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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 9, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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fired fbi director james comey boards a flight in l.a. looichl short after lf finding out he's lost a job. face s backlash from bay area democrats. >> found out from tv news reports he had been fired by president. >> we sent out a push alert. see the headline. president trump fires fbi director james comey. >> team coverage. lana zak in the nation's capital. >> reporter: good evening dan and ama, president himself not spoken since the firing of james
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comey but many looking at his letter, specifically the part where he thanked comey for three occasions telling him he was not under investigation as proof that the russian investigation on his mind. deciding not to attend fbi event after learning he had been fired effective immediately. president trump writing it's essential we find new leadership for the fbi that restores trust and confidence. influenced in part by the recommendation of jeff sessions who had recused himself from the russian investigation. which has democrats concerned. comey was overseeing it and some saying that his firing demonstrated a pattern. >> fired sally yates, berra and now comey.
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>> chuck schumer said a special investigator must be appointed if not -- >> every american will rightly suspect that the decision to fire director comey was part of a coverup. >> and not just democrats expressing concerns about the timing. many republicans expressing frustrations as well. senator burr, chairman of the senate intelligence committee said it further complicates an already difficult investigation. abc7 news. reporter kate larson continues coverage. >> live in the news room with bay area lawmakers calling for special council. >> jackie speer told me she feels the firing is violation of the constitution. because she believes as result the president is tampering with evidence related to the russia
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investigation. >> i believe that the president is moving closer and closer to acts that would represent impeachment. >> congress woman jackie speer is calling for a specia counsel to handle the investigation. the president's timing is telling, firing top official leading a criminal investigation into whether his campaign advise advisers colluded with the russian to tamper with the election and also revelation of the clinton e-mails. >> now saying it's because of the hillary clinton e-mails. if that was the case, should have and could have done it earlier. he has no problem firing people. >> probably a good thing. >> agent with the fbi 25 years and says needs to go but concerned he needed to be fired. >> he allowed the fbi to appear
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politicized which is worst-case scenario. if fired because of the russian matter, that's not good. >> white house's handling of the firing under scrutiny. comey reportedly learned of the loss from tv news reports while working in los angeles. abc7 news. >> coverage continues on nightline tlt after "jimmy kimmel live." searching for a student, left for work in a lyft yesterday morning and not seen since. active on campus, does radio broadcasts for sports. family is flying up to help with the search immediately. fire damaged good will tonight. tossing out burned items from
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the store as they worked to stop the flames. started in alley but spread inside. under control. don't know how it started. sky 7 is over the bay, rescued two people before boat capsized. near berkeley peer, men treated for hypothermia. staying on top of new developments, brawl at bob hope airport in burbank. throwing punches on southwest flight as taxiing. bay area man jumped into action to help break it up. katie marzullo spoke to the good samaritan and joins us from south bay. >> reporter: told me when everything was happening, occurred to him about the tension in air travel and admits didn't know what he was getting into but knew he had to help. >> i realized stewardess was screaming and yelling for help.
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>> retired -- tells abc7 news what happened. cell phone video by another passenger. two men punching each other and then green comes up aisle. >> gentleman on top i pulled off and separated him and started moving him to the front of the plane. >> worst part, a flight attendant caught in the middle. >> pummelled at the same time as other guy. >> shot the video. >> helping somebody with bag and turned around and shorter of the two gentleman had the other guy pinned against the overhead bin. >> southwest airlines released a statement that says employees are everyday heroes and are while delivering heart felt -- in this case it was dan green to the rescue. motivated in part because son also on the plane. >> something needed to be done.
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somebody didn't do anything, not just his but everybody else's safety could be jeopardized. >> burbank police arrested one of the men, charged with battery. abc7 news. five years of worry and not knowing and 13 weeks of testimony came to the end in disappearance of marr. found torres guilty of murdering the teenager. body never found. in san jose when the verdict was read. family believes the jury made the right decision. >> this verdict was just but not take away the pain and suffering that we still continue to experience every day for the rest ever our lives. >> one week from today jury will decide whether he should be put to death or serve life in prison
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without parole. she was just 15. sierra went to washington high school where there's now a bench dedicated in her honor. like her family, friends are hoping to learn where her body is. >> all i hope for, been hoping for. i don't care what happens to him but what happens with her. >> volunteers search for sierra for years, say will search again this saturday. new at 11:00, emergency protection goes into effect tonight to keep some san jose renters from being evicted. >> voted to require evictions to have a just law. wouldn't have taken effect until june but voted for this urgent situation. fighting possible emergency closure of alameda elementary
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school. the soil could liquefy in a 6.2 quake making the school susceptible to collapse. many families voiced opposition to the school board saying the evidence isn't strong enough to close the school. one parent, engineer, asked for more thorough explanation. >> just analysis that says the building is unsafe. it's incomplete to base a major decision without technical analysis to support it. >> the board is expected to vote on the closure may 23rd. >> abc7 news at 11:00 continues. >> reporter: wayne freedman, remember the story of the little girl found in casket underneath a house? doesn't end there. comes up. teammates promises.
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this in your back yard. black bear. exciting day in a california neighborhood. fog will start off your morning. going to feel different the rest of the week. coming up. first "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. >> here's what we're up to tonight. this is outrageous, and when something like thathappens, something like thathappens, don't sit how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. new details tonight regarding that century old casket found in san francisco. >> as we told you on abc7 news at 6:00, dna unlocked the
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identity of the girl found in that casket. >> and talked to the family that owns the house where it was found. >> wayne freedman explains the story taking eerie twist. >> reporter: you might be wondering where are the graves. >> she was right here. >> that's erica carter pointing to spot in back yard where workmen found expensive coffin last year. unknown 2-year-old girl. removed all the other bodies, left her behind. >> what do you do that's right for the child? >> reporter: known as miranda e. >> provides dignified burials for children. now knows the name.
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edith howard cook. >> we fell in love with her, wanted her to have name back. deserves that. >> reporter: touched erica and her husband, two children of their own. >> could have been my little girl. >> reporter: but a strange twist. sound of foot steps. >> i heard them. >> reporter: no logical explanation, gone on for years. have you heard the foot steps since she left? >> we have not. >> reporter: life, death and eternity, edith cook always be two years old. wayne freedman, abc7 news. teammates of a cal rugby player paralyzed in game promised to be there for him for recovery. he had to be taken off the field
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on a stretcher. doctors performed emergency surgery and paralyzed from the waste down with limited motion in arms. team won the game but it's bitter sweet. >> tough for all of us, casts a shadow on the victory. it's not right. >> there will be a prayer service on campus thursday night. a man who helped define the fight for lgbt rights will now always have a home in san francisco. gilbert baker created iconic gay flag in 1978. died this past march at home in new york at age of 65. today supervisor jeff xi hi posted this photo saying he spread his ashes into the bay. calls baker a hero. good evening everyone. get ready for big changes ahead. live doppler 7 is previewing
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what is coming. already starting to see the fog starting to close in along the coastline, san mateo and santa kruse coast. ocean temperatures right now, the buoys in the upper 40s, when the wind switches direction tomorrow it's out of the west southwest. and bring the cooler ocean area towards bay area so major drop in temperatures tomorrow. warmest spots day, 80s, emeryville camera, it's hazy back towards the bay bridge. temperatures in the 50s and 60s except antioch and las gatos, two extremes there.
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exploratorium camera, seeing the fog forming. much cooler afternoon and chance of sprinkles and gusty winds friday. reinforce the cooler air. morning commute will be fog around, reduesed visibility. in half moon bay it's down to two miles right now. ferry ride will be choppy and cool start walking. bundle up. hour by hour forecast. fog along the bay and coastline. heavy near the coast and visibility will be poor. near the bay push in around oakland, richmond and as we head into the afternoon, pull away. not all spots. sweater weather to start off, upper 40s to mid-50s, cooler, breezy, fog lingering near the coastline. thursday a weak system. rain to northwest portion of
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california. 11:00 a.m. showers in the north bay and drizzle along the coastline. download the accuweather app to keep track of it. bigger system formed, first tropical storm of the eastern pacific region. adrian is moving west-northwest. going to strengthen to category two hurricane getting closer to mexican coast here. earliest a tropical storm has formed in the pacific since satellite record keeping began. seven-day forecast. much cooler tomorrow. drop a few more degrees thursday and friday bottom out. gusty and cool. over the weekend breezy conditions remain but mother's day brightens up to low 70s and
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an intrepid bear had exciting day wandering l.a. area neighborhood. chowed down on avocados and swam in a pool. had a run-in with a dog. before the bear escaped safely over a fence. there running from the dog. deer no match, took off easily. neighbors say the bear is often prowling the neighborhood, getting into trash cans and getting fruit off trees. causing no trouble but don't want to mess with a bear. >> it's a nice day. >> i don't know what the dog was thinking, bear turned around, oh, maybe not a good idea.
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>> regret that. >> who thought the a's could be better than the
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good evening. giants seem to be in a free-fall to oblivion and team with the worst record in baseball. ancien on the disabled list. two hits tonight in new york. giants and mets and bruce bochy was hoping for positives, not that. eduardo nunez playing this like a third baseman in the outfield.
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mets up. zack wheeler for carlos beltran, struck out four. only one run. buster posey. fourth homer of the year. 5-1. jeff samardzija, michael conforto. up and away. giants lost five in a row. kevin durant got time off. checking out angels and a's. albert pooujols, alplayer of th we're, yonder alonso, hot last week and still this week. athletics. cotton two more bombs. reaching for yunel escobar.
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a's didn't have enough offense. yonder, whatever is he eating, i want some of that. only offense they had. three-game win streak by the athletics snapped. 7-3 angels. the warriors could have a week off. then go seven. game five. tied 101-101. kawhi leonard out, going for the win here and trying to shake james harden. good but after the buzzer. furious. overtime. james harden. patrick beverley. spurs fans are dying over there. danny green, just a threepoint shooter normally. scored last seven points and
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foul. final seconds. spurs by three. this is for the tie and manu is the man, no. spurs win 110-107 and can wrap up series thursday night in houston. what a game. brought to you by river rock casino. got a feeling that will go seven and warriors have more time off. see if it's spurs or rockets. >> getting exciting. thanks larry. >> abc7 news continues online with


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