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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> live doppler 7 shows a few lingering showers. but after the second strong storm in a week, it looks like the worst is actually behind us, at least for now. but first, a major defeat for president trump and his temporary immigration ban. good evening. i'm dan ashley, and i'm am that daetz. a san francisco federal appeals court refused to reinstate the ban on immigrants and travelers from seven predominantly islam
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nation. >> marci gonzalez is live with more. marci? >> yeah, dan and ama, another round saying he is confident he will win, despite this latest blow to the ban handed down there in the bay area this evening. a unanimous decision by the 9th court of appeals against reinstating president trump's ban on immigrants and travelers from seven predominantly muslim nations. >> they did their jobs carefully and well, and we appreciate their work. >> the three judges upheld a halt to the ban instate bade washington state court which claimed the january 27th executive order that stranded families at airports and forced others to be turned away discriminated on the basis of religion and violated the constitution. the appeals court heard that argument and that of the justice department, which maintained the order was made on national security grounds. the judges wrote in their decision the government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order has
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perpetrated a terrorist attack in the united states. rather than present evidence to explain the need for the executive order, the government has taken the position that we must not review its decision at all. we disagree. president trump responding, tweeting see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. >> it's a political decision that we're going see them in court. and i look forward to doing. it's a decision that we'll win in my opinion very easily. >> in the president's tweet, well we have seen him in court twice, and we're two for two. >> and the justice department said it is now reviewing the decision and considering its option. this case could go all the way to the supreme court. dan and ama? >> marci. has the president talked to the attorney general about an appeal at this point? >> you know, what timing today. today attorney general's jeff sessions first day on the job. but just after the decision was
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announced, president trump said he had not yet talked with sessions about the ruling. i'm sure that is a conversation that will be happening quite soon though. dan and ama, back to you. >> marci, thank you. marci gonzalez reporting. >> hillary clinton reacted to the ruling against her old foe by writing 3-0 in this case. the court's ruling is 29 pages long. we have made it accessible through our abc 7 news app so you can read the judge's decision for yourself. now to the weather. even though the worst of the storm has moved past the bay area does not mean all effects are over. >> it certainly doesn't. meteorologist sandhya patel joins us with live doppler 7. >> when you get too much water on top of saturated ground, you continue to see problems, despite the fact it has lightened up on live doppler 7. take a look at what i'm talking about. really light showers and steady in the santa cruz mountains. but it was coming down pretty hard earlier, and that's why we do have a couple of reports of debris flow. this one just in. mudslide coming down on state route 17 at laurel.
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and there has also been a mudslide blocking southbound lane of so cal san jose road. watch out there. in the south bay, benton street, street level radar showing light showers. and damp on the roadways from woodside, sandhill boulevard to peska derieux. a580, you'll notice stoneridge drive getting the light showers. in the north bay, not quite. petaluma, penngrove still wet. we still have a flood warning for the russian river. they've already seen the flooding and moderate flooding will continue. we have a flash flood watch for the entire north bay until 10:00 p.m. tonight and until 7:00 a.m. for the san francisco peninsula coast. look at allhe storm reports. we're talking 27 to be precise. debris flow, wind gusts. wind gusts cops 55, 60 miles per hour in the hills. i've downgraded the storm to a 1 from a 3. tonight and tomorrow scattered showers moderate at advertisements. our flooding concerns remain. i'll be back with the hour-by-hour look at what is
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ahead for your friday and when you'll finally, finally get a break. it's coming. dan and ama? >> okay, thanks a lot, sandhya. in the south bay, one worker was killed and another was injured trying to clear a mudslide. >> it happened on highway 17 just after noon. david louie explains how this tragedy happened. >> two employees of granite rock were standing behind a dump truck as it backed up and ran over them. granite work is a contractor working for caltrans to clear up mudslide on the northbound lanes of highway 17. weather conditions were hostile at the time and visibility might have been limited. the chp said both workers were wearing brightly colored safety vests. >> it had already been raining for about i'd say 30 minutes. a downpour much like this. and they were going to work through the rain. and we were flagged down by a passerby. luckily chp was right there on scene. medic got up here quickly. we expedited fire and ambulance
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to get the gentleman that was trapped extricated and get him over to valley med. >> the trucks along with others have been moving dirt from a mudslide to a dumping site about a quarter mile down hill. it is repetitive work they have been doing not only this week, but also last month when massive mudslide crashed down at the very same spot on an abc 7 news van, crushing the vehicle and injuring a photographer inside as he drove by. it's not known if the truck had a backup beeper or a rear-facing camera. granite rock, a well-known watsonville based construction company said it is devastated by the death of its employee and the injury of another. it said it has not had an accident in years. the slide has forced the two northbound lanes to be closed, forcing commuters to use single lanes on the southbound side. granite rock has identified the two workers involved in this accident. killed was 54-year-old bobby gil of los banos. injured was 33-year-old steven whitmire. the extent of his injuries
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unknown. in scots valley, david louie, abc 7 news. in much water keeping highway 37 closed in nevada. the highway patrol tweeted this photo. vehicles are being diverted off the highway right before atherton avenue. the closure may last for several more days. it's not exactly what you want the see when you're looking up the face of a cliff. this dangerous scene along southern california central coast have led to a closure of scenic hey 1 from ragged point to just south of big sur. caltrans shared this video with us of mud and rock crumbling off the facade of a collapsing hillside next to the two-lane highway. >> abc 7 news was in walnut creek today as crews cut some trees that could potentially fall. last month several trees did fall right here, taking down power lines and blocking the road.
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the crew chief says they'll be back at it again first thing tomorrow. >> sonoma county has once again received the brunt of the storm. the heavy rain is causing flooding and road closures. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more. >> add this to the long list of drivers with calls for help who got stuck. >> dozens in the last few days. most people take a chance that they can't get any deeper than this, and it always gets deeper than this. >> now this driver is in deep trouble with the law. >> since we found it, she was under the influence of either alcohol or drugs or. so she was facing arrest. >> in guerneville a different kind of trouble they're bracing for. >> lots of water. have buckets of water for the plumbing. because where i'm at sometimes, we can't flush our toilets and stuff if it gets too high. >> after years of drought, rain is good for the wine country. >> it's nice. it's a change. >> but it makes it hard to relax. >> scared because of the loose rock and mud slides and now with
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wind and maybe downed trees. >> trees like this precarious pine on river road leaning dangerously over the roadway. crews were called in to take it out. and chop it up while traffic inched along in the other lane. the problem isn't so much the rain falling now. >> it's like drizzle. like the rain that was like two days ago, that was ridiculous. out of nowhere. >> and that rain has the ground and these workers muddy and soaked. >> just working the rain. yesterday was brutal. yesterday was bad. we were all day in the mud. >> but for these pg&e contractors from richmond, there is a bright side. overtime? >> oh, yeah, double time. >> now this water has already started to recede since the rain stopped. it's 30 feet farther away from us than it was two hours ago. but in guerneville, they have the russian river to contend with. and that's expected to hit flood stage just after midnight tonight and could stay above flood stage all the way through tomorrow morning. in rohnert park, jonathan bloom,
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abc 7 news. a massive mudslide that measured 200 yards, two football fields caused extensive destruction in narendra. a perspective on just how big it is. at the bottom of this slide, this home which bore the brunt of an estimated 180,000 cubic feet of debris. the homeowner says he saw and heard a sea of mud crashing through the become of his home on tassel lane. the city today red tagged it, afraid that more mud would move and bury the house. >> actually right up in that bathroom behind those glass blocks. and i came out. maybe it's hail. and then i saw the wall of the office starting to come in at me. and ran downstairs. >> mud also seeped into a neighbor's backyard. city official says the road is very unstable and it will make it more prone to slides like this one. laura anthony got inside that
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house and she shared these pictures and videos on twitter. you can see what our reporters are finding throughout the bay area on this very wet and soggy day by following us at abc 7 news bay area. the storm has caused extensive damage to state route 70 through plumas county. a waterfall near jarbo gap. this one happened near the greenville. it has been since cleared to traffic. snow and ice in south lake tahoe are creating a flooding problem. drains are blocked and that's sending floodwater on to roadways and into homes. crews are working to clear the thick mounds of snow in an attempt to ease flooding. >> so many amazing pick checks, right? an end of the rain is in sight, but not before more damage is done. your updated weekend forecast and how some people made the most out of a very soggy situation. situation. plus, the massive
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now back to our storm watch. it was a busy day in marin county where all the wind and rain kept firefighters and police on the move, responding to emergency calls. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen spent the day in marin county. >> as the wind and rain ramped up late this morning in marin,
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fire departments were ready for one of the first emergency calls in mill valley. a 60-foot tree uprooted from a hillside and crashed high across morning sun avenue, destroying this wooden garage and taking out power to the neighborhood. fortunately, nobody was home or hurt when the tree fell. captain josh mccue says there is often no warning when a tree falls. but given this year's heavy string of storms, he advises inspecting the area around your house. >> if you see like the ground starting to erode away, fissures, cracks in the ground, that can be a warning sign it's an unstable area. >> further north the high tide in combination with the deluge of rain turned a neighborhood street into a shallow lake big enough for tubing off the back of a volvo and boating, according to neighbor james hamil. >> my friend, his dad has a kayak, and when it's like this, he brings out his kayak.
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>> are you having as much fun as your children? >> no! i'd like to be inside. >> says mom jennifer hamil, who is doing her best to entertain her children on the rainy day away from school. she is appreciative of the drought storms. >> we're done with the water. it's too much. we can't take anymore of this. >> marin health and human services is also tired of seeing kids in floodwaters which it points out can contain sewage and chemicals. reporting in marin county, kate larsen, abc 7 news. look at this. a giant hole in the oroville dam spillway north of sacramento continues to grow. you're going to see a really remarkable image here. look at this. water releases from the reservoir have created a crater almost as big as a football field. the department of water resources announced it will monitor this spillway overnight to see what happens next. but it is also preparing to use an emergency spillway which has actually never been used.
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in addition, the department has begun an emergency rescue of salmon and steelhead trout to a nearby hatchery. the agency insist there's is no eminent threat to public safety or to the integrity of the dam itself. caltran riders are still facing delays after a train stalled at the san carlos station tonight. riders sent us this video. one told us the conductor ordered all on board to evacuate the train. black smoke was seen coming from it but they characterized it as a stall there are delays system-wide and they're tracking around between the belmont and san carlos stations. caltrans used the opportunity to send this tweet asking transportation secretary elaine chao for federal dollars for new trains. just today trump hinted to airline executives that the country lacked high speed rail. after a really intense day, it's finally calming down. >> sandhya patel is here with whenever the next rain is hitting us. >> we have some showers right
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now and we'll continue to see the showers tomorrow. but a break is coming for the weekend. so live doppler 7 right now. really blotchy green on our radar. that's just an indication that the rain has eased up. now it is still going, know, light to moderate in intensity around san martin tin, highway 101, monterey road you'll notice some moderate pockets of showers as we look an the peninsula and into the south bay from sunnyvale to south bay slayer heading west looking at the wet roadways. in the santa cruz mountains the steady rain continues. well did have wind gusts earlier today of 55, 60 miles per hour over the hills. that's long gone. still breezy, though. burlingame, skyline boulevard across 280, it is wet. as we get you into the discovery bay area, you will notice brentwood, street level radar, damp roadways out there. and it is really light stuff in the north bay around petaluma, adobe road. so here is a look at how much rain we received. i know many of you want to know. and it was over 3 inches in the santa cruz mountains. san francisco 0.69.
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over 2 inches. you'll notice around oakland, concord about a half inch. san jose 0.49. russian live at guerneville, i just checked it right now. it will remain. right now it's slightly below flood stage. but will remain above flood stage from 10:00 tonight to midnight saturday which is why the flood warning is going. they've already seen some flooding and moderate flooding will continue. expected to crest at almost 36 feet tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. lovely view from our south beach camera. temperatures mid to upper 50s except in san jose it is 60 degrees. here is a live look from our emeryville camera. yes, it is a gray sky out there. if you're not seeing the showers, mid- to upper 50s. santa rosa, concord, livermore, and slippery in spots like the golden gate bridge. this is what you're going to face tomorrow morning during the commute. rainy areas tonight with windy conditions. looking at scattered showers friday and drying out this weekend. on our impact scale, this is a 1. it's a light system for tonight and tomorrow. we'll see scattered showers.
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it could be moderate at times. and that flooding concern remains. the hour-by-hour forecast tonight at 11:00. well see the showers around 4:00 a.m. really spotty and in the east bay and primarily the south bay and peninsula. so your morning commute will include wiper weather in spots as you notice here. but it's not a widespread rain event. 7:00 a.m. still going as we head into the lunch hour. a few showers to the south. a few to the north. perhaps picking up a little bit in intensity. but not until later on in the evening. so afternoon we'll see a few more showers and then it winds down. in terms of additional rainfall, we're not expecting a whole lot more. you'll see a few hundreds to 29 in ben loehmann. for the afternoon we'll go with some showers and sun. so you get a little peek of what's to come. mid 50s to the low 60s. you can download the abc 7 news app to help you keep track of the showers and plan out your day for the friday. a storm impact scale for tomorrow.
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scattered showers mixing in with sun. skies will clear for the weekend. but it will be cold in the morning on sunday and monday as well. you'll notice those temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s. almost spring-like by tuesday. we're going to be flirting with 70 degrees. but as you get used to that idea, we cloud it up midweek and then we bring in the rainy pattern again. beginning on thursday, a 1 on the storm impact scale. the storm, the next series will take us from next thursday all the way through the following weekend. >> okay. >> winter is not over yet, dan and ama. >> thanks, sandhya. up next, a girl scout cookie stand robbed at gunpoint in the bay area. what police are doing to help. reunited. a santa clara woman and her lost dog are back together for the dog are back together for the always wins. especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up.
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san francisco police are investigating a shooting that happened inside a muni train.
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it happened this afternoon as the you be t third train was approaching 22nd street and the dog patch neighborhood. police say two men got into an argument and one pulled a gun and fired. one person was rushed to the hospital. a relative suffered minor injuries. the shooter dropped the gun on third street and took off running. union city police are asking for the public's help to find an armed robber who targeted a girl scout selling cookies. police say a young man approached a mother and her 12-year-old daughter who were selling cookies a at safeway store on dakota road yesterday. he asked a couple questions and left only to return a few minutes later, show a gun and rob them of an undisclosed amount of cash from the cookie sales. >> the mother and the girl don't want to speak to anybody. they are embarrassed. they are mortified. and they don't want the see this happen to anybody else. >> today a union city police sergeant presented a check for a thousand dollars to the mother to cover the lost cash and purchased her daughter's remaining cookies. the money was donated by union
9:26 pm
city officers. >> very nice of them. a santa clara woman was reunited today with the dog that she spent more than two and a half years looking for. the last time margo wills saw her dog augie was september of 2014 when she left her pet in the care of a neighbor. somehow augie escaped. will assumed her dog was long gone, but this week students at presentation high school in san jose found the dog wandering on campus. a staff member took the dog to a local vet where they found a microchip with marg get's contact information. today augie and margo were reunited at the school. happy ending. >> that's great. well, we do have much more to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. see the cleanup under way tonight in napa county after nearly an entire week of rain. also, an epic storm brewing tonight on capitol hill after kellyanne conway urges people to buy
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> napa county is dealing with a mudslide and flooding, but official says it's not as bad as what they expected. >> abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow explains how they're handling it. >> napa county flooding provided some spectacular sights today like here at the napa creek where a park bench nearly disappeared in the water. and at the concrete dam spillway. >> it's impressive. you don't see this every day, that's for sure. >> that's a lot of water. >> a lot of water that these residents say napa county needs. many stopped to take pictures and video at the spillway today. the lems shared this picture
9:31 pm
with us of a growing lake in their backyard. >> we're willing to endure that for all the water we so sorely need. >> with the water comes mud slides like this one at browns valley road. >> there is a mavis landslide. trees down. peg pg&e is up there. >> they seemed outsized. in the city of napa precautions are in place like this floodgate near ox bow. >> the river was expected to stay below flood stage. in napa county, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> at its peak today, we had rain falling from santa rosa down to san jose. >> abc 7 news has a perspective from the peninsula. >> in woodside, crews had to climb slippery trees and cut them down with chainsaws just to prepare to deal with this slide on highway 84 near skyline boulevard. the road has been completely shut down since the slide happened on tuesday, and there is no word yet on when it will reopen.
9:32 pm
in this redwood city mobile home park, nervous neighbors kept a careful eye on this nearby creek. it overflowed on tuesday, surrounding these houses with up to a foot of water. the water has recede, but not the worry. >> this whole place is under water. >> wow. >> you couldn't -- you couldn't drive. >> but i think people know here that it floods. and i think we're pretty well prepared. >> menlo park firefighters came prepared with a drone to help monitor the rain-swollen creek. if that debris chokes off the flow, it could lead to standing water on west bayshore boulevard, a nearby apartment complex and even on highway 101. >> so we anticipate this rising considerably. it takes about three hours for the rain to make its way to this spot. >> the good news, high tide isn't until close to midnight. so it shouldn't be a factor in the creek levels. also, caltrans has heavy equipment standing by to remove that debris and keep the creek
9:33 pm
from clogging and backing up to cause flooding nearby. on the peninsula, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> and you can track the storm with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app. and you can enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or your tablet. we are learning tonight that president trump had his first conversation with chinese president xi jinping. right after he got elected, mr. trump spoke on the phone with taiwan's president, something no u.s. leader had done for decades, in fact. that set off some alarms in beijing. but tonight the white house said the president has agreed to honor the long-standing one china policy. that means acknowledging china and taiwan are both inail i can't believe parts of a single china. a day after president trump blasted a department store for dropping his daughter's clothing line, his senior very kellyanne conway during a tv interview urged shoppers, quote, to go buy ivanka's stuff. tonight the question did conway break ethics rules and will she
9:34 pm
be punished? >> tonight kellyanne conway accused of violating federal ethics rules by promoting ivanka trump's fashion line on live tv. >> go buy ivanka's stuff is what i would tell you. i hate shopping. i'm going to go get some myself today. >> it's a wonderful line. i own some of it. go buy it today, everybody. you can find it online. >> federal ethics rules prohibit white house officials from endorsing any product, service, or enterprise. conaway's comments sparking a bipartisan outcry. and this response from the white house press secretary. >> kellyanne has been counselled. and that's all we're going to go with. she has been counseled on that subject. that's it. >> but republican house oversight chairman jason chaffetz still not satisfied. he is demanding a full review from the office of government ethics, writing conway's
9:35 pm
statements clearly violate the ethical principles for federal employees are and are unsent. >> i want to make sure it's dealt with swiftly, completely and this is not a routine pattern out of the white house. >> the uproar comes just one day after president trump attacked nordstrom for dropping ivanka trump's fashion line, tweeting my daughter ivanka has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom. that attack then retweeted from his presidential financial account. nordstrom stock dropping following the tweet but later rebounding. the store says it cut ties with ivanka's brand because of declining sales. no comment on any of this from ivanka herself. she has formally resigned from her brand. but like her father, she still maintains a financial connection. >> that was tom llamas reporting. the mesa, arizona mother who found herself at the center of immigration debate overnight was deported to mexico this morning. last night protesters surrounded the van believed to be carrying
9:36 pm
36-year-old guadalupe. for years federal immigration authorities allowed her to remain in the u.s. but under a shift in policy under president trump, federal officials detained her yesterday and promptly deported her to mexico. she could be the first person deported under the new administration's policies. >> it's unjustice that trump wants to separate families just because he stereotypes us mexicans. not all of us are criminals. >> protesters rallied against her deportation and denonsed the change in immigration policy. garcia de reyes had a prior felony conviction for criminal impersonation. tonight governor brown says california is ready to meet president trump's high speed rail challenge. at a meeting today mr. trump said he does not want to compete with her business but pointed out the lack of a fast train in our country. california's own gop delegatin, though, has urged the new secretary of transportation to block a $647 million grant to
9:37 pm
electrify california. in a rare case of agreement today with the president, governor brown tweeted california is ready. so what if you could prevent cancer with a common household product? >> scientists think they have discovered how. something in your
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workers at tesla's fremont factory are asking the company to unionize. a man who claims to represent employees at the plant say they are asking because of difficult work conditions and long hours. the employees have reached out to the united auto workers. tesla says it has a long history of engaging directly with its employees and will continue to do so. a lean profit outlook sent twitter's stock closing at
9:41 pm
$16.41. it came after the san francisco-based company said it expects between 75 and $95 million in adjusted earnings this quarter. that's a far cry from $191 million wall street had been expected. twit esch's losses swelled in the fourth quarter from $90 million in the same quarter the year before. times are also tough for zenifits a startup. internal memos obtained by buzzfeed indicate the company is about to slash 45% of its workforce. according to the memo published by business insider, 440 employees will lose their jobs including 250 at san francisco headquarters. it would leave the company with 500 employees. whole foods is planning to close stores for the first time since the recession. the company is closing nine stores. that's just a fraction of its 440 u.s. stores. stores in davis and encinitas are among those being closed. however, whole foods says it still plans to open six new stores by april. there are a lot of studies
9:42 pm
that found aspirin may prevent cancer. but researchers didn't quite know why. now veterans affair scientists say it may have to do with aspirin's effects on platelet. those are the blood cells that form clots to stop bleeding. platelets play a role in forming new blood vessels be. the same action can help tumors grow. it's that process that aspirin can interrupt. the researchers say it may be especially useful for colorectal cancer and possibly others. >> interesting. meteorologist sandhya patel is up next with the forecast. >> that's right. and the little girl with an
9:43 pm
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it was a tough day to travel by plane. nearly 150 flight cancellations at san francisco international airport today.
9:46 pm
take a look at the board there is a list of cancellations for flights coming from the east coast because of a powerful snowstorm there. it didn't end there. the rain pounding us on the west coast caused cancellations from oregon to palm springs. travelers taking it all in stride. >> that's all you can do, really. we packed a bag full of toys and snacks that she has no idea are for her. and we'll pick them out when it's appropriate. >> the little girl is cute. many more flights are being affected by delays of up to one and a half hours. >> always a hassle. but when it really pours around here at that airport. the good news is that's going to start to clear up quickly. >> sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> we're seeing improvements. as you take a look at live doppler 7, yes, we're still seeing the showers. it's nothing like it was earlier today. i want to take you in where we're seeing light rainfall from hayward, san leandro, street level radar, bancroft heading into dublin, dublin boulevard, pleasanton. on the peninsula from redwood
9:47 pm
city, down into the los altos hills area. a little damp in the sierra nevada. highest elevations. not lake level. about 8,000 feet is where we're seeing snow falling. believe it or not, in tahoe, it's raining heavily. highest elevations where it's snowing, chains are required if you're heading up to the mountains. winter weather advisory for the west slope of the sierra until 10:00 tomorrow. expecting 6 to 10 inches with whiteout conditions. and a winter storm warning for the lablgt area until 1:00 a.m. saturday. ridge gusts could be 150 miles an hour with 1 to 2 feet of snow above 8,000. not a good idea to travel. for tonight and tomorrow a 1, a light examine, scattered showers less than a third of an inch for most areas. and the flooding concerns remain. here is just a preview of your morning commute. scattered showers at 5:00 a.m. this theme carries over right on through friday night before it all winds down. our chances of rain kind of bookends on each end.
9:48 pm
a 1 for friday. and then next week, wednesday, thursday we have a 1. in between you have the four dry days. saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. tomorrow it's not going to be completely dry. you'll have a mix of sun and showers. 50, 60s. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. 1, like i said on friday. wednesday is rea chance at night. and thursday we have a 1 on our storm impact scale that will be the beginning of a rainy pattern that unfolds again. but in between, your weekend is dry. it is bright. cold mornings sunday, monday. it is winter, and we may be seeing the temperatures dropping around freezing. numbers will bounce back, though, by tuesday. near 70 degrees inland, ama and dan. it's going to be nice. a little girl with a fighting spirit after ten months in the hospital. >> singing a song. >> david muir has the story. >> this is how t video starts. with shoulders moving, little leah carol.
9:49 pm
lip-synching to start, she is just 4 years old. born with a rare blood disease. a thumbs-up after overcoming two bone marrow transplants. her mother by her side there. on the video, mom encouraging her little girl. >> let me hear it. ♪ ♪ you might be down for a moment ♪ ♪ i can remind you >> you're an overcomer, the song goes, and leah, singing nearly every word. after spending 326 days away from her family in the hospital, music has helped leah get through it. she knows every word. ♪ proving to the millions who have already seen her, she is an overcomer. ♪ overcomer >> so sweet. david muir reporting. wow, that's cute. well, got to follow that,
9:50 pm
rick. >> the cute meter goes down a little. not a lot. just a little. >> she was singing and they were swinging in monterey today. coming up in sports, they were swinging in the rain at the pebble beach pro am. and our own mike shumann talks and our own mike shumann talks to new [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. ♪ ♪
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> it's almost become a rite of winter. the 49ers hiring a new head coach. today kyle shanahan was officially introduced. the former falcons defensive coordinator is the team's fourth head coach in for years. our mike shumann spoke to shanahan and the 49ers new general manager john lynch. >> i'm pumped to be back. i always wanted to be a head coach my entire life. to be a head coach at a place like san francisco, a place that does mean something to me and my family that i do have a lot of memories for it, it makes it that much more special. >> watching you and john lynch together, it's like neither one of you cares who gets the credit. usually in that situation, that's when you're win. >> well, that was what was
9:54 pm
important to me. people think a lot of coaches are just trying to be a head coach. and that's definitely a goal of mine. but i definitely wasn't trying to do it to do it. when jed gave us the opportunity to come in here together and to get on the same page and to meet together before we both did this, it was a special opportunity. >> you knew kyle as a broadcaster. so when you first met, did it click automatically? >> yeah, we've known each other for quite a while. i went to play for his dad in 2004. i see a guy who is incredibly smart, incredibly innovative. he puts his talent in the best position to be successful. he doesn't say this is my scheme. everyone's got to adhere to it. he says okay, what do we have and i'll make a scheme to highlight and maximize everyone's potential. and i think that's what great coaches do. so the more we talk, the more we realized we saw football in a very similar light. >> quarterback position, as you know, coaching them all those years as an assistant, you're
9:55 pm
only as good as your quarterback. you really have three unsign and colin kaepernick can opt out. talk about colin first. you got to get that taken care of. >> you got to get the best option out there. everyone wants the best quarterback available and there is a bunch of different ways to go about it. i have to study the guys we have, and that starts can colin. i've been studying colin since he was in college. i was a fan when he was at nevada. i look forward to watching a lot of film on him and trying to develop a opinion on him. you've got to find out whoa you think the best decision is immediately and also in the long-term. >> how does that sound, the head coach of the san francisco 49ers kyle shanahan? >> it's still different for me. but it's very good. and i'm extremely excited about it. and just pumped to get started. >> we're excited to have you here and congratulations. >> thank you. i appreciate it. now to hockey. after blowing a late three-goal lead tuesday in buffalo, the sharks were trying to bounce back tonight in boston. despite blizzard conditions, the game still went on in the garden. playing their first game under
9:56 pm
new head coach bruce cassidy. 52 seconds in, it's 1-0. later in the first, joe thornton who was drafted by the bruins ties it up. it's just his fourth goal of the season. but boston answers with two more goals in the period. patrice bergeron cleans up the loose puck. 90 seconds later, david pastrnak scores on the power play. he had a pair of goals as the bruins beat san jose 6-3. it's the sharks' third straight loss. college hoops tonight at santa clara at usf. beth teams coming in with 7-5 conference record. the dons dominated early. frankie ferrari with the three. kj fagan tried to keep the broncos in wit 13 first half points. but usf was hot from outside. jordan from long-range. the dons led by 20 at intermission. second half now. ferrari with the sweet dish to matt mccarthy for the hoop. but santa clara has rallied and now only trails 59-58 with about a minute left.
9:57 pm
the at&t pebble beach pro am tried to avoid the stormy weather today by moving the tee times up an hour. but they still couldn't finish the first round. let's go down to monterey. former san jose state star mark hubbard had the early lead playing pebble. he wound up with a 3 under par 69. he is now tied for fourth. four-time tournament champ phil mickelson playing the monterey peninsula course. he is 1 under through 17 holes. the crown prince of pebble bill murray takes no chances with this putt. hey, this game is easy. jordan spieth was on the monterey peninsula course. this shot from the fairway nearly goes into the cup. spieth only managed to get in 16 holes. he is one back of the leaders. rick lamb fired a 4 under 68. he shares the lead with joel dolman. they hope to complete the first two rounds tomorrow. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota.
9:58 pm
i think murray's shot is not legal. i'll have to check the record book. >> it's at least on the line. >> thank you, rick. >> all right. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11 about, president trump says see you in court.y area re the 9th circuit refused to reinstate his travel ban. and the effort to clear a giant mudslide in the santa cruz mountains turns deadly. what we're learning about the victim tonight. be sure to join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. george clooney's wife amal is reportedly pregnant with twins, the couple is expecting the babies in june. this are be the first children for clooney who is 55 and his 39-year-old wife there. >> have been no responses from clooney's representative about what's going on. so everyone is buzzing, wondering. >> all right. well, thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, rick quan, hope to see you again in one hour on channel 7. >> yep, see you then.
9:59 pm
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