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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  February 27, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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now at 11:00 -- a plane falls from the sky into a southern california neighborhood. tonight a south bay family was on board flying back to san jose. >> police updated us in the last hour. three people confirmed dead. there are two survivors including a woman ejected from the plane. >> yeah, new home surveillance video shows the the crash. take a look. the plane in the upper right hand corner. watch. it crashed into the neighborhood. and then, there was the huge fire ball caught on camera. >> the plane departed from riverside this evening onhe way to san jose. it crashed into homes near the airport. katie marsulo is live with what we are learning about the south
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bay family on board. >> we are north reporting the victim's names until families have been notified. the pilot and wife live here. they went to seth eaouthern cala for their granddaughter's cheerleading competition and they were due home this afternoon. cell phone video of the fire ball as the it raged through the homes as the firefighters looked for victims. >> one airplane that is into a residence. structure is completely demolished on fire. fire officials say two homes are destroyed. the airplane is in pieceds. there are two female survivors. one woman thrown from the plane. >> the plane split apart. luckily she was ejected. very minor injuries though we are treating her as a krit tal patient. >> the fire chief says there were five people on the plane. the names of the victims on board not released. but the pilots' neighbor in san jose tells us he and his wife
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left for southern california friday to attend their granddaughter's cheerleading competition. the neighbor says the pilot is in his 70s. and very experienced. >> it's horrible. you know, especially when you couple together that they were going to a cheer competition. and, this its supposedly a happy time then to have a tragic incident like this. >> reporter: riverside officials have accounted for everyone on the ground. ntsb is investigating the cause of the crash. in san jose, katey marzulo, abc 7 news. >> of sent out a push alert about the plane crash. download abc 7 news app enable push alerts. developing news, a wave of new threats targeting jewish communityices across the country reached the bay area. threats forced evacuations in san rafael and palo alto and, san francisco office of anti-defamation league. where our reporter is live tonight. katie. >> reporter: more than 20 jewish
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facilities across the country received threats today. hundreds evacuated from this block of market street. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions condemned the threats today. jewish leaders are calling on the administration to take action. >> people are fearful. they're angry. they're upset. >> people evacuated. anti-defamation league's san francisco office. following a threatening phone call around 4:20. awe off they said they had a bomb. they planted a bomb and they planned to kill us. >> reporter: police shut down market between grand avenue an kerney street. >> very scary to hear that. >> reporter: within a half-hour, the family jewish community center in palo alto got a call too. classes canceled. children evacuated. >> and, to have them have to beevacuated, because of a threat they may be blown up its terrorizing and fear, fear inducing. >> reporter: more than 20 jewish facilities across the country received threats today.
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including the you ircommunity center in san rafael. >> my gosh, one of 20. that is sad news to hear that. >> look to see a plan of action, demand leadership from the top. >> san francisco police evacuated hundreds before a bomb sniffing dog gave the all-clear. >> we appreciate everybody cooperating. we had people evacuated the we also have people sheltering in place. >> adl reports 90 tleets or incidents of anti-semitism within the last two months. in san francisco, abc 7 news. new drone video from the state department of walter reap sources shows the first unobstructed view of the oroville dam damaged spillway. see the big, gaping hole erode add way there. engineers shut off the water for seven days so crews can clean debris stopped the hydroelectric plant from working. potential spillway failure, forced mass evacuation near the
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dam. tomorrow, city council to set up a hearing to discuss evacuation failures related to recent flooding. abc 7 news in rock springs where city crews gave notice vehicles would be towed. all fees waived. city leaders need to clear the street to clean up devastation. >> initialest matt today is that approximately 50 million dollars worth of private property damage was done. $23 million of public sector damage was done. >> the initial estimates will help begin the state to end federal aid process. >> want you to watch this with me. surveillance video shows a man tying ail cord, maybe a cable, around an atm dragging it out of the building with his suv. very vie reolently. 2. 30. this morning. san rafael. police are looking for the guy who did it. abc 7 news at marin airport on anderson drive where you can see
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the damage done from the theft. doors boarded up. caution tape is up. glass all over the ground. police say son sunday two men were seen in the same lexus, suv tampering with a trailer down the block. >> i didn't see anybody in particular other than some cars parked here. probably shouldn't have been. looked like they spent the night. >> police found the atm, 11:00 this morning in richmond. unclear if the money was inside. >> well just last month. this top uber engineer, tweeted the photo with travis calanik, to night, the man on the right is out of a job. and reports that sengal was forced to resign because he didn't disclose sexual harassment investigation that occurred when he worked at google. one week after uber accused of ignoring sexual harassment scum planlts fr plants. >> one step closer to reality. >> really is. space x, elon musk revealed two
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wealthy civilians are set to fly around the moon and back. >> abc 7 news reporter is in the newsroom with how the new era of space travel is historic. lillian. >> reporter: elon musk says scheduled late next year. if he and his company pull it off, the fir ls tist time in 45. >> not identified. two people have put down significant deposits for a trip around the moon. space x says they will fly faster and farther into the solar system than anyone before them. >> it would, skim the moon, go quite a bit further into deep space, then room back to earth. >> the company's dragon 2 capsule launched by falcon heavy rocket. everything will be automated. but the travelers will be trained for emergencies. >> your body is going through 3 gs. >> former astronaut, jose hernandez says the two paying customers are in for a wild ride. he is all in favor of putting
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private citizens in space but hopes profits won't compromise safety. >> when you have private enterprise in the mix, they look at the bottom line. and, i'm hoping that, you know, steps don't get skipped. >> space x will be charging customers a bit more than what it cost to carry astronauts to the space station. which will likely be more than $200 million a person. space enthusiasts are giddy what this could mean in the long run. >> they say from out of africa to populate the entire globe through era of exploration and discovery. the next stage of exploration of discovery. >> a week long trip around the moon that could be the start of a whole new era. lillian kim, abc 7 news. well, you just saw the premiere of when we rise, right here on abc 7. coming up, the real life crisis ills chronicled in the historic miniseries. and the three and a half ricks front and center in the fight. >> abc 7 news meteorologist,
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shift in the pattern coming up. what this means for your workweek coming up. >> also ahead, the snap chalt video featuring serena williams and san francisco surprise. >> what went wrong at the oscars? an insider who was on stage last night in hollywood, is speaking out for the first time. >> first, fresh from hosting duties, a look at a special edition of jimmy kimmel live, after abc 7 news. jimmy? >> we have a special post oscar recap tonight. i did not pull a prank. if i pulled a prank i wouldn't have just had the wrong winner's name. when they opened it, would have
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tonight you watched the first of four episodes when we rise.
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>> san francisco was opening up to tolerance towards gays, the community was facing a deadly set back. >> three maverick whose took part in the fight. >> reporter: at first it was a condition without a name. >> just my muscles. >> it quickly became a disease that baffled the scientific community. >> it was clear there is something new happening. >> in the early 80s, the doctor started as an oncologist when asked to examine a young patient. >> saw a 22-year-old gay man with this cancer everywhere. quickly described as the gay cancer. doctors only knew that whatever it was, it was affecting only gay men. >> we really didn't know what it was. how it was transmitted. how to treat it or how to prevent it. >> reporter: no other health director in the country faced a health crisis like the one dr.
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silverman now had on his hands. in the meantime, dr. jay levey's lab was one of three groups in the world able to isolate the virus. >> we were working with this mysterious disease, no one wanted to come into this room. >> knowing it was a virus, scientific community could now begin to test for antibodies to hiv in the blood. >> so, diagnosis could be made a lot easier than just the symptoms. >> by now, sf general had out patient aids clinic and later ward for those dying. the people working with them had concerns of their own. >> the fear that i had was -- having spread it to my kids. it wasn't so much getting it myself. it was, that -- i had spread it to my kids. >> it was determined that the virus could only be spread through sex, sharing needles, blood transfusions or passed mother to baby. in an attempt to stop the rampant spread of the virus throughout the gay community at
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insistence of then mayor dianne feinstein, silverman finally ordered the closure of bathhouses because of their high risk sexual activity. >> i couldn't do that unless i had the gay community helping me and supporting me to do that. >> reporter: four years after the first reported cases, in 1985, then president ronald reagan finally said, aids should be a top priority. in 1987, azt, the first drug to treat aids. highly toxic, begin to extend the life of patients and led the way for other drugs to receive rapid approval from the fda. but it was the anti-retroviral therapy in the mid 90s that quickly turned things around. today, there is preventative medicine, but still, no vaccine in sight. a cure remains one of the greatest challenges ever undertaken. in san francisco, leeann melendez. >> when we rise continues
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wednesday night at 9:00 here on abc 7. >> seep did you see the horribl oscar gaffe. we know why it took several minutes to fix oscar oops that announced best picture. accountants gave warren beatty the best actress envelope which is why fay dunaway said lala land. the stage manager told "the new york times," the accountants sounded the alarm right away. but met up to discuss it before speaking up. the l.a. times has a great photo of the reaction from the crowd. everybody can't believe it. matt damon. michelle williams. and all of these people with their mouths wide open. salma hayek, distressed. dwayne johnson bewildered. you can't read meryl streep any face. jimmy kimmel talked about the blunder during the taping of his show tonight. gave a firsthand account of what happened. what he found out afterward and how he was supposed to end the show. that's coming up at 11:35 on
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jimmy kimmel live. >> now your accuweather forecast -- >> hi, ready for a warm-up? here you go. a look at the temperature trend for concord. we'll see the temperatures rising the next couple days. flirting with 07 degrees. thursday. if you have been waiting for milder weather it is coming. a live look from our abc 7 news camera. looking out towards the bay. of course with milder weather comes higher tree pollen. air quality will suffer. uv index high. juniper, ash, pine, primary cull pretties. if you suffer from allergies starting up again. live doppler 7. clear conditions. we have been tracking quite a bit of rain in february. we have only had six days that were completely dry. 21 days included measurable rain in green. time to dry out. flood ravaged areas need a break in the south bay. in lake county. temperatures right now in the 40s. 37 though in los gatos.
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39 in dan vel. and a look from our camera. san francisco looking good. look at the forecast. chilly with patchy frost in the morning. sunny, warmer. thursday. rain returns this weekend. for those not a fan of the milder weather hang in there. tomorrow morning. not mild. go cold enough we may see frost inland. you will need to bundle up when you get going. 40s around the coast, bay. afternoon hours. temperatures primarily in the upper 50s to low 60s. so they're coming up a few degrees. wednesday, we'll continue with the theme. milder day. see mid 60s. notice thursday, it will be the warmest of the next seven days. looking at numbers that will come up into the upper 60s for some spots. san jose. concord. go into friday. there will be a dip in the temperatures. remaining dry. the change-up comes on saturday. the upcoming weekend. we'll see some rain developing by 8:00 in the north bay. slide southward for sunday morning.
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and afternoon. that will be your better of the two days. one computer model and a wet pattern early next week. look at the accuweather. seven day. dry. milder. enjoy. the springlike warmth. low 60s in the warmest spots. near 70 degrees by thursday. inland. a mild afternoon. still friday. one on the storm impact scale. saturday. chance of showers. sunday we have a one, light system. rainy day. and then a chance of rain monday. because one model is dry. the other one is going wet. you can always download the abc 7 news app. keep track of the rising temperatures. and potential for wet
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serena williams can beat you at tennis when wearing boots. two guys in san francisco's dolores park, found out, when the tennis great asked if she could play them. williams fiance, reddit co-founder, took this video for her snap chat. after winning she announced, you never know when i could be cming to a tennis court near you. >> can you imagine? cool. >> on to sports. >> larry is here. >> my philosophy is if you are going to be bad, be spectacularly bad.
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how do you think i got curry, r bad. sports is next.
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good evening. steph curry had the worst shooting night of his career from three point range. 0-11. that ties the nba record for most missed threes in a game without a make. but -- the warriors were playing philly. going to beat philly. kevin hart, ringing the bell in city of brotherly love. whacking that thing hard. steph air ball. 0-11. from downtown. warriors 6-29 on threes. as a team. they were up three at the half. and looks like his hand injury is healed up. and, he was great in the game. 16 points in a sweet pass to stephen. tremendous finish. shot of the night. durant. bumped out of bound. floats over the back board. a lot of games of horse with that shot. and katie with 27 points. up by double digits. not really threatened. 21 points. the lefty. delivery to dr y for the hammer. yawn their way to a 119-108
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victory. they will visit washington on the long road trip tomorrow. so, steph had a bad night. but little brother, seth was lighting it up for the dallas mavericks. seth was 5 of 7 from three. finished total of 29 points. helping the mavs defeat miami 96-89. watch out for the mavs. two games out of the eighth seed in the west. think of this. taking them on in the first round. rather interesting for the warriors. on to baseball now. john axford, as movie critic. did a story last week. preoscars. last two years, the film he picked. came in second. so, axford, deliberately picked lala land, hoping that moochb light would win. you know of what happened. kind of right both ways. as, giants in scottsdale. putting on a poncho can be life threatening. made the first start of the spring. one inning. gave it up.
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and the season would start right now. and got the start for the as. almost got drilled by him. my first game. don't hit me. nice catch. simeon. and here it comes. there it goats. first home of the spring. and, zach neil. go on to win the first game of the spring. the new slugger. matt joyce. wish it was regular season. wish we started regular season that way. felt like i was working off-season. trying to come of in. and, ready, prepared as possible. and, i feel great right now. >> awesome. abc 7 sports brought to you by riverrock casino. started talking warriors road trip. five straight games on the east coast. they come back. fly back across the country. for one whole game. and then, go out on another road trip to minnesota. and san antonio. so, eight of nine on t


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