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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 12, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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too the top prosecutor in contra costa county is being called to step down for conduct that's being called corrupt. a deputy's fatal crash is the latest tragedy from a bay area department still healing from the loss of another officer. and still at 6:00, less is more at the port of oakland. we'll explain why. his leadership is not inspiring confidence in our office. >> an emergency meeting was held in contra costa county today with prosecutors discussing the fate of their boss the district attorney. >> a grand jury has accused the county's district attorney of corruption and misconduct.
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>> their reports recommend mark peterson be removed from office. kate larsen is live with a look at how rare that request is, kate? >> reporter: the jury foreperson whom you're going to hear from, says he doesn't believe another case exists like this in contra costa county. a prosecutor says he told marks peterson to his face that his employees have lost confidence in him. but he's still showing up here and still planning to run for re-election next year. a contra costa grand jury accused the district attorney of will testimony or corrupt conduct, recommending that he be removed from office. >> reporter: jim millander
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said -- in december, peterson admitted to spending 66,000 dlrsz in campaign funds on personal items including meals and theater tickets. peterson later apologized and reimbursed the money. >> it's all well and good to apologize, but obviously the repercussions continue. >> reporter: aaron defer rarry said that they take a no vote in peterson. >> they hold individuals accountable who have broken the law, having the head of a law enforcement agency, let alone the head of a contra costa county da's office having broken the law. those two statements are contradictory. >> it is my understanding that the court will appoint a special prosecutor, or a district attorney from an adjoining county to bring the case forward
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a, and if it comes to trial, there will be a jury trial. >> reporter: if convicted, peterson would not face a criminal penalty, but would be removed from office. hackers exploiting data from the nsa conducted cyber attacks in 12 countries. officials report more than 45,000 attacks. many received this ransomware message, it required $300,000 in bit coin in order to gain access to their networkses. >> the national cyber security center is working closely with nhs digital to make sure that they deal with the organi organization's concerns. >> british prime minister teresa may referred to the nhs, that's britain's national security
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service. it's not immediately clear who's behind the attacks. the department of homeland security has some advice, keep your system updated, don't click unfamiliar links. a charter bus plowed into a car on i-580 near fraysy. the deputy's car was stopped in the eastbound lane of 580 about 7:00 a.m. that's when a bus full of tesla employees rammed right into it. no one on the bus was seriously injured and the cause of the accident is still being investigated. >> it's a tight family and it's difficult for all of us to deal with it. from line staff, to command staff to myself. it's not fun seeing your employee draped with an american flag. >> this is the second time in less than three months that the alameda county sheriff's office
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has lost one of its own in an didn't. in late february, 16-year-old michael foley was killed after he was accidentally struck by an inmate bus in the park lot. new developments in the east bay, there were two more suspicious car fires in the middle of the night. that brings the total to at least seven. the first one happened monday, martinez, with a car torched in the driveway of a home. on wednesday there were two more, one in walnut creek another in lafayette. another two yesterday in brentwood, this time the frames spread to a home damaging the garage. >> we really got very lucky, because it could have spread to the homes. it could have spread to my house. >> investigators say this appears to be the work of a serial arsonist, no one has been hurt in the fires. by the end of the weekend,
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antioch will have a permanent chief of police. tammany brooks has been with the department for more than 20 years, brooks is antioch's african-american police chief. a warning is going out tonight for people living or working near the third rail that powers the tr energized. david lui is in san jose where an outreach program to let people know about the danger. >> reporter: usually tracks are behind fences, that making it hard for anyone to come in contact with the rail. but the agency with the b.a.r.t. extension, is taking no chances, and getting the word out that anyone making contact with that
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rail could end up in a deadly situation. vta, the agency in charge of the project has reached another milestone, it had energized the third rail that powers the train. community outreach teams have started visiting 30,000 house holds to warn people to be careful. >> people around here aren't necessarily used to having ground based electric track, if someone thinks that they can walk down a train track just because there's not a train coming, which they're not supposed to do anyway, in this case it's energized which can be very dangerous. >> reporter: contact is also being made directly with residents to explain how dangerous coming into contact with that third rail is. >> we want everybody to know there are 1,000 volts going through that rail and we need people to stay out of the right
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away. >> reporter: workers are warning people in the area. this san jose resident appreciates what vta is doing. >> if you don't have any business of going through that area. >> reporter: vta's project manager underscores the danger by saying you can't smell it, you can't see it, but if you touch it, it will be too late. now take a look at what you would see traveling through the hyper loop. tesla founder elan musk shared this video today from a test run of a system he hope also one gay connect the bay of los angeles. this appears to be the longest test he has done to date. new at 6:00, fewer ships are docking at the bay of oakland, but they're carrying more cargo.
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cargo volume is up overall, even though traffic is down. the newer ships are more efficient because it means less crowding around the births and less idling. the average ship visiting oakland can now hold eight 1,000 foot containers. the ship known as the benjamin franklin can hold 8,000 containers. it's one of a handful of american ports that's actually large enough to accommodate it. affordable housing for san jose teachers. what is being proposed for other city workers. teacher in san francisco who was priced out of the city. >> it was time to move, the rent was going up, and the only place that i could find that would take my dog and i was in
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oakland. >> reporter: today a starting teacher makes $56,000 a year, while the average teacher makes nearly 69,000, the average base salary is over $93,000. over the past three years, teacher salaries have gone up 3%, the cost of housing has escalated to the point it's not affordable for many. but the mayor is committing $44 million to build between 1 poh ad 150 units for teachers. >> let's do it with the funds that we have for housing. i think this is incredible good step, first step, clearly that's not going to be enough. >> reporter: the project would be where the old frances scott key school was located on 43rd avenue in the sun district. the land is owned by the san francisco housing district. on tuesday the board of supervisors will take a look at
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a proposal that would increase the income level needed to qualify for affordable housing for anyone living in san francisco. >> so it will go up about $150,000 a year, so anywhere from 50,000 and $150,000 a year, we're expanding the definition. >> reporter: this could help lower the turnover rate san francisco is already experiencing. the game you can watch here on abc7. next we're live with a look ahead at the matchup. and that's the sound of smart, you'll only hear it in certain places as the north bay's commute option gets ready to roll with passengers. it's windy and cooler than average going into mother's day weekend, so how will mother's day shape who are these people?
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. b.a.r.t. is changing this weekend's track maintenance plans because of the warriors on saturday. b.a.r.t. will shut down oakland's station and run a bus. taking the bus could take an extra maybe 20 to 40 minutes, b.a.r.t. will run regular service on sunday, that's because it will be the starts of the western conference finals, dubs versus the spurs. right here on abc7. and eric thomas is here with a preview. >> reporter: and the dubs have
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had eight gays days of rest. so you may not see many surprises during this series, just some good hard-nosed western conference basketball. time at practice today, it's the first time san antonio knocked off houston to reach the conference finals. we talked to fans inside the oracle store and they expect the dubs to continue their western pconference domination. but the players expect a challenge. >> we have to come out there and be who we are. we need to dictate the tempo. >> how many? >> i would say five. >> i'm looking for us to go all the way. >> reporter: so we talked to a few people, most of them expected a sweep, as the
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warriors did in their previous two series against world and the utah jazz, so they really haven't been tested this postseason. they're 8 and 0 so far. but one thing, a san antonio spurs team is going to be well coachedhen they get to town, they may not have the firepower, but they'll be disciplined and well coached. looking forward to that series starting on sunday. >> great stuff, eric, thanks a lot. and coverage of the game starts at noon on sunday, it will be followed by after the game, with mike schuman, former warrior donald foyer and analyst kerry keating. in marin county, the sounds and frequency continued today as these train prepare for opening. the first base connects san rafael to santa rosa. wayne freedman ask live from the san marin point station in
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novato. >> reporter: it's been a bizarre day, it looks like a ghost station, nobody on the platform, trains arriving, trains leaving, nobody on the train, and apparently everything going according to schedule. in novato, amy and those who work in her office have grown used to claking, from the computer, but when the claking began outside of window, call it growing pains. >> it's almost like white nice for us. >> reporter: that clacking came after a simulated schedule it hopes to begin for paying passengers next month. the train ran 34 trips between sonoma and marin today. this is not just a matter of
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getting their schedule right, but that their schedule coordinates with other public transit agencies. >> we all have to coordinate our schedules so that when somebody arrives at our station, they have a bus to take them where they need to go. >> reporter: both novato and san rafael have began banned warnin horns. >> it's loud, it's as if we're standing on the tracks. >> reporter: which would seem to be the point of those horns. >> it's the jurisdictions who choose to establish quiet zonings and it's our responsibility to comply when we're given the word by the federal railroad administration. >> reporter: it's any indication, that means amy gardner will be able to set her watch to the clacking white noise. if you're flying to l.a.
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this weekend, plan on some delays and major confusion. 21 airlines are switching term na naturals are switching places. delta is moving it's operations so it can upgrade and modernize their systems over the next few years. passengers are being advised to get to the airport extra early. >> they're recommending getting here early. >> how much earlier? we have to pitch a tent overnight here to get here to make your flooilg. >> it's the biggest airline relocation in aviation history. the move the expected to be finished monday morning. >> it's nice and windy right now, it's a bit cooler than average, you may have noticed as mother's day weeke approaches. for the week ahead, this is the high temperature trend that we're seeing across the entire
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area. the average high in san jose, is 75 degrees, notice how much cooler than average over the next couple of days, bottoming out at 60. that's 16 degrees below the average high in san jose this time of year. but later this week temperatures will begin to rise and we'll see 80s by the etchnd of the week. let's take a look at went gusts, it's really windy all across the bay area right now, 40-mile-per-hour gusts at sfo right now. where there is a gusty wind, right now we're looking at 25 to 45-mile-per-hour gusts across the region generally. this is a view from shady central tower. 55 at half moon bay. and this is a view from the bright western sky. 62 degrees in santa rosa, 63 in
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m napa, breezy on mt. tam as it was across our area. breezy and cool conditions this weekend a few includes will arrive on mother's day, maybe a sprinkle or two, and there's a chance of actual rain early next week. tonight we'll have clear skies, breezy conditions, low temperatures generally in the mid to upper 40s and right around the bay probably closer to 50. upper 50s at the coast, to only mid 60s around the bay and just upper 60s in our inland area. starting 7:00 sunday morning, mother's day, we'll have mainly sunny skies, a few clouds here and there. notice later in the day, we'll see a few spots of light shower activity. moving mainly across the higher terrain, but we may see a sprinkle or two down in the bay level areas. again, brief, isolated showers
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and sprinkles, a closer look at mother's day, shows we'll have sunny skies on mother's day around 70 degrees in our inland areas, sunday afternoon. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast, we might get some measurable rain on tuesday, that's the best chance of rain, with a weak system ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. it's going to be a windy day that day as well. then we warm up nicely to springtime levels, mid 80s thursday and friday. there is a runoff election in georgia next month. so why is
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. the danger working conditions at a controversial work site in a national parks. the i team took a look at claims that he was in harm's way when removing an old oyster farm. bay area residents are responding tonight to a new ad that uses san francisco to try to sink the democrat in a hotly contested race in georgia. this is a race that president trump has gotten involved?
7:26 pm
>> a democrat running for the georgia congressional seat vacated by a trump cabinet appointee, he's the subject of a new ad airing in the atlanta suburbs. >> san francisco just wanted to say thank you. >> we already have nancy pelosi as our congresswoman, now you're going to give us john arsnoff as our congressman. >> ossoff is running for his first political office and nearly won enough votes in a runoff. this new ad tries to link the candidate to house majority leader nancy pelosi. >> pelosi and ossoff weaken the military. isis, they're overrated. >> things like pelosi and san francisco and high taxes and social work and frankly even
7:27 pm
adversity, which is a southern dig and will appeal to people who are not interested in diversity and that's going to apal to some of the people in that district. >> that was paul holland, venture capitalist and republican commentator. ossoff and the republican candidate are neck and neck in this race. the controversy continues over the abrupt firing over fbi detector james comey earlier this week. >> next hear the latest explanation from the white house. >> there is nothing fun about organic chemistry, or is there? i'm jonathan bloom with the uc berkeley team that has turned the notorious class into a board game. good news for in and out cu
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did president trump record his conversations with former fbi director comey? >> i assume you're referring to the tweet and i have talked to
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the president, the president has nothing further to add on that. >> tonight the white house will not say whether there are recording devices inside the white house. the president tweeted this morning a -- the former director is not worried about any tapes if they do exist. the president has claimed comey told him three separate times he was not under investigation. comey has not publicly commented since he was fired. and tonight california senator diane finestein sent a letter to the white house asking if any tapes exist and asking that they be preserved if they do. >> barbara lee wouldn't rule out impeachment after the president admitted he fired james comey in part because he was investigating his administration's ties with russia. >> certainly or discussions and investigations. >> for all of us who lived
7:32 pm
through watergate, the similarities are sort of staggering. except this is potentially worse, because with watergate it was domestic. >> white house leader nancy pelosi has threatened to -- >> new developments and in and outs in livermore has been deemed safe to eat. several college softball players showed signs of acute gastrointerit's after eating there. the in n out has undergone a thorough -- wants a psychologist to -- torres's lawyer say their client
7:33 pm
suffers from significant stress and trauma. a court hearing is scheduled for monday. this is something you would never expect to see a parked car, parked suddenly bursts into flam flames. >> a team of abc reporters has investigated dozens of fires across the country in the last three years. >> two we identified in san francisco alone, why the fire started in the first place remains a mystery. darla edwards says she and her son woke up when a neighbor was banging her gate. she discovered the front of her bmw suv on fire. it blew out big portions of the hood and windsheild, intense heat melted portions of the grant grille.
7:34 pm
her son antonio was 6 at the time. >> i just saw some flames and then my mom started crying and i started crying too. >> reporter: his mother remembers fraremember s flames as high as the middle of this sign. her neighbor was the first to spot the fire and alert darla. >> i was mostly afraid that it was going to plblow up myself, that's why i tried to react really quickly. >> bmw offered her $2,500 towards the purchase of a bmw, but she declined the officer. this iconic group of historic victorian homes in san francisco's hate ashbury, was the scene of another fire just 15 months earlier. parked on this driveway was a 2007 bmw suv. firefighters say the flamed starts on the hood of the vehicle, then spread to the
7:35 pm
front of this house. then jumped to the home next door. the heat so strong, the bmw's engine dropped to the surface of the driveway, flames quickly leapt to the home next door. a mother escape with her 7 and 8-year-old children. both families declined to talk on camera. total damage to both houses and the 2007 bmw x3 was estimated at $190,000. 200 bmw bx3s. the motor on the fan could possibly overheat possibly causing a fire. according to investigators both this fire and the one that destroyed darla's car are believed to have started in the engine compartments. the battery in darla's bmw had recently been replaced prior to
7:36 pm
her fire. a power ignition caused the battery to discharge. arson is not suspected in either case. electrical failure has not been ruled out. in addition to the fires in san francisco. our team from abc news found dozens of other parked car fires in some new cars as well as older cars. some of these cars were under recall for noncrash fire related issues, but most were not. experts tell us the age of the cars, issues with maintenance records and where the cars were serviced, maker the exact cause of the fire -- the fact that the cars are never really turned off could be an issue. >> when a car is off and it catches fire, you've obviously got a fire, and most of the time, they're coming from the electrical system. a lot of the power to these electronic systems is going to remain on in the vehicle even when the vehicle is off. >> reporter: the automaker said we have investigated and in some
7:37 pm
cases inspected the vehicles identified by abc news. these vehicles span in age of 1 to 15 years. we have not seen any pattern related to call or component failure. vehicle fires can result from a wide variety of external issues unrelated to product defect. such external factors could include poor maintenance, after market changings and even rat nests. >> the answer is going to be in here somewhere? >> the answer is going to be there, sure, sure, it may not be an answer, it may be many answers. >> the national highway traffic safety administration says at this time there is no evidence pointing to a safety defect, but is urging anyone who's experienced a nonarson related parked car fire to report it. >> all right, thank you so much, michael. today history was made high above the earth, both for nasa and for one of the astronauts involved.
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rp we first told you at the birds who are nesting at the park. let's take a live look now. you can see this is the osprey nest from an audobon society camera. they have two cameras trained on that nest 24 hours a day. after this rainy season, there's no more drought emergency in california, but coop coopertin o coopertino is acting like it. >> reporter: these empty ponds at memorial park are no mirage, in fact they have been like this since 2014, an city officials have no plans to fill them.
7:42 pm
call it another casualty of what was once the california drought. a conscious decision to save water and money from leaking through the cracks. in san jose, residents look forward to the rush of the fountains at plaza decaesar chaves park this afternoon. >> especially because i have younger siblings at home and i know they can enjoy this all summer long. >> reporter: the santa clara water district reminds customers that any water fountains in its just must use circulated water. >> it's best to be prepared for it and make conservation a way of life. >> reporter: this water feature is back just in time for being on campus.
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>> it'so be mindful about our water supply. >> reporter: officials at the water district are still asking customers to cut down their water by 30%. learning through games isn't just a tool for toddlers. just a tool for toddlers. college students are using it how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. astronauts hit a milestone in space today. you're looking at the 200th space walk at the international space station. astronauts peggy whitson and jack fisher went out to do some maintenance. it's his first space walk and her ninth. she broke the record for the most cumulative days in space by any american astronauts. if you have been hearing signs of relief coming from uc berkeley's campus, it was the last stay of finals. >> one way of studying for finals was fun. >> i'm going to play contamination. >> it's not often you see college students playing a board game at the library during finals week.
7:47 pm
it's competitive, it's fast paced. >> i needed that. >> reporter: it's organic chemistry. . >> when i first took organic chemistry, i was one of the few people that actually enjoyed my time in class and so i thought i would should be a game. >> reporter: he created a game to create and react. >> you have to figure out how to get there and in the process, you're going to be learning organic chemistry. >> reporter: it's a new way to tackle a topic that are notoriously tough. >> for premed and bioengineering students, it can feel like a mountain too steep to climb. >> i have seen people who changed their majors because they didn't want to take this class again. >> to help students to approach it as a game, as a fun puzzle. >> reporter: so far the testing of the game is getting pretty
7:48 pm
great reactions. cynthia sue changed her mind about a course that was her nemesis. >> now even the professors are playing. >> i played this game with one of my colleagues that also teaches organic chemistry and it was so much money. >> so after team one of berke y berkeley's big start up competition, they're giving it away to high schools. >> at uc berkeley, abc7 news. >> very nice. well, the a great time to get outside from santa cruz to san francisco to south lake tahoe, we're seeing blue skies all across northern california. >> families soaked up the sun while playing on the swing sets at the park. they're hoping for sunny once once again. >> we know who knows the answer to that. spencer is back with the forecast. >> it's going to be sunny but
7:49 pm
it's going to be windy once again as well. this is sfo right now where there's an airport wind warning for high southwest winds, winds are gusting at 45 miles an hour and we have gusts from 25 to 45 miles an hour. it's going to remain breezy throughout the night. low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for the most part, tomorrow, breezy and cool again, but pleasant, highs in the 50s generally. mother's day is looking very nice, we may see a cloud or two, there's a chance of an isolated sprinkle or two, but the day will generally be dry and sunny and pleasant. although we do have a little rain coming our way on monday of next week. boy, do we have a big weekend in sports. >> yes, brothmother's day is gae in the western conference finals. teacher versus pupil ma
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before the season started, the expectation was that the dubs would meet the astros. these teams met three times in the regular seasons. spurs won two of them. but that was the season opener, the spurs clearly were not ready. they had a whole new cast. and they lost by 29. steve kerr rested many of his stars. then the third meeting, late march, the one seed was at stake, and the warriors they con impressively in south carolina. it's going to be mike brown for golden state calling the shots. brown previously worked as an assistant for spurs genius greg p
7:54 pm
popovich. >> i just feel like he's innovative and you can never underestimate a great championship mindset and that's what they have over there. we have great respect for them, but we also know what we do, we know we're a dangerous team as well. it's going to be two great teams clashing. >> on sunday, warriors and spurs and after the game, all the highlights from oracle arena. spurs won without him, partly because james harden went in the tank. leonard expected to go sunday in game one. that's a whole other story. as the giants get set for an orange friday night game with the reds, they own the worst record in baseball. 12 and 24. they're already 11 games out of
7:55 pm
first place in the west. one reason the giants have all-star ga struggled. dennard span, returned big-time last night. manager bruce bochi hopes that having a solid leadoff hitter will help the giants chances. >> we get him out there as often as we can. he struggled to stay in the leadoff spot. home run and a double and four hits that, means he got on base three times and spahn scored two runs and a homer. matt joyce, taking care of that. high defense, and his third of the year, the a's have won nothing. but texas has come back to
7:56 pm
score, it's now 1-1 in the sixth. the shark s the shark harks -- two-yea, carlson who had 11 goals get's two-year contract. many people believe that who's on the madden cover is cursed. destined to suffer and injury or horrible season. so brady posted on his facebook where he tried to prove, there's no curse. >> there's no such things as curses, it's a total myth. i feel like you're not really getting it. see? all good. no curse. all good. >> and then he was hit by a bus. no, tommy's okay. but he's very funny on social media. >> all right, thank you, larry.
7:57 pm
>> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi channel 20, cable channel 13. how they're planning to move mountains of snow in time for the holiday. dan and the i team investigate concerns over dangerous conditions at a controversial work site at a national park. what we found and what the parks service has to say got it. >> this tense interview with john mcaf john. finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. there are a great many subjects i could tackle tonight. but i would rather talk about moms. it's mother's day on sunday, a special type to pay tribute to
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everything that mothers mean in our lives. they raise us, they raise our children, our sisters, our partners, our friends. if you are lucky, i am one of those fortunate people who had a have been close relationship with my mother. unconditional love my entire life and always in my corner. maternal ininstinct is a remarkable thing and a powerful force. in nature it's the mother bear protecting her cubs. for humans of course that mother's instinct is also combined with reason and a deeper understanding of love. for all of the people in trouble in the news tonight. the old adage, behave as if your mother is watching. and for all of the moms, what really matters in mother's day, is you. i always love to hear from you, share your mom stories with me. follow me on twitter and facebook
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