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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 16, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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you can't advise someone when they don't want to get your advice. >> they talked and president trump didn't listen. now, 16 of 20 members of the presidential commission have
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resigned. >> there are only four members left on the advisory commission of asian-americans and pacific islanders. >> melanie woodrow found members who left and one who stayed. >> their perspectives on all of this. >> the commission is basically a liaison between the asian-american and pacific islander community and the government. the commissioners who remain say they want to see projects underway to completion. those who have resigned say the lines of communication between the commission and the president are closed. >> of 20 commissioners, 16 have now resigned. 6 resigned when president trump was elected. 10 more yesterday. including the now former chair. >> we were told that there is basically no way to communicate information to the president
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unless it's con grew end with his policies. >> policies dr. winn says he and other commissioners do not support. >> the most substantial border security measures in a generati generation. we've ordered a crackdown on sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with health care law. >> 2 million asian-americans didn't have health insurance before. >> the closed line of communication to mr. trump is the reason they resigned. >> it gives you pause. the goal is to be patient and wait for that communication to occur. when it does, we need to take the work we've done and ensure it flourishes. >> another commissioner said, i'm staying on, because i'm working with the white house initiative on a few remaining projects and wish to complete them. >> i respect them very much, and
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their decision to stay. >> dr. winn says he will either appoint replacements, create a new commission or do nothing at all and let the current commission lapse. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. today abc 7 news was in san jose where the largest school district received a lot of calls from parents saying their student was going to be absent. it's part of the national day without immigrants protest. >> you have a lot of immigrant family families and student notice district. >> we reached out to san jose unified this afternoon. some students were missing because of the protest, but would not give us official numbers. we checked with other districts, san francisco says absences were not anything unusual today. oakland told us, nothing significant. napa valley reported 1100 absences, by comparison last thursday, there were 270, so big difference there. there were about 10% more ab
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senses in their district than normal, which only includes middle and elementary schools, the superintendent just spoke with us about what a difference that makes. >> the high schoolkids are the ones that are more freer to these kinds of things. elementary students it is very. it's a message from the families, not a message from the kids. so i think that that's quite significant. >> of course, it's not really clear if all of these absent students were taking part in today's protest or if they were out of school for a different reason. many bay area stores and restaurants are stayinglosed today in support of the protest, aria a korean tap as restaurant shared this photo on instagram showing they closed today to recognize a day without immigrants. it's one of many examples and we'll share some more at 6:30. there's a lot of uneasiness district. crews continue working atop the
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high rise on tahama street to repair the concrete wall that was in danger of collapsing. cornell bernard has the latest on the fix and what some officials want done to make sure it never happens again. >> still lots of questions tonight. the city just slapped a builder with this violation notice. tahama street still closed tonight between first and second as repairs atop the high rise take place. >> the building is safe, the crane is stabilized. >> the danger is over at a downtown high rise. sky 7 was over 33 tahama. a giant concrete slab leaned. the accident caused panic in the financial district wednesday afternoon. the order was lifted hours later, when the slab was stabilized, except for this tech firm at the base of the build
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billing, that's still off limits. >> if they say it's safe i guess it is. >> david adele works in the shadow of the high rise, many of his co-workers didn't show up today. and for now, he's taking precautions. >> staying away frat skylights and maybe the top level. trying to stay as safe as possible. >> our city has issued a notice of violation on 33 tehema. >> this notice halts construction of the building except for the repair work that's still going on. it gives the developer 48 hours on the status report. >> it's a one off incident or is there something systematically at issue with our inspection process that allowed this oversight to take place. >> the building's texas developer says the situation is safe. the forms are now in a stable
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condition. cal osha says lend lease, the building's construction firm, received five citations since 2011, involving worker safety, and keeping some machinery in working order. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, new orders for all oakland police employees. police officers and civilian employees were told they must report any parties going on without a permit. and any illegal living spaces in converted warehouses. officers went inside the warehouse, in some cases, and the conditions were never reported to other city agencies. the directive tells officers to send an e-mail to their supervisor and area captain.
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a series of storms that will last for a week. while it looks calm spencer christian is already tracking some weather advisories. >> here's a closeup look at live doppler 7. we have calm finishes. it will arrive tomorrow morning. obviously, impacting the morning commute. strong gusty wind will accompany this system. notice by 5:00, tomorrow morning, we'll see areas of moderate to heavy rain all over the bay area. it will become more widespread. it will be wetter across the bay area. we won't see the moderate to heavy rain ease up until afternoon. the winds accompany this storm will be quite strong we have a
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wind advisory in effect from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. a closer look at the 7:00 day forecast coming up. authorities are now responding to a case of tuberculosis in fairfield. they're working together on what they're calling an active tuberculosis case. they're not releasing any information about the patient. it's important to note that there is a difference between an active tb case and a tb infection. people with a tb infection do not have the disease and are not sick because the back teer yar inactive. seven years of economic growth. and the news comes just as apple says it will return its world
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developer's conference to san jose. lonnie rivera is live outside the mchenry convention center with the story. >> the last time that developers conference was here, that was more than a decade ago. the convention center is much larger there are new housing and apartments here. all reasons everyone is excited they're coming back. cars cruise by several tech companies. this busy workday brings some good economic news. >> we've had several straight years of growth, this is an amazing economy. our growth is outstripping the state, the nation. >> that's according to the 2017 silicon valley index. jobs, income, office construction are growing in silicon valley.
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>> san jose really is the heart of silicon valley. >> the news comes on the same day apple announced its worldwide developers conference is coming back to san jose. since 2003, the international conference has drawn thousands of developers to san jose. >> it brings thousands of people from throughout the world. >> a new tech start-up recently opened an office in north san jose. they specialize in entertainment content, smart tv's, bikes and cars. >> we have capacity for people here in well over 500 offices. >> along with growth comes some growing pain. >> people are losing amazing amounts of time in traffic. >> the economy shows no signs of slowing down.
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>> lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. help arrived by the truckload today in california. we'll see what it looks like when fema steps in to help out at the oroville dam. >> the differences are visible from space. i'm kate larson, neighbors would like to see a toll system to reduce traffic on their street. tourists on the other hand not tourists on the other hand not so [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh!
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the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. a story we brought you
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minutes ago has already changed. oakland police officers and employees were being told to report any illegal parties or residences inside converted warehouses. a statement was just released, the e maim with those instructions was distributed prematurely. we will stay on top of this changing situation and bring you whatever happens next. >> popularity has its problems. it's part of tracking down on lombard street. >> a city supervisor and a neighborhood association would like to see a toll system go in here on lombard street, the money from that would go to pay for more policing in this very congested and sometimes dangerous area. even though this process is at least two years away from being implemented. a lot of people in the neighborhood are concerned.
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>> i moved in a decade ago, we didn't have this amount of traffic. >> reporter: terry's address may be famous, for the past nine years, her life has become increasingly chaotic. >> the last two years, the amount has increased to the point -- you'll see this, yes, this is an every day occurrence. and at night it increases. >> 2 million visitors a year, double what muir woods gets, we have zero infrastructure in place. >> mark farrell wants that infrastructure to come in in the form of fast track toll readers and camera. if you drive down the street without one of these, you could be charged more. >> it's really about what will reduce the demand to drive down the streets. >> break ins, every other day.
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>> dennis accepted a job as a building manager last year, he hopes reducing traffic will reduce crime in his new neighborhood. >> i see fights, that's what i see most of the time. police need to come to my building, check the security cameras once in a while. >> one of the only free attractions will soon have a price tag. >> bad idea. san francisco is too expensive for tourists. >> others say they may be willing to pay a small amount. >> no more than $10. i wouldn't pay more than that. >> $5 would be reasonable. >> remember, the whole purpose of the toll is to deter at least some of the tourists from jamming up the hill. not to find a price that everyone likes. reporting on lombard street, kate larson, abc 7 news. residents of san mission district celebrated 25 years of day laborers in the city.
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a renovated facility on ceasar chavez street. >> a medical services we can connect them with housing services, we can connect them with a food pantry. >> the center offers classes for day laborers and domestic workers to improve their career skills. california's drought conditions continue to improve. the beige color on these maps correspond to moderate drought. many change to yellow, which indicates areas that are only abnormally dry. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with new satellite images that show the differences.
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>> this is from last april, coming off a dry winter, let's focus on san pablo bay right here. now, let's bring up this week, also san francisco bay, we want you to focus on san pablo bay once again, the water is so brown, that is sediment, washed in from the sierra and the central lley, what a dramatic difference, right? >> let's check out, further north, split screen here, last november, on the right just this week. you see on the right, we have quite a robust water flow here right into sassoon bay. that's from just this week. how about a few months ago. can you see where the water flow would be? not really. you can't tell there's a river unless i bring up the sketching for you. you can see the other differences, look at the water.
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green, brown, brown not necessarily bad, it's the sediment, it looks not as pretty. what a dramatic picture. dan and amma. >> certainly dry conditions, we're not going to be dry very long, that's the pattern we're in these days, the dry spells are infrequent. looking out across the bay, and over the embarcadero. current readings are fairly uniform. san jose, gilroy and half moon bay. another live view from our emeriville camera as we continue, temperatures remain. one more live view at the golden gate bridge you can see that skies are cloudy. these are our forecast features, it will be rainy and windy for
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the morning commute. this wet pattern will continue through the middle of next week, our approaching storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. it will certainly have an impact on tomorrow's morning commute, we expect moderate and heavy rainfall in the morning hours, and the storm will be accompanied by strong gusty winds, here's our forecast animation. notice this storm or this wave of rain is coming up from our south. in the south bay, it will get wet first, 5:00 a.m., the morning commute gets underway, all parts of the bay area will have received some rainfall we move right through the central part of the bay area. it won't start to ease up until the early afternoon, by late afternoon, into the evening hours, we'll see little pockets of trailing showers, finally that will wind down late tomorrow night the gusty wind
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will accompany the heaviest of the rain. we'll see wind gusting from 20 to 30 miles per hour. we'll see gusts from 30 to 40 miles per hour generally. we'll see gusts exceeding fairfield. we project rainfall totals will range widely just over a quarter in san jose. high temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the low 60s. over in the sierra by the way, snow will be falling, we have the winter weather advisory in effect we expect 6 to 12 inches of show. hazardous travel conditions. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. the storms for the next three days will rank one on the storm
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impact scale. we'll see some sunshine. it won't last long. just in time for president's day your three-day weekend will wind up on a soggy note, we'll have additional rain wednesday, tuesday and wednesday. but not next thursday. running out of juice tesla stock is slumping. stock is slumping. >> why
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stock is slumping. >> why ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. abdominayou may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available in the digestive aisle at cvs, walgreens and riteaid.
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. we're looking live at san francisco international airport. you could get a free meal. starting march 1st, delta will begin providing free meals from san francisco and jfk. delta tested out food offerings last year, and found a big increase in customer satisfaction. american airlines debuted its none stop flight from phoenix to sonoma county. on the ground, tesla's stock value slipped a bit today. following united autoworkers to unionize. the head of the union is reaching out to workers at tesla, uaw president tells
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reuters, any effort to unionize tesla workers will be determined by the employees. tesla's stock price fell by $11 today. overall, the dow jones rose slightly. today is thursday, it's the 16th of february, it's a day without immigrants. >> see who supports the idea and how long it took for us to find someone in san francisco who opposes it. i'm jonathan bloom here, where they're staging at travis air force base. >> don't be fooled by the cle
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it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. shut down just for one day, this is what the protest called a day without immigrants looks like it was a protest and a strike. some workers decided to protest as a way to show how vital they
7:31 pm
are. >> for some businesses, closing shop was an act of support. how the day went in san francisco. >> the staff made a tough decision today, cancelling reservations to stand behind a few of their workers who took the day off. >> not only to make a part of the workforce, with it comes a special skills set. >> the nationwide event called, a day without an immigrant was felt most in the predominantly hispanic mission district where many businesses closed shop. zuni's cafe opened but made sure their clients read their message. immigrants make america great. very few people were not behind the concept of workers staying home. >> i don't think it's going to change how the politicians feel. >> one business reopening today was the nonprofit, day labor
7:32 pm
program. it will continue to provide casual work for people regardless of their status. >> they're gaining the skills they need to gain, getting access to dignified work, and they don't have to be afraid they're making themselves vulnerable. >> supporters came to city hall to demand that more money be set aside to hire more lawyers to defend those who are dedaned and face deportation. >> imagine being locked away for weeks, months, years. not knowing your rights, speaking very little english. >> it's not clear if the mayor supports the proposal. in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. >> the city of oak lant announced it's joining a supreme court battle. the supreme court is reviewing a ninth circuit decision ruling immigrants in long detention must be given a bond hearing every six months. the ninth circuit told us
7:33 pm
president interrutrump plans toa new travel ban. tonight president trump's pick for national security adviser has turned down the job. retired admiral bob harward was so chaotic. >> this administration is running like a finetuned machine. >> president trump tried to paint a different picture at his news conference today. the president blasted the leakers and the media, but did acknowledge the leaks are real. democrats in the senate, want an independent investigation into russian interference in our elections. >> 17 different intelligence agencies tell us the russians did a cyber attack on the american electoral system, during the course of this campaign. and the president dismissed it as a ruse. >> the president says nobody he knows of on his campaign staff
7:34 pm
contacted russian officials. there is promising news for people who just retned to their homes around the oroville dam. there's no immediate threat of flooding, even with the coming storms we've been talking about. water officials said the damaged spill way at the reservoir should be able to handle the storm runoff. repairs continued for the third straight day on the spill way, officials slowed the release of water so crews could remove debris, that will allow them to eventually restart the dam's power plant. the lake's level has dropped 32 feet since the spill way went into use. >> the threat level is lower. it's much lower than what it was on sunday. >> the sheriff doesn't expect mandatory evacuations again. other government agencies are preparing for the possibility of the worst at the oroville dam
7:35 pm
emergency supplies began arriving by the truckload. >> it's the trucks lining up down below. >> we are an air force base, but we do so much more here. >> that includes playing host to the federal emergency management agency. 130,000 people were told to leave their homes. the first disaster relief supplies are arriving here. >> 44 plus trailers. with meals and water. >> the supplies are mostly coming from one place, the people who are on stand by to put them into action if needed have begun arriving from all over the country. >> we have people that work all over the united states that converge on a moment's notice it's a great working
7:36 pm
environment. and everyone has the same mind-set of supporting the survivors on the ground. they do countless drills to prepare for the worst, even now ready. >> we're prepared to stand that up should that be needed. >> it's happening as authorities believe the worst threat has passed with the lake level continuing to drop and workers piling up rocks to stop the erosion. fema will bring in trucks packed to the roof with food, water and blankets. >> main taken full readiness until there's no threat of something tragicic happening. >> after travis air force base, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. recent storms are helping ease our drought which is going on for years opinion.
7:37 pm
>> thank you for giving me this, lord. thank you for still being with us. >> it's been an ordeal for this fairfield family seven on your side has stuck with them to make sure their home is made hole. >> the nba all-star game this weekend. warriors star steph curry, kevin durant and draymond green are
7:38 pm
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happening now, the world ag expo is celebrating 50 years in the valley. >> you don't have to be a farmer to learn something from the expo certainly. >> vanessa in fresno, shows us how the irrigation techniques have evolved over the last several decades. >> amidst one of the worst droughts in history. water remains at the forefront. >> one can see how irrigation
7:41 pm
techniques have changed throughout the world and stayed. >> we were flood irrigating. >> four decades ago, drip irrigation was widely used. each irrigation product is aimed at efficiency. >> people often adopt drip. >> problems like this, deliver water nutrients directly to the plant. >> even though we've seen a lot of rainfall in the past couple weeks, the drought is far from over. >> even with oroville going over the spill way. the thing we have to keep in mind, the groundwater is a huge issue. >> thanks to technological advan they're able to manage and make the most out of their water. >>. >> we're evaluating plant stress on a daily basis.
7:42 pm
>> doug larson shows us how often to water certain plants. soil technology has been around for years, it's drastically improved. as for what was done 50 years ago, it was a guessing game. >> when we were kids we stuck the shovel in the ground to see how far we could penetrate the profile. >> larson says, knowledge is power. >> as an industry, we have got to continue to grow, educate each other so we can become better and better at what we're doing. we're getting some natural irrigation this week from the rain. >> here's live outside at the view. view. spencer christian will exp
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breaking news, we are getting live pictures of this scene now from baltimore maryland, this is a warehouse fire you can see all that smoke coming off of it. the fire has gone to three alarms, so far there are no reports of any injuries. we'll bring you new details if
7:46 pm
we receive them in this newscast. an elderly couple says they endured a year with a horrendous roof leak. >> they wanted to help the environment by using solar panels. they also got a year of aggravation. >> the huge tarp he used to try to control his roof leak. his wife katherine gave us a look from inside the house. she says the leak was so bad, much of the rug in their living room had to be pulled up, she described the sound of someone walking on that run. >> it's like you're walking in water. >> so much water in the attic above the ceiling, samuel cut a hole to release the pressure. a cascade of water came crashing down along with pieces of the ceiling. >> it was a boom and you heard dishes breaking.
7:47 pm
>> this happened in february of last year. that's about the same time contractors installed solar panels. >> with the solar panel up there, and it's in the same space, that's where all the leaks is, there's no leaks no place else. >> the couple called the company and it took a month to get back to them. they denied responsibility. they contacted seven on your side. and we put them in touch with the contractor's state licensing board. photos of water damage to the sheik rock and plywood roofing material. the joint of the roof was broken by the instillation team after they walked on it, the solar panels were installed correctly. it was recommended the joints should be replaced. the sterlings told us they made the best of a bad situation. >> you just survive, that's it. you can't -- you don't have a
7:48 pm
home. >> she sent someone out in october to control any further leaks, but it was ineffective. >> there were buckets. garbage cans. buckets of water. every place you see water. >> three days before thanksgiving, they replaced the the roof. in the new year, the interior of the home remains a mess. the sterlings refused to sign a confidentiality agreement. >> i don't havenything else to lose, they've taken it from me. >> vivent has agreed to replace their damaged rug and furniture. repair the instillation materials and ceiling. they will likely sign the confidentiality agreement. these interviews were conducted where they received the latest agreement. >> thank you for getting me this far. thank you for still being with us. >> michael finney reported, it
7:49 pm
was an unfortunate situation, but it's been working hard and in good face to get it resolved. to date, we have completed $9,792 in roof repair and mold remediation. it did all that without the signed confidentiality agreement and continues to discuss additional reimbursement for pain and suffering. >> the state licensing board has determined the situation has been resolved. >> rain is getting closer, as a matter of fact, the approaching storm will be here by tomorrow morning. it will produce moderate heavy rain and ponding on roads. our rainstorm will be a snowstorm for the sierra, from 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, until 10:00
7:50 pm
a.m. saturday. gusty wind, hazardous travel likely. here's some forecast animation, taking us into the weekend. starting saturday morning. we'll have showers lingering into saturday morning, but saturday afternoon will bring us mostly dry conditions for a while. nice break from the rain it won't last long. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. you have another storm on sunday, ranking one on the storm impact scale. stronger storm on monday, ranking two on the impact scale, and then showers on tuesday and wednesday. finally a dry day next thursday. >> going to need it. >> on to basketball tonight. in sports. larry's here. in nurjs. the warriors all-stars have arrived. and draymond green's going to be a very busy man this weekend. sports is
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
draymond green has pretty much guaranteed he's surrounded by media this weekend. draymond ripped nick dolan for throwing charles oakley out of
7:54 pm
madison square garden. >> not when he speak out on something that he don't like, and now you want to disown him. that's a slave mentality. you're doing it for me, it's all good you're doing it against me. but you're speaking out against my organization. it's not good any more. that's a slave mentality. slave master mentality. >> we can spend hours of how bad an owner james dolan is in new york. the second you mentioned slave mentality and bring race into it, you're pouring gasoline on the fire there. draymond, he's entitled to his opinion and for better or worse, social media gives everyone the opportunity to jump in on the conversation. this is all great stuff if you have three hours to fill in on a talk radio show, that's about it. if i'm the warriors i'm much more concerned about what's happening on the court with draymond green, technical fouls
7:55 pm
last night. the constant barking at the officials. racking up the tease to the point where green -- they need his energy and passion and drive, he's critical for them. it has to be contained, it's going to damage the game. >> while durant says he's pulled back a bit from participating in a lot of the events. being chosen in the game is important to him. he knows the effect it had on him as a kid in middle school. >> i remember when i was in 7th grade. we didn't make it. we tried to get down all day. i know how important that weekend is. >> i'm going to be heading to
7:56 pm
new orleans tomorrow to cover the warriors all-stars. we're going to try to squeeze in the interviews between the beignets and hurricanes. i don't know how much time i'm going to have. i'll try to do some tv while i'm there. >> spring training continues for the a's in the desert. he begins his second season with the giants. 5-year $90 million contract with the giants. after starting 7-2 the giants lost eight of his 10 starts. he finished up with an average or mediocre 12-11 record. still the shark, he's taken a bull durham like attitude. >> every year there's something you can get better at. for me, there's a handful of starts there in the middle that we can change the other way around. if you can minimize those bad
7:57 pm
streaks which come in baseball and change them quicker you're going to look at having a better year overall. at the end of the year, we'll be a little happier. >> mvp kris bryant. hall of fame pitcher, greg maddox is an imposter there, red bull set up this batting practice, the pitcher gets called away, the sound man maddox takes his spot and torments bryant with curveballs. >> not too bad. >> what is this? >> chris, you signed that to gregg maddux? >> see, see? i told you. >> that sound guy's got a good curveball, what's going on here. that's good stuff good have a safe trip. >> join us at 9:00.
7:58 pm
pokemon fans are celebrating with the release of an update tonight. there are already some glitches. the uncertainty in oakland tonight after the city issued a new directive about illegal parties and living spaces only to retract it hours later. >> we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00.
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