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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 7, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live where you live. this is "abc7 news." a police shootout leads to an arrest in san jose, making this the third time in less than a week that san jose police officers have opened fire on someone. good evening. >> thank you for joining us this evening. this all started at 8:00 this morning. police said a man shot at three responding officers near quinnby road east of san jose. >> one officer fired back, but police would not say how many
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shots. all the bullets missed their targets. officers chased the man down and recovered a .45 caliber hand gun connected to a 2012 run. the man has been booked on three counts of atevenlted murder of a police officer. >> the actions were appalling and the continued violence towards law enforcement officers is equally appalling. we're very lucky we did not lose an officer today. >> this is the third police shooting in san jose in six days. last tuesday, police shot and killed a man on mt. frazier drive who they say came armedat armed with two knives. and thenen officer shot a double murder suspect after police say he pointed a gun at officers. marin county's top coroner was arrested on suspicion of molesting a girl. our media partner reports that
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darrell harris is accused of having a sexual relationship with a girl under 14 when it began in 2008. harris faces four felony charges and right now he's being held without bail. harris has been with the coroner's office since 2003 and worked in alameda county before that. an uber driver says he was kidnapped at gunpoint before escaping with his life. a man and woman got into his car in san francisco's richmond district after they pulled a gun and knife on them. he drove them to a liquor store in richmond and made a run for him. melanie woodrow talked to the driver today. >> reporter: a 26-year-old off duty driver gave an unforgettable ride to some non-paying customers. >> i'm all right. >> reporter: he says a man and woman got in his unlocked parked car, claiming they used the ridesharing app. even though he said he didn't accept any rides. >> i decided to drive down the
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block, thinking in good faith it was a mistake. >> at their direction devolved, so did their mans. he says the passenger pulled out a gun. >> he pointed it at my head. >> reporter: while the female passenger climbed into the front seat. >> she claimed she had a knife and she even like threatened to stab me in my leg. >> reporter: he drove them to richmond where they wanted to stop here so he could take out money at an atm. >> i bolted to the street. >> when he found the opportunity to escape, he did. it proved to be the right thing for him to do. >> reporter: last night, police interviewed him at the richmond police department. the vehicle which is still missing is a white 2015 toyota camry, with plate 7 hdw 692. >> having the uber logo on my
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car in the front and back victimized me a bit. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." so the warm weather made for another beautiful weekend in the bay area. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge camera. clear blue skies all day. what is about to change is the heat. and for more, we have meteorologist drew tuma to explain. >> we saw that warmup start today. 10 to 15 degrees warmer this afternoon to finish out the week than we were yesterday. we are seeing a couple of changes to our sky. a little bit of low cloud cover, patchy fog around half moon bay. we're not expecting much in way of fog. sparkling visibility, beautiful night. temperature wise, 50s and 60s the name of the game. 54, san francisco. about 64 san jose.
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future tracker temperatures show you tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures in the 50s. look what returned again. 80s make a comeback inland and even warmer air is set to arrive on tuesday. we'll detail the numbers coming up in the full accuweather forecast coming up. tonight, former president barack obama asked republican lawmakers to show political courage and save the affordable care act. constituents were less friendly with their opinion to repeal obamacare. >> fraud. you're a phony. and your days are limited. >> reporter: it was a tough sell back home for some republican lawmakers pushing the house gop version of health care reform. >> you are victimizing even more, those who are ill. >> reporter: the main concern, what about preexisting conditions? >> the bill protects the preexisting condition -- >> no! >> reporter: health insurers would still have to cover them,
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but the house bill could allow them to raise rates. >> you cannot be denied coverage with -- >> but you can charge people more. >> let me finish my point. you can't charge people more if they keep continuous coverage. >> reporter: but some are breaking ranks. >> i'm worried about the future and these people who are vulnerable. >> it's true that under the house bill, that a state that gets a waiver would still have to provide coverage to people with preexisting conditions. but that coverage might well be unaffordable. >> reporter: a stage four breast cancer survivor told abc's david wright she has coverage now, thanks to her job. >> god forbid you should lose your job. >> if i lost my job or let's say some amazing job opportunity appeared, i can't take it. i am absolutely locked in. i like my job, but i'm absolutely locked into my job. >> reporter: the senate takes up the bill next. >> the senate is starting from
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scratch. we're going to draft our own bill. >> reporter: richard cantu, abc news, new york. here in the bay area, the future of health care took center stage in santa clara. the democrat voted against the republican plan to replace obamacare on capitol hill last week. he believes the bill does not echo president trump's campaign promises. >> if you're not partisan, president trump campaigned on more benefits, more coverage, and he said look, australia or canada have the right approach. that would mean we have a public option or a single payer. >> along with health care, his constituents asked him about russian hacking and north korea's nuclear program. a party going on after the landslide win in the fench presidential race. >> here from bay area french nationals on the winner, whose impact could be felt worldwide.
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plus, a south bay church burned in a fire. why police are getting involved, when we return.
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french voiters overwhelmingly selected a new president who has vowed to keep their country in the european union. cheers erupted when supporters of emmanuel macron saw election returns flash on tv screens in paris. he's a political newcomer. his opponent, marie le pen, wanted to break away from the eu. "abc7 news" was in san francisco when french citizens living here in the bay area reacted to the election results. >> to prove to the world, to prove to europe that we still want to be part of europe and france is about equality.
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>> 39-year-old macron will officially take office during the coming week. the term of france's outgoing president, francois hollande, ends one week from today. federal investigators are looking for a man who started a fire at a church in san jose overnight. "abc7 news" was at the assyrian church of the east as officials looked through the rubble. surveillance video from around 2:00 this morning shows a man wearing a hood jumping a fence and setting fire to a plastic storage shed. the shed and the tools inside were destroyed. >> we're all kind of surprised and perplexed, because this is, you know, we've never had anything like this happen in this area to the church. you know, we don't know who would want to do something like that. >> the church turned the surveillance video over to the atf. coming up on "abc7 news" here at 9:00, belly dancers and
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martial artists invited to the same street party. their shared goal for this community. and a warm start to the week, but some of us could get rain. drew tuma is up next with the forecast. i'm rick kwan. coming up in sports, the giants continue to suffer from a power outage. but for the a's, it was ah,z/
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a special aerial rescue team helped a hiker on mt. diablo. this is video from the sheriff's office. you can see deputies being lowered to help a woman who broke her ankle. officials decided that flying her to safety was easier than carrying her along the trail. the chopper flew the hike tore a waiting ambulance. it was a day to celebrate
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parks and public spaces. "abc7 news" was in burling gate for the festival. the goal is to promote healthy lifestyles from what people eat to how they move, belly dancing included. face painting and many activities for the whole family. >> belly dance might be a perfect fit for somebody, but we also have music and languae classes. >> they hope this yearly festival convinces a few more people to take classes at their local rec center. >> we are tracking a warming trend, as we head back to work and school tomorrow. but do not get used to the summerlike heat. tonight, it's all about the clear skies. a beautiful night sky out there. ad rather comfortable temperatures. temperatures are going to have a wide swing over the next couple of days. take a look at concord, well above that average high of 74
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degrees tomorrow, especially tuesday, as well. tuesday certainly the pick of the week if you would like heat going near 90 degrees on tuesday inland. but temperatures tank as we go midweek, drop almost 20 degrees inland. that's associated with a cold front that could touch off a sprinkle in spots on thursday morning. here at kgo studios, along the embarcadero, a nice quiet night along the water front. just a light breeze, and it is rather cool along the coast at this hour, as well. the big issue, if you're sniffling and sneezing, look at this. tree pollen still at high levels, as well as grass pollen. the main offenders, cedar olive, pine, and juniper. and slap on that sun screen. your skin can only go 15 minutes unprotected before burning. 54 in san francisco. 64 the number in san jose. 57 in oakland. and napa with a current number of 62 degrees.
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overnight tonight, we'll hang on to the clear skies, plenty of stars out there. numbers, you can think of these as your wake up temperatures, in the you arer 40s to low 50s. night sky to the south and east, just to about 2:00 of the moon, you'll see a nice, bright star sche shining. that's jupiter. a little warmer in the south bay. 80 san jose, 79 santa clara. along the peninsula, it's wild, 77 palo alto. 63 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, tomorrow 67. about 61 that afternoon high in daily city. north bay, 50s right along the immediate coastline, away from the coast. you feel the warmth. 82 santa rosa. 83 napa. 82 vallejo. oakland tomorrow, 72. 75, free lamont. about 70 in hercules.
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83 brentwood and 81 in livermore. future tracker temperatures. if you like the heat, it increases away from the coast on tuesday. inland, close to the 90s. mid and upper 80s what we'll top out on tuesday. don't get used it to. the accuweather seven-day forecast, although it's mild for the first two days, by wednesday the numbers drop and there you go, by thursday a chance of a morning spripgle in the north bay. but the bigger story, temperatures stay below average for the rest of next weekend. >> thanks, drew. a little bit of everything. >> a little bit of winning for the a's. wish we could say that for the giants. >> we'll take what we can get. last night it was the a's, adam rosales coming through in the ninth. today it was ryan healey's turn. these flock of sea gulls came looking for a snack and got to
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see a good inning. this is daniel hornorris, his td home run in two case. the a's up 5-4 in the sixth. but ryan dull gives up a two-run bomb to james mccann. 6-5, tigers. in the ninth, oakland ties it up. and then healey takes rodriguez deep to left. 8-6 was the final as the a's walk off a winner for the second straight day. healey got the traditional gatorade bath. in cincinnati, the giants trying to avoid a three-game sweep. billy hamilton scores here. down 2-0 in the third, this one is deep. then in the fifth, zach cozart
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makes it 4-0. cueto did strike out 10. scott feldman would throw a four-hit shut youtout. reds win 4-0. they outscored the giants in the series 31-5. salt lake city has gotten a lot of teasing for the lack of night life, but the warriors might host a party tomorrow if they can sweep the jazz. kevin durant came up dig last night as the warriors took game three 102-91. mike shumann is with the team. >> kevin durant has hid best game as a warrior in the postseason with 38 points, giving the warriors a 3-0 series lead. but he told us today it wasn't as easy as it looked. >> it's not like these teams are coming in and laying down. we're having to up our level of play. also, you know, knowing that it's the playoffs and we're on a roll, teams are going to make runs. we've been doing a good job of taking those punches and
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counterpunching and playing our game as well, trying to take it to another level. so we have to continue to do so. >> steph curry and klay thomas struggled, but the head coach is not worried. >> in order to be a great shooter, you have to have a short memory. and both those guys, i don't think they have any memory at all. so they're good to go. >> the warriors can close out the series monday night with a win over the jazz. reporting in salt lake city, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. the rockets have evened their serelies with the spurs at 2-2. trevor ariza with the steal and slam. the rockets got a big lift from their bench. lou williams climbs the ladder. he had 13 points. eric gordon made 6 of 9 three-point shots. the rockets win 125 will ha-104. in front, cleveland swept the raptors.
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kyrie irving scored 11 straight points and finished with 27. then it's lebron james with the nail in the coffin. cleveland wins 109-102. the kavs have yet to lose in the playoffs. the celtics are the top seed in the east, but are being tested by the wizards. washington took control with a 26-0 run in the third quarter. otto porter, jr. with the slam there. brady beal finished with 29 points. washington outscored 42-20 in the third quarter. this series is now tied at two games apiece. game five is scheduled for wednesday at boston. but it still seems like the warriors and cavaliers are on this collision course for another championship series. >> thanks a lot. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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coming up, though, hollywood's summer movie season getting off to a hot start. the big numbers from "guardians
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>> >> tonight safety improvements on the way -- >> and the tragic death of princess diana touched the hearts of people across the world. hear from the bay area mother who is committed to carrying on diani's work all these years later. this weekend kicked off a summer movie season that will see all of them. >> another se sequel "guardians
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of the galaxy: volume two" got things going. it made 54% more than the first movie and it's now made more than $250 million worldwide. >> all right. thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00. see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye. - [narrator] it's the michelle meow show, your a to z, covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between. (upbeat music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between show. i'm so excited to be back in studio producing a fresh new show for you.
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tonight we have interviews from two women who want to give their insight as to how this new president has impacted their life, and i should the new president and his administration. i know there are a lot of emotions out there right now. some of us are greatly impacted in a very negative way and some of us may not be, so the dialog is going back and forth, and again, emotions are high. i want to share with everyone an email that i received before we continue with quotes from the lgbtq community, so we won't do that segment this week but we'll continue it in another show. i thought we should take some time out to really start the dialog of where we can set our differences and our similarities aside, so we can all come together for the equal rights movement. here's an email that i got back in january from a viewer. "president trump has not taken away any lgbtq rights, "nor changed any laws and has not said he planned to do "any harm to such individuals.


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