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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. lich where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ nobody wants to see anybody's life taken, ever. >> a san francisco police officer opens fire after seeing one man stabbing another on market street. >> good even. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> imd 'ama daetz. we have new details on the developing news out of san francisco. we know the person stabld was an employee at a subway restaurant
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and the confrontation began with an argument over a sandwich. >> it happened before noon on market and 5th streets, just a short distance from the westfield mall and the powell street cable car stop. the suspect died at the scene. >> reporter: this is the victim police say was being stabbed by another man, seen here being interviewed by police. just minutes before two foot patrol officers walking past the subway restaurant saw what was happening and tried to stop it. >> they observed a white male stabbing an asian or filipino male. the officers intervened. during the course of the intervening, at least one officer discharged a firearm. >> reporter: sources say the two men inside the subway had been arguing over a sandwich. the man who was stabbed was taken to the hospital, the other did not survive. >> well, the stabbing was in progress. the stabbing was in progress, yes. >> reporter: was there anyway to avoid this shooting? >> everything right now is under investigatn. it is a very preliminary. >> reporter: nearby residents like sherry pittman were
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outraged by the shooting. >> so we have a fight, we're fixing to get shot and i fight all the time. >> reporter: surveillance video from the bus was taken by police to help shed light on the shooting. witnesses are also being interview i had. the incident happened on market near fifth street. >> heartbreaking. it's frustrating. i've been living for 11 years and i done saw so much since i been living there. >> reporter: this is the first officer-involved shooting since chief scott took over the department. in march police were hailed for their efforts to subdue a woman during a standoff without the use of force. >> the loss of life is tragic and it doesn't matter how it happened, it is tragic. so these things, we try to avoid them as much as we can, but we do have an obligation to protect the public. nobody wants to see anybody's life taken, ever. >> reporter: in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." meantime, san jose police claim one of their officers was forced to shoot and kill a man
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armed with two knives. an officer fired at him moments after arriving at home on mount frazier drive after 11:30 last night. that man and his father had both called 911 after they got into an argument. investigators say the younger man confronted officers in the street outside the home. >> the individual during the attack got about three to four feet from the officer. the officer was able to retreat in ti draw his firearm and struck the suspect at least one time. this address was known to the officers. they have had to deal with the suspect before. >> both the santa clara district attorney's office and san jose police are conducting their own investigations. the house will vote tomorrow on a plan to rae peel and replace obamacare. the announcement sets up a high-stakes vote expected to come down to the wire. three california congressmen could determine whether it passes or fails. so far they have not publicly said how they're voting. minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted every republican who votes for trump care will have
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it tattooed on their forehead. they will be held accountable. gentleman nay norman with more from washington. >> reporter: the big vote set for tomorrow. >> we're going to pass it. we're going to pass it. let's be optimistic about life. >> reportehe fate of health it care and coverage with people with preexisting conditions hangs in the balance. >> and so today we're here announcing with this addition that we brought to the president and sold him on in an over hour meeting with him, there were both yes, sires on the bill. >> reporter: that compromise, a new amendment would give states $8 billion over five years to help cover those with preexisting conditions, allowing insurers to charge those with preexisting condition more money. >> reporter: it is a joke. it is a very sad, deadly joke. >> reporter: the american cancer society calling the changes particularly egregious and the american medical association warning people with preexisting conditions will get second class healthcare coverage if they're able to obtain coverage at all.
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republicans hopeful they'll have enough support to pass the measure through the house. health experts say that eight billion dollars is a drop in the bucket and it wouldn't do much to cover a majority of people with preexisting conditions at risk foreseeing their premiums skyrocket under the proposed bill. gentleman n janay norman, abc news, washington. >> is planning to run for mayor in 2019. leno has served as a san francisco supervisor and assembly men and senator. leno told the chronicle he expects a lot of competition for mayor and that's why he's getting start elderliy. women, this was the first spare the air day of the summer season. drone view 7 captured smog. >> yeah, pretty shot. that's mount diablo in the distance. lalt in the bay the bay area's natural conditioner kicked on.
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>> "abc 7 news" meteorologist drew tuma here with more on the record. >> reporter: yeah, ama, before that cooling fog rolled in set nine records today. it was hot across the region. look at this. 90 in oak land, 82 in san francisco, 94 livermore, and 95 the high. here is the fog building in earlier this evening. started on the light side and thickened as the sun went down. that nature's ac. you can see it well on live doppler 7 along with satellite. there we go. there's the fog right along the coast, coming on back a little bit closer you can see we're socked in along the immediate coastline from the sunset to the richmond in san francisco. that's going to have big impacts on our temperatures first thing in the morning. future tracker temperatures were cool on the coast. but we will see widespread cooling in a few hours. we will talk about that in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> drew, thanks. we know that the heat brings out rattlesnake goes. we've had sightings up and down the state. news viewer tweet us these photo also of two snakes he saw within
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five minutes while hiking in san mateo county. "abc 7 news" reporter laura anthony with more. >> reporter: the warm, sinunny days attracted many people to the east bay's many parks but with the heat comes potentially dangerous rattlesnakes. last weekend a dog was bitten at delval in livermore, one of six sightings in east bay regional parks in the past week. the district is warning visitors to be under look out. >> i saw there were notices for rattlesnakes and so i wore my hiking boots today because of it. >> just make sure we're not walking in any tall brush and making sure that we stay on the trails. >> they really won't see unless you're moving fast. if you move fast in front of them they'll strike at it. >> reporter: he is the guy that heads toward a rattlesnake when everyone else turns away. he expects his snake removal business to be busy in coming
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months. >> most cases we catch and release it and let it go into its natural habitat so he can hopefully start a new life and not in somebody's backyard or on the trail where they will bite somebody. >> the safest thing to do is call 911 and come into the hospital. >> reporter: the doctor say is the last line of defense when it comes to rattlesnake bites. >> say you are bit on your wrist for example. keep the level of your wrist below your heart. wash it with soap and walter if you have any. as soon as you can get in, you have to come in because there is anti-venn on anti-venom we can give you. >> laura anthony, in in walnut creek. "abc 7 news." want to avoid that. go to and click on this story for expert advice how to avoid bites. a tragic reminders of the dangers of being distract. a teenager in san lorenzo on his way to school was hit and killed by a train. the cash happened near grant and railroad avenues. the 16-year-old was riding his book along the track about about
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8:00 a.m. the victim was on a railroad bridge when the train hit. now, the bridge has rails on both sides, making escape almost impossible. >> he had a big heart and he was able to build close friendships and earned the support and loyalty of everyone around him. he will be incredibly missed. we are all incredibly heartbroken. >> police were investigating whether the victim was wearing ear bulds or anything that could have affect his hearing. there's only one more step left before san jose jury decides if garcia torres kidnapped and murdered sierra lamar. the prosecution gets to do a rebuttal after defense wrapped up closing arguments. "abc 7 news" reporter david louie has developments. >> reporter: prosecutor finished closing argument this mororning pointing the finger at 26-year-old for killing sierra lamar based on dna he have.
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he is charged with three attempted kidnappings outside of morgan hill grocery stores in 2009 that boiled believes provided practice for kidnapping sierra lamar. he told the jury not to reward the defendant for his cunning and success in silencing lamar. the analyst says tying the cases together carries some risk. >> in the jury believes he is not responsible for those safe way attacks it is going to undermine the overall view of the case that garcia tores had that type of pro cliffity to go after lamar. >> reporter: it was lead defense attorney that got the jury chuckling and smiling as he poke holes in the prosecution evidence. he reminded them there's no murder weapon, no witnesses or crime scene and evidence may have been miss handled or contaminated. >> the defense has been folksy and conversational but that's their strategy and i think they've done it fairly effectively. you will see them continue sort of going down this road of just basically leaving it for the
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jury to say, wait a minute, this trace evidence doesn't add up to murder. >> reporter: the defense also criticized investigators for not pursuing all leads including a brown car seen near the spot where sierra may have disappeared. the defense attorney concluded, qu efld she is deceased. she is missing and nothing else. in san jose, david louie, "abc 7 news." up next, hot weather no no. four cats were removed from a sweltering car but there's an interesting twist to the situation. also, a tahoe ski resort announces it is staying up for as long as it can. and how much longer will the heat sta
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with temperatures soaring, we are all being reminded tonight never to leave a pet in the car, not even for a few minutes. but for animal welfare workers there are many chances to help and to educate in that process. "abc 7 news" reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: these animal control officers in menlo park are checking the interior temperature of a vehicle after someone called to report two cats insigh. the same caller reached out to dr. monica rutger, the founder of nine lives foundation, a cat rescue group. >> i can't do it for everyone. my goodness. but something compelled me to come down and we'll help her out. >> the owner agreed to allow the doctor to take the cats to her facility today at no charge.
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the doctor shared this video of them happy and cool. animal control says they have a history with the cat's owner. >> we have been out there before, we haven't found violations. >> reporter: the temperature inside the vehicle was 90 degrees. animal control says they can seize the animals only at 100 degrees. had the doctor not taken the cats, animal control says it would have gone back to do another check later today. >> think it has a lot to do with personal opinion versus what the law actually says, and, you know, when you get into these issues with animals and property you have to be very careful. >> reporter: yesterday san rafael p.d. shared this picture of a dog rescued from a 156 degree car. animal control says it wants concerned citizens to call, but also to understand that some people don't have homes to leave their pets. >> this person had cooling mats inside the vehicle. >> reporter: as well as fans, water and food according to officers.
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melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." squaw valley ski resort announced it will remain off past the 4th of july for first time in history. the resort announced plans to keep the slopes open for the july 4th weekend which happened only four times. squau says it plans to open the resort as long as the snow shows out. these images were provided by squaw valley. >> crews reached the white wolf campground on tioga road. the park says the snow here is six to eight feet deep. plowing crews are averaging a half mile most days while avalanche control continues. there is no estimated time for reopening the pass, but what's a rainy season we had. >> geez, yeah. suddenly now -- we wanted to warm up but this was quite the warm up. >> maybe a little too much. dial it back, drew tuma. >> we want it fine tuned. >> one day of spring, fantastic
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and went right to summer. today it was the peak of the heat. so from here on out on the 7 day forecast the numbers only go downhill. first you will feel it on the coast tomorrow, and then everywhere by friday. live doppler 7, what we are seeing along the coast is patchy fog, and that's an indication of a marine layer returning, some cooler air coming into our atmosphere, and that's what really will break the heat over the coming days. take, for example, san francisco. today we hit a record high in the low 80s. quite a different story is setting up for your thursday thanks to the fog moving back in. it is a cool start at 56, but then temperatures really take their time climbing. by the afternoon we're really going to be stuck in the 60s with on and off fog coming in and out of the city. it will feel dramatically cooler in san francisco. away from the coast though it still will be a mild day. outside we have a live look from golden gate bridge camera. look at that. it is foggy on 101 as you go north and south and that will be with us in the early morning
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hours on thursday as well. so pockets of fog along the coast return, so take note of that. we haven't seen that in quite sometime, so we might have a little bit of a slower commute on our way tomorrow. right now, a wide range in temperatures by some 30 degrees. where we have the fog like half moon bay, san francisco, we're currently in the 50s. away from the fog, look at antioch right now. still holding in the 80s. 82 degrees. 78 right now in san ramon. 72 vallejo. san jose coming off record high in the 90s, still mid 73 right now. santa rosa cooled to 59. overnight tonight along the coast you have nature's ac, that fog kicking in. upper 40s will be the name of the game. away from the coast we will still have a warm night under mainly clear skies, upper 50s to lower 60, bringing back the summer microclimate even though it is still spring and may, a wide range. 67 in downtown san francisco is going to feel refreshing compared to the 80s we had today. 73 over in oakland.
9:19 pm
that will be some 17 degrees cooler tomorrow than it was today. about 81 in walnut creek so still warm, just not as hot as today. 85 that number in antioch. a closer look at the high in the south bay tomorrow, san jose 79 degrees will be the high tomorrow. about some 10 degrees cooler than today. 80 the number in los gatos. along the peninsula, in the upper 70s. palo alto, about 74 in san mateo. 62 in half moon bay. 64 sunset district, intervals of cloud cover. 67 in san francisco, about 76 petaluma, 76 vallejo, 80 in napa, 82 in lakeport. refreshing breeze off the bay. about 75 the number in hercules and inland will break the 90s. 81 the number you see there in san ramon. 83 livermore. 85, about the warmest spot we have in antioch. future tracker temperature also by friday, everyone cool also off back to more spring-like numbers in the 60s and 70s, and
9:20 pm
part of the reason why we're cooling so rapidly a wind is going to kick in. and that wind will turn breezy future tracker wind gust will show as we go throughout the day along the coast the wind picks up, over 30 miles per hour, and throughout the evening hours would not be surprised if we have frequent gusts around the bay 15 to 30 miles per hour. windy and cooler into the week. accuweather had the fog in the morning, cooling off the coast. rather warm inland, and then the winds pick up on friday. it is gusty everywhere, but it breaks the heat wave area-wide. saturday night into sunday could have a drop on two. wouldn't cancel plans, not a big issue. by monday, tuesday and wednesday, no sign of the heat returning, more spring like as we round out the seven day forecast. thanks, drew. >> facebook is about to hire thousands of new workers. >> and with the new employees what they will be doing as "abc 7 news" at 9:00 continues.
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l may the 4th be with you. tomorrow is "star wars" day. "star wars".com says one of the first mentions of the day was back in 1979 from an unlikely source, newly elected british prime minister margaret thatcher. supporters took out a newspaper ad saying may the 4th be with you, maggie. since then "star wars" day took off. >> facebook is adding to its work for with plans to add 3,000 employees. it's -- in a post this morning ceo mark zuckerberg said the new hires will be content moderators dedicated to keeping crimes, suicides and other violent acts from being streamed on the social network. zuckerberg promises to make changes after video of a killing posted on facebook last month sparked a nationwide manhunt. facebook already employes 4,500
9:25 pm
content reviewers around the world. he will add to that number significantly. palo alto based tesla more than doubled revenue during the first quarter of 2017 to nearly three billion dollars, but also posted higher than expected losses of 330 million. the electric carmaker is ramping up spending ahead of the launch of its model three sedan, which is expected out later this year. analysts say 2017 is a make or break year for elon musk's company, pointing out mess law's massive debt. cal train could soon have themany to electrify trains thanks to the budget. it includes 100 million for the agency. cal tran officials didn't they think would get the money. state republicans wanted the money blocked because the money would be used also by the bullet train. secretary of transportation elaine chao still needs to sign off on it. >> up next, the fbi director grilled. james comey faces a barrage of questions. >> makes me mildly nauseous to
9:26 pm
think that we might have had some impact on the election. >> why he believes he had to do it and why he didn't reveal an investigation involving the trump campaign. >> also the fiery plane crash right into a busy intersection. how they got out of that plane. >> and an army photographer who captured her own dea
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♪ live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ good evening again. we begin this half hour with fbi director james comey. >> yes, he revealed for the first time today why he decided the reveal that hillary clinton's e-mails were again under investigation. >> congressional members asked why he did it two weeks before the election and why he stayed silent on the investigation into donald trump's associates. >> here is abc news reporter
9:30 pm
pierre thomas. >> reporter: under the microscope since the election results came in. >> director comey, were you comfortable in the role you played in the election, sir? >> reporter: tonight fbi director james comey back in the hot seat. >> tell me what you would do. >> reporter: an issue that bombshell 11 days before the election, hillary clinton learning when the plane landed director comey reopened the e-mail investigation. the revelation dominating the front pages in the final week and a half. just yesterday clinton in part blaming comey for her november loss. >> i was on the way to winning the election had been on october 27th i would be your president. >> reporter: today an emotional comey in perhaps his most dramatic testimony as director, explained why he went to congress about clinton's e-mails, discovered on uma abedin's spouse's computer. e-mails that did not change the case. >> concealment would have been catastrophic not just to the fbi but beyond. honestly as between bad and catastrophic, i said to my team
9:31 pm
we have to walk into the world of really bald. look, this was terrible. it makes me mildly nauseous to make me think we not mite have had impact on the election. i would make the same decision. >> reporter: democrats pounced asking why reveal hillary clinton's investigation, pointing out comey concealed he the fact he was investigating trump's associates for alleged ties to russia throughout the summer and fall. only telling congress after the election. >> i join those who believe that the actions taken by the fbi did, in fact, have an impact on the election. >> was it appropriate for you to comment on one investigation repeatedly and not say anything about the other? >> i think i treated both investigations consistently under the same principles. >> reporter: comey was also pressed about where the fbi's investigation into trump campaign associates stands tonight. >> do you stand by your testimony that there is an active investigation, counterintelligence investigation regarding trump campaign individuals and the
9:32 pm
russian government as to whether or not they collaborate? you said it in march. is it still true. >> to see if there was coordination between the russia effort and people -- >> right, is it still going on? >> yes. >> has the white house cooperated? >> with the investigation? >> yes. >> it is not something i'm going to comment on. >> reporter: senators got nowhere in pressing comey for details. he said you won't hear a peep from him until the russia investigation is over, and even that's not guaranteed. pierre thomas, abc news, fbi headquarters. meantime in washington, today the house passed a $1.1 trillion budget for the federal government. >> on this both the ayes are 309, the nays are 118. the motion is adopted. >> the senate is expected to sign it tomorrow. the deadline is friday. the budget is described as a bipartisan compromise and would keep the government running until september. earthquake, earthquake. moderate shaking. >> that budget deal includes $10 million to develop an earthquake early warning system in california as well as oregon
9:33 pm
and washington state. that's actually more money than the program received in the last budget under then-president obama. uc berkley and cal tech scientists are working on the system with the u.s. gee logical survey. it designed the alert us from a few seconds to maybe a few minutes before an earthquake, hopefully giving time to stop trains and elevators and get to a safe place. several other countries including japan have a similar system. >> satellite images show north korea is building artificial islands in the yellow sea. the development suggests that north korea has taken a cue from china which has bit its own islands in the south china sea. north korea has been working on the islands for at least five years. they're locate willed just off the coast in an area known as a testing site tore intercontinental ballistic missile also. it is unclear why the islands are being bit. for the second time in a week the us air force tested an intercontinental ballistic
9:34 pm
missile. look at the video of the launch from the launch in southern california. the air force has hundreds of the missiles and routinely tests them, but this, of course, comes amid rising tensions with north korea which tested its own nuclear missiles including some designed to reach the u.s. the final photo of a combat ed photographer. army specialist h clayton captured her own death on camera in an accidental mortar explosion in afghanistan four years ago. the blast also killed four afghan national army soldiers. the photo was published this week in military review. haunting, isn't it? the army notes her death symbol ices how female soldiers are increasingly exposed to hazardous situations in training and combat. it is being called a miracle escape. in washington state a small plane burst into flames and crashed into a busy intersection. the pilot and passenger walked away from the burning wreckage. the pilot managed to avoid
9:35 pm
hitting anyone on the ground. abc news reporter geo beknee tess reports. >> reporter: it is the incredible survive caught on camera. a small plane coming in for a crash landing at an intersection during the afternoon rush hour. look at it in slow motion, catching fire as it clips power lines, traffic lights, even cars. drivers watching in horror. >> i said get down and before i knew it i could feel the heat on my case and the fire ball, and the wing clipped the van. it is the closest i have come to thinking like, oh, this is the end. >> reporter: miraculously the pilot and passenger run out of the burning plane, the pilot managing to control the aircraft as everything around him goes up in flame. >> it was very skillful of him, thoughtful and mindful to maintain calm and control of the aircraft. >> reporter: and so many are grateful that the pilot somehow avoided hitting anymore than that. no one was seriously hurt. but investigators want to find out what caused that crash.
9:36 pm
jio benites, abc news new york. the east bay man charged with killing his estranged wife near a walnut creek park entered a not guilty plea today. 38-year-old gregory prokopowicz did so against the advice of his public defender, who wanted to delay the arraignment until tomorrow. prokopowicz is accused of shooting 47-year-old roselyn policarpio near larkey park last thursday afternoon. police tracked him to martinez and an 18-hour standoff ensued as he sat in a car near a gas station. police took him into custody friday afternoon. smoke rising in vallejo was captured by drone view 7. as you can see. the fire was training for fire department recruits. next week they will become full time firefighters paramedics. this home was donated to the department. it needed to be torn down anyway. there was concern in the east bay over flaring this evening at chevron's richmond refine railway. this is what it looked like just
9:37 pm
before 4:30 this afternoon. you can see the flames there. chevron says it was because of equipment malfunction. it calls the flaring an isolated issue. apple ceo tim cook announced today a new one billion dollar fund to invest in u.s. manufacturing jobs. he made the announcement on cnbc's mad money program to night. he explained if apple can create more manufacturing jobs, those jobs will create even more jobs. apple is apparently already chosen the company to invest in. cook says we will hear more about it later this month. well, we are getting our first look at the center. it will be in the jackson park area of chicago near lake michigan. organizers say the center will include classrooms, labs and outdoor spaces, there will be a museum and library and over 200,000 square feet, roughly the same size as the george w. bush presidential center in dallas. mechanics garages of the future are less about grease and more about the gadgets. >> right. we're getting a look inside
9:38 pm
intel's new garage today which is specifically designed for driverless cars. and in honor of asian pacific american heritage month we are using our "abc 7 news" bay area instagram feed to celebrate organizations where you live. today we recognize san francisco's asian art museum and its beautiful exhibit, tune treasures. new discovers from
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today intel took the wraps off a new garage where engineers will tinker with the cars of the future. "abc 7 news" reporter jonathan bloom got a tour and test drive as self-driving cars inch closer to your driveway. >> looking around to see if there's a safe distance. >> reporter: anthony may be in the driver's seat but he is along for the drive. >> it is a self-driving vehicle that will take us around the route. the vehicle is able to see
9:42 pm
everything around us 360 degrees. >> reporter: a new kind of car needs a new place for engineers to tinker with it. while the ribbon cutting was quiet, the innovation inside will echo around the world. >> this is the grand opening. it is a garage we're opening. >> reporter: intel makes the chips that power gars like this bmw. they are teaching it how to drive in different countries. >> in the u.s. we have left-turn driving. >> cameras, light dar, ultrasonic and radar in the vehicle. >> reporter: with sensors and cameras in every direction, this car generates so much data within a week the trunk would be filled with hard drives. the trick is how to use the data and quickly make room for more. >> you still got to be able to use your trunk and have a place for your golf bag. so for us it is about taking big computes and shrinking it into a small form factor. >> reporter: intel has been
9:43 pm
granted a permit to test on city streets, recruiting riders from the general public. some will ride in this car. >> you are requesting this vehicle, right? >> reporter: it is like uber or lyft without the driver. >> hey, jonathan. >> reporter: with no human to talk to, designers have to figure out how you will interact with the car. >> go ahead and click the go button. >> reporter: from how long you need to hold down the button to how the car will convince you to trust it. >> people obviously want to feel safe. they want to feel comfortable. physically comfortable, yes, but more importantly psychologically comfortable. >> reporter: in san jose, jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news." tonight google says it has shut down a phishing scam that could compromise your personal information but is urging users to be careful. it involves an e-mail that includes a link to view a document. after clicking it, you are prompted to enter your log in information on what looks like a real google web page. don't. ou do that all of your information could be vulnerable. head to for tips on
9:44 pm
what you should do next if you think you fell for this scam. electric car drivers were sparing the air today, as they do every day, but there's growing concern that so many evs are being sold sometime soon the back yum won't be in the commute but at the charging stations. drivers seem willing to pay a dollar an hour for some juice. >> i think individual cities and governments and agencies and retail and private need to be aware that there's going to be a need and they have to get ahead of the curve. >> the air district has five million dollars available in grant money as an incentive to add more charging stations this year. there are about 83,000 evs registered in the bay area. the hope is to see nearly 250,000 by 2025. >> wouldn't that be something? >> yeah. >> meteorologist drew tuma next with an update on the forecast. >> plus a cabin on a collision course with a bridge. >> oh! >> yeah, the slow
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b now to the flooding disaster in the midwest tonight. parts of st. louis were completely cut off and hundreds of roads in three states shut down. here's abc news reporter alex perez in missouri. >> reporter: tonight new evacuations and a flash flood emergency in northeast arkansas. the black river more than 10 feet blou
9:49 pm
10 feet above flood stage breaching this levy. nearby, the river carrying this cabin on a collision course, striking a highway bridge. the national guard deployed across the region as a slow motion disaster now unfolds. major highways under water. st. louis is now virtually cut off from the southwest. >> i can't stress enough that if there's water on that roadway, do not go into it. >> hopefully this wall of sandbags will hold. >> reporter: inure reek ah, missouri the river at record levels. that means sleepless nights for business owners like cathie gilman. >> we have five pumps running in here trying to keep the water pumped out. >> reporter: downstream here in arnold, missouri it is hard to tell where the river ends and the street begins. it is not over. the river not expected to crest until about midnight. alex perez, abc news, arnold, missouri. all right. we haven't had any rain or anything like that to worry about in the last week or so it seems. >> we haven't, and meteorologist
9:50 pm
drew tuma is here to tell us -- >> that guy. >> -- whether this guy, whether there's rain coming. we know cooling is coming. >> also said the rain is gone. >> and now the heat is going bye-bye as well. we will go back to a spring like pattern very shortly. cooling down right along the coast as we speak. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing fog on the coast. that's the gray shading on your screen by the coast. it has cooled half moon down to 53. 59 in san francisco. 59 in santa rosa but still holding warmth away from the coast. livermore still 76. concord. overnight going to have a wild range. not mild on the coast, rather cool with the fog at 48, half moon bay. antioch will have a warm start. 62 in san jose, 54 in napa. highs on thursday not quite as warm as we were today. still, warm in antioch, 85. along the coast is where you notice the big difference. san francisco almost 20 degrees cooler at 67.
9:51 pm
with the accuweather seven-day forecast. morning fog, cooler in the afternoon but everyone feels the cool down on friday. also turns windy and the wind sticks with us over the weekend. >> thanks, drew. >> excellent. on to sports. >> yes. >> so off -- you know, it is too hot, you know, for some people. it is hard to please, right? >> yes. >> true story. tonight dave is doing maintenance, the air conditioning and sports department comes on, in five minutes, ice station zebra. i call him, he shuts it down. then he comes back like ten minutes later and i go, it is too hot, dave. he goes -- he just looks at me and is like -- >> you're hard to please. >> you're one of those guys. just can't do anything to please you. . and the giants can't either and they can't catch a break. giants give a gift like this, like joe
9:52 pm
i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no
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. "abc 7 news" sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> good evening. giants wrapping up series with dodgers tonight in l.a. sam sam on the moun.
9:55 pm
they honored a man beloved by everybody. >> it's time for dodger baseball. >> vinnie, sandy colfax and tommie lasorda unveiling the plaque. giants have a lead runner on in three of the first five innings, could not score. etd wa nunez. got scory sieger there. scoreless into the sixth. high papa. joe panik. it guy it, i ain't got it. he was running hard and gets all the way to third base. chris taylor, base knock, rbi for the lone run of the game at that pint. giants tied it up, it is 1-1 and they're in the ninth inning. a's and twins, and this would be dummies for baseball. or baseball for dummies. i'm the dummy.
9:56 pm
geez. mess with the line. must have took me -- oh, no. can we start the whole show -- oh, we're live. never mind. vargas hit a three-run homer. so it was 5-1. lorenzo down the line. he homered in consecutive nights. he is down 5-3. to the ninth. a's down 7-4. bases love. trevor ploof goes poof. a less lose 7-4 and fall to 1 and 7 on the road trip. warriors say nothing to worry about, steph curry is fine even though he sat out of practice today after an undisclosed injury in game one of the jazz series last night. curry was at practice today. just chilling on a stationary bike. look at his feet. no special wraps on the ankle, as you can see there. he might have tweaked it. not really sure what happened. kind of landed ouk wardly on this lay-up here. today the word, routine maintenance. >> no, just routine maintenance that i get done with, whether it is in the back or on the bench
9:57 pm
or in between, whatever. it happens and nothing to worry about. >> no, no concern. he could have gone today. you know, he's a guy that constantly get maintenance which, you know, he should. not only him, most of our guys do, they do a good job with that. so that's all, that's all it was last night. he's definitely good to go tomorrow. >> a couple of warriors said they hoped they would play the clippers instead of utah because utah has no night life. guess what the jazz are giving away? game three in salt lake city. night life tee shirts. kind o nice, actually. these days every perceived slight is somebody's future slogan. nba tonight. james hardin and the rockets trying to go up 2-0 on san antonio. the spurs lead by 10 at the half. hardin shot three of 17, but 10 assists to gordon. houston within three. spurs a big run. jonathan simmons, freakish athleticism, with authority. and then leonard.
9:58 pm
up and under. kawhi with a game high 34 points and the spurs win 121-96, but lose tony parker to a knee injury. an apparent knee injury. lebron and cavs trying to go up 2-0 on the rafters. lebron had 19 in first half, cleveland 10 of 15 on threes. kind of toying with toronto. cavs by 20 in the second half. irving, and the only question here, is he going to throw it off -- another backboard pass, are we going to see it again? no, behind the back dime. cavs roll 125-123, up 2-0 in the series. >> now, this isn't where we want to be. we don't want to be a 2 and 4 team, you know. you don't want to be a team that has your fourth head coach in four years. but you also have to be willing to change paths if you have made a mistake. >> just can't help himself. '9ers owner hid for most of last season when they were 2 and 14. it appears the '9ers do something right in the draft.
9:59 pm
where is he? taking a victory lap on the nfl network. just stay quiet. said he wants to have dinner with jim harbaugh at some point. you had four years to dine with harbaugh and you chose to run him out of your building. don't think he wants to eat dinner with you. "abc 7 news" sports brought to you by toyota. >> thanks, larry. coming up tonight on "abc 7 news at 11:00," we have new reaction from san francisco's police chief after officers shoot and kill the man they say attacked a subway shop employee over a sandwich. also -- >> the new fight over medical marijuana pits a former mayor against residents. so be sure to join us for "abc 7 news at 11:00" on channel 7. >> but that is this edition of "abc 7 news" at 9:00. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for drew, larry, dummies for sports casting, how did that go? >> that's the way it is. >> i love the cheap shot with no >> i love the cheap shot with no time
10:00 pm
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