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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 5, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> an east bay woman tortured and then killed, her home set on fire. months after this deadly crime, tonight there are new developments. after all of this time, finally an arrest. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. this crime horrified people in castro valley. >> abc 7 reporter katie udisis live with these new developments. >> this could be a death penalty case. as we have learned in these charging documents, there is allegations of torture on top of the murder itself. alameda county sheriff's office plans to hold a press conference tomorrow morning, and at that time they may release more
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details. tonight they learned the attack that happened in this home appears to be at random. the victim did not know the suspect. this dark surveillance video and the charred walls of a castro valley home have haunted a neighborhood since december. firefighters found andrea st. john dead in her garage. it turns out she had been killed before the fire was set. >> it's a horrible thing that it could happen. and the worst part is it could have happened to anyone here. it could have happened to any of us. >> but tonight relief as the alameda county district attorney filed charges against 36-year-old luckie dacanay. charging documents say dacanay confessed to the killing while in the san joaquin jail on other charges. then investigators found corroborating evidence. >> i'm glad for the closure for the family. >> reporter: dacanay faces burglary, robbery, murder with torture, and other charges, which could make this a death penalty case. deputies say his physical
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description matches video from a neighbor's camera. >> if we contribute to it, i'd be very happy. >> it's unclear why dacanay would have been in the neighborhood. his home address is listed as stockton. he'll be extradited to alameda county to face the charges. st. john leaves behind two adult daughters who coincidentally held her memorial today. we're told some 150 people attended. in castro valley, katie udis, abc 7 news. we're staying on top of developments in the 13-year-old double murder case. shawn gallo accuse to have had murder of a young cupper. lindsey and her fiance were found shot to death. investigators say they found evidence of the killings at galan's home and that he knew things only the kill worry know. they say the murders were random. galan was already in jail, charged with killing his brother back in march. new at 11:00, a five-car crash on the eastbound lanes of
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the 580 on the altamont pass left one car, look at this, right on top of another. the alameda county fire department shared this video a short time ago. the accident happened just after 8:00. one person suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. that's all. really fortunate. the highway patrol is investigating exactly how this happened. thick flames and black smoke just shooting into the sky. this was the scene all day long in benicia after a flaring emergency at the valero refinery. it could be seen for miles. tonight the situation is stabilizing, but that's after people who lived in the area were told to shelter in place. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera is live with new details. lonnie? >> reporter: yes, ama, in the distance here you can see one flare burning at this plant. environmental officials plan to continue to test the area as residents who live here here are just starting their weekend. >> i knew something was happening at the refinery, you
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know. didn't -- was not normal at all. >> reporter: residents in this benicia community noticed black plumes of smoke billowing from the valero refinery friday morning. a sudden pg&e power outage forced the plant to shut down and start flarg. >> we didn't know how serious it was until we got the texts and notices and realized it was serious. >> reporter: serious enough for benicia city officials to order evacuations immediately in the industrial park near the plant. about an hour later, nearby residents learned by text and sirens about a shelter in place. police diverted traffic away from the plant. but by 5:30, city officials lifted the evacuation order. >> i am comfortable that once they complete their inspections, that the plant should return to operations. >> reporter: epa officials will continue monitoring pollutants in the air. >> the levels, again, were -- had been low throughout the day. and we haven't seen an impact on the hospitals.
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>> sometimes we do see smoke coming out it. but i think they're taking care. >> you feel safe? >> yeah, we are safe. >> benicia residents will likely see more flaring as the refinery works to get things back up and running. in benicia, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. a necropsy is planned tomorrow for a missing mentor dog found dead today inside the owner's car. the owner reported murfee stolen from her front yard in castro valley there was a $10,000 reward to find him. his owner believes he was killed somewhere else and returned to the home. murfee helped other dogs socialize to get them ready for adoption. people flying to and from san francisco international airport will breathe a sigh of relief there will not be delays caused by runway construction work. let's take a look. gusty winds have postponed this weekend's planned repaving project along one of the airport's four runways. the work has caused extensive
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delays and cancellations during recent weekends. a massive sinkhole nearly swallowed a truck in san francisco south of market area this morning. abc 7 news was on seventh street where it happened. the sinkhole was gigantic, 20 by 10 and as deep as three feet. the street was closed for the entire day as repair crews towed the truck out and patched up the pay. . the city of san francisco is asking pg&e to pay up for losses it incurred because of last month's massive power outage. according to the chronicle, the city is asking pg&e to reimburse $187,000 for revenue and operating losses from the april 21st blackout. most of the losses were suffered by muni, which saw six electric trolley bus lines go out of service during that time. happening now, it's not your average friday night in the south bay. it's cinco de mayo. and people in san jose are celebrating with an unofficial parade of cars donning mexican flags. >> and san jose police are ready if anything gets out of hand.
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katie marzullo is live in downtown san jose with the story. katie? >> dan, ama, for hours now, we've seen car after car, truck after truck crowd this intersection, many with a large mexican flag waving. you might be able to catch one here, yes. about an hour or so ago we saw police reconfigure the intersection. they're trying to keep the cars off santa clara street because it's safer that way. and of course safety is the main idea for police tonight. in downtown san jose, it's easy to see who is celebrating cinco de mayo. the people and the cars speak volumes. >> the whole raza getting together, you know, have a good time. >> i look forward to seeing the different type of low riders and decorated cars as well. >> reporter: angelina usher brought her granddaughters to east san jose to get a taste of how the city celebrates. >> for me, it's a celebration of our heritage and of our
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nationality. >> san jose police know it's a night that can also include a lot of partying and drinking. >> anything that is going to cause problems in the downtown area or on the east side of san jose. so if drunk driving comes up, our officers will obviously be enforcing for that. >> the police department operated its special operations division, which means about 60 extra officers are available to patrol the streets. >> of viva mexico. >> juan sold mexican flags all day to help others get in the spirit of the holiday. a holiday which he points out -- >> not independence. not independence mexico. that's cinco de mayo. >> the 5th of may marks mexico's victory over france at the battle of puebla in 1872. in 2017, no matter how you celebrate the day, san jose police say keep it safe. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. >> safe and fun. it is windy across the bay area. >> here is meteorologist sandhya patel. >> it has been a blustery night tonight. i'll let you know when the winds will relax, and if your weekend
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will feature any warm-up, coming up. >> and only on 7, clunkers for cops. the bay area police officers forced to drive these worn and torn cars. and the concern tonight about this aging fleet. and here is something you don't see every day. a zebra on the loose. >> no kidding. all that is coming up. but first here is a look at what is ahead on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00 with guest hosts tonight david spade. david? >> thanks, dan and ama. the following is a feast for your senses. are you as drunk as guillermo at this point? look at him, he is still sitting back.
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only on 7, a cop car emergency. san francisco's police cars are getting older and breaking down more often. the police union says the aging fleet could jeopardize response times. as abc 7 news reporter vic lee explains tonight, some of these cars should have been taken out of service years ago. >> on this day, three officers from siingleside police station bunch up in one cars. officers tell us on some days it's four to a car. so where do you put the bad guy?
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on other days they wait for shifts to end so they can get a car. police union president -- >> if we don't have the cars so that they can respond to the a priority calls, response times are going to go up. >> nearly in the fleet are a disgrace to the force. faded, oxidized paint on the exteriors of the cars. worn and torn seats. old two-way radios, some with frayed wiring. rusted floorboards, and cars with a lot of mileage that should have been retired years ago. deputy chief robert moser. >> about 42% of our fleet is over ten years old. we have about another 30% of our fleet that has over 100,000 miles. >> our neighboring agency, they retire their vehicles well before 100,000 miles, or within three, four, or five years. >> but at sfpd, retiring aging vehicles is difficult. there is a shortage of new cars
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to replace them. he blames city officials. >> that request has gone on deaf ears either at city hall or under the budget committee. >> in this current budget, the department requested 142 new cars. they got only 48. as early as five years ago, then police chief greg suhr expressed serious concerns to the mayor that his fleet was getting old. abc 7 reviewed requests for each of the years. the department asked for a total of 630 new car, but got only 250. the city spends about $4 million a year to maintain them, many of which should have been scrapped years ago. testimony to that, one day earlier this year, 90 police vehicles were here, waiting for repair. munni and vehicles driven by traffic control officers are given priority over police cars. >> they generate revenue for the
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city. sfpd does not generate revenue. we're no longer a top priority. >> in the upcoming budget, a source tells abc 7 news, the mayor's office will approve the purchase of 70 vehicles total. that money will likely be spent on both black and whites and unmarked cars. perhaps not enough to begin a replacement program soon for older vehicles. >> if we were getting 60 marked vehicles, it would probably take us five years to where we could rotate some of the older cars out. >> at this rate, san francisco's fleet of aging police cars will most likely continue growing older. the question is when will it catch up to where it needs to be? vic lee, abc 7 news. >> the mayor's office declined to comment on camera. but in an e-mail says the mayor recognizes the needs of the sfpd fleet and will make, quote significant funding for cars in the next year and the following one after that. one source says that will be 70 new cars for the upcoming
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budget. and another 70 for the following fiscal year in 2018-2019. new tonight, this is not the savannah, but sunny florid where one striped wearing bandit decided to make a run for it. an escaped zebra eluded authority, running through neighborhoods and into backyards. look at it go. according to the local sheriff, the zebra did damage, slamming into the side of a truck and snapping off a side a zeb zebra's owner managed to corral the animal and bring it back home. hopefully it's okay and not injured. >> just a little unnerved. a great image there. strange. a windy night across the bay area as we head the weekend. >> sheer live look outside from the abc 7 roof camera. you can see the flag still blowing in the breeze. >> what do we have the next couple of days? sandhya patel is here. >> the wind is going to continue, heading into the first half of your weekend. the second half, the winds will relax. right now on live doppler 7, we don't have the marine layer. just a lot of high clouds
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around. the wind is keeping the marine layer stirred up. so it's gone. look at the winds, gusting to 47 out of the west at sfo. it is pretty blustery across parts. 35 in half moon bay. wind advisory up for the coast, bay and hills. this is because gusts over 45 miles per hour will continue until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. so downed tree, power lines not out of the question. but look at what happens when the winds drop off. on sunday, you're going to notice that the temperature actually comes up. this is the temperature for san jose going from a cool 66 to 7 degrees. and then early next week, that warming trend continues before temperatures drop back down again. live doppler 7 in a moment you. saw there. but right now i want to show you those temperatures. they are in the 50s. so pretty much everyone in the 50s, except los gatos. it is a shaky view here as the winds are still howling. gusty winds through early sunday. isolated sprinkles are possible
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tomorrow. and we are expecting warmer days sunday through tuesday. hour-by-hour forecasts starting out with tonight going into tomorrow. we will still see the winds strongest along the coastline, over 40 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. at times could be even nearing 50 miles an hour tomorrow night. so do hang on tight, if you do have outdoor plans. a good day to fly a kite is what i would say. sunday morning, winds across most parts telephone bay area will dial back completely, except near the coast. it's still going to be a bit breezy, but not quite as windy as saturday. in terms of what you can expect, tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, we do have a system coming through. it could produce a few sprinkles. right now it's not looking very exciting. 1:00 saturday afternoon, a few drops are possible. the sprinkle possibility continues into the afternoon. and evening hours. but it's really not one of those things where you have to change up your weekend plans. just know that you might see a drop or two. if you're heading to the high country, you're going to be seeing more than drops. highest elevations looking at snow. i know it's may. saturday night into early sunday, they are looking at some
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snowfall there temperatures first thing in the morning, low 40s to the upper 40s. windy along the coast. breezy in our inland valleys. you'll want the keep the layers handy for the afternoon, because it is going to be cooler than today. windy there near the coast. feeling a bit raw. 50, 60s there. inland areas,ou'll be int the upper 60s to the low 70s for your saturday. now, if you are heading to a lat cart and art in mountain view, nice weather. this is where you need the wind breaker. sunday you can lose the wind breaker. winds will relax. the temperature will come up. it's going to be a nice afternoon. 72 degrees. even the morn willing be quite pleasant on sunday. and you can always download the accuweather app to keep track of the temperature changes and the wind. the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature a chance of afternoon-evening sprinkles tomorrow. certainly milder weather. it is going to be dry on sunday. warming trend carries over into early next week. low to mid-80s. low 60s coast. and then clouds increase. temperatures drop a few degrees. we're going to cool it down to
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the low 70s inland thursday, friday. upper 50s along the coastline. ama and dan, something for everyone out there. everyone out there.
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>> that's true. not bad. in sports tonight, the giants, they made some history tonight in cincinnati. it was one nice moment in an ot
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abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. giants had to wait out a ain delay in cincinnati. it would have been better for matt cain and company if it just kept pouring. oh, great idea to go the game, dad. don't you have the accuweather app? arroyo versus arroyo. they went to the same high school in florida, but 20 years apart because the pitcher is 40 and the kid is 21. giants down 3-1. in the third, suarez knocks in
11:59 pm
two runs. matt cain, what a disaster, 3 1/3 and tied his career worst start, allowing nine runs. here billy hamilton almost an inside the park homer. hernandez dove and came up with nothing. the reds scored in each of the first six. >> and cruise to victory, 13-3. the a's back home unveiling the holy toledo in honor of the late bill king. andrew trig in trouble most of the night. the big blow three-run triple into the right corner. tigers up 5-0. trig goes 5- 1/3. arizona had two on with nobody out in sixth. michael former shut him down. bruce maxwell, swing and a miss. fuller in at 9 strikeouts and 8 innings. the a's have drop 9 of 11. the warriors flew to salt lake city, but steve kerr went
12:00 am
to get checked out for the recurring headaches. he'll not b not there for game three or four. dubs had light workout this afternoon in salt lake city. afterwards, oh my goodness, just peppered with question after question about what they were going to do tonight. utah agitated by matt barnes there is no night life comment. they made t-shirts about it. it's real by a big talking point. steph and klay handling this line of questioning without ease. >> do you think you would be interested in the indoor trampoline or trolley rides or the king's english bookstore? any of those interest you? >> all three of those, yes. all three. can you send me the address? >> i can. just give me your number. >> see if they'll stay open late for us. >> a nice movie theater by the hotel. i don't know. i'll find something to do. i always go by the saying only boring people get bored. i'll find something. >> one more reminder. warriors/jazz tomorrow at 5:30. after the game highlight


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