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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 20, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> new at 9:00, a happy reunion as a 1--year-old boy who was the subject of a amber alert is safely back with his mother in san francisco. good evening. and thanks for joining us. the police found the boy, arresting his father who took him to culver city and sparked a state-wide amber alert. we were in the mission district tonight as makai's mother was hugging him.
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they worked around the clock to reunite the woman can their son. we are working the story and will have more for us on abc 7 news at 11:00. b.a.r.t. is working to remove a train that caused big delays. two cars left the tracks around 3:00 this afternoon damaging the third rail that powers the trains. 24 were on board as it left the station, they felt the train shudder and shake and stop. no one was hurt but passengers were alarmed by smoke. >> this was smoke coming out from the carbee hi -- car behin and that is where it started to derail. some people walked from that car in to our car and we wanted to get off the train because of the smoke but the driver said, he cannot open the doors, just to walk towards the front of the
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train. so we all walked to the front. >> cell phone video shows passengers going to a different train. they expect to have everything repaired tomorrow. we told you about the problem in a push alert after 3:30 this afternoon. download the free abc 7 news app to stay up to date on braking news at any time. >> in pleasanton, police shot and killed a man with a gun. they were responding to a family disturbance call, when officers approached the home, the garage door went up and he was walking toward them and holding a gun and pointing at him. >> there were two developments in a case of a missing uber driver. they found the mercedes suv belonging to the man in the bay view district yesterday, he disappeared on mother''s day.
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>> they do not believe he disappeared while on the jump. in a few hours trump will give a speech to the leaders of 50 muslim countries outlining his vision for muslim relations. we will show you how he was treat oed on the first stop. >> president trump getting a big welcome. milania trump, like michelle obama not wearing the traditional head scarf. the president having no trouble with this tradition as saudi dance symbolizing peace after war. then to business. a deal for the saudi kingdom to buy $350 billion in u.s. military equipment and services. >> hundred had -- hundreds of
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billions of dollars in to the united states, and jobs, jobs, jobs. meanwhile, james comey is getting set to go public. he will testify before a senate committee after memorial day. one big question, why did mr. trump fire him? he told top russian diplomats the next fired the he was a real nut job. trump boasted according to an official summary of the meeting, read to the new york times by an american official. i faced great pressure because of russia, that is taken off. in an interview for this week, the national security adviser offering an explanation. >> the intent of the conversation was to say, what i would like to do is move beyond all of the russia, news so that we can find areas of cooperation. >> and abc news has learned that the investigation in to russian medaling has spread to the president's inner circle abc news, new york. california's democratic
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party is holding the annual convention and some of the biggest names called on supporters to stand up to president donald trump and republicans on capitol hill. >> that they are held accountable in the election. >> democrats cheered when the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, spoke this morning. they have focused on retaking both houses of congress in next year's election and urged the democrats to go against the 14 gop house members in the state. the korean war is considered the forgotten war. and now there's a new memorial to honor those in the conflict. abc 7 news was at the civ center. several scekorean war vets remembered their lost comrades. >> the forgotten warrior seems
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to still be forgotten. we are trying to change that. more than 36,000 people lost their lives in the korean war that last friday 1950-1953. 326,000 americans served in the conflict. turning now to this warm and beautiful weather we have been having, a live look from the tower camera as people around the bay area are enjoying a warmer than average night and brace yourself you will be enjoying warmer weather than that. we are tracking the heat. drew? >> yeah, certainly felt like summer today on this saturday, a lot of sunshine during the day, clear skies out there right now. live look from the pier 15. beautiful, highs today, look at it, it was hot away from the coast, well in to the 90s. a lot of 80s on the board and half moon bay sticking out, a high of only 59 degrees. even at this hour, holding on to warmth.
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comfortable around the bay in the 60s and 70s. we have the warmer air arriving over the next 48 hours. wh >> thank you. after a string of shark attacks in southern california, a surfer claims to have come up with a device that protect s surfers from a shark attack. and kids getting a message to stop bullying thanks to a unique presentation involving a bay area k-9 officer and paying based on demand. the new controversial pricing policy that could have you
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a downed power line trapped pass sentenengers on a bus, a ll across the bus and passengers were told to stay on board, and
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people living in the area were told to shelter in place, it facebook -- it took 40 minutes for pg&e to secure the line. niner the k-9 is used to sniffing out bombs. but he is taking a spin instead all in the name of eliminating bullying. >> if you see something, and you see somebody out of the ordinary not talking, maybe down. you guys can step up be and leaders. >> niner joined two other k-9s, part of the sheriff's department 1 of a kind program called k-9's against bullies. >> we want them to understand and know that they have a voice. and we don't want them to hold their feelings inside if they are being bullied. >> it came about by accident, the deputies doing a demonstration in a school when a
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student who had been bullied was picked to participate in on stage with the dogs. >> now all the kids that were making fun of her and making fun of her and not knowing the harm they were doing because they did not know the bullying message, they became friends with her and they were sitting at lunch. >> the k-9s were used as a ice breaker to grab the attention of the students to help detect. combat and report a bully. >> the deputies are really involved with this, and you know, it's the kids that are taking to it and like it a lot. >> what did you think about the dog sns. >> they were a nice touch. they made me listen more. >> it is not right, it's not right to lly. >> k-9s against bullies is over three years old, and nearly 100 performances. they hope their show can spread to other k-9 agencies throughout california. no doubt, with dogged determination. abc 7 news. we are staying on on top of
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the efforts to rescue a stranded whale in southern california. biologists are trying togate it out of the har gormbor and out the ocean again. >> we will tell you how hot it's about to get in the forecast. >> and coming up in sports the warriors take a 3-0 lead without leonard, the spurs could
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uber has begun charging rider as a premium based on where they are going. they are charging extra for customers traveling on high demand routes. they have lost $2.8 billion. the pricing move will create
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more trips in the city, meaning shorter wait time force both riders and drivers. happening now in southern california, rescue crews are trying to guide a stranded humpback whale out to sea. >> the 35-foot long mammal has been bumpi ining up -- their tr lure it back out to sea. a man has created something called shark bands. it creates an electlo magnetic field that this sharks don't like. the demonstration you are about to see shows how a shark swims away from a dummy wearing the device. >> predatory sharks have the most powerful electrical senses.
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>> like any safety device, it's not fool proof. >> now, your forecast. coming off a warm day, temperatures mild out there tonight, and that will create the launching pad for another quickly warming day tomorrow. temperatures will go well above normal for this time of the year. live doppler 7 will take you to what is happening in the sky. clear skies today. clear skies tonight and live doppler 7 is on the quiet side. you are all about the numbers, it will be a wild swing to the accu-weather forecast. take oakland as example. sitting pretty in the 80s, both tomorrow and in to monday. and temperatures will tank as we go mid week in to the 70s and cooler air will arrive later this week. it will start out feeling like summer and end feeling like late
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spring. the folks on the deck enjoying comfortable temperatures at the hour. we are sitting pretty in the 60s and 70s. oakland coming off of a record high of 85 today, down to 65 at this hour, 74 in san jose, 81 in brentwood and half moon bay, cooler with the ocean influence checking in, in the mid 50s. the call, overnight, along the immediate coast line, you see the fog redeveloping through half moon bay in to san francisco, away from the coast, a lot of stars out there and a nice looking night with no spots away from the coast. as we go to the beta breakers, a mix of sun and clouds and as you head to the coach and ocean, more in the way of cloud cover, temperatures starting out in the low 50s. highs in the south bay, warm wind to finish off the weekend. again, a lot of sunshine, 88 san
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jose, and 87 cooper tino, and along the peninsula, fog to start off the morning in pacifica and half moon bay, and tons of sunshine elsewhere. 80 that number in milbray, 66 the number in the sunset, and 88 in santa rosa. and 90 vallejo. the east bay, equally as warm. lots of sunshine. 88 in fremont. 87 san leandro and a high of 82, and inland, it will be hot again. going in to the 90s tomorrow afternoon. so, 94 pittsburgh, same in san ramon and 92, livermore and fairfield, a toasty knee degr y toasty 93 degrees. seven-day forecast a lot of sunshine on the way.
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cooling will begin on tuesday. but it's everywhere by wednesday. and we really drop temperature wise thursday, friday, and in to next saturday. >> so, that's the weather for beta breakers tomorrow, we will keep you informed about that. >> keep it classy. >>ly say it -- i will say it again, i have said it before, that kevin durant is really good. >> you should work as an analyst. >> no, no, just an aside there. >> the warriors and spurs were missing key players but the warriors depth and firepower too much for the spurs to over come. leonard sat out and pachulia missed the game. 21 points tonight, curry surpassed the record for the most points in postseason history. the one-hand put back. and that was impressive.
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the dubs got a big lift from mcgee who started for pachulia and scored 16 points. golden state led by nine at the half. kevin durant took over in the third and scored 19 points and lays it in plus the foul. and then, from three-point range, this becomes a four-point play, and durant finished with a game high 33. the warriors cruise, 120-108, curry with icing on the cake. and let'sann who was live in san antonio. >> all right, rick, the warriors sloppy in game three, it's tough when you change venues like this. as you mention, kd to the rescue. 19 points in the third. 33 on the night. and here is head coach mike brown after the game. >> we knew they were coming out and playing hard and pops has the guys dialed in. and they ae going to put up a fight after what happened in game two, and got to give our guys credit, every time you look up, you are playing against four all-stars.
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you better be perfect and competitiveness wise. i could not ask for anything more. >> tough to win in the other guy's building. sloppy at first. came back and held him off. >> game three of any series is usually the toughest game. you know, obviously we know what type of fight they were going to put up at home. and we did a good job of withstanding the runs and ultimately got control of the pace of the game in the second half. >> and the warriors can close it out monday in san antonio, and will be the first team to advance to the nba finals with a perfect 12-0 record in the playoffs. abc 7 sports. rick? >> okay, thanks, mike, the giants and cardinal this is a long night in st. louis as their contest went 13 innings. the fans had to sit through a 4-1/2 hour marathon, and in the first four, giants converge on the pop fly. brandon crawford with a sliding grab. he was scoreless in the tenth when the cardinals sends the
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ball deep to center and span goes back and makes a nice catch at the wall. for second straight night, there was a rain delay, this one lasted about 40 minutes. finally in the 13th, the kid, christian arroyo comes through with a bases loaded, two-run double and they beat st. louis 3-1 t giant 3-1, the giants have won 7 of the last 8 games. oakland's bats came to life, last night's hero, mark canha ties it up with a solo shot and after a jed lowrie base hit, davis sends it deep to center. 13th of the season. make s it 5-3 oakland. and pinder outdoes davis with a monster shot in to the second deck, this ball traveling 483 feet, lowrie added a home run in the sixth. as the a's beat up boston, 8-3
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and will try to complete a four-game sweep tomorrow afternoon. at the 142nd preakness, always dreamings was a favorite, but the race came down to cloud computing and classic empire. >> they come to the finish together. noses apart. cloud computing, has defeated classic empire in the preakness. >> yep, cloud computing edges classic empire to win the second jewel of the triple crown, he went off at 13-1 odds. and always dreaming finished eighth. no triple crown winner this year. the third jewel, the belmont stakes is on june 11th. and i know it, and you know it and drew knows it, the conference finals just a formality, let's bring on the cavaliers, right? >> nice. i like it. even drew knows. >> yeah, even drew knows. >> thanks, rick. >> i'm just teasing. >> a way to build communities brick by b
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a plea from the wife of a missing man, she thinks her husband was kidnap. >> if you want ransom, send me a note or sign or something. >> what they are saying about the discovery of the man's car and the search under way after a boating accident in the pittsburgh marina. people in the south bay had the opportunity to build the city they envisioned and they did it with 50,000 legos. we were in san jose where families were invited to use their imaginations and have fun. play-well technologies played host. the company provides lego the company provides lego inspired engineer ing
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(upbeat music) - welcome to all access mystery & magic. i'm your host, sheelee chew. what is magic? magic is the art of creating illusions as entertainment using things like sleight of hand and involving skills doing tricks that seem impossible. today, my guest is bay area native and magician alex ramon. he was born and raised in richmond, california, and has entertained audiences across the country and around the world, touring with ringling brothers, disney live and his own show impossible. at age 13, alex saw an illusion that changed his life and started his journey with magic. he spent countless hours at misdirections magic shop learning from owner joe pon, perfecting his craft and has earned many top honors like the lance burton award.


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