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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 14, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. live, where you live. this is "abc7 news." [ gunfire ] speeding cars and flying bullets tear up the street in a san francisco neighborhood. neighbors diving for cover as people in these two cars open fire on each other. good evening. i'm derek thomas. >> and i'm kate larson. a quiet mother's day morning broken by the sounds of gunfire.
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at 9:30 this morning, gunman in one car firing shots at another car on poke street in russian hill. >> cornell bernard has the details. >> i dropped to the ground immediately. >> it was two cars chasing each other. >> reporter: she took cover when shots rang out. >> it was right at 9:30, and i heard pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: michael kelly's home security camera captured this. a high-speed case down the street from lombard to bay. police investigators closed two blocks, counting shell casings scattered in the streets. kevin o'donnell saw the action from his apartment window. >> two cars side by side blow through the stop sign, high speeds, but continuous bullets ringing out. >> reporter: from the video you can see a gunpoi pointed out th
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window of the red bmw. >> i saw the gun cocked out of the car. >> reporter: could you believe what you were seeing here? >> no. actually, i wasn't prepared for that this morning. on mother's day? really? >> reporter: police are looking nor the two suspect cars. it's unknown if anyone in the gray sedan was injured. >> it's always nice and quiet. that's what surprised me. >> reporter: police are revealing the surveillance footage. in san francisco, cornell bernard, "abc7 news." we have new details about a construction fire in the east bay. the owners told us they'll try to rebuild for a third time. firefighters are still keeping an eye out for hot spots at the site in emeryville. investigators are on scene tonight. this is the second time the project has burned in less than a year. the flames, so intense they melted a crane that teetered above neighboring homes. crews took it down earlier
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today. >> they attacked a 1 1/2 inch thick cable and pulled it south of the property away from the residence. we took the precaution to have residents moved away from the perimeter of the buildings in the event the crane broke in half. >> several hundred remain without power. pg&e is working to fix that. a florist said it's been difficult not having customers on mother's day. he'll take all the flowers he didn't sell and donate them. drivers on i-280 reported seeing puffs of smoke trailing from the home. firefighters quickly put out the fire and nobody was hurt. police in fremont want to know if alcohol played a role in a crash that killed an 18-year-old woman and injured her mother.
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investigators believe the women made a left turn when they were hit by a chevy near the parkway. the chevy may have run a red light. new video shows the moments right before a crash that killed a sheriff's deputy and a community service officer in modesto. you can see the deputy's white suv speeding by, then landing on top of a dumpster and bursting into flames. the video was from a surveillance camera from a business. they were on a call to a burglary. deputy jason garner was training another officer for the department. >> we are small enough, we know each other. so it's definitely it's hard. >> an accident investigation team from the chp is trying to figure out what caused the crash. president trump's travel ban
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will be back in court tomorrow. this time heading to the ninth circuit court of appeals in seattle. the court will hear the challenge to a hawaii judge's ruling. it blocked core provisions of the revised ban hours before it was set to go into effect march 16. all three judges hearing the case tomorrow were appointed by former president bill clinton. the president says a new fbi director could be named soon. however, there is still fallout from the recent firing of director james comey and the president's tweet referencing the possibility of secret recordings. david wright has reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: even as new candidates arrive at the justice department to interview from the fbi director's job, president trump is still being asked to explain this tweet, suggesting he may have taped his conversations with director comey before he fired him. >> are you recording any of your meetness the white house, sir?
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>> reporter: the president declines to answer. on the sunday shows, members of both parties say he'll have to. republicans -- >> this tweet has to be answered. i would advise the president not t tweet or comment about the investigation. >> if there are such recordings, i think those will be subpoenaed and they'll have to turn them over. >> reporter: and democrats. >> first of all, we have to make sure these tapes don't mysteriously disappear. >> to destroy them would be a violation of law. >> reporter: today, george stephanopoulos put it to ken starr, the independent counsel whose investigation of the monica lewinsky scandal led to the impeachment of bill clinton. >> would you demand tapes from the white house if they exist? >> absolutely. the investigation has got to be thorough, and that means you go where you think the truth is. >> reporter: for his part, comey is going on with his life. last night attending a musical here in d.c. democrats say they want to hear
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his side of the story, testifying in public on capitol hill. >> jim comey deserves his chance to lay out to the american public his side of the facts. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago, comey confirmed he was still investigating possible collusion between representatives of the trump campaign and russia to influence the november election. president trump readily admits that investigation was a factor in his decision to fire comey. but he insisted to fox news last night it's a dead end. >> there is no collusion. we have nothing to do with russia and everything else. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. golden state gave san antonio's coach gregg popovich his first loss ever when his team led by 25 points. their mvp candidate, kawhi leonard, left the game with a twisted ankle. steph curry and the boys went on an 18-0 run. the warriors won 113-111.
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shu will have all your highlights and reaction coming up in sports. a ransome ware attack has state thousands of computers systems worldwide. why computer experts are bracing for more infections tomorrow. and a project that starts in the bay area next year that will target [ whistles ]
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businesses and organizations around the world are preparing for more cyber attacks tomorrow. a worm has infected hundreds of thousands of computers with ransom software in 150 countries. a security researcher found the flaw that helped spread the malware and then cut it off.
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b the bug is expected to take off again monday, especially in asia, as companies turn on their computers for the first time since it first spread. >> i've never seen anything on this scale. and our concern is the way in which for the first time we've seen something that combines the ransom ware with is worm functionality. so the function of one computer infects an entire network. so this is a very strong wakeup call. >> microsoft has released patches to fixnerability that allows the worm to spread. next year a project will launch from the san francisco bay. a dutch foundation called the ocean cleanup has plans to sweep up plastic that's killing ocean life. it will use dozens of screens that will move with the current to trap plastic. the project will cost tens of
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millions and take a decade to finish. but it's expected to remove half the plastic. the cleanup is raising money now to pay for it. so eric, a lot of mothers, including hopefully my mom, are feeling very well pampered today. especially true for a group of homeless women in san francisco. coming up, their special treat on this mother's day. and rain will return for some of us this week. drew tuma is tracking it in your accuweather forecast. sitting over here. spurs down 25 points, but the turning point happened with this food. water. internet we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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some homeless moms in san francisco were treated to some violin music and a home cooked meal today. the hamilton family shelter in the tender loin brought in chefs to make a special brunch for the moms. after their meal, they were treated to makeovers and taken to watch the giants' game. and in san jose, five orphaned coyote cubs are recovering after a dramatic rescue. a man who lives there noticed the frightened pups on his property and called wildlife emergency services. the group posted this video of rescuers using a crowbar to move a rock that one of the pups was hiding under and lifted the little guy to safety. they are very cute. the wildlife center is treating them for severe dehydration until they can be released back into the wild. in honor of asian pacific heritage month, we're using our instagram feed to celebrate where you live.
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make time to see the buddhist realms exhibit may 24th at uc berkeley's art museum. it you can learn more on our instagram feed. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> as you go throughout the day tomorrow. outside we go, a live look from
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ore c our camera showing great visibility. you notice the lens is shaking just a bit, especially along the coast. we have an active wind at this hour. gusts right now 35 miles per hour at sfo. half moon bay at 25. away from the coast, the winds have backed off. generally less than 15 miles per hour. into the afternoon tomorrow, though, the winds are going to pick up once again. the winds coming off a chilly ocean water, 53 degrees, having a huge impact on our temperature. 54 the current number. 57 in san jose. 59 in concord. half moon bay down to 51. live doppler 7 hd, here's the reason why we're windy. an area of low pressure just to the east. you see that counterclockwise motion. that will take its time exiting the region. so the next 24 hours, the winds kick up. so overnight tonight, numbers not falling too far from where we are at this moment. mid 40s to low 50s, the name of
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the game. clear skies in the north bay. south bay, could have a few puffy clouds. partly cloudy skies south of the golden gate. tomorrow, bright looking day but windy. your winds in the afternoon, 15 to 35 miles per hour. so once again, that's going to keep temperatures on the cool side. high of only 60 in san francisco. about 68 in san jose. 71 in santa rosa. 73 in fairfield. oakland, 75. future weather, tuesday, a lot of cloud cover built into the morning. tuesday, we could see a spot shower, likely the best chance is going to be tuesday afternoon. once the system gets out of here, the sunshine returns and this will allow very warm temperatures to move in. in fact, future tracker temperatures will show you friday. look at these numbers. it is warm to hot across the region. 80s and 90s along the immediate coastline, well above normal.
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to 74 in san francisco to round out the week. 82 in oakland. near 90 in san jose. accurate seven-day forecast. it is sunny and windy on your monday. tuesday, there's that chance of a sprinkle. best chance is in the north bay. that system is out of here. warm weather returns. by friday, it's hot inland ands are on the coast. by saturday and sunday, well above normal for this time of the year. >> now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> the warriors needed the mother of all comebacks to win game one of the western conference finals and there was controversy with some suggesting sha sha pachulia intentionally trying to injure kawhi leonard. at one point in the first half, the ws had more turnovers than field goals. aldridge had 28. kawhi leonard, 26 points. and the spurs were up 20 at the half. warriors, though, making a comeback in the third. steph curry heating up.
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19 in the quarter. and then the turning point. kawhi leonard rolls his ankle off teammate david lee. and then when pachulia goes for the block, some suggest it was a dirty play. but even leonard said he thought she was just contesting the shot. steph curry, the long two. and durant was a baeast in the fourth quarter. he finished with 34. steph curry had 40. he's got to hit the three to tie it at 106-106. then gets the fortunate bounce to seal the deal. warriors win 113-111. >> it's a game we needed to wake us up a bit. we know what this team is about, no matter who is on the court they're going the play hard. this wasn't a really good game for us, but we played better in the second half. >> definitely a nice way to win game one.
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we have to capitalize that and start game two better. >> the team was fantastic. they kept their composure. san antonio is a great team and they came in here and punched us in the mouth. what is a win. giants showing life today at at&t park. trying to win three in a row for the first time this season. oh, baby. giants taking three out of four from the reds. bottom two, crawford two-run double. it's 7-0 after two innings. the larson family also there today. jeff samardzija goes 6 2/3 giving up just two runs, struck out eight. belt with a splash hit yesterday. today, didn't hit the water but it's still out of here. giants win it 8-3, their first three-game win streak of the season. a's and rangers.
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fifth inning, a's trailing 2-1. adam row zal -- rosales with his third home run of the season. griffin allowed three home runs in five innings and this kid doesn't even want the souvenir. 4-2 a's. rangers regain the lead with three in the seventh. a's lose their third straight, 6-4 the final. final round of the players championship. the tour's unofficial fifth major. shot of the day go to cabrera bello. second shot, hits the slope, ricochets towards the hole. nothing but net! he celebrates by throwing his club accidently into the water. all three of his birdies coming on the front, including that 25 footer on number seven.
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he's the 24th different dinnewi. coming up, the warriors had no business winning that game. unbelievable comeback. that will set the tone for game two. if i'm san antonio, it's tough to come back from that. we had a pop-in from the larson family. there was about 16 of them over there. so good to see them. >> you can thank my mom and all the other moms for the win today. >> that's right. happy mother's day. >> well done, y'all. so we may have our first blockbuster flop of the summer movie season. the big bucks spent on "king
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play?
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tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00, a bay area high school in mourning after a student die it is a car crash after prom. and residents in oakland remain without power tonight 36 hours of an apartment fire. "king arthur," did you see it? neither did anybody else. cost $175 million to make. $75 million to market. and it earned $15 million in north america this weekend. >> not good. but good news, "guardians of the gala galaxy" ran away with the box office once again, earning $63 million and has totaled $250 million in the last ten days. "snatched" had $17 million and "king arthur" there in third. "king arthur" there in third. >> have a great ni
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