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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 30, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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the hot subbed is junday is beginning of a hot spell here in the bay area. >> the wish came true for a boy who didn't want to spend his birthday alone. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> salmon, hand delivered to the ocean. the new study just underway that could give a boost to salmon populations as they face a growing number of threats here in the bay area. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm eric to have an. >> and i'm kate larson. thanks for being with us this evening. the salmon just sent swimming into the bay in sausalito moments ago.
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>> sergio keen tan a is live. sergio? >> reporter: it used to be a salmon fishing boat and it has now been converted to try to help save california's struggling salmon population. right now it is shuttling 200 adolescent salmon from a couple state hatcheries out to the ocean. chinook samson are native to san francisco. when they are a ults did, they return to the same rivers to release their eggs. dams, heavy river traffic and over fishing has made the swim out to the ocean treacherous. so it is part of an experiment to see if giving the salmon a ride down river will help their survival rates. >> we're trying to show that barging salmon down the river will increase their survival rate. we think significantly. >> reporter: 200,000 salmon
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aboardhe marva will bring the grand total hauled out to the ocean to 1 million over the last five years. it is a beautiful day to be out on the water. the marva just left a few minutes ago sausalito. all the salmon aboard had been specially tagged so that in a few years, if they do successfully make it back into the bay and then up into the rivers and the delta, they can be successfully identified as they are hatching their eggs. reporting live in sausalito, i'm sergio, abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you very much. we're in the middle of a hot spell right now and there is more heat on the way. abc7 news was out for the daybreaker where the tours hit mid 7 0s. it is a beautiful and warm night and it's going to get warmer. for more about the heat let's head over to drew tuma. drew? >> this is a taste over the week and the warm weather that is
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headed our way early next week. numbers will just continue to climb. live outside, the east bay hills camera showing nothing but shun shi sunshine out there. you can see away from the coast we are in the 70tion and in the 80s. future tracker shows it is going to be warm by 10:00, still a lot of spots holding onto that 60 degree reading. it is going to be a warm start to our monday morning as well. in fact, monday afternoon, even warmer air set to rise. 80s even 90s around palm springs right now. that is the air mass headed our way. we'll talk about how hot we get and when this heat spell will break coming up in the full accuweather forecast, guys. >> well, as people were trying to beat the heat, there was actually some danger out there. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live at ocean beach where melanie, a 15-year-old girl was caught in a rip current this morning. >> reporter: exactly. you can see a sign over my shoulder that warns about those rip currents. lifeguards who rescued that
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15-year-old girl say she got stuck in natisty rip. hundreds of people are soaking up the sun in san francisco. where ocean beach is packed today. >> we figured that, you know, when the sun is out it's time to go. >> reporter: family friends kicked up some sand while their kids played in the water. >> it's great. >> reporter: the gorgeous weather brings with it some risks. lifeguards say during the spring rip currents are active and defined. they say they rescued a 15-year-old girl who separated from her board and got caught in a nasty rip around 11:50 this morning. the same lifeguards tell us there are two trucks with four lifeguards working the beach today. temperatures are expected to rise especially mid week. >> there is a high chance i'm going to be sick on wednesday i think. >> reporter: the national weather service says there will be a moderate risk sensitive to heat los al toes and hayward on wednesday. today on los al toes, the sun was shining as several people took to the shade.
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while in oakland a sun day fun day at lake marek hosted by daybreaker including dancing and ice cream. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> well, taking a look now, the beach at screws board walk, it was packed today just hours after police investigated a homicide. there to shut down a part of the popular public space during the investigation. police arrested 58-year-old kevin callahan a transient sleeping nearby. they say he got into a fight with another man at the beach this morning. he died a short time later. there was no wound. they'll have to figure out how he died. >> our abc7's this week professor robert rice said he normally doesn't agree with coulter on anything, but he says she should have been allowed to speak at u.c. berkeley because it's her first amendment right. >> i tell my students all the time the best way to learn something is to talk to people who disagree with you because
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that forces you to sharpen your views. >> you want to agree with the professor on universities ought to be places where i am not the only conservative most students will hear in four years of college. >> on thursday coulter supporters and protesters held ralliesn the u.c. berkeley campus after the school told her she couldn't speak that day because of safety concerns. >> also on this week house minority leader nancy pelosi had a slip of the tongue when talking about how the democrats are working with president trump. >> that either women or whoever wins understands the priorities of the american people and they are not what president bush -- excuse me, so sorry, president bush. i never thought i'd pray for the day you were president again. so, yes, the question how would i work with him, the president, the way we worked with president bush. >> she says democrats accomplished a great deal during the george w. bush
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administration including the biggest energy bill in the history of the u.s. >> so, you're going to want to check with your airline if you're flying out of s.f.o. tonight. work on the run ways will continue into the morning causing delays and cancellations. last weekend we saw 1,000 flights affected and the work will be continuing nearly every weekend through mid june. >> hundreds of city workers in sunnyvale say they are not going back to the bargaining table and they plan to go on strike at midnight. the labor dispute involves about 450 of sunnyvale's 900 city workers that includes libraryians, park department staff and public works employees. the big issue is money. union leaders want a 17% raise to keep up with silicon valley's high cost of living and the city is offering 10%. contract talks have broken off. >> i don't think there is any sticking point where we can't get to a deal. but, again, we need to have -- to meet at the table to have those discussions. >> we're walking out at midnight. my phone is on right now and i
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definitely would like to get back to the table for sure. >> the strike tomorrow will not affect police and fire protection provided by sunnyvale's department of public safety. >> a famous mystery guest from the bay area drops in for an ohio family's dinner. >> the more he talked the more i liked him. >> the family shares what it was like having dinner with mark zuckerberg. he crashed their home and wanted to eat with them. >> plus the new findings that suggests some animal species are at much greater risk than previously thought. >> and the second time's a charm. strangers rally around a california child who spent his fi
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just head & shoulders? (gasp) i thought it was just for, like, dandruff new head & shoulders. cleans, protects and moisturizes to... ...get up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair it's not head & shoulders, it's the new head & shoulders many species may be at greater risk for extinction than previously estimated. a former model for determining extinction risk was flawed. they looked at the maps for 18 bird species created by the international union for conservation of nature which measures where species are sported. they found many of the areas included on the map were not suitable for the species so they shouldn't be included. the drastic reduction in range sizes led them to conclude birds and animals are at much greater risk than they ever imagined. >> a family in ohio just had a
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big surprise dinner guest from right here in the bay area. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg showed up for dinner at the moore household on friday. it is part of the challenge to meet people in every state and talk to them about their unique struggles and way of life in the future. one report says he instructed his staff to choose families of democrats who voted for president trump. the family only had 15 minutes' notice before zuckerberg walked up to their door. >> staff people, they said, i work for a very wealthy philanthropist from california and 90% of americans use his products. >> and that is dan moore. he says they talked about a wide range of topics and his visit inspired him. a picture he posted on facebook of suckzuckerberg in his livingm has already gotten 120,000 likes. >> would you be ready if someone called and said a billionaire is going to come? >> i hope my house would be clean. >> that's right, pickup all the
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stuff off the floor, guys. no one came to his first birthday party. how about his second? the counity plea that led to the best birthday ever for a california child. >> and if you like the heat, you are going to love this week. i'm excited. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the accuweather forecast. >> let's get all that jazz in round two. we'll hear from both teams coming up. what a day for nationals. the 13th player in major league ba for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it c hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's notested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested.
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. a 7-year-old boy in woodland just outside sacramento waited for hours for guests to show up at his birthday party, but no one came. today that boy got a big surprise. reporter has the story. >> reporter: in woodland, california. so, what's the best thing about being 7 years old? >> it's because i could -- i can be taller. i can run more faster. >> reporter: i took a stroll through wood side park with young adonai where he recently celebrated his seventh birthday. were you excited days before your birthday party? did you know it was coming up?
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>> yeah. i got super excited. i was hap today, or today, today because i want my birthday to come. >> reporter: when the day finally came around, his mother set up this elaborate picnic table with cupcakes and gift bags. he was overwhelmed with joy for his guests to show. and he sat and he waited for hours, and yet no one showed up. >> i was feeling very happy. >> reporter: as any mother would, maria pressed on trying to make her son's special day the best she could. even though she knew deep down he was hurting. >> we still sang happy birthday. he made a wish. he opened his presents. so, we just tried to make the best of it. >> reporter: just as he started to lose hope in the grand celebration of life -- >> i was like, why did i have a birthday if nobody came?
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>> reporter: his community wouldn't let him. a simple facebook post by his aunt got the ball rolling. >> the next morning i woke up to my phone. a whole bunch of notifications. >> a surprise birthday party. >> reporter: a birthday. it's something meant to be shared. the great thing about life, if things don't pan out the way we'd like the first time, we can always try again. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: in woodland, california, i'm jakamo luka for abc7 news. >> good on you, woodland. a big announcement is coming tomorrow for fans of live with kelly. kelly rip a will announce her new co-host during her show which you can catch right here at 9:00 a.m. on abc7 news. this comes after nearly an entire year of guest hosts after michael strahan's departure. >> announcer: nor your accuweather recast with drew
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tuma. >> in accuweather this week, those numbers are going to continue to rise as we go through the next couple of days. not even halfway through this warm spell. live doppler 7 showing you a sunny skies is just an absolutely quiet night out there. live doppler 7 giving us. all clear. tomorrow is going to be one of those days we're going to rapidly warm up in the he recalled morning hours. take for example san jose. it's going to be mild starting 8:00, 62 degrees. by the lunchtime hour, not a bad day to be out and about getting that lunchtime stroll. and with 80 degrees in the south bay, we can do much better than that as we head into the afternoon, by 4:00, look at that, topping out at 85 degrees and even warmer air is going to move in tuesday and into wednesday. it gets set to sweat. san jose, tons of sunshine this evening. we top down the upper 70 so right now we're sitting pretty in the south bay. numbers, wide range, got a breeze on the coast right now.
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about 25 miles per hour, that's cooling half moon bay off to a comfortable 63 degrees. get away from that breeze and you're still warm. concord right now, 82, 75 current number in san jose. 84 right now in antioch. overnight tonight it is going to be a mild night after a warm day. plenty of starz out there. we'll see half moon bay 48 degrees. that is the outlier. everywhere else you can see it is going to be in the mid 50s as your starting temperatures on your monday. sunset once again from start to finish, we're on this warm pattern numbers. a few degrees warmer tomorrow than we were today. 85 in san jose, 80 that number in oakland, even san francisco, you're going to get to about 76 degrees. tomorrow afternoon 80 at concord, the same in napa, and san rafael up to 84 degrees. numbers will continue to climb even into tuesday. future tracker temperatures will slow you by tuesday we will start to track 90s making a return for the first time in 2017. as we head into wednesday, we'll be on the watch for some
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records. a lot of spots, one or two degrees away from the record like concord, napa, san jose, san francisco, those records all set back in 2013. right now looks like oakland and redwood city, you're safe from your records being broken, but still a warm day in the 80s. there's some heat, the first heat spell of 2017 so your body is not used to the warmth. as it would be, say, in august. so, stay high dried wiydrated w the coming days. check on seniors and pets. they're the most susceptible to heat this time of year. accuweather forecast shows you it is sunny and warm on monday. down right hot tuesday into wednesday. but then cooling begins along the coast thursday. everyone feels that refreshing breeze on friday and then saturday, sunday, clouds increase, we're below normal for this time of the year. >> announcer: now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> the warriors finally in the second round utah jazz set for oracle. the week off between series,
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chance for the doves to get hethy, work on some things in practice and come out firing on tuesday i'm sure. brown will coach the team tuesday. steve kerr said he's ready to get back on the floor as is draymond green. >> after a week it takes you a few minutes to just kind of gain that rhythm. i'll take a redress. the knee is a little banged up. and not having a good quarter, we'll push through it. >> it is how it happened. l.a. hosting utah game 7. you'd think the clippers have the advantage. 10 points, hits the three and the foul. utah goes up 10 in the third. joe johnson, five assists. to rodney hood. finishes with a sweet reverse layup. they face oakland on tuesday. first a pierce for the jazz in 7 years. >> obviously they've been resting and had a lot of time.
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but like you said, we come off game 7 win, you feel good, you have some momentum. you know, you can kind of keep it rolling a little bit. the way the ball was moving and the way we were defending, i think we can take that and try to carry on to the next series. >> round two in the east game hosting the wizards. isaiah thomas gets his tooth knocked out. like a hockey player, he'd stay in the game. he finished with 33 points, nine assists. despite the wizards starting the game 16-0. boston would hit 19 three's in this game. avery bradley three of his 18, celtics take game one. 123-111 your final. padres after blowing a lead with an 8-run inning last night, had a two-run lead going into the 9th today. could they go on? a nice boat ride. they managed two runs in the 6th inning.
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michael morris double off the wall. his offense welcome by the g-men. mark came in the 9th to get the save. they could not hang onto the two-run lead. former giant hector sanchez, first in the year, ties it at two, go into extra earnings. hero will meyers does it again. see ya. second in two games, seventh of the year. padres take two out of three 5-2 victory. giants hit the road for a nine-game trip. astros over the mascot takes a t-shirt to the face. sling shot, even hurt. rough day for jesse haun. gave up a bases loaded single. two-run score including former a's. 4-0 astros. dallas continues to dominate. 7 in two third innings. struck out 9. he improves 5-0 on marlon gonzalez had some insurance in
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the eighth. fifth home run of the year. astros take two out of three this year, 7-2 your final. a day he'll never forget, 6 for 6, 10 rbi, 13th player in major league baseball history that would be responsible for 10 or more runs in one game. in the first since 2008, he finished with three home runs which was even more impressive since he began the day with no home runs. and five rbi coming into the game. that set a franchise record winning 23-5. i didn't score that much in my career and he does it in one game. for hockey and golf later for you tonight. see you then. eric and kate, back to you. >> how much touchdown did he
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tonight on abc7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. >> [ inaudible ]. >> looked pretty darn good to
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me. the 49ers legend despite battling lou gehrig's disease while connecting with fans. >> at abc7, getting ready for may day. because of national focus on immigration for some it is the most important yet. diversity ruled at the box office this weekend. >> at the top, fate of the furious passing a billion dollars. the top grossing movie ever for an african-american director. it earned $10 million and. >> how to be a latin lover debuted in second with $12 million. not quite a billion. 89% of ticket buyers were hispanic. >> and indian movie, the conclusion debuted in third with $10 million despite playing on 420 screens. i didn't see the first one. how about you? >> no. and emma watson and tom hanks thriller, the circle debuted in fourth with 9 million just beating out boss >> fast and furious got 19
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million, or as much as he carries in his pocket. soledad: right now on "matter of fact," coal mining on the decline. tens of thousands of miners -- unemployed. >> they are craving for the opportunity to get back to work. soledad: you get a look at a ground breaking innovation that could put jobs back in coal country? they gained access to candidate hillary clinton's inner circle.


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