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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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frmsh leave this is abc 7 news. >> it will be read at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. this man has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and killing the 15-year-old who disappeared in 2012. her body has never been found. the defense says the evidence was flawed.
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if convicted, he could face the death penalty. >> do download the abc 7 news app. we'll also have extended coverage on air. >> a dub lin family is suing bat after being beatb and robbed at oakla oakland's coliseum station. >> reporter: rusty says he and his family suffered physical and emotional injuries. it was in april that dozens jumped the turn styles and began robbing people. in some cases beating victims into submission. rusty says he was one of tell the. two to three people were kicking him and beating him and that his wife fell on top of their dotter
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to protect her. >> if they can't protect the basic passenger from assault and robbery, how are they protecting us against terrorism? >> they showed a conscious disregard by failing to take any measures to prevent this attack from haptpeninhappening. >> reporter: bart previously said they made two arrests in this incident and that mostly juveniles had been identified. bart officials did not respond to our request about the lawsuit. federal investigators are investigating a small plane crash. it went down 80 miles north of
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san frisco. >> reporter: at this point it's still unclear why the plane crashed tragically killing two people who knew presumably everything about this aircraft. around 9:00 a.m. both the pilot in command and his passenger were employees of the plane's manufacturer, icon aircraft. >> i'm in the process of the investigation to see experience flight times and such. >> reporter: they say it was only in the air for 20 minutes
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before it crashed into a hard to access cove. >> they actually sent their helicopter and declared them both dead at the scene. >> reporter: the plane can take off on lapped and water. they off. use thlake for traini. the owner says thoughts and prayers are with the families of both people on board. the ntsb hopes to tow the wreckage tomorrow and bring it to a secure location where they can continue their investigation which could take up to a year. the attorney for marine county's top coroner says family
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and friends are shocked at his arrest. harris is facing four charges of child molestation for what the d.a. office calls ai s eight yef abuse. >> the unanimous reaction is shock and no one believes it to be true. wife and son were here today. his colleagues in law enforcement do not believe it to be true. >> the d.a.'s office will not say how harris knows the victim. the victim andrea st. john. >> while he was in custody he made admissions to the staff.
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>> reporter: it's a case very close to going cold. last december a woman was murdered in her home. 36-year-old is charged with a special circumstance murder of st. john. >> they believe he was confrupted by the victim and murdered her and burned the structur to hide the evidence. >> reporter: in february her mom told us how important it was to find the killer. >> my mom is the last person you would expect anything like this to happen to. >> reporter: they released surveillance video of a man walking near her house and photos of a car, a toyota linked to the suspect. that was found in tracy
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apartments own the camera that captured video of the suspects. >> all the neighbors are watching out for everybody. >> i kept the story alive on social media. if that was my mom i wouldn't want it undetected. drones can be hazardous close to the ground. a panful moment on video. drops and crashed right in front of a cyclist. watch this flew over his handle bars. he suffered a gravel rash. a drone pilot is offering to buy the guy a new wheel and a
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helmet. a new legal problem with word joe montana is suing the developers. he claims that condo is tilting more and more. a group of owner announced -- it has sunk 16 inches and leaning towards a neighboring sky scaper. montana was under contract to promote the building. jimmy kimmel will host the show tonight. >> operation was a success. longest three hours of my life. >> his son, billy, will need more surgeries in the future. last week cassidy said a health care bill should pass the kim el. you can watch jimmy kimmel live
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on channel 7 after abc 7 news at 11:00 and go to our facebook page. face major outage around 6:45. down got word it was down in the western united states, philippines, australia and new zealened. we'll show you what the university's doing to make it less scary. using housing as the lure when there's no housing at all. >> trading housing for sex. meteorologist is here with the forecast. >> and it will briefly feel like summer around here befothe temperatures tumble. temperatures tumble. and we're
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it's called the scary path at stanford university. construction started oen a new path supposed to be safer.
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>> reporter: during the day the trail known as the scary path may not look so scary. we saw people walking on it but at night there's no lights. >> ie case of this path is sexual assault. we've seen over and over it's a good place and it pose as big enough risk that they had to take action. today heavy equipment was brought in to start paving a new walkway. it will have lighting and emergency call tower. >> today's ground breaking is to create a safer space.
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>> reporter: the path is in the vicinity of former stanford student sexually assaulted a woman in 2015. >> i think that's a general thing on stanford's campus is off. so having lighting makes a huge difference. >> reporter: construction is expected to be done by the end of the summer. she'll be asking the university to install surveillance. at stanford, abc 7 news. tonight san rufell police say there may be more than one scam. a woman reported to the fair housing advocates last week that she answered an ad and he was a building manager and if she had
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sex with him he'd over look a payment or two. >> they only speak spanish. >> he admitted during the interview he was not an employee of any apartment complex or property management firm. >> they're hoping another potential for other victims come forward before they turn the case over to the d.a. they were honored at the state capitol. they included san jose police officer after being struck on his motorcycle by another vehicle. >> there are forces of darkness and instead of geving into that, we have to resist darkness and
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officers are out there as the expression of our law. >> the fallen officer's names will be etched in bronze at the monument across the street from the state capitol. an east bay couple has been reunited with their stolen van. police found the custom van this morning in fremont. the owner and her husband reported it missing saturday night. it's equipped with a custom electric ramp. >> only need to get out the house. so you can still go out and eat once in a while and visit doctors and things like that. >> the stereo and dvd player were taken. police haven't released any information about the suspect. here with the it latest. drew. >> if you like the heat, we're
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going to get a brief tairs of summer again but it's going to go bu-bye by wednesday. live doppler 7 showing you right now. generally clear skies. that's the theme for today. as we go through the next 48 hours, a wide range of temperatures. san francisco a high of 70 and we're going to stay above 64 for the rest of the extended forecast. a live look from our east bay hills showing we have good visibility out there. san francisco in the background. more than a wide range of temperatures right now. summer-like warmth on your tuesday. it's a one-day flirt with the summer-like temperatures.
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it will stay breezy and cooler well into the weekend. about 20 degree temperatures from the coast and we're at 54 in san frivo and the current number in napa at 60 degrees. 40s along the immediate coastline. we'll start off in the mid to low 50s. a beautiful site of jupiter and the night sky. look to the southeast and as you look at the moon's 1:00, that is jupiter. perfect viewing conditions right now. it's going to feel warm in the south bay. about 81hat number in cupertino. about 75 san mateo. 70 in downtown san francisco and
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to the north bay 50s along the coast but we're warm and sunny. 87 in sonoma. 85 novaudo and to the east bay. 78 fremont, 72hurkue leze. those number will come crashing down on wednesday. santa rosa a 16 degree drop. san frefo about 10 degrees cooler. it will feel like summer and a spring chill will set in by wednesday. could have a sprinkle in the north bay on thursday but then it stays cool. looking bright and beautiful mother's day. so enjoy the summer heat
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apple has become the first $800 billion company. analysts credit a mix of factors. the expected launch of iphone 8 and cash on hand. they could be on record to break $1 trillion. the opening of a small bakery got a lot of attention in san frivo this morning. the bakery is the first business
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to open under a new speedy permitting process that gives small business owners one point of process to navigate permits, paperwork and fees required by different agencies. >> i bake for a living so i don't necessarily know the vernacular or the policy. >> the accelerated program is designed for food businesses particularly. >> james patd patterson is teaming up with the former president on a book. with details that a president can know. while writing a memoir has become standard for presidents, none has culackeratollaborated thriller. what was known about flynn and the russian connections?
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> good evening again. for the first time we're hearing the warning from acting attorney general, sally yates about michael flynn. >> she says she told the white house flynn could be blackmaild and president obama personally warned president elect trump as
9:29 pm
well. >> and yet he stayed in the administration for months until it appeared in the news. >> reporter: she walked into a clash of cameras. senator lindsey grahamo opening with this. >> back in your cages. >> reporter: as she outlined the steps she took to warn the white house about then national security advisor, flynn. yates describing a tense call to don mcgan on january 26th. >> i called him first thing that morning and told him i had a very sensitive matter i couldn't talk about on the phone and needed to see him. >> reporter: she went to the white house that day to discuss concerns. >> he was unknowingly making false statements to the public.
9:30 pm
we believe he was compromised with the russians and that eated a situation where the national security advisor essentially could be blackmailed by the russians. yes. >> suggesting he hadn't discussed sanctions but yates knew. >> we were concerned the american people had been misled. >> so what your saying is that general flynn lied to the vice president. >> that's certainly how it appeared, yes. the underlying conduct was problematic in itself. the first topic was why does it matterer to doj if one white
9:31 pm
house official lies to another. >> reporter: sque they want to know if flynn likely faced charges and expressed concern that it taking action might interfere with a fbi investigation. this was presented to the white house the very day she was fired for refusing to enforce president trump's travel ban. democrats today asking why flynn was allowed to stay in his job after the warning. even participating in a phone call between president trump and russian leader vladimir putin. >> have either of you ever been an anonymous source in a news report about matters relating to mr. trump, his associates or russians' attempt to medal in the election? >> absolutely not.
9:32 pm
>> and a final warning bouts russian medaling. >> i think they're coming back, senator and we have to do a lot more to harden our election system and to insure when folks are looking at news feeds that it may not be real news that they're reading. >> reporter: she was asked if flynn should be fired and she said that was a white house call, not hers. texas governor greg abbott signed a bill into law that letsz police ask about a person's immigration status even during j-walking. police officers or sheriffs could face misdemeanor charges if they don't comply. abc 7 was in san frivo's
9:33 pm
mission district as they rallied for 34-year-old who's been there since february of last year after being released from a inpatient rehab facility. supporters say veeshe's being wrongfully detained. >> we want judge simpson to hear that yasmin deserves to be with her family and nancy pelosi to use her power. they said pelosi said she can't help because it's outside her district. a few hours ago police swarmed the train station in paris. they apparently got a tip about three daechgerous terror suspects aboard a train. the train station is the busiest
9:34 pm
in europe and was reopened a short time ago. police wds not give more information. . >>meantime, france's new president will be sworn in on sunday. appeared in paris to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. today is the anniversary of v.e. day when nazi forces surrendered. and macron won over far right candidate, marie le pen. >> tossing out the salt shaker may not be enough. a new study found only 10% comes from food prepared at home and half of that is at the table. more than eight out of 10 americans exceed that reducing your average sodium intake by as
9:35 pm
low as 42 milligrams per day could prevent 20,000 strokes per year. >> where you lev may depend -- may determine how long you live while the average life expectancy is 79 years. there's a gap between counties in the united states. the counties in blue have the highest life expectancy. in california. nation wide countsies with the shortest life expectancies were found in north and south dakota 61.7 years. summit, colorado, 86.8 years. environment, economy, access to health care. this was published in the amare kb general.
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scientists and environmentalists are accusing a
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mexican corporation of removing massive amounts of sand. the beach is shrinking and the california coaal commission is threatening to shut down the whole thing. >> reporter: this strange looking contraption is a dredge boat usesed to suck up sand. the mexican company that owns it would not talk to us. >> this is the most damaging operation on the coast of california. >> reporter: thorten has been studying the impact of the sand mining operation for years. he and other scientists believe it's causing erosion. it's the equivalent of losing six acre of beach every year. the mixture is pumped to be processed and sold as what he
9:41 pm
calls lams luster. here it is at home depo. >> they're taking public trust sand for free and sell it for a considerable profit. >> reporter: it has outrag outragedivists. -- activists. it shows them putting sand back on the beach they took it from. about a year ago the california coastal commission notified sin exit intended to start cease and desist proceedings. saying there's been a significant increase in the sand extraction. they say the operation is narrowing beaches and impacting environmental habitat.
9:42 pm
they sent us a statement denying. the statement says it's a complex issues and critics claims are based on erroneous and unsound theory. fooev other sand mines were closed but this one survived because it's on private property. thorten says that's where the sand they sell really comes from. >> when you have big waves and high tides and fill up this pond, all the sand orinates from the ocean. >> they're sending samples demanding action. >> it really calls into question our ability as a state to protect our coastline at all.
9:43 pm
>> lieutenant governor nusem with no promises. we have posted the company's entire statement and the preliminary cease and desist notice on our website, and the innovative methods to do with the affordable housing crunch around the states. and we're using our instagram feed to celebrate people where you lev. people where you lev. we honor sinthia tom, a
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the bay area real estate market has got even hotterer during president trump's first 100 days. jonathan bloom explains the multimillion dollar question is what's next? >> a lot of people call this the trump bump or the sugar high that's happening right now. this is a great time to sell a house if you're in a position to be a seller. >> reporter: what the president does next could deterrermine whs hot. >> perhaps with a president that has developer, won't be harsh. >> reporter: or if they lose the flood of tech workers.
9:48 pm
>> about 1/3 of people from other parts of the world. >> anything with north korea, further recession in asia. >> reporter: so at the conference on real estate, the theme is uncertainty. with property values as high as they are, there's anothinger kind of uncertainty how to create ifordable here? here too the president's tax policy could change everything. it would deskrees the value that they have for 94 vestors. >> some think it's time to rethink urban housing. >> they have space guzling apartments and housing. >> reporter: they wants laws changed fitting furr homes in the space of one. shipped and assembled lining ke
9:49 pm
legos. they'll see if tiny homes can solve the homeless encampments. >> they have hacker hotels and things that's happening already. well, check this out. an intense hailstorm blew through denver. the largest piece was 2 and 3/4 inches in diameter. they reported broken car windows in the parking lot. warm one day and this the next. warm weather's been steadily warm. >> we're going to keep that trend going the next 24 hours. they'll climb to weger like.
9:50 pm
up agovern with the gray shading. but we're dry at this hour. mainly clear skies. 40s. and then as we get the to the afternoon tomorrow, there's nothing but sunshine and it's keeping halfman by at 62. frst a mild 82 in the south bay with san jose 70. 86 in santa rosa. the accuweatherer 7-day forecast shows you we have this heat for one day. we're not only going to stay below average but the winds will create a breezy sunday for mother's day. >> thanks, drew. guess what happened in sports? get out a broom. >> was there ever any doubt? coming up in sports all that jazz was not nearly enough to slow down the warriors as they
9:51 pm
complete a four-game sweep. we'll go to
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. abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> it's not over till it's oench but you could pretty much tell there would be no game five between the warriors and jazz. steph curry drops it off for draymond green who pops for three. still on the first. sean leving stn found mcgehee for the dunk. dante with the two-hand slam but golden state always had the answer. the nice dish to durant for it dunk. green with the alley-oop that put the lead back to 11. gordon hayward kept the jazz hanging around. he scored a team high twoev poibts and the warriors just too
9:55 pm
good, too deep. curry with three of his game high 30. draymond finds andre iguodala wide open and in the corner. he finished with a triple double. sets up klay thompson with this basket. curry with a little icing on the cake. they'll play either houston or san antonio. >> reporter: well, rick, a lot of firsts. warriors with back to back sweeps for the first time in franchise history. they're on their way to the third straight western conference final, also history. and once again the warriors got off to a quick start and that was the difference. >> i was building that lead was great because you knew we were going to get a good shot at
9:56 pm
them. it's great to build a lead like that and obviously make shots. >> we talked about getting off to a good start. maybe we should get off to a good start and keep playing that way. that's the part i might have left out. and utah fought, they clawed. next thing you know it's a ball game. i got to give our guys credit because they stuck to it. >> there were too many other times they showed why they are who they are. >> reporter: all right. warriors flew home tonight and they'll have a five-day rest as houston asan antonio are in a fooisk-game series. if that goes seven games, they won't play till tuesday. they can get a rest, get healthy and get ready for the finals.
9:57 pm
rick. enjoy that night life in salt lake skcity. the giants were hoping a change in scenery might snap them out of their slump. >> jakem deep right for a two huff run shot. it waus the kpirs runs in 17 innings and bust eer posey with this upper deck shot, 3-2 giants and in the ninth, hunter strickland gives up a game winning sing tool neal walker. the giants have now lost four straight. seven of their last nine. misery continues. yonder alonzo has been named american league player of the week. tonight they took on the angels. and a 2-run homer off kendall
9:58 pm
graven. oakland cut the lead ibhalf as jed lowry connected with his 3rd of the season. he nearly hits the cameraman. the a's won their last two games with a ninth inning walk off. could they do it again tonight? keep to left. so it's on to extra rr innings. this game is tied add two a piece. and t this abc 7 sports report s been brought to you by work. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, guilty or not. and the new effort to unmask the disease many people don't know they have. join us for abc 7 news at 11 on
9:59 pm
channel 7. and a san francisco nurse got a huge surprise at work. ♪ when someone's not your patient but you stop by anyway ♪ ♪ they're frustrated and you gev them time to vent ♪ >> they were written with nelson ye in mind for having thepatien. >> sometimes my name is mentioned and so are the nurses but this was a big one i guess. >> he was honored among all of the snuss in the bay area hospital. >> and i'm dana ashley. we appreciate your time. >> see you again at 11:00 on channel 7.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... america's first mass shooting. and the citizens of texas shoot back. fitzgerald: this kind of random public shooting rampage ushers in a new era in modern american history.


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