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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 12, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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developing tonight a global cyberattack has now hit 100,000 computers around the world. it's cripples brirt tain's healthcare system and tonight it's being felt here in the u.s. >> fedex is among the major companies targeted tonight. >> abc 7 news reporteder is live in our south bay bureau. katy. >> this is what victims see pop up on their screen. you can see this line says you have three days to pay for the price will double. over here is a count down and below you can see where you can pay with bit coin. that's high they call it ransomware. >> it this really an arm get den of cyber attacks. >> the mall wear used in this cyberattack was developed bits
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nsa and leaked to the bub. >> which has now been taken and weapon nieds into a format for ransom wear. >>the ceo of red lock in men menlo park says no one is safe. britain's hospitals were hit first. patients had are turned away. a computer science professor says it spread quickly from there. >> 30 minutes later is all europe and then 30 minutes later is russia, and then fedex. >> at least 99 countries have been hit include the u.s. fechl etched example is the only company so for. it reads a statement we are implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible we regret any inconvenience to our cust mersz. this woman was dropping off a package in san jose. experts say this attack kwo have been prevented. microsoft released a pax on march 14th but some clients didn't install it now they have to hope for a fix or pay the
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ransom. >> even if you can get rid of the mall weigh doesn't bring your fields back to life. >> the department of homeland security says it's aware of the attack and troed lend technical support in the united states and internationally. >> and for tips on how to keep your computer safe, go to our website abc 7 >> also developing tonight, a man died today of after he was tased 'officers responded to the budget inn this afternoon for a man acting irrelevant radically. he told afrsz had he been poisoned with clem cals pltd he discovered he this a warrant and tried to to arrest hichl p.m. one officer used air taser in order to subdue him and he game unresponsive. emergency personnel were unable to revive him. they have not released his name. new developments in the tragic crash that left an alameda officer dead. he was killed when a kpiert bus
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smashed froo his volkswagen. the deputy has been identified as khin. wee live in stockton tonight where he lived. >> reporter: a family friend tells us deputy khin was a hardworking cam bonian immigrant. he served not only alameda county but also here at the stockton police department. >> the man killed this morning on eastbound i 580 worked long hours as a sheriff's deputy to help support his four children. >> he set himself as a really good example. >> 50-year-old had just completed an overnight shift at the jail. >> it's not fun seeing your employee draped with an american flaig flag. >> you can see the magnitude of the impact in these photos from east bay times photographer doug duran. >> the vehicle was stopped,
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driving slowly in the number two lane. at the same time, the driver of a white 2016 touring bus also driving eastbound 580 east of grantd grant line. for reasons still under investigation, the front of the tour bus collide into the rear of the volkswagen beetle. >> the driver the bus was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. investigators estimate the bus traveled about 65 myles miles per hour when it hit. the driver and his 51 passengers escaped major injuries but khin died on scene. >> he was known for being that positive person and very outgoing and very professional. >> family friends say the deputy took advantage of every moment of his off-duty time. in stockton, abc 7 news. ? you at 11, wild video shows a high speed chase that ended with three people in handcuffs. it started near oakly around 7:00 tonight when officers spotted a stolen suv dame to a
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screeching halt when the tire exploded. one of the passengers tried to run but a k-9 helped make a quick arrest. now to new details on the man convicted of killing sear rare ra lamar. we'll talk about how his mental state factors into the crime. lawyers plan to have a psychologist testify he was affected by an abusive father who raped a female relative in their home. prosecutors want to have their own psychologist test that teory. the testimony could play a role in whether he gets death or life in prison. his sentencing phase starts on tuesday. firefighters in the east bay will be on high alert overnight off a suspected serial arson nist lit two more cars on fire. one destroyed an acura on juanita drive in walnut creek and then a toyota s vurks was torched in lafayette. no one was hurt in either case. that now makes seven suspicious car fires in the east bay this week alone.
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investigators are going back through other arson cases now to the beginning of the year to see if perhaps there's some kind of connection. new at 11:00 a cosmetics crime a joint operation among several bay area police departments have led to a huge beauty bust. check it out. that's a half a million dollars of stolen makeup and other merchandise displayed by berkley police. >> reporter: yes, police say ploft of the stuff that was stolen was likelto resell but that's likely under investigation. among those charged a couple where police served a search warrant and they say they found most of the stuff inside. >> various cosmetics. >> lip stick. >> yeah, you name it. >> boxes filled with lip stick, foundation, nail polish, $500,000 worth of goods. >> between january and february
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of 2017, five robbie robberies happened in berkeley. >> those targeted cvs and walgreens stores. they arifted four of them for similar crimes there, but just this week detectives served a search warrant in that neighborhood. >> rosa jimenez and another occupant in the residence were arrested for rereceiving stolen property and accessory to a felony. >> police aren't sure if some of the cosmetics were already sold, but once they finish processing the evidence, they plan to return it back to those drug stores hit by robbers. in berkeley, lonny rivera, abc 7 news. tonight california seen far senator feinstein is demanding the release of any secret recordings made at the white house. >> this comes after president trump tweeted a thinly veiled threat saying he may have been recorded in tapes. >> shut president be believed
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that he may have secret tapes of james comey? the white house would not say. in the oval office or the ices - residence. >> a said for the third time there's nothing further to add on that. >>the questions prompted by the president's own tweets writing naimz james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. and now word that we may not hear from comey. he has declined an invitation to appear before congress. >> what we're tassing snou whether there's a question of obstruction of justice. >> but that wasn't the only tweet from the president that seemed to make the situation worse for the white house. president trump also argued he's very active so it's not possible for his staff to answer quiz with perfect accuracy and then he said he may kans you will all future press briefings. disputed accounts that he asked comey to pledge his loyalty but he doesn't find the question inappropriate. >> did you ask that question? >> no, no i didn't but i don't think it would be aed about
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question to ask. >> and they have requested that the white house counsel provide any tapes as part of their ongoing inquiry so we may learn sooner rather than later if any tapes do in fact exist or if the president was bluffing in that tweet. all right. it has been a windy day across the bay area so what about mother's day. >> i'm going to have the all important mother's day forecast plus a potpourri of weather conditions in the accuweather forecast coming up. >> only on abc 7 news concerns over dangerous working conditions in a controversial north bay oift are farm. >> i did receive grade two, grade three chemical burns. >> he says the company ignored safety rules and put workers at risk it's an eye team investigation. investigation. >> plus the cal rugby player
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we have breaking news. one person is dead after being run off by a vehicle in san jose. it happened just after 9:00 on south bass kin avenue near scott street a few blocks north of city college. you see the man's walker there lying in the road. police say the driver took off
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but then came back a short time later. one person was taken into custody. >> well, only on 7 there's controversy tonight surrounding the clean up of drakz stair rhee. >> a former employee who worked on the project contacted the eye team claiming the cleanup of the oyster farm harmed him and endangered other worksers. >> we have more on this. >> the department of interior shut down the farm more than two years ago and the park service started tearing out oyster racks this year. this diver says he end up with chemical burns while working on the project because the government didn't do enough to protect him and others. >> the point raised national sea shore is one of the most beautiful places on west coast. look closely and you'll see what construction workers have been up to for the last couple of months. pulling up the recommend nepts of the one of the state's oldest oyster farms. after a fight that went all the way to the u.s. supreme court, the farm closed in december of 2015. the national park service and some environmentists hailed it
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as a new down for the return to wilderness, but a former worker says the company tasked with pulling out the oyster racks put ploip ease at risk. >> i was under the impression this was kind of an important job. >> matthew zugzberger was hired to help remove the oyster racks that lined it. >> things to be in order from environmental issues all the way down to safety issues and there was a lot of eyes on this project. >> he says he quickly found things that kurnd him, particularly the lack of safety equipment and possible exposure to chemical used on those old wood pilings. he says he suffered chemical burns from pulling out those old oyster racks. >> i did receive grade two, grade three chemical burns on my hips and my chest and my torso. >> he was so concerned about the overall safety of the project he explained to the federal government's occupational safety and health administration late last year in the in november, they cited the constructioned
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subcontractor handling the jb jor job for seven serious violations. it didn't provide workers coast guard approved life jackets, osha said it failed to ensure employees were free from impailment hazards, of pressure treated lumber, there were no work horns on the barge and employees were choes kpoegsed to or struck or run over by equipment. there was a risk they could dr. drown. there wasn't even an adequate toilet facility on the barge. >> so all human feces was going back in to the is stair row. >> the national park service responded saying the contractor corrected these findings immediately. osha did thot make any findings with respect to the handling or disposal of trooeted lumber saying everything was was permitted and approved by the regulato regulatory agencies. >> he said he was fired just
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days after making the claim. they claim he made threats towards their employees. he denies the claim. >> interesting. >> we have new details now on a rugby player who was partially paralyzed during a championship game. he's no longer in the icu, he's moved to a rehab trauma center. he complied with another player and nel on his head just a few minutes into a 3467 last saturday. tonight a go fund me page to cover his medical costs is halfway to its $1 million goal. >> let's turn to the forecast. >> who needs flowers, we have sunshine for mother's day. right now i do want to show you gusty conditions right now gusting to 31 miles an hour, early it was 45 miles per hour, so the winds are slowly starting to subside, but that same wind coming off the cool ocean water gave us this beautiful sunset
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from our east bay hills cam raw can see the sun going down there and definitely the wind played a role in sweeping the clouds out of picture. here's a look at the wind forecast for tomorrow. if you're going to be out and been this is half moon bay, still breezy, not nearly as window as it has been though. it's windy now, you can see this beautiful view as we look down towards the bay and the bay bridge there in the background, live do lar 7 right now showing you mainly clear conditions across the bay area. we don't have any fog, we're not expecting any fog. and those temperatures right now primarily in the 50s as we take another live picture from our east bay hills camera still a shaky zoou view here so definitely going to hang on to the wind for another hour or two. bright skies for mother's day, breezy and below normal this weekend and we're looking at a chance of showers early next week. here's hour by hour forecast. it's going to be cool if you're taking mom out early in the morning for breakfast or brunch, so keep that in mind.
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lots of sunshine for noontime and breeza along the coastline. temperatures to mid-50s to low 70s cooling off by evening. cool enough to where you need the sweater or jacket, low 40s to 50s. afternoon highs remaining below may standards upper 50s to the upper 60s for mast bay area. if you're going to the giants game against the reds tomorrow afternoon at 1:05 also it going to be sunny. on sunday for mother's day the hour by hour forecast will show you the patchy clouds at 7:00 a.m. we head into the afternoon and a little bit of green there, just a possibility of a few sprinkles primarily over the hills. this is a good time to download the accuweather app so you can keep track of that. and notice in sierra nav, it's almost mid may and we're talking about snow showers sunday afternoon and evening. mere your weather forecast and it does feature mother's day there sunshine for mops.
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mid-60s to 70 saturday and sunday. breezy, not as windy as today. switch it up and bring in coolinger weather, windier conditions, chance of showers on tuesday. now the chance has gone way down, about 30% for most of you, but then we go from much cooler to much warmer, a good 20 listen degree rise by 30s thursday, mid 80s inland, we're all over the board. we're going to go from cool to possibly wet to warm. >> fast moving game in the weather department. >> we've got keep it interesting every time. every time. >> well will ferrell say nads
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♪ i will always love you >> comedian say naded 60,000 people or campus and earned an honorary doctorate from his ala motter. he told them be kind show empathy and don't worry if you don't have it figured out. >> he hit the high note. >> absolutely. >> high notes in sports tonight. >> we got a lot going on. >> we're waiting for the high notes. >> it's coming. >> well, maybe. at some point. we'll talk about a rough night at the yard, check this out. the home plate umpire in the giants game prosecutor he must go down and he must go down hard. ouch. sports next.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock ka teen know. >> good evening with the giants desperate for some wins they send johnny to the mound.
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he's long gone but this game is yet to be decided they are in extra, extra, extras. i'll send some pizza over here. gerard span, don't see many of these in these parts anymore, splash down in the cove. giants up 1-0 along, long time ago. top of the fifth, scare re, home plate umpire takes a fastball to the mask. they treated him somehow. he was down and got put he went eight, did not figure in the decision because they're still going. joe panic had a double, nunez a line drive, it got caught, they're in the 14th still tied at two but the reds are threatening. ace fans deep in the heart of texas, tied 1-1. seventh. waved all the way around from first, flow beats him but lucroy can't hold on so he is safe.
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gave up the tying run and then gal low crushed off the foul pole, good night game over, 5-2 it's the rangers secretary walk off win in a row. we're about to get the long expected and awaited showdown. spurs finals game 1:00 sunday right here on abc 7. the spurs won two of their three head to head games in the season. they were just trying to figure out the rotations, had a brand new rosters. steve ker rested his stars in the meet pgt the third meet was the key matchup with the top seed on the line, the duffs came back way 21 deficit to 1. mike brown the acting head coach facing his old boss gregg popovich and ready for anything. >> i think i can beat pop up, he's like


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