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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 16, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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crisis at white house. abc news confirmed report that says president trump asked former fbi director to stop the investigation into michael flynn's ties to russia but tonight the white house is fighting back. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. get to abc news reporter kenneth moton with developing story. >> reporter: another stunning headline. >> if true another disturbing allegation that the president may have engaged in interference or obstruction of the investigation. >> reporter: abc news confirms a source close to comey says comey wrote a memo detailing a white house conversation with president trump. in the memo quoted president who
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said flynn is a good guy, i hope you can let this go. "new york times" first reported memo was part of a paper trail that comey wanted to leave behind as evidence of improper influence into the investigation. white house is disputing it. saying president never asked mr. comey or anyone else to end any investigation including against general flynn. this is not truthful representation. said comey was fired because not doing a good job, admitted investigation into russia played a role. jason chaffetz tweeted, if memo exists need to see it sooner rather than later. pen is ready. >> on a day we thought things couldn't get any worse, they have. >> if mr. comey is alleging the president did something
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inappropriate, don't want to read memo but hear from him. >> reporter: urgin comey to return to capitol hill. abc news washington. >> continuing coverage on "nightline" after "jimmy kimmel live." % developing news from south bay, students gotten sick from likely nora virus outbreak. live at hassendda environmental school. >> reporter: 80 children caught the bug and spread quickly through the district from there. cleanup crews are attacking. the playground is off limits. >> best to do is tamp it down so
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it doesn't spread. >> reporter: 200 cases across ten campuses. not confirmed noer ovirus but all signs lead to it. district advises parents. >> if experiencing symptoms, report to the school. make sure they know. especially if you're keeping them out and be out for a couple of days without sympt before they go back. >> reporter: canceled book fair and other events. also frequent and thorough hand washing as preventive. some of the top firefighters joined search for evidence in the emeryville construction fire we've been following. two dozen atf agents shifted through the wreckage. experts in forensics, chemistry and explosives. owner was building apartment
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complex. second time it's burned down. he will continue construction. new tonight, woman on the way to work made disturbing discovery in vallejo where the dead dogs are found in mass grave. found a mutilated. goat. discovered bags with filled with dead dogs in february. reported at the time. responding officers found no evidence of animal cruelty. man held in santa clara county jail for dui accused of nearly killing roommate. deputies heard a commotion and found carter beating another inmate. no weapons involved. quickly broke up fight and got
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the inmate immediate medical treatment. >> seems that individual was brutally attacked by cell mate. wasn't able to move when deputies noticed him. >> carter had been in jail about three days. staying on top of new developments tonight on this, crazy stunt by two teenagers who climbed to the top of the golden gate bridge, no ropes or safety gear. kids took no precautions at all. somersaults to back flips up in the air. live at vista point. staggering. >> reporter: unbelievable stunt raising lots of security questions tonight. four years ago a man arrested for climbing halfway up the north tower. how did two teens make it to the top without being noticed? >> this is incredible to be honest. so beautiful up here. >> reporter: a view most have
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never seen but two teenage daredevil trespassers from wisconsin made up the another tower. posting on social media. peter says he and buddy visiting for spring break last month. on whim decided to make the climb at 3:00 a.m. gaining access to the main cable. walking up without safety gear. spoke via facetime. >> i had to do with one hand. camera in the other hand. >> reporter: did somersaults and hung off the north tower feet dangling, completely undetected by bridge security. >> scary stuff. >> reporter: showed the video to >> wake-up call and lets you look over entire security plan for the bridge. >> reporter: managers now reviewing security. how did they get on the cables
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without being caught? >> what they were engaged in wouldn't harm the bridge so didn't raise alarms. >> reporter: not raising details but offering services as security consultant. >> happy to have a conversation with them. >> reporter: two could face misdemeanor trespassing charges. abc7 news. a prankster who shot video to themselves taped outside of a moving car in east bay has been ticketed and could face worse charges. he claims it was safe because used gorilla tame but police said put himself and others in danger. reviewing the case to see if should be charged. a tech company accused of sexism in the workplace.
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says creating a sexually charged boys club. lisa is live in the news room. >> condoms, a room offered up for sex, kink room, men talking about sexual conquests, all laid out in suit filed last week. details are disturbing. 21 pages filled with one woman's accusations against upload vr and cofounders. elizabeth scott accuses group of sexual harassment, retaliation and gender discrimination. it's a virtual reality slater and claims the female employees also required to clean up after parties including condoms or underwear left behind.
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suing for undisclosed amount. >> it's alarming to see so much of this behavior in one specific industry or niche within tech. >> just last week magic leak settled lawsuit with former employee. natasha covers tech. sees inexperience getting in the way. >> scrappy young company, might not have hr department and be professionalized and formalized. >> didn't return our calls. abc7 news. abc7 continues with these stories. nacho cheese sauce and botulism. doesn't end there. >> roving machines. man so passionate about warriors he quit his job. hoping dub nations designs will
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make it big. >> sandhya patel. major change in the weather pattern is coming. closer look coming up. first "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy. >> now more than ever it's important that you see this. asking director comey and others from the beginning of my administration to find the
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new developments tonight in a botulism case out of sant mento county. a woman is suing. filed suit against valley oak food and fuel.
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believes contracted botulism from nacho cheese sauce sold there. other cases confirmed. new at 11:00, supervisor believes delivery robots may be too dangerous for city sidewalks. wants to ban them. seniors may not get out of the way in time and cameras made cause a privacy issue. warriors 10-0 in the postseason after a big win tonight. >> golden state obliterates san antonio in game two. >> beat the spurs 136-100, leading entire game. two wins away from another finals appearance. reveal in sports and what the win means for rest of the series. how much do you love the warriors? enough to quit your job? >> what one man did.
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wayne freedman with a story that's new at 11:00. >> reporter: hard core fans living and dying with every play as if life-long dreams hang in the balance. for lonny, it's true. >> need them to win. >> for many reasons. >> reporter: moved back into mother's house, tranormed a back room into studio and creating signed prints of the warriors starters. novel idea. >> defying odds here. >> turned back on ten years in corporate america to make it happen. >> whenever there's a fork in the road in my life, comes back to my art. >> reporter: began with crayons and continues today with a few detours in the way. drives for uber and uses every square inch of the car for
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advertising space. guess who climbs into this back seat? >> klay thompson. >> reporter: who he is now drawing. >> told him you're next. >> reporter: got him into warriors practice. >> how many could you make if you had to right now? >> as many as they want. >> reporter: you understand with the nba playoffs he hangs on every basket. you would too if invested everything. >> i'm hoping. >> reporter: so does your mother. >> that's right. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> he committed. sandhya is committed to making sure the weather is on point. >> warming up? >> it is. right now. reason not warm up immediately is heavy cloud cover on live
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doppler 7, spotty drizzle around as you look at temperatures, in the 50s, los gatt oes and -- look at overcast skies. some encountered drizzle and going to continue with cloudy skies overnight. sunny and milder tomorrow afternoon and significantly warmer end of the week. green spots there, drizzle. midnight and 1:00 a.m., slippery roadways. commute at 5:00 a.m., just cloud cover, then a clearing trend rapidly. here's a look at hour by hour planner for tomorrow. clouds start off early on. 40s, 50s, sun shining noon to evening hours. looking at temperatures coming up over today's highs. mid-60s to mid-70s. sweater or jacket to start tomorrow. on the cool side.
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breezy. tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s to mid-70s. 61 in san francisco, 74 santa rosa. mid-70s for livermore, santa cruz. u2 concert. sunshine. 65 degrees. 62 so latter part of the concert may need extra layer. heat coming later on this week but not everyone will feel it. if you want to get away from the hot weather inland, beach is place to go. upper 60s. warmer saturday, sunday, low to mid-70s, starting comfortable, low to mid-50s, accuweather seven day forecast, changes are drastic. why you need the accuweather app. download it.
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tomorrow afternoon milder, mid-50s to mid-70s, warm up to mid-80s, and saturday and weekend, 90s. cook. cooler at coast next week, mid-60s to low 90s and cooler in all areas as natural air conditioning fog comes back in. >> nice when it kicks back in. thanks sandhya. who says nothing is done in d.c., the duck dilemma that's a think of the past. residue from popular products for flaez on pets may have impact. have impact. could be putting san francisco
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you know what they say about no good deed, take a look at duck ramp installed at capital reflecting pool to help a flock of ducklings get to the water. didn't take long to get the hang of it. not everybody is happy. one congressman from north carolina called this an example of government waste. >> oh, come on. not talking about a lot of money after all. okay. sports. warriors getting it done. >> spurs completely overmatched without kawhi leonard, no contest. contest. spurs missing their star and
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. good evening. it was no kawhi and no chance for the spurs. warriors taking full advantage of san antonio without their full roster. jonathon simmons starting for injured leonard one of the only spurs that brought to. but warriors had 11 threes in the first half. steph curry and klay thompson.
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11. and kevin dooururant. up 28 at half. dewayne dedmon on "d." dead man sprawling. steph finished with 29. didn't play in the fourth. david west five assists feeding ian clarke for another triple. patrick mccaw, impressive. warriors in a rout. mike shumann with reaction. >> reporter: warriors did what they were supposed to do. 2-0 series lead. boxing match. warriors threw the first punch and spurs did not respond. >> came out with sense of urgency from the beginning and played that way entire time. entire roster contributed. >> i think we felt it too much,
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kawhi being gone. as i watched, i don't think they believed. you have to believe. >> it's tough playing against us when we come out like this. jumped out early both ends of the floor. attacking like that is scary, catches teams off guard. >> they didn't come up at all. we had to turn it up and change performance from game one. >> in demand but play extremely hard. we knew we couldn't relax and think they would give us the game. had to go take it. >> reporter: abc7 sports. giants and dodgers. fan, i don't need a coat. freezing. not the beach here. christian arroyo goes home and get justin turner. allowed only one run. arroyo fantastic. brandon belt has been fantastic
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as of late. deep to right center. fan grabs for it, goes back in. reviewed. home run. giants won five in a row. a's trying to snap a skid in seattle. matt joyce going yard with a man on for fifth of the career. a's up 6-5. mark canha, high, deep and aloha. bounces off the top of the fence. gone. he's pumped. first of the year. a's win by 9-6. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. have to think if kawhi leonard comes


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