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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 7, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> kidnapped at gunpoint, an uber driver opens up about a hair owing escape, a story you'll see only on abc7. >> a roll back as lawmakers face constituents. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: live where you live this is abc7 news. >> a police shoot out leads to an arrest in san jose making this the third time in less than a week san jose officers have opened fire on someone. good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kate larson. thank you for joining us. it all started at 8:00 this morn, police shot said the man shot toward the offer
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certificates. >> it was in east san jose. the officers fired back which led to a chase. abc7 news reporter is live at police headquarters where the chief is getting ready to speak. katey? >> reporter: eric, we're going to hear from him in a moment. neighbors who live in the area tell us that the man in custody appears to be a transient. they recognized him. neither he nor the officers involved were injured in today's incident. we're hoping the chief can fill in a few more details for us, but here's what we know so far. san jose police say someone called to report a man with a gun near the big 5 store on tully road. around 8:00 in the morning officers responded. >> when officers arrived on scene, the suspect immediately opened fire on the officers. the officers returned fire. >> reporter: the man ran, jumping a fence into a nearby mobile home park. he tossed the gun into some bushes. officers then surrounded the area. eventually arresting him. residents were on edge during
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the search. >> it sucks, you know, because you want to make sure they're safe. >> reporter: this shooting follows two fatal officer involved shootings earlier this week. on tuesday officers shot and killed a man who they say charged at them with a pair of knives. on wednesday, officers fatally shot a man suspected of a double homicide. they say he also threatened officers. police say at least one officer fired in today's incident, we'll confirm it with the chief with other details. he is expected to speak in the next half hour. katie, abc7 news. >> thanks, katie. an uber driver says he was kidnapped at gunpoint before escaping with his life. a man and woman got into his car in san francisco's richmond district yesterday. after they pulled a gun and knife on him, he drove them to a liquor store in the city of richmond. that's where he made a run for it. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live from the san
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francisco neighborhood with reaction from the driver today. it's a story you'll see only on abc7 news. melanie. >> reporter: this was so terrifying for the driver who has asked us to not show his face. tonight he is without his car, his wallet, his iphone and ipad and also a camera that he says he's lucky to be alive. in the meantime, richmond police say the vehicle and those suspects are still outstanding. the driver was able to give police just a vague description of the suspects, but surveillance video could help. a 26-year-old off-duty uber driver gave an unforgettable ride to some nonpaying customers. >> i'm glad i made it out alive. >> reporter: he says a man and woman got in his unlocked parked car claiming they used the ride sharing app even though he said he didn't accept any rides. >> i decided to drive them a block thinking that in good faith that it was a mistake.
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>> reporter: at the couple's direction, so did their demands. he said the male passenger pulled out a gun. >> he pointed it at my head from the back seat. >> the female passenger climbed into the front seat. >> she claimed she had a knife and she was going to stab me in my leg. >> reporter: he drove the couple to richmond where they wanted to stop here at cisco market on 13th street so he could take out money at an atm. >> i bolted into the street. >> when he had the opportunity to escape, he did. and it proved to be a right thing for him to do. >> reporter: last night richmond police and san francisco police interviewed him at the richmond police department. a cisco employee says his boss showed the surveillance video to police, the vehicle which is still missing is a white 2015 toyota camera with license plate 7 hqw 692. >> definitely having the logo on my car in the front and back
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victimized me a bit. >> reporter: uber says the incident happened while the driver was off the app and directing questions to police. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> the top coroner is expected in court after suspicion of molesting a girl. darrell harris is accused of having a sexual relationship with a girl who was under 14 when it began in 2008. harris faces four felonies. he is being held without bail. harris has been with the coroner's office since 2003 and worked in alameda county before that. >> let's talk about something happier now. the warm weather made for another beautiful weekend here in the bay area. live look at the golden gate bridge. you don't see any fog there. you do see a little clouds. for most, the bay area clear skies, clear and blue all day long. is that going to change? for more let's check in with meteorologist drew two man. >> a lot of changes in the next couple days, eric. the warmer trend we're
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experiencing now will last into our monday. five to ten degrees better now than yesterday. the 24-hour temperature change, the biggest jump right now concord, 10 degrees better than this time yesterday. out there right now current numbers, take a look. a really comfortable spring evening at hand. 62 that number in san francisco, 71 san jose, 77 antioch. 72 napa, but half moon bay cooling off right now, down to 59 degrees. tracker temperatures tomorrow morning we'll all wake up into the 50s to get you out the door for work and school. but look what starts to make a come back. 80s away from the coast, even warmer air moves in on tuesday before we see a huge drop in our numbers. we'll detail all the temperature swings coming up in that full accuweather forecast, guys. >> the backlash against the new republican health care bill is gaining momentum. today lawmakers discussing the plan while americans are voicing their concerns. abc7 news reporter david reich has more.
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>> reporter: from street corners and town halls. >> these are human beings. >> reporter: the new republican health care bill faces fierce backlash. >> the bill protects the preexisting conditions -- >> no. >> reporter: the bill rolls back popular provisions of the affordable care act. one of the biggest concerns, preexisting conditions. health insurers would still have to cover them, but the new plan creates a mechanism that would allow insurers to raise rates on those patients. president trump and speaker paul ryan promise consumers will have the same or better coverage compared to obamacare, but even some republicans don't buy it. >> i think that's unlikely because it is unaffordable, that doesn't do any good for a child who has juvenile diabetes. >> reporter: this weekend voters took took to task republican representatives who supported the bill including republican john fast owe. this woman with a brain tumor
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and spinal condition appealed to him. >> i need you as a human being to say, i promise that we will not take this away from you. >> i can tell you -- >> until -- >> reporter: but in the end faso voted for the bill. the new jersey congressman rodney switched his vote at the last minute from no to en after constituents like adina renfrow michelle. she's a stage 4 breast cancer survivor. >> do you feel like your congressman sold you out? >> yes, absolutely. i am furious. >> reporter: next year's midterm elections republicans could pay a steep price for this bill. >> i was struck by paul ryan this morning saying i'm proud of this. that can be an ad against him. >> reporter: david wright, abc7 news bedminster, new jersey. >> the future of health care took center stage when they hosted a town hall in santa clara. the democrat voted against the republican plan to replace obamacare on capitol hill last
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week. he believes that bill doesn't echo president trump's campaign promises. >> not mart san, president trump campaigned on more benefits, more coverage as his hallmarks. he said, look, australia and canada have the right approach. that would mean we have a public option as single paler. >> along with health care, constituents also asked him about russian hacking and north korea's nuclear program. >> there is a party going down after a land slide win in the french presidential race. >> hear from bay area french nationals on the winner whose impact could be felt worldwide. >> plus, a south bay church burned in a fire. why police are getting involved when we get back.
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french voters overwhelmingly selected a new president who is about to keep their country in the european union. cheers erupted when supporters of emmanuel macron saw elections flash on tv screens in paris. he is a newcomer that describes himself as a centrist. his right wing opponent marine le pen wanted to break way from the e.u. abc7 news was in san francisco when french citizens living here
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in the bay area reacted to today's election results. >> to prove to europe that we still want to be part of europe and it's all about equality. >> the 39 year old macron officially takes office some time during the coming week. the term of france's outgoing president ends one week from today. >> federal investigators are looking for a man who started a fire at a church in san jose overnight. abc7 news was at the a syrian church of the east on minnesota avenue as bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms looked carefully through the rubble. church volunteers say surveillance video from around 2:00 this morning shows a man wearing a hood set fire to a plastic storage shed next to the building. the shed and the tools inside were destroyed. >> we're all kind of surprised and perplexed because we've never had anything like this happen in this area to the
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church. we don't know who would want to do something like that. >> the church turned the surveillance video over to aff and agents are looking at it now as part of their investigation. >> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, dancers and marshal artists went to the same street party, their shared goal. >> a warm start to the week but some of us could get rain. meteorologist drew tuma up next with the forecast. >> i'm rick kwan. in sports, warriors prepare for game four against the jazz. what a weekend for the a's as they walk off a winner for the seco who are these people?
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on the peninsula it was a day to celebrate parks and public spaces. >> abc7 news was in burlingame for the festival. the free event is to promote healthy life styles. what people eat, how they move including belly dancing, face painting, a little something for everyone. >> belly dance might be perfect for somebody who is looking to exercise that way. we also have music. >> the burlingame parks and recreation department homes this yearly festival convinces a few more people to take classes at their local rec center. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >>weekend. temperatures [ inaudible ] 5 to 10 degrees over yesterday, and that trend will continue tomorrow. live doppler 7, we're showing you getting the all clear from dive doppler 7. tons of sunshine today. we do have a chance of a couple
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of sprinkles in the week ahead. we'll talk about that more in a second. temperature wise take a look, it's going to be one of those weeks where the swings are going to be great. take a look at san jose, for example. starting out pretty nice and warm, 80 tomorrow, 84 by tuesday. and then those numbers go way down by wednesday and from wednesday onward they're below average for this time of year. with that drop we could see a couple of sprinkles, particularly in the north. we'll talk about timing in one second. a look from the tamme cam. you are soaked in sunshine on the bay waters. tons of activity now, lots of sail boats, nice westerly wind. that wind has warmed us up nicely this afternoon. out there right now numbers generally in the 60s and 70s. 73 in novato, 71 in san jose. we're holding about 62 in san francisco and oakland holding at about 67 degrees now. overnight tonight numbers, 20 did grizzli
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degrees from where they are now. plenty of starz, clear skies will give us a nice viewing of jupiter. take a look at this. look southeast later on tonight. that sun is going to go down about 8:00 tonight. after 8:00, look to the south. yu'll see right about 2:00, jupiter shining brightly. fascinating to see. highs in the microclimate, saturdaying in the south bay tomorrow, lots of sunshine. a little warmer tomorrow than today. 80 san jose, 79 santa clara, 79 that number in gilroy. on the peninsula, 78 in mountain view, 76 menlo park, half moon bay at 63 degrees. downtown san francisco total sunshine, 67 about 61 that number in daily city, into the north bay 60s along the immediate coast line. warmth away from the coast. 82 santa rosa, 80 san rafael, 82 the number in vallejo, 83 in napa. 74 castro valley, 71 the number in berkeley and inland back into the 80s. 83 tomorrow afternoon in concord, 82 walnut creek, 81
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livermore, and 83 brentwood. future tracker temperatures even warmer than that away from the coast on tuesday. tuesday you can see inland like concord, fairfield, antioch getting up into the 80s, santa rosa, san jose into the mid-'80s as well. but the summer like warmth is not going to last all that long. future weather showing you where we're tracking wednesday night into thursday, really weak front that is sliding by just to our north. could touch off a sprinkle in the north bay, but what it will do area wide, usher in cooler temperatures to finish off the week. so, the accuweather forecast sunday forecast, track that roller coaster ride in temperatures for you. monday sunny and warm, tuesday there is that pick of the week, it's mild may afternoon. then those numbers drop wednesday, where that chance of sprinkle thursday, numbers stay below average into mother's day one week from today. don't forget one week. >> i haven't forgotten. my mom doesn't let me. >> thank you. same for the wife. rick has sports. we won't let you forget the
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warriors can go for the sweep. >> utah may not be known for its night life, but the warriors hope to party tomorrow completing a four-game sweep. 102-91, strong season acquisition, kevin durant. mike shumann has more from salt lake city. >> kevin durant had his best game, 38 points, 13 rebounds. given the dubs a 3-0 series lead. he told us today it wasn't as easy as it looked. >> it's not like these teams are coming in and laying down. we have to play. also it's the playoffs and teams want to make runs. i think we've one doing a good job throughout this whole series of just taking those punches and, you know, counter punching and playing our game. we're trying to take it to another level so we have to do continue to do so. >> steph and klay thompson struggled, but head coach mike brown is not worried about these
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two sharp shooters. >> in order to be a great shooter, you have to have a short memory. and both those guys, i don't think they have any memory at all. so, they're good to go. >> the warriors can close out this series monday night with a win over the jazz. report forgive salt lake city, mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> in toronto the raptors were trying to avoid being sweptd. the cavs are chilling with six minutes left. scoring 11 straight points, i h irving with the drive finished with 27. lebron james scored 29, 8-0, they'll play for the strird straight conference championship. the celtics are the top seed in the east but they're being tested by the wizards. after being tied at the half washington took control with a 26-0 run. oto porter, jr., with the steal and slam. a game high 29, he lays it in plus the foul while john wall added 27, washington outscored
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boston 42-20 in the third. 121-102 final, this series is now tied at two games apiece. nhl playoffs, trailing 1-0 in the second, the predators ties it up with this one-timer. then in the third the predators take the lead as ryan johansson beats jake allen. nashville wins 3-1 and takes the series 4-2. the predators advance to their first ever western conference final. last night it was the a's coming through in the 9th to beat detroit. today it is ryan healey's turn to play hero. a flock of seagulls made an appearance. not the 80s rock band. the real thing. in the fourth hot inning, alonzo connects, his third homer in two days gives oakland a 4-1 lead. the a's were up 5-4 in the 6th but ryan in relief of sunny gray gives up a two-run to mccann. it was 6-5 tigers. in the 9th oakland ties it up
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and with a man on, ryan healey takes francis co-rodriguez deep to left for a homer, 8-6, the a's walk off a winner for the second straight day. healey got the traditional gator aid bath. not much drama in cincinnati. giants trying to avoid a three game sweep. like the first two games, reds jump on top in the first. suarez singles off, hamilton scores the game's first run. down 2-0 in the third, deep for his 9th home run of the season, then in the fifth zach makes it 4-0 cincinnati. 7 innings allowing four runs on six hits. he did strike out 10. journeyman scott would go the distance, throwing a four-hit shut out. he gets connor gillespie to ground out to end the contest. reds win 4-0. they outscore the giants in the series 31-5. can someone please wake up the giants' bats?
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tomorrow the giants are in new york to play the mets. it's been a tough season so far. >> yes, it has. >> >> at least
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this is humira at work. tonight on abc7 news at 9 on kofy-tv 20, emergency call to action in the east bay. >> and at 11:00 here on abc7, the traj iks death of princess diana touched people's hearts. a woman prompted to carry on by her work. >> this week kicked off a summer movie season that will see a new spyder man, wonder woman, pirates of the caribbean. >> get your calendar out. another sequel, guardians of the galaxy 2, the second biggest opening this year. it made an estimated $145 million for a parent company disney. 54% more than the first guardians movie opened with. it is now made more than a quarter billion dollar worldwide. >> fate of the furious, boss baby, how to be a latin lover
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rounded out the top five. >> that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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announcer: right now on "matter of fact." wish you could drown out the voice of the opposition? >> if they allow liberals and not conservatives, they might be violating the first amendment. announcer: where do you stand on free speech? and the retail apocalypse hits the heartland. >> we have citizens who need jobs. announcer: how one city is fighting to reclaim its shattered stores. plus, kids suing the federal government over climate change. find out why their case against president trump is heading to trial. soledad: i'm soledad o'brien. welcome to "matter of fact." the 45 words that make up the first amendment are being tested by the 140 characters of twitter.


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