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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. new tonight the fall out from president trump firing of james comey today he was asked point blank why he fired his fbi director. reports say comey had no
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idea it was about to happen. we have the letter he sent to his former fbi colleague. >> less than 24 hours later the president welcomed in the russian foreign minister into the oval office. >> abc 7 news learned as many will find no surprise it was the president himself that set this in motion. washington post reporting mr. trump would not back his claim that was formerly wire tapd. >> the day after the president decided to fire the man in charge of the investigation in the meddling in the presidency. >> comey was leading the investigation in whether the trump campaign colorado younclu the russians, serious offense
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was it getting it close to home. >> the white house timing impeopleable. >> the president maintains this. >> he wasn't doing a good job very simply. >> the white house now saying the president watched comey's testimony on tv last week and went from questioning comey to feeling, quote, strongly inclined to remove him. early monday afternoon the president met with the attorney general and deputy general rod rosenstein who felt comey should be if fired, asked their opinion and told them to put it in writing. less than three hours letter this letter informed comey you're hereby terminated and removed from office effective immediately. >> comey sent a letter says he believes the fbi director could
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for any reason or no reason there's special calls for prosecutor to take over that investigation. abc 7 news washington. >> abc 7 news has obtained a letter comey wrote to staff and friends, quote, i won't spend time on the decision and the way it was executed, i hope you won't either, it is done, i'll be fine, i will miss you and the mission deeply. vladimir putin dressed to play hockey gave his reaction you will hear from him at 9:30. the san francisco police released new video of an officer-involved shooting that happened at a subway sandwich shop a week ago. the video takes you minute by minute with a fight that ended with police stabbing the suspect. >> i seen a quick turn around never seen an incident no quickly in a week. >> neighbors were impressed with the department's openness but disturbed by what they saw.
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>> drop the weapon, get back. >> in a community meeting a block from where it happened, police showed the moment 26-year-old was shot and killed by officer. he had been in this subway restaurant where minutes earlier he was stabbing an employee in a fight behind the counter. other workers came to help, one hit him with a baking pan when police walked in. >> one officer discharged his firearm at the suspect striking him. >> we'll warn you. the video is graphic. police released it in the interest of transparency. one shot fired, hit him in the lower right back, he fell to the ground and died at the scene. >> i want to say thank you because it could have been my daughter and of tnd could have become my momma. >> some are grateful others are concerned he is the same officer that shot and killed sam moore
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in january. >> there's a lot of questions as to one officer involved in two incidents and supervisor james kim hopes this new public process is the new normal. >> i hope this is a signal of the reforms being put in place in the s. of police department. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. all charges were dropped against sean moore today. he is mentally ill unarmed man shot by san francisco police jonathan just mentioned. police say moore attacked officers outside his home in january. prosecutors dropped final two charges against him after a judge dismissed eight other accounts. officers responding to neighbors complaint he was acting aggressively. popular burger chain temporarily closed one of its location after customers reported being sick. traffic cones blocked the entry
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to the parking lot. health officials suspect neuro virus but not able to confirm it. >> for many a trip along the 580 would be incomplete without a stop in liver more at the in-n-out burger. >> we are worried as to why it's closed. >> this afternoon an uncharacteristici uncharacteristic scene. customers being told to stay away until further notice. >> this is one of my regular stops so i was shocked. >> company officials voluntarily cloelsed the location on north livermore after nine people reported feeling sick after recently dining at the restaurant. in a statement a company spokesman said our investigation did not turn up any indication that there were any issues at the restaurant nonetheless we thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the facility.
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>> they know how popular this is. so if there's any question if had their mind they want to make sure that no one, no individual is going to be put at risk. >> abc 7 news checked with the alameda county environment health website showing the company did pass two most recent inspections but cited during a routine check last december despite all this customers say they'll be back. >> yes my favorite restaurant. double-double. >> will reopen after health department completes an assessment. a san francisco swim instuktor facing child import t pornography charges. >> the judge did not allow our camera in the courtroom. but this is swim instructor
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nicholas hodges. his parents came today. in court their handcuffed son ack nonleagunowledged him with . john tie was also here. >> this man who we trusted had solicited to come baby sit for our six-year-old. >> he taught the swim here, he was a swim instructor here for the past two years. parents liked and trusted him. hodges had also been with kids at the trampoline park right next to the swim school. he worked here too for several years. charging document say he had more than 600 figles of child porn including explicit video of children as long as two years old. he was arrested at the swim school in april after the investigation by the internet crimes against children's task force. the school statement said sfpd
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has not found evidence linking any students to the charges against hodges. but john tye and others parents may have dodged a bullet. this is what he told his child. >> i'll come over maybe on a friday night and baby sit and do magic tricks. >> he trusted hodges to teach his son to swim in deep water why not trust him to baby sit. abc 7 news oaklandpoli oaklandpolicelooking for someone who may have kidnapped a child. a stranger tried to grab him around 45th and broadway around 9:00 last night. it was an adult man with gray hoodie and blue jeans. california is a hot spot but not for something we can cheer about. >> we are going to tell you about the latest targets for mail thieves next. also what led to the failure
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of the oroville spillway. and temperatures drop 20 degrees from this time yesterday. >> okay. drew, thanks. and food. water. internet.
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california leads the entire country in the number of these kind of thefts. >> leading the way not in a good way the bay area is growing problem. >> mail theft. a huge inconvenience to those who are victims. >> it's also a problem we see more and more often over the last year theres reports and arrests in every county in the bay area. >> this is the first time i've seen such a bad situation where people get desperate just to get their mail. >> entire neighborhoods have lost accuweathess to their mail because vandals have broken locks and residents of bradford way says it has been this way for six months.
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>> this one here, i think it had been fixland actually. so i was just lucky it wasn't done again. >> with the postal service access doors broken open there's little incentive for customers to check mail at the individual mail boxes because they're wide open. it's very much an open and shut case. residents have to go to the branch post office to catch their mail or get the carrier driving down the street. california leads the nation for mail theft and it's happening all over the bay area. the postal services takes responsibility to fix the mail boxes. >> at one time we would order the parts as needed now we have to have orders on hand because these are happening more and more. >> some are renting private mail boxes for fear of identity theft. the near by store has seen increase in business. >> i would say about 10% of my
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business in last six months. >> the postal inspection services handled over 1300 cases last year leading to over 2,000 convictions but the vandalism continues. in san jose abc 7 news. we're learning new details on a mob attack on bart by huge group of teens, 40 to 60 young people, pounding on the doors and windows of the dublin-bound train but the operator allowed the automatic doors to open anyway. the same crowd swarmed a train moments earlier but didn't rob anyone four of the nine cars didn't have working surveillance cameras including the car some customers were beaten and robbed. >> a bay area politician is introducing legislation designed to stop californians auto absuing the use of state
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licensed plaquaarccard and application. a state wide crack down led to 417 citations to drivers caught illegally using a handicap placa placard. state department of water resources provided a video rvegs core ugs and collapse of trains and increase of spill water coming down the spillway and will consider plans to reconstruct this damaged spillway. weather is turning after a blustery dray. >> yeah, a dramatic drop in our temperatures that was the big weather story some saw temperature drop 20 degrees.
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certainly you felt a chill today. live doppler seven is showing a quiet picture. green on the screen is ground clutter, raid ear bouncing off near by buildings and trees. it's not raining out there. but we do have partly cloudy skies at this moment. the winds will still be with us. it's been blustery today. winds out of the west, keeping us cool. 23 miles an hour. it will settle a bit heading to the morning hours as we go into the afternoon, the evening the winds will pick up again. we do expect an increase in winds tomorrow afternoon as well. take a look at this picture right now now. going to be gorgeous. you see the full flower moon out there. it gets its name this time of year because this is the time plapts, flou plants, flowers are in full bloom. a wonderful viewing site. that wind is pushing a lot of that cloud cover away.
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the wind still gusting 23 miles an hour at napa. 29 at fairfield. we will have that wind in next couple hours. it dies down in the morning and picks back up in the afternoon. out there right now the wind mixes with the atmosphere giving uniform temperatures across the board. 53 in san francisco. 61 in san jose. 62 antioch. 54 in napa right now. overnight the cloud will build once the wind dies down. a lot of us are waking up to overcast skies. could see drizzle along the coast. upper 40s to low 50s tomorrow morning. weak ripple of energy will move through over the next 24 hours that will try and touch up a light sprinkle in the north bay. as it sags to the south we could see not only drizzle on the coast but i wouldn't be surprised in the afternoon saying san francisco perhaps in
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oakland as well as we do see a couple drops. won't amount to much. will get out rather quickly but still you could have a little drizzle close to the coast. highs, lot of cloud cover, 60 in san francisco. 5 degrees below normal. 63 in oakland. 67 that number in napa. taking you to moernl's day, a lot of sunshine through the morning but winds be an issue by 4:00. it's windy. partly cloudy skies. temperatures pretty seasonal for this time of year. let's plan the next seven days for you. sprinkles possible tomorrow closer to the coast better bet you have. friday bright and breezy to start off the day. mother's day will be windy. clouds increase monday and showers tuesday before our atmospheres mid week next week. >> all right thanks drew. coming up next there may be
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no such thing as free lunch but how about a free cup of coffee. >> yeah we're going to tell you where to get yours.
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the giant rainbow flag that flies above san francisco's castro district is no doubt the city's most recognizable sim poll of the gay rights movement now granting land mark status. it was a symbol of inclusion in the 60s. hope it have land mark status dpra granted next year to mark the
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frag's 40th flag's 40th anniversary. this and drawn map from 1953 going up for auction showing many ideas for disney's park that would open two years later, to show his envision for a new amusement park he called disneyland expect the map to sell as much as a million dollars when it goes on block next month. disney in the parent company of abc 7 news. dhx announced it is acquiring entertainment division of iconix holds 80% stake in the brandp of the shultz comic strict where he lived in sant you rosa home to the museum dedicated to his work. pete's coffee chain is offering for free any drink of any size.
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offer is good this friday from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. only. it is a wake to way to kick off to celebrate the launch of its summer drink lineup. bay area officials react to the firing of fbi director james comey. >> there was never going to be a good time to fire him. >> the timing is outrageous. >> the political repercussions are only just beginning. are only just beginning. >> also is
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are only just beginning. >> also is at crowne plaza we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. 'a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. protests after the white
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house bomb shell the president says he had bp considering firing the head of the fbi for months. >> simply he was not doing a good job. >> just atrocities in serkum venting the circumventing the chain of command in the department of justice. >> in a tweet president says been complaining for months and months about comey now he's fired they pretend to be kbreefkbree grieved, phony hypocrites. we caught up with several lawmakers. >> it shows the white house is in chaos totally incompetent. >> oakland democrats upset about president trump's sudden firing of fbi director james comey. >> this white again is very
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eradict, very bizarre, the way he was fired was outrageous, he heard it on the news, it's crass, it's wrong she and others are critics of comey last october when he announced reopening the probe of hillary clinton e-mails just eleven days before the election. trump claims comey's handling of clinton matter was major reason for his firing but others point to probe into possible collusion with the russian and trump campaign. >> never a good time to fire a fbi director. >> former director of the republican party. >> clearly he had become too political. was too political last july and kept going that way and that's not the position for him to be political. >> we are at a watergate moment. >> congressmen say it is imperative a special prosecutor
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leads the investigation. >> the explanation by the white house is all coincidence. there's no coincidence. he asked for more money. he was supposed to speak again in front of the senate on thursday and in between those two things he gets fired. >> now asking paul ryan to reconvene congress to create a special commission on russia. abc 7 news. a bay area man among the candidates being interviewed to take over as fbi interim director. the candidates are paul abate who leads the cyber branch. national intelligence head william avanina. michael anderson who runs chicago field office and adam lee who runs the richmond field office, lee began his career in fbi in san diego and was a fellow if in the california state senate, went to college in the san francisco state
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university and law school at john f kennedy university. the senate issued subpoena to michael flynn for documents related to thep russian investigation. he reviewed to turnover documents last month. he was removed in february after it was revealed he lied about kopgss to the russian conversations to the russian ambassador to the united states. the white house is denying a link. will the investigation go forward. here's brian ross. >> the russians were having a good laugh today about the firing of the fbi director, president vladimir putin in full hockey gear with his press secretary next to him told cbs he was more interested in getting out on the icend scoring some goals. >> we have nothing to do with that. >> for the fbi there's nothing
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funny about the investigation, now at a critical juncture after almost a year. officials tell abc 7 news is a federal grand jury was already enpanelled and subpoenaed issues for documents connected to former general mike flynn. >> was the white house aware the subpoenas for michael flynn had just gone out. >> no nor should we have been. >> new investigation may have skpanlded to expanded to include trump's business and personal finances based on how this answer was cryptically answered. >> during your investigation of all things russia did you ever find a situation where i trump business interest in russia gave you concern. >> sir, i can't comment on that because that impacts, uh -- investigation. >> officials tell abc 7 news fbi
9:34 pm
agents are increasingly focused on general flynn, on trump's former campaign manager, long time trump friend roger stone, and former policy advisor carter paige all have denied any wrongdoing including paige who told me recently the allegations are false. >> it's ridiculous. >> what's ridiculous about it. >> everything. it's just nothing. good to see you >> today paige was among those full of praise for the firing of the fbi director enkoushrnled enkournled he encouraged he said that the investigation will soon come to an end. >> abc 7 news told comey was fired just days after he asked the justice department for money money and more agents to expand his investigation of russia and alleged collusion with the trump campaign. abc 7 news new york. education secretary betsy
9:35 pm
voss struggled to give commencement speech as historically black college today as the crowd drowned out her words guys roaring boos. >> and it's a real honor -- >> she tried to appeal to the graduating students to listen, but the jeers persisted throughout the entire 20 minute speech at one point turned their back at one point principal warning students if their behavior continued he would mail their degrees. one was escorted out. an interview with gq, a former wrestler, the rock, has a tremendous amount of respect for the political process, refused to endorse trump or clinton but when reporters asked him about a run for president he said if he were president poise and leadership would be important.
9:36 pm
he opposed the president's ban on immigrants. tonight we're getting a look at the spectacular new image of the crab ne bu la a compilation of five different images from nasa tell skoescoptelescopes. it is a explosion that is 6500 light years away from our planet. scientists have studied it for years but say there's a lot to learn. those images may help. the other side of the wine making process. >> almost nothing goes to waste. see what happens to all the stuff that doesn't make it into the bottle. in honor of asian-pacific heritage month we are using our instagram feed to celebrate places you live. two of three japan towns are in the bay area one in san jose one the bay area one in san jose one san
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♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. take a look here from drone view 7 you can see some of the thousands of acres of wine grapes grown in california. after a harvest tons of waste is left behind. now growing number of wineries and companies there is more to these grapes than just a good glass of wine. we explain the growing keademan for wine waste. >> at the end of the wine growing season vitenerser harvest games. he for years tried to figure what to do with the waste left
9:41 pm
behind. >> for a long time we would throw it away. >> not if i more. they're committed to being the nation's first 100% suggestion sustainable region. red wine waste turns into come pose and white wine waste feeds itself after you make the wine. each year california wineries produce over 100,000 tons into pumice, now turned into cooking oil, flrour flour to cosmetics >> normally you would sell it off the waste but can't to it from waste. >> a professor at uc davis his lab studies how food processing waste products might be used other than the compost in the
9:42 pm
vineyards and looking to turn that waste into fuel and how it could improve your health as part of a growing trend that started about a decade ago. >> the skins pigment have a antioxidant compound that evidence shows play a role in preventing heart disease and cancer. >> there's a growing number of grape skin ex tracts. >> my thought was you could have the natural oil in the seed. i was like this could be really cool. >> she was one of the first to see value in wine waste. the seed for her idea was planted in 1997. today she's released grapeseed oil into a line of skin care products called envy organics. >> doing the body scrub with this you get gentle ex foliation
9:43 pm
and natural oil stays on the skin. >> at the spa in sonoma relaxation comes from the nearby wineries. >> we use local grape seeds rushed with therapy oils and spa ingredients. >> the wine treatment is a favorite among guests. for $235 you get red wine grape seed bath, body polish and oil ma massage. >> the others are more course it had is so refined and nurturing. i love it. >> and you thought wine was just for drinking. abc 7 news. it's not just for drinking. >> no it's good to drink though. >> yeah we have the forecast up next. plus the bear that wondered into someone's backyard as we reported. you will hear from the owner of the dog that scared him off. stay with us.
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geez, an investigation is under way in italy to figure out why this train suddenly collapsed.
9:48 pm
the giant piece of equipment was being installed on i by duct reports say the operator was able to get clear before it bgan to tip. fortunately no one was hurt. scary. >> one last update of the forecast. hi we're tracking a return of the marine layer, showing you the over lay of green on the screen is just some ground clutter but the gray is the cloud cover moving on shore and winds are pushing it inland, still active. 23 in fairfield. 16 at sfo. overnight perhaps some coastal drizzle. taking you to thursday coastal drizzle. another cool day. 60 in san francisco. 69 in san jose. 63 in oakland.
9:49 pm
67 high in napa. accuweather seven day forecast shows tomorrow a chance of sprinkle closer to the coast better chance you have. by friday that wind continues over the weekend before clouds come back monday and tuesday we track another chance of showers. >> thanks drew very much. well how does a parked car burst into flames? >> it has happened multiple times even near the bay area, shocking. the manufacturer says what could be at risk. >> join abc 7 news tomorrow at 11:00 on channel 7. one family is resting easier tonight thanks to their thankful pet. >> that's one-year-old bow bow with a stare down against a 250 pound bear and chasing it, owner was quite pleased.
9:50 pm
>> there's always concern about what animal shows up. and now having this wonderful dog here i think i can rest a little bit. >> the shu family rescued bow bow from a shelter few weeks ago and safe to say they're glad they did rescue that dog, also good he didn't catch the bear. >> yeah that dog is pretty bold but i don't know, if that bear turps around. >> it's tiekind of funny you co almost see him thinking i'm a bear. why am i running from a dog. what's wrong with this deal. in sports giants somehow had to
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abc 7 sports. good evening warriors resting for the western conference finals and draymond green is doing venting, the
9:54 pm
outspoken fielder feels his comments are sensationalized at times. nobody forces draymond to do his podcast or voice his opinions but he wants to be out there in a 24-hour news cycle we live in people need material and the hot take gets most of the attention. >> people always want to take a statement and put a piece, take a piece of a statement and then say oh, man draymond said the cavs aren't playing anybody, they never said draymond said cleveland's playing great basketball. watching espn is like watching a controversial reality tv show. it's pretty pathetic that's the headline they want to put, draymond is disappointed with who cleveland plays. there's your headline of the
9:55 pm
day. draymond said cleveland's playing great basketball see if that makes it >> it did make it. celtics-wizards. game five. thomas to johnson and brown saves, throws to bradley for the jam he led all scores with 29. patriots owner kraft i likes that. you know what happens when the bank three goes. celtics win it 123-101 up three games in that series. felt like another loss for the giants trailing the mets going to the ninth, last time they came back to win after being down after eight ingles was two years ago after 108 straight losses.
9:56 pm
tommy malone after buster posey. hunter pence a sings, joe panik scores, we're tied at three. arroyo is pumped. dperk going to try to close. bottom nine. two out. two on. flores deep drive not caught, two runs score. now it's 6-5. what else is going to go wrong? oh, this goes right right. look at this tapper in front. buster ends the game right now there. giants hang on to win 6-5, relief, they finish a hideous road trip and end five game losing streak end 3-6. how about the a's and angels. nice, nice outfit right there. andrew trig walked first three batters. nearly got out unscathed.
9:57 pm
escobar scores. 1-0 after one. 6 innings. one run. struck out four for trig. later in the game, chad pinder now for a home run. and another run. makes it 3-i1. time coming to the plate a's win it 3-1. they won 4 out of 5 now just 2 games under .500. to the ice. ducks and oilers. three and half minutes in caggulia tips the puck into the net. oilers up 1-0. second period ryan kesler can't get anything on it but ritchie
9:58 pm
under the arm of talbot and that's your game winner ducks will face nashville in the western conference final. >> interesting comments by draymond. interesting that there's prevailing sentiment nationally that highlight shows are dieing and people watch the controversy, back and forth, arguing shows, someone puts the hot take out there and draymond says something one side here one side there that's what tv has become. not saying it is right but that's just the environment what it is. >> i like highlights. >> yeah me too. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 phones and privacy. the bay area pos forced to give up his password at sfo. join us for abc 7 news at
9:59 pm
11:00 on channel 7. >> cuteness on full display at the zoo. >> must mom rose showed off her otter pups in time for mother's day. >> today they seemed more amused by their favorite blanket than visitors. >> they will find a leaf or blanket and play for hours on them and keep their attention on is that. i just think that's wonderful. >> look at that face. the oakland zoo as one of the best river otter units in the country, sixth successful litter since 2011. >> so busy. really cute. that's our report appreciate your time. >> for all of us. >> for all of us. thanks for joining us.
10:00 pm
(narrator reading) narrator: today, it's an all too familiar scene. crazed terrorists turning nightclubs into war zones. a deadly plot, years in the making, rocks a popular tourist getaway.


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