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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> we begin with the bomb shell report that president trump revealed highly classified information the russians. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> that classified material was revealed to the russian foreign minister and russia's ambassador to the united states while they visited the white house last week. >> senators on both sides of the
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aisle say this is alarming. >> reporter: a strong denial from the white house. >> i was in the room. it didn't happen. >> reporter: national security advisor denouncing that washington post report that siz during last week's oval office meeting with the russians, president trump disclosed highly classified intelligence. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. they reviewed a range of common threats including threats to civil aviation. at no time, at no time were intelligence sources or methods dis cussed. >> reporter: according to the post the information about an isis plot in syria was given to the u.s. by a partner and so sensitive not even allies have access to it. that meeting took place a day after the president fired fbi directorer james comey. it was already under scrutiny but now raises more questions.
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tonight the response from the white house swift. secretary of state rex tillerson who was also in the room for that meeting saying they did not discuss sources, methods or military operations. but no one is specifically addressing the main allegation that president trump revealed classified information and in doing so may have jeopardized critical sharing operations. >> well, reaction to the washington post report was swift. d democratic leader nancy pelosi said if the reports are true, the president has jeopardized the security of the american people. we're about to see a dramatic change in the weather tomorrow along with the possibility of isolated showers. >> drew. >> today we enjoyed a ton of sunshine and we're already starting to see changes to our sky at this hour.
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just some patchy cloud conchver along the coast. we're surrounded by cloud cover. more clouds are filtering in from the north and west. here's our storm system to our north. it's going to swing to our north the next 24 hours and it will try to bring us a sprinkle. 34 mile-per-hour gusts at sfo right now. 9 in san jose. and you step out the door tomorrow morning, a chill in the air and temperatures are going to strug tool get out of the 50s tomorrow afternoon. so we'll talk about the numbers and when you can expect some rain where you live. >> now to the arrest of a neurosurgeon from santa cruz county. he's accused of committing sex crimes with children. it looks to be far reaching too. there are other arrests. fi fbi is involved. >> reporter: dr. james was known
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to many as a respected neurosurgeon in santa cruz but now he's at the jail facing crimes a forcible lewd act on a child under the age of 15. >> the charges he was booked in on and arrested on he faces a potential life sentence. >> reporter: they say the investigation began last week when a person came to them with information about the case. he was associated with dominican hospital in santa cruz. a nurse was also arrested on seven felonies, including multiple charges related to child pornography. they would not say if jordan's arrest was related. only saying two other adults were arrested. >> we are collaborating with the fbi and internet crimes against children because of the complexity of the case. >> reporter: neighbors were shocked to hear the news and told us they were moving to
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arkansas. an online posting confirmed cohut had just joined their staff. they're still piecing together the case. >> we are unsure if there are any further victims that we are aware of. if there is anybody else out there that knows of the investigation or is in need of help, they can always reef out to the police department. >> reporter: he had his license revoked to 2009. but he was put on probation for three years, one was for viewing and downloading adult pornography at a hospital which he denied. in santa cruz, abc 7 news. a ucsf psychiatrist is out on bail after pleading not guilty to charges of uploading and trading child pornography. they arrested him. as a condition of his release
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he's not allowed to have contact with children or step foot on the calves where he was suspended. he was arrested with benjamin martin after they found child pornography in the home they share. a home that was reportedly stealingwhen firefighters respo the burning home on blieth drive, they immediately shut down the power to work safely but the house was illegally wired. four adults and four children were living in the home. they all got out alive along with the pit bull puppy. they know -- don't know if the home owners or the renters wired the home. the man was identified as 31-year-old roth. police say he was drunk when he was confronted by two officers outside a motel.
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they used a taser to subdue him. they say officers should beware of federal guidelines, warning officers tasing a drunk person could cause death. >> ophorine times we see these death cases as a result of untrained officers using tasers where policy suggests they should not. >> roth is the older brother of this seen here tased 23 times four years ago. the department paid more than $4 million for the incident. alameda county firefighters and the atf are investigating the second fire to hit that site in under a year. it's by 39th street. there's a big apartment building under construction. crews are making progress clearing away all of this debris. investigators tell us they're treating this area as a crime scene until they can confirm
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otherwise. as crews clean up, developer rick holiday calls this déjà vu. magnitude is kind of hard to describe. >> reporter: two fired in 10 months at the same project. >> clearly an arsonist is after the building. >> reporter: it is unusual a fire to happen in the same place twice. the july 2016 fire is still under investigation. though it was ruled suspicious. investigators are starting with a clean slate. he's hoping surveillance from 12 cameras will pinpoint who if anyone was responsible. they're currently analyzing the video in d.c. holiday says there were two armed guards outside when the fire broken out. anybody who was in the area at the time of the fire is being
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spoken to. >> reporter: as firefighters investigate, holiday says he's focussed on rebuilding. >> just as every fiber in my body says we got to finish. >> no one spoke out against the proposed project and he can't imagine who would want to destroy it now. abc 7 news. your california driver's license or id card will no longer get you on a plane and right now plans are in the works to get the state up to speed with new regulations. the state expects to start issuing compliance license next year, well before current ones will no longer be valid. >> you can use it to get on airplanes until october 2020 but we will begin the process to begin complying for a federally compliant card in 2018.
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>> governor brown has set aside money in his budget to start work on the conversion in january. the first freeway security camera is going to be installd right in the bay area. >> the hope is they can stop violence on the roads after nearly 100 shooting in the east bay. and some of the world's best cyclists ride into the south bay. and as drew mentioned, we're
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officials say it's a warning to shooters who terrorize bay area freeways. you'll soon be on camera. they already have some trained on certain freeways. this comes after a shooting in hayward left people with minor injuries. >> we see this as part of a larger plan of addressing violence in the region. >> reporter: whiem acknowledging that technology alone won't sauvlg the problem. they hope a new camera system will at least cut down on crimes like these. >> let it be known that there are cameras on the freeway. let it be known that if you create a horrible act, that it
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will be recorded. >> counting sunday night's incident, the chp counts 90 shootings sinls late 2015. eight of them fatal, including the murder of demarcus dos in march. now up to $2 million in funding by the california department of transportation, cameras will be installed at hot spots. they already have three cameras aimed at the freeway, part of 100 high definition cameras that record activity throughout the city. >> innocent lives have already been lost and we owe it to all of our east bay res dnchts to minimize the damage. >> reporter: the new state funded system and the hill top interchange in richmond is complex. a dozen lanes that need be monitors. so it will include shot
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microphones and license plate readers. >> our residents in west contrakost rucounty will be able to travel in a safer mode. >> reporter: they hope to start installing in the next couple of months. today a federal judge ordered uber to stop using technology that a key executive downloaded before he left the autonomous car company spin off from google. and it forces uber to return all downloaded materials by may 31st. the decision was only a partial victory, however. the judge rejected their request to shut down uber's autonomous car company completely. they filed to the trade lawsuits in february. the city ofcuss wells fargo of intensionally steering minority borrowers and seeks a
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variety of damages. meanwhile the press dmp reports a former teller says when business was slow his manager told him to look for undocumented immigrants outside a local 7-11. he was told to drive them to the bank to open new accounts in order to meet new targets. the spokesman says those practices have always been against their policies and values. some of the best cyclists navigated a curve aroute. sky 7 flew above the course of the engine tour california as they pedalled towards sillicon valley. they covered nearly 90 miles. they'll race along the central coast to piz mow beach tomorrow. saturday. i hope during some of their ride the wind was at their back. because it was pretty breezy. >> past couple of days have been pretty windy. >> drew.
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tomorrow once again the winds will be with us. we'll lose the winds on wednesday and we'll heat up our temperatures. there's a chance of a sprinkle. showing you changes in the screen already. you see patches of gray all around us. that's the cloud cover that will continue to fill in overnight. but the winds were the big story and they will continue to be active not only tonight but the next 24 hours. take a look at the wind forecast. they're gusting over 24 mech at times. you get a little bit of a break in the midmorning hours but it will still be a breezy afternoon. maybe not as windy as today but still 15 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. showing you that camera. it is shaking. those winds between 30 and 45 miles per hour at times at sfo are causing a few delays with oncoming flights. calling for the clouds increasing overnight.
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i think the best chance likely in the second half of our day and those numbers are going to rapidly rise as we head towards the end of the week. 34 mile-per-hour gusts currently at sfo. that's why the camera lens was shaking so much. 26 miles per hour in oakland, 21 in hayward and 31 in concord. that's keeping our temperatures in the 50s. 51 in san francisco. 55 in oakland and san jose. so the call overnight tonight. we'll hang on to that breeze and take the clouds and increase them overnight. mainly cloudy skies tomorrow morning and about five degrees cooler than where are we are right now. you see the clouds will build in first tomorrow morning. couple of showers well to the north of our region. a couple of showers may try and pop up along the coast. but it's likely closer to the evening. that's our best chance of a
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sprinkle. it's not widespread. they're very light in nature. the best chance probably south of the golden gate bridge and the system rapidly gets itself out of here and we're turning to total sunshine and warming temperatures. limited sunshine a lot of cloud cover and a windy afternoon. it's going to feel quite cool. 64 in san jose. about 62 oakland and 67 in napa. after tuesday those temperatures will rapidly climb. look at the difference between tuesday and friday afternoon highs. 22 degrees warmer in san jose to round out the week. oakland 18 and san francisco 15 degrees warmer. so the accuweather 7-day forb cast. an isolated shower perhaps on tuesday. and then we we warm up those temperatures. just calling it down right hot over the weekend, even along the coast in the 70s and monday that
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warmth hold said on. and the winds will back off by wednesday. >> thank you so much, drew. call it illuminati. the grun behind the bay bridge lights is focussed on flowers. we're using our instagram feed to celebrate people making a difference where you live. today we honor sue lee who's stepping down as leader of the historical chinese society in amaircu. it's the oldest organization dedicated to the preservation promotion of chinese culture. promotion of chinese culture. you can learn
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consid arg plan to sell its ticket fly business acquired less than two years ago. it's a rival of ticket master. pandora bought it for $345 million. sources tell bloomberg they now want to concentrate on their music streaming service. something called parlay. facebook introduced that new research tool today. the company calls it a one-stop shop for dresearch, which is a fancy way of saying talking to a computer. one big goal is for people to have their own digital friend, a virtual assistant that can be customized for each person and under their control. the conservatory of flowers is about to get groovy. it will light up in psychedelic colors to celebrate the
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beginning of the social movement. from sun down until midnight. stay with us. a local security firm helped stop a world wide ransom wear attack. and it's proving beneficial for several sillicon valley executives. and a decision tonight for a woman who came to the bay area from mexico you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> well, we begin this half hour with the investigation into that massive ransom ware attack on computers world wide. >> it may have originated in north korea. no one has claimed response lkt but we know it stopped because
9:29 pm
of engineer who worked for bay area companies. >> reporter: ransom wear is clearly done for profit motive. it locks up your files and demands your money. what's unusual is the way it spreads. >> it spreads via this old file sharing. >> reporter: operating the windows operating system so fast it may have surprised the attackers. >> the attackers themselves can't keep up with the requests any longer. so even if you pay the ransom, there's no guarantee you'll get your files. >> reporter: people were surprised to learn organizations like britain's national health system were hit by the bug because of out dated soft ware. it was proof that help stopped the spread using the kill switch. >> once the kill switch was actvateded, the malware would
9:30 pm
not carry out its infection. >> reporter: the kill switch was found by accident by a 22-year-old security researche in the u.k. at first he worried he'd activate it. >> and i realized we had stopped it. >> reporter: this can morph. it can morph in a heart beat and that kill switch is null and void. >> reporter: they could inspire other hackers to build an even more dangerous copy cat. >> back up your data. for heaven sakes, back up your data. the search is underway for a new fbi director tonight after firing james comey. the president tweeted comey had better hope for his white house conversation not have been recorded. they're demanding to know are conversations with the president being recorded? here's chief white house correspondent, jonathan carl.
9:31 pm
>> reporter: president trump was asked about his search for a new fbi director to replace the fired jim comey. >> are you shaking up your staff, mr. president? >> moving rapidly. >> reporter: that search may be moving rapidly but they're defying demands for answers as to whether the president has been secretly recording his conversas. late last week taunting the fired fbi director with a tweet saying james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. >> if there are tapes, as the president has suggested, he should turn them over immediately. >> reporter: even the republicans are saying if there are tapes, they need be preserved and turned over. >> if there are any tapes, they need to be turned over. >> if in fact there are such recording, i think they'll have to turn them over.
9:32 pm
>> but the white house is refusing to answer any questions on this whatsoever. >> reporter: is the white house intending to cooperate with those requests and furnish that information as requested in write snging? >> i made it clear last week that the president has nothing further oen that last week. >> reporter: as for the fbi director search, it's apparently a crowded field. at least eight candidates including senator john cornyn and former congressman mike rogers have already been interviewed with more likely to come. leading the interviews, attorney general jeff sessions and rosenstein. the director would lead the russia investigation and sessions has recused himself from anything to do with that. >> i think this is a process that's running comletely as it
9:33 pm
should. >> reporter: abc news the white house. meantime the trump administration is accusing the syrian government of mass killings and burning them in a crematorium. about 50 each day are being hanged outside syria's capitol. a u.s. state department official says a supporter of syrian president assad must use his influence to stop the continued atrocities. a jet crashed late in new jersey killing two crew members as the jet was attempting to land. look at all that smoke. the plane had taken off from philadelphia international airport. they say there were no passengers on the plane. >> right now three judges are considering whether president trump's revised traveling ban is legal. the acting solicitor general made his case before the ninth
9:34 pm
circuit court of appeals in seattle. he wanted to block all refugees. hawaii's attorney general sued saying it targets people based on religion. >> that comes from the fact that when you have a president who came up with the terms "muslim ban" and was saying that for umthe very beginning, that's really what was going on in people's minds, even with the second executive order. >> they believe it will ultimately end up in the supreme court. it's a grass roots movement that has gained a ton of support. >> reporter: the community is rallying behind a man, husband, father of three and undocumented immigrant currently being detained after showing up to work during a construction job.
9:35 pm
his children went to school in san rufell and now they're pushing to get him released before he's deported. his wife says on may 3rd a husband and co worker showed up to do dry wall work at a hospital and he never came home. >> she was very afraid. she's afraid to be here alone with her children. >> reporter: according to congressman huffman, mejia's onown defense was showing up to work. >> they ran his taxpayer i drd s number, a valid data base, came up that he was undocumented. >> reporter: they contarcted immigrations custom and enforcement and now he's being held in sacramento. >> he's being detained in prison conditions with violent criminals. he's a law abiding upstanding
9:36 pm
member of this community. >> reporter: he was caught trying to illegally cross the u.s./mexico border. congressman says they're appealing to i.c.e. to give him an opportunity for due process before he's sent even farther away from his family. a mexican woman who has been in immigration deterngz for more than a year was released on a bond today. she is back with her family tonight for the first time in nearly 15 months. a leader of the campaign to free her says an anonymous donor put up the money for a bond. she came to santa rosa from mexico at the age of four and the mother of four teenagers who are u.s. citizens. they're reacting to north
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. jessica castro, a woman of many languages. she's studying for her masters degree. >> she's always reading multiple books at a time. ed a venc the u.n. security counsel is expected to meet tomorrow to discuss north korea's latest missile launch. yesterday's was the firs ever capable of hitting california. it landed in the sea of japan. three previous tests failed.
9:41 pm
they requested tomorrow's meeting which has been condemned by world leaders. meantiemp in this country a successful launch for a space x rocket carrying a mas civ massi communications satellite. it blasted off earlier this evening. boeing built the satellite. it will deliver high speed broad band data to commercial aircraft carriers and the u.s. military and more than 13,000 pounds, rit it's the heaviest load ever lifted by a falcon 9 rocket. they're teaming up with virginia tech to create the exo suit. it's designed to absorb energy and deliver it back to the user. they say the suit 's legs and backs helps workers spring up with greater ease. as a result, items like bag of concrete feel much lighter.
9:42 pm
the first four suits are in use at one store while the team checks out the physical impact. americans and europeans infect would hiv can expect to live as long as those not infect would the virus. they say less toxic drugs has resulted in longevity gains for those hiv positive. life expectancy increased by about 10 years starting in the late 19 '90s. a 20-year-old who started in 2009 could expect to live to the age of 78. early detection is the key to longevity as is with many disea> 101 years old and you're about to see what he was willing to do. >> and do you have mosquito problems? these fish can help. and they're free.
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abc 7 news was in concord today where they were giving away fish. these tiny critters are mosquito eating monsters, really. that's why the contracounty mosquito raised a million of them last year. the winter and spring storms left behind a lot of standing water and the mosquitos are thriving. they work just great. yeah. and they're free and in the spring time i come down and get a bunch and we just sort of put
9:47 pm
them around in all the places we have standing water and they do their job. >> those fish are free to all contracounty residents. >> good eating. now to the world's oldest sky diver. proving he's forever young. >> reporter: what's about to happen in these next few seconds is a world record. this is 101-year-old vernon hayes about to become the world's oldest sky diver. four generations of his family joined him for the flight. he only needed to jump from 10,000 for the record but went for 15. >> how you feeling? >> over the moon. oh, yes. hopefully i'll be doing london tour three. >> he beat the previous record
9:48 pm
holder by 35 days. >> i slept very well indeed and i woke up this morning the happiest man in the world. >> reporter: hayes is a war veteran who was there on "d" day in normandy in 1944. clear lee jumping out of planes makes him feel forever young. >> isn't that fantastic? good for him. >> one last check on our weather. we're still tracking those winds out there. they remain very active and they will the next 24 hours. we have patchy cloud cover that will fill in overnight tonight. but right now all about those breezes. out of the west, 44 mile-per-hour gusts. we're at 21, the current gusts in hayward. and 21 in fair field and the winds will stay active over the next 24 hours. the clouds will thicken after
9:49 pm
midnight. tuesday itself is not going to be a bright looking day. it's going to feature a lot of cloud cover. gusting over 20 miles per hour. so it's going to be a very cool day for may. 59 only the high in san francisco. 64 in san jose. 66 in antioch. the chance of a sprinkle is there and i think the best chance is likely going to be in our hills and the second half of our tuesday. accuweather seven-day forecast. we get brighter, warmer and we're going to lose the wind. by thursday and friday it's very warm and by the weekend, saeskts returning along the coast. >> okay the signs are up. you've been warned. traffic is going to be a mess on sunday in san francisco because of the big bay to breakers race. this year the race celebrates the 50th anniversary of the summer of love.
9:50 pm
runners will start at main and howard streets and run about seven miles west across the city finishing by the great highway. they expect 40,000 runners and 200,000 spectators on sunday. she doesn't participate anymore once they started requiring clothing. >> maybe fortunately. yes, hosting the dodgers. looking for their first four game win streak of the season. and they kick start an offensive explosion las
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> giants picking up steam. hunter pence was placed on the 10-day dl with a hamstring. matt kane on the hill against the dodgers and in the fourth inning, brandon crawford, a little double down the line. brandon belt will score.
9:54 pm
2-1 g-men. edward nunez. and bust r posey scores from third. corey seager back to mccarthy. so crawford scores and nun ezsafe at second. buster, see you. home run off of grant dayton. his seventh of the year. right now giants lead 8-1 in the top of the eighth. all right arranges's in seattle for a three-game set. getting the start but he struggled in the first. gave up a bases loaded walk to former a danny valencia and he walked in two batters later. second inning. runner on first. nelson cruz crushes it for as nnth home run of the season. retired 10 straight to end his night right now, a's trail 6-3 in the eighth. big news in the nba the fallout from kawhi leonard pfs
9:55 pm
last night. leonard is out for game two. leonard goes umfor the shot and the nba rule states the defender has to leave him space to come down in the same spot he came up. zaza's foot slips under leonard's and he reinjures the left ankle. today spurs' head coach indicated it was a dirty play. >> a 2-step lead with your foot closeout is not appropriate. it's dangerous. it's unsportsmanlike, it's just not what anybody does to anybody else. in this particular individual has a history with that kind of action, a totally unnatural closeout that the league has out lawed years ago and we're up 23 points in the third quarter against golden state and kawhi goes down like that. and you want to know if our chances are less and you want to know how we feel. that's how we feel.
9:56 pm
>> i really feel bad for it guy. i wish it didn't happen. i'm not dirty player. just love this game and i'm playing hard. that's how i was taught from day one, honestly. so that's what i've been doing and that's my last comment about it. >> game two set for tomorrow night. >> oakland native gloria armstrong has so many lasers from player to teacher to mentor. i sat down with her to share this amazing story 87 years in the making. >> reporter: gloria armstrong was an original member of the lgpa -- lpga tour. >> i went to play in the state amateur and they wouldn't let me play because i didn't belong to a country club. >> reporter: the ladies club at the alameda course pulled together a $25 entry fee and got her in a national usga event.
9:57 pm
>> it was match play and i beat some girl i never heard of named mickey wright. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: wright became one of the best ever. gloria then tried to the florida tour and down to her last $3, calling her dad who could not help. >> yrb 1n are 162.50 and that's what really kept me out there. >> reporter: she then joined the original 15 members in 1955. they put on their own events and held clin,s to get more women involved in golf. she travelled with a trailer hitched to her car as she couldn't afford hotels. >> sponsors that never pay the prize money for the tournament. so nobody got paid. >> reporter: she met carson solheim and became the first player to win an event with a ping putter in 1960. she played through the 1966 lpga
9:58 pm
season and became darvs love's assistant working with male and female pros including her star pupal, pat hurst. she started a junior program for innercity kids never charging them a dime. this august she'll be inducted into the lpga hall of fame at 87 years of age. she was a pioneer, teacher, mentor and now a hall of famper. >> that's why i'm so happy i achieved what i was trying to do. >> reporter: this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. a pioneer for women in golf, a well deserved induction into the hall of fame and one of the first females to get her pilots license in the '50s. a special lady and an honor. >> helps your swing too. two developing stories. an east bay mom already arrested
9:59 pm
once for dui crash that left a woman dead has been arrested again. and a new crisis for the white house, president trump accused of sharing classified information with the russians. join us over on channel seven. and an australian man made a necklace for his girlfriend for their anniversary. >> for a year 1/2 she wore it every day, then while visiting a karv in scotland, he broke it open and revealed an engagement ring that had been seal undericide all along. >> they're planning to buy a house where they can host the wedding in a couple of years. what if she had lost it. >> glad it worked out. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 over on 7.
10:00 pm
narrator: today, canine terror in an apartment building hallway. a woman mauled as she struggles to escape a vicious dog attack. (woman screaming) 911 caller: and she's screaming right now and i don't dare open the door 'cause these dogs are huge.


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