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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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regardless of recommendations, i was going to file. >> tonight president trump in his own words why he fired james comey. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> the white house is changing its story. president trump now says he was going to fire james comey all along. >> the president got pushed by attacking comey's character. he called him a show boat and grand stander. >> the firing of james comey will not stop the investigation of russians interference in the
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election. >> abc news reporter, jonathan carl, at the capitol. >> reporter: president trump today said that he decided on his own to fire james comey. >> he's as grand stander. the fbi had been in turmoil. the president says he decided to fire comey way before the attorney general weighed in. there is no good time to do it. when i decided to just did, i said to myself, you know this russia thing with trump and russia, is a made up story. the director told him he's not under investigation three separate times including during a dinner at the white house, a dinner that comey requested.
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>> i said we'll consider and we'll see what happens. comey assured him he was not only investigation in two separate phone calls. >> i said if it is possible, will you let me know am i under investigation. he said you are not under investigation. >> i know that i am not under investigation. i am not talking about campaigns. i am not under investigation. >> is it inappropriate for the president of the united states to ask the fbi directly if he's under investigation. >> one of the conversations happened at dinner. don't you see that's a conflict of interest. the president is asking whether or not he's under investigation? >> i don't see that's a conflict of interest and either do the legal scholars and others have been commenting on it the last hour.
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no, i don't see that as an issue. >> he decided on his own to fire comey stands in contrast to what top white officials from the press secretary to the vice president have been saying for days. it is the president's decision fired comey was triggered by the recommendation of general rod rosenstein. jonathan carl, abc news washington. > calling for the immediate appointment of a special council to investigate possible russian influence of the 2016 presidential election. >> the department of justice says as prosecutors commit todd the rule, we urge you to consider the damage to a democratic system of any attempts by the administration to do well and de-legitimatize the invasion.
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you heard president trump's attack on james comey's character. you will hear how the acting fbi director defended the agency before congress. back in the area of the suspect continuing tonight. the victim were found in a white honda alongside 101. chp says an unidentified vehicle pulled up and opened fire of the two people inside. both were hurt critically. both were talking to officers. it is disconcerning. we want public know to do our best to find out the reasons behind it and the people suspected of doing it. yeah, it is worrying. chp does not have a solid subscription of vehicles or suspected of all of these. a trailer was set on fire in t
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petaluma. james heinz started the fire on a couch around 4:30 yesterday in the home he's renting. heinz did not give a reason but did tell investigators he was feeling harassed. he's in jail on 10,000 bail. new detail ons a rash of car fires across contra costa county. the most recent fire were in rent this morning. other fires reported of martinez, walnut creek and lafayette. >> we have several fires that occurred this week. we do believe those fires to be related including one that we had this morning. >> fire investigators are appearing to the public for information to help tie these fires together. a bomb shell in contra costa county, tonight, a grand jury is
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recommending the top law enforcement officer to be removed. december, peterson admitted having spent more than $66,000 on campaign funds and personal expenses. a judge decides to hand the matter of the district attorney or apoint prosecutors. a shocking and really sad death in the south bay. a 16-year-old basketball player collapsed in the court and died. her family is grieving. as abc 7 news reporter janine delavega explains, they were able to get some comfort from super star stephen curry. >> he's reading the pages from his daughter's scrapbook. the teen collapsed during a basketball game and died. this is the last picture taken of her. >> she held her chest.
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they sat down and she fell. r since then i never heard her voice. >> the last year, kimberley begin getting migraines and fainted. doctors cleared her to play. >> he was numbed with grieve. he found comfort in the act of kindness. warriors' star, stephen curry was kimberley's favorite player. the wish was granted. >> too bad, this is a a small token to her family. we are thinking about them. >> kimberley's family planned on burying her in the shoes. >> i know she's in heaven right now shech now. she will be happy. >> kimberley was a sophomore and students visited the memorial that's been set up there. students are sharing their memories o f kimberley and how she pla court. her coach came to the school
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today. >> as a coach, i loved her. she's very quiet kind of. she's the leader that's why i made her captain. she was led by examples. the leader left something behind. kimberley written her own obituary in her scrapbook imagining she would live 100 years, saying she's a brave person who did not fear death. sunnyvale, abc 7 news. a legal battle between ride share company uber and the city of san francisco is intensifying. forcing uber to provide the names and addresses of local drivers. drivers need to pay $91 for annual fee. uber supports business licensing for drivers but posting business information online violates
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driver's privacy. >> the general manager weighed in and issued a statement earlier this month. we asked the city to allow us to get the consent of drivers and remove their personal information from the public website but they have refused. the warriors know the team they'll face in the western conference finals. >> san antonio beating houston, 114-75. >> you heard that score, right? >> spurs advanced by completely dominating the houston rockets on their home court tonight. we'll have the highlights o f the blow out win coming up in sports. game one between the warriors and the spurs is sunday afternoon right here, it is followed by after the game. millions of dollars were discovered. only abc 7 news talks face to face with the california's president about the allegation that's more damaging. a bay area city unveiled a new piece of art of what's under the black cloth had a lot of people
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scratching their heads. >> i am abc 7 news meteorologist, sandy patel. temperatures are going to run lower than normal this time of the year. i will let you know if your plans will change. plans will change. >> how to rescue how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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only on abc 7 news tonight, california janet powell tanner standing firm of allegatio of inappropriate conduct within her office. laura anthony is on the story. >> there is no appropriate interference. >> reporter: she insisted her staff was not trying to manipulate the results of the state's audit only trying to facilitate the process. >> finally, i regret it and expressing my regret of the way my office dealt with the surv s surveys. last month, lane howell, released the report of a $175 million secret fund. the staff interfered with audit
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surveys in a response given by administrators in three uc campuses. >> you know there were some changers made that made us looked better and some made us looked worse in the end. that has not come out yet. she's the right person working through this. >> california, board of regions. >> that's inexcusable and there is no way you can spin that of all the things in the audit. that's a jaw dropper. >> it is a public trust. >> she told us, she understands it looks bad. that's why i welcome the board taking their own independent look at what happened and the circumstances. the region plans to select an
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independent investigator in the coming weeks with a final report due in jewel. >> lauren anthony, abc 7 news. governor brown addressed the state's audit of the revised buj budget plan. the spending plan puts more funding in k through 12 schools. the auditor found that she had access to a secret slush fund. state republicans say the governor is taking an approach that's too antagonist i can c t trump administration. the legislature has until june 15th to approve the budget plan. if you have state farm insurance, you may have money coming your way, perhaps your
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share of a $13 million refund. more than 241,000 policyholders will get a cut after the state insurance commission founds state farm's rates were excessive. >> state farm agreed to issue the refund of interest. abc 7 news was there as the bulldog was unveiled today. the sculpture is at the corner of north main, mount diablo. as soon as bull man was unmasked the picture taken began. >> that's one of the purposes of it. when i saw the rendering a long time ago, i was thrilled with it. the statue is better than the rendering. >> artist jill heffernan joins
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the mayor for the unveiling this afternoon. for a man of bulldog, it was a gift to the city. >> interesting. >> lets talk about the weather forecast. mild out there. >> yeah, our sandhya patel has what's coming our way >> we'll keep it cooler than ever. many of you were below of where you needed to be this time of the year. average highs of 75 degrees, notice for the next six days, we'll keep you cooler than average. it is not until thursday of next week where we'll actualy see the temperatures bounce back to where you need to be this time of the year, you got to look at the upside of cooper and average conditions of fire dangers remaining low. the cloud cover across the bay area and most of you actually seeing some clouds right now and temperatures have not cooled off much. the winds have been going and it is out of the southwest. it is a breezy ooerevening with
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wind coming off the cool ocean water, notice the fog and low clouds pushing in, through the golden gate and increase ing as the day went on. we did see a few light showers at sonoma county that did not average much. here is a look as we look along the embarcadero here. >> oakland currently at 54 degrees from half-moon bay. we are seeing pretty good visibilities right now. temperatures on the 50s from santa rosa to livermore and one other live pictures from our east bay. you can see all the lights though, visibilities is still good right now. >> breezy and cool of the next few days. we are looking at a chance of rain early next week. tomorrow morning, expect cloud cover and a cool start. mid-40s to the low 50s so it
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will be cool off where you need the jacket and the sweater. for the afternoon, we'll go with breezy days and temperatures to the upper 60s. the breeze will clear out of the clouds that we'll see in the morning so it will be sunny for your friday afternoon. hour by hour forecast, winds will be picking up as we head into the afternoon and ooereven. temperatures remaining below where they need to be this time of the year. that trend of below normal will continue for mother's day. it is not quite as windy. 7:00 a.m. if you are doing something with mom, breakfast perhaps or brunch around noontime, 40s or 50s in the morning. 50s and 60s by noontime. it will be nice for moms out there. you will notice a breezy cool pattern. temperatures mid-50s to upper 60s. slight bounce back on saturday.
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a few degrees warmer and at least in land. mother's day is looking nice and bright. clouds increase, temperatures decrease and tuesday we are looking at a chance of showers and we are still in agreement right now that we'll be seeing possibility of some wet weather around here, downloading the accu weather app will help you keep track of the possibility of showers. temperatures changes and there will be big changes on thursday. near 80 degrees and along the coast side will be nice and comfortable in the low 60s. thank you, sandhya very much. >> just ahead, the bingo game. how does a parked car bursts into flames? >> it happens a number of times and shocking videos across the country and what manufacturer says. 7 on your side joins the investigation over at channel 7. we'll be right back here.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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up next, dramatic new video of a horse being rescued in san bernardino county today. the horse and its female rider fell off the santa ana trail at noon. the 1200 pound animal was blindfolded. neither the rider nor the horse was seriously injured. now to the bingo with a little bit of magic. the weekly bingo game. kids really look forward to it and a lot of fun. some gather in the play room to
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participate and others played in their room. this week, disney donated boxes of prices, they included toys from moana and adventures and star wars. >> it means nothing but happiness to our family. my son is looking forward to it because it is bingo so disney is a bigger deal >> kids did not need to shout bingo to win. disney sends care packages to kids at hospitals and comments and games. disney is the care company of abc 7. up next. the man standing in testifying in front of congress today contradicting the white house, you will hear what he has to say. >> the warning that goes out to beach goers, 15 white sharks
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good evening, we begin this half hour of the actor of the director of the fbi contradicting the white house. >> a full thrown defense, he said that's not accurataccurate. >> less than 48 hours after his boss james comey was fired, andrew mccabe was thrust in the spotlight. >> appearing before the senate intelligence committee taking comey's place and taking on white house's claims that the fbi lost confidence in the former director. >> is it accurate that the ranking file no longer supported
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director comey? >> no sir, that's not accurate. >> director comey enjoyed broad support of the fbi and does until this day. >> the last 24 hours, the white house also insisted that the fbi investigation into russians meddling and any possible collusion of the trump campaign was quote, one of the sma"one o things the fbi is doing" >> we consider it to be a highly significant investigation >> you would not characterize it one of the smallest things. >> the president repeated today that james comey told him three times that the president was not under investigation. >> is it weird for the fbi director to tell someone if they are not under investigation. >> i am not aware of that being a standard practice. outside the hearing, another drama playing out. after the white house says it
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was not president trump, pointing to a review of comey written by the deputy, attorney again of rod rosenstein. when comey revealed no criminal charges but still went on tv and delivered words of clinton. >> over night, rosenstein was on the verge of resigning because the fire is being pinned on him. he appeared on the hill today and top committee members had to leave their on hearing. bak in this hearing room, the acting director of the fbi made it clear that even with james comey now out of the job, the investigation into russian meddling will go forward. >> you cannot stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the
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right thing. >> rosenstein told us today that he's not planning to go anywhere and he's not planning to go anywhere. >> president trump signed an executive order to establish a commission to reveal voter fraud. today either trump or his administration provided evidence to backup that claim. the president promised to investigate. now to the warning along the southern california coastline where 15 great white sharks were swimming offshore. abc news reporter, matt gutman has more. >> reporter: dozens of great white sharks feed from some of nation's most popular beaches. you are paddle boarding next to
9:33 pm
15 great white sharks. >> they got in the water in a calm manner. >> sighting from long beach, a woman nearly lost her life from a shark. >> i don't think i will go in again. >> we join the professor on a mission to tag as many as he can >> i would never thought i would see the day where i would see that my in one morning. >> we had 20 sightings. researchers sneaking into get that tag. >> the sharks have needed to migrate to mexico is normally would in the winter. >> these sharks rather eat sting rays than humans. >> abc news, long beach. >> i guess that's something, right? >> 300 or 400 chinook salmons
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died. officials blamed for faulty wire and cutting off water supplies. more than 2 million salmons will be released. well, tipping the bar tending maybe a little extra booze in your drink may not fly in the bars of your future. we have a look at the high-tech bobble tops that know exactly what's in there and how much comes out. >> reporter: while an ordinary ceo may spend his day at meetings but he's here drinking cocktails. >> my favorite is stephen curry. >> this is a good time to be drinking a stephen curry. >> his life may look like a
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party. he's here to solve a problem. long after the bar closes and the tips jar have been empty. the bartenders are here taking inventories. he can change of what's hidden in the bottle top. >> so we do one ounce. hundreds of spout all connected to a wireless space station. >> so while the bartenders making a drink, the system is tracking every ounce in the cloud. >> you can see every time the bottle with us taken out and including the time stamp. it knows the bartenders is being a generous in a good way or a little too generous. >> it is pretty awesome. it is really efficient here. >> of course, when it comes to liquor bottle, it is definitely not one size fits all. using a robotic arm, they
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scanned every liquor bottle there is. >> matching it up to the right 3-d model. >> that gives us big data whether san francisco folks still love their manhattan. >> cheers. >> san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> interesting. >> how secure is your job? a new generation of highly skilled robots is making the answer more complicated. >> which highest paying jobs of the next target of automation.
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hello i'm vincent, this is livingston that's tangella. this is our haunted house and every saturday night on kofy tv20 we present our show creature features where we show wonderfully horrible films and horribly wonderful guests. do join us, please? horrible films and horribly wonderful how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel
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♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. stecientists created a 3-d bionic skin. the team produced a project that's skrechable. the possibility for the future's developments are endless. the skills can be used by robots or by people who have lost their sense of touch. if a person who tries to take your squjobs, you will not it right away but what if it were robots? >> abc 7 morning has the story. they're delivering pizzas in san
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francisco. parking cars and la, and serving up lattes. >> robots are so skilled that nearly half of all human jobs can be at risks decades ahead. >> this is potential lies is an enormous rising. >> the the nature of the work. it is something that fundamentally routined and repetitive and predictable. >> over the past few years, that ax have fallen heavily on blue collar industries. experts warn this next round is likely to be different. machines will be coming for white collar jobs. >> powerful computers can create programs that use artificial intelligence. >> computerized pharmacies and everyone automated attorneys.
9:42 pm
so you can say something like i got a parking ticket. >> stanford teacher uses a form of ai helping you beat a ticket. >> it is going to be a turbulent ride. this is not the robot apocalypse. >> similar theories have been around since the industrial revolution. >> new technology creates new job to go with it. the real issue is timing. >> if it happens all at once, we are going to have mass dislocations. if it happens gradually, we'll have time to adapt. >> what if the disruption does last years. that prospect had economists growing, a world where robots do the work. >> we'll be compare in a situation where simply there is not enough jobs to go around.
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period. >> creating the prospects of a bumpy road ahead. san francisco, abc 7 news. they are coming, right? under the heading of we are all in this together a chinese company announced of an artificial intelligent program they created was able to write a flaw less 900 wards article for a business news website. >> wow >> that would have been handy. our sandhya patel is next with the forecast >> how the apple watch could one day save your life. and an honor of asian pacific month, we are using our app to celebrate the event where you live. it was started by the gold rush immigrants who combined their native culture with the ame
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scientists at ucsf saying the apple watch could one day save your life. the apple watch is 97% accurate in detecting the most common and abnormal heart rhythms. this video was provided by apple. using cardiogram app holding efforts to identify and preventing strokes in the future. a lot of love in the area, summer is just around the corner. >> we show you how you can experience summer of love. >> in separation of the 50th of anniversary. the summer of love. on the road to the summer of love. >> this summer of love is many things and to many people, you can see it as our exhibition
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tries to help you understand it as a combination of a lot of different revolutionary and what we kind of prove together. >> young people flock to san francisco to be at the heart of that social revolution. from political protests and festivals and everything in between. the exhibits will take you back through it all >> you can pick up a pink phone or blue phone or orange phone and hear, you know, greetings. we hope that it is a really beautiful historic experience and a personal experience, of course, beautiful aesthetic experience as well >> you can find more info. of summerof. love. if you spent hours playing mario cart, get to the event on saturday. you will be dodging banana
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fields and of course, bragging rights. >> need a last minute mother's day gifts, i have the perfect idea. >> a japanese style cafe in hayes valley. they'll host a mother's day tea tasting. mom will learn all about tea and taking home plenty of samples and spent an hour with snuggling kitte kittens. you can check more on our website. >> excellent. >> all right. >> onto the weather. one last time, i want to touch base with sandhya patel. >> yeah, if you thought it was too cloudy today. wait, you will see a lot more sun like you are seeing here from our time lapse, just as the sun is setting at 8:10 p.m. tomorrow, we are expecting in the afternoon, quite a bit of sun. we are seeing clouds here in the bay area and as we track our rain chances, they're increasing next tuesday, here is the hour by hour forecast. so first thing in the morning
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around 9:00 a.m., you will be looking at wet road ways on tuesday and the shower chances continuing into the afternoon and evening, we do get rain here in may even though it is not one of our wettest month, i do want to tell you it is possible. you will need those umbrellas again. tomorrow, breezy afternoon and upper 60s and a look at accu weather seven-day forecast, brighten it up for the weekend which includes mother's day. we'll be clearer than average for this time of the year. chance of showers for showers and we'll return to normal and the warmth returns, 60s to upper 70s. >> all right, thanks sandhya. >> what a blow out tonight. >> yeah. >> it is been a whole playing. >> yeah, this is a perfect example why you should not bet on sports. [ laughter ] >> you never know, right? >> this is just stunning of what happened here. the warriors determined tonight shocking. the rockets turning into one of
9:51 pm
the lamest in the elimi
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good evening, because of what happened tonight, we know the warriors will host the spurs in game one, sunday at 12:30. what happened tonight was shocking. the rockets were at home and they were facing elimination and they played like they had booked their flights to cancun. it was unbelievable. no kiwah leonard. >> first quarter, jonathan sims, patty mills finished with 4 points. >> james harden, he did not take a shot in the feirst quarter. rockets down 19 at the half. >> lamarcus aldridge, he's been called out for his play. well, he looked like godzilla in
9:55 pm
this game. murray completing -- spurs rolled. i had that look also. 114-75. >> everything falls on my shoulders. i will take responsibility for it. both ends of the floor and no -- especially of the way we lost. that's the team to be. i am not going to get into it. i am going to enjoy this win for now. they dominate the west. it is going to be a tough task for us for sure. >> so again, game one, sunday, abc 7, your mother's day special, 12:30 tip off and stick around for after the game, your truly of donald foil and live at oracle.
9:56 pm
the season ticket waiting list is up to 14,000 people. >> it is more than twice. it is going well. >> back on the court, one reason the warriors made it to three straight conference finals, their chemistry and so close on and off the court, they don't care about individual glory. the dubs not to tell a team when they're doing something wrong or making mistakes. livingston says it is really important >> we got to hold each other accountable. >> draymond is the leader where you got to hold guys accountable. we need that. it is all of us. you know guys don't want to step on each other's toes and how our rosters are constructed. if you got too many draymond, it may not work out. we have a nice balance and mix. draymond is the out spoken one of the group. we all from fire in us and we are competitive and we still want to win >> one draymond is perfect. >> giants back home on a seven
9:57 pm
games home stand. brandon crawford back from the disabled list against the reds. >> hey, wily mace at the game just turned 86 last week. brandon belts. oh, he takes out the belt. fifth of the year. welcome back denard. >> shoulders looking fine. first home of the year, royals going 6 innings. giants up to one. not for long. top six joey and ties it up. rbi, singles. hunter strict land. that was an 0-2 pitch that he just grove to zach cosard. >> a's have the day off. this is turning to a
9:58 pm
fantastic year for sergio garcia. home of the famous, island green 17. garcia, it is kind of up and down during the day, tied for 66 with a 1 over 73. this is a signature shot of the day on 17, it is a hole in one, just the eighth ace ever on tha the lead of 6 under until his tee shot went under water and a couple of bogeys dropped him under. five under 67, one shot lead heading into round two. mother's day is on sunday, hopefully, you got a gift for mom. >> scott montgomery made sure to give early presents to his mom. a full scholarship but mom found out first. [ laughter ] >> we made it!
9:59 pm
>> then she called her son and shared the news with him. it is a perfect mother's day gift. abc 7 sports brought to you boo i toyota. >> that's great. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. mr. peterson, any comments of the report? >> abc 7 news confronts the top law enforcement official in contra costa county after a grand jury says he should be fired. >> how does a parked car bursts into flames? >> we ask if you can be at risks. join us for abc news at 11:00. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us, thanks for being here, we'll see you again at 11:00, over on channel 7.
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(narrator reading) narrator: today, a crusading journalist is gunned down in her moscow apartment building. the final bullet, known in russian contract killings as the control shot, is fired right into her brain,


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