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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 10, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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new police body cam shows before officers shot and killed man at a subway sandwich shop. the news at 6:00 starts,000. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight.
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a mail theft is a big security threat. it's a huge inconvenience to people who are victimized. it's a problem we're seeing more and more often. there were reports and arrests of mail thefts in the bay area. >> reporter: you can see the vandals have already been here. they already picked the locks. they already pried open the doors. not just on this side of the street but across the street as well. residents say they can no longer have important mail sent to their homes. the postal service is now stocking up on parts to do repairs. >> this is the first time i've seen such a bad situation where people get separate just to get their mail. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods have lost access to their mail because vandals have broken locks and pried open the doors. residents say it's been this way for six months.
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this man asked us not to show his face. >> i think some of these have been broken into more than once opinion i think that had been fixed. i was just lucky it wasn't done again. >> reporter: with the postal service access door broken open there's little incentive for postal customers to check for their mail. it's very much an open and shut case. residents have to go to the branch office or catch the carrier driving down the street. california leads the nation for mail theft and it's happening all over the bay area. the postal service now takes responsible for fixing the mail bobbi kristinas whether it owns them or not. its goal do repair them within 48 hours. >> we would order the parts as needed. now we have to have orders on hand because these are happening more and more. >> reporter: however some residents are shelling out money to rent private mailboxes for fear of identity theft. the ups store has seen an increase in business.
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>> i would say about 10% of my business in last six months. >> reporter: the postal inspection service said it handled over 1300 mail cases last year leading to convictions but the vandalism continues. abc 7 news. > >> the u.s. postal service officers informed delivery. when you sign up, the postal service sensds you photos of the mail you're getting that day. the images are taken as your mail goes through sorting equipment. it can help you alert police if something is missing. a crowd has gathered outside the san francisco office of senator diane finestein. they want her to push for an independent investigator to look into possible investigation russia and president trump's advisor. today we heard directly from
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president trump about why he fired james comey. >> he wasn't doing a good job. he was not doing a good job. >> there are still questions, many of them surrounding the timing of comey's firing. vice president mike pence said it has nothing to do with the russian investigation. shuck schumer said this warrants a special prosecutor. >> reporter: james comey may be out but several members of the bay area delegaion told us today the investigation he started should continue. >> i think having lived through watergate, we are at a watergate moment. >> reporter: bay area democrats in their home districts are seething over president trump's sudden firing of fbi director james comey who was reportedly escalating his probe into
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possible ties between russia and the trump campaign. >> we got do keep our eye on the ball here. if the russian government at the highest levels, interfered deliberately in the election of a u.s. president and members of congress then the american public needs to know that. >> this is really a defining moment. i believe we need to call for an independent investigation through an independent commission. >> reporter: lee admits she and other democrats were vocal critics of comey last october when he announced the fbi was reopening its probe of hillary clinton's e-mails just 11 days before the election. >> regardless op how anyone felt about director comey once he told congress in march that the campaign was under criminal and intelligence investigation, he should not have been pulled off. >> last year the democrats were all about firing jim comey. >> reporter: he's the former chairman of the california republican party. >> comey should have never done what he did last july to hillary. he shouldn't have done what he
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did in october. he shouldn't have been talking about the trump investigation. that's not the role. >> reporter: democrats and some republicans are now asking speaker paul ryan to reconvene congress to create a special commission on russia. abc 7 news. >> abc news as obtained a letter he wrote to his former letters and friends. i'm not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was execu executed. i hope you won't either. it's done. i will be fine although i will miss you and the mission deeply. top house republican is asking the department of justice and inspector general to investigate james comey's firing. the house is on recess now but will be back in session next week. tonight at a town hall meeting expected to be about health care, he was asked about russia. >> we seem to have a pattern that most people who are investigating it seem to be getting fired. the you support an independent
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group investigating russia's ties into the 2016 election? >> he said he's not in favor of an independent investigation. some of his republican colleagues have said that. comey has been invited to testify next week in front of the senate intelligence if he does accept, the briefing will be classified. a professional soccer player who survived a near drowning has died in the hospital. the 19-year-old died from ma massive infection monday. he was considered one of santa cruz county's big and up and coming soccer players. oakland police are look r for someone who may have tried to kidnap a child.
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an adult man wearing gray hoodie and blue jeans. a san francisco instructor charged with child porn appeared in court today. 28-year-old nicholas hodges had more than 600 files of child porn on his computer and cell phone, including videos of a 2-year-old. according to the school police have not found any evidence hodges harmed any children though he has offered to paeb sit some of the students. >> trusted him to teach our son in deep water how to swim. we thought we could trust him in other instances. >> hodges was employed at the swim school. he also worked at the nearby house of air trampoline park. hodges, whose parents joined him in court is being held on a $450,000 bail. a poeopponents are trying tl a plan to put a cement plant in an abandoned flower mill. it's near the old island naval
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base. the company behind the idea is appealing a no vote in the city planning commission. here in the city council chambers. i talked to a spokesman. that's the person that wants to build the cement plant. it's safe enough to eat but from the news conference from opponents they're not buying that. >> reporter: opponents say it's bad enough the plant would be a stone's throw from homes in a primarily low income african-american neighborhood but it would be 1300 feet from grace patterson elementary school. >> adding diesel soot and fugitive dust, cement dust to this neighborhood already suffering from the effects of heavy industry is unfair. >> reporter: they want to spend $50 million converting this old
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flower mill into a high-tech cement factory. this video from the company website is from a similar plant in france. the plant would recycle metal slab, limestone and other materials into nontoxic cement using 10%. neighbors are skeptical. >> what we need jobs that actually improve the quality of life. >> reporter: opponents of today's news conference included environmentalists and neighbors. not everyone was opposed. the labor council whose members would build and renovate say the economy would benefit. >> i think so. if you have a dehappstructure t will turn out an environment tally friendly product. >> there's no reason to have it here other than the fact this is a poor neighborhood and they
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don't think we will rise. abc 7 news. today people discovered an unexpected sight in the east bay in the in and out restaurant are no line. >> it has no customers at all because it's been shut down over health concerns. we'll have that story plus. this was the start of a violent encounter with san francisco police but now the suspect faces no charges. >> tonight find out how more recycling translates to less recycling. get ready for a windy and cool pattern has mother's day weekend approaches. i'll have the forecast, co
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all charges were dropped against a mentally ill, unarmed man. he attacked officers back in january. prosecutors dropped the final two charges against him after a judge dismissed eight other counts. police say they opened fire and officers used baton and pepper spray on them. the video takes us minute by minute of a fight with police shooting and killing a stabbing suspect. jonathan bloom is live to walk you through what was captured dn
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video. >> reporter: you may find the video disturbing. it shows a san francisco police officer shown taken a man's life from every angle. they hold these meetings any time an officer was vovinvolvedt this was the first one under a new police chief and it was different. >> i appreciate the quick turn around. i've never seen a video within a week. >> reporter: neighbors were impressed with the openness but disturbed by what they saw. in a community meeting a block from where it happened police showed video of the moment 26-year-old was shot and killed by an officer. he had been in this subway where minutes earlier surveillance video shows him stabbing an employee in a fight behind the counter. other workers came to help. one trying to subdue him by hitting him with a baking pan when police walked in. >> one officers discharged his
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firearm striking him. >> i want to say thank you. it could have been my daughter or my mom. >> reporter: others took issue that he's the same officer who shot and seriously injured sean moore over a restraining order in january. >> the investigations are separate now. a lot of questions as to one officer involved in two incidents. >> reporter: as they answer those questions, supervisor james kim hopes this public process is the new normal. >> i hope this is signal of the reforms that are being put in place in san francisco police department. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. rescue crews focus on the importance of team work during a coast guard event today.
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abc 7 news was at sfo where the coast guard hosts other searches. they got do check out rescue vehicles and share information out procedures. the goal is to strengthen relationship between bay area agencies to further their cooperation and collaboration that's key to joint rescue operation. grocers across the state are getting impatient with governor brown for not coming through on a promise he made that could sai stores thousands of dollars every month. it involves recycling and recycling centers. all grocery stores but have a recycling center at or noear th store. if not, they must pay $100 day. most are closing and most have using curb side bins. grocery store owners say they are being punished for something they have no control over and it costs them a lot. >> 36,5$36,500 a year.
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that's a worker. that's a big amount of money. tesla took a big step from being a car company to an energy company. it began taking deposits on a new solar roof tile. >> reporter: you can put down a deposit on these shingles that look like traditional roof tiles but derive energy from the sun. this is tesla's video from october. they introduced the solo roof installs on the old desperate housewives set. >> look better than normal roof. generate electricity, last longer. have better insulation and have installed cost that's less than a normal roof plus the coast of
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electricity. >> reporter: 2,000 square feet, two story home, what do you get there?let's highlight that for . it can generate $54,000 over 30 years. installation costs would be about 34,000. basically they are saying you would save about $23,000 over the lifetime of the solar panels. production will begin at tesla's fremont vak tfactory. today was one of those curl your hair after you walk the dog days, which i did not do. >> it was really blustery out there. >> it's going to get windy. the winds over the next 24 hours is wind is a big deal there. this evening up until about 10:00 or so winds will be around 23, 24 miles an hour.
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10:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see the wind begin to increase into the evening hours. that's going to be pretty much the pattern for the bay area. winds will diminish overnight and continue increasing into the weekend. right,000 we walk into a view of live doppler 7 showing sun thi skies across the bay area. 20 degrees cooler. 23 cooler in concord. 16 cooler in antioch. a couple places are no changes at all. here's the view from central tower. the shaky tower. looking out over san francisco it's currently 58 degrees here in the city. 62 in oakland. 69 right now in mountain view. 70 in san jose. gilroy, 66. check out this view.
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partly cloudy skies. nice and bright in the early evening hours. low 60s at fairfield. bright skies with a bit of warm up on sunday. overnight look for increasing clouds and some drizzle near the coastline. it could happen out over the bay oar near the bay as well. we'll have a full moon tonight that will not be visible after the clouds thicken. here is the forecast animation starting at 4:00 tomorrow morning. the best chance is probably up in the north bay. that possibility will diminish going into the evening hours.
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we project the rainfall totals will not amount to much. it will be really wet there. tomorrow afternoon look for high temperatures rising to close to 60 degrees. mainly mid 60 around the bay. lower mid-60s. our inland areas will probably not geny warmer than about upper 60s tomorrow. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see windy and cooler weather on friday. it will remain pretty breezy on saturday as well. notice bright, sunny skies. mother's day will be mostly sunny with high temperatures around 70 degrees. clouds will increase on monday. it's a slight chance of showers on tuesday. we get milder weather midweek, next week. temperatures continue the roller coaster ride. you know what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first
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the company is losing money. after hour stocks is hovering around that price. snap is best known for its app snapchat that allows users to post messages and pictures that self-delete after a short period of time. they built special camera glasses that take pictures. wholes food stock dipped today as the grocery chain announced its seventh straight quarter of declining sales. they will change out seven members of its board. the board seats 12. shares of yelp dropped 18%. the bad rating comes as they reported slower growth for the past quarter and the near future. analysts say it's having a harder time attracting add dollars as people rely on social media to post and read reviews.
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facebook will take over the menlo gateway office complex. three parking structures, a hotel and bay club fitness center. facebook is growing elsewhere too. it broke ground on a 400-acre campus in iowa and opened a huge data center in texas. a bay area in and out restaurant closed because several customers say they got sick. >> find out what it will take to get this location back open again. tonight, the many ways of wine. see who is getting creative to use what doesn't make it into the bottle. she can't go to the gym
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when do you ever see an in and out restaurant that is everyoempty
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at hundred lunchtime. >> we have the story. >> reporter: many people stopping by this in and out in livermore couldn't believe what they were seeing. no lines but tho burgers either. >> this is one of my regular stops on the way to l.a. >> reporter: depiet these traffic cones some drivers found themselves in the drive through. double double. >> reporter: last night company executives made the call to voluntarily close this location on north livermore avenue because nine members of a college softball team reported feeling sick after eating at the restaurant over the weekend. company spokesman said we did not turn up any indication that there are issues at our restaurant. we thoroughly cleaned and disinfected be entire facility. >> reporter: officials believe that norovirus may be the blame.
7:32 pm
the mayor says he appreciates the company' decision to halt services. >> no one told them to shut down. they decided to do this until they can find out what the cause is. >> reporter: the restaurant did pass its two most recent npgs but cited for a food safety regulation. customers say it won't keep them away. >> i've been told it's the best burger in california. i don't know. i'll try and see. >> reporter: for now the restaurant will be closed until it can be reinspected. students rely on transit buses. state funding use to help oakland unified pay for it but not anymore. ac transit can't afford to continue service for free. they must make a decision now so
7:33 pm
drivers can be assigned routes for the next year. oracle will continue to be roracle for the next two years. richardson san jose gain new eviction protections earlier than expected. last night the city council voted to immediately end no cause evictions but adding a dozen guidelines for just cause evictions. this was approved in april. the housing department said they've seen 30 tho cause evictions since it passed and worried that more were to come. from drone view 7 you can see some of the thousands of
7:34 pm
acres wine grapes grown in california. after a harvest tons of waste is left behind. a growing number are finding there's more to these grapes than just a good glass of wine. >> reporter: at tend of the wine growing season vendors harvest grapes at the peak of perfection. for years wine ris have struggled to figure out what to do with the waste left behind called pumice. >> emphasis a long time it was a byproduct and we take it and throw it away. >> reporter: in 2014, wine growers committed to being the first 100% sustainable wine region. they are recycling their pumice. white wine grapes gets turned into compost. the red wine is a great fertilizer and keeps the weeds down. >> the wine is feeding itself with what is left over.
7:35 pm
>> reporter: wineries can only produce so much. now it's being turned into everything from cooking oil to flour to cosmetics. >> when you have somethng like fruit or vegetable processing waste, you would sell it off as animal feet. >> reporter: chris is a biological systems engineer and assistant professor at uc davis. his lab is studying how food processing waste products might be used other than this compost in the vineyards. they are experimenting with ways to turn it into fuel and looking at how to improve your health. it's part of a growing trend that started a decade ago. >> the skins of the grape, the pigment in them is very rich in something in antioxidant compounds. >> reporter: there's a growing
7:36 pm
number of grape skin extracts on the market. it's the seeds that piqued her interest. >> if i can make body and skin care products based on that, you would have the natural oil right inside the seed. >> reporter: she was one of the first to see value in wine waste. >> doing body scrubs the oil stays on the skin. >> reporter: at the spa in sonoma, relaxation comes from nearby wineries. >> we use local grape seeds ta are crushed and mixed with other aroma therapy oils. >> reporter: for $235 you get a
7:37 pm
grape seed bath, body polish and essential oil massage. >> this is my favorite of our scrubs. the other is coarse. this is refined and nurturing and all of that. i love it. >> reporter: you thought wine was just for drinking. we are coming into graduation season. while commencement is seen as the beginning. some grads haven't waited to get started. >> next meet a man who is about to earn his masters in journalism but already mastered the art of story telling. it's clear but cool outside as we look live from san francisco. spencer is tracking even cooler temperatures and a slight chance temperatures and a slight chance of rai
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are making the move to nissan. because of rogue, the best selling suv in america.
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titan, with america's best truck warranty. and the most advanced safety features on alitma and our best selling models. that's why we're america's fastest-growing auto brand. get 0% financing for up to 72 months on 11 models. ♪ come on quick silver. >> california lawmakers took time out from official duties o the participate in the 43rd annual frog jump. frog the bounty hunter, the
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entry from kevin kylie took the gold with a jump of 12 feet. >> uc berkeley is about to have its commencement ceremonies and every year a few students stand out. one is a u.s. army reserve captain with a mission to tell the story of u.s. military veterans who have been deported. abc 7 news reporter has his story. >> reporter: joe bush hopes his experience in the military will help him highlight some of the issues pertaining to veterans. he's already produced several videos. >> as a 14-year military veteran myself, i decided to visit the grand canyon state. >> reporter: while on assignment in arizona he learned about the hundreds of u.s. military veterans who have been deported. that prompted him to visit this support house are about 60 are in limbo. they don't consider themselves to be plex cans while at the
7:42 pm
same time the u.s. wants them after committing a felony. he's one of them. >> i did over 160 combat missions. >> he can't see his kids. the only way they can come back do this country is if they are dead. they can come back the day after they died to be bur ried. i asked questions that a journalist might not ask or civilians shouldn't ask. >> reporter: bob is one of his professors. >> we're lucky to have two veterans this year. it's experiences that other students don't have. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a kid. >> reporter: he knows he'll probably have a military related career teaching others how to walk a mile in his boots.
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gym membership can motivate you to work out. a mother said she was shut out of her own gym even though she paid in advance. >> this is an interesting one. she said she counted on work outs to keep her healthy especially during pregnancy. she couldn't believer it when someone told her she no longer belonged to her health club. >> reporter: she goes to the health club even now with her baby due in less than a week. >> wouldn't know what to do without exercising. >> reporter: she believes work outs make labor and delivery easier. >> that's why i try to do the elliptic elliptical. >> reporter: she paid in advance for a two-year membership at the 24 hour fitness center near her home. she was bewildserred when she went in one day and told she couldn't work out because she had cancelled her membership. >> i thought that was the strangest thing because why would you cancel when it's been paid rr for. >> reporter: she contacted the corporate headquarters. >> they said you called to
7:47 pm
cancel on april 6th. now it's a little bit creepy. >> reporter: she said she never cancelled. she says the staff told her she would have to buy a new membership. >> they said you can't work out until you come in and sign up for a new membership because once it's cancelled, it's cancelled. i was really upset. >> reporter: we contacted 24 hour fitness and jennifer got call. she said the company told her what happened. >> someone named jennifer alfred did call in in our nationwide system but it wasn't you. >> reporter: she said planger told her a different jennifer alfred cancelled her membership. the company cancel ld her membership by mistake. 24 hour fitness says occasionally we experience human error in the member process. this was one of those occasions. >> i'm definitely relieved. i can just start working out
7:48 pm
again. >> reporter: a few days later, little savannah arrived. as this case points out many of us share the same name. even without identity theft you can be a victim of identity mistake. if you're blamed for something you didn't do check out the possibility of an i.d. mix up. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hot line is open weekdays from 10:00 to 2:00. 415-954-8151. you can reach me through facebook and >> you'll do what you always do and spring into action. a southern california man says his dog is a hero after this stare down with a 250-pound bear yesterday. look at that. that's bow bow chasing the bear away from his home. as you can imagine the dog's owner was quite pleased considering his 2-year-old twins often play in the backyard. >> there's always concern about
7:49 pm
what animal shows up. having this wonderful dog here, i think i can rest a little bit. >> the family rescued bow bow from a shelter just a few weeks ago. its safe to say they are very glad they did. >> extra treats. great that he didn't catch the bear probably. >> it worked out pretty well. the bay area is a beautiful place. >> jason shared these slow motion waves in santa cruz with us. you can share your pictures and videos with us. follow us on instagram. >> that's cool. spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> we have clouds increasing in the bay area. we'll see temperatures dropping in the low to mid-50s. maybe a couple of cooler spots.
7:50 pm
a chance of drizzle. a full moon tonight. you might want to catch that before the clouds get too low. it's called a full flower moon when plants are in full bloom. on we go. tomorrow we'll have partly the mostly cloudy skies. maybe a few spots of drizzle. high temperatures in the mid-60s around the bay. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast taking us into mother's day weekend. relatively mild with high temperatures up around 70 degrees in our inland areas. a little cool on the coast. early next week we get increasing clouds and a slight chance of showers on tuesday. lovely mother's day coming up. onto sports. there's a lot going on. >> the giants and they had one thing on their minds. wrapping up really rough road trip. escape from new york and trying escape from new york and trying to
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are making the move to nissan. because of rogue, the best selling suv in america. titan, with america's best truck warranty. and the most advanced safety features on alitma and our best selling models. that's why we're america's fastest-growing auto brand. get 0% financing for up to 72 months on 11 models. ♪
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warriors resting up. the outspoken all star feels his comments are being taken out of context and sensationalized by the media. case this point he was talking about the cleveland cavaliers dominating the east and said they were facing tough competition and that became the headline. we could point out that nobody forces him to do podcast to voice his opinion. he wants to be out there. he likes it. what we have going on today is a 24 hour news cycle. people need material to talk about and it's the hot take that will always get the most attention. >> people always want to take a statement and put a piece -- take a piece of statement and say he said the cavs aren't playing anybody.
7:55 pm
they never said he said cleveland is playing great basketball. it's pretty pathetic that's the headline wants. it's just ridiculous. >> it made it. it made it on tv. the spurs took a 3-2 lead over the rockets last night. you see in the circle he landed on james hardin foot. listed as questionable for game 6. tried to go on it at the end of the game but couldn't. he said he's going to be good to go in game 6. it felt like doom, another
7:56 pm
loss for the giants. the last time the giants came back to win was two years ago today. a span of 134 straight losses. giants and mets in their finale. maybe he can't bear to watch. that ties it up at one 1-1. lightning strikes. hunter pence a base hit. we're tied at three. the rookiechristian clearing them with a three run double. look at the emotion. this is all the glove. you feel the disaster is looming until kevin, a little tapper this front. good night game.
7:57 pm
drive home safely. giants win 6-5. the smile there tells it all. they finish a hideous road trip. dan, this guy busted into your closet and stole your costume. andrew trigs walked the first three batters of the game. nearly got out of it unscathed. a run came in 1-0. trig is terrific. only three hits. struck out four. this bounces off the top of the right field. that's gone. the a's would build a 3-1 lead. they are just two games under 500-very few days this even when we can say as and giants won on
7:58 pm
the same day. thanks. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for being with us tonight. >> we appreciate your time. food. water. internet we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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so lame. all anyone's talking about is this election. it's ruining twitter. mandy, you should be excited. this will be your first time voting. i believe i speak for all of america when i say, let her sit this one out.


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