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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 31, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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roommate warp ining. a man in fremont is accused of videotaping his roommate's private moments. the power of city government in the palm of your hand. san jose launches a new way to connect to residents. an east bay family's fight to reunite after immigration officers detain a man who they weren't initially looking for. live, where you live. this is "abc7 news." the owner of a prime piece of real estate in the bay area is having a hard time sell thing house. >> it's the perfect place for someone who doesn't mind living on the edge. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley.
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we begin with a clear indication how outrageous the housing market is in the bay area. >> this home on chapel drive seems like a steal, priced at $830,000. an area where the median price is $1.4 million. there is a catch, though. >> the home looks like it's about to tumble down the side of a cliff. laura anthony is hive with the latest on t effort to sell this teetering home. >> reporter: we should give you some perspective. the median home price here in lafayette, well over $1 million. this home is priced well below that, but there are some complications, one big one we're showing you right now. as you can see, the condition of the property, less than ideal. in short, it is strictly as is. as seen from drone view 7, it's a scene right out of a horror movie, if you're the homeowner that is. a huge slide that makes the house appear as if it's about to
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fall into the abyss. a situation so precarious, one of those red tags adorns the front door, the kind that reads unsafe to enter. >> it's different. but i like challenges. >> reporter: less than ideal perhaps. but still, a deal says realtor valerie crowell. for just $830,000, this lafayette home with a spectacular view can be yours. people look at this and say no way. >> i'm looking for the people that look at it and say there's a way. >> reporter: the house itself is dated, but can be saved. >> in the greater scheme of things, it's minor. the rest of the house just needs a regular update. >> i don know what to think. >> reporter: inga styles lives next door. do you hope this house sells? >> i don't know how it can.
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>> reporter: the neighbor above is doing the kind of work this house needs. crowell told us she has a bid to fix this one for $223,000. >> for my buyers and developers somewhere, it's just a matter of finding them. so it's somebody who understands the value of land in lafayette. >> reporter: a project that elevates the term "fixer upper" to a whole new level. in lafayette, laura anthony, "abc7 news." some comfort for residents of the leaning luxury condo skyscraper. a new report finds the infamous leaning building is earthquake safe, at least according to engineers commissioned by the city of san francisco. kate larson is live in the city tonight. you talked with the building about all of this. homeowners >> reporter: dan, that's right. on the surface, the report seems great. the tower is safe in the event of a major earthquake. but the engineers in the report
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also say that the building continues to lean and sink. so it needs to be monitored more in the future, leaving some to feel the report gives false hope. out today, a new engineering analysis that says the millennium tower is safe in the event of an 8.0 earthquake. but not all agree. >> i think it's superficial. >> reporter: jerry bought his unit in 2008 and feels the report, which was ordered by the city of san francisco, commissioned by the developer, does not go far enough. >> the report is only a snapshot of today. and it doesn't really predict the future, safety of the building or people in it. >> reporter: the builds has sunk 17 inches since 2006, and has continued to sink one inch per year since 2010, more than three times the anticipated amount of
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settlement. but to some, today's report does bring relief. howard wayne has also owned his unit since 2008. he hopes the new information will encourage banks to approve mortgages for buyers. >> i think it's not worth anything if you can't get a loan. >> reporter: both are concerned how and wen a potential fix, taking the foundation down to bedrock will take place. >> it's extremely disturbing to the fix for this are the same people that did the foundation. >> reporter: the developer believes construction at the nearby transit center contributed to the sinking. in san francisco, kate larson, "abc7 news." >> president trump all is well at the white house, despite another big shakeup in his administration. just hours after general john kelly was sworn in, white house communications director anthony scaramucci resigned. he had been on the job just ten days. president trump tweeted this afternoon, a great day at the
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white house. congressman jared huffman disagrees. >> a day doesn't pass without political whip will be from these folks. they do need to make changes. if they begin to settle down and make good decisions and the right kind of changes, i would be pleased to work with them. but this has been a difficult and drama filled administration. >> the white house says scaramucci left because he wanted to give the new chief of staff alean slate. a 14-hour police standoff of a man accused of killing his mother is over in san francisco. it started about 11:45 last night at 15th and beaver streets near carona heights park. police say a man shot his mother. she later died at the hospital. the suspect wouldn't come out of his home, so hostage negotiators and a s.w.a.t. team were called in. people living nearby were told to stay in place. and the situation was resolved without police use of force.
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>> greater emphasis has been placed on it in the last number of years, relative to putting as much time as possible into resolving these matters where there suspect an immediate threat to the public. >> the man surrendered with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest but it does not appear to be life threatening. a fremont man is accused of videotaping a couple having sex and blackmailing them. janeane is live tonight at police headquarters. >> reporter: authorities are trying to determine if there are more victims out there. that's because the suspect lived in four different complexes and had multiple roommates within the last year. police say this 33-year-old betrayed his roommates.
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a young couple moved out after two months and started receiving disturbing e-mails. >> it had a video of the couple engaged in sex acts, and if they didn't pay $5,000, that they were going to release it to facebook and tag them and send it to family members. and the suspect was saying i won't release if you have sex with me for one night. >> reporter: detectives used information from the e-mails to track the man down. he had moved acrosshe street. neighbors are appalled. one mother plans on talking to her daughter. >> i'm going to let her know what happened and what to look out for. yeah. i'm surprised. >> i hate it. it's not right. >> i think it's disgraceful. >> reporter: police recovered the video. they're searching through recording material they've collected. he was arrested on multiple accounts of felony extortion. >> we spoke at length. i can tell you that he made
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statements, he made guilty statements that he knew what was wrong. >> reporter: police say he does not have a criminal history. in fremont, ar"abc7 news." new details about the two lost police officers who were shot this morning. the suspect was also shot and has died. the two offers are in stable cndition. police say an officer responded to a 911 call this morning by a girl who reported her father had broken into the apartment where he lives with her mother. the couple was separated and the suspect would not comply with the officer and the officer used a taser. when the second officer arrived, the shooting happened. the suspect got control of one of the officer's guns. police won't comment on that. >> this has been a tremendously tough day for us. but the men and women i work with are resil yemt. >> this is the first officer
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involved shooting there since 2013. antonthese two men were on way to okay when i.c.e. agents took them into custody. his daughter recounted what happened to her father. >> they told him to give him something, and then he give it to them. and then he saw -- they saw he didn't have papers. so they took him. >> in a statement to "abc7 news," the agency says that he had been deported three times to mexico. the daily routine for some ferry commuters is about to change. coming up, the big parking change commuters in alameda will
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see starting tomorrow. >> we've seen definitely a spike in service requests. >> see a pothole or graffiti? now reporting a problem in san jose takes just a few taps. >> i'm spencer christian. here comes the fog and some heat, as well. i'll show you how hot it's going to be in my accuweather forecast coming up. and we'll check out some of and we'll check out some of the
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a train used for children's carnivals is back with its owners tonight, after someone stole it in the east bay. sky 7 was above as officers searched the stolen trailer that had the train inside.
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they found it today in walnut creek. police say it was recovered after someone spotted the trailer and posted a photo on social media, asking if it was the one that was stolen. the train's owner saw that post. the trailer was taken from a parking lot in pleasant hill over the weekend. ferry passengers faced a big change in alameda. take a look. starting tomorrow, they'll no longer be allowed to park on neighboring streets around the terminal. in the five neighborhoods that you see here, restrictions range from a maximum of four hours of parking to a total ban. lonny rivera is live with the story. lonny? >> reporter: there are plenty of spaces here now, much different than how things are early in the morning and people are dreading these restrictions. so much so that one homeowner as come up with a mobile app that she's calling the air b&b of parking. what's considered a convenience is about to become a major inconvenience for some
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commuters. those who travel by ferry to san francisco from alameda may need to rethink their parking plans. >> the only ferry i can take to the city is the latest of the day. by the time i get here, all of these parking spots have been full. >> reporter: jennifer jeffers is very concerned about the new neighborhood parking restrictions. >> i feel it's not fair to take that option away from the commuters, and not give them anywhere to park. >> reporter: hanna is a homeowner who has come up with a solution. four hour street parking restrictions starts august 1. >> it's $10.99 a day, but august saturday 7.99. >> reporter: that's the price for her driveway. >> this is more absolutely people need it. >> reporter: the mayor says the goal is to encourage biking,
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bussing, or walking to the ferry terminal. >> the last ferry out of here is at 8:30. our elementary schools start at 8:20, so there's a crunchtime. unfortunately, we have to address the safety issues for the cars scrambling to get the last spaces. >> reporter: parking restrictions will be forced with police giving warnings until september 1. lonny rivera, "abc7 news." caltrans begins running an on demand shuttle service. the willow road overpass is now closed. they're replacing it with a dedicated bike lane and eight lanes for trucks. skill 7 was over willow road friday. the shuttle service starts at 7:00 in the morning and operates until october 2018.
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there is a new app out there designed exclusively for people in san jose. city leaders hope it's going to help folks connect easier. david louie is here to show how it works. >> reporter: there's a pothole right here in the middle of the road. there are a lot of abandoned cars. things tha off don't get reported. but this app that citizens have available is going to put a lot of pressure on the city to deliver results. like many cities, san jose has potholes grashgs feet s potholes, graffiti and lots of trash. san jose is counting on this new app to give residents an easy way to report them. if they don't tell someone, it only gets worse. >> if there's one item or just a small pile, that is left behind somewhere, it will attract other people that were already looking somewhere to dump.
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>> reporter: take quincy drive. people just dump things illegally, like these couches. the rapid response tea is taking care of them. how long have they been there? >> two weeks. >> reporter: over a six-month period, the rapid response team ticked up 2,000 mattresses, 680 tons of mixed debris, 490 gallons of motor oil. and the app has been under development for a year and undergone several months of testing. the mayor says the reports will reach a real person at city hall, but the response time depends on the problem and the staffing. >> we know there are constraints. and as we continue to grapple with having the most thinly staffed city hall than any major city in the country, we have to rely on the tools we have along with well trained people.
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>> rter: they're hiring additional staff. in san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." iphone lovers, we have new clues what the next generation may offer. apple may have leaked the design itself, either accidently or perhaps intentionally. kristen sze is here with more. >> reporter: that's open to debate, but could this be the new iphone? a developer discovered it in the code apple pushed out for another upcoming product. the new phone could look dramatically different from previous phones, which have all had a home pbutton and a frame. the front is also screen, as you can see, no home button and no frame. there does look to be a cutout at the top for a speaker and a front camera.
7:20 pm
the leaked code suggests it will have facial recognition technology. the infrared could scan your eyes or face. adding to the rumors, this is a prototype. many believe it's a fake. but it does show the same shape, with the cutout at the top, camera and facial recognition sensors. analysis e es say the ceo will unveil it in september. the next device will be the tenth anniversary iphone. >> thank you, kristen sze. "abc7 news" weather anchor spencer christian has been following our forecast. >> spencer. >> it is going to get hot, but things are cooling down. look at this spot just roaring in. currently 62 in san francisco. 66 across the bay in oakland. 70s at mountain view and gilroy
7:21 pm
at 80. 61 right now at half moon bay. north day, san a rosa, 82 degrees. 83 in fairfield. and low 90s in concord and livermore. here's live doppler 7 hd showing another image of that fog, increasing along the coastline. so the marine layer is deepening and will continue to do so overnight. you can see the fog just rolling on over the bay. these are our forecast features. hot inland the next couple of days, despite the advancing marine layer. tomorrow will with a spare the air day as air quality is declining. and a heat advisory in effect through wednesday. let's look at this advisory, in effect until 9:00 p.m. wednesday, applies mainy to the hills and the inland valleys where the heat will be its most intense. these are things to expect.
7:22 pm
foggy, cool conditions along the coast. areas of poor quality will develop over the next couple of days and increased fire danger with the hot weather coming our way. overnight, it will be mild in some locations inland and near the bay, where low temperature also drop into the low 50s and 60s. a little cooler closer to the coastline where low also be in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow, highs of 68 at half moon bay. 86 at fremont. san jose, a high of 92. 101 in morgan hill and 105 at lake port and inland east bay all locations at or above 100 degrees. here's a look at the air quality report. a spare the air day. moderate air quality at best in other regions of the bay area. we're going to have hot weather
7:23 pm
inland the next two days with temperatures at or above 100 degrees in numerous inland locations. around the bay, highs in the mid to upper 80s. finally over the weekend, we can expect temperatures to set t into a more comfortable range. >> thanks, spencer what is in your children's school lunch? >> the who are these people?
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wells fargo faces another lawsuit from an angry customer. the suit claims customers were forced to pay for auto insurance policies they didn't need or want. the plaintiff claims wellsar f received kickbacks from the insurance company. "the new york times" reports wells fargo stopped sharing commissions from the insurance sales in early 2013. tesla stocks closed down 3.5% following the start of a delivery of its first model three sedan last friday. analysts have production concerns after the ceo elon musk told workers they would be in production hell for at least the next six months. it was a positive day on wall street with the dow closing at a record high, 21,891.
7:27 pm
investment officers say strong earnings are driving the market. the nasdaq and s&p saw losses. california school districts are being slammed in a new report that finds many are buying cafeteria food from foreign suppliers in order to save money. the report found california's education department is doing a poor job enforcing a buy america requirement. produce farmers say there are other factors to think of, as well. >> we also have to consider the health and safety aspects and we also have to consider the effect on the local economy. >> the association says they find it ironic. many california districts are buying food from around the world, when many of the same fruits and vegetables are grown so close to home. fishermen say they're trying to stay afloat. >> we've been hog-tied.
7:28 pm
>> the issues they're now facing. and this year's salmon season has gotten off to a rocky start. we knew the olympics would be returning to california. now we know when olympic athl e athletes will go for the gold in the golden state. >> i pledge alee shalegiance to flag. >> and why the pledge of >> and why the pledge of allegiance took
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no you abc 7, live breaking news. >> that breaking news is in the north bay. new video of a two alarm fire at dixie elementary school. the fire started about 45 minutes ago. >> this is off of lucas valley road west of 101. according to the school's website, school was not in session today. police are telling people to avoid the area. >> this is a picture from marin county sheriff deppies. names are on the roof of the school. the fire chief says there was an ongoing roofing project at the school involving exposed tar.
7:32 pm
they say efseveral buildings we seriously damaged. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. in other news, commercial fishermen in san francisco have the go ahead to catch salmon in the local waters. >> the bad news, it's been a tough two years but they are getting help. >> here's wayne freedman. >> reporter: here on fisherman's wharf, they're famous for the king salmon. but after today, instead of coming from hundreds of miles away, that dish will come from a couple of hundred feet. >> a boat left this morning. i said remember me. he said he'll be back in with salmon. >> reporter: many boats left this morning in advance of a fishing season that begins three months late due to restrictions but california's department of fish and wildlife. >> sustainable fishery needs sustainable fishermen.
7:33 pm
>> reporter: models predicted salmon would show up to the south. but they showed up south of the golden gate and the state never adjusted. >> if we catch ten fish in a day, there are thousands that passed under the boat going to their migratory streams. >> reporter: today, some help. an appearance by congressman jared huffman and others promising relief funds for this season and the crab disaster of two years ago. but it's only $20 million nationally, a small portion of what california fishermen need. huffman blames washington politics. >> this congress is not performing well. and the new administration needs to get the message that these fishing jobs, this fishing economy is worth supporting. >> reporter: there is hope for fishermen, finally just beyond the ball gagolden gate. in this business, every day on
7:34 pm
the water becomes an exercise in optimism. vector control in contra costa county is report thing year's first west nile virus activity. two dead birds and mosquitos have tested positive. infected mosquitos spread the virus when they bite people. the dead birds are often the first sign of that disease. a grass fire is under control, thanks to a quick response from firefighters. the owner showed video of the fire after it broke out. the fire burned less than five acres. 100 firefighters fought the blaze from the air and round. the summer olympics are coming back to the u.s. and california. los angeles will host the 2028 games. just an hour ago, the official announcement was made in carson. the u.s. women's soccer team and
7:35 pm
other olympians and paralympians joined l.a. city officials. last time l.a. hosted was in 1984. the mayor said on his first day of mayor four years ago, he wrote a letter to the u.s. listen committee saying his city wanted to host the games again. >> it was a marathon. in fact, a couple of times we were counted out of the race. but we never hit a wall, we never lost our focus. the training paid off, and today we're at the finish line. >> with l.a. hosting the 2028 olympics, paris is set to host the 2024 games. >> monday, july 31, 2017 is a day children from 11 countries will never forget. today, they became u.s. citizens in oakland. leeann melendez takes you to an emotional ceremony. >> reporter: he had his reasons
7:36 pm
for leaving yemen and coming to the united states. >> there is too much problems back there. life was not safe. so i was very, very glad to come over here. >> thei itunited states of amer. >> reporter: because their parents became naturalized citizens, it automatically gave these children the right to also become citizens. >> i want them to be happy and healthy and get a very good foundation here, to get educated and flourish. >> i'm so happy, because i'm finally going to be a citizen of where i live in. i've been here for seven years, and it's been an awesome seven years i've been here. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag. >> reporter: kemba was born in nigeria. today she was asked to say the
7:37 pm
pledge. >> we want to make sure that every person that calls oakland home feels protected. >> reporter: the families were invited to spend the day here to, in their words, create new memories as americans. ♪ this land is your land, this land is my land ♪ >> reporter: in oakland, leeann melendez, "abc7 news." >> look at that sweet face. president trump awarded his first medal of honor today. >> just ahead, the remarkable story of survival involving the wa hero who was recognized by the president today. voices from centuries ago, brought back to life by scientists. scientists.
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can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. an army medic from michigan who fought in the vietnam war is the first person to receive the medal of honor from president donald trump. specialist five james mccluen received the military's highest honor for putting his life on the line, despite being wounded
7:41 pm
himself, he saved the lives of ten u.s. soldiers and cared or others over two days. he says the honor from the president is a tribute to all of his men. >> these guys here, to be in this setting, you know, as opposed to being in the rice paddies and jungles of vietnam and not knowing from one minute to the next what the fate of your life is, this is -- you couldn't get much better than this. >> president trump said his devotion to duty earned him this honor to stand among legends. engineers at berkeley are bringing voices back to life with an extraordinary technology. it allows them to not only hear sound but to see it. eric thomas explains. >> reporter: you're listening to a voice and a language that could have vanished from the face of the earth. it belongs to a native american.
7:42 pm
he wandered out of the wilderness in the early 1900s and was believed to be the last survivor of a northern california people known as the yahi. ishi was studied by researchers in the bay area who wanted to capture his now extinct language. >> he lived at the university of california for about four years, and then he passed away. over that period of time, these 300 recordings were made. >> reporter: the recordings war made on primitive wax cylinders. now carl and his team at the lab are using a technology they developed to extract that audio from century old grooves. >> we can optically measure that motion that was impressioned upon it 100 years ago by the sound. >> reporter: earl cornell helped develop the software that translates the readings. giving their system the power to literally see sound. >> we're collecting pictures,
7:43 pm
which represent sounds, yes. >> reporter: the team is roughly halfway through a three-year project to digitize nearly 3,000 cylinders. they hold the voices of native american speakers from around california as well as ishi. >> there are languages in use, there are languages that -- for which there are no living speakers. >> reporter: he says the recordings could help native american communities recapture a rich part of their culture. >> so people have learned their languages, and then have taught their children the language. >> they cover perhaps 50 different languages, and a whole variety of materials. >> reporter: voices of a distant past, now echoing into the future. eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> incredible. >> fascinating. check out a bright idea from an
7:44 pm
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right back to our breaking news in san rafael. a two-alarm fire at dixie elementary school. there's an ongoing roofing project with exposed tar may be part of what is fueling this fire. the blaze is now out. several buildings were seriously damaged. no cause has been determined yet. but again, the suspicion is the tarring on the roof project. but classes were not in session when the fire broke out. a privacy rights watch dog wants the fed tral trade commission to investigate how google may be tracking your shopping while you're at a store. >> this is really interesting. it really affects almost all of us. you may remember back in may,
7:48 pm
google revealed it was using credit and debit card information to somehow track how often people are clicking online advertisement. but then physically going to a store and potentially buying the item. google says it protects privacy. just the overall impact of internet advertising on store sales. but the electronic privacy information center believes there's a lot to worry about, and has filed a complaint with the federal trade commission. >> we don't know, for example, which companies are providing the credit card information. we don't know how detailed that credit card information is. we certainly don't know whose information has been acquired by google. >> the privacy group believe s google's activity could limit online advertising in the
7:49 pm
future. google said the complaint contains inaccuracies how the program works and users can opt out of providing data. now, we tried that and found the opt out works. if you're signed on as a google user. we wanted to know if nonusers were being if so how they can opt out too. we've not heard back from google by airtime. but we'll report back tomorrow. >> thank you, michael. check this out. getting a next could put an extra spring in your step when wearing a special pair of shoes. take a look at these l.e.d. flashing shoes made in japan. it connects to your smartphone and can be programmed to light up when you receive an e-mail, text or call. most people who wear them are dancers or performers, but the trend is catching on. a pair costs about $400. >> larry is not buying it. he's off to the side making noises.
7:50 pm
time to check on the weather. >> larry is always off to the side making noises. >> we have expanding fog along the coastline and out over the pay. overnight, that fog will cool the coast down. inland remains mild with lows in the upper 50s to 60s. tomorrow, the heat is on with numerous inland locations, with highs at or above 100 degrees. nearly 70 on the coast. here's what you expect the next few days. intense heat inland and in the hills, areas of poor air quality and increased fire danger here. two days of triple digit heat tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures ease up a bit on thursday and settle into a fairly average pattern over the weekend. >> sounds good. thank you, spencer. >> now we'll let larry make noises you can hear. >> i was making a lot of noises today when i saw the a's deal. today, we found out sonny gray is heading east and right into a playoff race.
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♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die!
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your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. no sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the baseball trade deadline was
7:54 pm
a gray day, unless you have a sonny disposition. sonny shipped to the new york yankees for three players. gray had been the subject of many rumors dating back to last year. the 27-year-old righty 6-5, 3.43 e.r.a. pitched very well in his last six starts. he's had injury issues, so the a's felt like they needed to make a move. two years left on his contract after this year. so it's a good piece the yankees are getting. here's a look at the deal. dustin fowler made it to the bigs but out for the year with a knee injury. james caprellian out with tommy john's surgery. jorge mateo, he's healthy, in aa, and a player the israely liked here's billy beep.
7:55 pm
>> they're hurt. [ laughter ] we view this as an opportunity. i can tell you that it would have been very hard too acquire all three of these guys had this not been the case. sonny was a great player, but at this point, we need a lot of great players. and i think there's a talent that exists right now and the way to acquire multiple good players is to trade some of the good players you currently have. >> you've been trading all the good players for years. the a's traded utility infielder adam rosales to the diamondbacks. he started only 19 of the last 56 games. the giants made no moves at the trade deadline. they could deal johnny cueto if he gets healthy next month.
7:56 pm
these two teams, both occupy last place. their combined record is 86-125. but you know what? always fun when orange and black face green and gold. >> it's always great. a lot of interest. we just left a big series that also did that. so a lot of pride involved here. this is always a lot of fun. i know melvin and i have a lot of fun competing against each other. >> it's just very fun to compete against your fellow bay area team. it's great for the fans and it's been a big part of my life growing up here too. >> longest tenured athletic at this point. a grand jury has declined to indict gary conley over rape allegations dating back to april. the raiders said they did their own investigation before selecting the star corner back out of ohio state. he was captain of the buckeyes last season.
7:57 pm
his draft stock took a hit as a result of the investigation. the grand jury returned a no bill on all possible charges. and he feels he's now vindicated. >> i'm excited. it's tough on a young man like that to go through this. i'm excited for him and the raiders, for the process to work. and we're excited and now we can move forward. finally, the kids chanting "dunk it, dunk it," jason richardson throws it down with authority! he's not playing anymore, but still has hops at age 36. just decided they're chanting, that's what i do. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on channel 13. new video coming in from hawaii where a liver of lava is spilling into the ocean. but the biggest concern here is
7:58 pm
not the heat. and then at 11:00, flames at a north bay school. why first responders say this fire could have been much worse. >> see you tonight for that. that is this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter and >> for all of us here, thank you for joining us. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder. so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. they carry your fans shpassions, hopes, and dreams.s. and maybe, a chance at greatness because shoulders were made for greatness.
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not dandruff.
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