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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. rhetoric and reaction, see whose talking and whose taking feud between the president and the professional athletes. that's going to cause uc berkeley a lot. how the university says by playing by the organization speech week. look who took over twitter today. critical comments from president trump continues to fuel different teams.
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the dallas cowboys and their owner jerry jones linked together and took a knee just before the national anthem. i'm christine. >> and i'm bdan ashley. >> players kneeled and linked arms and in some cases were not on the field while the answer anthem played. this was in response to president trump calling the players who protest sob's during the rally in alabama. and reaction has been swift from nfl players including san matteo's own tom brady. >> i certainly disagree with what he said and thought it was dwooif. >> no nfl player coach or owner has come out in agreement with the president who believes the protesters are disrespecting the flag and by extension, the country. >> the president's latest tweet on the matter reeds, tremendous
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backlash against the nfl and its players for disrespect of our country. >> alisa hairing ton blinks the live coverage in alameda who looks at some people who are not allowed to vote made their opinion known. >> reporter: the student at the high school staged a protest this afternoon. it was organized by student government to encourage student to exercise their right to free speech. >> as an american i have never been more ashamed of the country i live in, or more proud of the people that are in it. ♪ >> a couple hundred student alt alameda's high school took a knee after school mustn't, some raised a fist. they were invited to circle around the american flag and sit, kneel or stand for the national anthem. >> seeing it, and seeing people
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come together, people i don't talk to in the hallways, stand together and unify is powerful. >> it was an emotional moment. she's the campus radio program director. she got the word out on the protest on her show. in response to president trump's criticism of donald trump's nfl and nationwide taking the protest. >> for me as president i want to show everyone at school i don't want to be that kind of leader. >> some football players were protesting in solidarity with nfl athletes after president donald trump tweeted they should be fired for disrespecting the plastic bag. >> he wants to make america great again but what he's doing is separating us. i feel like us coming together helps us come together as a country. >> the athletic director says some of the the school's athletes started sitting out the national anthem last year to protest police inequality.
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>> our kids are powerful and thoughtful. i've always taught my kids while you may not be able to vote you still can be involved. >> reporter: alissa hairing ton, abc 7 news. >> some of the strongest reactions from coming from police and veterans. my grandpa is a 97-year-old world war ii vet and a missouri farmer who wanted to join with those who took a knee. those kids have every right to protest. some veterans tweeted disapproval using hash tag, nfl boycott. this one says to donald trump how about inviting veterans to the white house instead of american hating immigrants. the former ranger became a hero to critics of taking a knee when he stood along during the anthem. this afternoon villanueva says he made a mistake.
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>> look back and that is my fault and my fault only. i made my teammates look bad and thats my fault only. i made the steelers look back and that is my fault only. >> despite what he says, villanueva jersey sales are through the roof. on the nfl shop website his jersey lead the pack today toppi toppi topping ore stars. >> the future of the nfl protests could be complicated by clauses in their team contracts and by reaction from fans. abc 7 reporter david luey looks into how owners who allow the appropriate could lose money. >> reporter: football fans are if a powerful position. their share coup impacted if t.v. ratings are ticket sales decline. fist if sixty sales start to go -- if ticket sales go down and there's protesting with the
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sponsors i think things may change. >> reporter: players could spark discussions. margaret russell teach constitutional law. >> do they want to escape and not think about politics, if so that's going to be upsetting. other people will brush it off and say my team is my team, i really like them. they'll be able to celebrate the two. >> reporter: players may have personal conduct clauses in their contracts. if owners allowed the protest, enforcement could be difficult. >> if an owner previously said no one can protest and now he's allowing half the team to protest but another portion of the team isn't for whatever reason i think it will can become more difficult later on to say you can't protest but they can. >> reporter: the former nfl player brian mccounsel who was with the bills oils and dolphins believe players should move on andist vest in their communities
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as colin kaepernick did. he has already donated $900,000. >> they're taking this as a challenge to show the rest of the world who we really are, outstanding individuals and good citizens. >> reporter: david luey, abc 7 news. >> the story has been changing rapidly over the next several days as people weigh in and make their opinions known. you can learn the latest as it appearance by downlieding the abc 7 news app. it's free to download and works on apple and android devices. new at 6:00, oakland police are looking for whoever stole who guns from the vehicle of an offduty officer. it happened around 11:15 this morning. one was the officer's duty weapon, the other was his personal weapon. the car was an unmarked city vehicle. taft police was part of a mutual
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aid in berkeley over the weekend hoping to keep the peace during free speech week events. the officer was part of that mutual aid. we got played, that's what uc berkeley official was saying after free speech week was canceled. it will now cost the university up to $800,000 for security. abc 7 news reporter leah is live with this development. >> reporter: for those of you who do remember, the gibson was scheduled to hold a rally in san francisco. cal has confirmed he will be on campus tomorrow and this is what they are saying, he has not been invited by the university, he will be treated likeer private individual and will not be allowed to use a mega phone during his speech.
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myelomade an aappearance at berkeley yesterday. his rally only lasted 15 minutes. the other speakers scheduled for free speech week has already announced they were not coming, including luis yan who e failed cal's spoke's person. >> he said don't you know what's going on. i said no. he said this was a set up. we knew it was going to be cancelled. i didn't have an intention of coming. >> reporter: in that e-mail it was known they didn't want to go through it with last week and completely decided on wednesday. the event is expected to cost the university $800,000. eight to ten law enforcement agencies were brought in and dispersed around campus. the only rally going on was one from an ultimate that left group called united against red wing violence. some of its members covered
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their faces and prevented reporter from attending the event, even though it was on the university property which is public. then they did the same with with the mainstream media. >> i understand you have a job to do, our priority is people's protection. >> that same group briefly took over wheeler haul. >> it does bother me the school has to waste so much money to secure the premises and using a lot of resources that could go to support student. >> reporter: and even though most student are upset about this, the university had made it very clear it is committed to protecting communities regardless of the price tag. live at uc berkeley. leann melendez, abc 7 news. developer is taking traffic action on a $20 million housing project in the east bay. >> dan is here with a preview of his report tonight on abc news
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at 11. >> when tip came in i was began researching and able to confirm crews under -- they dug up the first one more than two years ago. several people who bought homes in freemont tell me the builder did not disclose what they found and how they're going to dispose of the remains. the company had a duty. >> if there are defects or problems with the property that could not be found through that reasonable diligence, the seller has the obligation to make that disclosure to the buyer because the seller has a greater position of knowledge. >> tonight i'll explain what builder is now offering to people who bought homes there, and i'll tell you what will happen to those remains. some 650 years ago. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. coming up next, a first for
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fremont. plans to turn a old motel into affordable housing. temperatures and fire danger on the rise. a closer look in the forecast coming up. why is the law change of trans zit agency to cross our dunbar bridge. how one woman got double
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new calls for president trump's impeachment, sky 7 flew over this billboard, it just went up. it shows president trump's face with the word impeach. the courage campaign commission
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the build board to encourage congress tobin to begin proceedings. the group is spending $1,500 to have the billboard displayed for next week. the city of london decided not to renew the permit for uber. the san francisco based company is appealing but has controversy in its own backyard. carolyn live. >> last year san francisco ranked the third worse for the traffic congestion anywhere in the nation. most supervisors think the ride hailing companies are to blame for in his words, disstarting the market. san francisco supervisor jeff she has uber and lift has transformed the congestion landscape in san francisco.
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exactly how many isn't clear companies are regulated by the state. the city treasure tax collection office estimates there are 45,000 who drive for uber and lift at some point and time. estimations of 5700 on a typical day. supervisor she's held a hearing this everyone, he thinks the district attorney should closely scrutinize uber. >> clearly they're trying to drive public transit out of the market. i'd like to ask the city attorney to lock at that as an anti-trust issue. >> uber did not address the anti-trust issue today, but sent us a statement saying uber is committed to being an active partner in working to make improvements in these areas. jim lazarus believes the booming
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economy plays more of a role. >> we have over 700,000 jobs in san francisco over a daily basis, by far a record. and a population now of 800 t,0 already a record. >> san francisco has sued uber to force the company tody individual driver information. hearing in that case set for next week. in the newsroom, carlin tiller, abc 7 news. these two people robbed atm's in the day. at least one case, they pulled out a gun. beth seen getting into a dark gray newer model four nissan sent that with a spare tire on
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the side. new at 6:00, a large scale mushroom population not f-- on saturday. they saw the mushrooms in various stages of cultivation they seized nearly 700 pounds valued at more than $1 million. the 35-year-old man and 37-year-old woman who lived there were arrested on narcotics charges. some people may turn to the east bay to find a place to live because it's cheaper than san francisco. city is investigating more affordable housing option and eyeing a old motel. abc 7 news janene explain this process under way. >> reporter: you can see the sprawling landscape of freemont, new construction mixed with old and prices to own and rent goes
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up. >> freemont is just out of the question now, cannot afford anything in freemont. >> reporter: city officials in freemont knows there is a need for more affordable housing and saw an opportunity in this molt. the property was built in the 70s. >> the plan is to convert the existing motel into permanent affordable housing. >> reporter: the city counsel approved a $500,000 loan to accomplish that. the plan is to buy the land and build 70 unit studio apartments. >> it's a great location, couple blocks from city hall. >> reporter: the nonprofit plans on gutting the property and doing a complete renovation. when built, rent for a two bedroom will be from $413 to
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$1,450 a month. >> that would be so nice if that would happen. >> people around here are bginning to worry about what type of people are going to be moving in. >> reporter: the project director says they'll seek funding from the county and state. if the city does approve the planning then construction can start in 18 months. reporting from fremont, janene del vega. abc 7 news. let's turn your attention to the weather. >> the warmth, average high for san jose 87 degrees. temperatures ten to 12 degrees above normal. by the end of workweek back to average, heading into the weekend. then early next week. if you don't like it too warm, the next few days will be challenging for you. checking out live doppler 7 we don't have any rain to speak of
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just a few clouds, and fire danger. red flood warning in effect for the north and east bay hills. we are facing critical fire conditions into wednesday. a good idea to stay extra careful as we are nearing the pique of the fire season. our cameras, seeing clouds looking back towards san francisco. temperatures in the low to mid-70s. 81 san jose. highs to do from the low 70s to low 90s. beautiful view. the sun getting ready to set, just a minute past 7:00. this is from pier 15. 87 santa rosa, 8 liver poor. high fire dang through wednesday and cooler conditions at the end of the workweek. your over night planning, 7:00 tonight, the sun going down
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7:01, 60s, # 0s, a clear night at mint and a cool morning. this is going to be the only sign the autumn chill is with us. by sun rise temperatures in the upper 40 tos to the mid-50s. after that you'll see the temperatures climb quickly. 10 to 20 degrees above normal tomorrow afternoon. good idea to have that layer, then for the afternoon you can go short sleeve or shorts. 90 degrees in san jose. 89 sunny vil. you're looking at mid-to upper 80s. redwood city 88, it's beach weather. 79 in sunset district. 85 downtown san francisco. you're going higher than today. north bay, 92. 92 napa.
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82 vallejo. 86 oolk land. 88 caster valley. inland areas will be warm. 92 concord, 93 fairfield. 93 pleasanton. the accu-weather forecast upper 70s to mid-90s tomorrow. turning up the heat around the coast and the bay. on wednesday low 80s to mid-90s. warmer on thursday, cooler friday with fog and high clouds. mid-60s to mid-80s. temperatures will revel off this time of the weekend. this is the time where we have to remain vigilant with the fire danger. danger. coming up...
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target and pinterest are teaming up. the technology's called pinterest len, the san francisco company debuted it back in february. target will start offering the service on its registries than the app. coffee manufacturers may have to post warnings on their brew. an issue back in court today. a nonprofit group claiming starbucks and other companies are failing to follow a state
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law about warning signs of hazardous chemicals. a carcinogen in the coffee process. coming up another senator comes against the republican's latest plans to clang healthcare in america. a religious symbol in a local park. and next, the
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening, north korea's top diplomat claims president trump has declared war on his country and gives north korea the right to take counter measures. >> including shooting down u.s. bombers even if they're not in its airspace. the latestition collation of war and words between donald trump and north korean leaders prominenting the white house to respond. >> elizabeth hur on the story.
7:31 pm
>> reporter: north korea firing back to what it claims was a decoration of war from president trump. the foreign minutesster who called president trump a mentally deranged person who committed a -- at the u.n., the president tweeted, just heard foreign minister tweet in u.n., if he echos thought of rocket man they won't be around much longer. that tweet gives north korea to shoot don bombers in defense. last week, north korea threatened to test a hydrogen box in the pacific ocean. >> my sense are tngss are as high as they've been, we're really at a dangerous upon. >> reporter: the former vice chair of the former chief of staff says the time is now for the u.s. to specify what will knoll not be tolerated to avoid a military confrontation.
7:32 pm
over the weekend, rising tensions on display in north korea with thousands rallying against the u.s. this as the u.s. military in a departmented show of force with south korea, the u.s. bombers north of the d ms, farther than any time in two decades. >> we have not declared war on north korea and the suggestion of that is ab sired. >> reporter: the military will do what ever it takes to safe guard the u.s. and its allies and all military options will be provided to the president. elizabeth hur, abc 7 news, new york. happening now, the school district honor ban is expected to add its voice to the protest against racism and police brutality. the band first took a knee more than a year ago, not long after colin kaepernick started his protest, this is video of that protest, tonight most of the musicianings plan to kneel in
7:33 pm
solidarity again. an east bay land mark is surrounded by controversy and now in a lawsuit. the big white across on albany hills is -- which lights it up on christmas, easter and other days like pearl harbor day. jonathan bloom explains why after 50 years that's about the clang. >> in a cross by albany hill was lit by an alliance club since september 11th. >> we understand the religious symbol is a violation of the constitution both state and federal. >> reporter: the club says it's not that simple. the white across that towers over the hill and the houses below has been there since '71. and back then it was a private ban. when the city acquired the land
7:34 pm
it became an easement. >> the city had ten years to say hey, wait a minute this isn't the deal. they didn't do that. >> reporter: now the alliance club is suing the city. they say it was a safety issue. >> the city was very concerned about fire hazard in the area given the proximity of homes to that area. >> reporter: the lion club thinks it was a dirty move. they want negotiations and to pay for the cross to be moved to private land. >> they don't want to follow the law for acquiring property, essentially twist the lion's club arm but taking the propeaw. >> the city is committed to seeing removal of the cross from the public parkland. now that needs to occur. >> reporter: the city claims it did try to negotiate with the
7:35 pm
lions club when neighbors started calling about the across three years ago. atiest believe religious symbols don't belong the tax payer land. the latest republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare appears dead tonight. susan powells came out against the gram cassidy bill this evening. she's one of the four to oppose the bill. >> there are many problems in the affordable care act that do need to be fixed. however, it was clear to me the gram cassidy bill was not the answer. >> collins made her decision after seeing the preliminary analyst from the budget office which show it is bill will cost millions to lose their healthcare support. it will also have an devastating
7:36 pm
impact by the city of california. 7 7.5 million californians would lose their coverage if the bill became law. news for senator john mccain, doctors have given him a poor progress nose as he battles brain cancer. mccan underwent surgery in july for a brain tomber, the type of cancer that took the life of senator ted kennedy. he has feelings of fear sometimes but he's grateful that he's quote, had a great life. developing news, federal agencies stepping up their response to the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico following hurricane maria five days ago. many of the territories, 3.4 millions u.s. citizens are without adequate supplies, food, water and fuel. there's a perception there that the trump administration is doing less for puerto rico than he did after the storms in texas
7:37 pm
and california. democrats are characterizing the response as too little too slow. >> prtd has taken a serious punch to the gut, they need our help and now. >> meanwhile, the u.s. department of energy is coordinating with authorities in puerto rico to help restore power to critical facilities. they're using drones and helicopters to help with the recover effort. a wild fire caused a city to step down. a look at what it took to reopen. live at the bay bridge plaza. plaza. michael
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. for nearly a month, fire burned through the sierra national forest, blackening more than 12,000 acres. firefighters have it fully contained and the community with rebuild and reopen. that includes the historic sugar pine railroad on the southern end of yosemate.
7:41 pm
it opened last sunday. it was visited today to see what's changed. >> reporter: after almost a month of the historic sugar pine train is back on the railroad tracks. dozens sat in the cabs as the trains went through sunday. >> we were on the internet making sure everything was opened before we headed up here. we were at home trying to figure out whether or not we'd make it. >> reporter: massive trees are usually the main attraction, but this time charred rail cars and treed burned by the railroad fire were some of the views. haywood says they had to fire up the local motivate a day prior to opening. they also worked on cleaning up the rail cars and tracks while they were closed. a fire break around the track prevented the fire from moving
7:42 pm
too close while fire crews prevented any more destruction. >> if it wasn't for them those pieces of history would be gone. >> reporter: haywood says they're planning on working the story of the railroad fire into their rides narration, making the blaze a part of the train's history. with just a few weeks left until the end of the season, haywood says they plan to stay open as long as they can. >> that is our main purpose to make sure we provide quality entertainment for families. >> reporter: employees say they may cut back on some of the rides or keep their season going longer to make up for some of the money lost during the closure. in fish camp i'm natalie. abc 7 news. a young doctor with autism. it's set in a fissional hospital in san jose. dr. shawn murphy is a talented
7:43 pm
surgeon but not everyone believers he'll be ans is set to the hospital's surgical unit. >> he happens to have autism, and this immediately sparks a debate in the hospital. >> you have a -- creators say while this is a medical drama it's about humanizing a character with autism. the good doctor premieres here tonight at abc 7 at 10:00 p.m. >> one look at the santa cruz beach there, that's a live picture. >> san
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. you see more and more from california, express lanes. >> it's designed to ease traffic but one caught one driver off guard. michael is here with her story. >> i'll give you a fact that you probably don't know. they work in l.a. and up here? >> no. >> your fast track here works on toll roads. >> legal? >> legal. and it's designed that way believe it or not. their tolls can work up here, los angeles toll will work on
7:47 pm
bridges up here. the system was designed to make toll tanking seamless and simple. for this viewer it did not work out that way. it all began when alicia blake from union city was drive being her boyfriend in los angeles. >> he must have used a lane he shown have. >> they didn't realize they crossed into a toll lane until alicia got a ticket in the mail. >> i think it's a $50 ticket. >> she can avoid the tag by opening an account one the toll tag and she did. she'd be crossing the dunbar bridge every day so she opened an account only to find out that her l.a. toll tag worked on bay bridges too. >> one day, i got a bill from fast track. >> alicia realized chef getting double charged for bridge tolls.
7:48 pm
both metro and fasttrack build her for crossing on four days in march. seems her toll tag slipped out of a foil case that prevents it from being scanned. >> fasttrack's felling me that metro owes me the money. >> neither agency would give a refund. alicia contacted 7 on your side. turns out owl toll roads and bridges in california use the same fastrack system no matter what toll tag is used. the money is collected and sent to what ever agency operates the bridge. so alicia double payments all went to the bay area toll authority which operates a did you know barton bridge. after we contacted the authority they agreed to reimburse alicia. it was only $20 but she says it's the principal. >> they have the power to take the money out of your account but when things like this happen
7:49 pm
you have no recourse. so, thank god for 7 on your side. >> alicia says she was mostly frustrated with fastrack customer service. she said the agents didn't know about the statewide system. they kept telling her to fax her bill but no one would respond. fastrack apologized. happening now. sea otter awareness week. what better way to kick it off than with a tweet off. the acare rum were among individuals to share pictures of sea otters. it's always the last week in september to highlight the danger otter face in their environment and the important role they play in the ecosystem. >> never follow children or animals but we're beginning to put -- >> all righty here's a live look right now from our now tan tan. that gorgeous or what? the sun will be setting at 7:01
7:50 pm
tonight. live doppler 7 shows you a few passing clouds. we're looking at a warm day, numbers coming up by a few degrees and that normal than average trend will continue for two days. santa rosa's high 82, it's going to be 10, 11 degrees above normal. if you're heading to the east coast keep in mind maria's still kicking up the rip current. it's a category 1, no threat. if you are going there watch out for the storm surge the next couple of days. warm autumn weather the next several days with 7 os, 80s, beaches, 90s, inland. >> you're not endorsing skipping school to go to the beach? >> absolutely not. >> skipping work for us. forget school. nfl football making a lot of news tonight.
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>> that's right. >> slow weekend, huh? >> raiders coach and fans got a wake-up call last night in d.c. the redskins expose it had silver and who are these people?
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all right where do i start with the raiders? everyone's super bowl darling in the preseason until yesterday when they got a wake-up call from the red skins following 2-1. derrick carr ended the game with two kicks and sacked four times. no run game, crab caught two class passes and with an offense of 234 yards. defense couldn't stop kirk cousins they rack up 472 yards. what's coach jack has to say about this today? >> it's a miserable monday when you don't get it done on sunday, you know, we're dealing with that. we'll take it like men and move on. clearly, you know wasn't
7:55 pm
anything close to what we know or capable of and, so we'll go back to the drawing board and make our corrections and move on. >> miserable monday. we do have positive football news over the week, stanford took care of ucla 2-2. impact player of the week ran for 263 yards. second highest total in school history. he leaves the nation averaging 96 yards per game and 787 yards and taking inspiration. >> christian had the same thing, you know, just always believing, had that believe, why not go into a game. i'm not big and numbers but why not come in and have how ever many yards. warriors had media day early because they're cleaving for china next week. today majority of team had their media day and they did answer
7:56 pm
political questions. lebron, tyrie and thompson talked about the big trade this summer. sounds like lebron and tyrie has thing to work out. >> i was wondering if something i could have did better to make him not want to be traded. is the way the season finished or was it -- was it me coming back in the first place. >> i mean if we ever have that conversation i don't think it's for anybody else but me and him. as much as everyone here would like to hear that that's between two men. >> i couldn't be put in a better situation, a bigger platform and to show case i'm one of the best players in the world and one of the best teams in the world. meanwhile, all of a sudden another super team, hard to believe the western conference could get tougher. they still have their eyes set on one team and that's the warriors. >> i didn't want to come and
7:57 pm
outshine paul or russell, and vice versa. we try to win basketball games. >> we got to figure out the best way for everybody to play and for our team to play. that part is easy in my opinion, just being able to go out and you have one goal and that's win the championship. guys that do what needs to be done to win the championship. yankees out by -- kansas city raising his total to 50. the fresno state hit home runs in the last five games. mcguire hit 49 back in '87. justin with five games left in the season. miami, john car loss who has 57. with everything that went on in the nfl, colin kaepernick will have a letter chance to getting signed. keep on eye on that and the
7:58 pm
irony would be because of president trump. >> interesting. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee t.v. on abc 7 news at 11:00, a mother arrested one year after her two young daughters drowned in a crash. while prosecutors suddenly filed charges. >> see you later tonight. that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter @abc 7 news. we appreciate your time. have a good night. >> we'll see you again at 9:00 >> we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. at at&t, we believe in access. >> we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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