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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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6r7b8 live where you live, this is abc 7 news news. >> it's a very complex, very disturbing crime and it crosses multiple states. >> police reveal details about a doctor and two nurses heinous crimes against children, the youngest just three years old.
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>> we begin with what could be the worst case of child molestation in santa cruz county history. the youngest just three years old. >> we are getting a look at the suspects now. who were arrested in arizona. >> our reporter has new details about evidence in the case and where they children are. >> please say this doctor and two nurses committed horrific acts against you seven young children all sexual in nature. >> video was showning several adults engaging in lewd acts with children young as three years old. >> this one of three suspects charged with lewd acts with child under 14 and other acts with child under 10.
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she's a nurse from arizona and doctor from santa cruz are also charged in the case. investigators have seized evidence at multiple locations including a video. >> just in watching the videos i can just tell you it was very disturbing. i have not necessarily seen a case like this in my career. >> police tell us the victims range from 3 to 13 years old. the two worked at dominican hospital in santa cruz. on her facebook page wrote i'm a mom and nurse, love my friends and family. her neighbors are now horrified. >> can't even speak about it. you know it's so heart breaking. so many lives are ruined as a result of this. >> police are still working with the fbi saying the crimes crossed state lines.
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detectives are asking anyone who may be a victim or witness to please come forward abc 7 news. now to washington where the president is preparing to leave on his first foreign trip since taking office. first stop saudi arabia. at the same time the jordan eberle at the same time special counsel is running the investigation into russian meddling. the president says it hurts our country terribly and he denies telling fired fbi director james comey to back off his russian investigation. >> tonight asked for the first time about the appointment of a special counsel to investigate russian meddling into the campaign president trump insisted the whole investigation is a which hunt. >> would like to get your eaction to deputy attorney general decision to appoint special counsel to investigate
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the russian interference in te campaign. was this the right move or part of the witch hunt. >> well i respect the move but the entire thing is a witch hunt and there's no collusion between certainly myself and the russians, zero. i think it divides the country. i think we have a very divided country because of that and many other things. i can tell you we want to bring our great country of ours together. >> behind closed doors the president went further when david muir asked about his upcoming foreign trip saying world leaders would ask if he supports the idea of a special counsel. the president response, i believe it hurts us terribly also happened to be a fur excuse for the democrats to have won a
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election they should are won. hopefully this will go quickly. he also asked whether he tried to get james comey to back off in his investigation into fired national security visor michael flynn >> did you at any time urge james comey to back down on the investigation into michael flynn sfl. >> no. no. next question. >> that answer now sets up a showdown with comey who reportedly took detailed notes with the president. abc 7 news the white house. meantime president trump says he's close to picking a new fbi director indicatoring former senator joe lieberman who was algorithma al gore's running mate in
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preside presidenti a l election. he san francisco police are searching for five men who attacked another man at dolores park at 5:30 yesterday evening. police say a man was stabbed and hit with a golf club. he is now out of the hospital. police are grateful the witness witnesses who reported the crime and encourage more to do so >> they should feel they are safe and can call the police at any time for any reason. >> please don't believe the attack was random. it was a difficult day in court for the parents for sierra l a la m a r. penalty phase is under way. abc 7 news reporters was in
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court as spectators and even jurorors cried. >> they knew as they arrived at the courthouse this would be an emotional day. it was 20time for sierra's pares to talk on the stand, mother talked about her as a caring person who loved to dance. the hardest part was seeing her sing and dance. >> it was the first time i seen her speak live on video. i've been avoiding that because it's been painful to look at videos of her but i've been doing it a lot in the last month. >> father also fought back tears describing sierra as goofy and playful with an infectious laugh. >> hard. still hard. for a long time. probably only have been able to watch videos of sierra in the last year or so.
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and it still is hard. i still cry. >> tears fill the eyes of several jurors while convicted avoided eye contact and didn't look at slides and video. the jury looked sad >> the part of the case now is about impact on this jury and what is their moral decision. no question the fact they were emotionally effected by this testimony will likely have an impack the on their decision. >> the penalty phase resumes on monday. abc 7 news. one person is in critical condition at a local hospital after a fire at shoreline amphitheater when workers tried to light a deep fryer inch at stage right cafe. this picture was tweeted. the fire suppression in the kitchen put the flames out. >> i just turned around and
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there was a loud explosion and immediately saw smoke and seen people running out and i got everybody out of there i just wanted to make sure everyone got away, i heard a few were injured but pretty sure everyone's going to be okay. >> the property is being leased by google for its annual io developer's conference. the facility was not open to the public when that explosion happened. three people on a ferris wheel fell to the ground one victim just six years old. also new meaning to spring snow. we're here with the forecast. winter there and summer like heat in the bay area. the hour by hour look coming up.
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♪ somewhere, inside each of us, there's a pro. ♪ it's not always easy to summon your pro. ♪ but once you've found it, you'll find you can do anything.
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♪ three people are in the hospital after falling off a ferris wheel in an outdoor festival they tumbled 15 feet to the metal base, the 70-year-old woman is in a trauma center. one of the other victims is a six-year-old boy. the ride is shut down as investigators try to figure out
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what went wrong. botch ulism have left patients paralleled or fighting for their life patient penalties paralyzed fighting for their lives. >> not an isolate case all appear to come from the valley oak fooded gas station. and als of this morning confirmland five cases with three other possibles and one suspect suspected. total of nine thus far all from tainted nacho cheese sauce served inside between april 22 a a. >> i've never seen my sister not be able to move. >> she's spent three weeks in intensive care ward, beginning
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with slurred speech. >> she was saying sister i need you here now. i need you here now. >> a botchulism can present in many forms none of them pleasant. >> nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and then symptoms start typically in the face, difficulty swallowing, speaking, maybe one eye lid is lagging. >> these a mother of three, had been preparing for a wedding. her family tells us while she's aware her motor skills are so far gone she can't even open her eyes but the family still has hope. >> thank god we know she can recover in the worse cases patience become so faye paralyzed they have trouble breathing and need a ventilator. doctors say early detection is key. abc 7 news. >> state auditor levied sharp
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criticism today. abc 7 news was at the regents meeting as auditor saying she faced push back as she investigated a secret trust fund that focused on $175 million surplus that was kept secret by napa tr napalit a no's office. >> certainly was left out how the funds would be used. >> the auditor has given administrators 36 recommendations for reform and uc regions monitor that implementation. fraternity faces charges for cutting down trees in a national forest. they are accused of downing 32
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trees during a pledge initiation in april in the forest 300 mile it's north of san francisco. the fraternity faces charge of possessing firearm, josi has denied the charges. it's about to get more competitive to get into the university of california system from out of state. today the first ever limit on out of state and international student enrollment addressing a long term complaint from california students who say they're being squeezed out by novrn-residents who non-residents who pay higher tuition. out of state will be at 18%. uc berkeley will have leeway with the cap. spring stop drops snow across the rocky mountain park. some could receive 36 inches by tomorrow night. national park shared this footage from trail ridge road
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highest paved road in north american with elevation at 12,000 feet. imagine that this time of year. it it made for treacherous driving but great to bounce in the powder and have some fun. that's an amazing scene. >> yeah. snow is there and searing heat here. yeah, we're going to be feeling the heat around here. but that snow that storm was the same system that brought drizzle and much cooler weather just few days ago. go figure. here's what we're going to deal with, napa's average high is 77 degrees. notice the temperatures over the next several days will see temporariy temperatures in the upper 80s low 90s well above average will wait until next week until they drop back down to the 70s. we're in the clear right now. no rain on the radar. not going to see any any time soon.
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from the abc 7 news skplo, you' looking at a beautiful view from the em barbarcadero. east hill bay camera, mid 60s. still warm in concord. 74 degrees. emeryville visibility is good. temperatures continue to rise. summer like heat. starting off pretty clear tomorrow morning when you get going mid 40s to low 50s so even though we got warmer today we had 80s inland. going to be a nice cool off heading to tomorrow morning. highs like this in the south bay. low to upper 80s. 85 in san jose. sunshine on the peninsula. you don't like it too warm go to daily city. 66 degrees.
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downtown san francisco in the north bay upper 80s around napa, certainly sun screen waernl weather in the east bay. on saturday temperatures will come up. we'll see warm to hot conditions inland but enough of a breeze blowing near the coast it's not going to get too hot. this is the summer time pattern. 60s coast on sunday. low to mid 90s inland. very similar sunday. monday as well temperatures near the coast will be in the 60s. for beta breakers it could not be better. look at this. 55 degrees. sheltered from the heat. 8:00 nothing but sunshine low to
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mid 60s. good idea to download the accuweather app. just go to the app store. forecast mid 60s. low 90s tomorrow. early next week low to mid 90 sds midland. patches of fog saturday and sunday and a lot more fog tuesday through thursday which will help to drive those temperatures down closer to average inland than what we're about to see which is well above normal. >> we'll probably want that by then. >> celebrating the life of harvey milk sometimes is as easy as taking a walk around the neighborhood. and in honor of asian-american heritage month, celebrating at the cultural center. story of one family's search
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tonight meet two men with an incredible connection. they jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived. both said the movement they left they felt instant regret. >> i vaulted over feet first, i just vaulted over, and i realized at that moment this is the stupidest thing i've ever done. >> as i fell i wanted to do is reach back to the rail but it was gone. >> a story of mistakes, survival and second chances tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. tonight is five year anniversary of facebook's ipo.
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as you recall didn't go as planned, first minutes of stray trading led to dozens of law suits it took a year to bounce back to its price of $38 shared closed today at more than $147 a share. might notice something difference if you go window shopping in san francisco castro district. this is one of the displays dedicated to harvey milk who led gay rights activities and was assassinated at city hall. a dozen store fronts created special window tributes. >> because of the spirit of our times it seems a lot of people were drawn to harvey activism so a lot of the displays speak to the on going struggle for equality for all people. >> a special celebration is
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planned on sunday with merchants handing out maps with locations of all the displays. windows for marharvey will stay through the end of the month. >> coming up we learn of a man who drove a car through window. and hearing chris corn
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♪ somewhere, inside each of us, there's a pro. ♪ it's not always easy to summon your pro. ♪ but once you've found it, you'll find you can do anything. ♪
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>> good evening once again. an 18-year-old woman is dead and 22 them are recovering after a man produced h plowed man plowed his car into a crowd of people.
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>> he was high on synthetic marijuana and has a long criminal history. >> dramatic video capturing the moment the driver crashed his car into a crowd of people. popolice say 26-year-old richar roj a s was behind the wheel of ape ho a honda accord that went through crowd of tourists, hitting 23 people before crashing into a beara kade. he tried to run even punching a officer but other pedestrians stepped in to help subdue him. >> we did get quick response from police officers on the scene, fire units, people were treated and transported as quickly as possible. >> 18-year-old visiting from michigan both hit. alyssa did not survive. roj a s has a criminal record.
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he told police he thought the end of the world was coming saying he smoked something before the crash. now one of the busiest areas in the world sit empty. there's no indicators of terrorism but stim horrified by what happened. >> even though you know it's in the back of your head you always think that will never happen. we have the best security. we have all these people an things we don't know about to keep us safe. >> rojas is in custody being questioned. police believe he smoked synthetic marijuana before the crash. president trump said the appointment of special counsel to investigate russian possible interference in last year's election hurts the country terribly this coming hours after he called it the biggest witch hunt in american history.
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>> tonight the man who appointed the special counsel to lead the russian investigation smiling for cameras as he arrived on capitol hill. behind closed doors deputy attorney general rod rosenstein briefing all 100 senators why he decided special counsel was necessary. >> to ensure department of justice was protected to make certain the american would handle this justly. >> president said the special counsel hurts our country terribly. >> he's entitled to his opinion i would suggest to the president when it is appointed honor that decision and cooperate where appropriate. >> today it was hard to find a single republican who backs the president's assessment. >> i think it's a serious investigation. >> is this a witch hunt. >> i don't think i will characterize what it is. >> rosenstein was invited to
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discuss the firing of former fbi director james comey. the white house acted on rosenstein's recommendation which he outlined in a memo but trump admitted tremrecommendatir not he was going to fire the director. the president vented about recent testimony before concongress. >> it makes me mildly nauseous we may have had an impact on the election. >> that was a poor, poor performance. so poor in fact, i believe, i don't like to speak for others, but i believe that's why the deputy attorney general wrote his very, very strong letter. >> abc 7 news washington. meantime the congressman heading up the house investigation will reside at the end of next month. utah republican released a letter saying he wants to spend
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time with his family. last month he said he wouldn't seek reelection in 2016 and was considering leaving office early. chris cornell's death is officially ruled a suicide. ♪ >> this is video from last night. soundgarden concert in detroit. cornell's body was found in a hotel room following the concert. cornell burst into the rock scene in the early 90s for the grung movement phenomenon he was known for his incredible vocal range and fronted temple of the do dog and audioslave. hundreds gathered to pay tribute, the space needle went dark. chris cornell was 52. tonight reflecting on the complicated legacy of former fox
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news ceo roger ailes dies today. he had a big impact news and created a working culture. >> tonight new details in sudden death of media tight an samantha amos roger ailes slipped in his mansion and while in coma died from internal bleeding. news of his death taking employees by surprise. >> this is a fox news alert, roger ailes one of the founders of fox news channel has died. >> the architect of fox news he was as bombastic as controversial. >> question came up with we report you decide. fair and balance. >> but last year roger ailes was the headline after accusations
9:36 pm
of sexual misconduct. his former colleagues paid hopper on air. >> was a presence and he will be missed. >> roger ailes was 77 years old. abc 7 news new york. frankie a v a lon is singing the praises of a new san francisco hot spot.
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star bucss is now offering a . star bucss bucks is now offea
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. starbucks . starbucks are offering cubes only available in baltimore and st. louis. san francisco newest public art installation opened at 8th and mission streets has been years in the making. one person in particular was missing from the crowd. abc 7 news new reporter has the story >> on 8th between market and mission. some call it a work of epic proportions. >> i know this sculpture gives us the pizza and city another sense of place, time who angelo was. >> the master mind behind the project commissioned this 92 foot stainless steel statue at a
9:41 pm
high rise develop in san francisco. >> set to the sounds of frankieavalon, officially opened to the public this afternoon. people not only celebrating the project but also remembering the man who worked hard to make it happen. he died year and half ago at the age of 91 widow spoke briefly to the crowd that came today. >> this really was something that took every ounce of himself to put forward. >> the development has been under construction for the past nine years. artist lauren is proud of the sculpture now on display for all to see. >> it is the magic of your creation with everybody else that's put it towards and their
9:42 pm
efforts and risk taking. >> a community coming together to rerevise allies the area. >> stunning. the u.s. marines are known as an the u.s. marines are known the u.s. marines are known as an at crowne plaza we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. 'a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly.
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the u.s. marines released new video today showing 700 tortoises they released in the desert. the cost of the effort including 30 year monitoring program to ensure their health will cost $50 million. you probably seen image my grant mother, iconic image that
9:46 pm
symbolized on pregnanon regppre united states. >> before she died she trusted the museum in oakland, california with 25 thousand photos. >> she made no money on this photo graph or any of the sfoets she made. >> will you see the photo of the my migrant mother and learn what she thought of that iconic image. the government fired her for her assignment that got too real. >> all of her photograph s have
9:47 pm
a powerful punch. we have observed people weeping in the gallery. >> running at oakland. ♪ of california. now let's dance. dance syreries 02 marks the retn of critic ally acclaimed choreographier. it plays this weekend and next. boy, you want more. fine, there's a fee showing that happens on friday night. weather should be great. it's an outdoor event. details at we'll link you up with hood line. >> thanks, one last update on the weather forecast. yeah we have something for everyone the next couple days. here's a look at live doppelgangdoppler 7 an indication of what's to come, no rain, no fog, at least not tomorrow morning.
9:48 pm
tomorrow afternoon a wide range of temperatures 60s at the coast to the 90s in places like concord. this is typical pattern for summer time. i know we're in spring but will feel more like summer. 68 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco. 74 degrees. 88 degrees in walnut creek. warm weather a head. friday, saturday, sunday low to mid 90s. inland mid to upper 60s coast side. signs of summer through the weekend. wide range of temperatures and the heat backs off much cooler monday and tuesday. richard branson was in san francisco today. >> he was moving pretty sfaft. fast. why the billionaire held a news
9:49 pm
cnference on the move. >> for him today was an easy day. >> i ran 50 joel anthomarathons states in 50 consecutive as. >> he no longer owns a airline base here but still loves the bay. >> san francisco has been synonymous with the virgin brand. >> so when the nike women's marathon announced will lead san francisco virgin decided to step in. >> we decided the americans are fussy people so we decided to experiment on the brit chz we did in brun. >> the experiment was called london sport and is coming here. it will will be half marathon but there will be a lot more. running is a good start but it's only the first step what environmental virgin sports wants to do in san
9:50 pm
francisco. >> you may come for the free yoga, your other friend here for the boot camp, the other friend maybe the style mile where it's about fancy dress and walk and run. >> family fun fitness festival, proceeds go to play works, gets kids to play outside. >> we can let the kids jump in. play some four square, give some high fives and everybody will having fun together. >> even a place for them to stay. >> the same day we are opening virgin sport we're opening a hotel in san francisco. >> branson didn't stay for questions he had to run. in san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news. there he goes. off to make more billions. >> all right time for sports. >> yeah he does do that. yes. does it very well actually. the warriors didn't get picked
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all nba first team ♪ somewhere, inside each of us, there's a pro. ♪
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it's not always easy to summon your pro. ♪ but once you've found it, you'll find you can do anything. ♪
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abc 7 sports brought to you boy toyota. >> good evening the warriors won 67 games this season with the best record in the league but when all-nba first team was announced today as picked kbi the media no warriors on it. lebron james tied with most ever with 11. james harden the only unanimous selector. other russell westbrook and kawhi leonard you're probably thinking about what about steph. what about k.d. both named to the second team. steph was perceived to have a down year after he was off the charts a season ago and k.d. was hurt late in the year. draymond green found a spot on the third team. noticeably absent klay thompson not named to any of the three teams something draymond had a problem with. >> i any it's [ bleep ] when you
9:55 pm
look around team, what we win 67 games or something like that. talking possible seven win season, he's one of our top three guys to not be on an all-nba team i think is pretty crazy. i don't understand it. but guess they got to find some way to punish us. >> warriors will face the spurs in game three of the western conference on saturday night on esp energies. espn. big question for san antonio will kawhi leonard be able to play on that ankle if he can't go doves have no chance. golden state destroyed san antonio in game two. knocked down 18 threes. the spurs will be desperate on saturday and warriors got to match theirp energy and intensity. >> we got to a ramp it up to
9:56 pm
another level, going to be a great atmosphere in san antonio. can't wait to fla. >> they're going to come out fighting. playing really aggressive. you can expect that. and you just got to be ready for any and everything. and try to, you know, get off to a good start and give ourselves a lot of early momentum. >> we had a really frustrating last game. we see from the regular season, from game one that we can be a lot better against this warriors team than we were in game two. it's just a matter of coming out and playing our best in game three. i don't think we're really that worried about what they're doing, instead we have to have much better execution on both ends. let's get to baseball. sharky at the a's game. a's and red sox at the ball park hect hector velazquez major league
9:57 pm
baseball did not go well. a's up 3-2 in the fourth. now 4-3 a's, chad pinderhigh and deep,aloha. right now a's are leading in the eighth 8-3, a's and the giants have the night off. to the ice ducks and predators. 40 secs left. national down 2- 1 filip forsberg slides it in. they go to ot. ask ricochetted off the stick of p.k. subban and in. game over many. ducks win 3-2 tieing the series at two games apiece. is. l.a. football fans will have to wait longer for their new digs, the $2.6 billion future
9:58 pm
home of the rams and chargers won't open until the year 2020 a year later than they hoped, eventually will have 7,000 seat complex and 300 acres for entertainment. stage five of the tour of california. a saucy little ride. 78 miles up empty baldy. 78 miles up mt. baldy. american takes the stage in three hours and 43 minutes. micah hangs on to the yellow jersey and gets kisses. he has a six second lead over george bennett. abc 7 news sports brought to you by toyota. >> thanks larry. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 a food fire leaves injuries. what we're learning about what went wrong. >> also. >> when i fell all i wanted to do was reach back to the rail
9:59 pm
but it was gone. >> and two men have an incredible connection they both jumped off the golden gate and survived. a story of mistakes, survival and second chances on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that's it for us at 9 see you again at 11:00 on channel 7.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... an angel of mercy becomes the angel of death. fitzgerald: this coward is victimizing our most vulnerable citizens. cavalluzzi: investigators suspect that the murderer is someone who appears to his victims


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