prisoner that managed to escape. it happened on interstate 880. sean new was being returned to kentucky when he somehow got out of the car and made a run for it. >> at some point, their car comes to a stop in the stop and go traffic that we're used to here on 808 -- 880. he uses that as an opportunity to get out of the car and run. by the time they realize what is going on, he's on foot running at high speed down traffic. >> the prisoner was handcuffed when he made the escape. he's facing fraud and identity theft charges in kentucky and is still on the loose tonight. stanford university police issued a community alert after they say they arrested a man on campus for possession of weapons and peeping with barinocularsbi. police are investigating whether he could be connected to another incident. the man police arrested spoke with melanie woodro in a story
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you'll only see on abc 7. >> reporter: replica guns, stun guns, knives, ammunition, metal knuckles, handcuffs and bar knock lors. that's what the department of public safety says it found inside his fan on campus saturday. someone contacted dps about him acting suspiciouslyu using bar knack binoculars. a department of public safety spokesperson says he consented to having his vehicle searched. a point he now disputes. >> they didn't ask me any permission to search in my car. >> reporter: he says deputies confiscated most of his gear but he showed us these. >> this is u.s. army binoculars. >> reporter: he says he was reading parking restriction signs. >> the drape was closed and i didn't pay attention. >> reporter: the side of his
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vehicle has a sticker that says protected by firearms and there is a shooting range target in the windshield. he says his vehicle has been broken into before and both are to keep that from happening again. stanford university notified students about the arrest with a community alert. >> i think part of me is comforted that an e-mail went out in the first place to let people know but obviously, maybe someone doesn't always notice people like that. >> i think it's useful but for me i've never felt unsafe. >> reporter: deputies are investigating whether there could be a connection between this incident and a similar one a week prior. the d.a.'s office tells abc 7 news it's not received the arrest report yet and it could be on its way to the office for review. on stanford university's campus, melanie woodro. sandbags in oakland are in limited supply. the city is saying it gave out 15,000 sandbags this month. we were at the public works yard
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in the sheppard canyon as residents were checking in for sandbags and tarps before the next storm comes drew has been telling us about. it's still closed because of a mudslide. hasn't rained in days and water was still running off the hill and just down the street on shelter wood drive there is still only one lane open. the run off took away a tree and part of that street caved right into the culvert. >> all right. abc 7 news drew tuma is checking when that rain will hit us again. >> yeah, ama and dan, we've had a nice break but live doppler 7 will show rain falling across the region. tonight a lot of cloud cover upstairs but at the moment, those are not giving way to rain drops. live look showing you it is quiet out there and rather comfortable in terms of temperatures. the cloud cover upstairs kind of acting like a blanket and slowing the cooling process right now so a lot of spots at the 50s at this hour.
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50 in oakland and 53 in san francisco and napa right now, one of the typically cooler spots sitting at 50 degrees and overnight tonight, everyone will hold in the 40s with cloud cover overhead. overnight tonight, 48 in oakland and 46 in san francisco. cool, just not as chilly as it has been the past several nights with the clear sky overhead like we had last night. tomorrow you'll notice a lot of cloud cover throughout the day. the day will be mainly dry with temperatures in the 50s to around 60. it's really near sunset and close to midnight tomorrow that the rain really picks up in intensity. storm impact scale wednesday evening and a light system starting out with light showers and breezy and damp roadways for the tail end of the evening commute. future weather at noon. wednesday a lot of cloud cover and dry if you want to grab lunch on the go outside. by 7:00 we start to see a little bit of light shower activity pick up but into the midnight
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hour early thursday morning, you can see the pops of yellow and orange mover on shore and that's the heavier rain and when that storm gets more energized and upgraded on the impact scale to a two. moderate storm and brief downpours thursday morning. the winds turn gusty 40 to 50 miles per hour and the chances there you could hear a clap of thunder. picking it up early thursday morning when many of us are sleeping. yellow and orange is the heavier rain moving in on and off downpours early thursday. by 7:00 as the morning rush gets underway, the intensity of the rain may lesson a bit but raining across much of the region. the wet weather gear is needed not only for the morning but on and off showers throughout the day on thursday afternoon, as well. potential rainfall in the south bay and parts of the inland areas. about a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain thanks to the santa cruz mountains. san francisco, oakland, concord three quarters to an inch and a
9:21 pm
half. inch and a half to three inches likely. along with the rain you got the other side of the coin, the wind that will pick up early thursday morning so wind advisory goes into effect. the south wind sustained 15 to 30 miles per hour will be will do.0 to 50 miles per hour. bring trees down and the potential for power outages. the accuweather seven-day forecast. late evening shower and wet and windy on thursday. chance of a thundershower there and more rain to showers on friday. not completely clear over the weekend but not a washout and the next storm will arrive on monday. >> excellent. thanks, drew. >> sure. up next, researchers capture some really dramatic footage in hawaii. and they are calling this a fire hose. stay w
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president trump is offering condolences to the navy seal killed in yemen. the first known military casualty since president trump took office. he died saturday from wounds suffered during the weekend raid on an al qaeda base. he was a huge san francisco giants fan. buster posey shared this picture of owens on social media. he visited the locker room in 2012. he called owens a hero gone way too soon. well, now to a very rare sight on hawaii's big island. check this out. we seen lava from the valolcano but rarely at this rate. the observatory captured this footage. they call ate fire hose of lava. the explosion of water and steam you see is caused when the hot mo molten lava hits. hawaiian geologists say it's 428 degre degrees fahrenheit when it hits
9:26 pm
the water. is that not wild? >> insane. when a ban isn't a ban. >> just ahead, the white house latest stance that gives new meaning to the immigration order. >> local protestors rally against one of the president's nominees. were the theme. >> and a commercial coincidence? check out a
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good evening. recapping the top story tonight. president trump nominated neil gorsuch to replace scalia on the accept presume cou accept accesupreme court.
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>> they said he will face tough confirmation hearings expected to begin in about two weeks. >> the white house is in damage control mode on the order on refugees and immigration. >> white house officials deny it's a ban though the president called it just that in the past few days. >> abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has the story. >> the face of mounting legal challenges and growing political backlash, secretary of homeland security john kelly stepped forward today to defend the extreme vetting executive order. >> this is not, i repeat, not a ban on muslims. >> the trump administration is battling these images, families detained at airports when the ban on refugees and people from seven majority muslim countries went into effect. speaker of the house paul ryan said he wasn't told until it was signed. >> no one wanted to see people with green cards or special immigrant visas like translators get caught up. i think there was the role i was
9:31 pm
confused on. >> in damage control mode, administration announced 872 refugees will be allowed into the country this week because keeping them out would have caused extreme hardship. and the white house press secretary said today the order isn't even really a ban after all. >> first of all, it's not a travel ban. i think you heard secretary kelly and i apologize. i want to make sure i get this straight. >> wait, the president himself called it a ban in a tweet yesterday. >> he's using the words the media is using but at the end of the day -- >> wait a minute -- >> hold on -- >> the words -- >> jonathan, kristen talk. >> spicer himself called it a ban twice over the past several days. >> it's a 90-day ban. >> the ban deals with seven countries. >> this was the president on saturday, the day after he signed the executive order. >> we'll have a very, very straight ban. >> tried to ask about that today. >> sean --
9:32 pm
>> i'll see you -- >> the president set a strict ban on saturday. called ate very strict ban. was the president wrong? >> that was abc news reporter jonathan karl. a wave of oppositioned to delayed a confirmation vote for president trump's pick for attorney general. they used a procedural move to delay today's vote. they gave lengthy speeches for several hours of opposing senator jeff sessions. democrats question the alabama's record and women's health care and immigration with some saying he can't be impartial. >> he has been the fiercest, most dedicated and most loyal promoter in congress of the trump agenda. >> we know that he will uphold and enforce all laws equally without regard to person, just as he pledged. >> another vote is set for tomorrow morning. elaine chow who served in
9:33 pm
the cabinet of several administrations has been sworn in as transportation secretary. chow was a vice president of bank of america. bet sey devoss is closer to becoming part of the nomination despite efforts to stop the proceedings. kate larson was in oakland today where hundreds turned out to protest this nomination. >> reporter: demonstrators brought teddy bears to a rally in downtown oakland today against betsey devoss. the bears are a tongue and cheek reference to devoss' answer to a question during her confirmation hearing about whether guns should be in schools. >> i would imagine that there's probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies. >> bears represent for betsey depose, a threat that requires guns in the school. >> reporter: democrats and
9:34 pm
republicans expressed concern about devoss' lack of experience. she never attended, worked in or sent her children to public school. >> no real involvement with financial aid, which affected my life drastically. >> frankly, i think she passionately believes in the country and power of education to transform lives. >> reporter:ormer d.c. councilman has known devoss for 14 years. they are both founding board members of the american federation for children. >> she embraces invasion and creativity. this is loss. she's very big on technology. she's not a pound the table type do it my way or the highway unlike her boss. >> but the nonprofit is giving many americans a lot of pause. there's a real fear devoss, a school choice advocate wants to defund public schools and pry a privatize education. >> it may seem nice kids can
9:35 pm
pick a school they want to go to but with kids with disabilities, that's not an option. >> voted 12-11 to approve devoss today. a vote for final senate confirmation has not been scheduled. kate larson, a brks krrbc 7 new my lo the self-proclaimed it troll is criticized as being a racist and racist. his appearance this month was cancelled because of rowdy protest. protests are planned tomorrow at u.c. berkeley. some students and professors oppose the visit, which is sponsored by the berkeley college republicans. >> i challenge his critics to sort of keep an open mind, hear what he has to say just for the two hours he's here and challenge and offer rebuttal and answers to talking points he'll make. >> he spoke tonight where he plugged an education grant he's making available exclusively to
9:36 pm
white males. president trump plans to continue at least one executive order signed by his predecessor. the white house says mr. trump will maintain a 2014 executive order signed by president obama protecting federal employees from anti lgbt discrimination. in a statement, the white house says the president is determined to protect the rights of all americans including the lgbtq community. this year's budweiser super bowl ad is taking on new meaning because of the order on refugees and the company's co-founder who immigranted from germany to the united states in 1857. here is part of the ad. >> you don't look like you're from around here. >> i want to brew a beer. >> welcome to america. >> you're not wanted here.
9:37 pm
go back home. >> the one-minute spot follows bush's journey to st. louis where he would take over his father in law's company and turn it into the world's largest beer producer. while the ad is relevant in the political climate, it was not intended to be a political statement. no matter what happens with obamacare, you can sign up this year. >> tim
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president trump promised to repeal and replace ocbamacare. jonathan bloom explains. >> so she will be getting information in the mail. >> reporter: monica tract is having a very busy day. >> i haven't have any lunch yet.
9:41 pm
[ laughter ] >> reporter: january 31st brought her a wave of customers. >> i'm applying for cover california and hoping for the best. >> reporter: why today? >> technically it's the deadline. >> reporter: she says technically because the deadline is extended, sort of. >> you know, experience tells us that people often wait until the last minute to sign up for health care, and we want to make sure we don't leave anyone behind. >> reporter: so anyone that's started an application by the end of the 31 s can have until february 4th to finish it. >> it's gotten more complicated because i don't qualify for free insurance, so i have to apply through low income insurance. >> reporter: in this office, they are seeing more urgency than years past. >> i think people were not taking it seriously but now they are. >> reporter: with president trump vowing to repeal obamacare, swirling over the low-cost health plans over cover california.
9:42 pm
>> i'm worried about, you know, having an accident and not being able to pay for it and going bankrupt. >> reporter: arturo doesn't have to worry this year. signing up means you're covered in washington. >> someone can come to us and know they will be covered throughout the year. >> reporter: but finding coverage for next year and beyond has mendez on edge. >> i pay my taxes. i go to work every single day, and i try to do the best with what i have and i am -- i'm afraid if something happens to me, everything is going to go away. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> a new health guideline for your heart tonight. the american heart association is suggesting when and how often you eat may cut the risk of obesity and heart disease. doctors are sticking to the lon long-standing rule don't skip breakfast but periodic fasting
9:43 pm
may help weight loss and late dinners may have a negative impact on the heart. drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> concord police go above and beyond their act of kindness for
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
freeways without futures, that's how sections are described in a report that recommends tearing them down. a nonprofit group called the congress for the new urban is m put 280 and 980 on the list. if you take down the freeways, communities will see less blight and affordable housing. the old freeway was torn down after the 1989 earthquake. >> could you imagine people wanting to tear it down?
9:47 pm
probably not in those days but if you saw it today, could you imagine putting a freeway there? probably not. change can happen. it can be positive. >> the group behind this report puts out new recommendations every few years. this stretch of 280 has been mentioned for removal twice. apple beat analysts' expe expectations with reports. the company reported $78.4 billion in revenue during the holiday quarter. and it sold 78.3 million iphones. that's up more than 4 million from last year. apple says it saw record customer activity on the app store. concord police are going beyond the call of duty. the post says an elderly citizen called earlier this week to say her power had been turned off and she was cold so the officers helped her pay the bill and waited with her until the power was back on. concord police say this is a reminder for everyone to check in on loved ones during the cold months to make sure everyone is safe. >> incredibly kind, compassion
9:48 pm
thing to do. >> power outages is one of the concerns we have especially thursday morning as the winds begin to crank with the next storm moving in. live doppler 7 showing you it's quiet as could be. 24 hour away from the rain. one thing we have to contend with tomorrow, poor air quality. the spare the air day has been issued for your wednesday. highs tomorrow under limited sunshine, upper 50s to around 60 degrees. much of the day is dry. it's likely after sunset the rain moves in and intensifies on thursday morning. that's when they get to a moderate storm brief downpours, very gusty winds and slight chance of thunder. rain here, snow in the sierra and winter storm warning in the evening. three to five feet possible over the crest. accuweather seven-day forecast going to show late showers tomorrow wet and windy on thursday. friday showers are with us and the next storm will arrive on monday. >> very good.
9:49 pm
>> thanks. >> on to sports to a lesson in love. a surprise march rig priageprop >> involved cheerleaders, mascot and stunned principal. >> lindsey davis has a look. >> reporter: the pep rally at the elementary school in texas started out like any other. >> fight, fight, fight. >> reporter: only the principal didn't know the cheers were for her. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: under that panther costume is russ johnson, the principal's boyfriend. the look on her face says it all. [ cheers ] >> i think my heart stopped for a few minutes, and it seemed like the world stopped turning there just because i was like my gosh, this is really happening to me? i couldn't believe it. when he walked over, my heart just melted. [ cheers ] >> i could hear the kids cheering and chanting and yelling in the background.
9:50 pm
all of these great things and i felt like so much joy at that % time, and it's an indescribable feeling. >> what do y'all think she said? >> yeah! >> how sweet is that? >> very sweet. good luck following that, larry. [ laughter ] >> sweet. >> oh, yeah. >> think about how many people he had to -- >> right. >> absolutely. >> to choreograph. don't anybody tell, keep a secret. you know. four of us can't keep a secret. [ laughter ] >> 49ers not done with aldon smith yet. they want him for one more thing.
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
good evening, unless there is a billionaire that wants to step forward, tonight a legislature said if a deal can't be reached in a timely matter, the $750 million pledged for the stadium will go to other
9:54 pm
infrastructure. we said for months the biggest x factor was billionaire sheldon adelson. what did he want for putting in $650 million? he's out so is goldman sachs. there are other billionaires that might be interested but brings us back to the original problem and that is it doesn't pencil out as a great invest the for anybody but raiders owner mark davis and also, what investor wants to go into las vegas replacing adelson and running the risk of being enemies with the guy that runs the town. you want to fight the king of the jungle in his jungle? i don't know. the group is ready. at this point all roads may lead back to oakland. new 49ers john lynch looking to add front office people that have experience, done. adam peters from denver as the niners vp of personnel. peters has spent 14 seasons in the nfl two quality organizations, the patriots and
9:55 pm
broncos and has three super bowl rings. the niners are not quite finished with aldon smith. their former linebacker currently waiting and hoping to be reinstated by the nfl. the niners are suing smith for $341,000 in signing bonus money that goes back to 2014. smith was suspended for violating the league substance abuse policy and the niners want their money back. continuing on the countdown to super bowl li on sunday. look at the quarterbacks, matt ryan and tom brady good friends. often text each other although i'm guessing that's probably not happen thing week. ryan will be playing in his first super bowl. this will be amazingly, this is number 7 for tom brady who is 4-2 in the big game. >> you know, the losses in this game are tough. you're going to live with those for the rest of your life and those will be games if you lose, those are regrets. when you win, there is no regrets. >> tom had a great career, that's for sure.
9:56 pm
he's been so consistent for so long it's impressive. this is about one game, our team and their team and what we'll do sunday. >> to the ice tonight, sharks and blackhawks back from the all-star break. brent burns, the break away. martin jones kick save and a beauty after having a goal waved off, patrick marleau scores career goal number 499. 1-0 team deal. dennis down the ice. wrister off the post and maybe you'll hear the little clang there. it's 1-all in the third period. after missing sunday's game against the trailblazers with a stomach bug, steph curry is listed as questionable for tomorrow's home contest. warriors taking on the hornets. zaza also questionable after injuring his right shoulder diving for the ball on this play in the fourth quarter on sunday night. if you look closely, it looks
9:57 pm
like he might have hyper extended the shoulder. he'll undergo an mri and will determine the extent of the injury. the warriors spent part of the off day reading to -- that's kevin durant showing up and assistant coach ron adams hosting a read to achieve rally for 200 students. this is the 15th season that the warriors and ross stores have teamed up to put on this reading program. good stuff. lebron james not happy. his cavs are struggling. he's feuding with tnt analyst charles barkley calling lebron whinin whining for complaining. lebron fired back saying he's not the one that once said i'm not a role model and never threw somebody through a window. lebron's buddies have got his back. >> in his situation, maybe he got tired of just hearing it from that particular person. >> lebron is what he is. we all have flaws but when your flaws are a little more, then you should shut up. so i'm glad l.j. finally said
9:58 pm
something and stood up for himself. new sheriff in town. i'm excited to see what's next. [ laughter ] >> you are looking live at the arena in lexington, kentucky. welcome, everybody, i'm brett. pleased to have jay. want to know why i got to be tired? listen -- >> brent in the final game tonight putting a wrap on an extraordinary broadcasting career. had a good game. number eight kentucky wanted a come back. malik monk with a long two that tied the game. monk again scoring as kentucky would win it 90-81. coach with the hug for brent after the win. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. very nice man. >> sad to see him go. >> you know, he's still very, very good broadcasting but on to new ventures in las vegas and so i'm sure he'll do well. >> wish him well.
9:59 pm
>> he's been with us -- >> almost 50 years as a broadcaster. >> thanks, larry. coming up tonight at 11:00, the pick is in so what's next for the supreme court nominee and democrats that could stand in the way. >> meet the newly formed family left in limbo after an adoption agency closed. join us at 11:00 on channel 7. before we leave, an east bay neighborhood you probably never heard of is apparently the place to be. >> won the honor of hottest neighborhood in america. the bush rod neighborhood. >> that's right. today the red fin real estate company named it the hottest neighborhood in part because it's close to popular restaurants in the ashby and bart stations. >> a two-story home sold for $200,000 over list price. >> thanks for joining us,
10:00 pm
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